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        Fashion is a very old thing which first became important in the Ancient
cultures. Today it is an important thing in the modern society.
Fashion is something that describes what is exactly in. It’s a particular style of
clothing, hairstyle, make–up and accessories, such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts,
hats, scarves and jewellery. It’s the way of behaving which is popular at a certain
time. Everybody wants to look good in public because it’s very important to be
attractive and that’s why everyone does whatever they can so that they can look their
        The way we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the proper
occasion. During the summer we wear light summer dresses such as T-shirts, shorts,
loose blouses, short skirts, nice sunglasses and on our feet we usually pull on sandals
or flip-flops.
For swimming, as well as for sunbathing, we wear swimming costume (bikini, one-
piece or two pieces) or trunks.
For sports we choose shorts, gym pants or Bermuda shorts, T-shirts or blazers and the
right kind of sport shoes (trainers).
But when it’s raining outside the best thing you can wear is a long raincoat or a
waterproof jacket and take your large umbrella.
In winter when it’s getting colder we need to wear warm clothes – trousers, jeans,
jumpers, rolly (turtlenecks), anoraks, winter coats and jackets, gloves, caps, hoods,
hats and of course boots. Winter is also the time for social events (public parties) and
balls. On these special occasions we like to be dressed up. Fashion designers prepare
fabulous collections of evening dresses. For men it consists of a dark suit, a light shirt
and tie or bow, sometimes a dinner jacket. Women can choose from several sorts of
clothes. They like various gowns of many colours. They dress in high heels and wear
a beautiful jewel in their hair, in their ears or around their necks and handbags.
Special kind of clothes is uniforms and costumes. Uniforms are worn particularly by
professionals such as the police or health workers. It is still a tradition in some schools
in Britain to wear a school uniform.
When people go to work they wear a different kind of clothes it depends on their job
and at home we like to feel comfortable, so we prefer leisure clothes.
        Not only women but men too, have the option of buying the kind of garments
that suits their taste. It isn’t true that men are indifferent in their selection of clothes.
A large number of men place a lot of importance in their look and spend a lot of time
choosing the clothes which suits them.
The most difficult part is to put the clothes together so they are well combined and
look natural. A good dressed person can even have a success in a carrier. “Fine
feathers make fine birds.”
        Fashion is not only way of dressing, but also a big business. Fashion
designers, models, managers, dress-makers try to make big money with fashion. The
fashion designers present their latest fashion trends on shows in the cities like Paris,
NY, Milan, London, etc. It’s attractive for those who are interested in fashion like pop
and Hollywood stars and those who work in mass media. (Versace, Burberry, Gucii,
Ralph Lauren etc. are the most expensive clothes labels).

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