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From the intepreter:
I have studied and interpreted Nostradamus’sprophecies since 1997. Basically, the ancient prophecies were truly Catholic ones distorted miswhich have been distorted or mis-interpreted for 500 years. One has to be a devout Catholic to be able to comprehend the great prophet’s works. In summary, Nostradamus prophesied about our Iranmodern time, in which one day Iran-led Muslim begin and Russian troops will attack Europe to begin World War III. This World War is one of many chastisements God wills on us due to our sins, most notably the sin of abortion. Please let others know about this work and I hope reaches my book reaches you before it’s too late. May God bless you.


Dedication Dedication
To the Mother of God, my Blessed Mother, who has inspired me and blessed me throughout this work. Nostradamus means Our Lady in Latin. Like the saintly Prophet Nostradamus, I consecrate my life to you, Our Mother. Please pray for us. Amen.


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Estant assis de nuict secret estude, Seul reposé fus la selle d'airain; Flambe exigue sortant de solitude Feit proferer qui n'est à croire en vain.

Sitting alone in the secret study Soul resting upon la selle d’aerain Small flame jumps out of solitude Task accomplished which shall not be believed in vain.

I am not sure what “ la selle d’aerain” is, but it does not matter. It might mean a brass three-legged pot containing water or a brass censor containing incense. Gazing on it with deep meditation, the great prophet Nostradamus witnessed the prophetic visions. “Small flame” indicates the presence of the Holy Spirit or the divine inspiration. This is how the prophet composed the Centuries. He retired to his reserved study, was granted the prophetic visions, and was inspired to write down the prophecies concerning the future of mankind which should not be discussed in vain. 1.2

La verge en main mise au milieu des BRANCHES, De l'onde il moulle le limbe & le pied, Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches, Splendeur diuine, le diuin pres s'assied.

The divine Scepter in hand the Lord holds He blesses my limb and feet Fearful I tremble and wait The divine Splendor, the divine Presence nearby.

BRANCHES was written all in capital or in upper case in the original French text, as the prophet did in several quatrains, indicating an utmost reverence or significance. BRANCHES stands for the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ as written in the prophecies of Isaiah and of Zachariah. 1.3

Quand la lictiere du tourbillon versee Et seront faces de leurs manteaux couuerts, La republique par gens nouueaux vexee, Lors blancs & rouges iugeront à l'enuers.

When trash is whirled around by strong wind When they cover their faces with cloaks Then the republic will be troubled by the new people Then the white and the red shall misjudge each other.

Trash is only blown around in our modern cities due to urbanization. When the radical Islam become dominant and widespread ( the image here is women covering 3

their faces with turban or veil ), then the republic or US will be troubled with a new kind of wars or enemies. Eventually, a mistrust and miscalculation between democratic Western countries ( white ) and Eastern communist ones ( red ) shall lead to WW III. This is the overall theme of the ancient prophecies, therefore, it was placed in the very third quatrain, out of the total 950. 1.4

Par l'uniuers sera fait un Monarque, Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement, Lors se perdra la piscature barque, Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the whole world there shall be one monarch Whose peace and life shall be shortlived Then the Fishing Boat shall be lost It shall be reigned in the greatest detriment.

USA has been the only world power since around 1980s, but her domination and world peace shall be short-lived and it probably will end around 2006 AD. The Papacy shall be in great peril, Rome shall be destroyed around this time. Then the holy Pontiff shall lead the Church through the period of the greatest turmoil. 1.5

Chassez seront sans faire long combat, Par le pays seront plus fort greuez : Bourg & Cité auront plus grand debat Carcas, Narbonne, auront cœurs esprouvez,

They shall be driven away without a long combat For the country-side are most grievous Town and city will have great debate Body without soul ,soul without goodness, their heart shall be stricken.

Carcas Narbonne can be interpreted as carcass or body-without-soul, and narbonne can mean the absence of goodness. Carcas and Narbonne are also the names of two French cities. Thus, this quatrain is applied to France, a country who has lost his soul. Thus they shall be punished. The combats with the Muslim troops will be long-drawn ones. 1.6

L'œil de Rauenne sera destitué, Quand à ses pieds les aisles failliront, Les deux de Bresse auront constitué, Turin, Verseil, que Gaulois foulleront.

The eye of the raven shall be destitute When his wings shall clip to his feet The two beasts shall have constituted Turin, Verceilli the French shall tread upon.


Ravenne, Bresse, Turin, Verceilli can be interpreted here as Italian towns, but also as birds or beasts. The two “bresse” or beasts are Muslims and Russia who shall be driven off from Italy by French troops at the end of WW III. 1.8

Combien de fois prinse Cité solaire, Seras, changeant les loi barbares & vaines Ton mal s'approche, plus seras tributaire, Le grand Hadrie recouurira tes vaines.

How often you will be captured, O City of the Sun You have changed your laws to barbaric and vain When evil times grow near, you will become more dependant The great Henry shall restore your veins.

The City of the Sun is Paris as France once was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Sun or “sol “ in France stands for the Lord Jesus. During war-time, French people shall turn back to God. Their great leader Henry will lead this nation back to the Church and the true Catholic Faith after WW III. 1.9

De l'Orient viendra le cœur Punique, Facher Hadrie & les hoirs Romulides, Accompagné de la classe Libique Trembler Mellites, & proches Isles vuides.

From the East shall come African heart To trouble Henrie and the heirs of Romanus Accompanied by Libyan fleet Malta and nearby islands shall be emptied.

Muslims from North Africa shall attack France and Italy. Libya shall capture Malta and all islands in Mediterranean Sea. 1.10

Serpens transmis dans la cage de fer, Oú les enfans septains du Roy sont pris Les vieux & peres sortiront bas d'enfer, Ains mourir voir de son fruict mort & cris.

The Ancient Serpent shall be locked up in the iron cage Where many children of the King being held Their ancestors and forefathers shall come forth from the bottom of hell To cry out seeing their dead fruits.


The ancient Serpent is Satan, the Devil. This describes the vision of hell. After the Divine chastisement or WW III, the Lord shall lock up Satan for a long period of time. 1.11

Le mouuement de sens, cœur, pieds & mains Seront d'accord, Naples, Leon, Secile. Glaiues, feux, eaux, puis aux nobles Romains Plongez, tuez, morts par cerueau debile.

The movement of sense, heart, feet, and hand Shall be in one accord, Naples, Lyon, Sicille Sword, fire, water, then the noble Romans Drowned, killed, dead because of their weak brain.

The first line means everything is done in a perfect coordination and swiftness. Russia and Muslims shall attack Europe, most notably France and Italy with great surprise and swiftness. They shall kill many including the clergy. They shall destroy Rome. The noble Romans bring this tragedy upon themselves because of their heretical and false thoughts or religious teachings. 1.14

De gens esclaue, chansons, chants & requestes Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons. A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes, Seront receus par diuins oraisons.

In prison by their princes and lords The Slavic people shall request for songs and books In future they shall become idiots without heads While they recite their divine prayers.

The emergence of communism in Russia which has become an atheist nation. 1.15

Mars nous menasse par sa force bellique, Septante fois fera le sang espandre, Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique, Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront entendre.

Mars threatens with the force of war Seventy times he will cause bloodshed Increase the ruin for the Clergy And more for those who disregard the Church’s teaching.

Mars stands for war. Seventy times means many. Many priests and bishops and religious shall be killed. Countries like France, England, Italy who have abandoned their Christian heritage shall suffer most.



Faux à l'estang, ioint vers le Sagittaire. En son haut auge de l'exaltation Peste, famine, mort de main militaire, Le Siecle approcher de renouation.

Scythe in the pond, joined close to Saturn In haughty age of self exaltation Plague, famine, death by military hand The Century approaches its renewal.

Scythe joining Saturn indicates that the Divine chastisement is near. Due to human pride, men rebel against God, and the mankind will be punished with plague or diseases, famine or natural disasters, and wars. The human miserable condition is about to be renewed.. The dawn of the new enlightenment is about to arrive. The last verse also means the Divine chastisement will occur at the turn of the devilish 20th century. Saturn stands for Jesus , God, Day of the Lord or Judgment Day. 1.17

Par quarante ans l'iris n'apparoistra. Par quarante ans tous les iours fera veu La terre aride en siccite croistra Et grands deluges quand sera apperceu.

For forty years rainbow shall not be seen For forty years it shall be seen daily Arid land shall become drier And great deluges shall occur.

Great droughts and floods shall be seen the same time as the consequences of the climate disturbances due to the global warming. 1.18

Par la discorde negligence Gauloise, Sera passage à Mahommet ouuert De sang trempé la terre & mer Senoyse Le port Phocen de voiles & nefs couuert.

Due to French discord and negligence A passage to Mohammed shall be opened Blood soaks the earth and Italian sea And the port of Marseilles shall be full of ships.

With French support, Muslim forces grow stronger and the economic embargo is not effective. France shall pay a heavy price with their blood for their blindness when their navy is defeated in Mediterranean Sea by Muslim navy. French ships will depart Marseilles heading toward Italian coast and will be ambushed by numerous speedy boats or small ships equipped with anti-ship missiles in bad weather.



Lors que Serpens viendront à circuir l'are Le sang Troyen vexé par les Espagnes, Par eux grans nombre en sera faicte rare, Chef fuit, caché aux mares dans les saignes.

When the Serpent encircles the altar French blood shall be vexed by Spain By them, a great number shall perish The chief flees hiding in marshes in swamps.

When the Devil infiltrates into the interior of the Church meaning the present time we are now living in, or when France loses her Faith, Spain with a large Muslim population will surrender to the incoming Muslim invaders, and join force with them to attack France. French leaders will flee from the Southern France. 1.20

Tours, Orleans, Bloys, Angers, Reims, Nantes, Citez vexez par subit changement, Par langues estranges seront tendues tentes Fleuues, dards, renes, terre & mer tremblement

Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angiers, Reims, and Nantes Are the cities being vexed by sudden change Tents shall be set up by foreign invaders Rivers, missiles, Rhone, land and sea shall tremble.

Southern France shall be devastated by Muslim and Russian invaders both by land and sea suddenly. 1.21

Profonde argille blanche nourrir rocher Qui d'vn abysme y stra lacticineuse : En vain troubles ne l'oseront toucher, Ignorans estre au fond terre arguilleuse.

A deep white clay-like substance sips out from the rock From which clay shall break out from the deep like milk In vain, people shall be troubled, dare not touch it They do not know at the bottom of the earth there is milky clay.

Nuclear radioactive waste will one day contaminate the area on the surface of its burial desert. The prophet used the term “ milk “ very frequently to describe deadly substances of which he was unfamiliar with such as chemical pollutants and weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical, or biological.



Ce que viura & n'ayant aucun sens, Viendra leser à mort son artifice. Authun, Chaalon, Langres & les deux Sens, La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.

Those live without ancient sense Shall put their artificial life to death Austun, Chalan, Langres and two towns of Sens Hail and ice shall cause the great deal of damage.

The modern paganistic and atheistic France have forsaken the Faith of their fathers. They have lost the natural goodness, they have lived for comforts and natural instincts, only for what they can see and feel, can reason, but not for moral values, not for the natural goodness, and definitely not for the God they have forgotten. Their lives have become artificial just like their hollow humanistic phrases and literatures. They shall pay for it by their own blood and sufferings at the end. 1.24

A Cité neufue pensif pour condamner, L'oysel de proye au ciel, se vient offrir Apres victoire à captifs pardonner, Cremone & Mantoue grand maux aura à souffrir.

A modern city considered to be condemned The bird of prey shall offer himself to Heaven After the victory, he shall pardon the captives Cremona and Mantua shall suffer great hardships.

A modern city which might be Paris is condemned due to its total ruin. The “ bird of prey “ is the phrase Nostradamus used to describe King Henry of France, a greatly devout Catholic military leader. 1.25

Perdu, trouué, caché de si long siecle, Sera pasteur demy Dieu honoré, Ains que la Lune acheue son grand cycle, Par autres vieux sera deshonoré.

Lost, found, hidden for a long century A pastor shall be honored as a demi-god As Marian period comes to an end By others, the Ancient One shall be dishonored.

Lune or the moon can stands for Muslims or Blessed Virgin Mary. After WW III, Satan and his cohorts shall be restrained from tempting mankind for 70 –100 years. This is the period of Golden Peace. Afterwards, a pastor shall be worshipped instead of the true God or the Ancient One. This pastor is the AntiChrist.



Le grand du foudre tombe d'heure diurne, Mal & predit par porteur postulaire, Suyuant presage tombe d'heure nocturne Conflit, Reims, Londres, Etrusque pestfere.

The great man by lightning shall be struck down during the day Evil predicted by the bearer of postulation By the presage another one shall tumble at night The conflicts in Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

Before WW III in France, England, and Italy, two major political figures shall be gunned down, one during the day and another one at night. The one who dies during the day has been prophesied by an evil curse. The Indian curse since early 18th century that every twenty years, a US President would die in office. This curse has been validated ever since. The last one was killed was JFK in 1963 and Reagan got wounded in 1985. If the curse was not broken, President Bush would die in office in 2005. 1.28

La tour de Bouq craindra fuste Barbare Vn temps, long temps apres barque hesperique, Bestail, gens, meubles tuous deux ferot grand'tare Taurus & Libra quelle mortelle picque.

The tower of Book shall fear the Muslim fleet For a time and a long time later Western fleet Cattle, people, possession both receive great loss Taurus and Libra, what a mortal quarrel !

The tower resembling an open book (Bouk) will fear the incoming Muslim aircrafts. Can this be the World Trade Center in NY? Afterwards, the Western fleet will arrive at Mediterranean Sea. Many people will die in WW III. Libra symbolizes a nation governed by law and order which the prophet used often to indicate USA. And Taurus, the opposite astrological sign to Libra symbolizes China here. China and US will engage in a bloody conflict probably over Taiwan or North Korea. 1.29

Quand le poisson terrestre, & aquatique Par forte vague au grauier sera mis, Sa forme estrange, suaue & horrifique, Par mer aux murs bien tost les ennemys.

When the fish can travel on both land and sea By a great wave cast upon the shore Its shape is strange, smooth and horrible By sea, the enemy shall reach the wall soon


This describes a modern invasion or landing by Marines on a coastal area, probably Mediterranean Sea such as Italian or French coasts. 1.30

La nef estrange par le tourment marin Abordera pres de port incogneu, Nonobstant signes du rameau palmerin, Apres mort, pille, bon auis tard venu.

A strange ship because of the stormy sea Shall approach an unknown port Notwithstanding the signs of the palm branches After death and pillage, good advice recognized too late.

Due to their overconfidence, basing their military decisions on the well-disguised intentions from their enemies (palm branches ), and ignoring all the warning signs, French aircraft carrier and ships will be sunk by the Muslim navies who will use much cruder means such as speed boats ambushing them near the Italian sea port. This strategy will work well in such a narrow area as Adriatic Sea . Nostradamus’s prophetic advice to his beloved France will not be heeded until it is too late. 1.31

Tant d'ans les guerres, en Gaule dureront Outre la course du Castulon Monarque, Victoire incerte trois grands courouneront Aigle, Coq, Lune, Lyon, Soleil en marque.

So many years of wars, France shall endure Outside the course of Spanish King Even the victory is uncertain, three great ones are crowned Eagle, Cock, Moon, Lion, Sun in the mark.

Gaule is France, Castulon is Spanish, an ally with Muslims reluctantly. Three great ones are Eagle or US, Cock or France, and Lion or England from the Western Alliance. Lune is the moon or Muslims, Soleil is the Sun or God. Many battles will take place on French soil for many years. The second line indicates about thirty years. France, Britain, and US will claim the final victory but it all seems as a loss due to the heavy casualties suffered by all sides. “ Sun in the mark “ means “ at the conclusion of the Divine Chastisement .” 1.32 1.32

Le grand empire sera tost translaté En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croistre Lieu bien infime, d'exigué comté.

The great Empire shall soon change place Into a small place which very soon shall grow


Ou au milieu viemdra poser son Sceptre. An interior place of a small country In the middle of it, he shall come to lay down his scepter.
After WW III, France will replace US as the world leader even it is much smaller in size and power. French leader Henry will die in a small town. 1.34

L'oyseau de proye volant à la fenestre, Auant conflit fait aux François parure. L'vn bon prendra, l'autre ambigue sinistre, La partie foible tiendra par bonne augure.

The bird of prey shall fly to the left Before the conflict happens in France he shall prepare Some consider him good, others consider him ambiguous or sinister The minority shall regard him as a good figure.

General Henry is preparing himself to lead France and carry out God’s Will by being a devoted catholic. Many will not think much of him. 1.36

Tard le Monarque se viendra repentir, De n'auoir mis à mort son aduersaire, Mais viendra bien à plus haut consentir, Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.

Too late a monarch shall repent Of not putting his adversary to death But he will consent to the One much higher Through all, he shall shed his blood through death.

President Bush Senior regrets for not finishing Saddam Hussein. But it is a destiny designed by God as his son, Bush Junior has to invade Iraqis soil later as this second Iraq war is designed to weaken the sole superpower and to trigger the Last Crusade or in broader sense, the WW III which shall serve as the Divine Chastisement. 1.37

Vn peu deuant que le Soleil s'esconse Conflit donné, grand peuple dubieux, Profigez, port marin ne faict response Pont & sepulchre en deux estranges

Shortly before the sun sets Battle engaging great people in doubt Proliferated, marine port shall give no response Bridge and tomb in two foreign places.



Before the end of the Divine chastisement or WW III (the sun sets), a decisive battle will take place on land. This might be the great Armageddon battle in which no clear victor will emerge. Many will die in foreign land. This quatrain preceding the subsequent quatrain 1.38 indicating that it deals with the Final Battle. 1.38

Le Sol & l'Aigle au victeur paroistront, Response vaine au vaincu l'on asseure, Par cor, ne cris harnois n'arresteront Vindicte paix, par mort l'acheue à l'heure.

The Sun and Eagle shall appear as victors Vain response assured for the defeated (vanquished) By no means arms can be stopped Vindicated, peace only through death have to be achieved in time.

WW III will go on until the total destruction on both sides. Prayers by unrepentant sinners will go unanswered. But at the end, the victory shall belong to Jesus Christ (the sun) and His Gospel (the eagle.) 1.40

La trombe fausse dissimulant folie, Fera Bisance vn changement de loix, Hystra d'Egypte qui veut que l'on deslie Edict changeant monnoyes & alloix.

The false trumpet plays with madness Causes Byzantium to change her laws From Egypt one shall go forth even he wants to withdraw The edict affects money and gold standards.

The Islamic extremists will dominate all Muslim countries by bringing their revolution to the streets with loud speakers (trumpets). They will take over Turkey and Egypt will reluctantly join them. The Arabic Pact or the edict of United Muslim Conference will create a great instability in Wall Street or stock markets, eventually cause the inflation and economic collapse in many countries. 1.42

Les dix Kalendes d'Auril de fait Gotique Ressuscité encor par gens malins, Le feu estaint, assemleee diabolique, Cerchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin,

The tenth of the Calendar of April of Gothic fashion Resurrected again by the evil people The fire put out, a diabolic assembly

Shall seek the bones of Demon and Psellus.
The 10th of April according to Gothic account is Good Friday. The Christian calendar and conventions might be abolished. Witchcraft, magic, diabolic cultism will make a comeback as Faith is weakened. 1.43

Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'Empire, Il aduiendra vn cas bien merueilleux, Le champ mué, le piller de Porphire Mis translaté sur le rocher noisleux.

Before the change of the Empire comes There shall occur a marvelous event A field moved, and a pillar of porphyry Shall be transported, placed upon a chalky rock.

Before France becomes the world leader, the Divine manifestation will take place as a monument being placed on a certain place by God. 1.44

En bref seront de retour sacrifices, Contreuenans seront mis à martyre, Plus ne seront Moines, Abbez, Nouices, Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire.

For a short time, idolatry sacrifices shall return Who refuses shall be put to martyrdom There shall be no monks, abbots, or novices Honey shall be more valuable than wax.

Under the occupation of the foreign invaders, people are forced to worship idols or false gods. The true believers who refuse shall be put to death. Materialistic gain which is encouraged over the spiritual life. 1.45

Secteur de sectes grand peine au delateur, Beste en Theatre, dressé le ieu scenique, Du faict inique ennobly l'inuenteur, Par sectes, monde confus & scismatique,

The founder of sects, great pain for the Delateur The beast in theater rehearses a scenic play The inventor reinvents nobly the ancient act Through sects the world becomes confused and schismatic.


There is a spiritual battle through the world manipulated by the devil behind the scene, controlling or influencing all our human actions. The Devil shall disguise his deceits to lure souls in more cunning ways which paints the immoral and evil into something with more noble and benevolent, fanciful terms. 1.46

Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lectore & Mirande, Grand feu du Ciel en trois nuicts tombera, Cuase aduiendra bien stupende & mirande, Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

Close to Aux (Auche), Lectore, and Mirande Great fire from Heaven will fall for three nights The cause for this is so stupendous and miraculous Shortly after the earth shall tremble.

For three straight nights, the south-western part of France will be lit up with fire or light in the sky of which origin is unknown and appears miraculous in nature. At the same time when one sees these lights in SW of France, Pope JP II will be martyred. Shortly afterwards, WW III will begin in earnest. 1.47

Du Lac Leman, les sermons fascheront. Des iours seront reduicts par les sepmaines, Puis mois, puis an, puis tous deffailliront Les Magistrats damneront les loix vaines.

The speeches in Lake Leman (Geneva) shall become agitated Some lasts for days, then extending into weeks Then months, then into years, and finally all fail The magistrates shall lament their vain laws.

The international conferences held in Geneva fail to bring peace to the troubled regions or the World Court in Geneva fails to prosecute the war crime criminals. 1.48

Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez, Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa Monarchie Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez, Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.

Twenty years the reign of Muslims to pass Seven thousand years another shall hold the Monarchy When the Lord finishes His days Then it is accomplished and my prophecy is ended.


Muslims will dominate the world for twenty years, probably 2000 – 2020 AD. “Seven” is the prophetic term implying a completion or fulfillment, not taken literally as the numerical seven. Thus, “seven thousand years” means the End of the world counted in thousands of years. At the End of the world beyond 3800 AD according to Nostradamus, the human history will repeat itself as another dominating monarchy such as Islam extremism shall dominate the world again. The world shall endure another evil period. After that, the whole creation shall come to the End. The whole human history lasts about 8000 years, four thousands before Christ and four thousands after Christ. 1.49

Beaucoup, beaucoup auant telles menees, Ceux d'Orient, par la vertu Lunaire, L'an mil sept cens seront grands emmenees, Subiugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.

Long long before these happenings The Oriental thanks to the Muslims In the year of 1700 shall drive many away And shall subdue almost the whole Northern corner.

Thanks to the invasion and conquering Europe by Russians and Muslims ( lunaire or moon stands for Muslims, ) the Oriental or China will become more aggressive in Asia. They probably will attack Taiwan and neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Australia, and so on. Nostradamus often dated several significant prophetic events beginning at 325AD, the year of the first Council, the Nicean Council. Thus, the year of 1700 actually is 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD. Russia cannot sustain the momentum as WW III will drain away her resources and she will expose herself vulnerable to Chinese attack, and China does not want to see Russia become the dominant world power as she had suffered Russian aggression in the past. Therefore, China will intervene in Europe on the behalf of European countries to confront Russian troops in Central Europe, the vicinity of Hungary, Austria, and Czech, which will become major battleground as many quatrains also indicate. China will travel and conquer Russian land along her way to Europe. By the year of 2025AD, China will occupy most Siberia region and Central Asia from Russia. 1.50

De l'aquatique triplicité naistra, D'vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste. Son bruit, los, regne, sa puissance croistra, Par terre & mer,aux Oriens tempeste.

By the aquatic triplicity, one nation is born Thursday shall be his holiday His fame, praise, reign, and power shall grow By land and sea, he shall tempest the East.


USA surrounded by three seas had designated Thursday as the national holiday called Thanksgiving. This blessed country shall become the world superpower, controlling the aggressions from the eastern countries such as Russia, Muslims, Japan, and finally China. 1.51

Chef d'Aries, Iupiter & Saturne, Dieu eternel quelles mutations ! Puis apres long siecle son malin temps Gaule & Italie, quelles emotions.

Chiefs of Heaven , Satan and the Lord God God Eternal, what mutations ! After one long century, his evil time returns France and Italy, what emotions!

Aries is the anagram for aires or heavens; Jupiter stands for Satan and Saturn for the Lord or God. The long century is the twentieth century, one hundred years allotted by God to Satan to tempt mankind. France and Italy will endure most sufferings caused by the coming WW III. 1.52

Les deux malins de Scorpion conioints, Le grand Seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle, Peste à l'Eglise par le nouueau Roy ioints, L'Europe basse & Septentrioanle.

Two evil influences joined in Scorpion The great Lord murdered in his room Pestilence to the Church by the new king The lower part of Europe and three belonging to the Serpent.

Two evil influences are Western atheistic paganistic Europe and communist radical Eastern Alliance consisting of Muslims, Russia, and China. The lower part of Europe especially around Mediterranean Sea and three countries , England, France, and Italy who are under the influence of Satan. Septentrionale is the anagram for serpent-trionale or three countries under the Ancient Serpent’s dominion. 1.53

Las qu'on verra grand peuple tourmenté, Et la Loy saincte en totale ruyne, Par autres loix toute la Chrestienté, Quand d'or, d'argent trouue nouulelle mine.

Alas, how much a great people tormented And the holy Law in total ruin By pagan laws, Christianity is governed And the new source of wealth shall be found.


In our century, the Church’s Teaching is neglected, God’s commandments are trivialized and disobeyed. Most Christian countries are no longer governed based on Catholic or Christian principles while materialism through newly found wealth is emphasized instead. To be specific, the new source of wealth all come from petroleum oil. 1.54

Deux reuolts faits du malin falcigere Du regne & siecles fait permutation, Le mobil signe en son endroit s'ingere, Aux deux esguax & d'inclination.

Two revolutions caused by the Death Makes a complete permutation in kingdoms and centuries Libra’s scale of justice is so meddled Inclined equally to both sides.

The Devil enticed two major revolutions: French intellectual liberality and communism, affecting all humanity for centuries. One of the consequences is the birth of the distorted justice system or democracy in which there are two extremes, left-wing and right-wing, which results in a “meddling “ compromise in everything including morality and Faith. They assign this a good thing with a fanciful term called “moderate” or “centrist.” What it truly is the devil in disguise as by this principle, everything can be rationalized, therefore, can be compromised and tolerated. Everything is governed by the majority rule, by the norm of society. There is no more moral standards and the absolute Truth or the Divine and natural laws. 1.55

Soubz l'opposite climat Babylonique, Grande sera de sang effusion, Que terre & mer, air, Ciel sera inique, Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion,

Under the opposite Babylonian climate There shall be a great deal of bloodshed Heavenly mercy shall seem withdrawing from land, sea, and air Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.

When the world becomes confused (opposites) and sinful with sexual pleasures (Babylonian), then there will be wars on land, sea, and air. The Divine chastisements shall be metered out in many forms: occults, famine, annihilation of countries, plagues, the loss of faith (due to the lack of the divine Grace), and so on.



Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change Horreurs extresmes & vindications, Que si la Lune conduite par son ange, Le ciel s'approche des inclinations.

You shall soon see, great change being made late Extreme horrors and obsession As if Muslims directed by their angels Heavenly court shall hide her face.

Lune is Moon symbolizing Muslims. God will refuse to hear the pleadings from His rebellious creatures. The world will be completely ruined or changed when the Muslims led by their spiritual principalities to carry out wars with numerous atrocities and human loss. It would appear that God had abandoned mankind to themselves. 1.57

Par grand discord la trombe tremblera, Accord rompu, dressant la teste au ciel, Bouche sanglante dans le snag nagera, Au sol sa face oingte de laict & miel.

With great discord the trumpet blasts (Peace) accord broken, face lifted to Heaven Bloody mouth swimming in blood On the ground the face anointed with honey and milk.

With a great solemnity, the Sixth Angel of the Apocalypse shall blast his trumpet signifying the divine Chastisement in the form of WW III has begun. On earth, the peace accord is broken or cannot be reached. Men can only pray for God’s mercy. Many lives will be lost in the sea or swimming in their own blood. On the ground is the corpse of a well-to-do materialistic Westerner who once concerned only with his physical being and comfort, and he would have no will to fight with the vicious and spirited enemies. 1.58

Trenché le ventre, naistra auec deux teste Et quatre bras, quelques sna entiers viura Iour qui Alquilloye celebrera ses festes, Fousssan, Thurin, chef Ferrare suyura.

Joint in the belly, it shall be born with two heads And four arms, shall live for few years The day the eagle celebrates its feasts Fossan, Turin, the chief of Ferrara shall run away.


When we witness the wonder of the modern medical technology by which a Siamese twin can be separated, Muslims shall invade Italy while US celebrates her holiday (the Fourth of July?) the Pope or the chief of Ferrara will have to flee from Rome. 1.59

Les exilez deportez dans les Isles, Au changement d'vn plus cruel Monarque, Seront meurtris, & mis deux des scintilles Qui de parler ne seront esté parques.

The exiles are carried to the islands At the change of the more cruel monarch They shall be murdered, and placed in two incinerators Because they have not been sparing their tongues.

The “exiled” are the devout believers who have a strong Faith in God, who regard little of their human well-beings, consider their earthly life as merely an exile or sojourn to their eternal home in Heaven. Thus, Christians, Jews, and Clergy who do not denounce their Faith will be sent to the concentration camps located in Malta and the neighboring islands for the mass exterminations after the Muslims capture the southern Europe and all the Mediterranean coasts. Muslims countries will be overtaken by the radical Muslims ( more cruel monarch.) 1.62

La grande perte laslque feront les lettres Auant le cicle de laton a parfaict, Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

Alas what great loss to learning Before the cycle of the Moon be accomplished Fire, great flood, and more by ignorant rulers So long a century, things shall not be seen restored.

Great deal of scientific and other learnings and writings during the twentieth century, but great loss of the spiritual learning. As the consequence, mankind shall suffer with natural disasters, wars, and immoral unjust laws from their governments. Fire and great floods were mentioned a great deal by the prophet. Will many countries suffer with worldwide or large scale wildfires and floods of the unprecedented magnitudes?



Les fleaux passees diminué le monde, Long-temps la paix, terres inhabitees. Seur marchera par le ciel, terre, mer & onde, Puis de nouueau les guerres suscitees.

The scourges passed, the world made smaller Peace for a long time, land inhabited again Everyone safely travels by air, land, and sea Then wars shall be made anew.

There will be a long period of peace after the first two world wars, then there will be wars again. We marvel at the prophecy about air travel, many hundred years before it was made possible. 1.64

De nuict soleil penseront auoir veu, Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra, Bruit, chant, bataille au Ciel battre apper ceu Et bestes brutes à parler on orra.

At night they shall think they see the sun When the pig half-man shall be seen Noise, singing, battle in the sky seen fighting And brute beasts shall be heard speaking.

The modern battles with flares at night lightening the battle-field, a pilot seen in the cockpit ( pig-half man). Brute beast speaking might be a radio device. 1.67

La grand famine que ie sens approcher, Souuent tourner puis estre vniuerselle, Si grande & longue qu'on viendra arracher, Du bois racine, & l'enfant de mamelle.

The great famine I sense approaching Turning one way or another, then become universal So great and long one shall begin to pluck Roots of wood and infant by the breast ( of their dead mothers.)

Worldwide starvation especially in Africa. God has provided more than enough to feed us all. Scientists estimated that the current entire population of the world could be fed comfortably only if ten percent of the earth surface could be cultivated and the crops distributed fairly. Such a tragedy caused by greed and selfishness!



La grand montagne ronde de sept estades, Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation, Roulera loing, abysmant grand contrades, Mesmes antigues, & grand fondation.

The great mountain encompasses seven stadia After peace, war, famine, flooding Shall spread far, sinking many countries Even the ancient landscapes to their foundations.

Seven stadia equals 4247 feet, however, “seven” here simply means great many stadia or great many feet wide. Anyway, a comet with a great circumference of several miles will fall into the earth. The words “spread “ and “sink “ indicates that this comet will land in the sea, Mediterranean or Atlantic, wiping out many coastal areas and many nations. And you see later in one quatrain which indicates that Greece shall cease to exist due to great flood. The ancient landscapes might be Egyptian pyramids. The chronological order was actually written in reverse. First will be flooding, famine, then war, peace, and finally comet or asteroid striking the earth. After WW III ends around 2026 AD, an asteroid or comet shall arrive colliding with the earth. 1.70

Pluye, faim, guerre, en Perse non cessee, La foy trop grande trahyra le Monarque Par la finie en Gaule commencee, Secret augure pour à vn estre parque.

Rain, famine, and war shall not cease in Persia Too great trust shall betray the monarch Ended there but conceived in France A secret omen for one who shall die.

Natural disasters and wars continued in Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini directed a revolution overthrowing the Shah of Iran while be exiled in France. In 1978, Khomeini started the revolution. In 1979, he enticed the rebels inside Iraq with a series of terrorist bombings in Iraq leading to the Iran-Iraq war which took close to million Iranian lives who otherwise might have a second thought about their new dictatorial regime. It was convenient way to eliminate the intellectual who could potentially become the political opponents against the radical Islamic regime. A hidden omen indeed. 1.71

La Tour Mariue trois fois prinse & reprinse Par Espagnols, Barbares, Ligurins,

The marine tower shall be taken and retaken three times By Spanish, Muslims, Italians


Marseille & Aix, Arles par ceux de Pise Marseilles and Aix, Arles by those of Vast, feu, fer, pille, Auignon des Thurins. Pisa Devastation, fire, sword, pillage in Avignon by the Turinians.

The strait of Gibraltar at the entrance into Mediterranean Sea by Spain will be controlled by Spanish, then Muslim, then retaken by the Italians. Marseilles will be taken after Aix, Arles after Pisa, and Avignon after Turin falls. 1.72

Du tout Marseille des habitans changee Course & pour fuitte iusques pres de Lyon. Narbon, Tholoze par Bordeaux outragee, Tuez, captifs, presque d'vn million.

All the inhabitants of Marseilles will change Fleeing and pursuing as far as Lyon Narbonne and Toulouse outraged by Bordeaux Killed and captured are almost one million.

Southern France shall be devastated by Muslim invasion. Enormous casualties on French civilians will probably be inflicted with the weapons of mass destruction. Reinforcement promised by Bordeaux will never come to assist Narbonne and Toulouse. 1.73

France à cinq parts par neglect assaillie Tunys, Argiels esmeuz par Persiens, Leon, Seuille, Barcelone faillie N'aura la classe par les Venitiens.

Due to neglect, France shall be assaulted on five fronts Tunis and Algeria stirred up by Persians Leon, Seville, Barcelonia fallen There shall be no fleet by Venetians.

Iran will stir up the Islamic extremists from Northern Africa including ones in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. France will be attacked from five fronts possibly as follows: Russians from the north and Central Europe and from Italy; Muslims from the south, from Spain, and from Mediterranean Sea. French navy stationed in Marseilles will completely destroyed in Mediterranean Sea or Adriatic Sea, therefore, they will never be able to return to protect their homeland. Italy ( Venetians ) will have no fleet either for some unknown reasons. 1.74


Apres seiourné vogueront en Epire Le grand secours viendra vers Antioche, Le noir poil crespe tendra fort à l'Empire Barbe d'airain le rostira en broche.

After the retreat, they shall travel to Epirus A great help shall come around Antioch The curly-haired king shall try hard for the empire The Muslims from Iran shall be roasted on a pit.

After a long series of defeats to the Eastern Alliance, Western Europeans finally turn the tide of battles by liberating Western countries, then come to rescue Greece from Muslim occupying forces. The Alliance commander will be a French general named Henry who has a black curly hair. During the pursuit of the retreating Muslims, they shall burn alive the supreme Muslim commander who probably gets fired upon directly. 1.76

D'vn nom farouche tel proferé sera, Que les trois sœurs auront fato le nom : Puis grand peuple par langue & fait duira, Plus que nul autre aura bruit & renom.

By a fierce name, one shall be called Three sisters shall have the name Fato Then the great people with great language and deed Shall say above any other man are his fame and renown.

King Henry of France will have a fierce name. Three sisters – France, England, and Italy – will form the version of NATO led by France or FATO. General Henry of France will be the leader of the world after WW III. 1.79

Bazax, Lectore, Condon, Ausch, Agine, Esmeus par loix, querelles & monopole, Car Bourd, Thoulouse, Bay mettra enruyne Renouueller voulant leur tauropole.

Bazaz, Lestore, Condom, Auch, Agen Decimated by laws, quarrels, and monopolies Carcassone, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Bayonne shall be in ruin When they want renewing the idol sacrifice.


The South Western region of France will be decimated by civil unrest, law, regulations, quarrels, etc. They will be ruined when they want to replace their Catholic tradition with idol worshipping. 1.80 De la fixiesme claire splendeur celeste, Viendra tonner si fort eu la Bourgongne : Puis naistra monstre de tres-hydeuse beste, Mars, Avril, May, Luin, grand charpin & rongne From the sixth bright celestial splendor It shall thunder so strongly in Burgundy Then a monster shall be born from the hideous beast March, April, May, June great wounding and gnawing.

When the Sixth Angel of the Apocalypse blows the trumpet, the Divine Chastisement shall begin in earnest with WW III. An evil leader who will start the War and who was incarnated from the Devil, will emerge on the political scene after a political turmoil lasting several months up to July. This leader will be appointed to lead his country (Russia, Iran, or China?) some time after the month of June. Putin of Russia was officially appointed to be the Prime Minister after a long period of turmoil at the very beginning of August of 1999. Nostradamus actually spelled out this important event in Quatrain 10.72. 1.81

D'humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part : De iugement & conseil separees, Leur sort sera diuisé en depart, Cap, Thita, Lambda morts, bannis esgarez.

Among the human flock, nine shall be set aside Divided in their judgment and counsel Their destiny is to divide and to depart Kappa, Theta, Lambda, dead, banished, scattered.

This quatrain prophesies the US Supreme Court, a divisive institution which can only lead the American society and the world to death by sins through their legal mumbo-jumbo interpreting or inventing new laws based on the modern cultural norms or immorality, not based on the original spirit of the laws. An institution from hell. 1.82

Quand colomnes de bois grande tremblee D'auster conduicte couuerte de rubriche, Tant vuidera dehors vne assemblee, Trembler Vienne & le pays d'Austriche.

When the columns of timber tremble greatly By the strong wind and covered with fire red Such a great assembly shall push forward


Vienna and Austria shall tremble.

Austria and many areas in Europe will suffer wild fires due to prolonged droughts or other unusual events before Muslims and Russians assemble armies to attack Europe. Austria itself will be devastated by Russian occupation along with other countries in the same region of Central Europe. 1.83

La gent estrange diuisera butins Saturne & Mars son regard furieux, Horrible strage aux Toscans & Latins, Grecs qui seront à frapper curieux.

The foreign people shall divide booty Saturn in Mars shall gaze furiously Horrible foreigners in Tuscan and Latins Grecians shall be reluctant to strike.

The Divine Chastisement by war or “Saturn in Mars” will take place. Muslims and Russian invaders will ransack the properties and kill many Italians (Tuscan) and clergy in Rome ( Latins). Greece will take side with Russia reluctantly as she is also cautious of Muslims. However, Greece later will be destroyed by Iranian troops anyway. 1.84

Lune obscurcie aux profondex tenebres, Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine : Le grand caché long temps soubs les tenebres, Tiendra fer dans la playe sanguine.

The moon obscured in the profound darkness Her brother shall become rusty-red in color The great one shall hide in a long time in shadow He shall hold his blade in the bloody wound.

In the recent years, the fairly rare events have happened quite frequently, the eclipse in which the moon and the sun appeared to be rusty red or chocolate-like. When this happens, the Death in the shadow of darkness shall hold up his bloody Scythe for a long time meaning human blood will flow for many years. 1.86

La grande Royne qaund se verra vaincue Fera excez de masculin courage : Sur cheual fleuue passera toute nué,

When the great queen sees herself vanishing Shall exercise with masculine courage On the horse, she shall pass the river


Suitte par fer, à soy fera outrage.

completely naked With a sword, she shall outrage her faith.

During the twentieth century allotted by God, feminism movement was emerged. Pornography and sex were used as their tools. Feminism leads to the cultural changes, social ills, immorality, divorce, break-up of families, adultery, teenage pregnancy, abortion, birth control, working women, pornography, and so on. This movement causes the moral decay and the loss of Christian Faith. 1.87

Ennosigée feu du centre de terre, Fera trembler autour de Cité neufue : Deux grands rochers long temps ferôt la guerre, Puis Arethusa rougira nouueau Fleuue.

Ennosigee, fire from the center of the earth Shall tremble the tower of a new city Two great rocks have been at war a long time Then (Areth)USA shall cover with red river (of lava.)

Ennosigee or Ennosigaeus, a Greek word for earthquake. A great earthquake will occur in a modern city with many “towers” or tall modern buildings. The last verse indicates that it will take place in USA probably in California where the San Andreas Fault ( two great rocks) have been sliding over each other for a long time. 1.88

Le diuin mal surprendra le grand Prince, Vn peu deuant aura femme espousee: Son puy & credit à vn coup viendra mince, Conseil mourra pour la teste rasee.

The divine wrath shall overtake the great prince A short time before he meets his Spouse Both (human ) support and merit suddenly shall become trivial Counsel shall die because of the shaven head.

It will be the destined time for King Henry of France to leave this world to meet his beloved Espoused, the Lord Jesus. All human gain, credential, support he has tried to achieve suddenly will become meaningless. The religious, a close confidante ( counsel ) shall be the one who betrays him. 1.89

Toust ceux de Ilerde seront dedans Moselle Mettans à mort tous ceux de Loyre & Saine,

All from Lerida ( Spain ) shall be in Moselle Putting to death all those of Loire and Seine


Secours marin viendra pres d'haute velle, Quand l'Espagnol ouurira toute veine.

The sea current shall reach near high valleys When the Spanish opens all their veins.

Spain will attack the cities in Southern France who are suffering greatly at the same time with floods. 1.91

Les Dieux feront aux humains apparence, Ce qu'ils seront autheurs de grand conflit. Auant ciel veu serain, espee & lance Que vers main gauche sera plus grand afflict.

The gods shall make it apparent to men That they are the authors of the great conflict Before the sky seen serene without swords and lance The one on the left shall suffer greater affliction.

The world wars are the consequences of the spiritual battles between good and evil. Thus, they are the manifestations of the Divine Justice. Battles in the air with airplanes and missiles are prophesied here. The leftist meaning the liberal, atheistic, communist countries will suffer most. The last line concerning the leftist or communist indicates that this particular quatrain or prophecy is about the world war still to come or WW III. Men still believe they control their destiny as they do not believe in God, do not realize they offending Him with their sins, therefore, they do not recognize the Hand of God in all the world events. 1.92

Sous vn la paix par tout sera clamee Mais non long temps, pille & rebellion Par refus, ville, terre & mer entammee, Morts & captifs, le tiers d'vn milion.

Under one man, peace shall be claimed to all But not long before pillage and rebellion Because of refusal, towns, land and sea be assaulted Death and captives one third of one million.

Saddam Hussein acted like a supreme being who bring peace to his people. But because of his refusal to allow the UN inspectors in, Iraq was attacked by US troops. The Iraqi casualties will amount to around one-third of one million. 1.93

Terre Italique pres des monts tremblera, Lyon & Coq; non trop confederez,

Italian land near the mountains shall tremble


En lieu de peur, l'vn l'autre s'aidera, Seul Castulon & Celtes moderez.

Lion and cock not too united Due to fear one shall help the other Only Spain and France relationship is moderate.

The region around the Alps in Italian side is trembling due to the advance of the foreign invaders. They do not receive the timely help from either France or England due to the disagreement or bitterness that England has for France who not only opposed the Iraq war but also assist the Muslim countries in acquiring advanced weapons and military technologies. However, they will eventually cooperate reluctantly in fighting the Russians and Muslims. Spain initially will try to be neutral and become the international mediator, but later will side with the Muslims. USA will be mostly absent at the beginning because of her indignant sentiment against the liberal continental Europe who bring their own tragedy upon themselves for opposing the Americans and support the Muslims who are now invading them. 1.94

Au port Selin le tyran mis à mort, La liberté non pourtant recouuree Le nouueau Mars par vindicte & remort, Dame par la foere de frayeur honoree.

At the Muslim port, the tyrant shall be put to death Liberty non given shall not be recovered The new war due to vengeance and remorse The lady through force of terror shall be honored.

At the end of WW III, the Muslim territories will be occupied. The tyrant , the Muslim leaders probably Iranians will be put to death for war crimes. The prolonged new kind of wars will be conducted in Muslim soil by the occupying forces through vengeance as their enemies were once merciless toward their fallen comrades and they had slaughtered their beloved family members. The Westerners will use terror as the tool to control the Muslim occupying territories. They will set up a female leader for the Muslim remnants. 1.95

Deuant monstier trouué enfant besson D'heroicq sang de moyne vestutisque, Son bruit par secte, langue & puissance son, Qu'on dira soit efleué le Vopisque, Celuy

In front a monastery an infant twin is found Born from the heroic blood of a monk and the Ancient One His fame through the religious cult, speech and power So that one shall say that the Vopisque is so high elevated.


Vestutique means ancient; vospique means the healthy survivor of a set of twins in Latin. The AntiChrist is long prophesied to be an illegitimate child of an abbot or monk and a prostitute. He is begotten by the Ancient Devil himself. He will be adored through his powerful speech and occultic religion, and successful military power. 1.96

Celuy qu'aura la charge de destruire Temples & fectes changees par fantasie, Plus aux rochers qu'aux viuans viendra nuyre, Par langue ornee d'oreilles ressaisies.

He who has the charge to destroy Shall change churches and religion with fantasy Shall do more harm to rocks than the living By a smooth tongue filling up ears.

This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. The AntiChrist is the arch-angel of the abyss, called Abaddon or Apollyon meaning the Destroyer (Rev. 9:11). He will destroy many cities but leaving the country-side or wilderness intact. The AntiChrist will turn heretic as he replaces the Church’s Teaching with the fanciful New Age thinking, worshipping nature instead of God. 1.97

Ce que fer, flamme, n'a sceu paracheuer, La douce langue au conseil viendra faire Par repos, songe, le Roy fera resuer, Plus l'ennemy en feu, sang militaire.

What cannot be accomplished with gun or fire Shall be done by a smooth tongue in a council Through sleep and dreams, the king shall contemplate Putting more enemies through fire and military bloodshed.

The AntiChrist will lead one-world government. He will communicate with the Devil, his master and father, through dreams and visions in designing their schemes of terror. 1.99

Le grand Monarque qui fera compagnie, Auec deux Roys vnis par amitié, O quel souspir fera la grande mesnie, Enfans Narbon à l'entour quel pitié.

The great monarch shall form a company With two kings united by friendship O what a fight their troops create Around Narbonne how pitifully children


shall suffer.
Russia will form an alliance with China and Iran to fight the Western countries. The southern France or Rhone River valley will be devastated by the Muslim invaders who will enter through Spain and Marseilles. French children in this region will suffer much, probably due to the weapons of mass destruction, plagues, and missile bombardments.




Vers Aquitaine par insuls Britaniques Et par eux mesmes grandes incursions Pluyes, gelees feront terroirs iniques Port Selyn fortes fera inuasions.

Toward Aquitaine the British shall attack The same party shall make great incursions Rain and frost makes the ground treacherous They shall make invasions into the Muslim stronghold.

The Allied force led by the British troops will begin their offensives into the French territories. By winter, they will counter-attack the retreating Muslim force. The tide of the WW III has begun to turn as the Western Alliance will attack and conquer the Muslim strongholds or territories around the Mediterranean Sea. 2.2

La teste bleuë fera la teste blanche Autant de mal que France à fait leur bien, Mort à l'anthenne, grand pendu sur la branche, Quand des prins siens le Roy dira combien.

The blue head shall do to the white head As much evil (harm ) as France has done them good Death at the sail yard, the great one hung on the branch Being captured, the King shall ask how many of his men.

The blue heads are the Muslim troops; the white heads are the holy army led by King Henry of France. The more France supports the Muslim countries, the more damages they will suffer in the hands of their former allies. For intimidation, the Muslims will behead their prisoners and hang their decapitated bodies on the tree branches. 2.3

Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer De Negrepont les poissons demy cuits, Les habitans les viendront entamer Quand Rod & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.

The heat of the sun beats upon the sea By a black bridge fish shall be halfcooked The inhabitants shall come to cut fish open When Rhodes and Genoa demand

The temperatures of the earth will rise so much that the maritime ecological system will be disrupted with fish dying. The black bridge indicates that this is a metallic bridge of our modern time. And food will be scarce. 2.4

Depuis Monech iusqu'au pres de Sicile Toute la plage demourra desolee, Il n'y aura faux-bourgs, Cité ne Ville Que par Barbare pillee & vollee.

From Monaco as far as Sicily All the coast shall be desolate There shall be no suburbs, cities nor towns Which shall not be pillaged and violated by Muslims.

All the coastal areas around the Mediterranean Sea will be destroyed by the Muslim invaders. 2.5

Quand dans poisson fer & lettre enfermee Hors sortira qui pis fera la guerre, Aura par mer sa classe bien ramee Apparoissant pres de Latine terre.

When in a fish, weapon and letters are enclosed He shall come out of it, later shall make war His fleet travel far across the sea Shall appear near the Italian land.

Russian or Iranian submarines will travel across the Mediterranean Sea to attack Italian coastal areas. 2.6

Aupres des portes & dedans deux citez Seront deux fleaux onc n'apperceu vn tel, Faim dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutez, Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel.

Near the seaports and within two cities Shall be two scourges and one has never seen the like Famine, pestilence from within, people thrusted out by the swords They shall cry for help from the great immortal God.

Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza strip shall suffer greatly due to famine, internal fighting, and oppression from Israel occupiers.



Entre plusieurs aux isles deportees, L'vn estre nay à deux dents en la gorge Mourront de faim, les arbres esbroutees Pour eux neuf Roy nouuel edit leur forge.

Among many transported to the islands One is born with two teeth in his mouth They shall die of hunger, tree barks stripped For them, the new King shall issue new verdict.

Muslims will transport European prisoners to the islands in Mediterranean Sea. Upon the barren islands, life will be harsh, and many will die of hunger. The one born with two teeth might be singled out due to his demonic nature. 2.8

Temples sacrez prime façon Romaine, Reietteront les goffes fondemens, Prenant leurs loix premieres & humaines Chassant, non tout, des saints les cultemens.

Temples consecrated in the early Roman rituals They shall reject the shaky foundation Applying the first humanistic laws They shall eliminate most the veneration of the saints.

The decay of the ( Catholic ) Church takes place for good when the Holy Mass is turned into the paganistic rituals, when the Teaching and Tradition of the Church including the veneration of the saints is abandoned, replaced with the humanistic precepts. 2.9

Neuf ans le regne le maigre en paix tiendra Puis il cherra en soif si sanguinaire Pour luy grand peuple sans foy & loy mourra, Tué par vn beaucoup plus debonnaire.

Nine years the lean one shall keep the reign in peace Then he shall fall for a bloody thirst For him the great people shall die without faith and law Shall be killed by the one with better goodness.

The thin man might be the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il whose reign began in 1997, three years after his father died. If this prophecy is applied to Kim Jong Il, the Korean war will take place around 2006 AD. The term “ thin “ indicates the general starvation in that country. The phrase “ much better nature or goodness “ describes Americans and South Koreans.



Auant long temps le tout sera rangé Nous esperons vn siecle bien senestre, L'estat des masques & des seule bien changé Peu trouueront qu'à son rang vueillent estre

Before long, all things shall be arranged We look for a very sinister age The conditions of the celibate clergy have greatly changed Few shall find that they want to stay in their rank.

“The marked and solitary ones” (marques et des seuls) means the celibate or religious, priests and bishops. The very sinister century is our century, the twentieth century. Everything is already planned by God who gave Satan the twentieth century or about one hundred years to tempt mankind. The holiness of the clergy is diminishing and there is a shortage of religious vocation. The rule on the celibacy of priesthood is now greatly debated or challenged. 2.12

Yeus clos ouuerts d'antique fantasie L'habit des seules seront mis à néant : Le grand monarque chastira leur frenaisie Rauir des temples le thresor par deuant.

Their eyes closed but open for the antic fantasy The habit of the celibate shall be discarded The great monarch shall chastise their frenzy For ravishing the treasure of the temples before.

Blinded by the worldly desires, the clergy will be influenced by the world. They will live a comfortable materialistic life. Desiring to be “ one of the crowd “, they no longer wear their religious habits. The new King Henry of France shall install many reforms to revive the holiness in priesthood and religious traditions. 2.13

Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice, Iour de mort mis en natiuité L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice Voyant le verbe en son eternité.

The body without soul no longer sacrificed Day of death shall be the day of birth The Divine Spirit shall make the soul rejoice Seeing the Word in all eternity.


This quatrain describes a saintly soul right after the moment of his death. After death, he no longer offers God his sacrifice but rejoices to be with the Word of God or our Lord Jesus Christ forever. His death is his rebirth into the eternal life. 2.15

Vn peu deuant monarque trucidé, Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite, L'erain public par terre & mer vuidé, Pise, ast, Ferrare, Turin, terre interdicte.

A short time before a monarch is murdered Castor and Pollux, and a comet Public treasure by land and sea looted Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin, forbidden land.

The first line is difficult to understand correctly. It might mean “ the monarch” reigning for a short time before being murdered. Castor and Pollux are the astrological Gemini twins, here indicating Popes John Paul I and John Paul II. JP I only reigned for thirty three days before he died. And it was rumored that he was murdered during sleep. Pope JP II succeeded him in 1978. Comet Halley appeared in 1986. After these events, the elections of JP I and JP II, and the appearance of the bearded star, Muslims will invade, occupy, and loot the Italian land of all its national and religious treasures. 2.16

Naples, Palerme, Sicile, Syracuses, Nouueaux tyrans, fulgures, feux celestes Forces de Londres, Gands, Bruxelles & Suses, Grand hecatombe, trumphe, faire festes.

Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse New tyrants, lightning, celestial fires Forces from London, Ghent, Bruxelles, and Susa A great mass grave, then triumph and festivities.

The Muslim occupiers will become the new tyrants in the Italian occupied territories. The Western Alliance will conduct the counter-offensives using troops from England, France, Belgium, and US. Many will lose their lives ( hecatomb or mass grave ), but the final triumph is warranted. 2.17

Le camp du temple de la vierge vestale, Non esloigné d'Ethene & monts Pyrenées : Le grand conduit est caché dans la male, North, getez, fleuues, & vignes mastinees.

The field of the temple of the vestal virgin Not far from Ethen and Pyrenees The great conduit is hidden in a trunk In the north, rivers overflowing and vines destroyed.


The areas around Lourdres, the famous shrine of Blessed Virgin Mary will be flooded along with all areas in the southern France, known for their farming and vineyards. The great “conduit “ might be a certain hidden explosive by terrorists to blow up dams causing much flooding in those areas. 2.18

Nouuelle & pluye subite, impetueuse Empeshera subit deux exercices, Pierre, ciel, feux faire la mer pierreuse La mort de sept, terre & marin subites.

New, sudden, and heavy rains Shall suddenly hinder two armies Stone, heavenly fire shall make the sea rocky The death of many ( seven ) shall be sudden on land and sea.

The Divine Providence suddenly helps French troops who are losing the war up to that point. Many French sailors will die. Casualties will be very high in both land and sea battles for both sides. 2.19

Nouueaux venus, lieu basty sans deffence Occuper place par lors inhabitable, Prez, maisons, champs, villes prendre à plaisance, Faim, peste, guerre, arpen long labourable.

Newcomers shall build a place without defence Shall occupy a place then not inhabitable Meadows, houses, fields, towns taken at pleasure Famine, plagues, wars for a long strip arable land.

Israelite settlements or Israel nation are building on Palestinian land, the cause of the continuous struggles and suffering for both sides. 2.20

Freres & Sœurs en plusieurs lieux captifs, Se trouueront passer pres du Monarque Les contempler ses rameaux ententifs, Desplaisant voir menton, frond, nez les marques.

Brothers and sisters made into slaves in various places They shall pass before a monarch His attentive eyes shall gaze upon them Displeasure in seeing the marks on their chin, forehead, and nose.

Jew or Christian prisoners or slaves with marks ( of the cross ?) on their chins, foreheads, and noses are being examined by the AntiChrist or by a Muslim commander.



L'ambassadeur enuoyé par Byremes, A my-chemin d'incogneus repoussez, De tel renfort viendront quatre triremes, Cordes & chaines en Negrepont troussez.

An ambassador is sent in a small ship Midway he is repulsed by unknown men With haste, to his rescue come four bigger ships With ropes and chains, they shall be carried to the Black Sea.

Biremes is a small galley with two bridges and triremes is bigger vessel with three bridges. A French envoy or ambassador is sent to Italy or to Mediterranean Sea to resolve an international conflict but he is captured by terrorists. French navy departing from Marseilles to rescue him is ambushed near Italian coast, probably in Adriatic Sea. The remaining ships or the debris of the fleet will be towed to the Black Sea or Muslim ports. “Negre” or black could be used by the prophet to imply Muslim. 2.22

Le camp Aso, d'Eurotte partira, S'adioignant proche de l'isle submergee, D'Arton classe phalange pliera. Nombril du monde plus grand voix subroges.

The ineffective camp of Europe shall break apart Shall gather near of submerged island The NATO fleet shall be dissolved The center of the world substituted with a greater voice

European Union will become divided within and without, complicated with their antiAmerican sentiment. Consequently, the NATO Alliance shall become disintegrated or non-existent causing Europe vulnerable to the Muslim and Russian attacks. The super world-power role of US and NATO is diminishing, replaced with a “ great voice.” This greater voice might imply a spiritual wakening, “ the voice of God “ as one cannot imagine a voice greater than the super world power. 2.24

Bestes farouches de faim fleuues tranner, Plus part du camp encontre Hister sera, En cage de fer le grand fera trainner, Qunad Rin enfant Germain obseruera.

Hungry beasts shall go across the rivers Most of the battle filed shall be against Hitler Into an iron cage, he shall be confined When the children of Germany shall observe nothing.


Hungry beasts might be tanks or ships. Most of the Allied forces fought against Hitler’s. He himself died in an iron bunker. He had brain-washed the whole generation into madness with formation of brutal Nazis. 2.25

La garde estrange trahyra forteresse, Espoir & ombre du plus haut mariage, Garde deceue, fort prinse dans la presse, Loyre, Son, Rosne, Gar, à mort outragez.

The foreign guard shall betray the fortress Hope in shadow for the most high marriage Guard deceived, fort taken in the rush Loire, Saone, Rhone, Garrone outraged to death.

France wants to be friend with Muslims but the latter will betray them. Terrorists will attack French cities from within. The southern France shall be devastated by the Muslim invaders. 2.26

Pour la faueur que la cité fera, Au grand qui tost perdra champ de bataille Puis le rang Pau, Thesin versera De sang, feux, morts, noyez, de coups de taille.

Because of the favor the city shall have On the great leader who later loses on the battle field Thesin shall pour their blood into Pau Of blood, fire, dead, drowned by chopping.

Tessin or Ticino, the southern town of Switzerland and River Po is on the northern part of Italy. Both located in the same region. A fierce battle in the region between Muslim-Russian and Western troops. The local residents will pay a dear price later for cooperating with the Western force when the Muslims occupy the whole region. 2.27

Le diuin verbe sera du ciel frappé Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant, Du reserant le secret estoupé Qu'on marchera par dessus & deuant.

The Divine Word shall be restrained in Heaven He shall not proceed further The revelation, the secret shut away They shall walk over and fall into the dungeon.

Our Lord Jesus Christ shall yield to the Divine Justice of His Father. The Holy Spirit and His prophecies shall also be withdrawn. The unrepentant sinners will continue to walk right into the eternal damnation.



Le penultine du surnom de prophete Prendra Diane pour son iour & repos, Loing vaguera par frenetique teste, Et deliurant vn grand peuple d'imposts.

The last with the surname of a prophet Shall take Monday as the day of rest He shall wander far off with his head full of frenzy Deliver a great people from imposition.

Germany sounds very closely to Jeremiah, the prophet’s name. It would create three-day weekend for German workers. Germany would lose their Christian root and Faith due to their fanciful ideas of occultic human liberation or transcendence. 2.29

L'oriental sortira de son siege, Passer les monts Apennins, voir la Gaule, Transpercera du ciel les eaux & neiges En vn chacun frappera de sa gaule.

One from the East shall come out of his seat Shall cross the Apennines Mountains to see France He shall fly through the air, water, and snow And strike everyone with his rod.

Iran-led Muslims and probably Russians will conquer Italy, then will strike France next by crossing the Alps on foot, reach Marseilles by sea, and bombard French territories with the weapon of mass destruction through the air. 2.30

Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux Fera renaistre effrayeur des humains Oncq plus d'horreur, ne plus pire iournaux Qu'aduint viendra par Babel aux Romains.

One shall cause the infernal gods of Annibal To be reborn to terrorize mankind There was never more horror, ever journals recorded It shall happen because of the Babel by the Romans.

The ancient Annibal once attacked Rome. WW III will happen with Rome and Paris being completely destroyed. It will happen because of the sins of mankind plus the loss of faith which started with many heretical modern reforms starting with the new Mass celebrated in different languages ( Babel ) by the clergy (Romans.) Those heretical reforms abusing the spirit of Vatican II. They have desecrated the divine


Liturgy, leading to the decay of the Faith. Lukewarmness, and consequently, the sinfulness of mankind in general. 2.31

En campagne Cassilin fera tant Qu'on ne verra que d'eau les champs couuerts Deuant, apres, la pluye de long temps Hors mis les arbres rien l'on verra de vert.

In Campanie Cassilin town shall be done much That one shall see nothing but fields covered under water Before and after, rains for a long time Except tree tops, nothing green can be seen.

The Italian town and region will be flooded badly, probably before or right after WW III or the Muslim invasions into Europe. 2.32

Laict, sang, grenoüilles escondre en Dalmatie Conflit donné, peste preste, de baleine Cry sera grand par toute Esclauonie, Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Rauenne.

Milk, blood, frogs shall be prepared in Dalmatia Conflict fought, pestilence near Balennes A great cry shall be through out Sclavonia The a monster shall be born near and within Ravenna.

“Milk, blood, frogs” stands for nuclear, chemical, biological weapons of mass destruction, fired from the Eastern side of Adriatic Sea (Dalmatia) to the other side. The Slav nationalities or the Central Europe will suffer much under the Russian control. Russia will occupy many nations in the region such as Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. 2.33

Par le torrent qui descend de Veronne, Par lors qu'au Pol guindera son entree, Vn grand naufrage, & non moins en Garonne Quand ceux de Gennes marcheront leur contree.

Through the torrent which descends from Verona About the place it shall pour into the River Pau A great shipwreck and one no less in Garonna When those of Genoa shall march against their country.


Flooding in Italy, Genoa citizens demonstrate against their government, probably due to the lack of the governmental assistance. 2.35

Dans deux logis de nuict le feu prendra, Plusieurs dedans estouffez & rostis, Pres de deux fleuues pour seur il aduiendra Sol, l'Arc & Caper, tous seront amortis.

In two inns at night the fire shall break out Many shall be suffocated and roasted Near two rivers, it shall happen certainly Sol, Arc, and Caper (goat or cape) all mortified.

Sol is the sun or God; Arc is crescent or Muslims; Caper in Latin for goat or cape which stands for the pope. Pope JP II will flee from Italy to the Southern France where he himself and his companions will be killed somewhere in the region between two rivers. Someone will deliberately set fire to the place they are staying killing many religious who accompanying the Pope. 2.36

Du grand Prophete les lettres seront prinses Entre les mains du tyran deuiendront, Frauder son Roy seront les entreprinses, Mais ses rapines bien tost le troubleront.

The writings of the great prophet shall be confiscated They shall fall into the hands of the tyrant His undertaking is to deceive his King But his mischief very soon shall trouble himself.

The world leaders will not be aware of Nostradamus’s prophecies concerning WW III, only after the conflict is underway. 2.38

Des condamnez sera fait vn grand nombre. Quand les Monarques seront conciliez : Mais l'vn d'eux viendra si mal encombre, Que guerre ensemle ne seront raliez.

The condemned shall make up a great number When the leaders are reconciled But one of them shall suffer great misfortune That even war has stopped, not bringing any relief ( OR: That their reconciliation shall not last long.)


After WW III, many nations will enjoy a period of peace except one or two nations who are most devastated due to the war. I think Iran or other Muslim countries will be greatly destroyed and their territories will be occupied and their citizens will be mistreated. This inequality will eventually bring about insurgent resistance in Middle East. 2.39

Vn an deuant le conflit Italique Germain, Gaulois, Espagnols pour le fort, Cherra l'escolle maison de republique, Ou, hors mis peu, seront suffoquez morts.

One year before the Italian conflict German, French, Spanish united for the show of force The school house of the republic shall collapse Except a few, all shall be suffocated to death.

One year before Muslims invade Italy, the building in US will collapse probably due to terrorist bombing. The prophet always used the word “ republic “ to indicate America. After September 11th of 2001, NATO represented here by three of its members, Germany, France, and Spain, showed the unity by strong condemnation on the act of terrorism upon the World Trade Center. 2.40

Vn peu apres non point longue interualle Par mer & terre sera fait grand tumulte, Beaucoup plus grande sera pugne naualle, Feux, animaux, qui plus feront d'insulte.

Shortly afterwards, not a long time By land and sea, a great tumult shall be made The naval battles shall be greater than ever Fire and animals shall create a great affront.

This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. Shortly after September 11th, WW III will take place, marked by many greatest naval battles around the Mediterranean Sea in which the Western forces will suffer great losses by the smaller and cruder Muslim navy. “ Fire and animals “ phrase is used here to describe the modern weapons which were not fully understood by Nostradamus. 2.41

La grand, estoille par sept iours bruslera. Nuë fera deux Soleils apparoir, Le gros mastin toute nuict hurlera, Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star shall burn for seven days The cloud shall make two suns appear The big dog shall howl all night When the great pope shall change land.


Comet Hale-Bopp appeared for many days in 1997. The cloud formation shall create a halo around the sun. The big dog howling indicates a great tragic event or period of time. Pope JP II will have to flee Rome upon the coming invasion. This is the continuation of the previous quatrains. 2.43

Durant l'estoille cheueluë apparente, Les trois grands Princes seront faits ennemys, Frappez du ciel paix terre trembulente, pau, Tymbre, vndans, serpens sur le bord mis.

During the time the bearded star appears The three great princes shall become enemies Struck by Heaven, peace on earth trembles Paul, overflowing Tiber river, a serpent place on shore.

After the comet Hale-Bopp appeared in 1997, US, Europe, Russia, Muslims, China will become enemies. The three princes are the Christian countries, Muslim block, and Communists or atheistic countries. WW III is the Divine Justice metered out on this sinful world. The serpent or evil will land on the Italian shore affecting the fate of JP II and Rome which is located near the Tiber River. 2.45

Trop le ciel pleure l'androgin procreé Pres de ce ciel sang humain respandu, Par mort trop tarde grand peuple recreé, Tard & tost vient le secours attendu.

Heaven shall weep too much for androgynous creation To Heaven, human blood shall reach Because of so long a death, mankind cannot be reborn But sooner or later shall come the longwaited help.

Androgynous means having the characteristics of both male and female, here means homosexuality. Homosexual sex and abortion or " human blood " are the sins which will reach Heaven demanding vengeance. 2.46

Apres grâd trouble humain plus grâd s'appreste, Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle, Pluye, sang, laict, famine, feu & peste : Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.

After a great period of human suffering, appears another one The great motor of centuries shall be renovated Rain with blood, milk, famine, weapons and pestilence


In the air a fire with a long sparkling trail shall be seen.
WW I and WW II and then comes WW III. Mankind will destroy itself with their modern technology, with weapons of mass destruction. Milk together iron or fire often used by Nostradamus to imply the weapons of mass destruction or chemical and biological warfare. A fire with a long trail is a missile. 2.47

L'ennemy grand vieil dueil meurt de poison Les souuerains par infinis subiuguez, Pierres plouuoir cachez soubs la toyson, Par mort articles en vain sont alleguez.

The Enemy shall watch the old man die by poison By the ancient and infinite one, many sovereign nations shall be subjugated He shall rain down stones, hidden in sheep clothing Toward death, articles in vain are sought.

The Enemy, the Ancient One with the demonic power is watching sinners dying due to his poisonous temptations. All kings are drunk with the potion given to them by the Babylonian prostitute with immeasurable seductive power. They will follow the vain humanistic documents which are the man-made laws instead of God's commands resulting in the death of their souls. 2.49

Les conseillers du premier monopole, Les conquerans seduits par le Melite, Rhodes, Bisance pour leur exposant pole, Terre faudra les poursuiuants de fuitte.

The advisers of the initial conspiracy The conquerors seduced by the Melite ( Moabite or Arabic ) Rhodes, Byzantium for them shall open their towns Land needed by the pursuers of the scheme.

Greece and Turkey both will side with Iran-led Muslim army at the beginning, will allow the conquering armies to use their territories for the supply routes. 2.50

Quand ceux d'Hinault, Do, Gand & de Bruxelles Verront à Langres le siege deuant mis, Derriere leurs flancs seront guerres

When those born of pride, well-to-do, and of the brute beasts Witnessing the siege laid in front, at the verge of the hellfire


cruelles, La pluye antique, fera pis qu'ennemys.

Behind their flanks shall be the cruel wars The ancient wound shall be worse than the enemies.

Hainault is the anagram of " Nai-hault " or " born-pride "; Gand is grand or well-todo, affluent countries, Bruxelles is of the brute beast; Langres is the hellfire; ancient wound is sins or the abandonment of their Creator. When the Western countries are brutalized by Muslims and after they realize the wars are the Divine chastisements fallen upon them because of their sins, their repentance for offending God will be much more painful than the war itself. 2.51

Le sang du iuste à Londres fera faute, Bruslez par foudres de vingt trois les six, La dame antique cherra de place haute, De mesme secte plusieurs seront occis.

The blood of the innocent shall be London's guilt Burnt by lightning twenty times 666 The ancient lady or Babylonian whore shall fall from the high place From the same sex, many shall be killed.

Due to the killing of the innocent unborn and whoredom, England will be punished severely. Many will die beginning in London. 666 stands for the extreme evil or imperfection. 2.52

Dans plusieurs nuicts la terre tremblera, Sur le printemps deux efforts feront suitte, Corinthe, Ephese aux deux mers nagera, Guerre s'esmeut par deux vailants de luitte.

Many nights the earth shall quake In spring two great ones shall follow one another Corinth and Ephesus shall swim in two seas War shall be set by two valiant in combat.

Great earthquakes will take place simultaneously in Turkey and Greece. After that, the two will immerse in war. 2.53 La grande peste de cité maritime Ne cessera que mort ne soit vengee : Du iuste sang par pris damne sans crime, The great plague at a maritime city Shall not cease until death is not sought for vengeance Due to the innocent blood condemned


De la grand' dame par fainte n'outragee.

without crime From the great woman ( Babylonian whore ) through her pretending outrage.

London and England will be condemned with great plague or strange diseases, a punishment for killing the unborn. " La grand dame " here mean the Babylonian whore in chapter of the Book of Revelation. This quatrain is served as the emphasis for 2.51. 2.54

Par gent estrange, & de Romains loingtaine, Leur grand cité apres eau fort troublee : Fille sans main, trop different domaine, Prins, chef terreure n'auoit este riblee.

By the foreign people, far from the Romans Their great city shall be greatly troubled under water The girl of not much different condition ( than the city ) Their leader poisoned, the lock is not ribbed.

Muslims and Russians will attack Italy, destroy Venice which will be submerged under water. Young girls or females will be brutalized and defiled , ending up with the fate as their city. 2.55

Dans le conflit le grand qui peu valloit A son dernier fera cas merueilleux : Pendant qu'Hadrie verra ce qu'il falloit, Dans le banquet pongnale l'orgueilleux.

In the battle, the one of little worth shall be called great At the end, he shall do wondrous deeds While Henry shall realize his wants At the banquet, he shall stab the proud.

The humble Henry, of a little worth in the eyes of the proud, shall rise up trusting in God to defeat the Muslim and Russian armies, shall defy the worldly wisdom and pride. 2.56

Que peste & glaiue n'a peu s'en definer, Mort dans le puys sommet du ciel frappé, L'abbé mourra quand verra ruyner Ceux du naufrage, l'escueil voulant grapper.

He who neither plague or sword can destroy Shall die on the mountain top, struck from the sky The abbot shall die when he sees his ruin


Those in the shipwreck shall try to grasp the rock cliff.
The AntiChrist who once was a priest ( abbot ) will turn into a military conqueror. At the end of his allotted time, he will be struck by lightning on the mountain in the Holy Land and die. 2.57

Auant conflit le grand mur tombera, Le grand à mort, mort trop subite & plainte Nef imparfaict : la plus part nagera, Aupres du fleuue de sang la terre tainte.

Before the conflict the great one shall fall The great one to death, death too sudden and sorrowful Born imperfect; the most part shall swim Near the river of blood, soil stained.

The great one is the whole mankind. The greater part of mankind will swim in their own blood as they are born imperfect meaning living in sins, not being redeemed or born again in Christ Jesus. 2.58

Sans pied ne main dent ayguë & forte Par globe au fort de porc & l'aisné nay, Pres du portail desloyal se transporte, Silene luyt petit grand emmené.

Without foot or hand, with sharp and strong teeth By the Globe, in the middle of a port and with the elders Near the gate, the disloyal shall transport them Selin shines, the younger of the great one shall be carried away.

" Without foot and hand " is the Ancient serpent, over the globe or the world, will attack the seaport. The older generations are seen here by the gates and being transported to the concentration camps on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Muslims or Selin will be victorious and the younger generations will die by their hands. 2.59

Classe Gauloise par appuy de grand'garde, Du grand Neptune, & ses tridens soldats, Rongee prouence pour soustenir grand'bande,

The French fleet with the assistance of the great guard From the great Neptune and by the trident soldiers Provence shall be scourged to sustain this great band


Plus Mars Narbon par iauelots & dards.

Mostly wars shall be in Narbon with javelins and darts.

French fleet with the support of the great guard probably US, by Neptune or the " good fortune at sea ", and also by the alliance of three countries which are France, England, and Italy. Italian cities will be totally devastated. For example, Provence will be devastated in halting the Muslims advance, and another city Narbonne will also suffer with many battles on its soil. 2.60

La foy Punique en Orient rompuë, Gang, lud. & Rosne, Loyre & Tag. changeront, Quand du mulet la faim sera repuë, Classe espargie sang & corps nageront.

The simple Faith in the Lord is broken Great Jordan River, Rhone, Loire, and Tagus shall change When the hunger for a mule is satisfied Fleet shall be scattered, blood and bodies swim.

The Orient is the name or title used for our Lord Jesus Christ whose symbol is the Rising sun in the East. There will be changes and devastations in the Middle East, France, and Spain where all the above-mentioned rivers are running. The phrase " hunger for a mule " implies a general starvation or great hunger on ships at sea. Here the French fleet will be surrounded by the Muslim ships in Mediterranean Sea, probably in the narrow place like Adriatic Sea, will suffer hunger and eventually will be completely sunk to the bottom of the sea. 2.62

Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra, De gens & bestes vne horrible deffaite, Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra, Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comette.

Mabus shall come, soon shall die Half man half beast shall be a horrible destruction Suddenly vengeance shall be seen Blood, hand, thirst, famine, when the comet comes.

Mabus is the abbreviation of Bragamus ( see Quatrain 8.78 which also deals with the AntiChrist.) The word means a soldier of fortune, not a name of a person. The AntiChrist is incarnated beast from hell. In his short reign, he will totally destroy everything he can get his hand on. Eventually, he will be struck by lightning. 2.64

Seicher de faim, de soif gent Geneuoise, Geneva shall suffer hunger and thirst Espoir prochain viendra au defaillir, A faint hope shall come when they are


Sur point tremblant sera loy Gebenoise, Classe au grand port ne se peut accueillir.

fainting The hellish laws shall be trembled The navy shall not be able to enter the port.

Geneva will suffer drought and starvation due to their liberal life style. The Western alliance cannot come rescue them in time. Consequently, only a few will survive. 2.65

Le parc enclin grande calamité, Par l'Hesperie & Insubre fera, Le feu en nef, peste & captiuité, Mercure en l'arc, Saturne fenera.

The slope declined, great calamity Which shall be done to the West and Italy Fire in ship ( papacy ), plague, and captivity Mercury in Arc, Saturn harvests hay.

The degeneration of human nature like a declining slope will bring a great infliction to men through wars, natural disasters, plague, and imprisonment. Pope JP II will suffer also. Mercury in arc means God's Justice through the Muslim hands. And it is time for the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, to harvest His sowing and the Devil gets his. 2.67

La blonde au nez forché viendra commettre Par le duelle & chassera dehors, Les exilez dedans fera remettre Aux lieux marins commettant les plus forts.

The blond and the hooknosed one Through a duel shall chase him out He shall put back the exiled Put the better of them in Marian places.

The blonde ones are the Westerners, the hooknosed are Muslims. The exiled are the devout Christians who disregard the worldly desires and consider their life on earth merely as a temporary sojourn toward their Heavenly home. The “better” of the exiled are the most devout Christians, those with greatest holiness. “Marins” in line 4 is Marina, the anagram of Marian meaning those who consecrated their lives to Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. The western Europeans will battle against the Muslims and will eventually win the conflict and chase the latter away. King Henry of France, the leader of Europe will restore the European Christendom, will put the most devout Marian catholics into the most important governmental positions. 2.68


De l'Aquilon les efforts seront grands, Sur l'Ocean sera la porte ouuerte, Le regne en l'isle sera reintegrand, Tremblera Londres par voille descouuerte.

The efforts from the North shall be great Adjacent to the ocean, the port shall be wide-open The British sovereignty shall be tested London shall tremble upon discovering the enemy’s sails.

Aquilon means the north wind in French, here can be either Russia or US. Russia will attack London or England by ships and the English force is defenseless against them due to the destruction of her navy and the late coming of her American allies who are reluctant to fight for Europeans this time because of their ungratefulness, their anti-American sentiment, and their Godlessness. 2.69

Le Roy Gaulois par la Celtique dextre Voyant discorde de la grand Monarchie, Sur les trois parts fera fleurir son sceptre, Contre la cappe de la grand Hierarchie.

The French King with the Celtic right hand Seeing the discord of the great monarchy Upon three parts of it, his scepter flourishes Complementary to the Cape of the great Hierarchy.

King Henry of France, with the support form Britain and US, will defeat the Eastern alliance. He will reign the world along with the holy Pontiff who will be his spiritual counterpart, given by God to the whole world. This Pope is the one St. Malachy had prophesied one thousand years ago as “the Glory of Olive” or the Pope of the period of the Golden Peace. Cape stands for Pope. 2.70

Le dard du Ciel fera son estenduë, Morts en parlant grande execution, La pierre en l'arbre la fiere gent renduë, Bruit humain monstre, purge expiration.

The dart from the sky shall make its extension Died speaking, a great execution Turning into stone, a proud people being humbled Human beast can only be purged by expiation.

Missiles lightening up the sky will mark the beginning of the great bloody execution of mankind. Many will be mass-executed alive. This will come about because men have lost their conscience turning into stone or human beasts. Therefore, a general expiation is needed for the purification of the human race.



Les exilez en Sicile viendront, Pour deliurer la gent estrange : Au point du iour les Celtes luy faudront, La vie demeure à raison Roy se range.

The exiled shall come to Sicily To deliver the foreign nation from hunger At the daybreak, the French troop shall fail them Their life shall be preserved by faith only that their King and Lord is with them.

Like 2.67, the term “exiled” means the devout catholic minority living in Europe, who consider themselves as the exiled in the paganistic and secular societies. They will come to Sicily to do humanitarian works helping the local residents who are suffering with hunger under the Muslim occupation. French troops fail to land on Sicily at the daybreak, putting the lives of the French missionaries in danger. 2.72

Armee Celtique en Italie vexee, De toutes parts conflit & grande perte, Romains fuis, ô Gaule repoussee, Pres du Thesin, Rubicon pugne incerte.

French army vexed in Italy For all sides, great conflict and great loss Romans fled, o French repulsed Near Ticino and Rubicon uncertain battles.

French troops will come to aid Italians fighting the Muslims. The battles around Italy will be fierce and bloody for both sides. The Pope and clergy will flee from Rome to France. 2.73

Au lac Fucin de Benac le riuage, Prins du Leman ou port de l'Origuion. Nay de trois bras predict belliq' image. Par trois couronnes au grand Endymion.

To the Lake Fucino from Lake Benac ( Garda ) Taken from Lake Leman ( Geneva ) to the port of Orguion Born with three arms predicting a warlike image By three crowns for the great Endymion.

Endymion is the young man in Greek mythology, loved by Selene. He had the gift of the eternal sleep. Just as Selene or Selin, the moon symbolized Blessed Virgin Mary. Endymion, the beloved child of Selin, stands for Jesus Christ Who has the power to grant the ones in sleep an eternal life. Geneva where all the lakes including Lake Geneva form the image of three arms or hand with many fingers, foretell the devastation by many battles in the region, carried out by three parties


which are Western Christians, Muslims, and Communist atheists according to the Divine Justice.


De Sens, d'Autun viendront iusques au Rosne Pour passer outre vers les monts Pyrennees La gent sortir de la marque d'Auconne, Par terre & mer le suyura à grands trainnées.

From Sens and Autun they shall go as far as Rhone And shall pass over the other side of Pyrenees Mountains People shall come out from Marches of Anconna Through land and sea shall spread out with great speed.

Sens and Autun are in the North-East of France. French troops will retreat there, then will begin to push back the encircling Muslim troops deep to the southern France, will attack Spain, then go on to liberate Italy. From Rimini stretching to the north of Guilianova ( Marches of Anconna ), the Western troops shall spread throughout Italy and finally to the rest of the coasts around Mediterranean Sea and to the Middle East. 2.75

La voix ouye de l'insolit oyseau, Sur le canon du respiral estage : Si haut viendra de froment le boisseau, Que l'homme d'homme sera Antropophage.

The voice of the unusual birds shall be heard As recorded in the Canon of the highest degree The bushel of wheat shall rise so high That men and men shall become maneater.

The Canon of the highest degree is the Bible or the Book of Revelation. When one hears the voice of an unusual birds, the AntiChrist is coming. One of his tactics to enslave the general population is rationing food in order to obtain civil obedience. A wide-spread hunger will take place in which men will devour human flesh due to starvation. 2.79

La barbe crespe & noire par engin, Subiuguera la gent cruelle & fiere : Vn grand Chyren ostera du longin, Tous les captifs par Seline baniere.

The frizzled black beard through battles Shall overcome a fierce and cruel people The great HENRY shall free from bondage


All captives under Muslim hand.
The French commander during WW III is the man who has a black curly beard. He will lead the Western Alliance and defeat the Muslim-Russian forces. 2.80

Apres conflit du Ieffé l'éloquence, Par peu de temps se tramme faim, repos, Point on n'admet les grands à deliurance, Des ennemis sont remis à propos.

After the war, by the eloquence of a wounded man For a short time he shall bring peace Not a single of the great ones shall be delivered Instead, they shall be delivered to their enemies.

King Henry of France will walk with a limp, injured during the battles or limping as his consecration mark to Blessed Virgin Mary, similar to Jacob’s after wrestling with the Angel of the Lord. Henry will allow the local authorities to deal with all major prisoners of war committing war crimes according to their wishes. There will be no international tribunal or court. 2.81

Par feu du Ciel la cité pres qu'aduste, Vrna menasse encor Ceucalion, Vexee Sardagne par la punique fuste, Apres que Libra lairra son Phaeton.

By fire from the sky the City shall be burnt almost Water shall threaten another Deluge ( Deucalion ) Sardina shall be vexed by the African fleet ( Libya ) After Libra ( US ) has left Phaeton ( Iraq.)

Libra stands for USA, the nation governed by law and order. The African fleet might be Libyan or Egyptian navy. There will be flooding and the missile bombardment into Italian cities, and finally the attack by the Muslim fleet will come after American troops initiate the last and modern Crusade or after they withdraw from Iraq. Phaeton is the Greek mythological youth who drove the chariot of the Sun, here Phaeton symbolizes US who initiates the final conflict between Muslim and Western christian nations used as the Divine chastisement from God upon the present sinful generations. 2.82

Par faim la proye sera loup prisonnier, L'assaillant hors en extreme detresse :

By hunger the prey shall make the wolf prisoner


Vn nay ayant au deuant le dernier, Le grand n'eschappe au milieu de la presse.

The assailants then in great distress The earlier-born ( elders ) shall have the younger in front The great man ( leader ) shall not escape in the middle of the crowd.

The refugee influx will make Italy ( the wolf ) more vulnerable to the foreign aggression. The elders will follow their younger relatives to flee from the advancing troops. Their leaders are also among the refugees indicating that the attack will take place very suddenly and advance very swiftly. 2.84

Entre Champagne, Sienne, Flora, Tustie, Six mois neuf iours ne pleuuera vne goutte : Estrange langue en terre d'Almatie, Courira sus, gastant la terre toute.

Between Campania, Sienna, Florence, Tuscany Six months and nine days without one drop of rain The foreign language in Dalmatian land It shall overrun, devastating all land.

The worldwide drought also affect Balkan and Italy. The Muslim and Russian troops will amass along the eastern side of Adriatic Sea, ready to attack Italy and eventually advance toward France. 2.85

Vieux plains de barbe sous le statut seuere A Lyon fait dessus l'Aigle Celtique : Le petit grand trop outre perseuere, Bruit d'armes au ciel, mer rouge Lygustique.

With all the solemnity the old man with a plain beard At Lyon shall be placed above the Celtic Eagle The humble but great shall show a perseverance above all others Noise of weapons fills the air and Linguistic Sea reddened with blood.

King Henry of France in Lyon will be appointed to be the Supreme Commander of the Western Alliance. The Celtic eagle indicates US and Britain. 2.86

Naufrage à classe pres d'onde Hadriatique, La terre esmeuë sus lair en terre mis : Egypte tremble augment

The wreckage of the fleet near Adriatic Sea The earth trembles, emitting through air, then fall back to earth


Mahommetique, Heraut se rendre à crier est commis.

Egypt trembles due to the Muslim extremists The Herald surrendering shall be allowed to cry.

Around the Adriatic Sea or Mediterranean Sea, Iran or Russia will drop nuclear bombs in the air to cause earthquakes and tidal waves to flood the coastal areas and destroy all warships and submarines belonging to France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Greece. WW III will begin with Russia and Muslim navies dominating Mediterranean Sea and Middle Eastern regions. Egypt will surrender her proWestern government to the radical Muslim factions who are loyal to Iran. 2.87

Apres viendra des extremes contrees Prince Germain sur le throsne doré : En seruitude & par eaux rencontrees La dame serue, son temps plus n'a duré.

Afterwards one shall come from the remote regions A German prince placed upon the golden throne Servitude and waters shall meet The ancient lady severed, her time no longer adored.

King Henry will be anointed as the Roman German Emperor because he will restore the European Christendom and because after WW III, the ancient Frankish Empire of Charlemagne the Great consisting of the old Germany and France will be restored. “Servitude and waters “ mean that the foreign lands or Middle East including all former Muslim countries will become the occupied territories. The Babylonian whore will be restrained meaning all sexual vices and feminism will be abolished or forbidden. Women will be honored for their domestic traditional role as wives and mothers. 2.89

Vn iour seront damis les deux grands maistres Leur grand pouuoir se verra augmenté : La terre neufue sera en ses hauts estres, Au sanguinaire, le nombre racompté.

One day two great masters shall be friends Their great powers shall be augmented The new land shall be at its high power To the bloody, a number is reported.

The new land is USA. Here Nostradamus prophesied US and Soviet Union would become friends. The last line describes Mikhail Gorbachev who has a large “ bloody “ birthmark on his forehead. 2.91


Soleil leuant vn grand feu on verra, Bruit & clarté vers Aquilon tendant : Dedans le rond mort & cris on orra, Par glaiue, feu, faim mort les attendans.

At the sunrise a great fire shall be seen Noise at light extending toward the North Within the round ( globe ) death and cries shall be heard By sword, fire, famine, death awaits them.

Terrorist will launch full-scale surprised attack in US. At the same time, the world will suffer war, fire, and famine. Terrorists attacks in US will come the same time with Russian Muslim invasion in Europe. “ At the sunrise “ probably means “ as the Divine Chastisement “ . Only the Northern Hemisphere will suffer most of the wartorn devastations and bloodshed. The regions affected include Canada, US, Europe, north Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, China, Japan, India, and so on. 2.93

Bien pres du Tymbre presse la Lybitine, Vn peu deuant grand inondation : Le chef du nef prins, mis en la sentine, Chasteau, palais en conflagration.

Near the Tiber, the goddess of death threatens A little before the great flood The master of the ship being taken, put in a well His castle and palace being burnt down.

Libitina is the Latin for the goddess of death. Near River Tiber is where the Vatican is located. The master of the ship is the Pope who will go into hiding or being confined by a crazy mob who will burn down Vatican at the onset of WW III. 2.94

Gran, Po, grand mal pour Gaulois receura, Vaine terreur au maritin Lyon : Peuple infiny par la mer passera, Sans eschapper vn quart d'vn million.

The great PAUL shall receive great harm from Frenchmen That shall bring vain terror to the coastal Lyon An infinite number of people shall pass the sea Without escape are a quarter of million.

Pope JP II will suffer in the hand of Frenchmen somewhere in the Southern France near the rivers. His death will bring a great curse upon the local residents for their crime against the holy one of God. Muslim troops will invade the same region with a great number and about a quarter of million of French citizens will die or be captured.



Les lieux peuplez seront inhabitables, Pour champs auoir grande diuision : Regnes liurez à prudens incapables, Entre les freres mort & dissention.

The populous places shall become uninhabitable A great discord in obtaining lands Because kingdom given to prudent in capable Great brothers shall die by dissension.

Israel and Palestine will fight and many on both sides will die because they cannot prudently agree on the division of their lands. 2.96

Flambeau ardant au ciel sera veu, Pres de la fin & principe du Rosne, Famine, glaiue, tard le secours pourueu, La Perse tourne enuahit Macedoine.

A burning torch shall be seen in the sky at night Along the River Rhone Famine, sword, help shall come too late Persia ( Iran ) shall attack Macedonia.

Fighting will break out primarily at the beginning and the end along River Rhone in the southern France between French army and the Muslim invaders. The help from US will come too late. After occupying France, Iranians will turn to Greece. 2.97

Romain Pontife garde de t'aprocher, De la cité qui deux fleuues arrouse : Ton sang viendras aupres de là cracher Toy & les tiens quand fleurira la rose.

Roman Pontiff, be careful when you come near The city by the two rivers Where thou shall split thy blood Thou and thine when the rose shall bloom.

Pope JP II will flee from Rome to somewhere in the southern France where the two rivers run. This is where he will end his life in martyrdom. The Blessed Virgin will receive his life at the end ( “when the rose bloom.”) One of her titles is the Mystical Rose. 2.98 Celuy du sang resperse le visage, De la victime proche sacrifice, Tonant en leo augure presage, He who shall have his face covered with blood The blood of a victim close to be


Mais estre à mort lors pour la fiancee.

sacrificed The sun is coming into Leo, augur passes away He shall be martyred for his Bridegroom.

This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. Pope JP II will be captured in France and be martyred for his love of Christ. Leo stands for the Pope; Sun for the Lord; “ augur “ was used for Pope JP II or King Henry by Nostradamus more than once; Fiancee is the beloved Bridegroom or our Lord Jesus. 2.99

Terroir Romain qu'interpretoit augure, Par gent Gauloise par trop sera vexee Mais nation Celtique craindra l'heure, Boreas, classe trop loing l'auoir poussee.

Roman land interpreted by the great augur Shall be greatly vexed by French people But the French nation shall fear the hour That the North Wind helps to push the Muslim fleet so far.

The first line means the Church led by Pope JP II. France will reject the Church’s Teaching and publicly defy their spiritual leader. This is an outcry considering France once was the great catholic nation along with Italy. Their king once consecrated France to Jesus the Lord Himself. France will pay a very heavy price for their rebellion against their God when Russia or the North Wind together with Muslims will invade France from both northern and southern fronts. Boreas means the north wind in Latin.



A pres combat & bataille nauale, Le grand Neptun à son plus haut beffroy. Rouge aduersaire de peur deuiendra pasle Mettât le grâd Ocean en effroy.

After combat and naval battle The great Neptune in his bell tower Red adversary turns pale with fear Putting the great Ocean in terror.

Neptune symbolizes the evil One. With major land and sea battles, China will cause much bloodshed and terror in Asia. “ Neptune in the highest bell tower “ means the toll of human lives will be very high. 3.2

Le diuin verbe pourra à la substance, Comprins ciel, terre, or occult au fait mystique Corps, ame, esprit ayant toute puissance, Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique.

The Divine Word, man incarnated Heaven and earth ruled by His mystical way Body, soul, spirit almighty Under His feet as on His Heavenly Throne.

The Lord Jesus Christ has dominion in all things, in Heaven as well as on earth. Therefore, every world event happens according to the Divine Plan. 3.3

Mars & Mercure & l'argent ioint ensemble Vers le midy extréme siccité, Au fond d'Asie on dit à terre tremble, Corinthe, Ephese lors en perplexité.

War and Man brightly joined together Toward the southern, extreme dryness From the bottom of Asia, they talk of earthquake Corinth and Ephesus in perplexity.

Mars stands for war; Mercury for mankind; argent is silver here meaning brightness. “ Le Midy “ is the southern part of European coastal area around Mediterranean Sea. Asia here is Middle east and Near East. “ They talk of earthquakes “ means that Russia and Iran discuss about using nuclear bombs to induce earthquakes in 61

Mediterranean Sea, probably to destroy all enemy ships and submarines at the beginning of WW III. Their first objective is to control Mediterranean Sea, blocking the oil flow to Europe, Japan, and US. 3.4

Quand seront proches le deffaut des lunaires, De l'vn à l'autre ne distant grandement : Froid, siccité, danger vers les frontieres, Mesme où l'oracle a prins commencement.

When the eclipses of the planets are near Or aligned closely to each other Cold, drought, and dangers along national borders Even where the oracle was born.

When many solar and lunar eclipses and the unusual alignment of the celestial bodies occur, the unusual frost, drought, and tension along the borders of different countries will take place even in France where the prophet was born. 3.5

Pres loing defaut de deux grands lumiQui suruiendra entre Auril & Mars, O quel cherté ! mais deux grands debonnaires, Par terre & mer secourront toutes parts.

Near the time of the solar, lunar eclipses Which shall happen between March and April O what a great loss! But thanks to two great ones with kindness By land and sea shall assist all parties.

I think the great earthquakes will happen between March and April around the world. Two great ones can only be Europe and US who will come to offer assistance to the inflicted countries who suffer many natural calamities. 3.6

Dans temples clos le foudre y entrera, Les citadins dedans leurs forts greuez : Cheuaux, bœufs, hommes, l'onde leur touchera Par faim, soif soubs les plus foibles armez.

In the closed church the lightning shall enter The citizens inside their fort shall become distressed Horses, oxen, men, water shall touch the wall By hunger, thirst, onto the most feeble army.

Artillery bombardment, flooding, hunger, and thirst will fall upon the French disheartened army who try to hold up the last stronghold or the line of resistance


against the encircling Muslim army. Everything seemed lost to General Henry and his dispirited army. 3.7

Les fugitifs feu du ciel sus les piques, Conflit prochain des corbeaux s'esbatans : De terre on crie aide secours celiques, Quand pres des murs seront combatans.

The refugees, fire from the sky upon their pikes Conflict shall take place near the combatant crow From earth they shall cry for Heavenly Help When by the gate ( walls ) their enemy shall approach.

The continuation of the last quatrain. By the daybreak, the Muslim force will attack the last French stronghold. Inside, French people will pray fervently for the Divine Grace. 3.9

Bordeaux, Roüen, & la Rochelle ioints, Tiendront autour de la grand mer Occeane : Anglois, Bretons, & les Flamans conioints, Les chasseront iusques aupres de Rouane.

Bordeaux, Rouan an Rochelle shall join force Shall encircle all from the great open sea English, Bretons, and Flemish shall join Shall drive them as far as Rouane.

Bordeaux, Rouen, Rochelle will join force, blocking all the coastal areas, to prevent Muslim troops from retreating to go home by sea. English, French, and Flemish troops from Rouene or from the north will push Muslims down to the south along the River Loire. 3.10

De sang & faim plus grand calamité, Sept fois s'appreste à la marine plage : Monech de faim, lieu pris captiuité, Le grand mené croc enferree cage.

By blood and famine, greater calamity Seven times attempt to come to the coast Monaco with hunger, place taken, captivity The great one caught taken away in an iron cage.

The continuation of 3.9 the previous quatrain. Being trapped, suffered with hunger and bloodshed, losing on the battle fields, the Muslim troops will try to escape going


home by getting to the coast but they will be repelled and most die on French soil. Monaco stands for Muslims who will endure hunger and captivity. Their general will be captured and prisoned. 3.11

Les armes battre au ciel longue saison, L'arbre au milieu de la cité tombé : Vermine, rongne, glaiue en face tyfon, Lors le Monarque d'Hadrie succombé.

A long season had passed after a great air battles A great tree shall fall in the middle of a city Rats, roden, rebellious subordinates Then Henry the monarch shall fall.

King Henry of France will reign in peace for along time. Finally he will be disfavored by his own subordinates. Instead of being dethroned by men, God will call him home. 3.12

Par la tumeur de Heb. Po, Tag. Tymb. & Rome, Et par l'estang Geman & Aretin : Les deux grands chefs & citez de Garonne, Prins, morts, noyez, partir humain butin.

By the great swelling of Heb, Po., Tag., Tiber, Rhone And by Lake Leman and Arentin (Arezzo) Two great leaders and cities of Garonne Seized, dead, drowned, human booty divided.

Heb is the river Hebrus in Thrace, River Po and Tiber in Italy, Tagus in Portugal, Rhone in France. When there are widespread floodings in Spain, Italy, France, and Geneva, Muslim and Russian armies will invade the flooded regions especially Italy and France. Human booty might mean women and slaves. Two great cities of Garonne region are Bordeaux and Toulose. 3.13

Par foudre en l'arche or & argent fondu. Des deux captifs l'vn l'autre mangera, De la cité le plus grand estendu, Quand submergee la classe nagera.

By the arch lightning, gold and silver melted Of the two captives, one shall absorb the other The very grand city shall keep extending And the submerging fleet navigates.



Mont Auentine brusler nuict sera veu, Le ciel obscur tout à vn coup en Flandres : Quand le Monarque chassera son neueu, Les gens d'Eglise commettront les esclandres.

Mount Aventine shall be seen burning at night Heaven darkened suddenly in Flanders When the monarch expels his nephew Then churchmen shall commit scandals.

Mount Aventine is one of the seven hills in Rome. The phrase “ the monarch expels his nephew” might mean when the Lord decides to save His Church by purging out the evil elements, the modernistic clergy. In the original French text, either the word “ nep-veu “ or “ Neveu “ was used, and both sound like “ new view ” or modernism. Anyway, the City of Rome and other Italian cities will endure looming disasters when the Catholic clergy commit scandals such as openly defiance against the Papacy and the Teaching of the Church, and molesting children. With many American catholic priests and bishops are homosexual, the sexual child abuse with more than 95% victims are young boys will not go away soon. 3.18

Apres la pluye laict, assez longuette, En plusieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touché, O quel conflit de sang pres d'eux s'appreste! Peres & fils, Roys n'oseront approché.

After a rather long rain of milk In many places of Reims the lightning shall fall O what a bloody conflict near them prepared Fathers and sons, kings, shall not dare to approach.

After suffering nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, the southern France around Reims will suffer missile strikes. And then the final blow is being prepared for those who survive. No one will dare to come to assist them. The term “ milk ” was used by the prophet frequently to describe the weapon of mass destruction, chemical or biological , or industrial pollution. 3.19

En Luques sang & laict viendra pleuuoir, Vn peu deuant changement de preteur, Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir, Loing ou mourra prince & grand recteur.

In Lucca blood and milk shall rain A little while before the change of governor Great plague and war, hunger and thirst shall be seen Far away from where their Prince Ruler shall die.


The continuation of Quatrain 3.18. Again the rain of “ blood and milk ” stands for chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons which will be used also on the Italian soil right before the Muslims occupy Italy. Italy is far away land from Iran or Middle East which later will be completely leveled and their rulers being killed. 3.23

Si, France, passe outre mer Lygustique, Tu te verra en isles & mers enclos, Mahommet contraire plus mer Hadriatique Cheuaux & d'asnes tu rongeras les os.

If France goes past Ligurian Sea You shall see yourself enclosed in islands and seas Muslims contradict, plus Adriatic Sea Horses and asses, you shall gnaw bones.

Ligurian is the north-eastern part of Mediterranean Sea. Navy originated from Marseilles will sail into Mediterranean to help Italy which is under attack. But the French fleet will be ambushed in Adriatic Sea and totally destroyed. But first French fleet will be surrounded and suffer the shortage of food and supply as the last line indicated ( also see Quatrain 2.60.) 3.24

De l'entreprinse grande confusion, Perte de gens, tresor innumerables : Tu ny dois faire encores tension, France, à mon dire fais que sois recordable.

To avoid a great confusion Loss of lives and inumerable treasures Thou should not go further there France! Remember what I have said.

The continuation of the preceding quatrain. Another pleading from the prophet whose love for his country France is unquestionable. 3.26

Des Roys & princes dresseront simulachres Augures creuz, escleuez arus ices : Corne victime doree, & d'azur d'acres, Interpretez seront les extipices.

Kings and princes shall raise up idols Divinators and false prophets elevated Object of gold and precious stone Interpreted by the soothsayers.

The whole world including their leaders no longer believe in God. They have become paganistic, worshipping nature and riches, idolizing New Age idols such as forces, Mother Nature, UFO, universe, and so on. In place of God, they adore false prophets and soothsayers. Ironically, just read all the books and web pages which falsely interpret Nostradamus prophecies and you will realize what I am discussing.



Prince lybinique puissant en Occident, François d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer Sçauans aux lettres sera condescendent, La langue Arabe en François translater.

The Libyan prince shall become more powerful in the West France falls in love for Arabian language Being a learnt man, he shall condescend To have Arabian language translated into French.

France is blindly enchanted in supporting Muslim countries especially toward the extremists such as Libya. She exports to her beloved Muslims modern weaponry unclear-related ones. She also utilizes the UN forum to support the Muslim agenda making all the economic sanctions ineffective. Ironically, some day these countries will use the same military technologies to attack France. 3.28

De terre foible & pauure parentelle Par bout & paix paruiendra dans l'Empire, Long temps regner vne ieune femelle, Qu'oncq' en regne n'en furuint vn si pire.

Of weak land and poor parentage Because of defeat and for peace, shall join the empire For a long time a young female shall rule Such a reign has never been worse.

After WW III, the conquering Western forces shall install female governors upon the former Muslim countries, possibly Egypt and Iran, to weaken them and also to promote human rights and respect for women, and to instill a gentler future societies. 3.29

Les deux ne pueux en diuers lieux nour ris, Nauale pugne, terre pierres tombees Viendront si haut esleué enguerris, Venger l'iniure ennemys succombez.

The two nephews raised in different places Together in naval battles, their fathers fallen on the same ground They shall be held in high esteem in wars To avenge the injury on one, the other shall succumb their enemies.

US and Britain are always together in many major wars including WW III. Americans shall remember this bonding as they shall come to rescue Britain, breaking up the naval blockage against Britain. This quatrain also indicates that US will not rush into assisting the Western armies in the WW III.



Aux champs de Mede, d'Arabe & d'armenie Deux grands copies trois fois s'assembleront : Pres du riuage d'Araxes la mesnie, Du grand Soliman en terre tomberont.

In the field of Media ( Persia ), Arabia, and Armenia Two great armies shall meet three times The host near the shore of Araxes The great Solomon shall fall to the ground.

Media and Armenia today consist mostly the modern Iran and the land north of Iran. Arabia is the territories south of Iran including Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Thus, the whole Middle East shall be the final battle grounds for three final battles between Western and Muslim forces. For one of those battles, Israel shall be the host and she shall suffer greatly. 3.32

Le grand sepulchre du peuple Aquitanique S'approchera aupres de la Toscane : Quand Mars sera pres du coing Germanique, Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane.

The great grave for the Aquitanic people Shall come near Tuscany When wars are in Germany And in the territory of the Mantua people.

Aquitanic is French. When Russia attacks Germany and Muslims invade Italy, French troops shall suffer a great loss near Tuscany as they try to assist Italian troops. 3.33

En la cité où le loup entrera, Bien pres de là les ennemis seront : Copie estrange grand pays gastera, Aux monts & Alpes les amis passeront.

Into the city, the wolf shall enter Very close to that place spoil the enemies shall be Foreign troops shall spoil the great country Their friends shall pass over the mountains of Alps.

The wolf is Italians; their enemies are Muslims and Russians. French troops shall pass over the Alps to help Italy to fight off the foreign invaders. 3.34

Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera, Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu;

When the eclipse of the sun takes place A divine omen shall be seen in broad


Tout autrement on l'interpretera, Cherté n'a garde, nul n'y aura pourueu.

daylight One shall interpret it differently High price goes unguarded as no one provides for it.

Many natural celestial signs such as the alignment of stars and eclipses will take place before WW III, served as the warning signs for mankind but no one will pay any attention or provide any correct interpretation for them. The modern societies with many scientific advancements have lost their perception for supernatural things. 3.37

Auant l'assaut oraison prononçee, Milan prins d'Aigle par embusches deceus : Muraille antique par canons enfoncee, Par feu & sang à mercy peu receus.

Before the assault, prayers shall be recited Milan taken by the eagle with ambushes deceived The antique walls leveled by cannons By fire and blood few shall receive mercy.

American troops will take Milan with heavy casualties. 3.39

Les sept en trois mis en concorde, Pour subiuguer les Alphes Apennines : Mais la tempeste & ligure coüarde, Les profigent en subiets ruynes.

Seven nations shall agree in three months To conquer the Apennines Alps But the tempest and cowardly Italians Shall put them in sudden ruin.

The Western forces want to liberate Italy in three month frame or it takes them three months to come to an agreement to rescue Italy. But due to bad weather and the indecisiveness from Italians, their plan fails. 3.43

Gens d'alentour de Tarn, Loth, & Garonne Gardez les monts Appennines passer, Vostre tombeau pres de Rome & d'Anconne Le noir poil crespe fera trophee dresser.

People who live around Tar, Lot and Garonne Be on guard going over Apennine Alps Your grave is near Rome and Acona. The black-haired ones shall set up their victory trophy.


Troops from South-West of France will be defeated when they cross Apennine. Many Frenchmen will die near Rome. The black-haired ones are the MiddleEasterners. 3.46

Le Ciel (de Plancus la cité) nous presage Par clairs insignes & par estoilles fixes, Que de son change subit s'approche l'aage Ne pour son bien ne pour les malefices.

Heaven foretells about the city of Lyons (Plancus) Through clear signs and stars fixations (formations) That the time of changes is approaching Because of Christian lukewarmness.

The city of Lyons symbolizes the southern France which will be devastated totally during WW III. God will withdraw His blessings because French people or Christians in general have become lukewarm, neither bad nor good, neither cold nor hot. 3.49

Regne Gaulois tu seras bien changé, En lieu estenge l'Empire translaté, En autres loix & mœurs seras rangé, Roüen & Chartres te fera bien du pire.

French kingdom you shall be changed much The Empire shall be moved to another location You shall be subjected to other customs and laws Rouen and Chartres shall cause you much worst.

French capitol will be moved from Paris. Muslims will occupy French land. Rouen means red or Russian communists, Chartres is the anagram for Crest. or Muslims. 3.50

La republique de la grande Cité A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir : Roy sortir hors par trompette cité, L'eschelle au mur la cité repentir.

The republic of a great city With great toughness shall not surrender The king shall go out at the sound of the city trumpet The ladder shall be placed to the wall and the whole city repent.

Before WW III changes its tide, the leader of French armies, General Henrie, against his people’s will will decide to surrender to the more powerful Muslim troops who are encircling the last French stronghold, in order to save the lives of the


French citizens. In desperation and distress, French people will become repentant of their past sins and ask God for mercy. When everything seems lost, everything will be saved. 3.52

En la campagne sera si longue pluye, Et en l’ Apouille si grande siccité, Coq verra l'Aigle l'esle mal accomplie, Par Lyon mise sera en extremité.

In Campania shall be so long a rain And in Apulia so great a drought The cock shall see the eagle with its wings badly accomplished And because of Lyon shall be put to the extremity.

There will be natural disasters in Italy. France or the cock will witness US or the eagle to suffer the military defeat or difficulties and being put in a great dilemma having to rescue England or the lion. 3.54

L'vn des plus grands fuyra aux Espagnes, Qu'en longue playe apres viendra seigner Passant copies par les hautes montaignes, Deuastant tout & puis en paix regner.

One of the greatest shall run into Spain Whose wound for a long time shall bleed Troops shall pass through the high mountains Devastate all and shall reign in peace.

Iranian troops will retreat from France by going through Spain and there they will linger in defeats. French troops will pass over Pyrenees Mountains pursuing them. They will demolish totally the Muslim army and King Henry will receive the title the Victor and will reign the world in peace. 3.56

Montauban, Nismes, Auignon, & Besiers, Peste, tonnerre, & gresle à fin de Mars : De Paris pont Lyon mur, Montpellier, Depuis six cens et sept xxiii. parts.

Montauban, Nimes, Avignon, and Beziers Plague, lightning, and hail at the end of wars By the Paris bridge, Lyon wall, Montpellier Since six hundred, seven scores, three parts.


The towns in the southern France, Paris, Lyons, and Montpellier will suffer the hardest devastations caused by wars. There will three world wars ( three parts ) in the time span from 1925AD to 2065AD as “ six hundreds ” means 1000 plus 600 plus 325 AD ( the year of Nicean Council ) equals to 1925AD, and “ plus seven scores ” means 1000 plus 600 plus 140 plus 325, equal to 2065AD. WW I : 19141918 ; WWII: 1939 – 1945; WW III: 2006? – 2036? 3.59

Barbare Empire par le tiers vsurpé, La plus part de son sang mettre à mort, Par mort senile, par luy, le quart frappé, Par peur que sang par la sang en soit mort.

The barbarian empire shall be usurped by a third The greater part of his blood shall be put to death By an insane death, one quarter shall be struck by him For the fear that blood exchanged for blood shall not see death.

One third of Muslim countries will be annihilated. The greater part ( greater than half ) of their population will be dead. And one quarter of all death shall be caused by fanatic leaders for the fear that the fanaticism of suicide bombing or blood-for-blood tactics will not lead to the annihilation of their enemies. 3.60

Par toute Asie grande proscription, Mesme en Mysie, Lysie, & Pamphylie : Sang versera par absolution, D'vn ieune noir remply de felonnie.

Throughout ( Minor ) Asia shall be great proscription Same in Mysie, Lysie, and Pamphylie Blood shall spill due to the absolution By a young black, full of felony.

Minor Asia consisted of Mysie, Lysie, and Pamphylie, now the modern Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. The terms absolution and black robe indicate that this evil doer once is a priest. This person prophesied here is the AntiChrist who will cause a lot of bloodshed around Middle East regions. 3.61

La grande bande & secte crucigere Se dressera en Mesopotamie, Du proche fleuue compagnie legere, Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great band and sect of Christian cross Shall rise up in Mesopotamie Near the river a light company Who shall regard such faith ( law ) belonging to the enemy.


In Middle East, the former Muslims will convert to Christianity in great number. Small minorities still consider the new faith a treason, belonging to their enemies. This small group of rebels will raise up an insurgent guerrila war against the Western occupying force. 3.62

Proche del duero par mer Cire ne close, Viendra percer les grands monts Pyrenées. La main plus courte & sa perçée glose A Carcassonne conduira ses menées.

Near Duoro, by Cyrenian Sea Shall penetrate the great Pyrenees Mountains The lesser power and close penetration In Carcassone shall conduct his plot.

Duoro River is in the northern border of Portugal with Spain; Cyrenian Sea belongs to Mediterranean Sea. The Muslim population in Spain is very large and Spanish military is inferior to Iran and Libya, therefore, Spain will become one of the Eastern allies. Spain will invade France and attack Carcassone. 3.64

Le chef de Perse remplira grands Olchades Classe trireme contre gent Mahometique, De Parthe & Mede, & pilliers les Cyclades, Repos long temps au grand port Ionique.

The chief of Persia shall fill great merchant ships A fleet from three countries shall fight against the Muslims From Parthia and Media, they shall pillage Cyclades A long rest shall be on the great Ionic port.

Iranian navy will disrupt commerce in Mediterranean Sea. The Muslim naval force will clash with US, French, and British. Persian Gulf will be blocked for a long time. Iran-led Muslims will invade and destroy Greece. 3.65

Quand le sepulcre du grand Romain trouué Le iour apres sera esleu pontife : Du senat gueres il ne sera prouué, Emprisonné son sang au sacré scyphe.

When the tomb of the great Roman is found The day after, a pope elected Who shall not be approved by the Senate Poisoned in blood in sacred chalice.


In 1978, the tomb of St. Peter was found. In 1978, the same year, Pope JP I was elected and died. There was a persisting rumour that he was poisoned at night. 3.69

Grand exercice conduit par iouuenceau, Se viendra rendre aux mains des ennemis : Mais le vieillard nay au demy pourceau, Fera Chalon & Mascon estre amis.

The great army led by a young man Shall give itself up into the hands of his enemy But the old man born to be a half-pig man Shall make Chalon and Mason friends.

King Henry of France commands the French army and Western Alliance in WW III at a relatively young age of about 40s year old. But at the end of the world war, he will become an old man of about 60s year old. As Quatrain 3.50 indicated, at the lowest point of the military struggle, when everything seems hopeless against the much more powerful Muslim army, Henry will contemplate on surrendering. General Henry’s military career starts as a pilot in the French navy who wears an oxygen mask, and Nostradamus described the vision as of a half-pig man, also described in 1.64. After WW III, he will make Burgundy region where Chalon and Mason are located to be his home. 3.70

La grand Bretagne comprinse d'Angleterre. Viendra par eaux si fort à inonder : La ligue neufue d'Ausonne fera guerre, Que contre eux il se viendra bander.

Great Britain including England Shall suffer greatly by flood The new league formed in Ausonia ( Italy ) shall make war Against them, they shall come to attack.

Nostradamus used the name Great Britain 150 years before it was invented. The Great Britain will suffer a great flood right after WW III starts with the invasion onto Italy by Muslims and Russians who will formally form an alliance and issue a declaration of war on the Western countries including Europe and US. 3.71

Ceux dans les Isles de long temps assiegez, Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis, Ceux par dehors morts de faim profliegez En plus grand faim que jamais seront mis.

Those in the islands which are besieged for a long time Shall fight with vigorous force against the enemies Those outside shall die of hunger and being overrun They shall endure the greatest famine


they have ever faced.
This is the continuation of the last quatrain. Muslim and Russian navies will form a blockage around Great Britain who will fight valiantly against the invaders but will suffer greatly from starvation and from great inundation. 3.73

Quand dans le regne paruiendra la boiteux, Compediteur aura proche bastard, Luy & le regne viendront si fort rogneux Qu'ains qu'il guerisse son fait sera bien tard.

When the lame man shall assume the reign A bastard close to him shall be his competitor He and his kingdom shall be so corrupted That when it heals, it shall be too late.

King Henry of France always walk with a limb. One of his associates will betray him and compete for his position being the leader of France and of the whole world. Henry’s successor unfortunately will be a corrupt person who will start the decay of France and consequently the whole world once more, leading ultimately to the rise of the antiChrist. 3.74

Naples, Florence, Fauence, & Imole, Seront en termes de telles fascherie, Que pour complaire aux malheureux de Noll Plaint d'auoir fait à son chef moquerie.

Naples, Florence, Faenza and Imola Shall be put in so much distress That by complying with all the mischiefs of Nola Who is accused of mocking the chief.

Italy will remain to be a divide nation with many local interests and factions after WW III. 3.75

Pau, Veronne, Vincence, Saragousse, De glaiues loings, terroirs de sang humides : Peste si grande viendra à la grande gousse Proches secours & bien loings les remedes.

Pau, Verona, Vicenza, Saragossa By the sword of the distant lands shall be moist with blood So great a plague which shall come with great scabs Relief is near but the remedies shall be far away.


France, Italy, and Spain will suffer by WW III. French and Italian populations will also suffer from the chemical and biological weapons of which one of the symptoms is sores all over a victim’s body and affecting his heart. The cure can be found locally by drinking tea made with Hawthorn leaves which grow wild in many rural areas. Unfortunately , many will not be aware of this fact or will consider the remedy as nonsense. 3.76

En Germanie naistront diuerses fectes, S'approchant fort de l'heureux paganisme, Le cœur captif, & petites receptes Feront retour à payer le vray dixme.

In Germany diverse sects shall be born Shall approach close to the happy paganism The heart enslaved and the return is small They shall return by paying a true tithe.

Germany, France, and many European countries once were good Catholic countries, have now become practically pagans. There is a dear price to pay for one’s loss of Faith, and much greater price for the apostasy , sins and death, of the whole nation. 3.77

Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins, L'an mil sept cens vingt & sept en Octobre, Le Roy de Perse par ceus d'Egypte prins, Conflit, mort, perte, à la croix grand opprobre.

The third climate under Aries concluded In the year one thousand seven hundred, the twenty seventh of October The Persian King shall be captured by Egyptians Battle, death, loss: great shame to the cross.

The climate of Aries is war. The third climate is WW III. Nostradamus twice used the year of 325AD, the year of the first council ever – Council Nicea, to date the very significant event in the human history. Thus, 1700 is actually meant to be 1700 plus 325 or 2025AD. WW III will end by 2025AD with the Iranian leader being captured by an angry Egyptian mob. WW III is the manifestation of how far the world fall away from God and have become corrupted in sins. The graver the offense against the Almighty, the more corrupted the world is, the longer the purification process will take. The number 3.77 of the quatrain also implies a significant meaning, 3 relates to WW III, 77 to a completion, here the conclusion of the war. 2025AD is also the year Chinese will migrate north taking over the vast Russian territory as being indicated in another quatrain. 3.78


Le chef d'Escosse, auec six d'Alemagne, Par gens de mer Orientaux captifs, Trauerseront le Calpre & Espagne, Present en Perse au nouueau Roy craintif.

The chief of Scotland and six of Germany Shall be taken as prisoners by Eastern sea-men They shall go through Gibraltar Strait and Spain And shall be persecuted in Iran to a new fearful king.

Muslim or Russian troops shall capture English and German leaders and prisoners and transport them to Iran. Germany will be attacked by the Eastern Alliance along with England. 3.79

L'ordre fatal sempiternel par chaine, Viendra tourner par ordre consequent : Du port Phocen sera rompuë la chaine, La cité prinse l'ennemy quant & quant.

The fatal and eternal order by chain Shall come in turn by consequent order With Port Phocen the chain shall be broken The City taken, the enemy present after.

Port Phocen is the modern Marseilles. The consequent order of sins is the Divine Chastisement. They are the causes and consequences, connected to each other just like links on the “ fatal ” chain. This chain will be broken when Marseilles is attacked and taken by the Muslim force, meaning when the Chastisement has begun in earnest. Sins will be repaid in blood. 3.82

Freins, Antibol, villes autour de Nice, Seront vastees fort, par mer & par terre, Les sauterelles terre & mer vent propice, Prins, morts, trossez, pillez sans loy de guerre.

Frejus, Antibes, the towns around Nice Shall be greatly devastated by land and by sea The locusts, land, sea, wind favorable Captured, killed, thrust, plundered, without law of war.

The southern France will be invaded and overcome by land and sea. The weather is favorable for the assault. Locusts might be the vision of numerous airplanes in the sky or the apocalyptic army who was described in the Book of Revelation , who will carry out the Divine Chastisement. The killing and atrocities will be great as no law governing a conventional warfare will be respected.



Les longs cheueux de la Gaule Celtique, Accompagnez d'estranges nations, Mettront captif la gent Aquitanique, Pour succomber à leurs intentions.

The long-haired of the Celtic Gaule (France ) Together with the foreign nations Shall hold the people of France captive Succumbing to their intentions.

The long-haired is the hippy generation of 1960s, the liberal generation and of sexual revolution, of rebellion to God. This generation is responsible for the loss of Faith, pornography, abortion, feminism, and so on. They will become leaders of France whose cooperation with the Muslim countries will bring the downfall of France and of the whole world. 3.84

La grand cité sera bien desolee, Des habitans vn seul ny demourra, Mur, sexe, temple, & vierge violee, Par fer, feu, peste, canon, peuple mourra.

The great city shall be made desolate Not one of the inhabitants shall survive Walls, sexes, churches, virgins violated By sword, fire, plague, cannon, people shall die.

The horrific description of WW III with all its forms of atrocities which have never been committed in a large scale even in the two previous world wars. Virgin violated or women being raped, no single survivor in major cities, chemical and bio logical weapons or plagues. This is the fate of many European cities. 3.86

Vn chef d'Ausonne aux Espagnesira, Par mer fera arrest dedans Marseille, Auant sa mort vn long temps languira, Apres sa mort l'on verra grand merueille.

The chief of Ausonne shall visit Spain By sea he shall stay in Marseilles He shall languish a long time before death After his death, great marvels shall be seen.

Ausonne is the city of the modern Bordeaux where King Henry might reside after he withdraws from the public life or Ausonne is chosen to replace Paris as the new capital of France after WW III. Henry will visit Spain en route to Marseilles where he will pass away. For a saintly leader, many miracles will occur through his intercession after his death. 3.87


Classe Gauloise n'approches de Corsegne, Moins de Sardaigne tu t'en repentiras, Trestous mourrez frustrez de l'aide grogne. Sang nagera captif ne me croiras.

French fleet, do not come near Corsica Much less to Sardinia, thou shall repent it. All of you shall die while waiting for help Swimming in blood, captured, thou still do not believe me.

French fleet will not heed Nostradamus ‘s warning in entering Mediterranean Sea. They will be ambushed by smaller but faster Muslim speed-boats and sunk. Most of French troops will die there. 3.88

De Barcelone par mer si grande armee Toute Marseille de frayeur tremblera, Isles saisies, de mer ayde fermee, Ton traditeur en terre nagera.

From Barcelona a great army shall come ashore Marseilles shall tremble with fear Islands ( Malta ) shall be seized, help by sea shall be shut up Thy invaders shall swim to shore.

The total defeat of the entire French navy near Adriatic Sea will leave Marseilles defensiveless. Muslim and Spanish forces will attack Marseilles on land and by sea from Barcelona. Malta islands will be occupied and used as a deterrent fortress to forbid any ships from entering Mediterranean Sea. 3.89

En ce temps là sera frustré Cypres, De son secours de ceux de mer Egee, Vieux trucidez, mais par masles & liphres, Seduict leur Roy, Royne plus outragee.

At that time, Cyprus shall be frustrated With the help by those in Aegean Sea Old men being slaughtered, but by canons and supplications Subjected to their king, the queen shall be outraged.

Cyprus stands for Greece. Those in Aegean Sea is the French navy who will be completely destroyed shattering the last hope for Greece to escape the Muslim hands. NATO alliance will be non-existent at the outbreak of WW III. In their suffering, Greeks will return to their King and Lord Jesus Christ, outraging the Babylonian queen of sexual pleasures. 3.90

Le grand satyre & Tygre d'Hycarnie, Don présenté à ceux de l'Ocean :

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcanie Shall be a gift presented to those of the


Vn chef de classe ystra de Carmanie, Qui prendra terre au Tyrran Phocean.

Ocean And the admiral of the fleet shall come out of Carmania Who shall land in Thyrren Phocean.

Hyrcania is now known as Caspian coast of Iran. Satyr and Tiger might be the spiritual and civil leaders of Iranian radical Islam. Carmania, now Kerman or the Iranian side of the Strait of Hormuz. Tyrren or Tyrrhenian Sea includes the West coast of Italy. Phocean is the modern Marseilles. The Allied Force led by Americans cannot enter Mediterranean Sea, therefore, will find it easier to defeat Iran-led Muslim forces by attacking their homelands instead. US will capture Iranian leaders and their land starting from Strait of Hormuz. They then will move on to liberate Italy and Marseilles together with French and British troops. 3.91

L'arbre qu'estoit par si long temps seché, Dans vne nuict viendra à reuerdir : Cron, Roy malade, prince pied estaché, Craint d'ennemis fera voile bondir.

The tree long dead and withered One night shall grow green again Saturnian King is sick, His Prince’s feet tied Feared by his enemies, he shall renew his boat.

Long lost Faith and the Church will be renewed after WW III. “ Saturn king is sick ” means that the Day of Judgment is over and Muslims and atheist armies used as the instruments for the Divine chastisement is finished ( “His prince feet tied.”) The Church or “ boat ” shall be renewed. 3.92

Le monde proche du dernier periode, Saturne encor tard sera de retour : Translat empire nation Brodde : L'œil arraché à Narbon par autour.

When the world is near its final period Saturn again shall be late in return The empire shall turn into evil nations Eye being plucked by hawk at Narbonne.

Saturn here stands for our Lord Jesus Christ. The prophet always used Saturn, not for an astrological formation but for indicating God or the Son of God. Close to the End of the world, before the Second Coming of our Lord, the “ empire ” or the most powerful countries or societies on earth will become very evil. One of their favorite sports is to have hawks plucking out the eyes of prisoners or Christians. 3.93

Dans Auignon tout le chef de l'empire,

In Avignon where the chief of the Empire


Fera apprest pour Paris desolé : Tricast tiendra l'Annibalique ire, Luon par change sera mal consolé.

Shall stay because Paris is desolated Tricast shall stop Hannibal anger Lion by change shall be much suffered.

King Henry of France will have his residence in Avignon, the new capital of France as Paris is totally ruined and becomes uninhabitable. He will be the new leader of the whole world. Tricast consists of US, France, and England. Hannibal, just like Hannibal of Old who frequently attacked Rome, symbolizes the Muslims this time. After WW III, England will suffer most due to the change or spiritual purification which often requires a great deal of sufferings. Her surviving population will probably equal to one-thirds of the those before the world war. 3.94

De cinq cens ans plus compte l'on tiendra, Celuy qu'estoit l'ornement de son temps : Puis à vn coup grande clarté donrra, Que par ce siecle les rendra trescontens.

Five hundred years or more they shall take notice Of him who was the ornament of his time Suddenly the revelation shall be enlightened For that century alone, they shall be content.

The great Prophet Nostradamus composed his prophecies around 1555AD. Thus, 500 years later or around the twenty-first century, we will comprehend and appreciate his works. He prophesied mostly for us. The century is our own century. Until now, all the other interpretations being made of his prophecies are nonsenses for the most parts. 3.95

La loy Moricque on verra deffaillir, Apres vne autre beaucoup plus seductiue, Boristhenes premier viendra faillir, Par dons & Langues vne plus attractiue.

Moorish ( Muslim ) law shall be seen weakened After another much more seductive Boristhenes shall first be fallen By gifts and tongues, one is more attractive.

Moricque is Moorish or Muslim. Boristhenes is an old term for Russia. Communism in Russia will be the first to be disfavored, then Islam next. The latter will be replaced by a new cult which is very seductive and the leader of that religious cult will use his eloquence in speech and bribes or gifts to gain influence. This leader is the long-expected AntiChrist. 3.97


Nouuelle loy terre neuue occuper, Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine, Le grand Empire Barbare corruer, Auant que Pheses son siecle determeine.

The new law shall govern the new land Including Syria, Judea and Palestine The great Muslim Empire shall tumble Before the Sun finishes his cycle.

Catholicism will replace Islam for the occupied Middle East. Muslim countries will surrender to the West at the end of WW III before the twenty-first century is over. God’s Hand is in all things. WW III is predestined by God and realized by men. 3.98

Deux Royals freres si fort guerroyeront, Qu'entr'eux sera la guerre si mortelle, Qu'vn chacun places fortes occuperont, De regne & vie sera leur grand querelle.

Two royal brothers shall wage a fierce war The battle shall become mortal Both shall occupy the high place of power Power and life shall be the issues.

Governments, political parties, and societies will be divided into two distinct camps: conservative and liberal, good vs. evil. The issues of the debate or struggle tend to be the mortal ones, governing power and life such as federal control, abortion, religion, and so on. A spiritual battle disguised as politics. 3.99

Aux champs herbeux d'alein & du Varneigne, Dumont Lebron proche de la Durance Camp des deux parts conflit sera si aigre, Mesopotamie deffaillira en la France.

In the green fields of Alleins and Vernegues Of Luberon mountains near Durance The conflict between both camps shall be so sharp That Mesopotamie shall disappear in France.

Mesopotamie is the region where two rivers run, usually indicating Middle East, but here is the southern France where river Rhone and Loire or Saon are running through. 3.100

Entre Gaulois le dernier honoré, D'homme ennemy sera victorieux, Force & terroir en moment exploré, D'vn coup de trait quand mourra l'enuieux.

Among French men, the least honored Shall become victorious over his opponents By him, force and terror shall be tried for a short time.


A shot from an arrow, the envious one shall die.
One of the closest associates of King Henry of France, the most despicable man, will become jealous of him, and will take over the reign of France through conspiracy and political manipulation. He will create many enemies due to his terrorizing tactics that he uses to govern. His reign will be cut short by an assassination with an arrow. There will be no more guns at this point in the human history as our modern civilization and lifestyle will come to an end after WW III and after the most thorough purification by God since the Deluge of Noah’s time.




Cela du reste de sang non espandu, Venise quiert secours estre donné, Apres quoir bien long temps attendu, Cite liuree au premier cornet sonné.

There shall be the remnant of blood not spilled Venice shall ask for help be given After waiting a long time for it The city shall surrender at the first sound of the trumpet.

Venice will be attacked, will ask for an international help. No help arrives, Venice will fall into the Muslim hands at the onset of WW III. 4.2

Par mort la France prendra voyage à faire, Classe par mer, marcher monts Pyrenees, Espagne en trouble, marcher gent militaire, Des plus grand; dames en France emmenees.

Because of her ( spiritual ) death, France shall take a journey Fleet at sea, marching over Pyrenees Mountains Spain in trouble, army shall march Some of the great ladies carried to France.

Forsaking the Faith of their fathers, France has committed sins against God, therefore, they will be punished with wars. They will suffer great losses at sea, and will engage in battles with Spain who will become an ally with the Eastern Alliance consisted of Muslims and Russians. 4.3

D'Arras & Bourges de Brodes grands enseignes Vn plus grand nombre de Gascons battre à pied, Ceux long du Rosne saigneront les Espagnes, Proche du mont ou Sagonte s'assied.

From Arabs and Red, great banners of dark-colored men A great number of Gascons shall fight on foot Those along River Rhone shall shed Spanish blood Close to the mountain where the BloodThirsty seats.


Arras is the anagram for Arabs or Muslims, Bourges is the anagram for rouge meaning red in French, or communist Russian troops. Dark-colored men are Muslims. Gascons are Frenchmen from Gascony. Saguto is the city on the eastern coast of Spain. French troop will invade Spain to fight the Muslim forces during WW III. Many Spaniards will die for siding with Middle Eastern Muslims. 4.4

L'impotent prince fasché, plaines & querelles De raps & pillés par coqs & par lybiques Grand est par terre, par mer infinies voilles, Seure Italie sera chassant Celtiques.

The impotent prince is angry at complaints and quarrels About rape and pillage that France and Libya have done Great trouble by land and by sea, infinite number of sails Italy alone shall drive away France.

After King Henry of France dies, gradually the world will turn mad again. There will be no leadership for the world order. There will be no respect for international law with countries fighting each other. The world will become the fertile ground for the emergence of the AntiChrist. 4.5

Croix paix soubs vn, accomply diuin verbe, Espaigne & Gaule seront vnis ensemble, Grand clade proche, & combat tresacerbe, Cœur si hardy ne sera qui ne tremble.

Cross, peace under the Divine Word accomplished Spain and France shall be united together Great disaster is near, and combat is ferocious Hearts shall not be so hardy that one shall not tremble.

The whole world will become christian. Through the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ ( the Divine Word ), Faith will be renewed throughout a period of peace for mankind. During this time, Spain and France will become good neighbors again erasing the bitter memories of WW III. But this peace will be short-lived as fighting and bloodshed will start again and will reach its climax under the reign of the antiChrist. This period of peace mentioned here will happen after WW III, not applied to WW II because after WW II, we also saw a period of peace but we also witnessed a decay of Faith and the whole world did not become christianized. 4.6

D'habits nouueaux apres fait la treuue, Malice tramme & machination :

The new clothes shall be discovered The malice, conspiracy, and machination


Premier mourra qui en sera la preuue, Couleur Venise insidiation.

The premier person shall die, who shall challenge it Venice shall color a trap.

Indecent fashion which will forbidden after WW III will be adored by men again. Then moral decay, evil, and the use of intruments and machines will make a comeback after the whole world live in peace for a while without them, under the most simplistic way of life. In Italy, a premier leader will challenge or warn about the perilous danger of modernization and he will be assassinated. 4.8

La grand cité d'assaut pront & repentin, Surprins de nuict, gardes interrompus : Les excubies & veilles saint Quintin, Trucidez gardes & les portails rompus.

The great city taken by a sudden assault Being surprised at night, guards beaten The guards and watch of St. Quitin Shall be killed and gates broken.

St. Quitin in northern France will be overrun quickly by Russians. 4.9

Le chef du camp au milieu de la presse, D'vn coup de flesche sera blessé aux cuisses. Lors que Geneue en larmes & en detresse Sera trahy par Lozan & Souysses.

The chief of the army in the middle of a crowd Shall be wounded by an arrow through his thighs Geneva in tears and distress Shall be betrayed by Lausane and Swiss.

The internal conflict or civil war in Switzerland. The battles will be conducted with crude weapons such as bows and arrows, swords and spears, and so on as the modern weapons we have today will be completely demolished and forbidden after WW III. 4.11

Celuy qu'aura couuert de la grand cappe, Sera induit à quelque cas patrer : Le douze rouges viendront souiller la nape, Soubs meurtre, meurtre se viendra perpetrer.

He who shall have the government of a great cape Who shall be led to conduct certain things The twelve red ones shall soil the cover Under murder, murder shall be committed.


Cape stands for the Pope. This quatrain deals with suspicious death of Pope JP I who reigned only 33 days in 1978. His successor is our current Pope JP II. 4.12

Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite, Gueres plus outre ne sera pourchassé : Ost recampé & region reduicte, Puis hors de Gaule du tout sera chassé.

The greatest camp shall be routed in disorder Shall be pursued not much further The army regrouped, legion reduced Then afterwards, they shall be driven wholly out of France.

Muslim invaders will be defeated at the end of WW III and driven out of France into the sea. 4.14

La mort subiette du premier personnage, Aura changé & mis vn autre au regne : Tost, tard venu a si haut & bas aage, Que terre & mer faudra qu'on le craingne.

The sudden death of a premier person Shall dictate a change, put another one in charge Soon, late in coming but so high a young age By land and sea, he shall stir up fear.

I think this quatrain deals with a change in leadership in Russia, China, or Iran. A relatively young man will take over the power and he will initiate WW III against the West. This person is a newcomer to political arena. Can he be Putin of Russia or Hu of China, or someone from Iran? Sudden death of a premier person? 4.15

D'où pensera faire venir famine, De là viendra le rassasiement : L'œil de la mer par auare canine, Pour de l'vn l'autre donra huille froment.

From where it shall think to bring famine From there it shall bring reassessment The eye of the sea like a covetous dog For one, it shall give oil, wheat for other.

“ The eye of the Sea ” is a typhoon or a hurricane. Men through pollution and abuses of the natural resources have upset the delicate balance of the planet Earth. The natural phenomena and climate changes will occur as the earth is automatically making readjustments with many storms and hurricanes to heal itself. The place which was once barren will become fertile as much needed rains will just pour down and vice versa those places once were rich and fertile will become barren and arid. The impact of the global warming.



La Cité franche de liberté fait serue, Des profligez & resueurs fait azyle : Le Roy changé, à eux non si proterue, De cent seront deuenus plus de mille.

The free city of liberty becomes enslaved Of the banished and dreamers it become refuge The King changed and is not so violent to them From one hundred they shall become more one thousand.

USA, the nation now renowned for her liberty was tangled in the slavery disgrace. She becomes the refuge for the disadvantaged and dreamer. The British King will concede the independence to the continent. Her prosperity will blossom hundredfold. 4.18

Des plus lettrez dessus les faits celestes Seront par princes ignorans reprouuez, Punis d'edit, chassez comme celestes, Et mis à mort là où seront trouuez.

The most learnt on the celestial science Shall be reproved by the ignorant authority Punished by Edict, chased out like wicked And put to death wherever they are found.

The religious and theologians will be rounded up and put to death wherever they are found. 4.21

Le changement sera fort difficile, Cité prouince au change gain sera, Cœur haut, prudent mis, chassé luy habile Mer; terre, peuple, son estat changera.

The change shall be very hard Both city and countryside shall benefit Prudent, noble heart put in, unworthy expelled Sea, land, people, estate shall all change.

After WW III, many changes in lifestyle, standard, faith, daily conveniences, scientific technologies, society, literature, education, civil laws, and so on shall take place. Changes will make life difficult at first but all mankind will benefit eventually. The whole world will live a life basically like Amish people or like the world of the


nineteenth century. Theology or spiritual study and training will be encouraged and esteemed. Countries will be far apart with much less communication due to the distances. Mankind will rely only on the land and the labor of their hands. There will be no more modern conveniences, machinery, factory, entertainment like movie or TV. All these advanced structures of a modern society will be destroyed during or right at the end of WW III by the Act of God. 4.23

La legion dans la marine classe Calcine, Magne, souphre & poix bruslera, Le long repos de l'asseuree place, Port Selin, Herc le feu les consumera.

The legion in the marine fleet Calcium, magnesium, sulfur and pitch burned The long rest of the assured place Muslim port, Monaco by fire being consumed.

At the end of WW III, Middle East will be invaded, conquered, and destroyed. 4.24

Quy sous terre saincte d'ame voix fainte Humaine flemme pour diuin veoir luire, Fera des seuls de leur sang terre tainte, Et les saints temples pour les impurs destruire.

Underground a faint voice of a holy woman is heard A human flame shall see a Divine One. Ground shall be soaked with their own blood And the holy temples shall be destroyed by the impure.

The Church will go underground in Europe, China, in Muslim countries, and in other occupied territories during WW III. True believers will be burnt alive but they will see their Lord face to Face while facing their martyrdoms. The Muslim occupying forces will tear down churches. The last line can also mean the bodies of the true believers will be mutilated or defiled as the bodied of the saints are truly the “ holy temples.” 4.25

Corps sublimes sans fin à l'œil visibles, Obnubiler viendra par ses raisons, Corps, front comprins, sens, chef & inuisibles, Diminuant les sacrees oraisons.

The sublime bodies always visible to the eye Shall become obscure due to their reasons Walking corpse with ( cloudy ) forehead, sense, and invisible heads Sacred prayers shall be diminished.


This quatrain reminds me a vision that Blessed Anna Emmerich, a German holy nun and stigmatist had. Men have becoming walking dead representing here spiritually as a body with an obscure or cloudy head which can no longer recognize the Presence of God in their daily lives. This has come about because of their rationalism. Men refuse to believe anything that they cannot comprehend by reasoning or through senses. And consequently, they will rationalize away their sins and immorality as well. They rely on their own intellect instead of the Faith of their fathers. They have idolized themselves and their wealth, they place themselves and their earthly knowledge in place of God. Europeans have become pagans completely. When one sees this, he should realize the end is near. 4.28

Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert : Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte : Mercure au feu les aura descouuert, Par bruit bellique sera mis à l'insulte.

When Venus by the Sun be covered Under the splendor it shall be an occultic form Mercury in fire shall expose them Through a warlike clamour, it will be insulted.

Venus symbolizes sex or the sin of flesh; Sun stands for God or Son of God or our Lord Jesus Christ; Mercury stands for the Divine chastisement. When God puts a stop to this sinful world, His splendor or the Light shall reveal the ugliness of men’s sins especially fleshy ones. The Divine chastisement shall purge the whole world with fire through wars and natural disasters. 4.29

Le Sol caché ecclipsé par Mercure, Ne sera mis que pour le ciel fecond : De Vulcan Hermes sera faite pasture, Slo sera veu pur rutilant & blond.

The Sun shall be eclipsed by Mercury And shall not be seen except for second heaven Hermes shall be made prey to Vulcan After that, the Sun shall be pure, shining and golden.

The Lord’s Mercy ( Sun ) shall be replaced by His Justice ( Mercury .) He shall not appear to mankind until His second Coming. Meanwhile, men will be punished for their sins and the whole world will be purged from its evil elements. Human corpses ( Hermes ) will become prey for wild birds ( Vulcan.) Hermes stands for men but here understood for human corpses. After WW III, God will be adored again and Faith will be more glorious than ever. 4.31

La lune au plain de nuict sur le haut

The moon at midnight, on the high


mont Le nouueau sophe d'vn seul cerueau l'a veu, Par ses disciples estre immortel semond, Yeux au midy, en sens mains corps au feu.

mountain The new wise man with one brain shall view it Invited by his disciples to become immortal Eyes toward the south, hand on his breast, body in fire.

The AntiChrist appears here as mystic spiritual figure to his followers. He will conquer the South or the Holy land and the surrounding countries which lie south from where he is born or where he is standing. The AntiChrist can perform magic or illusions in which he will appear submerging his body in flame without harm. 4.33

Iupiter ioint plus Venus qu'a la Lune, Apparoissant de plenitude blanche : Venus cachee sous la blancheur Neptune, De Mars frappee par la grande branche.

Jupiter joint more toward Venus than the Moon Shall appear in the white fullness Venus hidden under Neptune whiteness Struck by Mars through the great Branchus.

Jupiter stands for mankind; Venus for sex or sin of flesh; Moon for Blessed Virgin Mary; Neptune for the Devil; Mars for wars; Branchus for the son of Appolo or the Sun, again meaning Jesus Christ. This quatrain can be deciphered as follows: Mankind will be closer to the harlot than the Mother of God. Sexual sins and immoralities will be disguised or justified with noble fanciful terms such as freedom, right, tolerance, diversified, human right, and so on. Sex or sin of flesh is truly the gift from Satan in disguise. As the result, the whole sinful world will be struck with wars by God. 4.34

Le grand mené captif d'estrange terre, D'or enchainé au Roy Chyren offert : Qui dans Ausone, Milan perdra la guerre, Et tout son ost mis à feu & à fer.

The great one of a foreign country being captured Chained in gold, presented to King Henry He is at Ausonne ( Bordeaux , ) his force at Milan is losing All his troops will be put in fire and sword.

An Iranian military leader will be captured and presented to King Henry in France while the Muslim force is being defeated in Italy.



Les ieux nouueax en Gaule redressez. Apres victoire de l'Insubre champaigne, Monts d'Esperie, les grand liez troussez, De peur trembler la Romaine & l'Espagne.

The new play shall be rehearsed in France After the victory from Italian campaign Mountains of Spain the great ones tied and taken away Romania and Spain shall tremble with fear.

The tide of WW III will tilt toward France and Western Allies after the decisive battles at Insubre ( Lombardy and Piedmont regions.) Next for King Henry will be conquering Romania and Spain whose leaders will be captured and transported back to France for trial. 4.37

Gaulois par sauts, monts viendra penetrer, Occupera le grand lieu de l'Insubre : Au plus profond son ost fera entrer, Gennes, Monech pousseront classe rubre.

By leaping, French troop shall penetrate over mountains Shall occupy great part of Insubre ( Lombardy ) His troop shall enter deep into the territory From Genoa and Monaco, he shall set out the rubic fleet.

French troop will move fast to capture Milan, the capital of Lombardy region, probably by paratroopers over the Alps. After liberating Italy, King Henry will set sail at the coasts of Genoa and Monaco for Greece and Middle East next. Rubic or red fleet indicates that the fleet is equipped with cloaking mechanism against the antiship cruise missiles used by the Muslim navy. Red might be the color of clay or brick. 4.38

Pedant que Duc, Roy, Royne occupera, Chef bizantin captif en Samothrace : Auant l'assaut l'vn l'autre mangera, Rebours ferré suyura de sang la trace.

While Duke, King, Queen occupied The Byzantine chief is captured in Greece Before the assault, one shall eat the other Rebours armoured shall cause a blood trail.


Great civil unrest and internal political struggle will lead to the defeat of Turkey in Greek hands. The last line describes a scene in which an armour carrier is used to break up a demonstration in a bloody fashion in Turkey street before WW III breaks out. Afterwards, Turkey will fall into the hands of Islamic militants. 4.39

Les Rodiens demanderont secours, Par le neglet de ses hoirs deaissée, L'empire Arabe reualera son cours, Par Hesperies la cause radressee.

The Rhodians shall ask for assistance Forsaken by the neglect of her heirs The Arabic Empire shall revive its course By the West ( Hesperies ) its cause shall be redressed.

Ottoman Turks, the occupiers of Rhodes Island, abandoned the island to Italy in 1912, symbolizing the decline of Islam. But the Arabic or Islamic world will be united, strong, and aggressive again, motivated by its hatred for the West corruption and by the economic injustice suffered due to the modern, well-disguised Western colony upon the Middle East petroleum resources. 4.40

Les forteresses des assiegez ferrez, Par poudre à feu profondes en abysme : Les proditeurs seront tous vifs serrez, Onc aux Sacrifices n'aduint si piteux scisme.

A fortress sealed up with the captive By explosive fire, they shall be plunged into abyss The traitors shall be buried alive Never the sacristes in such a pitiful schism.

Sacristes is the organization of the Roman Catholic Church in charge of books and properties which here symbolically mean the doctrines and publication. By their heretical influence, liberal, homosexual, and feministic thoughts, they will create a great schism in the Church. With this mortal sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit, these heretical clergy and theologians will be buried deep in the eternal abyss. 4.43

Seront ouys au Ciel les armes battre, Celuy an mesme les diuins ennemis, Voudront loix sainctes iniustement debatre, Par foudre & guerre bien croyants à mort mis.

Noise of weapons shall be heard in the sky In that same year, the Divines shall be enemies They shall unjustly debate the holy laws By thunder and war, true believers shall die.


The Church is in decay, Faith is weakened. The Church’s and natural laws, and the sacred Traditions are now debatable. The struggle is not political or merely human warfare, but is mainly the manifestation of a spiritual battle in which many true believers will render their souls to God. 4.46

Bien deffendu le fait par excellence, Garde toy Tours de ta proche ruyne : Londres & Nantes par Reims fera deffence, Ne passez outre au temps de la bruyne.

The accomplishment through excellence shall be defended well Tours beware of your approaching ruin London and Nantes by Reim shall set up defense Do not go out in foggy weather.

Battles in different areas in France and in England. 4.47

Le noir farouche quand aura essayé, Sa main sanguine par feu, fer, arcs tendus, Trestout le peuple sera tant effrayé, Voir les plus grands par col & pieds pendus.

The ferocious black one after going through trials His bloody hand through fire, sword, bended bow All the people shall be so afraid After seeing the great ones hung by the necks and feet.

Nostradamus used the word “ black one “ to indicate the vicious Muslims. This quatrain shows an atrocity Muslim troops commit against their prisoners or local civil leaders. 4.48

Plannure, Ausonne fertille, spacieuse, Produira tahons si tant de sauterelles, Clarté solaire viendra nubileuse, Reger le tout, grand peste venir d'elles.

The plain about Ausonna fertile and spacious Shall produce so many hornets and grasshoppers That the Sun light shall be darkened They shall devour all, great pestilence shall come from them.

Naples or Bordeaux will be ravaged by insects.



Deuant le peuple sang sera respandu, Que du haut ciel ne viendra eslongner : Mais d'vn long-temps ne sera entendu, L'esprit d'vn seul le viendra tesmoigner.

Before people, blood shall spill Which shall not go far to high Heaven But for a long time shall not be heard The spirit of man shall bear testimony to himself.

During the Chastisement or WW III, much bloodshed will be spilled but the human lamentation will not be heard by God due to their stubbornness and ugliness. 4.50

Libra verra regner les Hesperies, De ciel & terre tenir la Monarchie, D'Asie forces nul ne verra peries. Que sept ne tiennent par rang la Hierarchie.

Libra shall reign in Western land The monarchy shall reign over land and sky Nobody else shall see Asian forces perished Till seven hold the hierarchy in succession.

US shall be governed by law and order as Libra stands for justice and law. She shall become the world super-power, is responsible for controlling the hostile expansion of Japan and later China. The last line indicates that the conflict in Asia with China will happen after 2000AD. 4.52

En cité obsesse aux murs hommes & femmes Ennemys hors le chef prest à soy rendre : Vent sera fort encotre les gens-d'armes, Chassez seront par chaux, poussiere & cendre.

In a besieged city, men and women upon the walls The enemy is outside, the chief is ready to surrender The wind shall blow violently against the enemy soldiers They shall be driven away by lime, dust, and ash.

This is the continuation of 3.50. Besieged by the Muslim forces probably at somewhere in North East of France, General Henry of French troop is defending the last stronghold. He is about to surrender to save the lives of the city citizens. Suddenly, the Divine providence by destiny, shall come to assist him driving back the Muslims using the hostile natural elements such as strong rain, storm, wind,


dust, and so on. This decisive battle with a clear evidence of the Divine Hand shall dispirit the Muslim invaders, tilting the tide of WW III toward the Western forces led by the holy French general. Both sides shall be reminded of this ancient prophecy when it is being fulfilled. 4.55

Quand la Corneille sur tour de brique iointe, Durant sept heures ne fera que crier, Mort presagee de sang statuë tainte, Tyran meurtry aux Dieux peuple prier.

When the Crow standing on a brick tower Shall do nothing but crying Death foretold, statue stained with blood Tyrant killed, people shall pray to God.

Standing on his commanding post, General Henry will cry for many hours to implore the Divine Mercy, seeing the desperate situation in front of him, and because of his love for France and for his countrymen. But the worldwide destruction and also the defeat of his enemy have been foretold by the Mother of God who has shed so many tears of blood but no one heeds her messages. Eventually, all tyrants and evil princes and lords of the earth will be put to death by God, and the whole world will repent and worship Him anew. 4.58

Soleil ardant dans le gosier coller, De sang humain arroser terre Etrusque : Chef seille d'eau mener son fils filer, Captiue dame conduite en terre Turque.

Burning sun shall be poured into the throat The human blood shall soak Tuscan land The large pail of water makes his sons dizzy The captive women transported to Turkish land.

Tortures and brutality towards prisoners by Muslim conquerors on the Italian soil are being described here. Local women will be captured and transported away to Muslim territories or military bases as sex slaves. Burning sun might be molten metal or boiling oil or chemical. 4.59

Deux assiegez en ardante fureur, De soir estaints pour deux plaines tasses, Le fort limé, & vn vieillard resueur, Aux ganeuois de Nira monstra trasse.

Two arrested in burning heat Shall die of thirst, want two full cups The fort being combed and by the old dreamer ( reviewer ) Shall demonstrate Iran traced to Geneva.


A nuclear suitcase bomb or major explosion will level Geneva. Two suspects will be captured and their place will be combed and one will find the evidence that indicates Iran masterminding the terrorist act. This incident probably will lead to WW III. Quatrain also indicates that Geneva will be destroyed by nuclear explosion. Nira is the anagram for Iran. Quatrain 9.44 also indicated Geneva will be destroyed by nuclear weapon. 4.60

Les sept enfans en hostage laissez, Le tiers viendra son enfant trucider : Deux par son fils seront d'estoc percez, Gennes, Florence, lors viendra enconder.

Seven children left as hostages The third party shall come to slaughter his son Two shall be pierced through by his sons Genoa, Florence he shall come to strike.

Westerners will be held hostage in exchange for Muslim terrorists in jail. The third party who holds the terrorists does not want to release them but kill them instead. So the Muslim captors kill some of those Western hostages. Eventually, this event will lead to the assaults on the Italian soil. 4.63

L'armée Celtique contre les montagnars, Qui seront sceus & prins à la lipée : Paysans fresz pouseront tost faugnars, Precipitez tous au fil de l'espée.

The French army against the mountaineers Who shall be seen and caught in a trap Peasants being angry, shall roll down the stones All shall die at the blade of swords.

The mountaineers might be the Russian troops invading France by crossing over the Alps. 4.66

Soubs couleur fainte de sept testes rasées, Seront semez diuers explorateurs : Puys & fontaines de poyson arrousées Au fort de Gennes humains deuorateurs.

Under the disguised color of seven shaven heads Shall explore diverse locations The wells and springs shall be contaminated with poisons At the fort of Genoa humans shall be devoured.


Muslim spies will disguise as the religious or clergy to contaminate wells and springs in different places on Italian soil with poisons or deadly germs. The new diseases will break up in which human flesh will be infected and rotten, maybe a new form of staph infection or flesh-eating bacteria. 4.67

L'an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust, L'air fort sieché, longue traiection : Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust Peu pluye, vent, chaud, guerres, incursions.

In the year Saturn and Mars are equally fiery The air shall be very dry, a long trajection By secret fire, many places shall be burnt with heat A little rain, hot winds, wars, incursions.

When WW III reaches the climax, many places shall suffer great droughts, being burnt by both natural disasters and long-range missiles. 4.68

En l'an bien proche eslongné de Venus, Les deux plus grands de l'Asie & d'Affrique : Du Rin & Hyster, qu'on dira sont venus, Cris, pleurs à Malte & costé à Lygustique.

In the year that comes right after Venus The two most evil ones of Asia and Africa Shall be said to come from Rhine and Hyster Cries, tears at Malta and on the Italian shore.

Shortly after the evil twentieth century which was filled with sexual vices, two most powerful forces, Russia and Muslims from Asia and Africa shall resemble Hitler of old who also came from River Rhine, in transporting Jews, Christians, and other enemies of Islam to the incinerators located in Malta Island, departing from the Italian shores. 4.69

La cité grande les exilez tiendront, Les citadins morts meurtris & chassez : Ceux d'Aquilée à Parme promettront, Monstrer l'entrée par les lieux non trassez.

The exiled shall keep the great city Its citizens are dead, killed or chased out Those of the North ( Russian ?) at Parma shall promise Shall show the entrance to the nontressing places.


Russian troops will put all Italian refugees in the deserted, non-trespassing empty towns or cities. The reason for the non-trespassing signs because these areas are contaminated with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. 4.70

Bien contiguë des grands monts Pyrenées, Vn contre l'aigle grand copie addresser : Ouuertes vaines, forces exterminées, Que iusque à Pau, le chef viendra chasser.

Very near the great Pyrenees mountains One shall raise great army to fight off Russians Veins opened, strength disappeared The chief shall chase them as far as Pau.

King Henry of France will defeat the Russian troops occupying Spain. 4.75

Prest à combattre fera defection, Chef aduersaire obtiendra la victoire : L'arriere garde fera defention Les deffaillans mort au blanc territoire.

Ready for combat, they shall defect The chief adversary shall obtain victory The rear guard shall put up a defense The fallen shall die in white country.

Nostradamus used black for Muslims and white for Christian Western armies. The Muslim forces will be dispirited and in disarray, lose the will to fight, a complete turnaround for the once valiant warriors after they realize that God is on the side of their enemies, the Western nations, maybe after they learn of the prophecies of Nostradamus. 4.77

SELIN monarque, l'Italie pacifique, Regnes vnis Roy chrestien du monde : Mourant voudra coucher en terre belsique Apres pyrates auoir chassé de l'onde.

SELIN monarch, Italy shall live in peace Kingdom united, a Christian king of the world Dying, he shall want to be buried in Holy land After he has chased away the sea pirates ( Muslims.)

Selin or Selene means the moon in Greek, used by Nostradamus to symbolize the crescent or Muslims, or the opposite of the Sun or Blessed Virgin Mary. Here Selin monarch means a Marian king who has the great devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary. SELIN written in capital signify this fact. Under the reign of King Henry of France, the whole world will be united after WW III. He will chase the sea pirates or the Muslim invaders who originally landed on Marseilles coast.



La grand armee de la pugne ciuille, Pour de nuict Parme à l'estrange trouuee Septante neuf meurtris dedans la ville, Les estrangers passez tous à l'espee.

The great army of militia By night Parma shall be taken by foreigners Seventy nine murdered in town All foreigners shall be put to the sword.

Italian people will organize militia and put up a strong resistance to the Muslim invaders during the second half of WW III. 4.79

Sang Royal fuis Monthurt, Mas, Eguillon, Remplis seront de Bourdelois les Landes, Nauarre, Bygorre, pointes & eguillons, Profonds de faim vorer de Liege glandes.

Royal blood flee from Monhurt, Mas (Marsan), Aiguillon The landes shall be full of refugees from Bordeaux Navarre, Bigorre points, and pricks Deeply hungry, they shall devour cork and acorns.

There will be the mass exodus from French southern regions in the eve of Muslim invasions. Local people will suffer wide-spread starvation beside WW III. 4.80

Pres du grand fleuue grand fosse terre egeste En quinze part sera l'eau diuisee : La cité prinse, feu, sang cris, conflit mestre, Et la plus part concerne au collisee.

Near a great river, a great trench, earth dug out In fifteen parts, water shall be divided The city captured, fire, sword, cries, conflict For the greatest part is the concern over the collision.

China has built the most ambitious and also most short-sighted hydro-electric project ever by dividing the great Yellow River into fifteen parts, using giant dams, evacuated million citizens, flooded numerous farmland in Southern China. During WW III, China will engage in heavy battles against US troops who eventually directly or accidentally through heavy bombing, consequently , will flood vast areas killing millions.



Amas s'approche venant d'Esclauonie, L'Olestant vieux cité ruynera : Fort desolee verra sa Romanie, Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne sçaura.

A mass ( troop ) shall come from Slavonia The Destroyer ( Olestant ) shall ruin an ancient city He shall see the Roman territory desolated After that, he shall not be able to quench that great flame.

Slavonia is the ancient name for Russia. “Vieux cite ” or the ancient city together with the name “ Romanie ” indicates the city is Rome. Russia intitially is half-hearted ally to join with the Muslim countries to invade Europe. They shall participate in the destruction of Rome, but later have a change of heart, but cannot extinguish that flame of WWIII spreading rapidly through the hands of radical Muslims and atheistic ambitious China. 4.84

Vn grand d'Auserre mourra bien miserable Chassé de ceux qui soubs luy ont esté, Serré de chaisnes, apres d'vn rude cable, En l'an que Mars Venus, Sol mis en esté.

A great man of Auxerre will die miserably Choked out by those who are under him Bound in chains, after bound with a tough cable In the year that Mars, Venus, and Sun conjoined in summer.

During WWIII, in one summer, in the French town Auxerre, this prophecy will be fulfilled. 4.86

L'an que Saturne en eau sera conioinct, Auec Sol, le Roy fort & puissant, A Reims & Aix sera receu & oingt, Apres conquestes meurtrira innocens.

In the year Saturn in the water shall join With the Sun, the most powerful king At Reims and Aix shall be received and anointed After conquests, the innocent shall be murdered.

Saturn joining with the Sun is the Day of Judgement in which the Lord will meter out His just Judgement on the sinful rebellious mankind. King Henry shall be crowned and anointed as the Holy Roman Emperor, first as King of France at Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims, then the Holy Roman Emperor at Aix. Anointing at Notre Dame


in Reims indicates his royal lineage and his consecration to Blessed Virgin. After defeating the Muslim invaders and conquering the Middle East, he the innocent shall be assassinated. 4.89

Trente de Londres secret coniureront, Contre leur Roy sur le pont l'entreprinse, Luy, satalites la mort degousteront. Vn Roy esleu blonde, natif de Frize.

Thirty men in London secretly conjecture Against their King on the bridge of enterprise Himself (King) and all subordinates killed A blond King elected, native of Frizeland.

Pont of enterprise is an important bridge, London bridge? “Luy” indicates King himself. “Satellites” is a modern English term, might use to indicate that this event is applied to our time. Frize might be Friesland, now northern coastal Europe or Denmark. British Prime Minister might be killed on London bridge along with his bodyguards by terrorists. A new PM might have blond hair, descendant of ancestors from Demark region. Another angle: Over thirty heads of “traitor” to English king were spiked along London bridge, soaked in tar for preservation. Some head belong to Kings themselves such as King Charles II who had short blond hair and a mustache who came from Denmark. Other heads belong to St. Thomas Moor and Cromwell. The barbaric tradition was abolished in 1660 AD. 4.92

Teste trenchee du vaillant Capitaine, Ser ietté deuant son aduersaire, Son corps pendu de sa classe à l'antenne, Confus fuira par rames à vent contraire.

The head of a valiant captain cut off Shall be thrown down in front of his adversary His body hung from the antenna of a ship Confused, he shall flee using oars against the wind.

French ship will be surrounded, could not escape in such a confusion. The captain’s head shall be cut off by the Muslim victors. Cutting off their enemies’ heads is the favorite intimidation used by the Muslims. This happens probably at the beginning of WW III when French navy is completely destroyed by a smaller Iran-led Muslim navy in the Mediterranean Sea. 4.93

Vn serpent veu proche du lit Royal, Sera par dame, nuict chiens n'abbayeront : Lors naistre en France vn Prince tant

A serpent seen near a royal bed By a lady at night dogs shall not bark Shall be born in France a prince so royal From Heaven he comes all princes shall


Royal Du Ciel venu tous les princes verront.


This quatrain describes the solemnity of the birth of the French leader Henry whose mother gave birth to him during the night. He is given to the world by God in order to defeat the Muslims, put an end to WW III, unite all nations, restore and propagate Catholicism and morality and goodness throughout the world. 4.94

Deux grands freres seront chassez d'Espaigne L'aisné vaincu soubs les monts Pyrennees : Rougir mer, Rosne sang leman d'alemagne, Narbon, Blyterres, d'Ath, contaminees.

Two great brothers shall be chased out of Spain The elder one will be overcome under Mount Pyrenees Bloody sea, Rhone, bloody Geneva from Germany Narhonne and Beziers contaminated with gases.

Muslim and Russian troops will be driven back to sea, out of Spain. The older one is Muslim force. Chemical weapons of mass destruction shall be in Narbonne and Beziers. Leman is Lake Leman, standing for Geneva. Agath is the anagram from gas or chemical weapon. 4.95

Le regne à deux laissé bien peu tiendront, Trois ans sept mois passez feront la guerre : Les deux vestales contre rebelleront, Victor puis nay en Armonique terre.

The reign will be left for two, for a short while Three years and seven months passed shall raise war The two vestals shall rebel against them. Victor born young on American soil.

Vestals are smaller countries, here probably Muslims and Russia. Armorique is the anagram for Americque. World domination shall be left for Americans and Britain. More than three years after US had become the only superpower of the world, she would raised wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 4.96

La sœur aisnee de l'Isle Britannique, Quinze ans deuant le frere aura naissance,

The older sister of the Britain Island Shall be born fifteen years before her brother


Par son promis moyennant verrifique, Succedera au regne de Balance.

Through his promise to be verified She will succeed him on the reign of balance

The older sister of Britain Island is US who gained independence in 1776 and 15 years later, Canada gained his in 1791 through the Canada Act. US will become a law-abiding society. Libra or Balance, the symbol of law and order is used throughout Nostradamus prophecies to symbolize US. 4.97

L'an que Mercure, Mars, Venus retrograde, Du grand Monarque la ligne ne faillir, Esleu du peuple l'vsitant pres de Gagdole, Qu'en paix & regne viendra fort enuiellir.

In the year Mercury, Mars, Venus shall retrograde The lineage of a great king shall not fail. Elected by the Portugese people by Pactole Who in peace and reign shall grow very old.

Even to the day of Chastisement or Mercury, the day Mars ( wars ) and Venus (sins) join, Portugese have lived in peace for a long time with a political landscape in which the people have both a royal monarchy and democracy. 4.98

Les Albanois passeront dedans Rome, Moyennant Langres demiples affublez, Marquis & Duc ne pardonner à homme, Feu, sang morbile, point d'eau, faillir les bleds.

The Albanians ( Muslims ) shall invade Rome Through Langres…(Through inflaming demon in hell ) Mars and the lords shall pardon no one Fire, blood, smallpox, no water fails the corns.

Langres stands for hell. Albanians stand for Muslims. Small pox might be used to described unfamiliar biological warfare. The shortage of water or drought will hurt Italian farming. 4.99

L'aisné vaillant de la fille du Roy, Repoussera si auant les Celtiques, Qu'il mettra foudres, combien en tel arroy, Peu & loing puis profondes Hesperiques.

The Valiant older of the King’s daughter Shall push the French back so deep Who shall use thunders, so many in such an array Few and long, then deep into the West.


Iran will be the leader of Muslims nations who will drive deep into France and Western Europe. They will fire many long-ranged missiles deep into Western Europe. 4.100

De feu celeste au Royal edifice, Quand la lumiere du Mars deffaillira, Sept mois grand' guerre, mort gent de malefice, Rouen Eureux, au Roy ne faillira.

Celestial fire (splendor) shall shine upon the Royal Edifice When the light of Mars diminishing Many months of great war, people die because of their malice Rouen and Eureux shall not fail the king.

The war shall diminish when Faith is enkindled. The world shall worship their God again in Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Mass of the Church. The Royal Edifice is the Holy Eucharist, the Body of Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Which shall be adored by all mankind. WW III shall be long because we have sinned so much against God. North Western France shall put up a stiff resistance, holding back the Muslim invaders, from that the liberation of France and Europe will begin.



A Vant venuë de ruyne Celtique, Dedans le temple deux parlementerôt, Poignar cœur, d'vn monté au coursier & pique Sans faire bruit le grand enterreront.

Before the coming of the ruin of France Inside the temple, two shall discuss Stabbed in the heart by one on the horseback with a lance Without making noise, they shall bury the great one.

Two countries will discuss a plan to conquer the world ( Russia and Iran?) The rider of the Apocalypse shall pierce men’s hearts where all sinful passions come from. Pope JP II will be murdered and buried quietly. 5.2

Sept coniurez au banquet feront luyre, Contre les trois le fer hors de nauire, L'vn les deux classes au grand fera conduire, Quand par le mail denier au front luy tire.

Seven conspirators at the banquet shall glisten their swords Against the three coming out of iron ships One shall take two fleets to the leader When through the net of fish, the last shall shoot at the front.

Mail here is really maille or fishernet. Several Muslim countries will put their naval forces together using all their small ships and numerous swift boats which are all equipped with antiship missiles. They will ambush the much more robust but slow Western fleets which are deployed in Mediterranean Sea by three groups. The Muslim ships and boats will swamp on the three groups. The other two will come to rescue and due to the bad foggy weather and ineffectiveness of their ship radars due to the large number of the Muslim vessels. The Western ships shoot aimlessly and frantically, and they shoot at each other, damage one another with friendly fire. The whole Western or more precisely French fleet will be completely destroyed. 5.6

Au Roy l'augure sus le chef la main mettre Viendra prier pour la paix Italique; A la main gauche viendra changer se Sceptre, De Roy viendra Empereur pacifique.

The Pope ( Augur ) shall lay his hand on the King’s head And pray for peace in Italy In the left hand, he shall change the scepter From a king to a pacific Emperor.

After WW III, the Pope prophesied by St. Malachi as the “ Glory of Olive ”, the pope of the golden period of peace, will bestow the crown of the holy Roman Emperor upon King Henry of France who is truly the second Charlemagne given to the world. 5.7

Du trium vir seront trouuez les os, Cerchant profond tresor enigmatique : Ceux d'alentour ne seront en repos, De concauer marbre & plomb metalique.

The bones of Triumvir shall be discovered When they search for an enigmatic treasure in the deep Those in the surrounding area shall not be at rest This hollowing of marble and metallic lead.

The remains of a sunken ship named Triumvir is discovered by the treasure hunter diving in the deep sea. Triumvir is the abbreviation of Triumph and Victoire, the prized aircraft carrier of the proud French navy. French fleet is so over-confident that they march right into the Muslim ambush in the Mediterranean Sea. The name used here indicates the present French arrogance and pride against both God and men. Its entire fleet will sink to the bottom of the sea. 5.8

Sera laissé le feu mort vif caché, Dedans les globes horribles espouuentable De nuict à classé cité en poudre laché, Ls cité à feu, l'ennemy fauorable.

The fire shall be left alive, death hidden Inside the horrible fearful globes At night the fleet shall shoot on the city The city on fire, favorable to the enemy.

The coastal areas of Italy will be set ablaze by the embedded Muslim terrorists and later will be attacked and bombarded by the Muslim and Russian fleet from the sea. Missiles might be launched from submarines. 5.11

Mer par solaires seure ne passera, Ceux de Venus tiendront toute l'Affrique : Leur regne plus Sol, Saturne n'occupera, Et changera la mort Asiatique.

Sea through the Sun shall not pass safely Those of Venus shall take hold of all Africa Saturn or the Sun no longer holds their kingdoms Shall change to the Asian port.


Venus again is sex or sin of flesh. Most of Africa have fallen for sexual pleasures resulting in the spread of AIDS and evil wars. Genocide will run rampant. Christian evangelization will no longer be needed here. God ( Saturn ) will use Asian countries to spread the Gospel with such a country as Philipine to play important role in the future. 5.13

Par grand fureur le Roy Romain Belgique, Vexer voudra par phalange barbare : Fureur grinçant chassera gent Lybique, Depuis Pannons iusques Hercules la hare.

With a great fury, the Roman Belgian king Shall come to vex the Muslims with his troops Furious he chases out all the Libyans From Hungary region to the Straits of Gibraltar.

Pannons is the modern Central Europe including the entire country of Hungary. Gibraltar is the strait separating the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The Roman Belgian king is King Henry of France, the supreme commander of Western Alliance. Libyans represent all Muslim troops. General Henry will defeat all Muslim armies throughout the lower half of Europe and Northern Africa, including all coastal areas around Mediterranean Sea. The reason why he is called here the Roman Belgian King because after WW III, France and the remaining of all Germanspeaking countries including Belgium, Holland, and Germany will form the Frankish Empire once again. 5.14

Saturne & Mars en Leo Espagne captiue, Par chef Libique au conflit attrapé : Proche de Malte, Heredde prinse viue, Et Romain sceptre sera par coq frappé.

Saturn and Mars in Leo, Spain shall be occupied By a Libyan chief who is captured in conflict Near Malta, a hereditary prince shall be taken alive And the Roman scepter shall be struck by a cock.

During WW III, Libya will control Spain. At the end, Libyan general will be captured in the final battle. The cooperators to Muslims in Malta will be captured alive, tried for war crime. King Henry of France ( the cock ) will be anointed as the Holy Roman Emperor of the world, the Second Charlemagne the Great. 5.15


En nauigant captif prins grand pontife; Grands apprestez saillir les clercs tumultuez : Second esleu absent son bien debise, Son fauory bastard à mort tué.

In sailing a great pope shall be captured After the great one fallen, the clergy in tumult The second elected in absence, debased in his goods His favorite bastard shall be put to death.

Pope JP II will flee from Rome to the southern France by ship, will be captured and murdered there. The new pope will be elected but does not reign long. The second one will be elected or rather “ selected” by the Muslim occupiers as he will be “elected in absence” meaning elected without the Cardinal College. This pope is so consumed with materialism or “ debased in his goods.” After his election, his bastard ( a long time lover?) will be murdered. This is the antipope who will abolish the celibacy tradition of priesthood. The true Catholic Church will break away from the puppet Church in Rome, will form a formal Schism, and operate underground in Europe. 5.16

A son haut prix la lerme Sabee, D'humaine chair pour mort en cendre mettre, A l'isle Pharos croisars perturbee, Alors qu'a Rodes paroistra dure espectre.

The Sabine tear shall no longer at its high price As human flesh after death turned to ashes The Island Pharos shall be troubled by crusaders When at Rhodes a hard sight shall appear.

Sabine here means Italian. This quatrain describes a mass extermination and subsequent incineration. Later, Egyptian or Muslim territories (Pharos Island) will be conquered by the Western troops (crusaders.) And they will discover a mass grave or dreadful incinerator in Rhodes island. 5.18

De dueil mourra l'infelix profligé, Celebrera son vitrix l'heccatombe : Pristine loy, franc Edit redigé, Le mur & Prince au septieme iour tombe.

The unhappy one, ruined, shall die of grief His conqueress shall celebrate the hecatomb The former law and free edict shall be brought again The wall and Prince shall fall on the seventh day.


Many years after WW III, the Western Christian world will decay again. In the occupied lands of the former Muslim countries in the Middle East and north Africa, there will be an uprising led by a woman. Afterwards, the former law or Islam will be practiced once more in place of Catholicism. The rebellious regions will free themselves from the victors’ bondage. Muslim forces will invade Europe again and win many battles. Hecatomb is the Grecian sacrifice in which one hundred oxen are sacrificed. 5.19

Le grand Royal d'or, d'airain augmenté, Rompu la pache, par ieune ouuerte guerre, Peuple affligé par vn chef lamenté, De sang barbare sera couuert de terre.

The great royal, once gold, now augmented with brass Treaty broken, war set in motion by a young one People afflicted by a lamented leader The land will be soaked with barbarian blood.

The continuation of the last quatrain. Many years have passed since the end of WW III. Mankind has enjoyed an unprecedented period of peace with Faith reaching the highest glory ever. Throughout the whole world, everyone will become Christian, living a simple lifestyle relying only on their own labor and land. Then their faith will begin to decay, men commit sins again. Middle East, the occupied territories will demand more freedom and independence. Islamic extremism will find its way back to the young Middle Easterners who will feel like the second-class citizens of the Empire which is controlled by the Westerners. Young Muslims will begin many revolts against the European Roman Empire causing much bloodshed on both sides. 5.21

Par le trespas du Monarque latin, Ceux qu'il aura par regne secourus : Le feu luyra, diuisé le butin, La mort publique aux hardis incorus.

By the death of a Latin monarch By those he has assisted to rise in reign The fire will glow, booty divided Public death to those daring a revolt.

After the death of King Henry of France, there will be a power struggle among those he has assisted to rise in ranks. They will become corrupted causing much bloodshed and they will persecute their opposition by public executions. 5.22

Auant qu'a Rome grand ait rendu l'ame, Effrayeur grande à l'armee estrangere :

Before a great man renders his soul in Rome


Par escadrons l'embusche pres de Parme, Puis les deux rouges ensemble feront chere.

Great fear at the foreign army By squadrons, the ambush at Parma Then two reds shall get together to cheer.

Before a great leader dies in Rome, probably the second-ranking religious leader in Rome, Italy will be very frightful about the approaching Muslim and Russian troops who will take over Parma with the help of local collaborators. The two reds in the last line might mean a cardinal of Rome and Russian communist reds. 5.23

Les deux contents seront vnis ensemble Quant la pluspart à Mars sera conioinct : Le grand d'Affrique en effrayeur & tremble, Duumuirat par la classe desioint.

The two contended shall be united together When the most part shall be joined in wars The great one of Africa shall be in tremble and fear TRIUMVIR by the fleet shall be disjointed.

Russia and Iran secretly plan to engulf the whole Mediterranean regions and Europe in wars. The great one in Africa is probably Egypt which will be controlled by Islamic extremists. DUUMVIRAT is the anagram of TRIUMVIR ( Quatrain 5.7 ) which is the prized French aircraft carrier, which will be sunk to the bottom of Mediterranean Sea by much smaller but faster Muslim speed-boats deployed in a great number. 5.24 5.24

Le regne & loy soubs Venus esleué, Saturne aura sus Iupiter empire : La Loy & regne par le Soleil leué, Par Saturnius endurera le pire.

The Kingdom and law shall be enslaved under Venus Saturn shall exert power over Jupiter Law and reign bestowed by the Sun Shall be most violated by Saturnians.

Venus stands for sin of flesh; Saturn or Sun for God or Jesus Christ; Jupiter for mankind; Saturnian for Christian or catholic. The whole world submerges in the filth of sex and pleasure. God will exert His just measures to correct the course men are taking. They have trampled on the divine Laws and the worst offenders are those who are most blessed, the Catholic or Christians who will be judged most severely. 5.25

Le prince Arabe, Mars, Sol, Venus,

The Arabic prince, Mars, Sun, Venus,


Lyon, Regne d'Eglise par mer succombera : Deuers la Perse bien pres d'vn million, Bisance, Egypte, ver. serp. inuadera.

Lyon The reign of the Church shall be overcome from the sea Toward Persia, nearly one million troops Turkey, Egypt, true serpent shall invade.

The first line lists Muslims, WW III, God, Sex, France. Rome and Papacy will be overcome by Muslim invasion from the sea. Million hostile and brutal Iranian soldiers will invade Europe. Turkey and Egypt will be controlled by Islamic extremists. 5.26

La gent esclaue par vn heur martiel, Viendra en haut degré tant esleué : Changeront prince, naistra vn prouincial, Passer la mer copie aux monts leué.

The Slavic nation by a military power Shall rise to a high degree They shall elect their prince, born a provincial Crossing sea, their army climb the mountains.

Russia becomes a military superpower. It will have a leader who is of royal lineage but from common populace. Under Putin regime, Russian troops will come across the Black Sea and climb over the Alps to invade Europe alongside with Muslims. 5.27

Par feu & armes non loing de la marnegro, Viendra de Perse occuper Trebisonde : Trembler Pharos Methelin, Solalegro, De sang Arabe d'Hadrie couuert onde.

By fire and arms not far from the Black Sea They shall come from Iran to occupy Mediterranean Sea Pharos and Methelin shall tremble, Sun most visible Blood of Arabs shall cover Adriatic Sea.

Marnegro or Mer-negro is the Black Sea; Perse is Persia or modern Iran; Trebisonde is Mediterranean Sea, Pharos and Methelin are Egyptian ports, alegro is the anagram for large. Iran will replace US as the political force in Mediterranean Sea and force Egypt and other Muslim countries to subject to their leadership. 5.30

Tout à l'entour de la grande cité, Seront soldats logez par champs & ville, Donner l'assaut Paris, Rome incité,

All around the great city Soldiers shall find lodging in fields and towns


Sur le pont lors sera faite grand pille.

Paris shall be assaulted, Rome incited Their great plundering shall be done on the pontiff.

Paris and Rome will be destroyed with many major urban battles. Pope JP II will be murdered in France. 5.31

Par terre Attique chef de la sapience Qui de present est la rose du monde Pont ruine et sa grand preeminence Sera subdite et naufrage des undes.

The land of Attica, once the head of wisdom Now shall be the rose of the world Pontiff ruined with his great preeminence (The boat ) Shall be submerged and shipwrecked by waves.

The AntiChrist will come from Attica of Greece. He will kill the last pope, “ Peter of Roman”, put an end to the hierarchy of the Church that we presently know. The boat being shipwrecked symbolizes the troubled Pontiff. 5.32

Ou tout bon est tout bien Soleil & Lune, Est abondant sa ruyne s'approche, Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune, En mesme que la septiesme roche.

When all are well, good for both Sun and Moon Abundant, your ruin is approaching Heaven advances to change the fortune you boast Into the same state as the seventh rock.

When the whole world enjoy the prosperity of the modern technology and abundance in resources, mankind will approach their own destruction. God will put an end to this prideful generation. We are now living in the end times or the Apocalypse or the seventh rock, a pitiful state. 5.34

Du plus profond de l'occident Anglois. Ou est le chef de l'isle Britannique : Entrera classe dans Gyronde par Blois, Par vin & feux cachez aux barriques.

From the deepest Western part of England Where the chief of Britain Island is A fleet shall enter Gironde through Blois With wine and salt, fire will be hidden in barrels.


After a long retreat, England begins her offenses against the Eastern troops who are now occupying the southern part of France. 5.35

Par cité franche de la grand mer Seline, Qui porte encore à l'estomach la pierre : Angloise classe viendra sous la bruine, Vn rameau prendre du grand ouuerte guerre.

Into a French city devoted to Mother Mary Who still carry a stone in their stomach English fleet shall come in under fog The Branch taken, war broke open by the great one.

Franche is French; mer is mere in France or mother; Seline is moon or Blessed Virgin Mary; la pierre in France or stone stands for the Church; Branch for the Messiah. This is the continuation of the last quatrain. The Western Alliance begins to turn the tide of WW III with English navy breaks through the naval blockage, defeat Muslim and Russian navies, and comes to liberate the French city whose citizens are still obedient to the Teaching of the Church and have a great devotion to Blessed Mother. With the Lord Jesus’s Blessing, WW III will be broken wide open by King Henry of France and Muslim and Russian troops are retreating. 5.36

De sœur le frere par simulte faintise, Viendra mesler rosee en myneral : Sur la placente donne à vieille tardiue, Meurt le goustant sera simple & rural.

The brother of a sister by a crude simulation Shall mix dew into mineral Upon a cake, give to a slow old woman She dies after tasting, a simple and rural act.

Euthanasia is prophesied here. 5.37

Trois cens seront d'vn vouloir & accord, Que pour venir au bout de leur attainte : Vingt mois apres tous & records, Leur Roy trahir simulant haine fainte.

Three hundred shall be one mind and one accord That they may attain their ends Twenty months after all and records Their King betrays, simulate faint hatred.


Three hundred members of Duma, the Russian Congress, will give their President Putin an absolute power (this happened in November 2004.) Twenty month later, Putin will put away all his oppositions with fabricated reasons. 5.38

Ce grand monarque qu'au mort succedera, Donnera vie illicite & lubrique : Par nonchalance à tous concedera, Qu'a la parfin faudra la loy Salique.

The great monarch who shall succeed the deceased Shall lead an illicit and lubricious life Through nonchalance, he shall concede to all At the end, Salic law shall be stopped.

Salic law declared that daughters cannot inherit land and barring women from ruling France. Here its stands for the Catholic tradition of the priesthood celibacy. An antipope will be elected to succeed a deceased one who might be JP II or his immediate successor. This pope will lead a sinful and sensual life, and will abandon the rule of celibacy to make his personal lifestyle lawful. The Muslim occupying force will be pleased of his performance. 5.40

Le sang royal sera si tresmeslé, Contrainct seront Gaulois de l'Hesperie : On attendra que terme soit coulé, Et que memoire de la voix soit perie.

The Royal blood shall be mixed Great Frenchmen shall be rare One has to wait till his term to pass And the memory of his voice to perish.

Kings of France once consecrated their country to the Lord Jesus Who was the Patron of their country. French leaders now are no longer the faithful believer in Jesus Christ. France can turn back to the Church and Faith of their forefathers, be obedient to the Lord Jesus only after the present liberal atheist leadership die away. 5.41

Nay sous les vmbres & iournée nocturne Sera en regne & bonté souueraine, Fera renaistre son sang de l'antique verné, Renouuellant siecle d'or pour l'airain.

Being born in humble background and at night He shall be a sovereign in power and goodness He shall resemble an ancient blood being born again He shall renew a golden age for his Faith out of a brass one.


King Henry of France is born at night from a great lineage but through a present humble background. He will rule with firmness but also with kindness. He will remind us of his great ancestor, Charlemagne the Great. He will bring about the Golden age for the Christendom to the world especially Europe. 5.42

Mars esleué en son plus haut beffroy, Fera retraire les Allobrox de France : La gent Lombarde fera si grand effroy, A ceux de l'Aigle compris sous la Balance.

Mars elevated to the highest tower Shall make Savoy return to France The people of Lombardy shall have a great fear Of those of the Eagle governed under law.

Mars is war; Libra or Balance is law and justice; Eagle of balance is USA. In the latter part or second half of WW III, Savoy of Italy will be restored to France who owned it in the sixteenth century. US will liberate Lombardy and drive the Muslim occupiers away. 5.43

La grand ruyne des sacrees ne s'eslongne, Prouence, Naples, Sicile Seez & Ponce : En Germanie, au Rin & à Cologne, Vexez à mort par tous ceux de Magonce.

The great ruin of the sacred is not for long Provence, Naples, Sicily, Seez and Ponce In Germany towards the Rhine and Cologne They shall be vexed to death by those of Magog.

Seez and Ponce are the Holy See and Pontiff of Rome. Magog is the Mongolians of old ( Quatrain 10.72.) The Church’s properties will be looted and Clergy murdered under the Russian and Muslim advancement toward Europe including Germany, France, and Italy. Germany will be ruled by the Mongolians of old. As Germany lies in the northern Europe, adjacent to Russia, therefore, the new Mongolians have to symbolize the Russian troops. Thus, Quatrain 10.72 indicated that by the year of 1999 and “seven” months, a leader of Russia would be elected and later terrorize the whole world like the Mongolian King of old. In the prophetic language, “seven” is the figurative term implying a predestination or completeness. Thus, Nostradamus meant that at some time in the year of 1999AD, at the destined month, a terrible leader of Russia would be elected. Putin was elected to be the prime minister of Russia in August of 1999. Actually, he was the only important world leader was elected in 1999AD upon whom the prophecy of 10.72 could be applied. Magog is one party involving in the ultimate battle of Armageddon and the other is Gog or Western troops.



Par mer le rouge sera prins des pyrates, La paix sera par son moyen troublee : L'ire & l'auare commettra par sainct acte, Au grand Pontife sera l'armee doublee.

By sea the red one shall be kidnapped by pirates The peace through that shall be troubled Anger and greed committed by a false act For the great Pontiff, the army is doubled.

A cardinal will be kidnapped by Muslim terrorists in Mediterranean Sea. This event will lead to WW III. His kidnap will reveal the Muslim ambitions and plans to dominate the whole region. Many will begin to turn back and believe in the Teaching of the Church. The “army” here mean the militant Church of true believers. 5.45

Le grand Empire sera tost desolé, Et translaté pres d'arduenne silue : Les deux bastards pres l'aisné decollé, Et regnera Aeneodarb, nez de milue.

The great Empire shall be desolate Shall change near the forest of the unardent The two bastards shall be beheaded by the oldest Aenodarb, the hawk-nosed, shall reign.

Two bastards are France and Italy; “aisne’ Aenodarb” is the oldest Muslim or the radical Muslim similar to the ones of the distant past; “arduenne” is the anagram of the “un-ardent” meaning lukewarm Christians. Because of the loss of Faith, two rebellious sons of the Church, France and Italy, will be mutilated by the vicious radical Muslims. Hawk-nosed is the Middle Eastern facial feature. 5.46 5.46

Par chappeaux rouges querelles & nouueaux scismes, Quand on aura esleu le Sabinois, On produira contre luy grands sophismes, Et sera Rome lesee par Albanois.

Red hat quarrel, a new schism When one Sabine being elected pope Great sophism shall be produced against him And Rome shall be damaged by Albanians.

The cardinals will not be united in selecting a Sabinian to be the new pope. Sabine is the region near Rome. Albanian Muslims will attack Rome at this time. Albanians


might not be the foreign invaders, but the Muslim immigrants. Thus, the burning of Rome might be caused by civil unrest or terrorist acts.


Le grand Arabe marchera bien auant, Trahy sera par les Bisantinois, L'antique Rodes luy viendra au deuant, Et plus grand mal par austre Pannonois.

The great Arab shall march a great distance He shall be betrayed by Byzantines The ancient Rhodes shall come to meet him And greater evil through the other Slav.

Arabs here represent Muslims; Byzantines is the modern Turkey; the ancient Rhodes is Greece whose ancestors came from the same region “Pannon” or the modern Eastern or Central Europe. The other Pannon or the other Slav is Russia. Turkey will be the only Muslim country in the western world who will not support the Muslim aggression led by Iran. Eventually, the Islamic fundamentalists will team up with Greece to weaken and then topple the Turkish government. After Turkey falls into the hands of the Muslim extremists, Russia will attack southern Europe together with Iran going through Turkey and through the Central European countries such as Hungary as the term “Pannonois” indicates. 5.48

Apres la grande affliction du sceptre, Deux ennemis par eux seront daffaits, Classe d'Affrique aux Pannonois viedra naistre, Par mer & terre seront horribles faits.

After the great affliction to the Scepter Two enemies can overcome one another An African fleet shall show up in Hungary By sea and land shall commit horrible acts.

After the death of King Henry of France, Europe will become weakened and unstable. Faith and morality will fall into decay again. Western and Eastern camps begin equal in military strength. Muslim navy will soon invade and attack Europe again. 5.49

Nul de l'Espagne mais de l'antique France, Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle : A l'ennemy sera faicte fiance, Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.

Not from Spain but from the ancient France One shall be elected to govern the trembling ship To the enemy promise shall be made


Who during his reign shall endure a cruel plague.
Here Nostradamus prophesied on the selection of Pope JP II who was preferred over a Spanish cardinal in 1978. His ancestors originated from the ancient land of Frankish Empire which was formed and reigned by Emperor Charlemagne. He will be struggling to fight off many demands from the liberal forces within his own rebellious clergy and from the carnal worldly societies. He is governing the Church throughout a troubling time for the Church and also for the whole world. Later on, at the onset of WW III, JP II might be forced to flee from the approaching Muslim army. 5.50

L'an que les freres du lys seront en aage, Lvn d'eux tiendra la grande Romanie, Trembler les monts, ouuert Latin passage, Pache marcher contre fort d'Armenie.

In the year the brothers of lilies shall be of age One of them shall hold the great Roman empire The mountains shall tremble, the Latin ( Italian ) passage opened Allies shall march against the stronghold of Armenia.

The two brothers of lilies (fleur de lys), the royal French, are two descendents from Charlemagne the Great. One of them will be selected to be Pope and the other to be the temporal King or the leader of the Christian world, King Henry of France who will liberate France and Italy driving away the Muslim and Russian invaders. He will lead the Allied forces toward Iran (the stronghold of Amernia ) and the Middle East for the final battles. Armenia here is the ancient province consisting of the land located north- westward and right above Iran and a part of Iran itself. 5.51

La gent de Dace, d'Angleterre & Polonne, Et de Bohesme feront nouuelle ligue : Pour passer ourre d'Hercules la colonne, Barcyns, Tyrrens dresser cruelle brigue.

The people of Dace (Romania), England, and Polonne (Poland) And of Bohemia (Czechs) shall form a new league To go beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar) Bareyns ( Barcelonia or Spain) and Thyrrens ( Tyrrehenians or Italians) shall make a cruel plot.


Romania, Poland, England, and Czechs are united to start a revolt against the AntiChrist but fail, defeated by the Spanish and Italian troops who are under the AntiChrist’s command. This antiChrist here might be Hitler as this quatrain might be applied to WW II. 5.52

Vn Roy sera qui donrra l'opposite, Les exilez esleuez sur le regne : De sang nager la gent caste hypolite, Et florira long temps soubs telle enseigne.

The King who shall give out contradictions The neglected exiled shall be elected to the kingdom Those who are chaste and humble shall be made unblemished by the Blood And shall flourish for a long time under His banner.

Jesus Christ is the stumbling block or contradictions to the world. Those who are humble, chaste, poor, disadvantageous are His people who will be washed clean by the Blood of the unblemished Lamb. 5.53

La loy de Sol, & Venus contendans, Appropriant l'esprit de prophetie : Ne l'vn ne l'autre ne seront entendans, Par Sol tiendra la loy du grand Messie.

The Law of the Sun and Venus contending Appropriating the spirit of prophecy Neither one or another to be understood By God’s design, the law of Messiah will prevail.

Men will struggle between the Divine Law and the law of flesh or animal instincts. All things have been prophesied but men will not comprehend or neglect the ancient prophecies. At the end, through the Divine Design, Love will prevail. 5.54

Du pont Eunixe & la grand Tartarie, Vn Roy sera qui viendra voir la Gaule, Transpercera Alane & l'Armenie, Et dans Bisance lairra sanglante Gaule.

From the Black Sea and great Tartaria A king shall come to see France He shall go across Alane ( southern Russia ) and Armenia And shall leave a bloody rod in Byzantine.


Tartaria is located in Central Asia, perhaps Siberia. Russian troops will initiate from the Black Sea region, conquering Turkey and Italy, and eventually will reach France. The great Wall separates China from Tartary region. Alania is the southern state of Russia. Armenia is a part of the modern Turkey, North-West of Iran, including the modern Armenia. After seeing Russia committing to WW III, China will attack and conquer Siberia and Tartaria on the way to Europe, will travel through the southern Russia, to Turkey, and go on to Central Europe joining force with the Western troops to defeat the Russian force. 5.55

De la felice Arabie contrade, Naistre puissant de loy Mahometique : Vexer l'Espagne, conquester la Grenade, Et plus par mer a la gent Lygustique.

Out of the fortunate Arabic country One shall be born, powerful in Mohammedan law Who shall vex Spain, conquer Granada And by sea shall conquer most of Italian people.

Muslim fundamentalists under Iranian leadership will conquer Spain and invade the Italian coast, and finally control most Italian territories. 5.56

Par le trespas du tres vieillard pontife, Sera esleu Romain de bon aage : Qu'il sera dit que le Siege debiffe Et long tiendra & de picquant ouurage.

By the death of a very old Pontiff A Roman of good age shall be elected It is said that he dishonors the Holy See He shall live long and shall stir up bickering courage.

A relatively young cardinal will become pope to replace JP II. He will reign a long time, probably throughout WW III, will cause many controversies and a formal Schism in the Catholic Church because of his decrees and his sensual lifestyle. He is the one who will abolish the celibacy rule for priests ( 5.38). We shall see. 5.57

Istra du mont Gaulsier & Auentin, Qui par le trou aduertira l'armee : Entre deux rocs sera prins le butin, De Sext. mansol faillir la renommee.

One shall come out from Mount Gaulsier and Aventin Who through a hole shall warn the army Between two rocks the booty shall be taken About SEX, the “Labor of the Sun” shall lose his renown.


Mount Gaulsier and Aventin are two hills where Rome is located on. Rome citizens will be alarmed of the approaching Muslim troops. Two rocks are the Seat of peter or Rome and the Holy Pontiff, Pope John Paul II who is prophesied as the “Labor of the Sun” or “De Labore Solis” in Latin by St. Malachi around 1100 AD. Mansol is the abbreviation of manus or labor in Latin and sol or sun. This prophetic title is used to described JP II as the Holy Pontiff had consecrated his life to the service of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the woman depicted in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, clothed with the Sun and in labor of a child birth. JP II is the most popular to many Christians and the world due to his conservative teaching on human sexuality and sexual sin. His views are conformable to the Teaching of the Church, but are viewed as controversial and outdated by the sinful modern world and by a large portion of his rebellious flock. 5.59

Au chef Anglois à Nimes trop feiour, Deuers l'Espagne au secours Areobarbe, Plusieurs mourront par Mars ouuert ce iour, Quand en Artois faillir estoille en barbe.

The English chief rests at Nimes too long Instead going to Spain to help against Aenobarbe Many shall die that day through an open war When at Artois the comet falling.

Aenobarbe is the bearded one or a Muslim general, the same being described in 5.47. English retards in helping Spain to fight off the Muslim invaders. 5.60

Par teste rase viendra bien mal eslire, Plus que sa charge ne porte passera : Si grand fureur & rage fera dire, Qu'à feu & sang tout sexe tranchera.

By the shaven head, ill choice being selected The charge so great he cannot carry So great a furor and rage he shall proclaim That both sexes …. Behind fire and blood.

An antipope is selected by some sort of a religious circle, a so-called concave of cardinals under the Muslim watch? He will abolish the celibacy rule, possibly tolerating homosexual lifestyle of the religious, or maybe introducing female priesthood as both sexes will be deemed equal in religious life, in priesthood, or in personal sexual lifestyle? A formal Schism in the Roman Catholic Church would definitely happen if one of these speculations truly occur in the future. 5.61

L'enfant du grand n'estant à sa

The child destined for greatness but born


naissance, Subiuguera les hauts monts Appennins, Fera trembler tous ceux de la Balance, Et des monts feux iusques à mont Cenis.

of a humble birth Shall subdue the high Apennine mountains Shall make those under Libra tremble Fire from mountains as far as Mount Senis ( Cenis.)

King Henry of France will drive out all Muslim invaders from Europe, liberate France and Italy, establish an occupying force in the Middle East after the war, restore Christendom for Europe and the whole world. He is born of a humble birth but destined for greatness as he will become the only world leader, the position is now reserved for the US President. USA is symbolized here as Libra which has the astrological sign as the balance as US is the country known to be governed by law and order. 5.62

Sur les rochers sang on verra plouuoir, Sol, Orient, Saturne Occidental, Pres Orgon guerre, à Rome grand mal voir, Nefs parfondrées & prins le Tridental.

Blood shall be seen raining on rocks Sun in the east, Saturn in the west War will be near Orgon, great evil seen in Rome Ships sunken and Tridental taken.

The Sun stands for God; Saturn stands for the Lord or the Day of the Lord or the Judgment Day. Tridental might stands for an aircraft carrier or naval military power ( I think one nuclear submarine was named Tridental.) WW III will occur according to the Divine Plan as God is present in both East and West, in both Eastern and Western Alliances. Rome will be occupied and inflicted. 5.63

De vaine emprinse l'honneur indeuë plainte, Gallots errants, par latins froid, faim vagues : Non loing du Tymbre de sang terre tainte Et sur humains seront diuerses plagues.

Honor and complaint shall bring about a futile attempt Galley crafts shall venture through Latin seas enduring cold and hunger Not far from Tiber, the earth shall be soaked with blood Upon mankind, various plagues inflicted.

Because of the AntiChrist’s oppression and humiliation, a futile mismatched attempt or revolt will be carried out by sea. The rebel fleet will be destroyed when it gets closer to Rome which probably will become the Seat of the AntiChrist who will inflict much suffering on the world besides other natural causes. The world in his time will be much degenerated.



Les assemblez par repos du grand nombre, Par terre & mer, conseil contremandé : Pres de l'Automne, Gennes, Nice de l'ombre, Par champs & villes le chef contrebandé.

The peaceful assemblies in great numbers Through land and sea revolution council From the people of free will, the shadow of Niceans Through fields and villages, revolution against their leaders.

Antibes is the ancient Greek Antipolis of which name means the opposite of Nice. So the “shadow of Nice” is the hint given to “Antonne” which can deciphered to be Antibes. All three towns are adjacent to each other along the coastal areas of France and Italy by the Mediterranean Sea. Right before WW III, there will be many civil unrests and demonstrations in many towns and villages in France and Italy. 5.65

Subit venu l'effrayeur sera grande, Des principaux de l'affaire cachez : Et dame en braise plus ne sera veuë, De peu à peu seront les grands faschez.

Coming suddenly, the terror is so great The principal figures in the affair stay hidden The lady on the burning coal shall be seen no more Little by little the great ones get angry.

Terrorism is escalating making US and Israel getting frustrated and angry , want to retaliate. 5.66 Soubs les antiques edifices estaux, Non eslongnez d'aqueduct ruyne, De Sol & Luna sont les luysants mataux, Ardante lampe Trayan d'or buriné. Under the ancient edifices of the vestals Not far from the ruined aqueduct The shining metals of the Sun and Moon The burning lamp of Trojan engraved in gold.

In the Holy Mass, in the presence of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist (the ancient Edifice), after the world war (the ruined aqueduct) where one can see the remaining weapons and remnants of the war from Christian side ( Sol ,Sun ) and from Muslim side ( lune, Moon). Trojan or Royal French, King Henry will become glorious. 5.67


Quand chef Perousse n'osera sa tunique, Sens au couuert tout nud s'expolier, Seront print sept faict Aristocratique, Le pere & fils morts par pointe au collier.

When the chief of Perugia who is rarely seen without a tunic Without cover, all naked and exposed Seven aristocrats shall be taken Father and sons shall be dead with a cut at the throat.

The chief of Perugia is the Pope. Pope JP II will be martyred and his body will be defiled. The entire clergy accompanying him will be killed also, beheaded or cut by their throats. 5.68

Dans le Danube & du Rin viendra boire, Le grand Chameau, ne s'en repentira : Trembler du Rosne & plus fort ceux de Loire, Et pres des Alpes coq les ruynera.

In Danube and Rhine shall come to drink The great Camel shall not repent Rhone trembles and more so those at Loire And from the Alps, Cock shall be ruined.

The term “grand Chameau” or great Camel indicates the Muslim troops. Muslim invasion will be stalled in Germany beginning of the turning point in WW III, but the Muslim forces do not give up their ambition in conquering the whole Western Europe. The first two lines also mean Iran and Russia agree to carve Europe in two halves, the southern Europe belong to Iran and the northern and central to Russia. Therefore, Iran will stop their advance at the border of Germany which will be controlled by Russian troops. Anyway, great devastation will happen in northern France where Rivers Rhone and Loire run. After invading Italy, Muslim troops will use the high position from the Alps to bombard the southern France with missiles and some probably will be equipped with weapon of mass destruction to pave the way for their invasion which will follow. Inflicting great civilian casualties prior to a military assault will be their warfare tactics during this world war. 5.69

Plus ne sera le grand en faux sommeil, L'inquiétude viendra prendre repos : Dresser phalange d'or, azur & vermeil, Subiuger Affrique la ronger iusque aux os.

The great one shall be no more in false sleep The restlessness shall give place to a peaceful rest Raise the army of gold, blue, and red He shall conquer Africa and grind it down to the bones.


French troops will gain confidence and courage to fight back against the ferocious, more powerful Muslim army after they realize that God is on their side. The Western allies will conquer the northern Africa after many exhausted wartime campaigns. 5.70

Des regions subiettes à la Balance, Feront troubler les monts par grande guerre : Captif tout sexe deu & toute bisance, Qu'on criera à l'aube terre à terre.

The regions are subjected to US force The mountains shall be troubled through the great war The entire sex (males) are prisonned and all are Muslims So that one shall cry (in prayers) at dawn from land to land.

The war on terror, the hunt of bin Laden, in the mountainous Afghanistan. US force captured all Muslim males. American actions will stir up the hatred by the Muslims throughout the world as, seen here as they offer their prayers to their Allah against their common enemy. Balance or Libra symbolizes US. 5.71

Par la fureur d'vn qui attandra l'eau, Par la grand rage tout l'exercice esmeu, Chargé de nobles à dix-sept batteaux, Au long du Rosne tard messager venu.

By the furor of one who wait in the water By the great rage, the whole army moved Seventeen boats full of the clergy Along the Rhone River, the messenger comes too late.

JP II and the religious company will be captured along the River Rhone probably by the Muslim army who lie waiting by the river for them. 5.72

Pour le plaisir d'edict voluptueux, On meslera la poison dans l'aloy : Venus sera en cours si vertueux, Qu'offusquera du Soleil tout aloy.

By the pleasure of voluptuous edict The poison shall be mixed in law Venus shall follow a virtuous course Which shall obscure all the law of the Sun.

The temptation of flesh or sex will influence the social justice especially when it is sugar-coated with fanciful humanistic terms to entice and mislead man’s conscience which is already so clouded to be able to recognize the Lord’s commands and natural laws.



Persecutee de Dieu sera l'Eglise, Et les saints temples seront expoliez : L'enfant la mere mettra nud en chemise, Seront Arabes aux Polons raliez.

The Church of god shall be persecuted And the holy temples shall be plundered The child shall search for his dead mother’s breast Arabians shall be allied with Poles.

During the period after WW III and before the coming of the antiChrist, Catholicism is the only recognized religion of the whole world. The AntiChrist shall persecute all devout Christians, shall destroy temples or churches, shall murder citizens. Many will hate him even the former enemies such as former Muslims and Polish Catholics who will become allies in revolting against the antiChrist. 5.74

De sang Troy en naistra cœur Germanique, Qui deuiendra en si haute puissance, Hors chassera gent estrange Arabique, Tournant l'Eglise en pristine preeminence.

Of the Trojan blood, one shall be born with German heart Who shall attain so high a power He shall chase away the foreign Arabic people Shall restore the Church to her pristine preeminence.

The ancient legends says that the French royal line descended from Francus, the son of Priam of Troy. Trojan blood together with German heart mean a descendant of the great Charlemagne whose Frankish Empire covered the entire modern Western Europe and many parts of Eastern Europe. This descendant of Charlemagne destined for greatness again is King Henry of France who will defeat the Muslim invaders and restore the Christian Faith to her former glory. 5.76

En lieu libere tendra son pauillon, Et ne voudra en citez prendre place : Aix, Carpen, l'Isle volce mont Cauaillon Par tout les lieux abolira la trasse.

In a free place he shall pitch his tent Shall not want to stay in the cities Aix, carpentras, Lisle Volse, Mount Cavaillon In all these places, he shall abolish his trace.

Covert war with scouting of a special force or terrorists infiltrating into the mentioned French territories. 5.77


Tous les degrez d'honneur Ecclesiastique, Seront changez en dial quirinal : En Martial quirinal flaminique, Vn Roy de France le rendra vulcanal.

All the degrees of the Ecclesiastical honor Shall change into Quirinal dial (Sun Dial ) And Martial Quirinal shall be in flame Afterwards, the King of France shall turn it into Vulcanal.

All the chronology concerning the spiritual state of the Church of Christ will resemble a Sun Dial in which the dial will downward toward the south and the Martial Dial is inflaming meaning the predestined time for wars. If the north of the Sun Dial which represents the Church or human history is at 0 AD, the very opposite end or the south of the dial indicates 2000 AD. Thus, this prophecy means the whole world will be inflamed in wars around 2000AD. And after the wars, King Henry of France will melt all weapons literally into crafts and tools or ploughshare ( Vulcan is the Roman god of blacksmiths and crafts.) Modern weapons will be destroyed and carrying weapons will be prohibited. 5.78

Les deux vnis ne tiendront longuement, Et dans treze ans au barbare s'attrappe : Aux deux costez feront tel perdement, Qu'vn benira la barque & sa cappe.

The two united shall not united for long After thirteen years, one shall become Barbarian governor They shall cause such a loss on both sides One should pray for the boat and its cap.

Satrappe is the governor of the ancient Persia. The two united are USA and USSR or Soviet Union. The Cold War ended in 1987. But 13 years later or around 2000 AD, Russia will support Iran and other Muslim countries pushing the world toward World War III. Both US and Russia will suffer greatly. “Barque” or boat stands for the Church and “cappe” for the Pope. The faithful believers will have to pray hard for the Church and the Pope as they will endure great persecution during the war. 5.79

La sacree pompe viendra baisser les aisles Par la venuë du grand Legislateur : Humble haussera, vexera les rebelles, Naistra sur terre aucun aemulateur.

The sacred cherubim shall bow down his wings At the coming of the great Judge He shall raise up the lowly and vex the rebellious None like Him shall again be born.


The Lord Jesus Christ shall come as the terrible Judge. WW III is the Divine Purification or Justice on the present sinful world. 5.80

Logmion grande Bisance approchera, Chassée sera la barbarique ligue, Des deux loix l'vne l'aethinique laschera, Barbare & franche en perpetuelle brigue.

The great Ogmion shall approach Byzantine Shall chase away the Muslim league Of the two laws, the wicked one shall fail Muslims and France in a perpetual struggle.

Ogmion is the Celtic Hercules or the Great Frenchman. The prophet used this term only to indicate either King Henry or the great Pope or Pope JP II whose lineage could be traced back to Charlemagne. King Henry of France will chase away all Muslims. At the end, the law of Love will prevail. France and Muslims will be constantly at wars during WW III and after the war. 5.81

L'oyseau Royal sur la Cité solaire, Sept mois deuant fera nocturne augure : Mur d'Orient cherra tonnerre esclaire, Sept iours aux portes les ennemis à l'heure.

The royal bird over the solar city For seven months gives advanced warning at night The Eastern Wall shall fall, the lightning shall shine For seven days the enemy at the gate.

The Solar City is Paris which was once was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Eastern wall can be the East Berlin Wall. For many months, airplanes will guard the sky above Paris against any terrorist activities. The fall of East Berlin Wall is a significant event as afterwards, Muslims will invade Paris. 5.83

Ceux qui auront entrepris subuertir Nompareil regne puissant & inuincible, Feront par fraude, nuicts trois aduertir, Quand le plus grand à table lira Bible.

Those that shall undertake subvert plans In the kingdom unparallel in power and invincibility Shall by fraud advertise for three nights When the greatest one shall read Bible at his table.

It is amazing that the prophet had used the word “advertise” 500 years ago. This quatrain described US presidential campaign with TV commercial used for distortion


and personal attacks. The leader in this vision is someone who loved to be seen in public with a Bible. 5.84

Naistra du gouphre & cité immesuree, Nay de parens obscurs & tenebreux : Quand la puissance du grand Roy reueree, Voudra destruire par Rouen & Eureux.

One shall be born out of the gulf and the immeasurable city Born of parents obscure and dark Who the power of the revered great king Shall wish to destroy using Rouen and Eureux.

The AntiChrist will be born either in Attica or Jerusalem. He will have an ambition to be the King of all kings. His parents are evil people. The last line is not clear to me, Rouen and Eureux might be Middle East and Europe respectively. Rouen sounds like Ruined and Eureux like Eurow or Europe. 5.85

Par les Sueues & lieux circonuoisins, Seront en guerres pour cause des nuees, Gamp marins locustes & cousins, Du Leman fautes seront bien desnuees.

By Switzerland and neighboring places Shall be at war for the reason of clouds Swarm of marine locusts and insects The fault of Lake Leman (Geneva) shall appear naked.

Switzerland and neighbors shall be at war due to the water shortage. Lake Leman will be so emptied of water that one can see its basin, exposing all marine species. This quatrain can also mean Geneva will hold an international conference dealing with global warming and shortage of water. 5.86

Par les deux testes & trois bras separez, La cité grande par eau sera vexee, Des grands d'entr'eux par exil esgarez, Par teste perse, Bisance fort pressee.

Separated into two heads and three arms The great city shall be vexed by water Many great ones among them being scattered through exile By the Iranian leaders, Turkey shall be hard-pressed.

Perse is Persia or the modern Iran. Bisance is the modern Turkey. Iran and Muslim fundamentalists shall stir up the political unrest in Turkey which is already suffered much with flooding. Civil wars shall take place and many leaders shall be put into exile.



L'an que Saturne sera hors de seruage, Au franc terroir sera d'eau inondé : De sang Troyen sera son mariage, Et sera seur d'Espagnol circonder.

The year Saturn out of service Frankish territory inundated with water His marriage is with the Trojan blood And the territory shall be encircled by Spaniards.

Saturn is the Lord Jesus Christ Who had made the covenant with the former French Royal blood who once consecrated France to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to be the Patron of their country so long as they were faithful to Him. The unfaithfulness and rebellion of the current atheistic and paganistic France has severed that ancient covenant. The Lord shall withdraw His Blessing on His beloved France and they shall suffer with natural disasters and then wars. The terms “Frankish” and “Trojan” relate to the ancient tradition that the royal French originated from the ancient Frankish race. 5.88

Sur le sablon par vn hydeux deluge, Des autres mers trouué monstre marin : Proche du lieu sera fait vn refuge, Tenant Sauone esclaue de Turin.

Upon the sand through a hideous deluge From other seas found a marine monster Near a place a refuge shall be made Holding Savona slave (hostage) to Turin.

A marine monster from other seas are Muslim invaders coming from foreign lands who will attack Turin first causing refugees flooding to Savona and the latter will become hostage to the advancing Muslim troops. A sea animal die on the sand or a Marine amphibious landing on Italian beaches. 5.89

Dedans Hongrie par Boheme, Nauarre, Et par banniere feintes seditions : Par fleurs de lys pays portant la barre, Contre Orleans fera esmotions.

Into Hungaria, through Bohemia, from Navarre Under the banner of the saintly resistance By the country of the royal French who carries the cross (bar) Against Orleans shall be commotions.

Russia will occupy Hungary after taking Czechoslovakia. They will consolidate their control in Central Europe using a false excuse for their occupation, but their main intention is to prepare for the invasion into Western Europe. France and Germany belong to the ancient French Royal, “fleur de lis” or Frankish Empire of Emperor


Charlemagne the Great. King Henry coming from the ancient royal kingship of France will lead the Western Alliance troops first to repel Russian troops, and later to penetrate deep into the Central Europe to defeat the Russian troops. 5.90

Dans les cyclades en Perinthe & Larisse, Dedans Sparte tout le Pelloponesse; Si grand famine, peste, par faux connisse, Neuf mois tiendra & tout le cherrouesse.

In the Cyclades, in Corinth and Larissa In Sparta, and all the Peloponese So great famine, plague widespread Shall last nine months in all the peninsula.

Greece will suffer great droughts and plagues. 5.91

Au grand marché qu'on dit des mensongers, Du bout Torrent & camp Athenien : Seront surprins par les cheuaux legers, Par Albanois Mars, Leo, Sat. vn versien.

In the great market called of liars Of all rivers and Athenian field They shall be surprised by the swift horsemen By the Albanians – Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius.

Greece will become paganistic again, like the ancient Greece, “the market of liars.” They will be attacked by Albanians and other Muslim invaders, when Saturn joining Mars or The Lord meters out His Justice in the form of wars. 5.92

Apres le siege tenu dix sept ans, Cinq changeront en tel reuolu terme : Puis sera l'vn esleu de mesme temps, Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme.

After the seat tenured for seventeen years Five shall change in revolutionary period After that, one shall be elected the same time (with his predecessor) Who will not be conformable to the clergy.

Pope Pius XI (1922-1939), Pius XII (1939-1958), John XXIII (1958-1963), Paul VI ( 1963-1978), John Paul I (1978-1978), John Paul II (1978-now.) JP II was elected the same year with JP I. He faces an unprecedented and open opposition from many heretical clergy and theologians who should be completely loyal to the Vicar of Christ in interpreting the Teaching of the Church on Faith and morality. 5.93


Sous le terroir du rond globe lunaire, Lors que sera dominateur Mercure : L'isle d'Escosse sera vn luminaire, Qui les Anglois mettra à deconfiture.

Under the territory of the round luminary globe When Mercury shall dominate The Scottish Island shall make a great light Who shall put England into revolution.

The whole world will be enlightened after WW III. The Scottish or Irish will evangelize and bring England back to the true Faith. 5.95

Nautique rame inuitera les vmbres, Du grand Empire, lors viendra conciter : La mer Egee des lignes les encombres, Empeschant l'onde Tyrrene de floter.

The nautical oar shall invite the shadows Then to the great Empire they shall come to provoke In the Algean Sea debris shall clutter Hinder Tyrrhenian Sea to flow.

After a prayer ceremony to invoke the blessing of the Holy Spirit (shadows), they will attack the stronghold of the AntiChrist. A futile attempt as their fleet will be destroyed in Tyrrehenian Sea. 5.96

Sur le milieu du grand monde la rose, Pour nouueaux faits sang public espandu, A dire vray on aura bouche close, Lors au besoin viendra tard l'attendu.

In the middle of the world, a rose shall bloom For the renewal, blood shall be shed in public One shall be censored for telling the truth Then at an appointed time, a long-waited one shall come.

Blessed Virgin Mary whose one of many titles is the Mystical Rose, has warned us about the snares of the Devil, the need to repent and return to God, and the coming Divine Purification or Chastisement, but we have chosen not to listen to her messages. Bloodshed now is needed for the Purification of this sinful world. The long-waited one, King Henry of France, will put all things in order again. 5.97

Le nay difforme par horreur suffoqué, Dans la cité du grand Roy habitable :

Born deformed through horror suffocated In the habitable city of a great king


L'edit seuere des captifs reuoque, Gresle & tonnerre Condom inestimable.

Severe verdict against the captives revoked Hail and thunders, condom cannot be estimated.

A deformed baby is aborted by induced premature labor, left alone unassisted to suffocate to death, in a “habitable” or well-to-do, prosperous city. Severe punishments will be metered out against those who committed this monstrous atrocities against the unborn babies. They will be held captive eternally in hell. The word “condom” in the last line is indeed the name of the loathful contraceptive device. Its effect or the contraceptive mentality on society and morality is extremely significant, here signified with thunder and lightning as its usage has led to many offenses, loss of souls, and has provoked the anger from Heaven. 5.98

A quarante-huict degré climatterique, A fin de Cancer si grande secheresse, Poisson en mer fleuue, lac cuit hectique Bearn, Bigorre par feu ciel en detresse.

At the climatique degree of forty eight At the end of Cancer so great a drought Fish in sea, river, lake shall hectically boiled Bearn, Bigorre by heavenly fire in great distress.

48 Celcius degrees equals to 118 Fahrenheit degrees, very warm indeed. Nostradamus described Celcius degrees, the temperature units which were not invented until several centuries later. “Cancer” stands for natural calamities. Global Warming is the last kind of the natural calamities, the most severe with long-lasting effects upon the planet Earth and its inhabitants. 5.99

Milan, Ferrare, Turin & Aquilleye, Capne Brundis vexez par gent Celtique, Par le Lyon & phalange aquilee, Quand Rome aura le chef vieux Britannique.

Milan, Ferrara, Turin, and Aquilia Capne, Brundis shall be vexed by French And by the Lion and eagle troops When Rome shall have a new chief, the older Britain.

The Western Allies consist of France, England, And US will liberate Italy from the Muslim and Russian aggressors.




Autour des monts Pyrennees grand amas, De gent estrange, secourir Roy nouveau : Pres de Garonne du grand temple du Mas, Un Romain chef le craindra dedans l'eau.

Around the Pyrenean mountains great mass of people Foreign people who help the new king Near Garonne by the great temple of Muslims Roman chief or the Pope fears those coming by sea.

“Amas” can mean either “mass of people” or “belonging to Muslims”; “roi nouveau” is the new king or here the leader of Muslim invaders; Mas is Muslim, temple of Mas is the great Muslim mosque in Rome. Pope JP II worries seeing the Muslim naval force approaching Italy as he is watching them from Garonne, away from Rome. 6.2

En l'an cinq cens octante plus & moins On attend le siecle bien estrange : En l'an sept cens & trois (cieux en tesmoins) Aue plusieurs regnes un à cinq feront change.

In the year five hundred eighty more or less One attends very strange century In the year seven hundred and three Heaven shall witness Many kingdom, one out of five shall perish.

Henry Roberts, a Nostradamus commentator, pointed out that the prophet subtract 325, the year of the Nicean Council , the first Council held in 325 AD, out of the actual year of some very significant events or periods in human history. Thus, the year of 580 is actually the year of 1000 + 580 + 325 = 1905 AD, the beginning of the 20th century in which we witnessed many radical changes or uproots from the traditions and moral standards. We have witnessed many world wars, genocides, and alos technological advances. And the year of 703 is actually 1000 + 703 + 325 = 2028 AD, the year the East Alliance most noticeably the Muslim forces will be


defeated in Europe and Middle East. These dates according to the prophet himself are merely the approximations as only God the Almighty controls all things, and men can delay or advance, prolong or shorten the Divine Chastisement by their conducts. The method of dating the future events beginning with the year of the Nicean Council was also used in several other quatrains. 6.3

Fleuve qu'esprouve le nouveau nay Celtique, Sera en grande de l'Empire discorde : Le jeune prince par gent Ecclesiastique, Ostera le sceptre coronal de concorde.

When the new born king of France christened in river The great empire or powers of the world in discord The young prince (of France) through ecclesiastic leaders Universally his Scepter coronated.

The legend says that once a new-born heir to the throne of France was put in the River Rhine to see if the new-born babe was actually lawfully begotten or not. When the young French general emerges as the leader of the armies of the Western Alliance to fight off the Muslim invaders, the world is in shamble without an “Empire” or true leading world power or enforcer. Every one is fighting every one else. The young Henry of France is the universal choice to lead the Christian nations, approved or annointed, and supported by the ecclesiastic authority of the “true” Catholic Church which will be the Church in exile, away from Rome. 6.5

Si grand famine par unde pestifere, Par pluye longue le long du pole arctique Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemispere, Vivront sans loy, exempt de politique.

So great Famine caused by pestilent wave Through long rain, as long as the Artic pole Samarobin one hundred leagues from the hemisphere They live without law and indifferent to politics.

The prophet used the word “politics” many centuries before it was invented. We now know the global warming causes unusually severe raining seasons or floods at some regions of the earth and causes droughts and famines in others. One other manifestation of the natural changes is the damage of the ozone layer high above the hemisphere of the planet Earth. “Samarobin” might stand for ozone layer. The changes in climate caused by the global warming can be seen in the disruptive changes in the flowing pattern of the jet streams in oceans going from the Equator


to the Arctic Poles and back. Amazing very accurate and detailed description of the climate changes by someone who lived 500 years ago. 6.6

Apparoistra vers Septentrion, Non loing de Cancer l'Estoille cheueluë : Suse, Sienne, Boece, Eretrion Mourra de Rome grand, la nuit disperuë.

The Serpent King appears near Not far from the bearded star Susa, Sienna, Boetia, Eretria The Pope shall die in an unusual night.

Septentrion is the angram for Serpent-n-Roi or Serpent king or Satan; Rome grand is the great Pope or JP II; bearded star is Halle Bopp; Susa and Sienna represent Italy; Boetia and Eretria represent Greece. When Satan reigns at the second half of the twentieth century, around the time the Comet Halle Bopp appeared, Italy and Greece will suffer with wars, and Pope JP II will be martyred. 6.7

Norneigre & Dace, & l'isle Britanique, Par les vnis freres seront vexees : Le chef Romain issu du sang Gallique, Et les copies aux forests repoulsees.

Norway, Denmark, British Island Through the united brothers shall be troubled The Roman chief issued from French blood While the forces withdrawn into forests.

The coastal countries of Northern Europe will be attacked and suffered by the naval blockages from Russia and Muslim navies. During WW III, the Pope of the true Catholic Church which opposes Rome will be selected from the French clergy. The true Church will be in exile and operate undeground. 6.8

Ceux qui estoient en regne pour sçauoir Au Royal change deuiendront appouuris Vns exilez sans appuy, or n'auoir, Lettres & lettres ne seront à grand pris.

In those kingdoms, those hungry for knowledges Shall be impoverished due to the ruling (governmental) changes The exiled (true believers) shall live without (social) approval and without gold (materialism) The (spiritual) learning and the learned shall not be appreciated

Royal changes are the immoral liberal laws decreed by the ruling class of the governments of this modern world. Often these laws are contrary to the natural laws


and the commandments of God, against Charity and human life. They shall impoverish the souls of many, degenerate the entire generation of human race, and lead many of them to the eternal damnation. Only a few will remain the true believers who adhere to the Teaching of the Church and of the Gospel. They are called here the “exiles” as they deem they are completely detached their life from this temporal world and all its vain riches. They consider their life simply a spiritual journey toward their true home in Heaven. Due to their simplistic lifestyle, conservative thoughts, and unwavering Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, they will be ridiculed by the world. This is why the entire present world do not hold a favorable view to the last Christian Western country on earth, the USA. 6.9

Aux temples saints seront faits grâds scandales, Comptez seront par honneur & loüanges D'vin que l'on graué d'argent, d'or les medalles, La fin sera en tourmens bien estranges.

In sacred temples scandals be committed Counted as worthy of honor and praises Are those engraved in silver and gold, in medals At the end, these shall be tormented in very strange way.

The first line describes the sexual scandal of the Catholic clergy. The rest indicates the Godless materialistic world of the present time. “The first shall be last”, many of those who are now adored in society will be tormented in hell at the judgment Day due to the lack of charity and due to their atheistic immoral lifestyle of neo-pagans. 6.10

Vn peu de temps les temples de couleurs, De blanc & noir les deux entremeslee : Rouges & iaunes leur embleront les leurs, Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d'eau affolce.

In the short time, temples of many colors Black and white shall become mingled Red and yellow take them away and their treasures Blood, earth, plague, hunger, fire, thirst for water.

The Truth and True Faith will become blurred, unclear, not clearly black or white due to the colorful different theologies and secular theories from hell, influenced by human rationalism and lifestyle which values sexual pleasure beyond all bounds, causing many compromises in the matter of Faith, morality, life or death, spiritual matters, and sins. “Red” is Russia and “yellow” is China, two former allies will fight one another for a world domination, destroy one another and take away their opponent’s territorial gains. A mutual destruction during WW III. 6.13


Vn dubiteux ne viendra loing du regne, La plus grand part le voudra soustenir Vn capitole ne voudra point qu'il regne, Sa grande charge ne pourra maintenir.

A dubious one shall not reign long Majority shall wish to support him The Capitol shall not want him to reign So great charge that it shall be hard to maintain.

Clinton is the dubious President. But the majority of the American public was willing to overlook their leader’s immorality for the sake of a strong economy. However, the “Capitol” or the US Congress would impeach him but could not succeed in stripping the Presidency from him. 6.14

Loing de sa terre Roy perdra la bataille, Prompt eschappé poursuiuy suyuant prins, Ignare prins soubs la dorée maille, Soubs faint habit & l'ennemy surprins.

Far from his territory a King shall lose a battle Quick escape, being pursued and captured The ignorant taken under golden chain Disquised with false clothes, his enemies surprised.

The commander of the Muslim forces will be captured in Europe at the end of WW III. 6.17

Apres les limes bruslez les asiniers, Contraints seront changer habits diuers : Les Saturnins bruslez par les musniers, Hors la pluspart qui ne sera musniers.

After the penance burnt by the ass-riders They shall be forced to change into different habits Those of Saturn shall be burnt by millers The greater part shall not be covered.

The French word “limes” means penance, “asiniers” are the ass or donkey riders, indicating Christian or Christian clergy, referring to Christ who rode a donkey upon entering Jerusalem. Those of Saturn are Christian as Saturn stands for the Lord Jesus Christ. A mass extermination of Christians by the Muslim invaders who will conquer Europe. 6.18

Par les phisiques le grand Roy delaissé, Par sort non art ne l'Ebrieu est en vie : Luy & son genre au regne haut poussé,

Through physicians the great King deserted Through fate the art of Hebrews is not


Grace donne à gent qui Christ enuie.

alive Him and His people put on the high place Grace given to those Christ loves.

The great King here is Jesus Christ. Doctors today destroy life through abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, human-cloning, instead of saving lives. “The art of Hebrews” is Judaism which has become a dead or staganant faith slowly dying since the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Old Covenant between the Lord and Abraham had been replaced by the New Covenant made by the Body and Blood of Our Lord. The fact that the Jews deny Christ is destined and the Divine Grace therefore is withdrawn from them, given only to those whom the Lord loves. 6.19

La vray flamme engloutira la dame, Que voudra mettre les innocens à feu, Pres de l'assaut l'exercite s'enflamme, Quand dans Seuille monstre en bœuf sera veu.

The true flame engulfs a lady Who would place the innocents in flame Before the assault the exciter inflames her passion In Seville an ox monster can be seen.

The true flame is the hell-fire. Innocent is the aborted unborn babies. The exciter is an evil spirit. Seville is S-evil-le or the place of evil or Hell. An ox monster is a beast in hell. Human passion is exploited and aroused before a carnal sin of flesh is committed. 6.20

L'vnion fainste sera peu de duree Des vns changes reformez la pluspart : Dans les vaisseaux sera gent enduree, Lors aura Rome vn nouueau Liepart.

The false truce shall last a short duration Some changed, reformed for the most parts In vessels people endure Then in Rome a new liepart installed.

The Muslim occupying force who rule Rome will change civil laws, abolish religious practice and tradition, forbid public worshipping. Many local residents, Christian and Jewish prisonners will be transported overseas by ships probably to distant islands for a mass-extermination and incineration. Muslim authority in Rome will install a “ lie-part” or a puppet antipope. 6.21

Quand ceux de polle artique vnis ensemble,

When those of arctic pole united assembled


En Orient grand effrayeur & crainte, Esleu nouueau soustenu le grand temple, Rodes, Bisance de sang barbare tainte.

In the East great terror and fear New leader elected, the majority support tremble Rhodes and Byzantium both stained by Muslim blood.

Those of artic pole or northern countries, here are Russia and US. The East is Muslim in Middle East. Rhodes is Western Europe. Bisance is the Eastern Europe. Babaric is Muslim. When US and USSR become friends and make peace, Muslim force will become a threat, will raise war and invade Europe, concentrating in the Southern Europe such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. 6.22

Dedans la terre du grand temple celique Nepveu a Londres par paix faincte meutri La barque alors deviendra scismatique Liberte faincte sera au corn et cri.

In the land of the heavenly temple A nephew of London shall be murdered through a false peace The Church then becomes schismatic False liberty shall be propagandized.

The heavenly temple is Jerusalem. A London diplomat will be murdered in Jerusalem probably while he is working on the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. Afterwards, an antipope will be installed in Rome and the Catholic Church will split with the true Church will become the exile Church in France, operating underground and being led by the holy French Pope. The Muslim occupiers will propagandize a false freedom in occupied territories. 6.23

D'esprit de regne munisememens descriees, Et seront peuples esmeus contre leur Roy, Paix, fait nouueau, sainctes loix empirees, Rapis onc fut en si tresdur arroy.

Spirit of reign undermined by (unjust) decrees So people protest against their King Peace, new facts, religious laws regulated Paris (Rapis) shall never been so aroused.

“Rapis” is the anagram for Paris. French population are very unhappy with their government due to the unjust laws and regulations especially those concerning with religious matters. There will be much unrest in Paris. I think this happens right before WW III. 6.24


Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioint, Dessous Cancer calamiteuse guerre : Vn peu apres sera nouueau Riy oingt, Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and Scepter shall conjoin Under Cancer calamituous war Shortly after a new King shall be annointed Who for a long time shall pacify the earth.

“Mars and Scepter” means wars destined by God. Cancer stands for calamity or disasters. Calamituous war is WW III. After WW III breaks out, General Henry from France will be appointed to be the commander of the Western Alliance to fight against Russia-Muslim Alliance. He will bring a long period of peace to Europe after defeating the Muslim forces and liberate Europe. 6.25

Par Mars contraire sera la Monarchie, Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux : Ieune noir rouge prendra la hierarchie, Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Through wars, adversity to the monarchy Of the great fisherman in troubled ruin Young black caridnal (red) shall take over the hierarchie The predators shall arrive on a misty day.

The great fisherman is the successor of St. Peter or the Pope. “Rouge” or red is a cardinal. Predators or Muslim invaders will come to Rome on a misty day. They will appoint a “black” cardinal to be pope who might be an antipope. The adjective “black” might simply means “bad” , not necessarily implying the dark color of the person’s skin. This antipope is being mentioned again in the following quatrain 6.26. 6.26

Quatre ans le siege quelque peu bien tiendra, Vn suruiendra libidineux de vie : Rauenne & Pise, Veronne soustiendront, Por esleuer la croix du Pape enuie.

Four years the holy See shall do some good He subverts a libidinous life Ravenna, Pisa, and Verona shall support him To elevate him to the Papal Cross is their wish.

The first four years, the new pope under Muslim siege is mediocre but noncontroversial. Afterwards, one will learn about his luscious sexual lifestyle. Some Italians catholic circles still support the antipope but the rest of the Catholic world will split off to create a formal Schism in the Church. 6.27


Dedans les isles de cinq fleuues à vn, Par le croissant du grand Chyren Selin : Par les bruynes de l'air fureur de l'vn, Six eschappez, cachez fardeaux de lyn.

Within the islands of five rivers into one Under the crescent of Muslims is the great Henry Through the mist in the air the fury one Six escape, hidden under the pile of linen.

The first verse indicate the region of the South-Eastern France where General Henry cannot hold back the Muslim invaders. “Croissant” is the crescent; “Selin” is the Greek word for moon or Muslim. “Chyren” is the anagram for Henry, the French commander. He and his comrades will escape capture. 6.28

Le grand celtique entrera dedans Rome, Menant amas d'exilez & bannis : Le grand pasteur mettra à mort tout homme Qui pour le coq estoit aux Alpes vnis.

The great Frenchman shall enter the vicinity of Rome Ahead of a mass of the exiled and banished The great pastor (antipope) put to death all men Who for the French troop (coq), clim over the Alps to be united.

General Henry, the leader of the Western Alliance, will defeat Muslim occupiers and liberate Rome. Before the arrival of General Henry, the antipope will order to kill all those who colaborate with French troops. 6.30

Par l'apparence de saincte saincteté, Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege, Nuict qu'on cuidoit dormir en seureté, Pres de Braban marcheront ceux du Liege.

By the appearance of the false sanctity Betrayed to the enemy is the Holy See The night one thinks to sleep in security In Barbarian (country) march those of the League.

The sanctity of the Holy Church is compromised by the falsehood and the apostasy of the clergy. That will bring about the Chastisement in which Muslim troops will march onto Rome. 6.33

Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire, Ne se pourra plus la mer garentir;

His hand finally through the bloody Alus Cannot provide by sea a guarantee


Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire, Le noir l'ireux le fera repentir.

Between two rivers shall fear military hand The irritated black people shall make him repent.

Alus might be Allah, the god of the radical Muslims. Two rivers are Euphrates and Tigris or Middle East. “Irritated black” are the angry Muslims, full of hatred for the West. The defeated Muslim leaders at the end of WW III facing the incoming Western force from their own shores, will be dealt with by their own angry mob. 6.35

Pres de Trion, & proche à blanche laine, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, la Vierge : Mars, Iupiter, le Sol ardra grand plaine Bloys & cités lettres cachez au cierge.

Near the Bear and close to white wool Aries, Taurus, Cancer, leo, Virgo Mars, Jupiter, Sun burning in great plain Wood (countryside), city, letters hidden in candle.

The perfect illustration of Nostradamus’s intended use of astrology to mislead the “fool” and “astrologers.” “Trion” in Latin stands for Triones, the Bear Constellation here with white wool is the polar bear or the Northern country or the modern Russia. Aries stands for Heaven. Taurus (the opposite of Virgo) stands for China. Cancer for calamity, Leo for Pope or JP II, Virgo for US, the country ruled by law and order, Mars for wars, Jupiter for Satan, And Sun for God. “Bois” in French for wood or countryside. The word “letters’ stands for the Truth hidden in prayers or candle. Only through the prayers of repentant hearts that God will reliquish His just indignation to reduce the Divine punishment we are all deserved. 6.36

Ne bien ne mal par bataille terrestre, Ne paruiendra aux confins de Perouse, Rebeller Pise, Florence voir mal estre, Roy nuict blessé sur mulet à noire housse.

Neither good or bad through land battle Not reach the confines of Perugia Pisa rebels, Florence see bad existence King at night wounded on donkey to black house.

Niether side can move through battles on land. The force cannot reach the parameter of Perugia where Rome is. Pisa will put out a tough resistance, Florence will suffer large casualties. Their leaders at night will be wounded and captured to the Muslim headquarters. 6.37

L'œuure ancienne se paracheuera,

The ancient work shall finish


Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruyne, Innocent faict mort on accusera, Nocent caché, taillis à la bruyne.

From roof shall fall upon a great man evil ruin The innocent dead deed they accuse Guilty hidden in the woods of the mist.

The destined work will be accomplished. From the roof a deadly object will fall on a great man. They will accuse the innocent for comitting the murder while the true guilty ones will run hiding in the forest. I think this describes the murder of the Holy Saintly Pontiff, Pope John Paul II. They kill him even they know he is innocent and holy. They kill him even though they know they will commit a monstrous act which will stir up Heaven with anger and the terrible Divine Justice will fall upon them. 6.38

Aux profligez de paix les ennemis, Apres auoir l'Italie supperee : Noir sanguinaire, rouge sera commis, Feu, sang verser, eau de sang coloree.

To proliferate the enemy of peace After seeing Italy suppressed Black one blood-thristy, red one committed Fire, bloodshed, water colored with human blood.

The enemy of peace will proliferate the weapon of mass destruction. Italy will be oppressed by foreign invaders by the “black” or bloody-thirsty Muslims and communist “red” Russians. Fire, bloodshed, seas and rivers will be covered with blood. 6.40

Grand de Magonce pour grande soif estaindre Sera priué de la grand dignité : Ceux de Cologne si fort le viendront plaindre Que le grand groppe au Ryn sera ietté.

The great one of Magog through great thirst quenched Shall be deprived of grand dignity Those of Cologne so hard complain That great group into Rhine fallen.

The leaders of the Eastern Alliance thirst for world domination, therefore, they will invade Europe and elsewhere. But they will suffer the humility of defeat. Not many of Russian and Muslim troops will survive and return to their homelands. The Western troops in Cologne will put up a tough resistance and Muslim troops will be stalled there along with the Russians. They will suffer great casualties along the Rhine region or in German territory. If Chinese troops attack Russians on the Eastern front, this scenario definitely will become reality. 6.41


Le second chef du regne Dannemarc, Par ceux de Frise & l'isle Britannique, Fera despendre plus de cent mille marc. Vain exploiter voyage en Italique.

The second chief of the kingdom of Annermarc Because those of Frise and Britain Island Shall spend more than one hundred thousand marks Vain exploring a voyage to Italy.

“Annemarc” is the angram of “American.” “Frise” is Friesland or the ancient Frisia including Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium or here indicate the entire Northern Europe. The Vice President of US, the second-in-command, because of being occupied by the threat from Russia to Britain and Northern Europe, will divide his naval forces, troops, and attention into two hot spots especially to Germany. And because of the insufficient forces and indecisiveness, US wastes an opportunity to halt the Muslim force from invading the Italian soil. What happens to the Commander-in-Chief of US, President Bush? Will he die of a natural death or being assassinated at this time? I hope not but God has the plan for all of us. 6.42

A logmyon sera laissé le regne, Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict, Par les Itales estendra son enseigne, Regy sera par prudent contrefait.

To Ogmion given the reign Thanks to great Selin he more shall accomplish Throughout Italy shall extend his emble Shall reign with prudent upheavals.

The leadership of the whole world will be placed upon General Henry who is destined to become the modern Charlemagne. Thanks to the intercession of the Mother of God, he will accomplish a great deal. The Italian people will revere him even he is a Frenchman for he will liberate them from the Muslim oppression. He will implement many unpopular or controversial social and cultural changes throughout the European Christendom. Ogmion is a great man, a term Nostradamus often reserved for King Henry or Pope JP II. Selin stands for moon, Muslim or the Mother of God. Contrefait is the opposite fact or controversial change. 6.43

Long temps sera sans estre habitee, Ou Seine & Marne autour vient arrouser De la Tamise & martiaux temptee, Deceus les gardes en cuidant repousser.

Long time not being habited Where Seine and Marne meet, odor shall arise At Thames soldiers stationed The guards deceived as repulsion set up.


Paris where the River Sein and Marne join will become uninhabitable due to the devastation of WW III or rather due to the Divine Chastisement. It will receive the similar fate as Tyre which was completely demolished by Alexander the Great and never being rebuilt again for the crimes they committed. London also suffers the same fate as it will be set up as the defensive front, but actually it will be deserted and abandoned during WW III. 6.44

De nuict par Nantes Lyris apparoistra, Des arts marins susciteront la pluye : Arabiq goulfre grand classe parfondra, Vn monstre en Saxe naistra d'ours & truye.

By night at Nantes rainbow shall appear With marine art facilitate rains Arabian Gulf great fleet sink to the bottom A monster in Saxony shall be born from bear and pig.

Many unusual celestial signs will be seen in France and Italy prior to WW III even at nightime. Bad weather including rain and fog will be created artificially around the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea to reduce the visibility to ships. Nuclear explosion overhead, in the air over the seas will creat this kind of effect by chilling the ambient air and moisture. An explosion with such a magnitude also damage most opposing navies, paved the way for the invasions of the region by Muslim and Russian troops. Consequently, many warships from France, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and even US will be lost even before the main assault. The last line might indicate human cloning being created for military purposes. 6.48

La saincteté trop saincte & seductiue, Accompagnée d'vne langue diserte : La cité vieile & Palme trop hastiue, Florence & Sienne rendront plus desertes.

The sanctity too false and seductive Accompanies with eloquent tongue The Old City and Parma too hasty Florence ans Sienna more deserted.

The Church Teaching and tradition have been loosely adhered to or compromised. The spiritual devotion of both clergy and laymen have been neglected. This results in the degeneration of human sanctity and decline in morality. The Old City or Rome will join the other Italian cities and towns along the coast to be abandoned, surrendered to the incoming Muslims and Russians from the sea prematurely, leaving without putting up a fight. Pope JP II will be among the exiles or refugees. 6.49

De la partie de Mammer grand pontife,

By one party of Mars the great Pontiff


Subiuguera les confins du Dannube : Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe, Captif, or, bagues, plus de cent mille rubes.

Shall be subjugated to the confinement of Danube Chase the crosses bu iron bar not rifle Captives, gold, jewels more than hundred thousand rubles.

Pope JP II will be harassed by one party involving in the world war. He will be confined by River Danube including all the clergy accompanying him. Their release is negotiated and paid for with a ransom. The term “rubes” or rubbles, the Russian currency indicate that Russian troops are the captors here. Mammer is the Sabine name for Mars meaning wars. 6.52

En lieu du grand qui sera condamné, De prison hors son amy en sa place : L'espoir Troyen en six mois ioint mort nay. Le Sol à l'vrne seront prins fleuues en glace.

In place of the great one who is condemned In prison outside his firend in his place The hope Troien in six months joined, born dead The Sun at Urne is held, river frozen.

While a leader of a country (Italian president?) is put in jail by the Muslim occupiers, his people and Western allies working out a plan or agreement to free Italy and to stop the Eastern aggression. Ten Western countries including US, England, and France hope to join force within six months but that plan has never been materialized as they cannot come to an agreement and because Western nations no longer have a courage for wars. By the time they decide to rescue Italy by using naval forces, the weather has turned bad and the liberation mission by sea become unsuccessful. “Troien” is the anagram for Ten Roi or ten kings; Urne is the anagram for Neur, a tribe in Southern Sudan known for their fierce competitiveness but also great unity while facing an external threat. Obviously, this characteristics will not exist with NATO at this time of need, conforming to the Divine Design with the hearts and minds of the temporal rulers being hardened. The “Sun at Neur” will be held in check, therefore, they will not be able to come to any agreement. 6.53

Le grand Prelant Celtique à Roy suspect, De nuict par cours sortira hors du regne : Par duc fertille à son grand Roy, Bretagne Bisance à Cypres & Tunes insuspect.

The great French Prelate as the King suspect By night on the run shall leave his country As a duke loyal son to the great King He shall travel to Britain, Turkey, Cyprus, and Tunisie unsuspected.


The leader of the “schismatic” Catholic Church in exile, a French Pope has to leave his country as being wanted by the occupying Muslim authorities. He will lead his faithful in secret as the true Church will go underground. As a faithful servant to his King, he serves the Lord well and he will be protected wherever he goes by the Divine Providence. He will travel extensively to encourage his flock especially to the territories controlled by Muslim and Russian forces during World War III. 6.54

Au poinct du iour au second chant du coq Ceux de Tunes, de Fez, & de Bugie : Par les Arabes captif le Roy Maroq, L'an mil six cens & sept de Liturgie.

At the beginning of the day and second crowing of a cock Those of Tunis, of Fez, and of Bougie Among the captive Muslims is the King of Morocco The year one thousand six and seven humdreds, based on the Liturgy.

All the above-mentioned are Muslim cities and the King of Morocco represents Muslim leaders.Based on the Liturgy means basing the date on 325 AD, the year of the Nicean Council. This prophecy indicates that Muslim will be defeated and Iranian or Muslim leaders will be captured around the year of 1700 plus 325 or 2025 AD. 6.55

Au Chalmé Duc en arrachant l'esponce, Voille arabesque voir, subit descouuerte Tripolis, Chio, & ceux de Trapesonce, Duc prins, Marnegro, & sa cité deserte.

By a calm Duke, being drawn a response Arab sails seen, sudden discovered Tripoli, Chios, and those of Trebizond The Duke captured, the Black Sea and its city desert (deserted).

The Italian leader does not anticipate that certain dispute or incident will lead to war and he is about to draft a response. However, the Muslim naval forces led by Iran will suddenly set sail to Italian shores. Ships and troops will be drawn from those stationed in the Black Sea and desert indicating that both Russia and Iran will orchestrate the assault. And they will succeed in their military campaign rather surprisingly fast. One wonders how serious the dispute is or it is just an excuse for the Eastern Alliance to start the world war. In the recent years, Russia has spent great deal of money to modernize their naval facilities and bases including submarine docking around the Black Sea even when their hard foreign currency is tight. Chios is Aegean Sea, Trebisond is Mediterranean Sea. 6.57


Celuy qu'estoit bien auant dans le regne, Ayant chef rouge proche à la hierarchie : Aspre & cruel, & se fera tant craindre, Succedera a sacree monarchie.

He who does well advance in reign Having a red chief close to the hierarchy Harsh and cruel and make himself greatly feared Shall be the successor of the sacred monarchie.

The AntiChrist will maneuver well to advance himself to the very powerful position in the government. He has befriended himself also to high-ranking clergy of the Church hierarchy. To advance in power both in civil and religious hierarchies, he will be cruel and relentless, and all will be fearful of him. He eventually will appoint himself to be the supreme leader of the Church besides being the Emperor of the world. He will untilize the outlawed deadly weapon of the past including guns and bombs instead of bows and arrows of his time for his conquering quests (all modern weapons will be destroyed and forbidden after WW III.) 6.58

Entre les deux monarques eslongnez, Lors que Sol par Selin cler perduë : Simulte grande entre deux indignez, Qu'aux isles & Sienne la liberté renduë.

Between the two monarchs distant (from one another) When the Sun by the Moon its light lost Great quarrel between two indignant ones Shall make at the Island and at Sienna liberty rendered.

Muslims and Russia in the West; China and North Korea in the East shall attack their respective neighboring countries, starting the World War III which will be so brutal and calamituous with the use of weapons of mass destruction that one wonders if Heaven covers Its eyes from the sorrowful mankind. Finally, due to the mortal battles between Russia and China (two indignant ones) and the Divine Help, the Western Alliance gain more advantages and finally be able to liberate Britain and Italy. 6.60

Le prince hors de son terroir Celtique, Sera trahy deceu par interprete : Roüan, Rochelle par ceux d'Armorique, Au port de Blaye deceus par moine & prestre.

The Prince outside of his French territory Shall be betrayed, deceived by the interpreter Rouan, Rochelle through those of Armorique At port of Blaye deceived by monk and priest.


“Armorique” or “armour and morique” or “love and Moorish” or Muslim sympathizers. King Henry, the leader of Europe if not the world, during an overseas trip, will be betrayed by his closest associates. The religious figures and also Muslim sympathizers will betray him. The number 6.60 of this quatrain indicates a great evil tragedy, meaning the beloved Henry will be assassinated. 6.61

Le grand tappis plié ne monstrera, Fors qu'a demy la pluspart de l'histoire : Chassé du regne loing aspre apparoistra, Qu'au fait bellique chacun le viendra croire.

The great carpet folded does not show But by halves the greater part of history Expand his reign far harshly he shall appear Thus his warlike act everyone shall believe.

Just like the folded carpet, if one looks at the AntiChrist at certain moment, he will appear very charming by the charisma of the evil one. Only by examining his whole history and overall changes in his life, one will see the Anti Christ as a very wicked and untrustworthy leader. Especially when he conducts successfully his brutal military conquests, people will start seeing his evil character but it will be too late. 6.62

Trop tard tous deux, les fleurs seront perduës, Conre la loy serpent ne voudra faire : Des ligueurs forces par gallots confonduës, Sauone, Albinge par monech grand martire.

Too late both flowers shall be lost Contracting the law, the serpent shall not want By the leagues, forces by French confounded Savona, Albenga by Muslim monarch great martyrdom

Because the European countries are blinded in supporting the Muslim countries and later respond slowly against the Muslim aggression, they will lose both France and Italy. However, the Lord’s Omipotence shall defeat Satan the ancient serpent. Savona and Albenga, two Italian cities will be slaughtered by the order from a Muslim leader. 6.65

Gris & Bureau, demie ouuerte guerre, De nuict seront assailliz & pillez : Le bureau prins passera par la serre, Son temple ouuert deux aux plastres grillez.

Cries and bureau semi-open war At night they shall be attacked and pillaged The bureau taken pass through iron lock His temple open, two by plaster (wall)


A new kind of war, torture and investigation bureau or intelligence are the tools, a covert war. The attack will be pinpointed at night with air power and Special Force scouting on the ground. Many urban battles will occur around worshipping temples or mosques. The word “plasteur” wall indicates a mosque. Gris is the misprint of Cris or Cries. 6.66

Au fondement de la nouuelle secte, Seront les os du grand Romain trouuez, Sepulchre en marbre apparoistra ouuerte, Terre trembler en Auril, mal enfoüez.

At the founding of a new sect The bones of a great Roman shall be found Tomb in marble shall appear in cover Earth trembles in April, poorly buried.

By the time the AntiChrist appoints himself the Spritual Supreme of the whole world, a major earthquake will occur and the burial place of a great Pope will be uncovered. 6.67

Au grand Empire paruiendra tout vn autre Bonté distant plus de felicité : Regi par vn issu non loing du peautre, Corruer regnes grande infelicité.

The great Empire attained by a totally different man Distant from goodness, more so from happiness Reign by decrees, not far from his bed Corrupts kingdom so great an unhappiness.

After the great beloved leader of the world Henry passes away, a sinful and incompetent man will succeed him to lead Europe. Under his leadership, Europe will be corrupted again resulting in chaos and unhappiness, paving the way for the emrgence of the antiChrist. 6.69

La grand pitié sera sans long tarder, Ceux qui dônoient seront contraints de prendre Nuds affamez de froid, soif, soy bander, Passer les monts en faisant grand esclandre.

The great pity shall not be late in coming Those who used to donate now forced to receive Naked, starving, frosted, thrist, bundle together High mountains they shall pass causing a great scene


Soviet Union once was the second largest donor to the Third World countries, just right behind US. But now Russia economy was no longer robust and influential forcing Russia into accepting foreign assistance themselves for the first time. What a pity and drastic turn-around. The last two lines describe the scene in which Russian troops climb across the Alps to invade Southern Europe. 6.70

Vn chef du monde le grand Chiren sera : Plus ovtre apres aymé, craint, redouté : Son bruit & los les cieux sur passera, Et du seul titre Victeur, fort contenté.

Chief of the world the great HENRY shall become High above the rest, loved, feared, doubted His fame and praise heavens surpass And with the sole title Victor quite content.

After defeating Muslim and Russian invaders, ending WW III, bringing long lasting peace to the world, General Henry the leader of the Western Alliance shall become the leader of the world. He shall be both loved and hated as he will restore Christendom, just social order, and strict morality. He will rule with a rigid uncompromise adhering strictly to Catholicism. The Holy Pontiff who is also a Frenchman will bestow Henry the title of Victor or the Roman Emperor as he will become the modern Charlemagne the Great. 6.71

Quand on viendra le grand Roy parenter, Auant qu'il ait du tout l'ame renduë : Celuy qui moins le viendra lamenter, Par Lyons, d' Aigles, croix, couronne venduë.

When they shall come to the great king, the fatherly figure Before he has his soul almost rendered Those who shall lament him less Are Lion, eagle, cross, crown for sale.

King Henry is the beloved figure to France. But he shall not be viewed kindly at the end of his life by his former comrades, England and America. Even the religious circle will not have favorable view about him. The reason is that they find him too conservative and too rigid or just because the world will spiritually decay once again at the end of King Henry’s life and reign. 6.75

Le grand Pilot sera par Roy mandé, Laisser la classe, pour plus haut lieu attaindre :

The great pilot by the King mandate Shall leave the fleet for higher place attained


Sept ans apres sera contrebandé, Barbare armée viendra Venise craindre.

Seven years later shall join contreband Muslim army Venise shall fear.

A pilot named Henry will be promoted and at the destined time he will lead the French army to fight against the foreign aggressors, defeat Muslims, liberate Italy and France. 6.78

Crier victoire du grand Selin croissant, Par les Romains sera l'Aigle clamé, Ticcin, Milan & Gennes ny consent, Puis par eux mesmes Basil grand reclamé.

The cries of victory by the great Selin crescent By the Romans (clergy) the eagle is claimed Pavia, Milan, and Geno shall not consent Then themselves shall the great Lord (Basil) claim.

Muslim invaders will be successful at first when they attack Italy and Southern Europe. Seeing the Muslims coming from the sea, Vatican requests the American intervention, but the other Italian cities will not content to allow American troops on their soil. Later these cities will be devastated by Muslim troops. ”Basil” means lord or king. 6.79

Pres du Tesin les habitans de Loyre, Garonne & Saone, Seine, Tain, & Gironde, Outre les monts dresseront promontoire, Conflict donné, Pau granci, submergé onde.

Near Ticino the inhabitants of Loire Garonne and Saone, Seine, Tain and Gironde Beyond the mountains build a headland Conflict engaged, Pau seized, wave submerged.

French towns prepare for war, for the coming of Russian troops. They will build trenches and fortify the fronline of resistance. Pope JP II will be captured and the whole world will be inundated in blood or by tidal waves. 6.80

De Fez le regne paruiendra à ceux d'Europe, Feu leur cité, & lame trenchera : Le grand d'Asie terre & mer à grand troupe, Quebleux, pers, croix à mort

From Fez the reign shall stretch to those in Europe Fire shall destroy their cities and sword shall cut The great from Asia on land and sea and great troops



So that blues, Persians, Cross shall all chase death.

Fez is the major city of Morocco. The Muslim domination will spread to Europe by wars and much bloodshed will be between Muslims and Europeans (“blues”, the opposite of red, here implies Western Europeans.) The great in Asia is Iran. And Rome and religious will also shed much blood with cardinals, bishops, priests, and Christians being slaughtered. 6.81

Pleurs, cris & plaincts, hurlemens, effrayeurs, Cœur inhumain, cruel, noir, & transy : Leman, les Isles, de Gennes les maieurs, Sang espancher, frofaim, à nul mercy.

Tears, cries, and wailing, howling and terror Inhuman heart, cruel, black and cold Lake Geneva, Britain Island, and majority of Genoa Blood shed, hunger, mercy to none.

Russian and Muslim troops will be brutal and merciless toward the people in the occupied territories including Switzerland, Britain, islands in Mediterranean, and Italy. 6.82

Par les deserts de lieu, libre, & farouche, Viendra errer nepueu du grand Pontife : Assommé à sept auecques lourde souche, Par ceux qu'apres occuperont le cyphe.

Through the desert, in the wilderness The nephew of the great Pontiff shall wander Killed by seven with heavy club By those who later occupy the Chalice.

High-ranking clergy under a great Pope ( Pope JP II or future Pope prophesied as “Peter the Roman” by St. Malachi) will be captured, transferred to Middle East deserts where they will be murdered by those who later take over the Church. Since the murder weapon is a crude weapon, I tend to believe this quatrain describes the killing of the clergy by the AntiChrist who later will name himself the Head of the Church. 6.83

Celuy qu'aura tant d'honneur & caresses, A son entrée en la Gaule Belgique, Vn temps apres fera tant de rudesses, Et sera contre à la fleur tant bellique.

He who shall much honor and affection Upon the entry into Belgian France A while after he shall act very ruthless And shall oppose the Royal French militarily.


Russia will occupy Belgium who poses no resistance to the Russian army. Later on, Russian troops will show their true color by being ruthless to the Belgians , using Belgium in the north as the launching pad to attack France in the south. “Gaule Belquique” or Belgian France is called as such because Belgium and even Germany were once parts of Frankish Empire and Franks were the ancient ancestors of the modern France. 6.85

La grand cité de Tharse par Gaulois Sera destruite, captifs tous à Turban : Secours par mer, du grand Portugalois, Premier d'esté le iour du sacre Vrban.

The great city of Tarsus by Frenchmen Shall be destroyed, captured all at Turban Help by sea from the great Portugal The first day of summer, the feat of Saint Urban.

French troops will attack Tarsus and capture many Muslim territories in the Minor Asia around Mediterranean Sea with the help from the Portuguese. 6.86

Le grand Prelat vn iour apres son songe Interpreté au rebours de son sens : De la Gascongne luy suruiendra vn monge, Qui fera eslire le grand Prelat de Sens.

The great Prelate one day after his dream Being interpreted opposite to its true meaning From Gascony to him comes unexpectedly a monk Who shall help to elect the great Prelate of Sens.

The Prelate of Sens will be chosen by God to be the leader of the true Church which breaks away from Rome, through the difficult time during WW III. He will the first French Pope ever. His selection was prophesied through one of his dreams which he refuses to accept its true meanings. This Pope is the one prophesied by St. Malachi to be the Glory of Olive as his Pontificate will last through the golden period of peace after the world war. 6.89

Entre deux cymbex pieds & mains estachez, De miel face oingt, & de laict substanté : Guespes & mouches fitine amour

Between two boats feet and hands being attached With honey the face shall be anointed and with substance like milk


fachez, Poccilateurs faucer, Cyphe tenté.

Wasps and flies, Fatherly love invoked The cup-bearer falsifies, the Chalice tempted.

The first two lines describe a torture similar to crucifixion in which a victim will be tied between two boats by his hands and feet. He will stretched out to the maximum and immobilized, agonized helplessly with his face being covered and bitten by insects. He will invoke the Love of the Heavenly Father to endure the suffering for the love of God as he refuses to deny his Catholic Faith. The cup-bearer is the priest presiding the Holy Mass. Due to the corruption of the clergy meaning the “smoke of Satan” has entered the Altar of the Lord, Christians and the Church will be persecuted. Ultimately, the AntiChrist will possess the Chalice. When one sees the “abomination of desolation” upon the altar of the Lord, the Chastisement is near. 6.90

L'honnissement puant abominable, Apres le faict sera felicité : Grand excusé, pour n'estre fauorable. Qu'à paix Neptune ne sera incité.

The stinking abominable disgrace After the act shall be congratulated Great excuse for not being favorable About peace, Neptune shall not be incited.

The “desolation of abomination” that the prophet Daniel had prophesied or the AntiChrist will enter the Temple of the Lord. After disposing the last Pope, “Peter of Roman”, and after instituting himself as the Supreme Spiritual leader, he will be congratulated by the whole world. This comes about because the world has become a ripe fertile ground for the ultimate evil such as the AntiChrist to spring forward. The Church has remain silent and neutral on the matter of Faith and morality, will become timid and fail to lead the flock. Thus, when World War III breaks out, one will pray for peace and God will not hear our petitions. Neptune stands for the Devil who will not be restrained by God to give peace to the world. 6.91

Du conducteur de la guerre nauale, Reuge effrené, seuere, horrible grippe, Captif eschappé de l'aisné dans la baste Quand il naistra du grand vn fils Agrippe.

Of the leader of the naval warfare The Red afraid, severe, horrible gripe Captive escaped from the older in battle When it shall be born a son to the great Agrippe.

Once was the leader of the naval warfare, Communist Russia will be in sorrowful state of severely dismantled, fearful, dispirited and horrible disarray. Its crippled and outclassed navy will be defeated in the battle. Then the determined fearless younger naval force from Iran and other Muslim countries will emerge as the


formidable ones. Russian navy will play a supporting role to Muslim counterpart. “Red” is communist Russia; “grippe” is “griped with fear”; “Agrippe” is the opposite of “gripped” or “the Fearless One.” 6.93 Prelat auare, d'ambition trompé, Rien ne fera que trop cuider viendra. Ses messagers, & luy bien attrapé, Tout au rebours voir qui le bois fendra. The greedy prelate by ambition deceived Shall think nothing is too much for him His messengers and him completely trapped He who cuts wood shall see all in reverse.

The religious leaders of the Church will become corrupted, worship worldly treasures and honor, will be manipulated with bribes by the AntiChrist who will eventually eliminate the corrupted religious. Here the last line describes one of his method of execution, crucifixion upside-down. The wood cutter is the one who prepares for the crucifixion, “in reverse” means upside-down. 6.94

Vn Roy iré sera aux sedifragues, Quand interdicts seront harnois de guerre : La poison taincte au succre par les fragues, Par eaux meurtris, morts disant serre serre.

One King irritated at the seat breakers When prohibited are warlike weapons The poison tainted with sugar in strawberries Murdered by the water, death, saying heavy, heavy.

The AntiChrist as a military hero becomes angry at his spiritual leaders who invoke the law prohibiting the use of deadly firearms as after WW III, all modern weapons are destroyed and prohibited. The leaders of the Church at this time will be called “the Seat Breakers” as they will corrupt and weaken the Holy See or Papacy. The AntiChrist will begin a campaign to murder all religious leaders including poisoning them through the parties he organizes or edible gifts he sends them. 6.95

Par detracteur calomnié à puis nay : Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux La moindre part dubieuse a l'aisné, Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux.

Through detractor, calumny upon the unborn When the enormous warlike activities take place The less (worthy) part and dubious shall belong to the elder (generation) And soon in the nation there will be


partisan acts.
Detractor can be translated as the divider or the Evil One. The French word “puis nay” literally means “born young”, being translated as the “unborn.” The devil will entice mankind to commit abortion which will bring about the Divine Chastisement in the form of WW III. Ironically, the older generation (the baby boomers who was born after WW II) will be the most guilty one due to their selfish attitude and liberal thinking. 6.96

Grand cité à soldats abandonnée, Onc ny eut mortel tumult si proche, O qu'elle hideuse calamité s'approche, Fors vne offense n'y sera pardonnée.

Great city abandoned to soldiers Never there is a mortal tumult so close O what a hideous calamity approaches For one offense which will never be pardoned.

Modern cities will be abandoned into the hands of vicious Muslim invaders who will bring the horror of wars to civilians. The hideous acts of killing the innocent unborns will never be forgiven. Instead, the punishment will be metered out upon the sinful generation in full. They will suffer as much or more than their children who were murdered in the womb. The proximity or order of the two subsequent quatrains 6.95 and 6.96 indicate that they are related and both deal with the monstrous crime of abortion. 6.97

Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera, Feu approcher de la grand cité neuue, Instant grand flamme esparse sautera, Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuve.

Five and forty degrees the sky shall burn Fire approaches the grand New City Instantly great flame scattered leaps up When one demands the proof from the Romans.

Located near 45 degrees are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, and Madrid. Fire will instantly burst out and spread rapidly the great New York in flames while the general population demand proof from the sinful clergy who are accused for sexual abuses. Instantly bursting flame does appear to describe September 11th terrorist attack or some other events in future. “Normans” is the anagram of N. Romans or Noir Romans or black (sinful) clergy. 6.98

Ruyné aux Volsques de peur si fort terribles,

Ruined are the Volsques with fear so powerfully terrible


Leur grand cité taincte, faict pestilent : Piller Sol, Lune, & violer leurs temples : Et les deux fleuues rougir de sang coulant.

Their great cities stained (with blood), plagued with pestilence Plundered by the Sun, the Moon and violate their temples And the two rivers shall redden with gushing blood.

Volsques are the people of Languedoc in Southern France. The Southern and Eastern France will be destroyed and endure much bloodshed. Their major cities will be ruined. The Divine Chastisement (the Sun) through the hands of Muslim invaders ( Moon) will piller and bring down many man-made structures especially churches because the Lord no longer makes His dwelling there. The two rivers might be Rhone and Saone or Loire where the Holy Father JP II will give up his spirit. The river water will be stained with blood of the holy martyr and also of many grave sinners who abandon the God of their ancestors. 6.99

L'ennemy docte se tournera confus, Grand camp malade, & de faict par embusches, Monts Pyrenées & Pœnus luy seront faicts refus, Proche du fleuue descouurant antiques oruches.

The learned enemy shall be pushed back confused Their great camp illness, and defeated by ambushes Mount Pyrenean and Pennines of the Alps refused him Near the river discovered the ancient urns.

French troop will be pushed back. In their camps disease will break down due to biological and chemical missiles. Their naval forces will be defeated by ambush. They will not be able to enter Italy across the Alps. The ancient artifacts of early Christians, the proofs for the biblical figures such as Caiphas the high priest, St. James the Apostle, St. john the Baptist, and so on, are being discovered during this time frame meaning in our time. 6.100

LEGIS CAUTIO CONTRA INEPTOS CRITICOS Qui legent hos versus, mature censunto; Prophanum vulgus & inscium ne attrectato. Omnesque Astrologi, Blenni, Barbari procul sunto, Qui aliter faxit, is rite sacer esto.

INCANTATION OF THE LAW AGAINST INEPT CRITICS Those who read these verses, consider them with maturity Let not the profane, vulgar, and ignorant attracted All astrologers, fools, and barbarians stay afar


He who does otherwise, subjected to the sacred rite.
Prophet Nostradamus had no liking or respect to astrologers or astrology, for fools or ignorant, for vulgar or uneducated and uncivilized, and for Muslims. Astrology or the knowledges thereof is not needed to understand his prophecy. As the matter of fact, the astrological knowledges can be very harmful if one studies his works. If they study his prophecies out of curiosity or sensationalism only, the readers shall be cursed with the ancient curse (set by the prophet) in which the ignorant will remain foolish and ignorant.




Par Mars ouuert Arles ne donra guerre, De nuict seront les soldats estonnez : Noir, blanc à l'inde dissimulé en terre, Sous la saincte ombre traistre verrez & sonnez.

By war open Arles offer no resistance At night the soldiers shall be surprised Black, white in indisguishable conceal in soil Under a faint shadow traitors seen and sounded.

A surprise attack and occupation of France’s towns with not much resistance thanks to covert operation and Muslim infiltrators from within. 7.3

Apres de France la victoire nauale, Les Barchinons, Sallinons, les Phocens, Lierre d'or, l'enclume serré dedans la balle, Ceux de Prolon au fraud seront contens.

After the naval victory of France The Barcelonians, Islands, the Marseilles The ivy in gold, the anvil packed in the ball Those of Toulon by fraud shall be consented.

France will declare the final victory over Muslim force and an end to WW III after the final sea battle. Barcelonia, Malta or Greece and neighboring islands, Marceilles will be liberated. “Ivy in gold” is the crown of victors; “anvil in ball” is the symbol for rebuilding process. The traitors from Toulon will be persecuted. Barcelonia, Islands, Marseilles, Toulon are all coastal areas around Mediterranean Sea. “Saillinons” in the original French text probably means islanders. 7.4

Le Duc de Langres assiegé dedans Dole, Accompagné d'Ostun & Lyonnois : Ceneue, Auspourg ioinct ceux de Mirandole, Passer les monts conter les Anconnois.

The Duke of Langres besieged at Dôle Accompanied by people from Autun and Lyons. Geneva, Augsburg allied to those of Mirandola, Cross the mountains against the people of Ancona.


Langres with soldiers from Autun and Lyons will be surrounded in Dole. Geneva, Augsburg, and Mirandola will go across the mountains moving south, pushing back the Muslims. Described here are some major developments at the end of WW III. 7.5

Vin sur la table en sera respandu, Le tiers n'aura celle qu'il pretendoit : Deux fois du noir de Parme descendu : Perouse à Pise fera ce qu'il cuidoit.

Some wine on the table shall be split The third one shall not have what they pretend Twice from Muslims Parma descended Perouse to Pisa he shall do what he believes.

Neither side in WW III will be winning convincingly. The balance in fire power will prolong the war and blooshed. Those who remain neutral will also become the casualties of war. Parma will be run over by Muslim forces and retaken by Western allies to be fallen into Muslim hands again. Perouse will determine to liberate Pisa from Muslim grip. 7.6

Naples, Palerme, & toute la Cecile, Par main babare sera inhabitée, Corsicque, Salerne & de Sardeigne l'Isle, Faim, peste guerre, fin de maux intemptée.

Naples, Palerma and all of Sicily Through Muslim hands shall become uninhabited Corsica, Salerno and the island of Sardinia Hunger, plague, war the ultimate evil.

The entire Italy will be ravaged and ruined by Muslim forces. 7.7

Sur le combat des grands cheuaux legers, On criera le grand croissant confond. De nuict tuer mont, habits de bergers, Abismes rouges dans le fossé profond.

Upon the combat of great swift horses One shall cry out the great Muslims confounded By night kill on the mounts, clothed as shepherds The red abysm in the deep ditch.

The Apocalyptic horsemen will be the Muslim and Russian troops, the army of the Divine Justice, inflicting punishments upon the sinful nations, mostly Western ones. In darkness, the wolves in shepherd clothings or the apostate clergy will corrupt the Church, mislead their flock who blindly head for the abyss.



Flora, fuis, fuis le plus proche Romain, Au Fesulan sera conflict donné : Sang espandu, les plus grands prins à main, Temple ne sexe ne sera pardonné.

Florence flee, flee the closest clergy At Fiesole shall conflict be given Bloodshed the greatest ones handcuffed Neither temple nor sex be pardonned.

Christian religious and lay people will be persecuted and murdered by the advancing Muslims. They will be led away in handcuffs. Whoever denounce their faith will be spared but whoever admit their Christ will be martyred. Christian worship, pornography, and women right or feminism will be prohibited. 7.9

Dame à l'absence de son grand capitaine, Sera priée d'amour du Viceroy, Faincte promesse & mal'heureuse estreine. Entre les mains du grand Prince Barroys.

A lady in absence of her great captain Shall be entreated of love by the viceroi Faint promise and unhappy love affairs In the hand of the great Barbarian Prince.

Mankind are enticed by sexual desires in absence of the Lord in their lives. They will be tempted by the King of Vice or Satan. Sexual passions can only bring false hope, unhappiness, and the loss of souls. And this sinful generation will be chastised through the hand of Muslim invaders. Notes for the original French text: “dame” is the Babylonian whore or prostitute in the Book of Revelation; “Capitaine” means Captain, here means the Lord Jesus Christ; “Viceroi” is the double word for vice and roi (king), here means Satan; “estraine” means luck in love affairs; “Barroi” or Bar-roi, the Barbarian King or Muslim king. 7.10 Par le grand Prince limitrophe du Mans, Preux & vaillant chef de grand exercite : Par mer & terre de Gallois & Normans, Caspre passer Barcelonne pillé Isle. The great Prince among all men Stout and valiant, General of a great army By sea and land with French and Roman Shall pass through Cape (Gibraltar) and Barcelonia to pillage the island.

General Henry of France, the great leader of the world will lead both French and Italian armies to conquer the Muslim enemy on both land and sea battles. He will


liberate the regions around Mediterranean Sea and go on to conquer Malta, North Africa, and eventually the Holy Land and the Middle East. 7.11

L'enfant Royal contemnera la mere, Oeil, pieds blessez, rude, inobeissant, Nouuelle à dame estrange & bien amere, Seront tuez des siens plus de cinq cens.

The Royal child contempts his Mother Eye, feet wounded, rude, disobedient New to a lady strange and very bitter Shall be killed of hers more than five hundred.

Mankind will look with contempt their true Heavenly Mother. Their eyes are blinded, feet astray, evil and disobedient to God. They will follow their new goddess, the sinful prostitute of the Apocalypse. Many will suffer death as the result of their sins. 7.12

Le grand puisnay fera fin de la guerre. Aux dieux assemble les excusez : Cahors, Moissac iront long de la serre, Reffus Lestore, les Agenois rasez.

The great young son shall put an end to war Before gods shall assemble the forgiven The abhorred, Mosaic shall walk long from prison The refused, less restored, of Black age shall be cut off.

The young Henry will put an end to WW III. In the presence of God, he will gather the penitent remnants of the Church. Those who abhor the Lord, the Jews shall be free but after a long exile from prison or concentration camps. Those who refuse or less fit, or have lost to the dark side will be cut off. Notes for the original French text: “puisnay” means born later, younger; “excuses” means pardonned and forgiven; “cahors” means abhorrent; “Moissac” means Mosaic or Judaism Jews; “Refus” is the refused who denied their faith; “Lestore” is a double word means the less restored: and “Agenois” is the double word stands for dark age. 7.13

De la cité marine & tributaire, La teste raze prendra la satrapie : Chasser sordide qui puis sera contraire, Par quatorze ans tiendra la tyrannie.

From the coastal and tributary City The shaven head shall take over Persian governorship Chases out the sordid who later shall be against him For fourteen years he shall hold the tyranny.


Radical Islamic clergy will take over Iranian government. They will become the militant tyrants. Notes for the original French text: Marine City might be Tehran; “Satrap” is the ancient Persian governor; “quatorze” is fourteen or 7 x 2 meaning fullness. 7.14

Faux exposer viendra topographie, Seront les cruches des monuments ouuertes : Pulluler secte, faincte philosophie, Pour blanches, noires, & pour antiques vertes.

Falsehood the topographie shall expose The urnes of tombs shall be uncovered Sects and holy Philosophies shall multiply For white they replace with black, for the Ancient green.

Topography is the New Testament. The Gospel will expose the falsehood of numerous occults and modern humanistic philosophies. Many ancient artifacts related or confirming the Scriptural events will be discovered. Purity (white) will be replaced with sinfulness ( black) and New Age nature (green) will be adored instead of God (the Ancient.) 7.15

Deuant cité de l'Insobre contrée, Sept ans sera le siege deuant mis : Le tresgrand Roy y fera son entrée, Cité puis libre hors de ses ennemis.

Before the city of the Indestructible country Seven years the Siege shall be laid The greatest King shall enter Then the City shall be freed from their enemies.

The Italian cities will be encircled under Muslim attacks for many years before they are liberated by the French King Henry. Note for the original French: “Insubria” means Milan in Latin, here can also mean Insurmountable or Italian. 7.16

Entrée profonde par la grand Royne faicte; Rendra le lieu puissant inaccessible : L'armée des trois Lyons sera deffaicte, Faisant dedans cas hideux & terrible.

The deep entry made by the great Black Shall render the place poisoned and inaccessible The army of three lions shall be defeated Doing within so hideous and terrible.

The deep penetration into Europe by the powerful Muslim aggressors will make the occupied territories contaminated and inaccessible, probably due to the use of


weapons of mass destruction. They will defeat the combined forces from France, Italy, and England. And they will commit many atrocities or war crimes. 7.17

Le Prince rare en pitié & clemence, Apres auoir la paix aux siens baillé, Viendra changer par mort grand cognoissance, Par grand repos le regne trauaillé.

The Prince rare in pity and clemency Shall change through death, receive great knowledge After a long rest, the kingdom travails again When the great soon shall be fleeced.

A Cardinal who is known for his bad tempter and being critical, will receive his conversion after a near death experience. He will become very wise and holy and will become the holy French Pope during the golden period of peace after WW III. At the end, he will offer render his soul to God as a sheep in the Shearer’s hand. He will offer his soul to his Master as the burnt offerings of the unblemished lamb. After his death, the world will become tumultous once again with Faith beginning to decay. 7.19

Le fort Nicene ne sera combatu, Vaincu sera par rutilant metal, Son faict sera vn long temps debatu Aux citadins estrange espouuantal.

The Nicene fort shall not see combat Shall be overcome by shining metal Thisaction shall be long time debated For its citizens, strange and fearful.

Muslim invaders will eliminate Nicene the Italian city without firing a shot as it will be demolished with missiles carrying a weapon of mass destruction. “Shining metal” is aluminum, the metal of choice for long-range missiles. Due to the use of weapons of mass destruction, this kind of unconventional and inhuman assault will be debated for a long time. 7.21

Par pestilente inimitié Volsicque, Dissimulée chassera le tyran : Au pont de Sorgues se fera la traffique, De mettre à mort luy & son adherant.

By the pestilent enmity of Languedoc Deceitful the Tyrant shall be chased out At the bridge of Sorgues the bargain shall be made To put to death him and his followers.

At the end the Muslim invaders will be driven out of Southern France. 7.22


Les Citoyens de Mesopotamie, Irez encontre amis de Tarraconne, Ieux, rits, banquets, toute gent endormie Vicaire au Rosne, prins cité, ceux d'Ausone.

The citizens of Mesopotamie Being angry with friends who live in Tarraconne Games, laughter, banquets, all asleep The Vicar at Rhone, cities taken, by those from Ausonia.

Muslim troops originated from Middle East will communicate with their sleeper cells terrorists in Spain. They will invade southern Italy and from there will attack southern France where Pope JP II will also flee to from Rome. Tarraconne is Tarragona, the Spanish city; Ausonia is southern Italy; Mesopotamie is the region between two rivers, here means Middle East. 7.23

Le Royal sceptre sera contrainct de prendre, Ce que ses predecesseurs auoient engagé : Puis que l'aneau on fera mal entendre, Lors qu'on viendra le palais saccager.

The Royal Scepter shall under constraint take Those his predecessors have promised Because they have ill-informed the lamb When they ransack the Palace.

The Lord King of all kings, the Royal Scepter shall be slow in anger and shall be reluctant in punishing all nations who have violated His laws, trampled on His Kingdom and polluted It with their sinful conduct. 7.24

L'enseuely sortira du tombeau, Fera de chaines lier le fort du pont : Empoisonné auec œufs de Barbeau, Grand de Lorraine par le Marquis du Pont.

The Buried one shall come out of their tombs Shall bind the strong One with chain to the pit Poisoned with roe the Barbaric The great from Lorain through the hellfire of war.

The Buried one is the Risen Lord. By His death, He hasconquered death. He shall bind Satan the tempter into the dungeon for a long period of time. The “Barbaric” is Muslims and the “Great from Lorain” is France or King Henry of France who will defeat Muslims. Notes for the original French text: Enseveli is the buried One or the risen Lord; le fort is the strong or Satan; Pont is bridge in French, here means the bottomless pit; Barbeau or barbaric or Muslims; Marquis is related to war.



Par guerre longue tout l'exercice expuiser, Que pour soldats ne trouueront pecune : Lieu d'or d'argent, cuir on viendra cuser, Gaulois aerain, signe croissant de Lune.

Through long war, all armies exhausted So for soldiers they shall find no money In place of gold and silver, they shall stamp out leather coin Gallic brass, crescent sign of the Moon.

Both sides of WW III, the Western and Eastern Alliances will be drained of all their resources because of the prolonged conflicts. 7.26

Fustes & galees autour de sept nauires, Sera liurée vne mortelle guerre : Chef de Madric receura coup de vires, Deux eschapées, & cinq menées à terre.

Swift boats and galleys surrounding seven ships Shall be livid one mortal battle Chief of Madrid receives a wound from arrows Two escapes and five towed to land.

Muslim swift boats will ambush a more powerful Western navy and sink many along the narrow Adriatic Sea by Italian coast. They probably use modern antiship cruise missiles, bad weather, and a combination with an element of surprise to achieve the major naval victory. 7.27 Au cainct de Vast la grand caualerie, Proche à Ferrage empesché au bagage, Pompe a Turin feront tel volerie, Que dans le fort rauiront leur hostage. At the corner of Vatican are the great calvary of tanks Near Ferrara impeded with baggage Prompt to Turin they shall carry out such robery So that in the fort they shall ravish their hostages.

The Muslim forces by land and sea will overrun the Italian defense and overtake many Italian cities rapidly including Vatican. They will loot all treasures, riches and possesions along the way. Vast stands for Vatican. 7.28

Le capitaine conduira grande proye, Sur la montagne des ennemis plus proche :

The Captain shall conduct a great prey Upon the mountain very close to the enemy


Enuironné, par feu fera telle voye, Tous eschappez, or trente mis en broche.

Encircled with fire he shall punch out a way All shall escape or or thirty being pitroasted.

French troop, eager to rescue the neighboring Italy, will become easy targets for Muslim artillery when they climb across the Alps mountains. They will be defeated badly and have to retreat back to France after suffering large casualties. 7.29

Le grand Duc d'Albe se viendra rebeller, A ses grands peres fera le tradiment : Le grand de Guise le viendra debeller, Captif mené & dressé monument.

The great Duke of Spain shall rebel Against his grand-fathers he plans a plot The great one of France shall “debel” him Captive led and erected a monument.

Spain will betray her northern neighbor to fight along Muslims against France. At the end, General Henry of France, the commander of the Western Alliance, will defeat Spanish force along with the Muslim invaders, subject Spain to the France-led governing council. 7.30

Le sac s'approche, feu, grand song espandu, Po, grand fleuues, aux bouuiers l'entreprinse, De Gennes, Nice, apres long attendu, Foussan, Turin, à Sauillan la prinse.

The plundering approaches, fire, great bloodshed (John) Paul, great rivers, by herdmen (hunters) the captor Genoa, Nice, after a long resistance Fossano, Turin, and Savigliano the captured.

Pope JP II will be captured by the local somewhere in Southern France at the region between two great rivers. All major Italian cities will be surrounded or captured by Muslim army. “Entreprinse” is the opposite of “prinse” or the captors. 7.31

De Languedoc, & Guienne plus de dix, Mille voudront les Alpes repasser : Grans Allobroges marcher contre Brundis, A quin & Bresse les viendront recasser.

From Languedoc and Guiene Ten thousand shall want to cross the Alps again The great Savoy troop shall march against the brown (dark-skinned) The North and the brown shall drive


them back.
French troop will try to cross the Alps from South Western France together the Italian troop, but they will be repelled by more powerful Russian and Muslim armies. 7.32

Du mont Royal naistra d'vne casane, Qui caue, & compte viendra tyranniser, Dresser copie de la marche Millane, Fauene, Florence d'or & gens espuiser.

Out of Royal Mount shall be born in a cottage One that shall tyranize Duke and Count He shall raise an army to march to Milan He shall drain Favence and Florence of their gold and men.

A Muslim leader will be born and lead his army to terrorize Italy, much killing and looting. 7.33

Par fraude, regne, forces expolier, La classe obsesse, passages à l'espie : Deux faincts amis se viendront t'allier, Esueiller haine de long temps assoupie.

By fraud, the kingdom and forces shall be spoiled The fleet, a strait, passage made for spies Two faked friends shall argue together To waken a hatred for a long time dormant.

Two countries set a trap for US to fall into. It is believed to be Russia and Iran who are the two allies in secret. They created September Eleventh knowing Americans will retaliate and will fall into a costly exhastive military campaign against terrorism. They leaked out or provided US with false intelligence. By US actions, invasion and occupation on Muslim soils, the old hatred between the West and the East is renewed and the modern Crusade is initiated. Afterwards, the Western fleet coming to rescue Italy will be ambushed around narrow Adriatic strait. 7.34

En grand regret sera la gent Gauloise, Cœur vain, leger croira temerité : Pain, sel, ne vin, eau, venin ne ceruoise, Plus grand captif, faim, froid, necessité.

In great regret, French people shall be Light-headed, vain heart shall believe rashly Pain, soul, no wine, water, no beer So many prisoners, hunger, cold, want.


The French people have abandoned their Faith, become a paganistic country. Their affection and blind support for the Muslims will come to haunt them later. The term “eaue” or water might mean disastrous naval loss in the Mediterranean Sea. 7.35

La grande poche viendra plaindre, pleurer, D'auoir esleu : trompez seront en l'aage. Guiere auec eux ne voudra demeurer : Deceu sera par ceux de son langage.

The great fish shall complain and bemoan Having the elect, his age will deceive He will not want to stay long with them Shall be deceived by those speaking the same language.

Pope JP II will be betrayed. He will cry in sorrow for the loss of Faith from the elect or clergy accompanying him in exile to the southern France. At the end, one of the clergy members will betray him, handing him to their enemy. 7.36

Dieu, le ciel tout le diuin verbe à l'onde, Porté par rouges sept razes à Bizance, Contre les oingts trois cens de Trabisconde Deux loix mettront, & borreur, puis credence.

God, Heaven, the Divine word all in one. Being carried by red seven shaven heads to Byzantium Against the anointed are three hundred from Trebisconde Two laws applied, horror or faith.

The Word of God, Heaven, God are all present in the Holy Eucharist Which is being carried by a group of captured cardinals who are being transported to Turkey. They will confront an angry Muslim mob. And the Muslim occupiers will set out rule, either they denounce their faith or face death or torture. The act of denunciation might be desecrating the Sacred Host. 7.37

Dix enuoyez, chef de nef mettre à mort, D'vn aduerty, en classe guerre ouuerte : Confusion chef, l'vn se picque & mord, Leryn, stecades nefs, cap dedans la nerte.

Ten sent to put the chief of the ship to death With one opposed, the battle breaks open in the fleet Chief gets confused, shall prick and bite another Lerin and Hyeres islands, ship sunk to the deep.


Ten (terrorists) are sent to destroy a French fleet from within. During the confusion, probably due to the loss of communication, bad weather, inexperience, or terrorist taking control over one ship and open fire from within the fleet. Ships crash into one another and open fire at each other. Many French ships will sink that day in Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Marseilles. Stecdes in Latin are the Hyeres Islands near the coast of Marseilles. 7.39

Le conducteur de l'armée Françoise, Cuidant perdre le principale phalange : Par sus paué de l'auaigne & d'ardoise, Soy parfondra par Gennes gent estrange.

The leader of the French army Thinking to rout the principal enemy troop Through his basis of advance and self adore Himself shall sink to the sea bottom near Gennes by a foreign people.

Too confident in its technical superiority and self-adoration, French navy will suffer great loss in Mediterranean Sea by the smaller and less sophisticated Muslim navy. 7.40

Dedans tonneaux hors oingts d'huile & gresse, Seront vingt vn deuant le port fermez, Au second guet par mort feront proüesse, Gaigner les portes, & du guet assommez.

Within the pipes outside anointed with oil and grease Twenty one before the port shall be silenced At the second watch, through death, they shall do mighty deeds To gain the port and by the watch, they shall be killed.

“Tonneaux” mean pipes, here the barrels of guns or cannons. “Vingt un” is “twenty one” cannon shots, fired for salutation. A military outpost will be captured by surprise. This appears to be a modern event. Does this describe Pearl Harbor? Doing a mighty military feasts by sacrificing one’s life does indicate Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.



Condon & Aux & autour de Mirande Ie voy du ciel feu qui les enuironne. Sol Mars conioint au Lyon, puis Marmande Foudre, grand gresle, mur tombe dans Garonne.

Condon, Aux, around Mirande I see from the sky fire around htem Sol and Mars join in Lyon, then Marmande Lightning, great hail, the wall falls into Garonne river.

Condon, Aux, Mirande all are the towns in South Western France. Sol is the Sun or Pope JP II, the “Labor of the Sun”, Mars is war. Another meaning for Sol and Mars is that the Divine Chastisement in the form of wars shall take place in France. Marmande is the southern town situated by River Garonne. It will fall into Muslim hands. 8.3

Au fort chasteau de Vigilanue & Resuiers Sera serré le puisnay de Nancy : Dedans Turin seront ards les premiers, Lors que de dueil Luon sera transy.

In the strong castles of vigilance and Revere The young one of Nancy shall be covered Within Turin the first (born) shall be burnt up When with grief Lyon shall be in transit.

With vigilance to the will of God and reverence to His commandments and toward His Mother, the children of God will be protected under the maternal mantle of Blessed Mother Virgin Mary. Italy as the first born son of the Church shall be punished severely for their loss of Faith as well as France which Lyon symbolizes here. Those two had always been the two pillars or “big” brothers and sister of the Church family. 8.4

Dedans Monech le coq sera receu, Le Cardinal de France apparoistra Par Logarion Romain sera deceu, Foiblesse à l'Aigle, & force au Coq naistra.

Into Monaco the cock shall be received The Cardinal of France shall appear Through legation the Romans shall be deceived Weakness to the eagle, strength to the

cock born.
French troop will receive the hero welcome in Monaco. A French cardinal will become Pope as the pope in Rome appointed by the Muslim occupiers is illegitimate. France will take the status of the world leader away from US after WW III. 8.5

Apparoistra temple luisant orné, La lampe & cierge à Borne & Bretueil, Pour la Lucerne le canton destorné, Quand on verra le grand Coq au cercueil.

A shining adorned temple shall appear The lamp and candle at Borne and Bretueil For Lucern, the canton shall be turned aside When the great cock shall be seen in coffin.

After WW III, the Catholic Church will be more glorious than ever. Faith shall be renewed in northern France (Bretueil) and Catholicsm will spread to Switzerland (River Borne, Lucern) by the time King Henry of France (great cock) passes away. Protestant countries will all be converted to Catholicism. 8.6

Clarté fulgure à Lyon apparante Luysant, print Malte, subit sera estrainte, Sardon, Mauris traitera deceuante, Geneue à Londres à Coq trahison fainte.

Brightness lightning are seen at Lyon Shining, Malta taken, shall be extinguished Sardon, Maurice shall be traitors deceiving From Geneva to London, faint treason toward France.

Lyon will become the center of the world power and glory. Malta will diminish in significance, however, since the latter never plays a role in the world politics, we can only interprete that all the furnaces or incinerators in Malta used to exterminate the captured prisoners by Muslims will be extinguished. Sardinia, Savoy, Geneva, London, and different parts of Europe will try to undermine France the only superpower of the world. 8.9

Pendant que l'Aigle & le Coq à Sauone Seront vnis, Mer, Leuant & Ongrie. L'armée à Naples, Palerme, Marque

While the eagle and the cock at Savona And united in Eastern Sea and Hungary The armies shall be at Naples, Palerne,


d'Ancone Rome, Venise par Barbe horrible crie.

march on to Ancona Rome, Venice shall cry horribly by barbarians.

While Americans and French are engaged in Savona and busy in Mediterranean regions and in Hungary, Muslim will set up strongholds and brutalize the Italian towns. Rome and Venice will be ransacked and completely destroyed. Hungary will be the major battlefield as they will be occupied by Russia. 8.10

Puanteur grande sortira de Lausanne, Qu'on ne sçaura l'origine du fait. Lon mettra hors tout la gent loingtaine Feu veu au ciel, peuple estranger deffait.

A great foul odor shall come out of Lausanne No one knows of its origin They shall move out all immigrants Fire seen in the sky, foreign people distrusted.

A terrorist attack on the city of Lausanne of Switzerland with chemical or biological weapons promps the suspicion and confinement of all Muslim immigrants and residents living there. This happens when the celestial firework is seen in south west of France and many parts of Europe. 8.11

Peuple infiny paroistra à Vicence Sans force feu brusler la basilique Prés de Lunage deffait grand de Valence, Lors que Venise par mort prendra pique.

Numerous people shall appear at Vicenza Without force, they burn the Basilica (of Rome) Near Lune-Age the great and valiant be defeated When venice through death shall raise the pike.

Basilica at Rome will be destroyed by the local mob. Venice will be leveled by Muslim invaders. 8.13

Le croisé frere par amour effrenée Fera par Praytus Bellerophon mourir, Classe à mil ans la femme forcenée Beu le breuuage, tous deux apres perir.

The crusade brothers through a passionate love Shall drive to the death like Proetus and Bellerophon The fleet, apocalyptic woman thousand


years foreseen The drink to be drunk, afterwards both shall perish.
WW III will become the modern false Crusade in which the former Christian countries shall fight the Muslim and atheistic nations to mutual passionate death. Great devastated naval battles, sexual sin and human degeneration have been foretold through ancient prophecies. The whole world have be drunk with the potion by the apocalyptic prostitute. At the end, there will be no victor emerging from the battle ashes. 8.15

Vers Aquilon grands efforts par hommasse Presque l'Europe & l'vniuers vexer, Les deux eclypses mettra en telle chasse, Et aux Pannons vie & mort renforcer.

Toward the North great efforts done by man-beast To vex most Europe and Universe Two eclipses shall compete in chase And enforce life and death in Eastern or Central Europe.

Aquilon derived from Latin for eagle or a northern country, here either Russia or US. “Hommasse” is the double word for “homme-ass” or man-beast. Two eclypses, one between the sun and the earth or God and men; the other between the moon and the earth or the sin of flesh and men. It is a spiritual fierce battle. “Pannons” is now the Eastern Europe or Central Europe or in the narrowest sense, Hungary. This quatrain indicates that the atheistic Russia will spread error throughout the world. Communism and its regimes are the work of humanly beasts and of their Master Satan. The countries most harmed are Eastern European ones who were under dominance of Soviet Union for such a long time that for the most parts, their Christianity were uprooted. 8.16

Au lieu que Hieron feit sa nef fabriquer Si grand deluge sera & si subite, Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'ataquer, L'onde monter Fesulant Olympique.

At the place where Jason has his ship built So great a flood shall come so suddenly One shall not have place or land to attach The wave shall mount to Olympic Fesulan.

In the Greek mythology, Jason built his ship on Mount Olympus in Greece. The word “wave” indicates the water comes from the ocean. An asteroid will strike Mediterranean Sea flooding all coastal area and completely flood Greece. Not many


will survive after this deluge in Greece. Mount Olympia is more than 9000 feet above sea level. If the height of the wave reaching Mount Olympia was spoken merely figuratively by the prophet, the tidal wave can be induced by an offshore earthquake and this earthquake might be triggered by a nuclear earth-penetrating bomb set off by Russia prior to WW III or before the invasion of Europe to soften up the Western navies. 8.17

Les bien aisez subit seront desmis, Le monde mis par les trois freres en trouble. Cité marine saisiront ennemis, Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de tous maux le double.

Those at ease shall be put down Through three brothers, the world shall be palced in troubles Marine cities the enemy shall take Hunger, fire, blood, plague and all malice doubled.

Three major Western countries, France, US, and England are most responsible for the development of WW III because of their offenses against God through all sexual and carnal sins, most notably feminism, sexual revolution leading to abortion and homosexuality. Muslims and Russians will be used by God as the instrument carrying out the Divine Justice. Muslim armies will overtake all coastal cities such as Marseilles, Venice, Rome, and all Italian coastal areas. There will be many more war crimes, evils, atrocities committed during this world war. 8.28

Les simulachres d'or et d'argent enflez, Qu'apres le rapt lac au feu furent iettez Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez. Au marbre escripts, perscripts interiettez.

The idols swollen with gold and silver Which after the rapture shall be thrown into the lake of fire After all sins and troubles are revealed Except those who have their names enscripted in marble.

It is amazing the word “rapture” was used here. At the end of the world, after the Lord Jesus judges all souls during the Final Judment, the blessed ones will be taken up to Heaven to be together with God forever. This event is the Rapture. And the damned will be sent to the eternal fire. Quatrain number of 8.26 might indicate when this will happen, 3826AD. 8.29

Au quart pillier l'on sacre à Saturne. Par tremblant terre & deluge fendu Sous l'edifice Saturin trouuée vrne, D'or Capion rauy & puis rendu.

At the fourth pillar one sacrifices to Saturn Through trembling earthquake and flood split


One shall find a golden Chalice of Sacred Edifice That the antipope had ravished but now restored.
The rebuilding of the Church and restoration of the Faith will begin with the heightened belief and reverence toward the Holy Eucharist or the Body and Blood of our Lord Jeus Christ, after WW III. During the war, the antipope in Rome will replace the Blessed Sacrament with paganistic rituals worshipping Sun-God (Saturn.) Note for the original French text: “Capion” if the anagram of the double-word, Cap-noi or black Pope or antipope, not necessary black-skinned person as Nostradamus used “black” figuratively for “evil.” 8.31

Premier grand fruict le Prince de Pesquiere : Mais puis viendra bien & cruel malin, Dedans Venise perdra sa gloire fiere, Et mis à mal par plus ioyue Celin.

The first great fruit the Prince of Persians Then he shall become very wicked and cruel villian Within Venice he shall lose his fierce glory And led to evil by younger Selin.

After conquering the first battle or first European territory probably on the Italian soil, Iranian ruling Muslim clerics will become ambitious and allow Iranian and Muslim troops to commit many atrocities. Venice might be the first prize and at which the older clerics will yield to the demand of the younger ones who press the invasion forward toward the rest of Europe. “Perquiere” is the anagram for Persian. 8.32

Garde toy roy Gaulois de ton nepueu, Qui fera tant que ton vnique fils Sera meurtry à Venus faisant vœu, Accompagné denuict que trois & six.

Be on guard French King of thy nephew Who shall do too much, shall cause thy only son Be murdered while making a vow to Venus Accomplished at night by 3 and 6.

France will lose their Catholic Faith by worshipping sexual desire (Venus.) Consequently, they will be suffered by the Divine chastisement. The evil time is indicated here by 3 and 6 or 666, the evil triplicity or the extreme of all evil. In the prophetic language, 7 stands for goodness or perfection and 6 stands for imperfection or evil. France has become so degraded, so far from the golden days when their King consecrated their country to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus


Christ, when France was considered as one of the two pillars of the Church. The other was Italy. 8.34

Apres victoire du Lyon au Lyon, Sus la montagne de Ivra Secatombe, Delues & brodes septiesme million, Lyon, Vlme à Mausol mort & tombe.

After an English victory at Lyon Upon the mountain of JURA, the hecatombe found Floods and dark-skinned seven millions claimed At Lyon and Ulme, “Labor of the Sun” body and tomb.

After English troops score a major victory in Lyon of France against Muslims, one will discover a mass grave upon the mountain JURA. The name in capital might mean Jerusalem. Between floods and the dark-skinned or Muslim atrocities, millions upon millions will die. Where Rivers Lyon and Ulme join, one will find the body and tomb of Pope John Paul the Second. 8.36

Sera commis conte oindre aduché De Saulne & sainct Aulbin & Belœuure Pauer de marbre de tous loing espluché Non Bleteran resister & chef d'œuure.

Shall count against the anointed by the kingdom of the Duke Of all souls, of all saints, of the Beautitude The builder of towers with marble long absent They will be at fault for not resisting Bleteram and his chief work.

The Master shall punish His lazy servants for not taking a good care of what He entrusted them with while He was away. The Clergy have betrayed their Master and Lord by letting His flock going astray to eternal hell under their care. “Woes to those who scandalize the such little ones as these!” 8.38

Le Roy de Bloys dans Auignon regner Vn autre fois le peuple emonopolle, Dedans le Rosne par murs fera baigner Iusques à cinq le dernier prés de Nolle.

The King form Blois in Avignon shall reign Once again monopolize his people Within River Rhone shall swim through walls Just five times, the last one near Nolle.


Once again French leaders who succeed King Henry will become corrupted, more than ever. They will monopolize their people, empoverish them with taxes for their lavish lifestyle. Avignon will become the new capital of France as Paris will be burnt to the ground. “Swim through walls” mean “swim in the swimming pool.” which is one of luxuries at that time as these “advanced” modern luxuries will be abandoned after WW III. Noel might be the anagram of Noell or simply means Christmas. “Just five times” probably means five French kings will reign France between King Henry and the emergence of the AntiChrist. 8.39

Qu'aura esté par prince Bizantin, Sera tollu par prince de Tholose : La foy de Foix par le chef Tholentin, Luy faillira ne refusant l'espouse.

What have belonged to the Byzantine Prince Shall be taken away by the Prince of Toulouse The faith of Faith through the chief of Tolentino Shall fail him (Byzantine) for not refusing his Spouse.

French army will defeat Muslim army and liberate Italy. Some clergy in the occupied territories will steadfastly hold on to their faith, not betraying their Lord. 8.40

Le sang du Iuste par Taur & la Dorade. Pour se venger contre les Saturins Au nouueau lac plongeront la mainade, Puis marcheront contre les Albanins.

The blood of the innocents from Toulouse To revenge against the Muslims Into the new lake a group of marines will plunge Then they march on to fight the Albanians.

“Taurer la daurade” are the names of the two churches in Toulouse, St. Saturnin du Taure and St Marie de la Daurade. Saturnins also mean the army who carry out the divine Justice, here the Muslims and Russians. Saturn is used to imply the Day of the Lord or the terrible Judgment Day. Marinade means the group the band in French, here can mean a group of marines who are plunging into a lake to be baptised to become the army of Christians who are about to engage in a decisive battle, against the vicious Muslim army who have murdered all the innocent civilians. 8.44


Le procreé naturel dogmion, De sept à neuf du chemin destorner A roy de longue & amy au my hom, Doit à Nauarre fort de Pav prosterner.

The natural begotten of Ogmion From seven to nine shall get off the road King for a long time, friend to half of men The Nararre ought to prostrate to the fort of PAU.

Ogmion is the Celtic Hercules, here used to indicate Pope JP II, a great future pope, or King Henry of France. Pope JP II was elected in 1979. He has been the Holy Pontiff for a long time but faced much opposition for his strict adherence to the Catholic Teaching especially in the matter of human sexuality. A Spanish came in second in the papal election as “the fort of PAU” means John Paul II and Nararre implies a Spanish cardinal. 8.46

Pol mensolée mourra trois lieuës du rosne, Fuis les deux prochains tarasc destrois : Car mars fera le plus horrible trosne, De coq & d'Aigle de France freres trois.

Paul the Labor of the Sun shall die three leagues from River Rhone Avoid the two straits near Tarra Because war shall make such a horrible throne Of cock, of eagle, of France three brothers.

“Labor of the Sun” or Pope JP II, the apocalyptic Pope prophesied by St. Malachi will die somehwere near River Rhone. He will flee from Rome when Muslims invade Italy. Three Western countries France, US, and England will be in one side opposing the Eastern Alliance consisting of Russia and Muslim countries. 8.47

Lac Trasmenien portera tesmoignage, Des coniurez sarez dedans Perouse Vn despolle contrefera le sage, Tuant Tedesq de sterne & minuse.

Lake Transient-Men shall bear testimony From the conspirators locked up within Red Sea The rotten one attacks the wise man Kill the detested into pieces.

Lake Transient-Men (“Lac Transmenien”) is the no-man land where a soul will arrive after death to receive his minor judgment, then to go to Heaven ,hell, or purgatory. “Perouse” probably is the misspelled of Merouge or Red Sea meaning Hell Fire. “Tedesque” is the anagram of “Detesque” or detested, condemned soul in hell. This quatrain describes a sceen in which a soul, right after his death, receives his minor judgment and his accusers also are his conspirators while he was alive. This particular soul was once a sage or a wise man, full of earthly knowledges but now


facing an eternal damnation, he suddenly realizes what a futile and meaningless his earthly life had been.


Saturne en Cancer, Iupiter auec Mars, Dedans Feurier Caldondon saluaterre. Sault Castallon assaily de trois pars, Pres de Verbiesque conflit mortelle guerre.

The Day of the Lord full of calamities, the Evil One ravages wars Within scorching fire, Chalden salvages land Assault on the West from all three fronts According to the Word of God, wars and mortal conflict.

Chalden of old or modern Muslims who will carry out the Will of God in punishing mankind for their sins. “Castallon” stands Western countires; “Verbiesque” for the Word (of God); “Saturn” for the (terrible) Day of the Lord; “Cancer” for calamities; “Jupiter” for Satan; “Feurier” for fire; and “sault” for assault. 8.49

Saturn au beuf ioue en l'cau, Mars en fleiche, Six de Feurier mortalité donra, Ceux de Tardaigne à Bruge si grand breche, Qu'à Pontereso chef Barbarin mourra.

Saturn in ox, Jupiter in water, Mars in arrow The sixth of February mortality shall bring Those of Tardi-agneau at the bridge so great a breach That at the Bridge of Sorrow the barbarian chief shall die.

The Day of the Lord, the Devil, War. The sixth of February will bring great mortalities.The lamb of the Lord late-in-coming or the Christian army will kill the leader of Muslim troops at a great bridge which will be stained so much with bloodshed from both sides. 8.50

La pestilence l'entour de Capadille, Vne autre faim pres de Sagone s'appreste : Le cheualier bastard de bon senille, Au grand de Thunes fera trancher la teste.

The plague shall break out at Vatican Another famine near Sagunto The tanks of very good Muslim calvary And great one of Tunis shall lose his head.


“Capadville” or “ville de Cappe” or Vatican. 8.52

Le roy de Bloys Auignom regner, D'Amboise & seme viendra le long de Lyndre Ongle à Poytiers sainctes aisles ruyner Deuant Boni.

The King of Blois shall reign in Avignon He shall come from Amboise, Seine, along Linder Claws at Poitiers shall ruin the holy wings Before Boni …

During the period of peace, an unworthy leader shall rule France and become the leader of the free world. One from Poitiers or an event from Poitiers will end his reign. “BeforeBoni” can mean anything as the sentence is incomplete. 8.53

Dedans Bologne voudra lauer ses fautes, Il ne pourra au temple du soleil, Il volera faisant chose si hautes, En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil.

Within the Infinite Goodness, he shall want to wash his sins He shall not be able to go to Mass He shall accomplish thigns so high In the hierarchy he has never had one in parallel.

King Henry wants to go Confession and attend the Holy Mass before engaging in a battle. What a holy Catholic Emperor! “Bolongne” is the anagram of Bon-loinge here meaning the infinite goodness or the Lord’s Mercy. “Temple de soleil” is the temple of the sun, here the Holy Mass. 8.54

Soubs la couleur du traicté mariage, Fait magnanime par grand Chyren selin, Quintin, Arras recouurez au voyage D'espagnols fait second banc macelin.

Under the color of a marriage treaty A magnaminous act by the great Marian Henry Italians, Arabs recovered in voyage For the Spaniards second to those of Selin he places.

Commander Henry of Western Alliance and of France will consecrate himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and will ask for her intercession. He belongs to her, is her instrument. Spain for its alliance to the Muslims will be subjected to the secondclass after WW III. “Macelin” means those associated with Selin or Muslims. 8.56


La bande foible le tertre occupera Ceux du haut lieu feront horribles cris, Le gros troupeau d'estre coin troublera, Tombe pres D. nebro descouuers les escris.

The weak band shall occupy the land Those in the high places shall make horrible cries They shall trouble the great flock in the right corner. All near the Devil shall discover the decrees.

The indecisive easily to be manipulated, and the liberal will become the leaders of all nations. They will oppress the faithful or the conservative right (right corner) by passing humanistic or immoral laws. 8.57

De souldat simple paruiendra en empire, De robe courte paruiendra à la lonque Vaillant aux armes en eglise ou plus pyre, Vexer les prestres comme l'eau faict l'esponge.

From a simple solider he shall assume an Empire Trade a shor robe for a long one Valiant in battles, no worse man towards the Church He shall vex priests like squeezing water out of a sponge.

The AntiChrist will obtain the absolute power as the supreme leader of the whole Europe or of the whole world. As a valiant warrior and hero, he will later rise in rank and will be worshipped as a demi-god. He will persecute any faithful and orthodoxic religious who goes against him in the most brutal ways. He will also install himself as a supreme spiritual leader. He will enthrone himself upon the altar of the temple of the Lord. He is the one the prophet Daniel prophesied as “the abomination of desolation.” Long robe is a priestly robe. 8.59

Par deux fois haut, par deux fois mis à bas L'orient aussi l'occident foiblira Son aduersaire apres plusieurs combats, Par mer chassé au besoing faillira.

Two times rise up, two times being put down The East also weakens the West Adversary after many combats In the sea, fleets in need are failling.

The East fought the West in WW II and will again in WW III. This time the East will consist of Russia, China, and Muslims. The West will consist mainly Western Europe and US. Central Europe will also suffer as many decisive battles will be on their soils. Many decisive battles will involve naval forces from both sides with great losses.



Premier en Gaule, premier en Romanie, Par mer & terre aux Anglois & Paris, Merueillex faits par celle grand meƒnie, Violant Terax perdra le NORLARIS.

First will be France, first be Rome By sea and land against England and Paris Marvellous feasts by those great mercenaries Violent band battles lose ground to those at sea.

First time Muslims invade France and Rome. Both by sea and land, Muslim and Russian troops will attack England and France. They will accomplish their seemingly impossible military objectives. Land battles will not be decisive and specutacular as those at sea. Norlaris is the god of naval subjects ( double-word in Latin.) 8.61

Iamais par le decouurement du iour Ne paruiendra au signe sceptrifere Que tous ses sieges ne soient en seiour, Portant au coq don du Tag amifere.

Never through the discovery of the day One shall not recognize the sign from the Scepter Bearer When all His seats are at rest He shall give the co-redeemers the title of the beloved brothers.

Notes for the original French: Sceptrifere is Scepter Bearer or our Lord Jesus Christ; coq don is co-donnor or co-redeemer; TAG is the modern word, title; amifere is a double-word meaning beloved brethren. On every single day, one should be able to recognize the Lord’s presence and Blessings in all things, especially in the Holy Mass. Another meaning: on the Judgment Day, one will cry out to Him as one will recognize the war is His Plan. At the end, He will reward His beloved faithful a seat He has prepared for them in Heaven. They shall be called co-redeemders as through the sanctifying Grace of the Cross and through their sacrifices and prayers, souls are saved for Christ. 8.62

Lors qu'on verra expiler le sainct temple, Plus grand du Rhosne & sacres prophaner Par eux naistra pestilence si ample, Roy faict iniuste ne fera condamner.

When one sees the holy temple despoiled The greatest portion of Rhone shall profane their sacred things Through them the pestilence shall be amply born King cowardish and unjust shall not


condemn them.
Paganism and apostasy in France, here the southern region of France, shall cause great devastation through the Divine Chastisement. Church properties will be ransacked and destroyed by the crazy mobs and the French government is indifferent. 8.64

Dedans les Isles les enfans transportez, Les deux de sept seront en desespoir : Ceux de terroüer en seront supportez, Nom pelle prins des ligues fuy l'espoir.

Towards the islands children shall be transported Two out of seven shall be in despair They shall advocate terror Numerous defeats shall dash the hope of the League (for peace.)

Muslim aggressors will occupy Italy and France. They will transport prisoners including many children to the islands in Mediterranean Sea to carry out the Nazistyled mass-extermination. They will not agree to cease-fire for peace due to the ease of their victories against European forces. 8.66

Quand l'escriture D. M. trouuée, Et caue antique à lampe descouuerte, Loy, Roy & Prince Vlpian esprouuée, Pauillon Royne & Duc sous la couuerte.

When the inscription D. M. discovered In an ancient cave discovered by a lamp Law, King, Prince proven to be utopians In pavillion Queen and Duke lay under cover.

D. M. is a Latin inscription used in many Roman tombstones, stands for Diis Manibus, the god of the underworld. When the evil spirits entice mankind the greatest, when human passions are lustfully aroused to commit numerous evils like the Roman time with all carnal sins and paganistic rituals and immoralities, when laws and governments reflect the general populace’s desires for worldly pleasures only, one will see the gravest misfortunes and calamities fallen on the entire human race. The last line symbolically show that adultery is common. Manibus is also the name of the AntiChrist which is abbreviated as “Mabus” in Quatrain 2.62. 8.67

Par. car. nersaf, à ruine grand discorde, Ne l'vn ne l'autre n'aura election, Nersaf du peuple aura amour & concorde,

Paris, Carcassone, France at ruin at great discord Neither one or another will be elected France of people shall be full of love and


Ferrare, Collonne grande protection.

concord Ferrara and Colonna receive great protection.

France and its towns will be in ruin, contrary to Spain and its towns which will be left untouched by Muslim troops due to the pro-Muslim policy of Spanish government during WW III. The prophet reminded his beloved France that the true France should be full of love and harmony. 6.68

Vieux Cardinal par le ieune deceu, Hors de sa charge se verra desarmé, Arles ne monstres double soit aperceu, Et Liqueduct & le Prince embaumé.

The old Cardinal being decieved by the oyung one Out of auhtority, he shall find himself disarmed Heavens shall not show double monsters perceived Both the flow of Grace and the Heavenly King embalmed.

The Church hierarchy will be deceived and betrayed by a devout priest, the AntiChrist. He will strip them of all authority or jurisdiction. He will appoint himself the head of the Church, enthrone himself on the altar of the Lord. The adoration given to the AntiChrist shall stop the flow of the Divine Grace and the adoration toward the trure Messiah, Jesus Christ. 6.69

Aupres du ieune se vieux Ange baisser, Et le viendra sur monter à la fin : Dix ans esgaux aux plus vieux rabaisser, De trois deux l'vn huictiesme Seraphin.

Near a young one, the old angel shall bow He shall rise above him at the end Ten angels equals to one older shall bow One, two, three times to the eight seraphim.

A scene in heaven. 8.70

Il entrera viain, meschant, infame Tyrannisant la Mesopotamie Tous amis faict d'adulterine dame. Terre horrible noir de phisomie.

He shall come as a villain, unpleasant and infamous Shall tyranize the Mesopotamie All friends made using prostitutes Foul, horrid, dark in physical attributes.


The AntiChrist shall come and shall tyranize the Middle East. 8.71

Croistra le nombre si grand des Astronomes Chassez, bannis & liures censurez, L'an mil six cens & sept par sacre glomes, Que nul aux sacres ne seront asseurez.

The number shall grow so great astronomical Driven mad, banished, and books censured The year one thousand six hundred seven through sacred agglomerations None shall be ensured even in sacred places.

The year 1607 based on “sacred agglomerations” is 1607 years from the year of the First Council or Nicean Council or 325AD. So the actual year referred here is 1607 plus 325 or 1932 AD. This quatrain prophesies the crash of the stock market, the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929 AD. 8.72

Champ Perusin ô l'enorme deffaite Et le conflict tout aupres de Rauenne Passage sacre lors qu'on fera la feste, Vainqueur vaincu cheual manger l'auenne.

Perugian Field enormous defeat! And the conflict all about Ravenna Sacred passage when they celebrate the victory feast Victors vanquished, their horses eat oats.

In Italian territories, the Western Alliance will suffer a very major crushing defeat in the hands of their Muslim adversaries. To Muslims, they treat the conflict as a holy war and they will celebrate the victory as such, invoking the name of their god. Suddenly, something unusual happens, they will all disappear leaving behind all their war equipements just as they have seen something terrifying. This reminds me a battle in the Old Testament. 8.73

Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera, Iniustement non eslongné de mort, L'auare mere du faict cause sera Coniurateur & regne en grand remort.

The Muslim soldier shall strike a great King Unjustly and mortally near death Greed will be the only reason for this act The conspirators and the kingdom shall feel great sorrow.


Great King Henry will be assassinated by a soldier with a Muslim background because of money. 8.74

En terre neufue bien auant Roy entré Pendant subges luy viendront faire acueil, Sa perfidie aura tel rencontré, Qu'aux citadins lieu de feste & recueil.

The King shall enter a far new land While his subjects shall come to welcome His perniciousness shall give such an apathy To the local citizens instead of feast and reception.

This quatrain probably deals with the AntiChrist, a victorious but vicious, unwelcomed warrior. 8.75

Le pere & fils seront meurdris ensemble, Le prefecteur dedans son pauillon La mere à Tours du fils ventre aura enfle, Cache verdure de fueilles papillon.

The father and son shall be murdered together The governor is in his pavillion The mother at Tours with child, her belly is swollen Hide like a butterfly in the greeness of leaves.

An unfulfilled prophecy. 8.76

Plus Macelin que Roy en Angleterre, Lieu obscur nay par force aura l'empire : Lasche sans foy sans loy seignera terre. Son temps s'aproche si pres que ie souspire.

More a malefactor than a king of England Born of obscure origin, by force shall rule the empire Coward without faith, without law shall cover the land with blood His time approaches so close that I sigh.

Royal family of England will decay with immoralities and scandals as the whole country become apostate, losing their Christian heritage, become paganistic and immoral with sinful sexual practices and abortion.



L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez, Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre, Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez, Son corps humain eau rougie gresler terre.

The antiChrist very shall annihilate three Blood and his war shall last twenty seven years The heretics dead, prisoned, or exiled. Blood, human corps, blood-reddened sea, hailed land.

The antiChrist-like Muslims and Russians will destroy England, Italy, and France. The world war will last more than twenty years. “Twenty” is a certain numerical term, but “seven” is figurative term, so this means morethan twenty years to the fulfilled time destined by God. All the heretics to Catholicism, meaning all those who do have no Catholic Faith or God deems to be hopeless for any future conversion will die. Land and sea will cover with human blood and dead bodies. There will be numerous natural disasters. 8.78

Vn Bragamas auec la langue torte Viendra des dieux le sanctuaire, Aux heretiques il ouurira la porte En suscitant l'eglise militaire.

The AntiChrist with his twsited tongue Shall descend on the sanctuary of God To the heretics, he shall open a dor And raise up the military church.

The AntiChrist will make himself god. He will invent a heretical cult to replace Christianity. He will raise many bloody conquering campaigns in the name of religion. “Bragamus” is the anagram of Mabus, or Maribus, in Latin means the god of the netherworld. 8.79

Qui par fer pere perdra nay de Nonnaire De Gorgon sur la fera sang perfetant, En terre estrange fera si tout de taire, Qui bruslera luy mesme & son entant.

He who by the sword shall destroy his own father, born of the darkness At the end by the blood of the Dragon, he shall be made perfect In the foreign land he shall make all silent He shall burn himself and his own will.

The AntiChrist, the Evil One, who will kill his own father. He is begotten by the Dark One, the perfect evil being. He will exterminate all opposing him from foreign lands. At the end, he will be burnt by lightning. 8.80


Des innocens le sang de vefue & vierge. Tant de maux faicts par moyen se grand Roge, Saincts simulachres trempez en ardant cierge, De frayeur craincte ne verra nul que boge.

The blood of the innocents from the widows and virgins So many evils committed for that great Red One Holy images dipped in burning cnadles Terrified with fear nobody seen to stir.

This quatrain describes a ritual performed with human sacrifice. The whole world will belong to the occult led by the AntiChrist to worship Satan. At the present time , Satanic worship is spreading throughout Europe. 8.81

Le neuf empire en desolation, Sera changé du pole aquilonaire, De la Sicile viendra l'emotion, Troubler l'emprise à Philip. tributaire.

The new empire in desolation Shall be changed from the north pole The commotion shall come from Sicily To trouble the prisoners at the tributary of Phillip.

The new Empire from North pole is US who now is the sole superpower of the world but whose influence is declining fast. The tributary of Phillip might refer to the trial of Saddam Hussein conducted in Iraq. Muslim terrorists initiated from Sicily might cause great troubles for American troops in Iraq during Saddam’s trial. We just have to wait and see if my interpretation is correct or not. 8.82

Ronge long, sec faisant du bon vallet, A la parfin n'aura que son congie, Poignant poyson, & lettres au collet, Sera saisi eschappé en dangie.

Thin, long, dried, being a good servant In the end shall have nothing more to offer Sharp poison and letters in his collar He shall be seized, escaped, and in danger.

This is the life of a slave or prisoner under the reign of the AntiChrist. Each will wear a collar containing piercing metal spikes and poison, and an identification number. 8.83

Le plus grand voile hors du port de Zara, Prés de Bisance fera son entreprise. D'ennemy perte & l'amy ne fera, Le tiers à deux fera grand pille & prise.

The greatest sail outside the port of Zara Near Byzatium he shall make his undertaking Shall lose no friend or foe


The third one shall capture the pillage on two.
Zara is now Yogoslavia. Byzantium is the modern Turkey. Both regions will be enticed in mortal battles by the AntiChrist who will befriend to both. At the end, when both are weakened due to the extensive fighting, the AntiChrist will betray and conquer them both. 8.84

Paterne aura de la Sicile crie, Tous les aprests du goulphre de Trieste, Qui s'entendra iusques à la Trina rie, De tant de voiles fuy, fuy l'horrible peste.

Paterno shall have cries from Sicily All preparations in the Gulf of Trieste He shall hear as far as Trinacrie So many sails, flee, flee, such a horrible pestilence.

The whole coastal areas around Mediterranean Sea, especially Italian territories will lament much for great loss and bloodshed, greatly because of the firepowers from opposing navies. 8.85

Entre Bayonne & à sainct Iean de Lux, Sera pose de Mars la promottoire : Aux Hanis d'Aquilon Nanar hostera lux, Puis suffoqué au lict sans adiutoire.

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Lux Shall be placed a promontory for war With a helping hand from a northern country, Emani shall remove Lux Then shall be suffocated in bed without assistance.

Bayonne is the Spanish town separated from St. Jean de Lux of France by the Pyrenee mountains. Both are located in the SouthWest of France. The original text “Nanar” is the anagram of Arani, which was also mentioned in the next quatrain, today is called Emani which located adjacent to Bayonne. Spain will appear neutral, then side with the Eastern Alliance during WW III. They will attack France with small skirmishes, but eventually will be betrayed by their own Muslim ally. And no one from the Western side will come forward to help to liberate Spain. Quatrain 8.85 can only be understood by studying the next one. 8.86

Par Arnani Tholoser Ville Franque, Bande infinie par le mont Adrian, Passe riuiere, Hutin par pont la planque, Bayonne entrer tous Bichoro criant.

Through Emani, Tolosa and Villefranche An infinite band through the Adrian mountain Shall cross the river, fight for a plank for


a bridge Bayonne shall take in all Bigorre cries.
Emani, Tolosa, Villefrance, Adrian are close together, on the South Western part of Spanish Pyrenees. Bayonne is located north of them, separated by River Bidassoa. Bigorre was the battle cry of Huguenots of Narrare which stretched to both sides of Pyrenees during Nostradamus’s time. Navarre became a part of France after Henri IV of Navarre ascended on the French throne. During WW III, Spain will pass Pyrenee mountains, northward into France to reclaim Navarra. The Spanish troop will stay at Bayonne before invading France. 8.87

Mort conspirée viendra en plein effect, Charge donnée & voyage de mort. Esleu, creé, receu, par siens deffaict, Sang d'innocence deuant soy par remort.

Conspired Death shall come in full effect Charge given and voyage of death Elected, decree created, received defeat through his people Blood of the innocent before faith in remorse.

Faith in remorse is the faith in decay, the Faith in the Twentieth century is in a sorrowful state. The Death conspired from hell is incarnated into a political leader who will in charge of governing a nation and he is on his journey to hell. He is elected by the people, issues immoral or irreligious laws, and will receive defeat through the political system. The decrees or immoral laws are the death sentence to the innocent unborns. 8.88

Dans la Sardaigne vn noble Roy viendra, Qui ne tiendra que trois ans le Royaume, Plusieurs couleurs auec soy conioindra, Luy mesme apres soin sommeil marrit scome.

A noble King shall enter Sardaigne (Sardinia) Who shall tend to the kingdom for three years Many colors with his own shall join Himself afterwards care sleep Matrimony.

“Sardaigne” is the anagram of “disgrace.” The great Disgrace will be in a noble disguise when the homosexuals demand the same-sex marriage in which they claim to exert their basic “human right” to pursue happiness. The Rainbow of many colors is the symbol of homosexual societies. The matrimony is an immoral, scolded concept. Matrimony in this case can be called “matriscumy” or “Matriscome” in the original French text. And “scome” is the latin word which means “scoff or jeer.”



Pour ne tomber entre mains de son oncle, Qui les enfans par regner trucidez, Orant au peuple mettant pied sur Peloncle Mort & traisné entre cheuaux bardez.

For not to fall into the hands of his uncle Who murders infants in order to reign Talking to people, he shall place his foot on “Peloncle” Dead and pulled apart among violent horses.

Those who perform abortion will suffer the same torture that the aborted unborn infants have to suffer. In hell their limps will be ripped apart from their bodies for all eternity. I am not sure what “Peloncle” is. 8.90

Quand des croisez vn trouué de sens trouble En lieu du sacre verra vn bœuf cornu Par vierge porc son lieu lors sera comble, Par Roy plus ordre ne sera soustenu.

When Christians found to be troubled with their sense In the sacred place, they shall see a horned bull For virgin’s house, pigs are filling up For king, no order shall be maintained.

When Christians lose their faith, the Evil One will enter the temple of God and filth will replace purity. No more law and order but chaos and social unrest instead. 8.91

Frimy les champs de Rodanes entrées Où les croisez seront presque vnis, Les deux brassierez en pisces rencontrées, Et vn grand nombre par deluge punis.

Within the field of Rhone they shall enter Where those of the cross are nearly united The two Brassiers meet Pisces And a graet number shall be punished with the deluge.

Brassiers are lead strings in Greek mythology in which Venus is bound to Mars with an unbreakable thread forged by Vulcan. Pisces is fish, here Pope JP II. Sex (Venus) leads to war. Somewhere in the southern France near the River Rone, Pope JP II will be captured among his Christian company. After that, the whole region will be inundated. 8.92

Loin hors du regne mis en hazard voyage

Far from his kingdom in a hazardous voyage


Grand ost duyra, pour soy l'occupera, Le Roy tiendra les siens captif, ostage, A son retour tout pays pillera.

Great army he shall lead for his own occupation The king shall hold the prisoners and pledges On his return he shall plunder the whole country.

The AntiChrist will conquer and occupy many territories far away. He will capture and enslave the local captives. He and his army will commit great deal of atrocities and devastation of the occupied lands. 8.93

Sept mois sans plus obtiendra prelature Par son decez grand scisme fera naistre Sept mois tiendra vn autre la preture, Pres de Venise paix vnion renaistre.

Seven months, no longer, one shall obtain the office of prelate After he deceases, the great schism shall be born Many (seven) months another shall become prelate Nearby from Venice peace and assembly shall be born.

By saying “seven months, no longer,” the prophet meant seven months literally as in most cases he used the word seven to mean a fulfilled or complete time, not an exact duration of time. Thus, this quatrain indicates that one will serve as pope for exactly seven months and will die. And the one replacing him will cause the schism in the Catholic Church. Near this time from Venice, the Church for the last time will have peace and harmony and will gather together as an union or assembly. There were many occasions, a newly pope would die just after a few months of his reign, but there was only one setting which fulfilled this prophecy. Pope JP I was selected in 1979 and died shortly. Pope JP II succeeded him in the same year and has been reigned for a long time or “many months.” And actually there is a defacto schism in the Catholic Church as many Catholics including clergy openly disagree with the Pope on the subjects of human sexuality such as celibacy, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and so on. And in this closest time-frame, we had Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) who was appointed Patriarch of Venice before becoming the Holy Pontiff. In 1962, he convened the Second Vatican Council. 8.94

Deuant le lac où plus cher fut getté De sept mois, & son ost desconfit Seront Hispans par Albannois gastez, Par delay perte en donnant le conflit.

Before the lake, the dearest things shall be thrown For seven months his army shall be deemed unfit The Spaniards shall be spoiled by


Albanians Suffer loss for delay in giving the battle.
At Geneva, Spain will side with the Eastern Alliance to remain “neutral” in WW III, but later will allow a passage for Muslim forces to enter the southern France. This position will cost Spain later as they will be betrayed by the own Muslim allies. And no one will step in to help them. 8.95

Le seducteur sera mis en la fosse, Et estaché iusques à quelque temps, Le clerc vny le chef auec sa crosse Pycante droite attraira les contens.

The seducer shall be put in the dungeon And bound fast for some time The clergy united with their chief and with the Cross Picante upright shall attract the contended ones

“Picante” is P. cante or Pere cante meaning “priestly solitude.” The Church shall be glorious and orthodoxic again in her teaching, religious worship, and devotion. She will attract many unbelievers while Satan is bound in chain in the dungeon. 8.96

La Synagogue sterile sans nul fruit Sera receuë entre les infideles De Babylon la fille du porsuit Misere & triste luy trenchera les aisles.

The synagogue sterile without any fruit Shall be received among the infidels The daughter of Babylon in pursuit Miserable and sad, they will clip her wings.

The Jews and the “infidels” or the former Muslims will be received into the Church. The sinful sexual practices and sins of flesh will be prohibited and condemned. 8.97

Aux fins du Var changer le Pompotans, Prés du riuage les trois beaux enfans naistre, Ruyne au peuple par aage competans Regne au pays charger plus croistre.

At the end of the WAR, many regions shall change Near the bank three beautiful infants shall be born Ruined are the people of the competant age Reign in peace, changes are seen to be more Christian.


Three beautiful infants are the born-again France, England, and Italy who will become strong Christian countries again. The competant age is our own scientific, self-sufficient generation who will perish for the most parts. 8.98

Des gens d'Eglise sang sera espanché, Comme de l'eau en si grande abondance Et d'vn long temps ne sera restranché Ve vë au clerc ruy & doleance.

Blood of the church men shall be spilled Like water in great abundance And for a long time, it will be restrained Woe, woe to the Clergy, ruin at dolors.

Muslim invaders will murder a great number of the heretic, lukewarm religious in Europe as well as the devout ones. The Clergy will be punished severely for their neglect to their flock and for their unbelief or sinful lifestyle. 8.99

Par la puissance des trois Roys temporels, En autre lieu sera mis le saint siege : Où la substance de l'esprit corporel, Sera remis & receu pour vray siege.

Through the powers of three temporal kings The Holy See shall be placed to another location And where the Substance of the Body and Spirit Restored and received in the true seat.

Faith will be renewed in Europe with France, Italy, and England lead the way. They will support the new location for the new “Vatican” as Rome is completely destroyed because of the War. For a devout Catholic, his body becomes the holy temple of God where the Body and Spirit of the Lord resides. 8.100

Pour l'abondance de l'arme respanduë Du haut en bas par le bas au plus haut Trop grande foy par ieu vie perduë, De soif mourir par habondant deffaut.

For the large widespread armies From high to low and low shall be placed much higher Because of a jolly life, so much Faith shall be lost Die of thirst through many great wants.

Maintaining large armies for so long throughout WWIII will drain all resources for rebuilding during peace time. There shall be many social and moral changes in which the social values will be turned upside down with those social status which once are highly respected will be de-emphasized and vice versa. And due to the


present lifestyle focused so much in physical pleasure, Faith is decayed and in need of restoration. Society will lack resources and will face many needs.



Du hault du mont Auentin voix ouye, Vuidez, vuidez de tous les deux costez, Du sang des rouges sera l'ire assomie, D'Arimin Prato, Columna debotez.

High from Mount Aventin a voice is heard Go, get out, all from both sides The blood of the red (cardinals) shall appease the Divine anger Rimini, Prato, Colonna shall be driven out.

The Muslims will invade Rome and slaughter the clergy whose corrupted lives and apostasy have aroused the Divine anger Which can only be appeased with their punishment. All Italian towns will be deserted in the eve of the Muslim invasion due to renowned atrocities. Rome is partly situated on Mount Aventin. 9.3

La magna vaqua à Rauenne grand trouble, Conduicts par quinze enserrez à Fornase : A Rome naistra deux monstres à teste double, Sang, feu, deluge, les plus grands à l'espase.

The magnificient Vicar at Ravenna in great trouble Led by fifteen, shut up in Fornese In Rome two monsters with double heads are born Blood, fire, deluges, the greatest calamity in space.

Pope JP II accompanied by fifteen religious will be held up in various place while fleeing from Rome in the eve of the invasion led by Iran and Russia. The greatest fear will come from missiles. The original “magna vacqua” is the sounding-out double words means maginificient vicar or the great Pope JP II. 9.4

L'an ensuyuant descouuerts par deluge, Deux chefs esleuz, le premier ne tiendra De fuyr ombre à l'vn d'eux le refuge, Saccagée case qui premier maintiendra.

The following year discovered by floods Two leaders shall be elected, the first shall not hold long Into the fleeing shadow one out of two shall seek refuge


Plundered victim shall make the first one remain.
When the world is inundated with frequent natural disasters, Al Quaida terrorist network will emerge and operate but not for long. They will withdraw in shadow, but still terrorize the world until the Muslim forces openly attack their neighboring countries and Europe. The two operate in tandem. 9.5

Tiers doibt du pied au premier semblera A vn nouueau Monarque de bas haut Qui Pyse & Luques Tyran occupera Du precedent corriger le deffault.

The third toe of a foot shall resemble the first The new king shall rise from a lowly background to haughty position Who as a tyrant shall occupy Pisa and Lucca To redeem the fault of his predecessors.

The coming crusade between Muslims and pseudo-Christian nations will resemble the first one in which the newly found Islamic faith has emerged and the zealous followers of that new-found faith will take over the entire territories around the Mediterranean Sea. The Muslim forces will be strengthened from an insignificant fighting force to the most fearsome army. They will occupy most of Italy and will conquer many lands. This latest crusade will be a false one as the war will be without a just cause and without a zeal to defend any faith, and both parties involved are unworthy in the Presence of God. 9.6

Par la Guyenne infinité d'Anglois Occuperont par nom d'Anglaquitaine Du Languedoc I palme Bourdelois. Qu'ils nommeront apres Barboxitaine.

In Guienne numerous number of English men Shall occupy it and English name given In Languedoc and Bordelais which have become more Islamic They shall name thoses regions Muslim names.

France won back Guienne from English king in the forteenth century at the beginning of One Hundred Years War. Just as Guienne was populated with Englishspeaking citizens, many part of France now as Languedoc region and Bordelais are full of Muslim immigrants or citizens, making it easier for Muslim invaders to conquer French territories. Notes for the original text: Ispalme is the anagram for Islamesp or Islamic; Barboxitain is the made-up word meaning barbarian or Muslim language as Nostradamus always used the word “barbarian” to imply Muslims.



Qui ouurira le monument trouué, Et ne viendra le serrer proprement, Mal luy viendra, & ne pourra prouué Si mieux doit estre Roy Breton ou Normand.

Whoever opens the tomb when it is found And not to come to shut it promptly Evil shall come to him and cannot be proven Better for him to be a British king or monk.

This is Nostradamus’s curse upon whoever abused his tomb for curiosity. It was reported that the man who opened his tomb had met a tragic and mysterious death. 9.9

Quand lampe ardente de feu inextinguible Sera trouuée au temple des Vestales, Enfant trouué, feu, eau passant par crible : Nismes eau perir. Tholose cheoir les hales.

When the Lamb burning with inextinguishable flame Shall be found in the temple of Vestals An infant found in fire, water running through sieve Nimes perishes in water, Market hall shall fall in Toulose.

Mythologically, Nimes is where the temple of Diana, a Greek goddess located. The pagan temple was cared for by Vestal virgins. The lamp burned with inextinguishable flame is the perpetual lamp placed by the altar and by the Blessed Sacrament in a Catholic church. And the Blessed Sacrament or the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ are always housed in a tabernacle and next to it is a perpetually burning light used to indicate the Sacred Presence. When the New Age rituals replace the sacred traditions of worshipping or of the Holy Mass, when an unborn child being offered as a sacrifice to Satan through abortion, when the running water runs through a faucet (indicating modern societies, ) Nimes will be destroyed by flood, the stock market or commercial buildings in Toulose will be crashed. 9.10

Moyne moynesse d'enfant mort exposé, Mourir par ourse & rauy par verrier. Par Fois & Pamyes le camp sera posé Contre Tholose Carcas dresser forrier.

An infant of a monk and a nun Abandoned to be ravished by wild boar Near Foix and Parmiers are army camps Against Toulouse, Carcasson shall raise fury.


All towns mentioned are located in Southern France. The infant of a monk and a nun being abandoned after birth to die by wild animals will be the AntiChrist who will stir up a civil war in which different regions in France will fight among themselves. “Divide and Conquer” will be his strategy to win during his warring campaigns to become the Supreme leader of the world. 9.12

Le tant d'argent de Diane & Mercure Les simulachres au lac seront trouuez : Le figulier cherchant argille neufue Luy & les siens d'or seront abbreuuez.

So much silver between Diane and Mercury Images in the lake shall be found The Potter shall seek for new clay He and his people shall be filled with gold.

When Blessed Mother (Diane) manifests her presence most strongly to mankind, when numerous souls keep falling into the lake of hell-fire, the Lord (Potter) shall renew the earth with new creations including the regenration of mankind who are currently so degenerated. He Himself and His followers will be glorious in resurrection. Diane is Greek goddess, here implies the mother of god; Mercury symbolizes mankind. 9.13

Les exilez autour de la Solongne Conduicts de nuict pour marcher en l'Auxois, Deux de Modene truculent de Bologne. Mis. descouuerts par feu de Burançois.

The exiles about Salogne Being conducted at night to go into Auxois Two of Modena, the cruel of Bolonia Shall be discovered by the fire of Burancois.

The faithful beleivers who do not deny their Christian Faith ( the exiles) will be transported to another town Auxois in the middle of the might. The cruel Muslim captors are seen near the fire probably of the incinerators in Burancois, built for mass-exterminations of the steadfast Christians and Jews from Europe. 9.14

Mis en planure chauderon d'infecteurs, Vin, miel & huyle, & bastis sur fourneaux Seront plongez, sans mal dit mal facteurs Sept. fum. extaint au canon des borneaux.

The kettle of the Infector shall be placed on a plane Wine, honey, and oil, and boiled voer a furnace They shall be plunged into it, no more evil words or deeds Seven of the born-again; fumes of


cannons extinguished.
In hell, evil souls who only cared about themsleves while alive, now will be tortured for eternity. When enough souls repent, even war shall cease. 9.15

Prés de Parpan les rouges detenus, Ceux du milieu parfondrez menez loing : Trois mis en pieces, & cinq mal soustenus, Pour le Seigneur & Prelat de Bourboing.

Near Perpignan the red ones detained Those in the middle sunk down and led far away Three torn into pieces, and five badly sustained Through the Lord and the Prelate of Burgundy.


De castel Franco sortira l'assemblée, L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme Ceux de Ribiere seront en la meslée, Et au grand goulphre desnier ont l'entrée.

Out of Castille Franco shall bring out the assembly The ambassadors, not pleased, shall create schism Those of Riviere shall be in the medley And to the great Gulf, they shall deny the entry.

An international dispute involves Italy. Spain will try to be a mediator but all concenred parties cannot come to a satisfactory agreement. Consequently, Italy shall blockage a great gulf, probably Adriatic Sea or Mediterranean Sea. Somehow I believe this particular incident will lead to WW III. 9.17

Le tiers premier pis que ne fit Neron, Vuidez vaillant que sang humain respandre R'édifier fera le forneron, Siècle d'or, mort, nouueau Roy grand esclandre.

The third first, worse than Nero ever was Set out valiantly he shall spill much human blood He shall have the Furnace rebuilt again Golden Age dead, new King shall bring great troubles.

Nero was the first AntiChrist who most notoriously tortured and slaughtered the early Christians. And even he was pale in comparison to the third antiChrist. The third one shall come and shall be seen as a valiant warrrior who conquers many


battles, causing great deal of bloodshed as he had been known as the Destroyer through the Sacred Scripture. He shall have the notorious Furnace or incinerators rebuilt in order to commit many mass murders. After WW III there shall be a Golden Age of peace, then the AntiChrist shall come. 9.26

Nice sortie sur nom des lettres aspres, La grande cappe fera present non sien : Proche de vultry aux murs de vertes capres Apres plombim le vent à bon essien.

Coming out with the bitter letters the surname of Nice The great cap shall present what is not his Near Vultry by the walls of green capers After the Plombin the wind shall be in good earnest.

Vatican II Council was hailed as extraordinary as the first-ever, the Nicean Council in 325 AD. The Pope gave to the Church the document full of reforms which were drafted by others, not himself, and they were non-Catholic or the outsiders. After the “Plombin or lead” meaning “after the burden of wickedness is casted away,” (Zach5: 7-8) the Holy Spirit (the wind) shall start an earnest reform of the Church. 9.27

De bois la garde, vent clos rond pont sera, Haut le receu frappera le Dauphin, Le vieux teccon bois vnis passera, Passant plus outre du Duc le droict confin.

The fence being of wood, wind closed, bridge shall be broken Received high, King of France shall be struck The old Craftman shall pass over smooth wood Going over to the right confines of the Duke.

Due to their loss of faith and pride, France shall be punished. The Holy Spirit (wind) withdraws His Grace from them. The Covenant of their fathers made with the Sacred Heart of our Lord will be broken (bridge.) The Lord (craftman) shall select more rough “wood” from the “right” or righteous but less prominent or humble nations (duke) to revitalize the Church. 9.28

Voille Symacle pour Massiliolique, Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons Partir du goulfre & Synus Illyrique, Vast à Socille, Ligurs coups de canons.

The allied Fleet from the port of Marseilles In Venice port shall march against Hungary To leave from the gulf and bay of Illyria


Destruction at Sicile, Ligurians with cannon shots.
The Western Allies will gather their troops, leaving the war-torn Italy behind after successfully repelling the Muslim invaders, to go up north teaming up with Chinese troops to deliver to the Russians the decisive blow in Central Europe. 9.29

Lors que celuy qu'à nul ne donne lieu, Abandonner voudra lieu prins non prins : Feu nef par saignes, bitument à Charlieu, Seront Quintin Balez reprins.

When he who gives a place to nobody Shall abandon a place taken, then not taken Fire, ship, through bloodshed, burning at Chartieu Then Quintin and Bales shall be taken again.

The events during WW III, fighting and capturing, loss and recapturing territories by both sides, very evenly matched so that the World War will be dragged out for so long and so much bloodshed. 9.30

Au port de Pvola & de sainct Nicolas, Peril Normande au goulfre Phanatique Cap. de Bisance rues crier helas, Secors de Gaddes & du grand Philippique.

At the port of PAULO and of St. Nicholas The Romans shall perish in the Phanatic Gulf Captain of Byzantine shall raise cries to Allah Help from Cadiz and from great Phillip.

Religious or Italians will die in Persian Gulf or by the coastland of Muslim countries. The port of Paul and of St. Nicholas is the modern Turkey. In the capitols of the Muslim nations including Turkey, the fanatic Muslims will take over, shall organize demonstrations crying to their god Allah to arouse the deep hatred to the West. The delayed help shall come from US troops stationed in Cadiz by the Spanish coast. 9.31

Le tremblement de terre à Mortara, Cassich sainct Georges à demy perfondrez, Paix assoupie, la guerre esueillera, Dans temple à Pasques abysmes enfondrez.

The trembling of the earth at Montara Tin Island, St. George Islands half sunk From sleeping peace, war escalates In Easter the temple sinks into the abysm.


Montara is near Milan, Northern Italy; Cassich or Cassiterides is the Tin Islands off the coast of England; St. George is the patron saint of England. Wars will be escalated after Easter with Russia dropping nuclear bombs inducing earthquakes off the English coast sinking ships and flooding London and Southern England which locate near the sea level. The earthquake about 1000 miles away in Italy is probably the aftershocks triggered by the same nuclear bombs dropped by English Islands. 9.32

De fin porphire profond collon trouuée Dessous la laze escripts capitolin : Os poil retors Romain force prouuée, Classe agiter au port de Methelin.

A deep column of fine Porphyry shall be found Under its base Latin inscription Bones, hairs twisted, the Church in scourging Fleet agitated in Muslim port.

Just as their Lord Jesus Christ being scourged at the Roman pillar, with His bones exposed in bloody flesh and His hair mitted in blood and filth, the Church shall be scourged in the Muslim hands. 9.33

Hercules Roy de Rome & d'Annemarc, De Gaule trois Guion surnommé, Trembler l'Itale & l'vnde de sainct Marc, Premier sur tous Monarque renommé.

Hercules, the great Roman Emperor shall replace American as the world power Of French kings, three have the same surname (Henry) Italy trembles and the water of Venice The first renowned over all kings.

King Henry of France ( Hercules) will be anointed as the Holy Roman Emperor of our modern time. The other two Henry (Henry III and IV) were Nostradamus’s contempories. France will replace US as the sole world leader. 9.35

Et Ferdinand blonde sera descorte, Quitter la fleur, suyure le Macedon, Au grand besoing defaillira sa routte, Et marchera contre le Myrmiden.

And the light-haired Ferdinand shall be in discourse Quit France, follow Macedonians In great need, his course shall fail him And they shall march against the twofaced.


Spain will try to remain neutral, then leaning towards Muslim-Russian side during WW III, but eventually will fail to keep Spain from engaging into the conflict, or Muslims will betray the weakling, two-timer Spain. Spain later will be attacked by both sides, Western and Eastern Alliances. Notes for the original texts: Macedon means Macedonian or Russian orthodox; Myrmidon is the Achilles’s tribe which obeys all commands from all sides, here means two-faced. 9.38

L'entrée de Blaye par Rochelle & l'Anglois, Passera outre le grand Aemathien, Non loing d'Agen attendra le Gaulois, Secours Narbonne deceu par entretien.

The entry to the Bay by Rochelle and English Shall pass beyond the Americans Who not far from Aegean Sea waiting for the French Narbonne help deceived by entertaining (entretien.)

Rochelle is West of France by the Atlantic coast. France, Brtitain, and US join forces for one of the major battles. Naval force from Narbonne is delayed or never come due to stiff resistance or great loss. 9.41

Le grand Chyren soy saisir d'Auignom, De Rome lettres en miel plein d'amertume Lettre ambassade partir de Chanignon, Carpentras prins par duc noir rouge plume.

The Great Henry shall seize Avignon Letters from Rome shall come full of bitterness Letters and embassies shall be evacuated from Avignon Carpenter captor by black duke with red feather.

The Eastern Alliance consists of Iran-led Muslims and Russians. The Western Alliance consists of France, England, Italy, US, etc. Rome will be destroyed and clergy will be murdered. Muslim forces will overrun Avignon which will be liberated later by the great General Henry of France. Before retreating from Avignon, Muslim occupiers will remove all documents (letters.). “Carpenter captor” here means the captors of Christians who are Muslim occupiers or “black duke” , assisted by “red feather” or by Russians. 9.42

De Barcelonne, de Gennes & Venise, De la Secille peste Monet vnis,

From Barcelona, from Genoa, from Venice


Contre Barbare classe prendront la vise, Barbar poulsé bien loing iusqu'à Thunis.

From Sicily, a pestilence united with Monaco (Muslims) Against the barbarian fleet it will take aim Muslims shall be pushed back as far as Tunis.

Through the Divine Providence, the Muslim enemies on Europe will suffer a strange illness from all occupied territories, even on ships. They shall realize their pestilence is the curse from God. Muslim forces will soon be defeated afterwards as they also realize they cannot win the battle against God. 9.43

Proche à descendre l'armée Crucigere, Sera guettée par les Ismaëlites, De tous costez batus par nef Rauier, Prompt assaillis de dix galeres eslites.

Ready to land, the army of the Crusaders Shall be watched by the Arabs Struck from all sides by the ship Raviere It shall be quickly attacked by six elite galleys.

Ismaelites are the descendants of Ismael or Arabs; Raviere is the French name for large ship, maybe a aircraft carrier. WW III will turn into a modern Crusade between Muslims and Western Christians. Muslim smaller naval forces will be redesigned with small ship-boats to neutralize the more advanced but much slower navy from Western countries such as France, Britain, and US. 9.44

Migrés, migrés de Genefue trestous, Saturne d'or en fer se changera, Le contre Raypoz exterminera tous, Auant l'aruent le Ciel signes fera.

Leave, leave, all of Geneva Saturn shall change gold into iron The anti-POSITIVE RAY shall exterminate all Before the advent Heaven shall show signs.

“Saturn” is the Judgment Day of the Lord; Anti-Positive Ray is nuclear weapon of mass destruction. “Iron” might mean the steel of war, or iron rod or the instrument of chastisement. The Lord shall turn their materialistic gains (gold) into the iron rod of punishment. Nuclear explosion will destroy Geneva entirely. Another quatrain indicates that this is a terrorist act which can be traced back to Iran. 9.45

Ne sera soul iamais de demander,

Not a single person ever questions


Grand Mendosvs obtiendra son empire Loing de la court fera contremander, Piedmont, Picart, Paris Tyrhen le pire.

The great Man of God (Henry) assumes his Empire From Heavenly court, he shall command the counter-offensive Piedmont, Picard, Paris, Tuscany at the worst.

“Mendosus” is the anagram for Men-Deus, or the Man of God, or the Great Henry. General Henry, a devout Catholic, the man of God, shall retake all those towns and cities in France and Italy from Muslim hands. There will never be any question about his holiness and his leadership of the whole world. 9.46

Vuydez, fuyez de Tholose les rouges Du sacrifice faire expiation, Le chef du mal dessous l'ombre des courges Mort estrangler carne omination.

Go, flee from Toulouse the red ones (coming) For the Lord’s Sacrifice demands expiation The chief reason for evil in the shadow of scourges Death to strange all carnal omination.

“Les rouges” are the red ones, Russians or evil spirits; “Sacrifice” is the Sacrifice of the Lord on the Cross; “courges” is the anagram for scourge, or the Scourge at the Roman pillar. Just as the Lord our Master dies on the the Cross to expiate all our sins, we are now collectively will suffer by wars for the expiation of all our evil doings. We, the Body of Christ, will have to go through the scourges of WW III to imitate our Lord in His Scourging. Death shall be used to bring out remorse and repentance, to strike the human hearts with deep sorrows as all sins come from passions and all passions are originated from the heart. 9.50

Mendosvs tost viendra à son haut regne, Mettant arriere vn peu le Norlaris. Le Rouge blesme, le masle à l'interregne. Le ieune crainte & frayeur Barbaris.

Henry the Man of God shall soon come to his great reign Shall put a bit behind the naval battles The pale red ones, the Alliance of Malice The frightful young man and the Muslim terror.

Mendosus is the anagram for Men-Deus or the Man of God. Noralis is the Latin double word meaning gods of naval things. King Henry has to forget quickly all the wartime memories which he collected in many years of battles in order to move on quickly to the rebuilding process after WW III comes to an end.



Contre les rouges sectes se banderont, Feu, eau, fer, corde par paix se minera, Au point mourir ceux qui machineront, Fors vn que monde sur tout ruynera.

Against the red ones, religious sects shall be one Fire, water, iron, accord through peace shall be spoiled At the point of death, those machineries Except one above all, this shall ruin the world.

After WW III, the true unity or ecumenicism of the Church will take place to combat against the evil forces. Most machineries will be abandoned as men will return to simplistic lifestyle. Unfortunately, the AntiChrist later will rely on these deadly weapons once again to ruin the whole world. 9.52

La paix s'approche d'vn costé & la querre Oncques ne fut la poursuite si grande, Plaindre homme, femme, sang innocent par terre Et ce sera de France à toute bande.
WW III will take place throughout France.

Peace approaches on one side and war on the other There was never so great a pursuit Men, women shall bemoan, innocent blood soaks the earth It shall be in France on all sides.


Le Neron ieune dans les trois cheminées Fera de paiges vifs pour ardoir ietter, Heureux qui loing sera de tels menées, Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.

The young Nero in three chimneys Shall cause pages to be thrown to be burnt alive Happy shall be he who is far from doing this Three of his own blood shall put him to death.

The new AntiChrist, either in one person or in many ( Muslims in WW III ) will commit such atrocities as burning their captives alive in carrying out mass extermination. 9.55


L'horrible guerre qu'en l'Occident s'appreste, L'an ensiuant viendra la pestilence Si fort horrible qne ieune, vieux ne beste, Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Iupiter en France.

The horrible war the West shall prepare The following year shall come the pestilence So horrible that nor young, old, no beast shall escape Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

Mercury stands for Divine chastisement or punishment; Mars for war; Jupiter for men. WW III is the Divine chastisement on men, especially to France or European nations as the whole. 9.57

Au lieu de DRUX vn Roy reposera, Et cherchera loy changeant d'Anatheme, Pendant le ciel si tresfort tonnera, Portée neufue Roy tuera soy-mesme.

In a place of DRUX, a king shall rest Shall seek a law changing Anathema While heaven shall thunder loudly Entering again the king shall get himself killed.

DRUX here is the mispelled of CRUX, the cross or Calvary. Anathema is the anagram of anti-Mana or the abolishing the Blessed Sacrament or the Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the abolishment of the Holy Mass by the AntiChrist. He while trying to destroy the Mystical Body of Christ or the Church will be killed by lightning on the hill of Calvary in Jerusalem. 9.58

Au costé gauche à l'endroit de Vitri, Seront guettez les trois rouges de France Tous assoumez rouge, noir non meurdry, Par les Bretons remis en asseurance.

To the left side of a place called Vitry The communists in France shall be watched All those who kill red Russians or black non-violent Muslims Through British shall be granted security.

The allied forces will keep a watchful eyes on communist sympathizers after recapturing French territories. Non-violent Muslims and all those fight against Muslim and Russian troops will be trusted. 9.59

A la Ferté prendra la Vidame, Nicol tenu rouge qu'auoit produit la vie, La grand Loyse naistra que fera clame.

At the sword, the Vice-lady shall proceed Nicolai turns red who once produce life The great Law being born again shall


Donnant Bourgongne à Bretons par enuie.

make claim By envy, the Dragon shall be given the Britons.

Ferte is the angram for Fer or iron or sword; Vidam is the double word for ViceDame meaning the Babylonian prostitute of the Apocalypse or wicked sinful world; Nicol is Nicolai or old Slavonian nations; Loisne is the anagram of Loi or Law; Bourgongne is the anagram for rougon meaning the red Dragon or Satan (also from 9.62.) Nicolai who once produced life but now is dead, will take the lady of Vice or the sinful Wstern nations who have become the whore of Babylon to the sharp edges of the sword or wars. The great Law of Justice shall be born to give Britons to the Red Dragon that they deserve for all the sins of flesh they have committed especially abortion. Britain is the country who has pioneered many sinful practices involving life science, sexual lifestyle, social and religious changes. 9.60

Conflict Barbar en la Cornere noire, Sang espandu trembler la Dalmatie, Grand Ismaël mettra son promontoire, Ranes trembler, secours Lusitanie.

Conflicts with Muslims shall be in the black corner Blood shall be spilled, Dalmatia shall tremble The great Ismael shall set up promontory Frogs trembles, Portugal provides help.

The WW III with Western forces winning shall be moved from Europe to Middle East. The victors will devastate the Muslim territories and strognholds as Muslim forces will be in disarray and dispirit. The great Ismael or Arabs still put up a tough resistance. “Frogs” or weapon of mass destruction will be used to silence the war quickly. Portugal or Spain will turn around to be Western ally once again. 9.61

La pille faite à la coste marine, Incita noua & parens amenez, Plusieurs de Malte par le fait de Messine, Estroit serrez seront mal guerdonnez.

The devastation shall be great around the sea coast New cities and friends and relatives shall come forward Many of Malta due to their cooperation with Muslims Shall be shut out and poorly rewarded.

After WW III is over, the enitre regions around the Mediterranean Sea will be totally annihilated. 9.62


Au grand de Cheramonagora Seront croisez par ranc tous attachez, Le pertinax Oppi, & Mandragora, Raugon d'Octobre le tiers seront laschez.

For the most part of Cheramonogora (smiling Mona Lisa) Shall be crossed (crusaded) with all ranks attached The Opni pertinal (Ominpotent) and Mandragora (men of Dragon) Rougon (Red Dragon) the third of October shall be set loose.

The most part of Italy will be filled with Western crusaders who will face the Muslim forces for the final decisive battles. The Armageddon battle will be between the troops of the Omipotent God and the followers of the Red Dragon who will be released from the dungeon on the third of October of 202x AD with the letter x standing for an unknown number. 9.63

Plainctes & pleurs, cris & grands hurlements Prés de Narbon à Bayonne & en Foix O quels horribles calamitez changemens, Auant que Mars reuolu quelques fois.

Complaint and tears, cries and great mourning Near Narbonne and Bayonne and in Foix O what horrible calamities and changes Before wars, revolutions a few times.

All French towns or cities. France shall be a major battle ground in WW III at the beginning of the 21th century , i.e., around 6000 ( BC +AD combined,) or at the seventh revolution as each revolution consisted of 1000 years according to Nostradamus. 9.64

L'Aemathion passer monts Pyrenées, En Mars Narbon ne fera resistance, Par mer & terre fera si grand menée, Cap. n'ayant terre seure pour demeurance.

L'Aemathion pass through Pyrenees Mountain, In March, Narbonne shall make no resistance, By sea and land he shall carry out great menance, The Cap ( Pope) shall have no safe ground for residence.

The invaders shall attack France via Spanish territories. Pope JP II shall have nowhere else to flee in Southern France.



Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre, Où sera prins & mis en terre estrange, Les fruicts immeurs seront à grand esclandre, Grand vitupere, à l'vn grande loüange.

He shall come to the corner of Luna, Where taken and put in a strange land, Green fruits immersed in great scandal, A great shame, to some great praise.

Moon- landing is the waste of resources and science is a futile rebellious endeavor and follies of men, here being disdained by the prophet. 9.66

Paix, vnion sera & changement, Estats, Offices, bas hault, & hault bien bas. Dresser voyage, le fruict premier, torment, Guerre cesser, ciuils proces, debats.

Peace, union, and changes, Estates, office, low turns high, and high low, Journey prepared, first fruit, torment, War ceases, also civil disobedience and debates.

After WW III, many social changes shall take place. Once esteemed positions and status shall be disdained and vice versa. Scientific study will be discarded and replaced with religious or theological study. Many shall have to migrate and live on the fruits of their own labor. 9.67

Du hault des monts à l'entour de Dizére Port à la roche Valent, cent assemblez De chasteau neuf Pierre late en douzere, Contre le Crest Romans foy assemblez.

On the mountain top around the Light Gate at the Valentian rock hundreds assemble From Chateauneuf, Pierrelatte, in Douzere Christians in the background, the clergy faith assemble.

After WW III, Faith shall be revived in France throughout. Valentian rock might indicate the origin of the French Pope who will lead the Church in the period of the Golden Peace. 9.68

Du mont Aymar sera noble obscurcie,

From the mount, Pope JP II will be the


Le mal viendra au ioinct de Saone & Rosne, Dans bois cachez soldats iour de Lucie, Qui ne fut onc vn si horrible throsne.

hidden noble The evil will come between Saone and Rhone In the wood, soldiers hiding on the feast day of St. Lucie Never before such a horrible throne.

“Aymar” is the anagram of “a Mary” means “consecrated to Blessed Virgin Mary” which is the motto ( “Toto Totus” or “Totally Yours”) and the life of the faithful servant, John Paul II. He will leave Italy, go into hiding in Southern France and will be murdered by local residents or by the Muslim troops. The feast day of St. Lucie is December 13th, the day the great Pope will die. Great calamities shall fall upon mankind after he dies. No Pope has ever died by such a cruel death before. 9.69

Sur le mont de Bailly & la Bresle Seront cachez de Grenoble les fiers, Outre Lyon, Vien, eulx si grand gresle, Langoult en terre n'en restera vn tiers.

On the mountain Bailly and in Bress country The fierce fighters of Grenoble shall hide Beyond Lyon and Vienna there will be such a great hail Locusts on the ground, not a third shall remain.

The local resistance fighters will be formed to fight against Muslim invaders and other occupying forces who will be the Apocalyptic army of “locusts” used for the Divine chastisement and who were described in the Book of revelation. Great loss of lives in those regions, not even a third of the population will survive. 9.70

Harnois trenchans dans les flambeaux cachez Dedans Lyon le iour du Sacrement, Ceux de Vienne seront trestous hachez Par les Cantons Latins. Masconneront.

Sharp weapon hidden in the burning torch Inside Lyon, the feast of Sacrament Those of Vienna shall all be cut into pieces Through Latin cantons, the heretics or religious hater shall be routed.

Southern France will be bombarded with missiles, some might carry weapons of mass destruction, fired by Muslims. Vienna will be devastated and after the war, the survivors will abandon Protestantism to return to the ancient teaching and tradition of Catholicism. “The feast of Sacrament” can be the year proclaimed by the Holy


Father to be the Year of the Holy Eucharist which is from October 2004 to October 2005. Thus, WW III will occur some time soon. 9.71

Aux liex sacrez animaux veu à trixe, Auec celuy qui n'osera le iour, A Carcassonne pour disgrace propice, Sera posé pour plus ample seiour.

At sacred places hairy animals are seen With the One who does not like daylight And carcass which is suitable for disgrace Shall be exposed for a more ample stay.

The One who does not like daylight but prefers darkness is the Devil. The Devil and his evil cohorts have infiltrated into the Temple of God, the Church hierarchy. 9.72

Encor seront les saincts temples pollus, Et expillez par Senat Tholosain, Saturne deux trois siecles reuollus, Dans Auril, May, gens de nouueau leuain.

Again the saintly temples shall be polluted And plundered by Senate of theologians Saturn two three cycles revolution In April and May, people of new leaven.

The Church will be polluted and damaged by the heretical theologians whose disbelief and rebellious rationalism have led many astray including the religious. This will happen after Saturn has completed two, and three revolutions meaning it will take place around 2000 AD and 3000 AD. Afterwards, the Church will be renewed with new generations of fresh believers, just like the new leaven, who will believe in the Resurrection and Death of Our Lord and will also have a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary. Cycle revolution means one thousand years; April means the month of Easter or Resurrection of our Lord; and May is the month dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary. 9.73

Dans Fois entrez Roy ceiulee Turban, Et regnera moins euolu Saturne, Roy Turban blanc Bizance cœur ban, Sol, Mars, Mercure prés la hurne.

In Foix shall enter a king with blue turban He shall reign before Saturn revolves Then the king with white turban shall make Muslim heart shaken Sun, Mars, Mercury near the top of the pond.

Again, Saturn revolving means around 2000 AD. The white king who shall defeat Muslims is King Henry. Foix, a French town mentioned, indicates that he is a French man. Sol stands Sun or Lord Jesus; Mars for Wars; Mercury or Hermes for mankind;


“near the top of the pond” might mean on the water surface of his basin, the prophet received the future visions. 9.74

Dans la cité de Fert sod homicide, Fait & fait multe beuf arant ne macter, Retour encores aux honneurs d'Artemide, Et à Vulcan corps morts sepulturer.

In the city laden with swords and homicide Many oxens shall be seen ploughing instead of slaughtering Again the return of the honoring of Artemis And Vulcans shall take care the dead bodies.

The urban battles during WW III will be brutal with so many deaths that the survivors cannot bury them all, just let the dead bodies being defiled by wild animals and birds. But the rebuilding shall start. The emphasis shall be on farming, spiritual life shall be renewed with the veneration of Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Rosary. This also means there will be only one universal Church and religion which is Catholicsm after WW III. Note for the original French: Fersod means laden with swords or heavy fighting ( fer is iron or sword; sod is laden); Artemide is the mispelled word for Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon who is the sister of Appolo or god of the sun. Appolo stands for Jesus and Artemis for Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God. 9.75

De l'Ambraxie & du pays de Thrace, Peuple par mer mal & secours Gaulois, Perpetuelle en Prouence la trace, Auec vestiges de leur coustume & loix.

From Ambraxie and the country of Thrace People suffered by the sea and seeking help from France Perpetually imploring at Providence With their vestiges on traditions and laws.

Greece will suffer greatly by war and sea-related natural disasters. They will ask France for help and will return to their religious root which once produced one of the valiant and orthodoxic christian country. They shall forever rely on the Divine Mercy. 9.76

Auec le noir Rapax & sanguinaire, Yssu du peaultre de l'inhumain Neron, Emmy deux fleuues main gauche militaire,

With the black king rapacious and bloodthirsty Issued from the same class of the inhuman Nero


Sera murtry par Ioyne chaulueron.

Between two rivers, directs militarily with a left hand Shall be murdered by a young junior officer.

A Muslim leader who is vicious against his enemies and very evil without any respect for human life, will be killed in the region of two rivers at the end of WW III. The place can also be the southern France or in the Middle East where two rivers run. 9.83

Sol vingt de Taurus si fort terre trembler, Le grand theatre remply ruinera, L'air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler, Lors l'infidele Dieu & saincts voguera.

When the Sun is twenty degree from Taurus, the earth shall tremble strongly The grand theater shall be ruined Air, sky and earth obscured and troubled The infidels shall voice their God and saints.

The Sun stands for God or the Divine chastisement. The first line might mean that the Divine chastisement is approaching. Taurus is the opposite astrological sign of Libra, and Libra stands for a nation governed by law and order meaning USA. So the enemy of USA is Taurus or China. When the Sun is adjacent to Taurus meaning when China becomes prosperous or powerful, the following event will occur. There is a great explosion which completely levels a great theater. There is so much debris, smoke, dirt, and vibration. The “infidels” or non-Muslim victims will cry out to God for comfort. The term “infidels” indicates this is a terrorist act committed by Muslim extremists. 9.84

Roy exposé parfaira l'hecatombe, Apres auoir trouué son origine, Torrent ouurir de marbre & plomb la tombe D'vn grand Romain d'enseigne Medusine.

The King enlighted shall fulfill the hecatombe After he has found his origin A torrent open up the tomb of marble and lead Of a great religious with “God-in-me” as his emblem.

This quatrain predicts the discovery of St. Peter’s tomb somewhere in Rome by a king, King Henry of France? “Medusine” is the anagram of Me-Deus” meaning “Godin-me” is St. Peter’s motto. 9.85


Passer Guienne, Languedoc & le Rosne, D'Agen tenans de Marmande & la Roole, D'ouurir par foy parroy, Phocen tiendra son trosne, Conflict aupres sainct Pol de Manseole.

To pass to Guienne, Languedoc, and Rhone From Agen (Aegean) holding Manna an King Marseilles shall hold his throne by opening to welcome for faith abd for king The ocnflict near St. Paul, the Labor of the Sun.

Pope JP II fleeing from Rome will pass through Guienne, Languedoc, and Rhone, starting from Agen holding in his hand the Holy Eucharist. Marseilles will welcome the Pope and his King, but the region will soon prove unsafe for the Holy Pontiff. 9.89

Sept ans sera Philip, fortune prespere, Rabaissera des Barbares l'effort. Puis son mydi perplex, rebours affaire, Ieune ogmion abysmera son fort.

Seven years Phillip shall prosper a fortune He shall cut down the Arabic efforts Then in the middle of perplexing contrary affair Young Ogmios shall pull down his strength.

For many years US shall prosper as the world leader. She will battle against Muslim extremism and exert a great influence in Arabic world. Then US shall become perflexed, undecided, weakened. Young French Henry and the new France will take over as the world leader. 9.90

Vn grand Capitaine de la grand Germanie Se viendra rendre par simulé secours A Roy des Roys ayde de Pannonie, Que sa reuolte fera de sang grand cours.

A captain of the great Germany Shall render fained help Aid to Hungary, unto the King of kings His revolt shall cause great bloodshed.

Germany will come to assist Hungary in the eve of Russian invasion (king of kings) but that half-hearted support can only cause greater bloodshed. 9.92

Le Roy voudra dans cité neufue entrer

The king shall want to enter a new city


Par ennemis expugner l'on viendra With many enemies they come to Captif libere faulx dire & perpetrer, subdue Roy dehors estre, loin d'ennemis tiendra. Captive or free shall lafsely speak and act King getting out, shall look at enemies afar.
US invading Iraq, faces tough opposition from insurgents, will withdraw troops and stand by from outside to watch hopelessly the civil war and chaos. 9.93

Les ennemis du fort bien esloignez, Par chariots conduict le bastion, Par sur les murs de Bourges esgrongnez Quand Hercules battra l'Haemathion.

The enemies far from their stronghold By chariots the bastion being transported Upon the walls of Muslim brown being cut off When the Western strikes the Eastern.

The Muslim troops will have logistical problem of transporting their supplies from their homeland to Europe. The Western troops led by France shall explore this weakness. 9.94

Foibles galeres seront vnis ensemble, Ennemis faux le plus fort en rempart : Faible assaillies Vratislaue tremble, Lubecq & Mysne tiendront barbare part.

Weak ships shall be united assembled Enemies undeclared, the strongest one runs rampant The weak being attacked, Brastilava trembles Lubeck and Meissen shall take Muslim side.

Most Eastern European countries will align wrongly with Russia-Muslim Alliance out of fear at the onset of WW III, but the Russians and Muslims still consider them as enemies, and will not spare them from all brutalities and lootings. Many heaviest battles will be on their lands. Brastilava is Czechslovakia. 9.95

Le nouueau faict conduira l'exercite, Proche apamé iusqu'aupres du riuage, Tendant secours de Millanoile eslite, Duc yeux priue à Milanfer de cage.

The new man will lead the army Nearly cut off as far as the river bank Holding out for help from Milan elite troop But the Duke lost his eye, jailed in an


iron cage in Milan.
Milan will be lost to Muslim hands. 9.96

Dans cité entrer exercit desniée, Duc entrera par persuasion, Aux foibles portes clam armée amenée, Mettront feu, mort, de sang effusion.

Into the city, the army is deneid to enter The Duke pressing on his entry Through a weak gate, his army secretly advancing Shall set it on fire, death with much effusion of blood.

The Muslim army is repelled from overruning a city, but through persitence and with the help from Muslim sympathizers from within, they will eventually take over the city and burn it to the ground. 9.97

De mer copies en trois parts diuisées, A la seconde les viures failleront, Desesperez cherchant champs Helisées, Premiers en breches entrez victoire auront.

The naval forces divided into three groups The second group, their lives will fall Desperate, they look for Elysian Field The first group will be victorious by entering the breach.

Many great sea battles in WW III with one-third of ships will sink, one-third belongs ot the losing side, and the last third on victorious side. 9.98

Les affligez par faute d'vn seul taint, Contremenant à partie opposite, Aux Lygonnois mandera aue contraint Seront de rendre le grand chef de Molite.

Those afflicted because of one single stained person Act of aggression to the opposition They shall send to Lyon residents Compelling them to give up the great chief of Molite.




A l'ennemy, l'ennemy foy promise Ne se tiendra, les captifs retenus : Prins preme mort, & le reste en chemise, Donnant le reste pour estre secourus.

To the enemy prisoners, faith is promised Promises not kept, the prisoners detained First captives being put to death, the rest being stripped The rest given hope to be rescued.

Christians, Jews, Westerners captured by Muslim occupying forces will have to confess or declare their faith with an advanced promise that they will not be persecuted for their faith. But they will be put to death after their confession of faith. Some will be stripped and put in concentration camp, and some will be rescued at the end of WW III. 10.2

Voile gallere voil de nef cachera, La grande classe viendra sortir la moindre, Dix naues proches le tourneront poulser, Grande vaincue vnies à soy ioindre.

The sail of the galleys and of big ships hidden The great fleet lets lesser ones coming out Ten small ships approach them to drive them back The great being vanished, they shall unite together.

Due to the early defeats as the Muslim navies rely on small but fast boats equipped with anti-ship missiles of 60-plus mile range to sink down much larger ships, the Western navies develop a new strategy in which the large aircraft carrier will allow much smaller ships or boats to go ahead or behind within the radius of 60-plus mile, then the carrier or big ship shall stop or vanish from 60 mile radius, out of the Muslim anti-ship missile range. A galley is a low, fast moving boat. 10.4

Sus la minuict conducteur de l'armée Se sauuera subit esuanouy, Sept ans apres la fame non blasmée, A son retour ne dira oncq ouy.

About midnight, the conductor of the army Shall save himself, suddenly vanished Many years later, with his flame nonblemished

blemished At his return, they shall never say yes.
In 1991, US troops suddenly withdrew from Persian Gulf instead of finishing the job by dealing with Saddam Hussein. More than ten years alter, even Americans still enjoy the status of the only military super-power of the world, they will not have many allies this time around when US troops come back for another war with Iraq. 10.5

Albi & Castres feront nouuelle ligue, Neuf Arriens Lisbon & Portugués, Carcas, Tholose consumeront leur brigue, Quand chef neuf monstre de Lauragués.

Albi and Castres shall form a new league Nine Arians Lisbon and Portuguese Carcas, Tholose will end their confederation When the new chief is the monster of Lauragues.

Albi is the anagram for Libia; Castres is of Crescent or Muslims; nine Arians are Eastern or Central European countries such as Hungary and Czechoslovakia; Lisbon is Spain; Carcas is Russia; Tholose is Greece; and Lauragues is the anagram for Arau (Arab) leagues. The Eastern Alliance will consist of all Muslim nations from Middle East and North Africa, Eastern European countries, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Greece. The leader will be Iran. Russia and Greece even with their orthodox Christian Slav heritage will end their alliance later when the Eastern Alliance is controlled by the brutal Iranian monster who will attack Greece later because they hate all infidels or non-Muslims. 10.7

Le grand conflit qu'on appreste à Nancy, L'Aemathien dira tout ie soubmets, L'Isle Britanne par vin, sel en solcy, Hem. mi. deux Phi. long temps ne tiendra Mets.

The great conflict in preparation at Nancy The Aemathien shall say “I submit to all.” The British Island arrives at the moon and Sun there Him, Me, two Phil shall not hold Metz long.

Nancy is the anagram for “N and Y” or NY, or New York. Aemathien is the anagram for American. “Par-vin” is from French verb “parvenir” or to arrive or to come. “Selen” is “Selene”, or the moon that stands for Muslims. “Sol” is the sun, standing for God’s Punishment , “cy” is French adverb “si” meaning “there.” “Hem-Mi” is the anagram for “Him-Me” together with two Phillips indicating two English-speaking countries. “Metz” is Mediterranean Sea or Middle East. American and British troops will not stay in Iraq or Middle East long. The great conflict between East and West or


the WW III begins with September 11th in New York. Americans together with Britain would present their case to the world before invading Iraq. This second Iraqis war was deigned by God to be the spark for the Divine Chastisement carried out by Muslim warriors, symbolized here as the representation of “Moon and the Sun.” 10.9

De Castillon figuieres nour de brune, De femme infame naistra souuerain prince Surnom de chausses perhume luy posthume, Onc Roy ne fut si pire en sa prouince.

Out of Castillion on a misty day From an infamous woman, a sovereign Prince shall be born His surname of breeches on the ground making him posthumous Never a worse King in his province.

This quatrain discusses the mysterious meaning of the name of the AntiChrist that will be revealed later at the proper time. Another meaning of this quatrain is that the AntiChrist will be buried alive as he falls through the cracks on the ground surface caused by a great earthquake that will destroy most of Jerusalem. The surname here means it is destined or it is written. 10.10

Tasche de murdre, enormes adulteres, Grand ennemy de tout le genre humain Que sera pire qu'ayeuls, oncles, ne peres En fer, feu eau, sanguin & inhumain.

Relying on murder, enormous adulteries The great enemy of the whole human race He shall be worse than his grandfathers, uncles, and fathers In sword, fire, water, bloody and inhuman.

This is the continuation of the previous quatrain discussing about the antichrist who will rely on assassination to eliminate enemies and entertainments including prostitution to recruit new allies. 10.11

Dessous Ionchere du dangereux passage Fera passer le posthume sa bande, Les monts Pyrens passer hors son bagage De Parpignan couurira Duc à Tende.

Below Jonchere a dangerous passage The Posthumous shall bring his troop over Pass Pyrenean Mountains without his baggage A Duke shall run from Perpinan to Tende.


The Posthumous is the AntiChrist, the one who shall “resurrect” from a deceptive death. He shall move swiftly to capture Spain. He is the great and vicious warrior. 10.12

Esleu en Pape, d'esleu sera mocqué, Subit soudain esmeu prompt & timide, Par trop bon doux à mourir prouoqué, Crainte estainte la nuit de sa mort guide.

Elected as Pope, he shall be mocked Suddenly he moved promptly and timidly Because of too much goodness, he provoked his death His death in the night made his guide fearful.

Pope John Paul I was called the “Smiling Pope” whose gentleness and kindness were well known. He moved swiftly to expose and correct the corruption in Vatican inner circle. That was probably the reason why he was killed one night during sleep. He reigned merely 33 days; the same number of the total years the Lord lived on earth. 10.19

Iour que sera par Royne saluéë, Le iour apres le salut, la priere : Le comte fait raison & valbuéë, Par auant humble oncques ne fut si fiere.

The day she is saluted as Queen The day after the salutation, the evening benediction The feast is justified and valid One humble never before one is so highly exalted.

The official veneration of Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and earth by the whole world for the first time in the human history, after WW III. This might indicate the feast day celebrating the declaration of the new and the last Marian dogma in which Blessed Virgin shall be recognized as the Co-redeemer, Mediatrix, and Advocate for the whole human race. 10.20

Tous les amys qu'auront tenu party, Pour rude en lettres mis mort & saccagé, Biens publiez par fixe grand neanty, Onc Romain peuple ne fut tant outragé.

All friends who belong to one party Through the unlearned, being put to death and robbed Goods sold publicly, the great one annihilated by six Never were clergy would be so outraged.

The clergy shall be murdered and the properties of the Church shall be looted while the Muslims occupy Rome and Italy.



Au peuple ingrat faictes les remonstrances, Par lors l'armée se saisira d'Antibe, Dans l'arc Monech feront les doleances, Et à Freius l'vn l'autre prendra ribe.

For the ungrateful people, remonstrance shall be granted Then the army shall seize control of Antibes In the great Gulf of Monaco the unrest shall happen And at Fejus one another fighting over the coastal land.

Many civil unrests and internal fighting will occur in French towns especially in Southern part and coastal area adjacent to Mediterranean Sea. The civil unrests and wars in the same region was also mention in Quatrain 5.64. 10.27

Par le cinquiesme & vn grand Herculés Viendront le temple ouurir de main bellique, Vn Clement, Iule & Ascans reculés, Lespe, clef, aigle, n'eurent onc si grand picque.

By the fifth and a great man Henry He shall open the temple through warlike hand One Clement, Julius, and Ascans shall be put back Sword, key, and eagle have never been in such a grand picture.

General Henry will restore Western Christendom. He shall put back the teachings of the early Fathers of the Church, back to the original Teaching and Tradition. The Divine Judgment (sword), the papacy and papal infallacy (key), and the Gospel of Love (eagle) shall be the key ingredients in the spiritual renewal. 10.29

De Pol Mansol dans cauerne caprine Caché & prins extraict hors par la barbe, Captif mené comme beste mastine Par Begourdans amenée prés de Tarbe.

John Paul the Labor of the Sun in a goat cavern Hidden, captured, drawn out by his beard (another translation: by Muslims) Captured, treated like a domestic beast By Begourdans shall be brought near Tarbe.

Pope John Paul II will be captured and ill treated. He shall imitate the Passion and Death of the Lord to the very end of his life. The second line can be translated in two


ways: he is drawn out of the cave by the Muslims; the second meaning is that someone pulling his beard. Tarbe is located in the south-western France. Begourdans is the anagram for dungeon or the evil ones, born in the dungeon. 10.30

Nepueu & sang du sainct nouueau venu, Par le surnom soustient arcs & couuert Seront chassez mis à mort chassez nu, En rouge & noir conuertiront leur vert.

The nephew and blood of the newcomer saint His surname means holding up arch and cover They shall be chased, put to death, chased nude Their red and black shall turn into green.

Pope JP II and his companions (red for cardinals; black for priests) shall be martyred and toiled by their captors. His surname sounds like “pole” which is used to support tent, arch, etc. Green is the color of human corps. This is the continuation of the previous quatrain. 10.31

Le sainct empire viendra en Germanie, Ismaëlites trouueront lieux ouuerts. Anes voudront aussi la Carmanie, Les soustenans de terre tous couuerts.

The holy Empire shall come to Germany The Arabs shall seek the open spaces The asses shall romp Carmanie All their supporters are covered with dirt.

Long after WW III, during the period of peace, Germany shall join with France to become Holy Frankish Empire once again. The Empire shall become leader of Europe and of the Christian world. The Arabs shall again live a normad life romping around the Middle East and north Africa. All radical Muslims will be buried in their graves as God shall purge ALL evil elements from the surface of the earth. 10.32

Le grand empire chacun an deuoit estre, Vn sur les autres le viendra obtenir, Mais peu de temps sera son regne & estre, Deux ans aux naues se pourra soustenir.

The great Empire, everyone would be part of it One above the rest shall obtain it But his existence and reign shall be short-lived He shall maintain his ship for two years.

After King Henry of France dies, Europe , the sole world power will become unstable again with many changing hands in leading Frankish Empire and Europe. The


leadership positions will be short-lived , full of turmoils, paving the way for the reign of a strong leader with an iron hand such as the long-awaited, wicked AntiChrist. 10.33

La faction cruelle à robbe longue Viendra cacher souz les pointus poignards Saisir Florence le duc & lieu diphlongue, Sa descouuerte par immeurs & flangnards.

The cruel faction of a long robe Shall come and hide sharp daggers underneath Capture Florence, the Duke and the double word His discovery through young ones and flatterers.

The AntiChrist shall hide under a disguise of a spiritual priestly figure to increase his mystical appeal. His name will be a double word such as the word “Anti-Christ” itself. His identity will be recognized for his preference for young girls or women and like to be surrounded with the flatterers. He is very proud and wicked man. 10.36

Apres le Roy du soucq guerres parlant, L'isle Harmotique le tiendra à mespris : Quelques ans bons rongeant vn & pillant Par tyrannie à l'isle changeant pris.

After the King of saucq talks about war The island of Harmony shall despise him After some good years they shall gnaw their teeth and endure plundering Through tyrrany the island shall change, enslaved.

After despising President Bush for going to war with Iraq, the Western Europe who advocate for harmony and peace shall suffer for their ignorance under the tyrrany rule and occupation from Russia and Muslims. “Saucq” is the anagram for Usa. 10.38 10.38

Amour alegre non loin pose le siege, Au sainct barbar seront les garnisons, Vrsins Hadrie pour Gaulois feront plaige, Pour peut rendus de l'armée aux Grisons.

The enlightening love shall cut short the siege And the converted (holy) Muslims shall fill up garrisons King Henry shall give French people an assurance As they fear Grisons shall take over the army.

Muslim troops encircling the French troops shall lay down their arms and surrender as the Holy Spirit enlightens their heart and mind. King Henry, the commander of


French troops assures his people that he will stay his course, not negotiating with Muslim enemies to advocate peace. Grisons are the people of South-Western Switzerland. As we can see that Westerners shall become very terrified of Muslim treachery. 10.42

Le regne humain d'Angelique geniture, Fera son regne paix vnion tenir, Captiue guerre demy de sa closture, Long temps la paix leur fera maintenir.

The human reign of English breed Shall offer in his kingdom, peace and union Half captive with war Long-time peace shall be maintained by him.

USA loves peace and unity, but will be willing to go to war if necessary. World peace shall be maintained by them. 10.44

Par lors qu'vn Roy sera contre les siens, Natif de Bloys subiuguera Ligures : Mammel, Cordube & les Dalmatiens, Des sept puis l'ombre à Roy estrennes & lemures.

At a time the King shall be against his own people The native of Bois shall subjugate the Italians And Mammel, Cordura, and those of Dalmatia Good fortune and spirits shall shadow the King.

This quatrain is about King Henry of France whom Italy will adore. “Estrennes” is money and “lemurs” means spirits in Latin. “Des sept” stands for perfection. 10.49

Iardin du monde aupres de cité neufue, Dans le chemin des montagnes cauées, Sera saisi & plongé dans la cuue, Beuuant par force eaux soulphre enuenimées.

Garden of the world, near a new city In the way of the hollow mountain Shall be seized and plunged into the tub Being forced to drink poisonous sulfur water.

I think “Garden of the world” is the cultural center or the center of New York City or Manhattan that will be attacked by terrorist with nuclear weapons placed underground in the subways, described here as the “hollow mountains.” The whole Manhattan will sink into the sea water.



La Meuse au iour terre de Luxembourg, Descouurira Saturne & trois en lurne. Montagne & plaine, ville, cité & bourg, Lorrain deluge, trahison par grand hurne.

River Meuse by day in the land of Luxemburg Shall discover Saturn and three in Luna Mountains, plains, town, city, countryside Lorrain flooded, treason by agreat leader.

The Judgment Day of the Lord (Saturn) will come when the great flood comes to the mentioned areas between Belgium, Germany, and North-West of France. Three in Luna are the Eastern Alliance consisting of Muslims (Iran), Russia, and China. Treason by a great leader probably means treason by France. 10.51

Des lieux plus bas du pays de Lorraine, Seront des basses Allemagnes vnis, Par ceux du siege Picards, Normans, du Maisne Ey aux cantons se seront reünis.

The lowest places in the country of Lorraine With the lower Germany shall be united By those who seize Picards, Romans of Mesian With the invaders (cantons) they shall be united.

Germany will form a pact with the advancing Eastern invaders meaning Russians and Muslims. They will reward Germany with the northern part of France through annexation. Maisne is the anagram of Messian or the Lord Jesus. Romans of Maisne is Italy or Rome. Muslims and Russia form a dishonest pact or peace treaty with Germany to advance their invasion into France, Italy, and Central Europe. After they acomplish their strategic goals, they will attack Germany next. 10.52

Au lieu où Laye & Scelde se marient, Seront les nopces de long temps maniées, Au lieu d'Anuers où la crappe charient, Ieune vieillesse conforte intaminee.

At the place Love and Sex through marriage Shall be arranged the nuptial long time in advance At the place of anniversaries where chaff scatters The young girl undefiled shall live till old age.


In the Eastern countries where marriages are arranged, in the Western countries where anniversaries of all kinds including wedding anniversaries being celebrated, young girls and women will live a barren and single life till old age as there are not enough men to be married to. WW III will take away so many lives. The barren lady who detests life through abortion and contraception shall deserve the punishment of lonely barren life without husband and children. 10.53

Les trois pellices de loing s'entrebatron, La plus grand moindre demeurera à l'escoute; Le grand Selin n'en sera plus patron, Le nommera feu pelte blanche routte.

Three great harlots shall battle for a long time The greatest but less shall remain watching The greatest Selin (Muslims) shall no longer be her patron Shall call upon her fire, pestilence, death, rotten.

The three great harlots are US, Europe, And Russia. The greatest one but less is US with diminishing superpower status will be on the sideline at the beginning of WW III watching the invasion of Muslims and Russia into Europe. Once her good customers and allies, Muslims shall learn to hate and terrorize US. 10.55

Les mal'heureuses nopces celebreront En grande ioye mais la fin mal'heureuse Mary & mere nore desdaigneront, Le Phybe mort, & nore plus piteuse.

The unhappy neptunial shall be celebrated With great joy but sad ending Husband and wife turn to the disdained Black God is dead to them as Noir is pitiful.

Today many marriages are not blessed by God, and they end up in divorce. Phybe or Appolo is the god of the Sun used by the prophet to imply Jesus Christ. Nore or noire is the black or unrepentant sinners. 10.56

Prelat royal son baissant trop tiré, Grand flux de sang sortira par sa bouche, Le regne Anglicque par regne respiré, Long temps mort vif en Tunis comme souche.

Royal Prelate bow himself too low Great flow of blood coming out of his mouth The English reign through dead kingdom For a long time death in Tunis alive like a wooden stump.


Clergy will be murdered by Muslim invaders in Europe due to the decay of Faith, most notably the apostasy in England and Italy. People are breathing but their souls are dead like dead wood. 10.57

Le subleué ne cognoistra son sceptre, Les enfans ieunes des plus grands honnira : Oncques ne fut vn plus ord cruel estre, Pour leurs espouses à mort noir bannira.

The exalted ones shall not recognize his scepter He shall disgrace the young children of the great ones There have never been so filthy cruel being For his spouses the King shall banish them to death.

Scandal of sexual child abuse by mostly the abhorred homosexual priests from the Catholic churches. The King in the last verse mean Jesus Who will abandon His corrupted religious to slaughter. 10.58 10.58

A temps du dueil que le felin monarque, Guerroyera le ieune Aemathien : Gaule bransler, perecliter la barque, Tenter Phossens au Ponant entretien.

In the time of mourning, the Muslim monarch Shall go to war with the young American France shakes, Papacy in jeopady Marseilles to be tempted, real danger in the West.

“In the time of mourning” and the word “young American” seem to indicate that while US is in mourning the death of a great American leader, Muslim shall become aggressive toward Europe. France will try to stop Muslim aggression by herself as US will not offer help to Europe. Marseilles will send all her naval force toward the troubling spot and the entire fleet shall be destroyed in Mediterranean Sea, and eventually Marseilles minus its navy will become defenseless against the Muslim invaders later. However, the real thrust will be in the West through Spain. 10.59

Dedans Lyon vingt & cinq d'vne halaine, Cinq citoyens Germains, Bressans, Latins, Par dessous noble conduiront longue traine,

In Lyons twenty five persons of the same breath Five citizens German, Bressans, and Italians As noble (religious) they shall take a


Et descouuers par abbois de mastins.

long train And being discovered through the barking of dogs.

Clergy and civilians with different nationalities from occupied territories will be captured by Muslim troops, transported by train to concentration camps. 10.60

Ie pleure Nisse, Mannego, Pize, Gennes, Sauone, Sienne, Capue, Modene, Malte : Le dessus sang & glaiue par estrennes, Feu, trembler terre, eau, mal'heureuse nolte.

I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa Savona, Siena, Capua, Modenna, Malta For them, blood ans swords as new year gift Fire, earthquake, flood, sad ending.

All areas around Mediterranean Sea shall suffer with wars and natural disasters. 10.61

Betta, Vienne, Emorre, Sacarbance, Voudront liurer aux Barbares Pannone : Par picque & feu, enorme violance, Les coniurez descouuerts par matrone.

Betta, Vienna, Emorre, Sacarbance Shall try to deliver Pannone to Muslims By pike and fire, enormous violence The conspirators discovered by a matron.

Besides Vienna, all the names on the first line are now unidentified. Pannon can be considered as the modern Hungary or the entire Eastern Europe except Russia. Western Europe shall sacrifice Eastern Europe as the latter shall fall into the Muslim and Russian hands after fierce battles. 10.62

Prés de Sorbin pour assaillir Ongrie. L'herault de Brudes les viendra aduertir, Chef Bizantin, Sallon de Sclauonie, A loy d'Arabes les viendra conuertir.

Near Sorbin, Hungary shall be attacked The herald of Brudes shall give notice The Byzantine chief, Salona of Slavonia The law of the Arabs they shall convert them.

Again this quatrain prophesies that Hungary, Eastern or Central Europe will be occupied by both Muslim and Russian troops. Islam religion will be imposed upon the local Christian believers. Who does not convert to Islam will be exterminated.



Cydron, Raguse, la cité au sainct Hieron, Reuerdira le medicant secours, Mort fils de Roy par mort de deux heron, L'Arabe, Ongrie feront vn mesme cours.

Cydron, Raguse the city of St. Jerome Shall desperately need medical assistance King’s sons dead by the death of two martyrs Arab, Hungary, both will go through the same course.

This is the third quatrain in the row dealing with Hungary or Central Europe. Hungary or Central Europe will be attacked by the weapons of mass destruction by two suicide bombers (martyrs.) The Muslim nations later will suffer the same fate like Hungary meaning their home lands will be devastated by the same weapons when the Western Alliance want to end WW III quickly and also to revenge their beloved dead. 10.64

Pleure Milan, pleure Lucques, Florence, Que ton grand Duc sur le char montera, Changer le siege prés de Venise s'aduance, Lors que Colonne à Rome changera.

Weep Milan, weep Lucca and Florence When your great Duke climbs on the charriot The siege near Venise advancing and change While Colomne in Rome shall undergo a change.

Rome shall be attacked by Muslims first, then Venice next. Milan, Lucca, and Florence shall suffer the same fate. Nostradamus lamentation indicates that the atrocities will be indescribable. 10.65

O vaste Rome ta ruyne s'approche, Non de tes murs, de ton sang & substance : L'aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche, Fer poinctu mis à tous iusques au manche.

O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches Not toward thy walls, but of thy blood and substance The harshness in letters, shall cause horrible notch Pointed sword thrust all the way to the shaft.

Rome will be ruined to its sacred Dogma and Tradiiton, not just a physical damage under Muslim invasion. The Church’s law will change dramatically, dictated by the


occupying forces whose main purpose is to destroy Christianity. And one of way to destroy the Church is to make Her conformable to the modern heresies. 10.66

Le chef de Londres par regne l'Americh, L'isle d'Escosse t'empiera par gelée : Roy Rebauront vn si faux Antechrist, Que les mettra trestous dans la meslée.

The chief of London under American reign The island of Scotland shall be tried by frost King Reb shall believe in the false AntiChrist Who shall put them in discord.

England is the only steadfast ally with Americans in the fight against Muslim terrorism. When America is the only world power, when Scotland endures unusually cold weather, this prophecy will be applied. Thus, this quatrain deals with our present time. “King Reb” or Scottish leaders, encouraged by the Eastern Alliance or Russia and Muslims, will enter a discord with the troubling English government by demanding an autonomy from London; an unfortunate development which will further weaken England’s capability to defend the Island. 10.67

Le tremblement si fort au mois de May, Saturne, Caper, Iupiter, Mercure au bœuf : Venus aussi, Cancer, Mars en Nonnay, Tombera gresle lors plus grosse qu'vn œuf.

The earthquake so great in the month of May Saturn, Caper, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus Venus also cancer, Mars in Nonnay (Virgo) Then shall fall hail bigger than eggs.

Saturn is the Day of Judgment; Caper is unknown; Jupiter is men; Mercury is chastisement or misfortune; Taurus is China; Venus is sexual pleasures or Western countries; Cancer is calamities; Mars is war; Nonnay or Virgo is unknown. 10.68

L'armée de mer deuant cité tiendra, Puis partira sans faire longue allée : Citoyens grande proye enterre prendra, Retourner classe reprendre grande emblée.

The army of the sea shall stand before a city Then depart without sailing very far Citizens great prey shall be taken on land The fleet returns to seize the great robbery.


The Muslim fleet threatens an Italian coastal city, probably Rome or Venice. They pretend to withdraw to lure the citizens out, then they come back suddenly, land ashore, capture many prisoners and carry out their systematic looting throughout the city. 10.70

Lœil par obiect fera telle excroissance, Tant & ardente que tombera la neige, Champ arrousé viendra en decroissance, Que le primat succombera à Rege.

The eye because of the object shall excreet So much and bright burning shall make snow fall The field with water shall be decayed So that primates shall fall down at Rege (Reggio.)

A powerful explosion of atomic bomb shall alter the climate of the earth, blind the human eyes. And the climate changes in turn will cause much flood and great deal of environmental damages in Italy. 10.71

La terre & l'air geleront si grand eau, Lors qu'on viendra pour ieudy venerer : Ce qui sera iamais ne feut si beau, Des quatre parts le viendront honorer.

The earth and air shall freeze so much water When they shall come for Thursday worship That which will never be more beautiful From four corners they shall come to honor Him.

The first Thanksgiving venerated by the pilgrims in America. 10.72

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois, Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

In the year of 1999 and seven months From Heaven shall come a great King of terror Just as the great King of Mongolians resurrected Before and after wars shall reign at will.

“Seven” in prophetic language means many or fulfilled and predestined amount. At the predestined moment, in the year of 1999, a great leader shall emerge in the world political arena. This leader is compared to the Mongolian king who once


terrorized Europe in the most brutal way. He will lead the whole world into WW III. In August of 1999, there was only one major leader emerged who was Russian Prime Minister Putin. Since he obtained the political power, Russian policy of proliferation of weapon of mass destruction and missile technology has escalated. Putin eventually will form the Eastern Alliance with Muslims (Iran) and China to attack Europe, countries around Mediterranean Sea, and in Asia, engulfing the whole world in WW III. 10.73

Le temps present auecques le passé Sera iugé par grand Iouialiste, Le monde tard luy sera lassé, Et desloyal par le clergé iuriste.

The present time together with the past Shall be judged by the grand Jovialist The world shall be weary of him at later times And shall become disloyal due to the influence of clergical jurists.

The Grand Jovialist is the loving Lord Jesus Christ. The whole world has forgotten that the Merciful God is also the just Judge who shall deal with this rebellious world what we are all deserved. The modernistic, reformist views of the heretical clergy and theologians of our time are leading the Church and therefore the whole world to damnation especially after Vatican II. If the Church was only loyal to her Master and Lord, she would receive sufficient Grace to avert all dangers for the whole world, and lead all to holiness. 10.74

Au reuolu du grand nombre septiesme, Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe, Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme, Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.

The revolution of the great number seven past There shall be seen the sports of Hecatombe Not far from the great age of millenium The buried comes out of their tombs.

The seventh revolution marks the fulfillment of the human history, the End of the world. In the distant future, Christians again shall be persecuted and made into the objects of cruel sports, this time by the incarnated Satan himself. Afterwards, the buried and the dead will all be resurrected from their tombs or burial places in order to receive the Final Judgment from their God. 10.75

Tant attendu ne reuiendra iamais Dedans l'Europe, en Asie apparoistra Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Hermés,

Long awaited before he finally shall return Into Europe, then appear in Asia


Et sur tous Roys des Orients croistra.

One issued from the lineage of the great Hermes And shall rule over all kings of Orient.

Hermes symbolizes the human race. King Henry of France is sent to us by Heaven. His ancestry is derived from Charlemagne the Great (the great Hermes.) He shall gain respect form both European and Asian countries. Orient can also mean Middle East. 10.79

Les vieux chemins seront tous embellis, L'on passera à Memphis somentrées, Le grand Mercure d'Hercules fleur de lys Faisant trembler terre mer, & contrées.

The old routes shall all be embellished On them he shall pass to Memphis, though briefly The great Man of God of royal lineage Making earth, sea, countries trembling.

Muslim forces will be slaughtered upon their retreat back to their homelands. General Henry, the descendant from the ancient Frankish royal monarch, shall pass by Egypt briefly en route to conquer the Middle East and all Muslim territories. “Fleur de lys” is the coat of arm or emble of the royal French. And it is well known from an ancient prophecy that a holy French monarch symbolized by the term “Fluer de lys” some day shall be anointed by God to defeat evil, liberate Europe, and restore Christendom. 10.81

Mis thresor temple citadins Hesperiques Dans iceluy retiré en secret lieu Le temple ouurir les liens fameliques Reprens, rauis, proye horrible au milieu.

Treasure placed in the temple by the Western citizens They shall withdraw to a secret place The temple opened by hungry aliens Recaptured ravished, a horrible prey in their mist.

European local citizens flee away from the incoming Muslim forces, leave all their possessions behind. The invading troops will rob or destroy all. 10.86

Côme vn gryphon viendra le Roy d'Europe Accompagné de ceux d'Aquilon, De rouges & blancs conduira grane troppe

Like a gryphon shall come the King of Europe Accompanied by those of the North Of reds and whites shall conduct a great troop


Et iront contre le Roy de Babylon.

And shall fight against the King of Babylon.

Gryphon, a mythical monster, half lion half man, keeps watch on Russian gold. Red is communist and white is non-communist. Babylon in the Book of Revelation is the land of the great harlot, consisting all countries that live according to the modern Western civilization and culture where sexual pleasures and sins are tolerated or adored. This quatrain indicates that Russia together with certain European countries shall attack Western Europe including England, France, and Italy. 10.87

Grâd roy viendra prendre port prés de Nisse Le grand empire de la mort si en fera Aux Antipolles posera son genisse, Par mer la Pille tout esuanouyra.

The great king shall land at Nice The great empire of death shall be placed there To destinations, he shall put on his horses By sea with pillage all vanish.

Nice is located in the southern coast of France. “Antipodes” is the anagram for “destinations.” By sea, Muslims will attack the southern France, and then Europe. They will destroy everything, murder many on their conquering path. 10.88

Pieds & Cheual à la seconde veille Feront entrée vastient tout par la mer, Dedans le poil entrera de Marseille, Pleurs, crys, & sang, onc nul temps si amer.

By foot and horse at the second watch From sea shall come to devastate all They shall enter the port near Marseilles Tears, cries, and blood never a time so bitter.

In the middle of the night, Muslim invaders shall attack the port of Marseilles. They shall run over French territories committing numerous atrocities. 10.89

De brique en marbre serôt les murs reduicts, Sept & cinquante années pacifique, Ioye aux humains, renoüé l'aqueduict, Santé, grands fruits, joye & temps melifique.

The walls shall turn from bricks to marble Seven and fifty pacific years Joy to men, aqueduct rebuilt Health, great fruits, joy, mellifluous time.


57 years of peace was given to mankind. If 57 years began after WW II or after 1945, it would take us to 2002 AD, then more wars shall begin anew. Now we had seen US and England attacking Iraq in 2002 AD, triggering WW III. If 57 years of peace begins after WW III or after 2028 AD, wars shall recur and the great AntiChrist shall emerge some time after 2085 AD. I myself do not consider the last 57 years as joyful years for the Faith and the Church, and therefore for all mankind. Contrarily, these last 57 years has marked the most evil period in the human history by far, in which more believers are martyred for Christ than any other times; the most innocent blood was shed, most notably the blood of the unborn; the most sexual sins being committed; the most profane with Sunday works or shopping; the most divorces; the greatest Apostasy; and the infamous list keeps going on and on. 10.89

De brique en marbre serôt les murs reduicts, Sept & cinquante années pacifique, Ioye aux humains, renoüé l'aqueduict, Santé, grands fruits, joye & temps melifique.

From brick to marble walls shall be rebuilt Fifty five years pacific Joy for humans, aqueduct renewed Sanctity, great fruit, joy and merry times.

57 years of peace and rebuilding after WW III. The period of glorious Golden Peace in which Faith in Europe and the whole world shall be restored. There will be one Lord Jesus Christ, one Church, and one religion. This period will end around 2085 AD. 10.92

Deuant le pere l'enfant sera tué, Le pere apres entre cordes de jonc, Geneuois peuple sera esuertué, Gisant le chef au milieu comme vn tronc.

Before his father’s eyes, a child perishes Afterwards, the father shall put on electric cord The people of Geneva shall be staggered The chief lying in their midst like a trunk.

Geneva will be covered with total demolition and dead bodies. The survivors will envy the dead, then will commit suicide. 10.93

La barque neufue receura les voyages, Là & aupres transfereront l'empire : Beaucaire, Arles retiendront les hostages, Prés deux colomnes trouuées de

The new boat shall go on voyages There and near they shall transfer the empire Beaucaire and Arles shall retain hostages



Near there two columns of porphyry are found.

Boat stands for the Pope. Pope JP II will flee from Rome, avoiding being captured by the advancing Muslims. Doing so, he shall make the true Church becoming an underground church, and France to replace US as the world power. Pope JP II shall go into hiding somewhere near Rhone River where Beaucaire and Arles are. JP II chosen by God to lead the Church in turmoil, to enlighten the whole world on Faith and Charity. His life symbolizes the two olive trees standing by the altar of the Lord. 10.94

De Nismes, d'Arles, & Vienne contemner, N'obey tout à l'edict Hesperique : Aux labouriez pour le grand condamner, Six eschappez en habit seraphicque.

From Nisme, Arles, and Vienne come contempt They shall not obey at all American edict Even the great labors hard, they still condemn Six escape wearing seraphic (angelic) habit.

All Europe besides England shall show condemnation to US decision to strike Iraq even though US has labored hard for her justification. Six here including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Russia, the G-8 Group minus US and England, shall appear holy and righteous while condemning the so-called American military aggression. 10.95

Dans les Espagnes viêdra Roy trespuissant, Par mer & terre subjugant or midy : Ce mal sera, rabaissant le croissant, Baisser les aesles à ceux du vendredy.

The powerful King shall come into Spain Who by land and sea shall subjugate the South The evil shall beat down the crescent And lower the wings of those of Friday.

Those of Friday are Muslims. The powerful King here is King Henry of France, the leader of the Western Alliance, who shall defeat Spanish and Muslim troops, drive away Muslims from Europe both by land and sea, shall inflict great casualties and devastations upon Muslim and Russian homelands. 10.96

Religion du nom des mers vaincra, Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif, Secte obstinée deplorée craindra,

The religion in the name of the seas shall come Against the sect of the sons of


Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

Adaluncatif The deplorably ostinate sect shall be afraid Of the two wounded by A. and A.

The name of the seas is Marina, the female adjective of Marino meaning marine in French. And the anagram of Marina is “Marian” or “consecrated to Mary.” “Adaluncatif” is the anagram of “Captives of the Moon” or Muslim radicals. Wounded by A. and A. can be two AntiChrists, or A. can stands for Antichrist, Apostasy, Atomic bomb. All these forms of chastisements befall on two major players, France and Italy. This quatrain means that the Western army of Catholics, devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, led by their commander, the Marian King, King Henry, shall defeat the Muslim invaders, conquering Middle East, and destroy Russia. The two victors are also the two most suffering countries, Italy and France. 10.98

La splendeur claire à pucelle joyeuse Ne luyra plus long temps sera sans sel : Auec marchans, russiens, loups odieuse, Tous pesle mesle mostre vniuersel.

The bright splendor of the joyful maiden Shall shine no more for a long time, she without salt With merchants, wicked, odious wolves All pestilence, confusion, an universal monster.

Men will abandon their God like the unwise maidens who prepare to greet their Master without oil in their lamps. Like salt losing its taste, they become useless, good for nothing. With materialism and business, wickedness of men, and wolf in sheep clothings or the heretical clergy, the world is submerging into confusion and pestilences, a spiritual pestilence. The increase of wickedness and sinfulness is worldwide, has become universal. 10.99

La fin le loup, le lyon, bœuf & l'asne, Timide dama seront auec mastins, Plus ne cherra à eux la douce manne, Plus vigilance & custode aux mastins.

At last the wolf, the lion, ox and ass The timid deer shall be with the mastiff The sweet manna shall no longer fall on them More vigilance and custody of the mastiffs.

This quatrain describes the period of the Golden Peace after WW III , as prophesied long ago by the prophet Isaiah. This might also indicate the period of peace after the reign of the AntiChrist, and after the Lord has chained the Evil One, the great Tempter for thousand years.


To save souls, To convert the world, To stop wars, To bring about peace, ROSARY PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY !!!


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