“The mission of Pro Active is to help our clients become more

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“The mission of Pro Active is to help our clients become more Powered By Docstoc
					“The mission of Pro*Active is to help our clients become more productive
through the proper use of ACT!. Our new economic development database
(Pro*Active for ED) was designed to help you manage one of your community’s
most valuable assets: your local employers (both current and future).”
                                 - Clay Weatherford, MBA
                                   ACT! Premier Trainer & Certified Consultant
                                   Platinum Level ACT! Reseller
  Quick Preview / Snapshot

     Track all the
 important pieces of
information regarding
  your prospects and
  existing businesses
right in ACT! No more
  huge file folders and
      lost surveys!

             3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *   2
What Our ED Clients Say
                            "Our organization sought out Pro*Active for Economic Development because
                            it is the industry standard. It was an easy choice and an exceptional value,
                            incorporating all the tools we need in one powerful software application. The
                            product integrates seamlessly with our office programs (Word, Excel, and
                            Outlook) as well as PDA's. We can now share information on our projects
                            across the organization and report on that information without wasting
                            valuable time. In addition, I have been impressed with the outstanding
                            service and training provided by Pro*Active. It is a pleasure to work with a
                            consultant/trainer that understands economic development and is focused on
                            adding value to our program. I would highly recommend Pro*Active for ED to
                            any economic development professional.”
                                                                                                   Jeff Marcell
                                                                                  VP of Economic Development

                            “Buying Pro*Active for ED saved us time and the misery of having to do it
                            ourselves. We scoured the nation to see who was not only proficient but
                            reliable and in business for enough time to support the product. Clay
                            emerged as the clear choice. But the pleasant surprise is the personal
                            commitment Clay has to making sure the product works well. We had
                            significant computer problems, from our side, and Clay was there throughout.
                            His personal training and "cheat sheet" are top notch. Speaking as a
                            professional in the ED field for over 30 years, Clay's product, personal
                            service, and teaching capabilities are excellent. I would highly recommend
                                                             Jim Devine CEcD, FM , HLM, President & CEO
                                                                  Lee's Summit Economic Development Council
                                                                                     (former president of IEDC)

                            “Through the implementation of the Pro*Active for ED contact management
                            software, our organization has become much more efficient in how we
                            administer information – whether that be information tied to a project or
                            individual. Clay’s customer service – from training to set-up – ensures that
                            those who utilize the program will quickly become comfortable with the
                            program’s functionality. I highly recommend this investment to any economic
                            development organization!”
                                                                                    Melissa Woodall, CMSM
                                                                    Mansfield Economic Development Corporation

                            "Our ED organization had no common platform to input and share data
                            across the organization until we purchased Pro*Active for ED. I would
                            recommend Pro*Active for ED to other economic development professionals
                            interested in taking their programs to a higher level. This custom database is
                            designed to manage the information ED professionals need to have at their
                                                                                                  Bob Malaise
                                                                            The Research Valley Partnership, Inc.

       3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                            3
Highlights of Product Features (hundreds more!)

      Track all the important pieces of information regarding your prospects and existing businesses right in
      ACT!. Easily track project name, project number, capital investment, number of jobs, square footage,
      site visits made, and so on. Then look them up on demand!

      Ties with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Lotus. Attach all e-mails back to the contact in ACT!
      (history tab) and sync the two calendars together. All users can open e-mails in ACT! from their own

      Easily record all conversations with your contacts, schedule follow-up calls/reminders, and share all
      information across your entire ED organization.

      Every user can be in the database at the same time updating information! In the background, ACT! is
      automatically tracking who enters/modifies what data.

      Important data at your fingertips that saves you valuable time! Easily lookup all active
      projects/prospects and then run a quick report for the upcoming board meeting or filter through them
      and make follow-up calls.

      Sync with your PDA (palm, pocket PC or blackberry) so that you have all of your important data in the
      palm of your hand!

      Perform a mail merge with just a few clicks and send personalized marketing letters or emails to one
      or thousands of contacts in your database.

      Powerful, Easy to use Lookups – from simple right click and menu lookups to advanced queries (easy
      wizard format!).

      One click export to Excel. Click the little Excel icon at the top of the ACT! screen and the data on the
      screen automatically opens in a new Excel spreadsheet.

      All drop-down lists can be further modified to fit your specific needs in a matter of seconds!

      Enhanced Company view and Group module allows you to see information from multiple contacts in
      one place. They can be setup dynamically (based on field values), and will update automatically
      when specified criteria changes, or you can add/remove contacts manually.

      Any field value can be set to allow for multi-select (check all that apply).

      Offline (out of the office) synchronization of your entire ACT! database can be easily set up. Web
      access is also an option w/ ACT! Premium For Web 2005 (additional licenses required).

        3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                          4
  Screen Shots – Main (Top) Screen

Easy to use            Lookup any field by right
menu options,          clicking on it, or going to the
navigation bar,        “Lookup” menu. Easily run
and record             reports from the “Reports”
counter.               menu!

Notice the tabs across the middle. The
“History” tab is where you will see all of the
                                                                                      The “Retention” tab is
meeting notes, calls, e-mails, attached                  The “Prospect” tab is        where all retention survey
documents, etc. Also notice the paperclip                where all of the RFP         information can be stored.
icon, indicating that you can click to open the          information is stored. See   See the next screen for
actual e-mail or file that has been attached.            the next screen for more     more detail.

               3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                     5
    Screen Shots – Prospect Tab
                                          Example of a search for all projects that have requested a
                                          site with square footage of 25,000 or greater.

All of your RFR
information is right
here in the
“Prospect” tab!
Once entered, you
can search by any
field you want (i.e.
all projects with
capital investment
of over $400,000).

                  3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *              6
                                                                                 All of your retention
Screen Shots – Retention Tab                                                     survey information is
                                                                                 right here in the
                                                                                 “Retention” tab. Once
                                                                                 entered, you can search
                                                                                 by any field you want
                                                                                 (i.e. all existing
                                                                                 businesses in your
                                                                                 community that would
                                                                                 like you to contact their
                                                                                 suppliers located
                                                                                 elsewhere). Remember
                                                                                 that all of these screens
                                                                                 can be further modified
                                                                                 and any drop down list
                                                                                 can be altered in a few

       3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                7
Screenshots – Sample Reports

                                                                           These are just a few
                                                                           samples of the many
                                                                           reports you will have at
                                                                           your fingertips! This
                                                                           report simply has more
                                                                           detail than the one
                                                                           above (non
                                                                           confidential). There are
                                                                           many other reports that
                                                                           also include information
                                                                           from your database
                                                                           notes/histories, etc.

       3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                  8
What now?

  1. Contact us to schedule a 30 min. demo/Q&A online session (optional).
  2. Fill out the 1-page “client information sheet” on p.11 and fax or email it to us.
  3. After our online demo/Q&A session we will prepare a quote tailored to the
     specific needs of your organization.
  4. Schedule a time/day to get started!

                                 Clay Weatherford, MBA
                                     ACT! Certified Consultant
                                      ACT! Premier Trainer
                             Pro*Active Information Solutions
                                      Phone: 512-891-7880
                                        Fax: 267-295-8027

          Click here to email us and schedule your demo now!

        3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *      9
Technical Details

Software proposed:

        ACT! 2009 Premium for Windows XP/Vista
        Pro*Active for ED - Custom Database and Reports

Other software recommended:

        Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook)
        SwiftPage Email (for sending personalized HTML E-mail messages)
        Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
        Adobe Acrobat Reader

Minimum Hardware Requirements for ACT! 2009 (as stated on product box):

        Minimum 550 MHz Pentium III (or equivalent) processor
        Minimum 512 MB of RAM
        Minimum 500 MB of hard drive space available for installation
        CD ROM drive
        SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution monitor
        Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Professional, 2000 Professional, Server 2003 Web Edition
        operating systems

Minimum Hardware Requirements recommended by Pro*Active for each user’s computer, to ensure
customer satisfaction with system performance. This is for LAN based, Web based requirements are
MUCH lower as no software is installed or running on the client PC (except Internet Explorer).

        Pentium 1.5 MHz or faster processor
        1 GIG of RAM recommended at a minimum, 1 GIG of RAM for server.
        1 GIG of free hard disk space for software installation, plus additional space as required for database,
        documents, email, layouts, reports and other user files
        CD ROM drive (20X or faster)
        High-speed Internet access, such as cable modem, DSL, T1, ISDN, etc. is highly recommended,
        where available, especially for synchronizing very large databases or extensive access to Internet
        resources and/or remote tech support and troubleshooting services.

Client Information Sheet

          3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                       10
Contact Name: _____________________ Company Name: ___________________________________
Address: ________________________________City/St/Zip___________________________________
Phone: ___________________________ Fax: _____________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

        How many users/workstations to be setup (including server)?

      Example: 4 users (2 laptops, 2 PC’s), plus our server

        Are you networked through a LAN (Local Area Network) to a central server?      YES /   N0
        PC/Laptop and Server Hardware Specs (i.e.: Operating system, memory)?

      PC/Laptop 2:
      PC/Laptop 3:
      PC/Laptop 4:
      PC/Laptop 5:
      NOTE: Easiest way to find this is to right click on your “My Computer” icon and go to properties.
            Example: All of our PC’s are running Windows XP (OS) with 512 MB of RAM, and a Pentium 4
               (2.2 GHz) processor. The server is Windows 2003 Server (OS) and has 2 GB of RAM.

        Do you already have the appropriate number of copies of ACT!?
             YES / N0
             If so, which version?

        Where is all of your contact data now (i.e. Outlook / ACT! / excel spreadsheets)?

        Number of Palm/Pocket PC/Blackberry users (PDA) that need to be setup to sync to ACT!?
            If so, which type (Palm/Pocket PC/Blackberry)?

        Do any of your users need synchronization to have a remote (laptop) copy of the database for use
        outside of the office? If so, how many?

        Which email system do you use (i.e.: Outlook) and exact build number/version?

        Which version of Microsoft Word do you have (ties with ACT! for merging letters)?

        Other special requirements/comments?

                                  Fax this form back to us at 267-295-8027

          3213 Bruce Dr.* Austin, TX 78735 * 512-891-7880 *                    11

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