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					                                           Jigsaw Puzzle for Surds

 Teacher Name: Mr. Lim

 Student Name:     ________________________________________

    CATEGORY           4                        3                        2
Mathematical Errors    The jigsaw puzzle is     There is one             There are two
                       accurate and there       mathematical error in    mathematical errors
                       are no mathematical      the jigsaw puzzle.       in the jigsaw puzzle.

Quality of questions   Questions are original   Questions are original   Questions are of fair
                       and of exceptional       and of high quality      quality and covers
                       quality and covers all   and covers most of       most of the concepts
                       concepts required in     the concepts required    required in the topic.
                       the topic.               in the topic.

Answer scheme          Answer scheme is         Answer scheme is    Answer scheme has
                       accurate and             mostly accurate and several errors and is
                       comprehensive.           comprehensive.      there are some
                                                                    missing steps in the
Organization           Jigsaw puzzle is very Jigsaw puzzle is user- Jigsaw puzzle is user-
                       user-friendly and it is friendly and most of friendly but some
                       easy to comprehend the time, it is easy to questions are unclear.
                       what the question       comprehend what the
                       requires.               question requires.
Aesthetics and       The jigsaw puzzle is    The jigsaw puzzle is      The jigsaw puzzle has
durability           visually appealing,     well-designed, but        a fair design, and
                     shows creativity and    lacks creativity. The     minimal effort is
                     great effort is         jigsaw puzzle is rather   shown. The jigsaw
                     displayed in the        sturdy but will not       puzzle is flimsy and
                     design of the puzzle.   withstand prolonged       will not withstand
                     The jigsaw puzzle is    usage.                    prolonged usage.
                     able to withstand
                     prolonged usage.

Understanding and    Reflection shows        Reflection shows          Reflection shows
reflections          deep understanding      good understanding        some understanding
                     of concepts covered     of concepts covered       of concepts covered
                     in the topic.           in the topic.             in the topic.

Date Created: Mar 10, 2011 05:01 am (UTC)
There are more than
two mathematical
errors in the jigsaw

Questions set are
mediocre and simple,
and only covers some
of the concepts
required in the topic.

Answer scheme has
many errors and steps
are missing in the

Jigsaw puzzle is not
user-friendly and
most questions are
The jigsaw puzzle is
submitted without
any aesthetic or

Reflection shows little
understanding of
concepts covered in
the topic.


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