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					IYPT: Call for Papers
Proceedings Book for 2011 and 2010

Would you like to have your IYPT project published in an international book?

The editors invite papers from participants, team leaders, jurors and organizers of the IYPTs 2010
and 2011. The book is expected to be published in hard copy as well as online.

Articles based on the IYPT problems are actively encouraged, along with reports of general interest
for the IYPT community, for physics teachers and for researchers in physics education. Potential
authors can submit more than one article.

Papers may take the form of, but are not limited to:

   original solutions to the IYPT problems,
   discussion on specific educational aspects of the IYPT,
   case studies with experiences and lessons learnt.

All contributions will be indexed in the IYPT Archive upon submission. An extensive selection and
rigorous review will be then carried out by the editorial board, prior to the hard copy publication.

Any supplementary materials (slides, videos, extra figures) are welcome and will be indexed as
online supporting Information.

Interim deadline: November 10, 2011
Appx. length: 5 pages
Format and layout: MS Word template available at http://iypt.org/File:IYPT_papers_Template.doc
Color: gray scale graphics only

The submissions should be emailed to ilya.martchenko@unifr.ch

Dina Izadi,             Ilya Martchenko,
editor, publisher       editor                                    August 29, 2011
IYPT LOC 2011           IYPT Archive

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