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Full Program Microsoft Excel Building Simulation 2011 (Excel)


									BS2011: Monday 14th November
    SESSION          ENDEAVOUR 1 ROOM                             Presenter                  ENDEAVOUR 2 ROOM                              Presenter          ENDEAVOUR 3 ROOM                           Presenter                   SIRIUS ROOM                              Presenter          LA PEROUSE 1 ROOM                           Presenter                   DISCOVERY ROOM                             Presenter           LA PEROUSE 2 ROOM                           Presenter

                           What Simulation Can Do in Design Process I                                            Building Services I                          Simulation for Commissioning, Controls, Monitoring I                                   Case Studies I                                               Simulation vs Reality I                                      Limitations of Simulations in Practice I                                          BIM I

                                  Session Chair: Graham Carter                                               Session Chair: Jeff Spitler                                     Session Chair: Phil Haves                                       Session Chair: Malcolm Cook                                      Session Chair: Michel Bernier                                           Session Chair: Jan Hensen                                     Session Chair: Michael Wetter
1030-1050     1615: The meaning and value of          Capeluto, Guedi                1573: Analyzing the potential of low      Goffin, Philippe        1189: A verification test bed for       Pan, Yiqun                1446: Energy saving potentials of a      Kim, Min-Hwi            1174: Building satisfaction - Using    Raj, Alissa Jeyam              1134: Towards strategic use of BPS       Attia, Shady G.        1540: Modeling for building energy     Somboonwit, Nuttasit
              information for energy-conscious                                       exergy building refurbishment by                                  building control strategy coupling                                100% outdoor air system integrated                               thermal modelling to identify areas of                                tools in Egypt                                                  performation improvement in
              architectural design                                                   simulation                                                        TRNSYS with a DDC controller                                      with indirect and direct evaporative                             building use focus for post occupancy                                                                                                 accordance with the local climatic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         coolers for cleanroom                                            evaluation                                                                                                                            settings: A case of a generalizable
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                building design of intermediate health
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                care facilities in Thailand

1050-1110     1427: Using computer simulation as a Chalfoun, Nader Victor            1567: Integrated dynamic electric and Baetens, Ruben              1199: Building performance             de Wilde, Pieter           1448: Underfloor air distribution        Seok, Youn-Jin          1401: Modeling a solar chimney for       Neves, Leticia de Oliveira   1907: A real-life experience of using    Bayraktar, Meltem      1231: A simulation based fault            Lu, Yan
              tool to develop a Net-Zero Energy                                      thermal simulations for a residential                             simulation for the management of                                  integrated with an indirect and direct                           maximum solar irradiation and                                         dynamic building simulation for                                 diagnosis strategy using extended
              Code for Tucson, Arizona                                               neighborhood: Sensitivity to time                                 thermal performance risks in buildings                            evaporative cooling assisted 100%                                maximum airflow, for low latitude                                     building environmental performance                              Heat Flow Models (HFM)
                                                                                     resolution of boundary conditions                                 subject to climate change                                         outdoor air system                                               locations                                                             assessment in Turkey

1110-1130     1247: Assessing community-scale      Courchesne-Tardif, Antoine        1613: Energy saving by cooperative        Uno, Yoshitaka          1251: Real time model-based energy      O'Neill, Zheng            1926: Lessons learned in modeling        Lee, Kwang Ho           1216: Calibrated simulation of an       Srinivasan, Ravi S.           1133: Air tightness of Australian         Egan, Aileen Marie    1391: Transforming IFC architectural Wong, Justin
              energy supply scenarios using TRNSYS                                   operation between district heating                                diagnostics in buildings                                          underfloor air distribution system                               existing convention center: The role of                               offices buildings: reality versus typical                       view BIMs for energy simulation: 2011
              simulations                                                            and cooling plant and building HVAC                                                                                                                                                                  event calendar and energy modeling                                    assumptions used in energy
                                                                                     system                                                                                                                                                                                               software                                                              performance simulation.
1130-1150     1639: Italian benchmark building        Fabrizio, Enrico               1626: The relationship between heat       Hattori, Yuki           1263:Identification of the electric     Zmeureanu, Radu           1187: Dispersion behaviors of exhaled Gao, Naiping               1740: A software tool that supports     Maile, Tobias                 1299: Value of building simulation in Costa, Andrea             1728: Towards a BIM-based service   Cormier, Anthony
              models: the large office building                                      load profile and energy efficiency in                             chiller model for the EnergyPlus                                  droplets under a displacement                                    the comparison of measured and                                        sport facilities operation                                      oriented platform: Application to
                                                                                     district heating and cooling plant                                program using monitored data in an                                ventilated room: Lagrangian                                      simulated building energy                                                                                                             building energy performance
                                                                                                                                                       existing cooling plant                                            simulations                                                      performance data                                                                                                                      simulation
1150-1210     1550: Formulating a Building Climate    Cory, Shaan                    1849: Dynamic insulation applied to a Oura, Yutaka                1323: Exploring the energy              Mahdavi, Ardeshir         1778: Whole-building performance      Karaguzel, Omer Tugrul     1922: Improving energy modeling of      Corgnati, Stefano             1257: Comparison of turbulence           Wang, Bing             1223: A domain data model for whole O'Donnell, James Thomas
              Classification Method                                                  residential building (Part 1) Numerical                           performance of simulation-powered                                 simulation of a low-energy residence                             large building stock through the                                      models in simulating key elements of                            building energy simulation
                                                                                     Evaluation of Window Frame applied                                lighting and shading systems controls                             with an unconventional HVAC system                               development of archetype buildings                                    outdoor wind environment around
                                                                                     Various Dynamic Insulation Patterns                               in buildings                                                                                                                                                                                             building complex

1210-1230     1857: The thermal performance           Wang, Xi                       1850: Dynamic insulation applied to a Lee, Sihwan                 1356: Application of commissioning      Murayama, Hiroyuki        1250: Assessing chilled water system     Chang, Cheng            1221: Stochastic Modeling of Moisture Johansson, Pär                  1590: Sampling based on Sobol’       Burhenne, Sebastian        1173: Investigation on the effect of Luo, Caimao
              evaluation of future Chinese low-                                      residential building (Part 2) Numerical                           process to VRF system using energy                                retrofit through data-log-based                                  Supply in Dwellings based on Moisture                                 sequences for Monte Carlo techniques                            phase changing materials on the
              energy apartments within changing                                      Evaluation of Thermal Insulation Effect                           simulation                                                        simulation                                                       Production and Moisture Buffering                                     applied to building simulations                                 thermal performance of a green house
              climate in ‘Hot summer and cold                                        on Air Supply Window System                                                                                                                                                                          Capacity                                                                                                                              using finite volume method
              winter’ climatic zone in China

1230-1250     1433: Learning by playing – Teaching    Reinhart, Christoph F          1359: Empirical evaluation of a           Schuss, Matthias        1730: Inverse modelling for the         Nassiopoulos, Alexandre   1570: Effect of heat discharge by        Habara, Hiromi          1422: Enhancement of the UK         Murphy, Gavin Bruce               1569: Development of modeling and        Huber, Joerg           1335: The role of MVD in defining       Wong, Justin
              energy simulation as a game                                            predictive simulation-based control                               assessment of buildings energy                                    natural ventilation on indoor                                    Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)                                   simulation strategies for large-scale                           curtain wall system for energy analysis
                                                                                     method                                                            behaviour                                                         environment and heat removal                                     Solar water heating prediction                                        urban districts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         structure                                                        algorithm using parametric dynamic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          thermal simulations

                          What Simulation Can Do in Design Process II                                           Building Services II                          Simulation for Commissioning, Controls, Monitoring II                                  Case Studies II                                             Simulation vs Reality II                                      Limitations of Simulations in Practice II                                         BIM II

                                    Session Chair: Yingxin Zhu                                           Session Chair: Roberto Lamberts                                     Session Chair: PC Thomas                                          Session Chair: Trevor Lee                                    Session Chair: Veronica Soebarto                                         Session Chair: Joel Neymark                                     Session Chair: John Mitchell

1350-1410     1425: Using energy simulation and     Chalfoun, Nader Victor           1562: Evaluation of the effect of         Takamura, Shiori        1760: Heat pump modelling for annual Afjei, Thomas                1548: Assessing the Performance of       Williamson, Terry       1254: The scientific approach to         Arnold, Patrick John         1300: A theoretical method to quickly Li, Xianting              1689: What architects want? Between Palme, Massimo
              real-time data monitoring to                                           batteries in district level smart grid                            performance, design and new                                       Building Envelopes Incorporating                                 building simulations                                                  identify multiple constant                                      BIM and simulation tools: an
              investigate thermal performance of                                                                                                       technologies                                                      Significant Thermal Mass                                                                                                               contaminant sources indoors by                                  experience teaching Ecotect.
              exterior cavity walls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             limited number of ideal sensors
1410-1430     1423: Effect of roof shape on energy Abohela, Islam                    1311: Analysis of energy saving          Zajas, Jan               1637: Large-eddy simulation of indoor Hasama, Takamasa            1136: Computer Simulation and            Farid, Mohammed.M       1322: Comparison of models for the       Mahdavi, Ardeshir            1755: Application of dynamic thermal Jeffrey Spilter            1708: Integrated building design,     Hetherington, Robina
              yield and positioning of roof mounted                                  potential and optimization of                                     dispersion of expiratory aerosol                                  Experimental Results for an                                      derivation of diffuse fraction of global                              networks to the modelling of                                    information and simulation modelling:
              wind turbines                                                          thermally broken fiberglass window                                                                                                  Experimental Hut with PCM                                        irradiance data                                                       foundation heat exchangers                                      The need for a new hierarchy
                                                                                     frames                                                                                                                              Impregnated Building Material
1430-1450     1431: Sky high and back again: The      Toth, Bianca                   1410: A simulation-based analysis of Wu, Qiong                    1793: Simulation-based approaches      Treado, Stephen            1479: Thermal simulations of the         Altan, Hasim            1475: Comparison of measured and       Larsen, Tine Steen             1281: A heterogeneous system             Kim, Deuk-Woo          1476: Systematice development of an Corry, Edward Joseph
              evolution of simulation-based design                                   photovoltaic system adoption for                                  for building control system design and                            effects of vegetated walls on indoor                             calculated values for the indoor                                      simulation of a double skin façade                              operational BIM utilising simulation
              from aerospace to construction                                         residential buildings in Asian countries                          integration                                                       building environment                                             environment in one of the first Danish                                                                                                and performance data in building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          passive houses                                                                                                                        operation
1450-1510     1527: Modeling of heat transfer in  Choi, Moon Jung                    1138: Representation of HVAC in           Bannister, Paul         1784: Adjustment of hydronic systems Nagai, Tatsuo                1176: Linking field data of tree shade   Hes, Dominique          1321: Comparison of computed and       Orehounig, Kristina            1535: Investigating glazing system       Luther, Mark Brandt    1702: Architecture data and energy   Osello, Anna
              geothermal heat exchanger using GHX                                    Common SImulation Packages                                        in central cooling/heating plants to                              on walls to develop an effective                                 measured irradiance on building                                       simulated results with real                                     efficiency simulations: BIM and
              zonal model method                                                                                                                       reduce pump electricity consumption                               predictive model in IES for the energy                           surfaces                                                              measurements                                                    interoperability standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         benefits of trees

1510-1530     1373: A low-energy retrofit study of    Gupta, Apeksha                 1578: Integration of HVAC models into Burhenne, Sebastian                                                                           1407: Numerical prediction of water-     Li, Chunying            1923: Modelling occupant behaviour       Corgnati, Stefano            1438: Picasa for building performance Reinhart, Christoph F     1930: Development of a                    Haves, Phil
              an off-gas Welsh village using                                         a hygrothermal whole building                                                                                                       flow glazing performance with                                    for a better prediction of building                                   simulation – An interactive data                                comprehensive user interface for the
              renewable energy simulation                                            simulation tool                                                                                                                     reflective coating                                               energy performance                                                    organization and visualization system                           EnergyPlus whole building energy
              combined with the UK standard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for daylight simulations                                        simulation program
              assessment procedure

                                         Software Issues I                                                      Building Services III                         Simulation for commissioning, controls, monitoring III                                 Case Studies III                                            Simulation vs Reality III                                     Limitations of simulations in practice III                        Validation, Calibration and Testing I

                                   Session Chair: Zheng O'Neill                                             Session Chair: Karel Kabele                                   Session Chair: Radu Zmeureanu                                       Session Chair: Lori Mc Elroy                                   Session Chair: Terry Williamson                                        Session Chair: Ravi Srnivasan                                Session Chair: Christoph van Treeck
1600-1620     1159: Computer tool to aid natural      Virgone, Joseph                1603: Advanced analysis of coupled        Ljubijankic, Manuel     1319: Case study of applying different Malkawi, Ali               1511: Users' behavior and energy         Lenoir, Aurélie         1661: Comfort and building               Mende, Sandra                1148: Early design simulation tools for Attia, Shady G.         1177: IEA BESTEST multi-zone non-         Neymark, Joel
              and artificial light integration in                                    1D / 3D simulation models by the use                              energy use modeling methods to an                                 performances of Net Zero Energy                                  performance analysis of transparent                                   Net Zero Energy Buildings: A                                    airflow in-depth diagnostic cases
              building design                                                        of a solar thermal system                                         existing building                                                 Buildings                                                        building integrated silicon                                           comparison of ten tools
1620-1640     1741: SIMEB: simplified interface to    Sansregret, Simon              1682: A simulation assisted design        Vandenbulcke, Roel      1467: Simulation of solar hot-water     Momoi, Yoshihisa          1789: Statistical modeling for anomaly Lee, Young M.             1468: Urban modelling for resource       Sarralde, Juan José          1214: Post-occupancy evaluation or    Samarakoon, Erandi        1507: Statistical calibration of CFD      Guillas, Serge
              DOE2 and Energy Plus - A user’s                                        tool for boiler room hydronics                                    supply and air-                                                   detection, forecasting and root cause                            performance analysis: estimating                                      evidence based user patterns for an                             modelling of street canyon flows
              perspective – Case study of an existing                                                                                                  conditioning/ventilation system                                   analysis of energy consumption for a                             cities' renewable energy potential                                    integrated building simulation method
              building                                                                                                                                                                                                   portfolio of buildings

1640-1700     1897: Procedure for performance         Lucas, Franck                  1137: Application potential of ground- Lam, H. N.                 1222: Calibration of a detailed BES    Coakley, Daniel            1826: Analysis of evacuation             Liu, Ying               1829: Automated fault detection and      West, Samuel R.              1520: Occupant behavior model for     Yamaguchi, Yohei          1184: Identification of an analogic RC    Fraisse, Gilles
              diagnostic for small air conditioning                                  source heat pumps for multi-storey                                model to measured data using an                                   performance of merging points in                                 diagnosis of HVAC subsystems using                                    households to estimate high-temporal                            model based on step response and
              systems using dynamic simulations                                      buildings in Hong Kong                                            evidence-based analytical optimisation                            Stadiums Based on Crowd Simulation                               statistical machine learning                                          resolution residential electricity                              genetic algorithms
                                                                                                                                                       approach                                                                                                                                                                                                 demand profile
1700-1720     1839: Online software platform for    De Coninck, Roel                 1149: Estimation of annual energy loss Mihara, Kuniaki            1161: Formal calibration methodology Hajdukiewicz, Magdalena      1454: Quantification of retrofit       Zweifel, Gerhard          1531: A critical assessment of the use   Bazjanac, Vladimir           1259: Gaining confidence in models of Hand, Jon William         1360: Runtime simulation calibration      Zach, Robert
              dedicated product related simulations                                  by indoor air mixing                                              for a CFD model of a naturally                                    measures on a multi-family residential                           of data in building energy                                            experiements in existing buildings                              and validation using a multi-layered
                                                                                                                                                       ventilated room                                                   building for different European                                  performance simulation                                                                                                                monitoring system
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         climates with detailed and simplified
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         calculation tools
1720-1740     1271: Fast computation of incident      Greenberg, Donald P & Jones,                                                                     1924: Real-time building simulation     Haves, Philip             1324: Energy efficiency potential of   Mahdavi, Ardeshir         1941: Experimental and simulation        Kummert, Michael             1899: Impact and source of               Goffart, Jeanne        1428: Validation of MESTRE building       Schmid, Aloísio Leoni
              solar radiation from preliminary to     Nathaniel L.                                                                                     using EnergyPlus and the building                                 communal living models                                           study of hybrid ground-source heat                                    uncertainties in high efficiency                                simulation system according to
              final building design                                                                                                                    controls virtual test bed                                                                                                          pump systems with unglazed solar                                      building simulation: some exam                                  BESTEST multi-zone, non-airflow, in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          collectors                                                                                                                            depth diagnostic cases
BS2011: Tuesday 15th November
    SESSION          ENDEAVOUR 1 ROOM                             Presenter              ENDEAVOUR 2 ROOM                            Presenter                    ENDEAVOUR 3 ROOM                              Presenter               SIRIUS ROOM                           Presenter                 LA PEROUSE 1 ROOM                          Presenter                DISCOVERY ROOM                          Presenter          LA PEROUSE 2 ROOM                           Presenter

                          What Simulation Can Do in Design Process III                                  New Work in Simulation I                                               Energy Capture & Operation I                                             Case Studies IV                                                 Simulation vs Reality IV                                               Optimization I                                   Validation, Calibration and Testing II

                                  Session Chair: Gerhard Zweifel                                    Session Chair: Yoshiyuki Shimoda                                             Session Chair: Mark Luther                                    Session Chair: Christoph Reinhart                                     Session Chair: Paul Bannister                                    Session Chair: Pieter de Wilde                                   Session Chair: Joe Clarke
1030-1050     1749: Thermal isulation of building   Westphal, Fernando Simon      1155: Acceleration of a Radiance        Wetter, Michael                 1135: Heating and cooling in high-rise Maurer, Christoph          1234: The design of the The             Webster, Jim                1927: Issues and solutions to           Carter, Thomas Graham      1582: Development of the automatic      Sumiyoshi, Daisuke   1492: The creation of generic energy Cory, Shaan
              envelope toward zero energy design in                               program for lighting simulation in                                      buildings using façade integrated                                 Cooperative Head Office Manchester                                  realistically simulating high solar                                optimization and degradation                                 simulation models which represent
              hot-humid climate                                                   parallel by using OpenCL                                                transparent solar thermal collector                                                                                                   reflectance roofs                                                  detection tool for HVAC primary                              typical commercial buildings and their
                                                                                                                                                          systems                                                                                                                                                                                                  system                                                       calibration against real energy data

1050-1110     1497: Combined CFD-Mean energy            Sanquer, Stéphane         1327: Climate Energy Index and        McLean, Don                       1616: Feed-forward air-conditioning        Utsumi, Yasuo          1545: CFD benchmarking: Hamer Hall      Calderone, Anthony          1591: Analysis and modeling of energy Suzuki, Yusuke               1779: Design optimization of a          Omidfar, Azadeh      1180: The Building Energy Simulation     Neymark, Joel
              balance method to thermal comfort                                   Building Energy Index: New indices to                                   control using a weather forecasting                               Auditorium case study                                               demand of retail stores                                            contemporary high preformance                                Test for Existing Homes (BESTEST-EX)
              assessment of buildings in a warm                                   assess and benchmark building energy                                    data in school building in heating                                                                                                                                                                       shading screen-integration of 'form'                         Methodology
              tropical climate                                                    performance                                                             season                                                                                                                                                                                                   and simulation tools

1110-1130     1544: Potential saving in lighting        Rawal, Rajan              1748: Convection coefficients for       Ian Beausoleil-Morrison         1238: An active breathing wall to          Zhao, Yue              1720: Potential for energy savings in Pasquali, Fernando Ernesto    1362: Closing the Loop. Office Tower    Binks, Jeffrey Ivan        1462: Multi-objective optimisation for Evins, Ralph          1587: Modeling and experimental         Gendebien, Samuel
              energy due to advancement in Indian                                 building simulation                                                     improve indoor environment                                        retrofiting of an office building in SÃO                            Simulation Assumptions vs Reality.                                 CHP and CCHP decision-making                                 validation in dry and wet conditions of
              standard time: An enquiry in context                                                                                                                                                                          PAULO / BRAZIL.                                                                                                                                                                                     an air-to-air heat recovery exchanger
              of commerical office spaces in India

1130-1150     1628: Integration of solar             Mathur, Jyotirmay            1890: Parameterization of the solar      Nishioka, Masatoshi            1500: Zero emission building           Haavi, Thomas              1286: 111 Eagle Street lift shaft       Jolly, Guillaume Francois   1195: The Contribution of Simulation    Osborne, Geoffrey Hamish   1326: Building form optimization in  Yi, Yun Kyu             1593: Variation of green building        Mike Donn
              photovoltaics to suffice the optimized                              absorption characteristics on a group                                   envelopes - Numerical simulations of a                                                                                                to the Building Tuning Process for                                 early design stage to reduce adverse                         ratings due to variances in sky
              interior lighting energy consumption                                of buildings for regional scale analysis                                well insulated building with Phase                                                                                                    Durack 2                                                           wind condition - Using Computational                         definitions
                                                                                                                                                          Change Material panels integrated in                                                                                                                                                                     Fluid Dynamics
                                                                                                                                                          the floor

1150-1210     1725: Effect of surface reflectance on    Singh, Rohini             1912: Efficient simulation of complex   Barnaby, Charles S.             1126: A study on total utility demand      Tanimoto, Jun          1514: Energy consumption analysis of LI, En                         1466: Design and validation of a        Maderspacher, Johannes     1219: Building Envelope Optimization Srinivasan, Ravi S.     1713: Moisture transport in wood -     Arfvidsson, Jesper
              lighting efficiency in interiors                                    fenestration systems in heat balance                                    prediction considering variation of                               house in Lhasa based on survey and                                  façade zigzag-shading model                                        using Emergy Analysis in                                     model to create input data to estimate
                                                                                  room models                                                             occupants’ behavior schedules for                                 simulation                                                                                                                             Environmental Building Design.                               the risk of mould growth
                                                                                                                                                          multi dwellings site
1210-1230     1366: Electricity load management in      Iglesias Vázquez, Félix   1197: Coupling Heterogeneous            van Treeck, Christoph           1371: Household electricity                Fujimoto, Takuya       1534: Adoption analysis of distributed Gu, Qunyin                   1353: The empirical validation of the   Dewsbury, Mark             1683: Exploring the potential of        Loonen, Roel         1769: Energy model validation of         Sansregret, Simon
              smart home control                                                  Computational Codes for Human-                                          simulation: Demand, PV generation                                 energy resource with the climate                                    ‘AccuRate’ software envelope model:                                climate adaptive building shells                             heated outdoor swimming pools in
                                                                                  centred Indoor Thermal Performance                                      and demand-supply control methods                                 consideration in hospital facilities of                             Concrete slab-on-ground floored test                                                                                            cold weather
                                                                                  Analysis                                                                                                                                  Japan                                                               building
1230-1250                                                                         1751: A building simulation             Silva, Antonio Cesar Silveira                                                                     1566: Energy performance of passive Saelens, Dirk                   1296: Calibrating micro-level models    Booth, Adam Thomas                                                                      1604: Experimental and ray tracing       Baldinelli, Giorgio
                                                                                  environment for analysis of water       Baptista Da                                                                                       school buildings - An analysis of                                   with macro-level data using Bayesian                                                                                            evaluation of the transmittance of
                                                                                  spray evaporative cooling                                                                                                                 building properties and boundary                                    regression analysis                                                                                                             glazing systems with selective
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            conditions                                                                                                                                                                                          coatings, at oblique angles of
                          What Simulation Can Do in Design Process IV                                   New Work in Simulation II                                              Energy Capture & Operation II                                             Case Studies V                                              Human Aspects in Simulation I                                            Optimization II                                   Validation, Calibration and Testing III

                                 Session Chair: Veronica Soebarto                                 Session Chair: Ian Beausoleil-Morrison                                          Session Chair: Jeff Spitler                                   Session Chair: Terry Williamson                                     Session Chair: Kwok Wai Tham                                      Session Chair: Khaled Al-Sallal                                Session Chair: Ali Malkawi
1350-1410     1787: Understanding Net Zero Energy Salom, Jaume                    1226: Exergy analysis of residential Zmeureanu, Radu                    1641: Coupling strategy of HVAC       Yoon, Gyuyoung              1445: Calibrated simulation model       Taylor, Peter Alan          1696: The ‘adaptive zone’ – A concept Jakubiec, John Alstan        1316: Boiler, thermal storage and       Grahovac, Milica     1267: Using building simulation to       Parker, James
              Buildings: Evaluation of load matching                              heating systems: performance of                                         system simulation and CFD (Part 1):                               case studies in Australia                                           for assessing glare throughout daylit                              solar collector: Energy balance based                        evaluate low-carbon refurbishment
              and grid interaction indicators                                     whole system vs performance of major                                    Case study on air conditioning system                                                                                                 spaces                                                             model and its optimization                                   options for airport buildings
                                                                                  equipment                                                               using OA floor in design phase

1410-1430     1451: A simple user interface for         Yezioro, Abraham          1121: AusZEH Design: Software for    Ren, Zhengen                       1667: Coupling strategy of HVAC            Iizuka, Satoru         1529: Simulation versus reality – 4     Calderone, Anthony          1676: A model of occupants’ activities Wilke, Urs                  1249: Modelling of a biomimetic         Webb, Matthew        1772: A probabilistic model for          Choudhary, Ruchi
              energy rating of buildings                                          low-emission and zero-emission house                                    system simulation and CFD (Part 2):                               case studies                                                        based on time use survey data                                      façade based on animal fur                                   assessing energy consumption of the
                                                                                  design in Australia                                                     Study on mixing energy loss in an air-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                non-domestic building stock
                                                                                                                                                          confitioned room
1430-1450     1421: A simplified dynamic systems        Murphy, Gavin Bruce       1389: Space Layout in Occupant          Goldstein, Rhys                 1664: Energy performance of chillers       Chan, Kwok Tai         1332: 275 George Street, Brisbane       Gentner, Andrew             1502: Blinds down-under – An            Begert, Christoph          1463: Holistic multi-objective          Evins, Ralph         1123: Visualizing patterns in building   Raftery, Paul
              approach for the energy rating of                                   Behavior Simulation                                                     with water mist assisted air-cooled                                                                                                   integrated design approach for tight                               optimisation of the configuration and                        performance data
              dwellings                                                                                                                                   condensers                                                                                                                            refurbishment budgets in different                                 control of a double-skin façade
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                climate zones in Australia

1450-1510     1858: Benchmarking plug-load              Srinivasan, Ravi S.       1206: BACnet and analog/digital         Wetter, Michael                 1171: Thermal storage options for          Snoek, Chris W         1896: Thermal and energy modelling Cooper, Paul                     1714: Thermal comfort in naturally      Cook, Malcolm John         1208: Computational building            Hensen, Jan.         1413: Validation of Reynolds averaged Ono, Hiroki
              densities for K-12 schools                                          interfaces of the building controls                                     solar heated buildings                                            of Net Zero Energy options for a                                    ventilated classrooms: application of                              performance simulation for product                           model and large eddy simulation in
                                                                                  virtual test bed                                                                                                                          Sustainable Buildings Research Centre                               coupled simulation models                                          and design development and                                   actual floor heating room
1510-1530     1801: An Integrated approach to           Iyer-Raniga, Usha         1147: A coupled building ventilation    Alemu, Alemu Tiruneh            1489: The influence of thermal mass Perez, Nicolas                1341: Six green stars in a warm         Cladingboel, Roger Edward   1181: Integrated Building Control       Dong, Bing                 1298: Climate data for building         Lee, Trevor Roland   1554: Validation of a hygrothermal       Antretter, Florian
              energy analysis in building design –                                and thermal model incorporating                                         on the space conditioning energy and                              tropical climate - William McCormack                                based on Occupant Behavior Pattern                                 optimisation in design and operation                         whole building simulation software
              The relocatable classroom project                                   passive airflow components                                              indoor comfort conditions of buildings                            Place Phase 2 - Case Study                                          Detection and Local Weather
                           What Simulation Can Do in Design Process V                                   New Work in Simulation III                                                  Weather Simulation                                                  Case Studies VI                                             Human Aspects in Simulation II                                            Optimization III                                  Validation, Calibration and Testing IV

                                   Session Chair: Per Heiselberg                                      Session Chair: Michael Wetter                                              Session Chair: Dru Crawley                                         Session Chair: Jon Hand                                          Session Chair: Rune Andersen                                      Session Chair: Michel Bernier                                 Session Chair: Karel Kabele
1600-1620     1635: Extension of the dynamic            Baratieri, Marco          1766: Multi-period optimization of     Rysanek, Adam                    1744: Summer load evaluation in the        Baggio, Paolo          1939: Multifunctional whole building    Widstrom, Torun             1289: Validation of an active chilled   Devlin, Nick Iain          1386: Optimization of local renewable Schwan, Torsten        1638: Heat and mass transfer          Bouquerel, Mathias
              transfer characteristics under                                      building refurbishment decisions:                                       Italian climate: Sensitivity of the loss                          simulation as a method in assessing                                 beam design for a healthcare facility                              energy systems using automotive                              modeling in Vacuum Insulation Panels,
              sinusoidal periodic boundary                                        Assessing options and quantifying risk                                  utilization factor to the weather data                            retrofitting strategies in historical                                                                                                  simulation approaches                                        towards long term thermal
              condition to real periodic solicitation                             under economic uncertainty                                                                                                                buildings                                                                                                                                                                                           performance simulation.
              conditions for the envelope opaque
1620-1640     1752: Comparative analysis of the         Hamza, Neveen             1756: Application and limitations in    McLeod, Robert S                1294: Changing climate: Ersatz future      Lee, Trevor Roland     1368: Simulation of thermal comfort     Frenzel, Christian          1835: Effect of operative temperature Garg, Vishal                 1894: Operational optimization of     Fabrizio, Enrico       1866: Development of a predictive        Miura, Hisashi
              performance of irregular shaped                                     the use of regionally derived and                                       weather data For lifelong system                                  in soccer stadia using TRNSYS 17                                    based thermostat control as compared                               actual energy systems by means of the                        model for power consumption of air-
              double skin facades                                                 future probabilistic climate data in                                    evaluation                                                                                                                            to air temperature based control on                                energy hub theory                                            to-water heat pumps for residential
                                                                                  Passivhaus design                                                                                                                                                                                             energy consumption in highly glazed                                                                                             house

1640-1700     1597: Passive hygrothermal control of Christensen, Jorgen Erik      1245: OpenStudio: An Open Source        Long, Nicholas                  1264: Modelling the impact of new UK Du, Hu                       1432: Field study of the performance    Shi, Xingzhi                1833: Climate based simulation of       Wienold, Jan               1762: UUsing building simulation and Coffey, Brian Edward    1600: Energy performance of              Koene, Frans G
              a museum storage building                                           Integrated Analysis Platform                                            future weather data on a school                                   of distributed energy resource in                                   different shading device systems for                               optimization to calculate Control                            dwellings in real life
                                                                                                                                                          building                                                          Kitakyushu Eco-Campus, Japan                                        comfort and energy demand analysis                                 Lookup Tables offline

1700-1720     1646: Economic performance                Lee, Bruno                1217: Re(de)fining Net Zero Energy:     Srinivasan, Ravi S.             1536: New Zealand's new weather            Gates, Anthony John    1898: Thermal and ventilation           Rajagopalan, Priyadarsini   1940: Improving the design process      Tham, Kwok Wai             1560: Optimizing building designs       Hoes, Pieter-Jan     1629: A cost-effective model and  Herkel, Sebastian
              assessment of the deployment of                                     Renewable Emergy Balance of                                             data - How different?                                             performance of a multifunctional                                    using simulations and multi-criteria                               using a robustness indicator with                            measurement-based methodology for
              rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) systems for                               Environmental Building Design.                                                                                                            sports hall within an Aquatic Centre                                decision making                                                    respect to user behavior                                     ongoing commissioning
              industrial halls
1720-1740     1831: Exploitation of the                 Chesné, Lou               1269: Identifying non-technical         Samuelson, Holly Wasilowski                                                                       1537: The application of a dynamic      Lau, Timothy C. W.                                                                             1241: Optimizing the length of air      Yousaf, Rehan        1799: Risk analysis of energy-efficiency Heo, Yeonsook
              environmental energy resources :                                    barriers to energy model sharing and                                                                                                      thermal model for the assessment of                                                                                                    supply duct in cross connections                             projects based on Bayesian calibration
              indicators and design strategies                                    reuse                                                                                                                                     the energy efficiency of Adelaide                                                                                                      rooms of Gotthard Base Tunnel                                of simulation models
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Airport Terminal 1
BS2011: Wednesday 16th November
     SESSION          ENDEAVOUR 1 ROOM                             Presenter          ENDEAVOUR 2 ROOM                             Presenter                ENDEAVOUR 3 ROOM                            Presenter                     SIRIUS ROOM                              Presenter            LA PEROUSE 1 ROOM                         Presenter               DISCOVERY ROOM                            Presenter              LA PEROUSE 2 ROOM                          Presenter

                           What Simulation Can Do in Design Process VI                                 Daylighting Simulation                                           Advances In Building Physics I                                     Simulation in Regulatory Processes I                                 Human Aspects in Simulation III                             Limitations of Simulations in Practice IV                           Validation, Calibration and Testing V

                                   Session Chair: Patrick Arnold                                     Session Chair: Dariusz Heim                                         Session Chair: Paul Bannister                                          Session Chair: Edna Shaviv                                      Session Chair: Kwok Wai Tham                                     Session Chair: Ravi Srinivasan                                     Session Chair: Chip Barnaby
1020-1040      1367: Exploring rapid prototyping      Yang, Tong               1494: Defining parameters for a          Osborne, Jacob Zachary       1204: Numerical investigation of heat Mora, Laurent                   1530: An initial parametric evaluation Manu, Sanyogita            1230: Significance of both internal and Tuomaala, Pekka         1317: Building Energy Modeling          Tupper, Kendra            1361: Towards urban-scale flow          Obrecht, Christian
               techniques for validating numerical                             quality daylight simulation validation   Steven                       and mass transfer in flax and hemp                                    of the impact of the Energy                                       external boundary conditions on                                 Innovation Summit: Purpose and                                    simulations using the lattice
               models of naturally ventilated                                  dataset                                                               concrete walls                                                        Conservation Building Code of India                               human thermal comfort and sensation                             outcomes                                                          Boltzmann method
               buildings                                                                                                                                                                                                   on Commercial Office Buildings

1040-1100      1331: Analytical assessment of         Dagnall, Michael Brian   1701: DIVA-for-Rhino 2.0:            Jakubiec, John Alstan            1472: Building passive cooling through Mendes, Nathan                 1750: Agent-based modelling of          Zhao, Fei                 1304: Factors affecting 'end of day'   Wei, Shen                1565: Measured occupancy levels in      Bagge, Hans               1130: Simulation of heat and moisture Williams Portal, Natalie
               thermal performance of a ventilated                             Environmental parametric modeling in                                  unsaturated capacitive porous                                         commercial building stocks for policy                             window position in non-air-                                     19 Swedish apartment buildings                                    induced stress and strain of historic Leonor
               glazed facade system                                            Rhinoceros/Grasshopper using                                          medium on roof                                                        support                                                           conditioned office buildings                                                                                                      building materials
                                                                               Radiance, Daysim and EnergyPlus

1100-1120      1200: Influence of control parameters Hoogmartens, Jan          1795: Simulation-based daylighting       Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin 1553: Spatial distribution of pressure   Sheikh Ahmad Zaki, Shaikh      1355: Capability and deficiency of the Melo, Ana Paula            1488: Modelling occupants’ heating     Andersen, Rune Vinther   1842: Use of simulation for the         Lamoudi, Mohamed Yacine   1517: Radiance analysis and its         Stravoravdis, Spyridon
               on the system performance of ground                             design education and technical                                      drag acting on rectangular block         Salim                          simplified model for energy calculation                           set-point preferences                                           validation of a predictive control                                application to real time dynamic
               coupled heat pump systems: a                                    support                                                             arrays with various layouts                                             of commercial buildings in the                                                                                                    strategy for energy management in                                 lighting control
               simulation study                                                                                                                                                                                            Brazilian regulation                                                                                                              buildings

1120-1140      1452: Simulation of the behaviour of   Sicurella, Fabio         1539: Let there be light - Daylight,     Thomson, Kenneth David       1559: Energy use of buildings at urban Tian, Wei                      1650: Development of computational      Iwamoto, Gabriel          1543: Effect of envelope properties    Jain, Vaibhav            1268: Experimental study on control-     Lu, Yan                  1385: Real-Time Compression of Time Goldstein, Rhys
               Phase Change Materials for the                                  glare and thermal performance of                                      scale: A case study of London school                                  tool to evaluate the building energy                              and thermal adaptation on energy                                oriented simulation models for                                    Series Building Performance Data
               improvement of thermal comfort in                               facades - Case studies                                                buildings                                                             efficiency level according to the                                 consumption and comfort conditions                              building control and energy
               lightweight buildings                                                                                                                                                                                       Brazilian labeling process                                                                                                        management

1140-1200      1194: Daylighting, dynamic thermal     Padovani, Roberto        1473: Performance of a daylight          Appelfeld, David             1648: Dynamic analysis of energy      Cappelletti, Francesca          1653: The building simulation as an    Riella, Humberto Leitao    1652: Human body’s micro-climate:      Voelker, Conrad          1336: CFD modelling for swirl diffuser Rusly, Eddy                1925: Modeling and simulation of        Basarkar, Mangesh
               modelling and CFD used to influence                             redirecting glass shading system                                      performance of different roof systems                                 alternative method in Brazilian energy                            Measurement and simulation                                      and its implications on Air Change                                HVAC faults in EnergyPlus
               design process                                                  demonstration in an office building                                   during the cooling season                                             efficiency labelling of commercial                                                                                                Effectiveness assessment to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           buildings                                                                                                                         GreenStar's IEQ-2
1200-1220      1209: SHARERADE: Combining             Reinhart, Christoph F.   1278: A simple cost-benefit estimation Jakubiec, J. Alstan            1685: Numerical simulation on          Ozaki, Akihito                                                                                   1671: Towards an agent-based model Robinson, Darren             1813: Solar availability: A comparison Ibarra, Diego              1418: CFD modelling of plume            Cook, Malcolm J.
               Rhinoceros and Energyplus for the                               for daylighting design and analysis                                   hygrothermal environment of whole                                                                                                       of occupants’ presence and behaviour                            study of six irradiation distribution                             interaction in natural ventilation
               design of static exterior shading                               during the design process                                             buildings taking into account complete                                                                                                                                                                  methods
               devices                                                                                                                               HAM features

1220-1240      1363: Building integrated vegetation   Hopfe, Christina                                                                               1706: A new thermal analysis by        Corrado, Vincenzo                                                                                                                                                1382: Comparing the robustness of       de Wilde, Pieter
               as an energy conservation measure                                                                                                     numerical simulation to investigate                                                                                                                                                                     buildings designed to regulatory and
               applied to non-domestic building                                                                                                      the energy performance of buildings                                                                                                                                                                     low energy standards
               typology in UK

                          What Simulation Can Do in Design Process VII                               New Work in Simulation IV                                          Advances In Building Physics II                                    Simulation in Regulatory Processes II                                Human Aspects in Simulation IV                              Limitations of simulations in Practice V                                      Software Issues II

                                   Session Chair: Lori Mc Elroy                                   Session Chair: Roberto Lamberts                                         Session Chair: PC Thomas                                           Session Chair: Terry Williamson                                       Session Chair: Mike Donn                                      Session Chair: Graham Carter                                        Session Chair: Wim Plokker
13:40-1400     1804: Solar radiation performance      Zhang, Ji                1394: Modeling of heat transfer in       Wetter, Michael              1821: Review of modelling approaches Mangkuto, Rizki Armanto          1915: Assessing the effectiveness of    Wilson, Scott             1694: A discussion on the occupancy- Cui, Jia                   1640: Review of reflective insulation   Fricker, James            1370: Using design of experiments       Plessis, Gilles
               evaluation for high density urban                               rooms in the Modelica "Buildings"                                     for developing virtual natural lighting                               building simulation to regulate                                   related indoor environment and                                  estimation methods                                                methods to develop low energy
               forms in the tropical context                                   Library                                                               solutions                                                             residential water consumption and                                 electricity use in a UK residential                                                                                               building model under Modelica
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           greenhouse gas emissions in New                                   building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           South Wales, Australia
1400-1420      1563: Study on the impact of the       Virgone, Joseph          1737: The design of an ESP-r and         Beausoleil-Morrison, Ian     1599: Numerical study on the carbon    Isele, Andre                   1776: How useful are Building Energy    Summerfield, Alex James   1807: Effects of variations of occupant Brandemuehl, Michael    1707: Improving the modelling of        Leenknegt, Sarah          1416: Modeling and case analysis of     Zhu, Dandan
               building form on the energy                                     TRNSYS co-simulator                                                   dioxide distribution in a naturally                                   Models for policy? A UK Perspective                               behavior on residential building net                            surface convection during natural                                 certain kind of separated heat pipe
               consumption                                                                                                                           ventilated space                                                                                                                        zero energy performance                                         night ventilation in BES-models                                   heat removal system

1420-1440      1788: Climate change risks from a      Reinhart, Christoph F    1815: Empirical prediction of office     Chen, Haibo                  1369: Numerical investigation of wall's Mavromatidis, Lazaros Elias   1320: Climate change, building design Orehounig, Kristina         1552: An approach for a statistical    Antretter, Florian       1378: A system for the comparison of Behrendt, Benjamin M.        1584: On a novel approach to control Chahwane, Layal
               building owner's perspective:                                   building lift energy consumption                                      optimum multilayer insulation                                         and thermal performance                                           model for the user behaviour                                    tools for the simulation of water-                                natural and mechanical night
               Assessing future climate and energy                                                                                                   position                                                                                                                                regarding window ventilation in                                 based radiant heating and cooling                                 ventilation in buildings with high
               price scenarios                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               residential buildings                                           systems                                                           thermal mass
1440-1500      1758: Uncertainty quantification of    Sun, Yuming              1193: A new modelling approach        Oates, Michael Raymond          1716: Development of a software tool Corrado, Vincenzo                1439: Applications of simulation and    Shaviv, Edna              1627: A comparison of different        Saelens, Dirk            1742: Object oriented database for   Long, Nicholas               1780: A method for the design and      Pratt, Kevin Bucher
               building microclimate parameters in                             which combines energy flows in                                        for the evaluation of the shading                                     CAD tools in the Israeli “Green                                   mould prediction models                                         managing building modelling                                       analysis of parametric building energy
               energy simulation                                               manufacturing with those in a factory                                 factor under complex boundary                                         Building” Standard for achieving                                                                                                  metadata and components                                           models
                                                                               building                                                              conditions                                                            bioclimatic and low energy
1500-1520      1218: Sustainability assessment        Srinivasan, Ravi S.      1893: A comparative study on             Eisenhower, Bryan            1179: Performance analysis methods     Corney, Andrew and             1909: Fire safety assessment of semi-   van der Heijden, M.G.M.   1868: Air curtains used for separating Krajewski, Grzegorz      1579: Comparing two methods             Burhenne, Sebastian       1460: Numerical analysis of heat        Pomianowski, Michal
               frameworks, evaluation tools and                                uncertainty propagation in high                                       for passive downdraft HVAC systems     Taniguchi, Todd                open car parks                                                    smoke free zones in case of fire                                stochastic modeling for buildings                                 storage and heat conductivity in the    Zbigniew
               metrics for buildings and its                                   performance building design                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     concrete hollow core deck element
               environment – A Review
1520-1540      1865: The use of normative energy      Lee, Sang Hoon                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1491: CFD and PIV based investigation Yousaf,Rehan              1456: LESSONS Low Energy and            Bunker, Gavin             1202: Effect of Convective Heat         Poulad, M. Ebrahim
               calculation beyond building                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of indoor air flows dominated by                                Sustainable Solutions Online                                      Transfer Coefficient (CHTC) on a PCM
               performance rating systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    buoyancy effects generated by human                             Knowledge System                                                  power to reduce buildings' energy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             occupancy and equipments                                                                                                          demand

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