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					                                                Kimberly A. Garren
                                                3415 20th Ave. S. #415
                                               Grand Forks, ND 58201

Objective: Currently seeking to increase my knowledge and use higher-level skills as a Technician, in a positive

General Experience Overview:
        Prior experience includes: at least seven years in the Clerical/Secretarial/Bookkeeping field (to include typing,
         filing, payroll, taxes, database maintenance, phones, A/P, A/R, General Ledger); Manual and Computerized
         Accounting, 14 years in Computer Operations, Hardware, Memory, and Software, Technical Support for 8
         years; Call Center Technical Support for over a year and a half. I am also proficient in Secretarial skills, to
         include typing, copying, filing, answering phones, scheduling, correspondence, and experience in Project
         Management. I type to 65 WPM with only one error; faster (to 72 WPM) most of the time with no more than 2
         errors. I have Managerial and Supervisory experience, as a direct employer. My prior experience also includes
         twelve years in Radio, ten to twelve years in the Fast-food/Cashiering fields, and over five years in Customer

        Business applications that I have used, include: DOS, Windows 3.1 to XP Pro SP2 (to include Microsoft 2000);
         Microsoft Office Pro and Corporate Edition to 2003 SR1-SP3; Excel, Word, Access, Microsoft Outlook and
         Microsoft Express, Microsoft Works, Peoplesoft, Unix, Serviceware/IMPACT, and Sharepoint; Quickbooks to
         2006; Peachtree; other various Accounting software; Computerized and Manual Database entry; Tax
         preparation programs; Sound Forge and other sound-related software; Cool Edit Pro; Linux (several
         distributions, to include SUSE 9.0 to 9.3 Pro and Mandriva to 2008.1); to 2.2.1, Star Office 8 to
         the latest updates. I have Internet experience dating back 11 years, to include email and web browsing, Web
         Graphics and Design; HTML and FTP. Bash scripting and other more technical skills have developed, and other
         various software programs over the years.

        New software is not a problem to learn quickly.
        After providing software/hardware solutions for friends and family, I am still consulted at times by people, for
         computer software/hardware help and advice.
        I have become a professional, multi-tasking, fast and hard worker. I am very detail-oriented, and a good
         communicator in the professional realm. I am a problem-solver, a self-starter, and am self-motivated.
        The education and Employment History listed in this resumé are not all-inclusive.

        Clovis Community College
        Clovis, NM 88101
        --Associate of Arts, 1995: General Studies w/Specific emphasis in Computer Operations. Complete class
        listings can be included in transcripts, provided upon request, to include all software/hardware classes.

        Eastern New Mexico University
        Roswell, NM 88201
           Complete class listings included in transcripts.
           Certificate: 1989, Emergency Medical Services
           Certificate: 1986, Electronics Technology
           -- State and Nationally licensed for one year, Basic

        Robert H. Goddard High School
        Roswell, NM 88201
           -- Diploma, 1978

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Employment History:

    322 DeMers Avenue, Third Floor
    Grand Forks, ND 58201
    Help Desk Technician/Full ISP/Replatformed ISP/Dispatching for the McDonald's team. After transferring from
    the Clovis SEI center, I received calls on an hourly basis from employees at hundreds of McDonald's restaurants,
    giving them superb Customer Service and Systems Support (Technical Support), within the realm of my training
    and experience, gaining more knowledge each day of procedures and protocol. I was also on the Employee
    Feedback Committee. Special projects included support of Replatformed/VMWare ISPs.

    3000 East 7th Street
    Clovis, NM 88101
    Help Desk Technician/Full ISP for the McDonald's team. I received calls on an hourly basis for almost a full year,
    from employees at hundreds of McDonald's restaurants, giving them superb Customer Service, and Systems
    Support (Technical Support), within the realm of my training and experience, gaining more knowledge each day of
    procedures and protocol. I was promoted to Full ISP from ISP at this Clovis center.

    Matchmakers Employment Services, Inc.
    309 N. Main St., Suite 5
    Clovis, NM 88101
    Secretary/Employer/Supervisor for a private employment agency. I called employers and employees daily, to find
    employees jobs, and to find employers employees. I checked employees’ references; and maintained new business
    for the company. I answered the phones, performed Bookkeeping / Accounting duties using QuickBooks, to
    include AP/AR, Invoicing, Statements, Payroll, etc. Microsoft Works was used for Data Entry, to maintain a
    database of employees and employers. Employee /employer tracking was required on a continual basis. I
    interviewed employees and employers, to determine performance qualifications to both the employer's and
    employee's satisfaction in filling job positions. Filing, typing, mail, and other menial tasks were included in this
    job. I was entrusted to work this busy office on my own when the owners were away.

    Matchmakers Employment Services/McDaniel's Home Furnishings
    309 N. Main St., Suite 5 / 1020 N. Main St.
    Clovis, NM 88101
    Bookkeeper/Secretary/Receptionist. Temporary to permanent position. I performed manually, General Accounting;
    A/P, A/R. I was responsible for the “Red Books”, which consisted of all inventory for the business. I answered
    phones, paged sales personnel for customers, was responsible for delivery management, cost tracking, cost sold
    tracking, warranty tracking, and more. Microsoft Excel and Word were required for inventory tracking. I designed
    descriptive plaquards which were placed on Simmons mattress displays, which were used to attract sales and keep
    track of costs. Customer Service was a must on this job.

    itsQuest, Inc. / Curry County United Way
    400 Pile St./105 E. Grand St.
    Clovis, NM 88101
    Data Entry/Project Management. Temporary one-month job:
    I entered donations for the United Way into the Donation Tracker program as part of the Roosevelt/Curry County
    United Way merge, and project management for the United Way Benefit Auction (10/18/2004), which was an
    online and radio fundraiser. I also stuffed envelopes, collated and completed packets to be given out to prospective
    employers for donations; answered the phones, and did other project duties as needed. I also solicited for donations
    via phone and fax for the United Way Benefit Auction.

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       Troy Bloemker     Michael Lunde      Jackie LeClear       Dee Miranda
       612 8th St S #8   730 9th St. N #1   309 N. Main St. #5   1415 SR 311
       Fargo, ND 58103   Fargo, ND 58102    Clovis, NM 88101     Clovis, NM 88101
       701-388-4807      701-478-5817       505-763-8725         860-538-5998

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