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Blessed Sacrament


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									                       The Community of the

   Blessed Sacrament
11300 N. 64th Street • Scottsdale, AZ 85254 • 480-948-8370 • www.blessedsacramentscotts.org

            January 27, 2008 • Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Charity and Development Appeal...
The annual Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) is this weekend. The CDA provides vital support to
more than 70 charitable, spiritual and educational programs and organizations throughout the Diocese.
CDA provides support for our seminarians and priests. We see the fruits of CDA in our parish through
trained catechists, deacons, and resources for our parish staff and volunteers provided by the Diocese.
Thousands of children have access to Catholic education through the efforts of CDA.
Our parish goal is 100% participation and $277,227. Please prayerfully discern your support for our
One Family in Christ. Financial gifts and prayer commitments can be made online at
www.diocesephoenix.org/cda or you may complete a donor card. Please consider a commitment to
prayer for those in need. Thank you for your support of the Charity and Development Appeal.
For more information or to make your gift online, please visit our new website, www.diocesephoenix.org/cda. Thank you for
your support of our One Family in Christ.

                         What is the                                                       and families and friends share a meal
                                               Unique to Luke's Gospel is the
                         Mexican custom                                                    and special bread together. Rosca de
                                               narrative explaining how 40 days after
                         of the Día de la                                                  Reyes, special sweet bread with baby
                                               the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
                         Candelaria?                                                       figurines hidden inside, is shared. The
                                               took Jesus to the Temple to dedicate
                                                                                           persons who find the figurines on
                          Our       Mexican    him to God and to purify Mary after
                                                                                           January 6, host the party on
                          neighbors joyously   having given birth. Simeon, a righteous
                                                                                           Candlemas Day.
                          celebrate February   Jew, recognizes the infant Jesus as the
                          2 as Día de la       Messiah, and praises God for gifting us     February 2 is also the day that Mexican
                          Candelaria, or       with Jesus' "revealing light." This         families put away their Christmas
                          Day of Light.        reference developed into the custom of      nativity scenes and celebrate with a
                          February 2 is 40     candlelight processions along with the      party and dinner which includes
 days after Christmas, and traditionally       blessing of candles at the Masses on        tamales as a main course. Tamales are
 marked the end of that season. Usually        February 2.                                 also a popular food for the entire
 celebrating both the feasts of the                                                        Christmas season in Mexico.
                                               In Mexico, Día de la Candelaria is tied
 Presentation of the Lord and the
                                               to the festivities of January 6, the
 Purification of Mary, it is also known as
                                               Kings' Day, when children receive gifts
 Candlemas Day.

The Women’s Club Invites You...                                     An Evening Under the Stars...
                                  Everyone is invited to our                                      Did you know Blessed
                                  general meeting on February                                     Sacrament Kindergarten &
                                  11 at 7:30PM in Social Hall                                     Preschool has been providing
                                  West to hear story-teller and                                   quality Catholic education for
                                  award- winning speaker Harry                                    over 15 years to our youth? This
                                  Huffman. We have a fabulous                                     is the greatest gift we can
                                  program scheduled, and all                                      provide for the future of our
                                  members of the parish (both                                     faith.
                                  women and men for this
                                                                                                  Please show your support for the
                                  special program) are cordially
                                                                    most important fundraising endeavor of the year, our Silent
                                                                    Auction. This year’s theme is Serata Soto le Stelle,..An Evening
                                 Harry Huffman has traveled         Under the Stars. Join us for a fun filled evening with mouth-
                                 the country entertaining           watering food from Carrabba’s Italian Grill, fine wine, and great
hundreds of audiences from all walks of life. He is                 friends. We have some fantastic items up for auction this year.
entertaining, unique, and fun. Mr. Huffman grew up in an            Your support is much needed and greatly appreciated.
orphanage in Cincinnati, Ohio, became a dance instructor at
                                                                    Mark your calendars early, this event will take place Friday,
26, and has owned the Dance Time Studio in Scottsdale since
                                                                    April 25, 2008. You can purchase tickets in advance in the
1992. His many accomplishments include eight Toastmaster
                                                                    school office or after Sunday morning Masses.
awards and winning the state humorous contest twice. He is
author of the book, “Are There Chocolate Bars in Purgatory?”        See you there!
Don’t miss this inspirational master of humor and wit.
The Women’s Club will provide refreshments.

2 │ The Community of the Blessed Sacrament • Scottsdale, AZ
   Pastor’s Corner…
                                                                      weekend with the filling
   Matthew compares the arrival of Jesus on the scene to the          out of the commitment
   coming of a great light to a people who had been living in         cards. We need you! We
   deep darkness. He saw Jesus as fulfilling the great                need everyone if we are
   prophecy of Isaiah: “The people who lived in darkness have         to reach our goal, which
   seen a great light; on those who dwell in the land and             means being able to
   shadow of death a light has dawned.”                               reach out to those many
   In order to appreciate a light, one must be conscious of           in need. If you have not
   one’s darkness, and desire to escape from it. One must             done so already, please
   realize one’s need to change and want to change. They              take a card home and
   must have experienced the darkness of sorrow and                   spend some time in
   disappointment. Then they are ripe for the light of salvation.     prayer, first considering
                                                                      the many ways God has
   That is why Jesus began his preaching with the message”            blessed you and then
   “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is close at hand.” To           asking how you might
   repent is to admit the darkness in which we are living. To be      share those blessing with those in need.
   saved is to have come out of the darkness into the light.
                                                                      Once again from the Prophet, Isaiah: “I will make you a light
   Each of us has areas or darkness in our lives – fear, illness,     to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of
   pain, sin, guilt, loneliness, etc. Society also has its dark       the earth.” What light can you shed?
   areas. We need the light of Christ. Though the light comes
   as a friend, it also disturbs because it shows up what is          Have a great week, everyone, and thank you for your
   wrong.                                                             generosity to the Charity and Development Appeal.

   Each of us can be sources of light to a darkened world.            God Bless! Fr. Pat
   Indeed, each of us is called to that task. But, unless our
   own lamp is lighting, we won’t be able to enlighten anyone
   else. There is great joy in being in the light. And there is an
   even greater joy in being a source of light to others.
   The Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) continues this

Liturgy Corner...
Hello, there.
We’ve got some great readings today, friend. I hope you didn’t miss them. I find
something very striking in Paul’s letter that ties well into the Gospel. Paul is
encouraging his readers to look at what’s missing in the expression of their faith. He
calls them to get rid of the divisions that are keeping them from being unified as the
Body of Christ. Then in the Gospel we are reminded of the fishermen who left their
nets to follow Jesus to become fishers of men. To be a fisher of wo/men for us today
can look like a whole bunch of things, of course. I think this follows well with my
request of you in last week’s article. In looking, now, at who you are as a member of
the Community of the Blessed Sacrament beyond the walls of our church, can you
see the ways in which you reach out to others? Can you see the ways in which you
don’t? Who are you to the people in your life? Who are you for your own family?
Can you imagine what our world would look like if we were all actually being Christ-like at every moment and creating valuable
relationships with those around us? I know it seems impossible. I definitely struggle with this – that’s my humanity at work. I can get
caught up in the conversations in my head that tell me to make decisions based on what will make me feel the best, not regarding
the impact those decisions might have on others. It’s in those moments that I separate myself into my own world instead of taking
my place in the Body of Christ. Sort of like the fishermen concerning themselves only with their hopes of catching food to eat or sell.
The good part is that I don’t beat myself up. There’s no need for self-loathing and guilt trips. I just put down my “net” and go back
out there and continue to be the Peace and Love of Christ for others. Whew!
Jaime Miguel Gonzalez

                                                                                                              January 20, 2008 │ 3
                                                celebration of the Eucharist – do you
Stewardship...                                  bring a gift? Do you take time to wrap it      We’re A Parish
Did You Remember Your Gift?
It is only natural when you are invited to
                                                in an envelope? Do you select a gift that      with a Giving
                                                truly reflects your gratitude for being
a party – whether it is birthday,               invited to be a part of God’s family? Do       Lifestyle!...
anniversary, homecoming or any other            you bring a gift that shows your love for
celebration – to think about the gift that      the crucified Jesus, who we remember at
you will bring. Even when the invitation                                                       January 20, 2008
                                                every Mass?
says, “No gifts, please,” most of us still                                                     Gifts Received ........................ $22,405
show up with a bottle of wine or a box of       The invitation to the Mass does not say        Children’s Gifts ............................ $7.37
candy or some other token of our                “No gifts, please.” In fact, since God first
                                                called the Israelites to be His people He
affection. We bring gifts to show our
                                                taught them, “No one shall appear              Thank you for your gifts!
gratitude for being invited and to show
our love for the one being honored and          before the Lord empty-handed, but each
                                                of you with as much as he can give, in         Envelopes are mailed to registered
celebrated.                                                                                    parishioners. If you are not receiving
                                                proportion to the blessings which the
So, when God Himself invites you to the         Lord, your God has bestowed on you.” -         them, please call the Parish Office.
greatest celebration of all – the               Deuteronomy 16:16-17

Small Christian Communities...
                                                                                                 Parish Endowment
                              Quiet! - God is Speaking
Our world finds it awfully difficult to remain quiet. People have the radio or TV on from
the minute they get up. In the streets, there is the constant sound of traffic, sirens, and      Making a will isn’t expensive, but not
the voices of all the people. In the midst of all this noise, God is trying to speak to us.      having one may cost your loved ones
                                                                                                 a great deal. Please be a good
We must listen for the voice of God, even in our busyness. We can work to reduce the             steward of your resources by using
noise and distractions so that we can hear God more clearly. If you are in the car alone,        wisely the Lord’s gifts to you. Make a
don’t turn on the radio all the time. Drive in silence and listen for God’s voice in the         will or revise the one you have if your
silence. When you hear God’s word from another or in your heart in some situation of             haven't done so in the last five years.
daily life, acknowledge it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Be a prophet, a spokesperson for
God and God’s values. God speaks to us not only for our own benefit, but for the sake            For a brochure, visit our parish
of all.                                                                                          website, get a copy in the office, or
                                                                                                 call 602-354-2401.
We need to work to tune out the clamor and tune in to His voice. His is the voice
we need. His is the voice we are called to heed; His is the message we are
called to spread.

                                                                       position on a single issue is not
  Ministry for Social Action...                                        sufficient to guarantee a voter’s
  Faithful Citizenship: Doing Good and Avoiding Evil                   support. Yet, a candidate’s position on
                                                                       a single issue that involves an intrinsic
  As the Primary approaches, Catholic Christians must bring            evil, such as support for legal abortion
  our convictions into public life. Our Catholic Bishops remind        or the promotion of racism, may
  us of our role in our national debate: Doing Good and                legitimately lead a voter to disqualify a
  Avoiding Evil.                                                       candidate from receiving support.
  There are some things we must never do, as individuals or            Opposition to intrinsically evil acts also prompts us to
  as a society, because they are always incompatible with love         recognize our positive duty to contribute to the common
  of God and neighbor. These intrinsically evil acts must              good and act in solidarity with those in need. Both opposing
  always be rejected and never supported. A preeminent                 evil and doing good are essential. . . . The basic right to life
  example is the intentional taking of human life through              implies and is linked to other human rights, to the goods
  abortion. . . .                                                      that every person needs to live and thrive – including food,
  Similarly, direct threats to the dignity of human life such as       shelter, health care, education, and meaningful work. The
  euthanasia, human cloning, and destructive research on               use of the death penalty, hunger, lack of health care or
  human embryos are also intrinsically evil and must be                housing, the human and moral costs of war, and unjust
  opposed. Other assaults on human life and dignity, such as           immigration policies are some of the serious moral
  genocide, torture, racism, and the targeting of                      issues that challenge our consciences and require us
  noncombatants in acts of terror or war, can never be                 to act.
  justified. Disrespect for any human life diminishes respect          Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (Summary,
  for all human life.                                                  Publ. No. 7-027; available at www.usccb.org).
  As Catholics, we are not single-issue voters. A candidate’s

 4 │ The Community of the Blessed Sacrament • Scottsdale, AZ
  Catechetical Ministry...
  Did you mean to sign up for Little Rock Scripture Study? Would you like to know the meaning that
  the Bible holds for you today? Join a group to read and discuss Corinthians 2. Sign up in the CM
  Office. Groups will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 7 weeks beginning January 29 – that’s
  THIS week!

  Do you realize that Lent begins in just 10 days? Make plans to get your family to an Ash Wednesday Mass
  (6 pm will work for most of you). As a family decide some special project you all can do together, such as:
  1. Praying for each person listed in the bulletin who is sick or,
  2. Contacting the Women’s Club to get the name of some of our service people and send them a card each week with a note
  from each family member.
  3. Pray the rosary together with the intention to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  Sound like a lot? I bet you won’t spend more than one hour each week.

            First Communion & Confirmation ...April 20,2008, 12:30PM
            If you have questions, call the CM Office 480-998-1665.

 Parish Activities for All Ages
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament                                    Mighty Angels
Is held in the chapel every Tuesday. It begins at 7:30 AM and         A Small Christian Faith Community composed of special needs
ends with Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and              children and adults. Contact Teresa Gustafson through the
Benediction at 7 PM. We need people to come spend some                Parish Office.
time in the presence of our Lord.                                     Mary’s Knights
Adult Formation                                                       Thank you to all of our wonderful parishioners who donated or
A variety of programs are available for Adult Catechesis. Call        purchased items or otherwise contributed to our annual
the CM office at 480-998-1665 for information.                        rummage sale last week. It was a huge success. We had many
                                                                      volunteers who also helped us, including the Knights and
Baptism Classes                                                       teens and we want to thank them for all their hard work and
Next sessions are February 5 & 12, 2008, 7-9PM. Please bring          time. We will now be able to channel our funds to the various
a Bible and a Catholic Catechism (available in the Gift Shop).        deserving charities in our area. For info about Mary’s Knights,
Boy Scout Troop 648                                                   call Joyce at 480-483-6497 or Sally at 602-625-4884.
Meets every Tuesday, 7:00 to 8:30PM in YR. Boys 11-17                 Multi-Parish Singles
interested in joining call Bob Agich at 480-688-1685.                 A group for all single adults. Pick up a copy of the activity
The Caring Place                                                      calendar in the parish office, or on the website at
Roz Hart, LCSW, is available in the parish office to provide          www.multiparishsingles.com, or call 480-827-0413.
individual counseling, resources, and care management. Call           RCIA -Info About Catholic Church/Faith
Roz at 480-948-8370 x229.                                             Meets every Wednesday at 6:45PM in PLC 7. Just come and see (or
                                                                      ask). For info, call Nanci at 480-948-3904 or
EDGE                                                                  nanci@azreallink.com
January 28, 6:30PM
                                                                      Senior Friendship Club
Homecoming for Returning Catholics                                    January 28, 11:30-2:30 SHW, refreshments, cards, games
No matter how long you’ve been away, you can come home                February 18, Our 23rd Birthday! .
again!. Call 480-948-8370 for info.                                   Call 480-998-5241 for Senior Friendship info.
Knights of Columbus                                                   SVdP
Would you like to help us help others? It’s the Knights of            SVdP meets every Thursday at 7PM. For information, Call 480-
Columbus way. For info, call Tony Bell 480-483-6497 or Art            948-8370 x266.
Gomez 602-996-6802.                                                   Welcome Ministry-A Hospitality Pillar
Legion of Mary                                                        Interacts socially with visitors, newcomers, and parishioners to
Meets every Thursday at 9:30AM in PLC 5.                              encourage and develop a spiritual community.
For more information, call Lolaine at 602-996-3961; Karen at          Call 480-391-1365 or splichok@cox.net.
480-951-2735; or Kate at 602-953-3663.                                Women’s Club
Life Teen                                                             An active, service-oriented organization of parish women that
January 27, 6PM, First Life Night of the New Year                     supports the parish and the community. Meets on Mondays at
                                                                      7PM. For info, call Barbara at 480-661-5732.

                                                                                                              January 20, 2008 │ 5
                         Carol Anne Ayala       Peggy Todd                Aylssa Browning & Baby    Bert Koesper       Beth Epand
                         Regina Staradub        Gabriel Hoefler           Ernest Lopez              Barry Fewster      Oonagh Monaghan
                         Frank Petty            Helen Bliss               P. Julia Durand           Fred Angel         Bill Scherr
                         Noreen Grassee         Luz Rivas                 JoAnn Szorentini Ruland   Barbara Aparicio   LeGrady Family
                         Ximena Penafiel        Patsy Madrid              Ralph Peragine            Loyd Colston       Liz Barone
                         Danielle Higgins       Fr. Richard Purcell OFM   Lloyd Robertson           Jim McGuire        Decshka Todorova
                         Dawn Jannetta          John Garbaczewski         Sherry Lambert            Kathryn Quinn      John Godwin
                         Donald Leto            Steve Jajou               Craig Hashem              Catherine Cowan    Charlotte Nigrelli
                         Jason Moore            Miguel Villaca            Cindy Bucolo              Maryann Scanlon    Caryl Marinez
                         Fred Milici            Ann Wales                 John Michael Poirier &    Dan Perrelta       Henry Webster
                         Katie Tomaso           Joe Kramer                    Family                Ainsley Holbura    Mary Chambers
 Pray For...             Frank Soza
                         Renae DeMari Pena
                                                David Steverding
                                                Christina Mulhern
                                                                          Semon & Angie
                                                                                                    Chuck Stoddard
                                                                                                    Mary Manaski
                                                                                                                       Sally Schobert
                                                                                                                       Charlene Christen
 The Sick:               Joshua Pennington      Andrea Gantert            Donald Van Hofwegen       Nancy Selby        Timothy Welch

 The Deceased: Maddalena DiSalvo, Marjorie M. Ladrigan, Constance Smith ...and all those in our book of intentions.
 Those Serving Our Country: Please pray for our men and women in the military. Pray also for their families.
 If you have a request for our Parish Prayer Line and/or prayers at Masses, call the Office at 480-948-8370.
 Are You Still Sick? If you no longer need your name on the sick list, please call the parish office to have it removed.
 NOTE: Published and/or announced prayer requests require permission from the named individual or their family.

A Way of Life                                                              Warning
`It is said, and it is true, that just before we are born, an angel        Lock your car and do not leave purses or possessions in your
                                                                           parked car. Some parishes have reported purse thefts from
puts a finger to our lips and says, “Hush, don’t tell what you             cars, as well as from pews during communion. Do not leave
know.” This is why we are born with a cleft on our upper lips and          purses or other valuables unattended.
remembering nothing of where we can from.
Counseling Services                                                        Gift Certificates (Scrip)
Catholic Charities provides counseling on a sliding-fee scale for          The next order date for scrip is February 12, 2008, for pickup
those on-going issues that won’t stop irritating. Call                     the following weekend. We have a list of over 100 companies
602-997-6105, x3305                                                        from which we can order gift cards.
                                                                           If every family in the Parish purchased only $50 of gift certifi-
Recycle to Help our Parish School                                          cate/scrip per week, we would net $250,000 per year. The
Drop your newspaper, cardboard, magazines, aluminum, and                   cost to those who support the program is nothing! Stop by the
junk mail into the bins at the NW corner of the parking lot.               table in the courtyard after Masses or in the parish office. Us-
Paver Memorial Bricks                                                      ing scrip is a very worthwhile and easy, no-cost way to support
Remember a loved one with an engraved brick on the chapel                  your parish. -Fr. Pat
walkway. They are $35 each in the Parish Office.
Catholic Sun Announcements                                                 Marriage Encounter
Announce your Sacramental event in the Catholic Sun for a                  Come and polish your marriage to be a better reflection of
limited special rate of $15 including photo. Call 602-354-2138             Christ’s love. The next weekend in Phoenix is March 7-9, 2008.
for info.                                                                  For info, call 602-242-6141, or email Cwessel@csc.com.

Volunteers Needed                                                          Retrouvaille
St. Mary’s Food Bank needs volunteers to help sort the food                Is stress or poor communication causing difficulties in your
from food drives. Call 602-352-3640 x1159.                                 marriage? Retrouvaille is a Catholic program for struggling mar-
                                                                           riages and separated or divorced couples. The next weekend in
                                                                           Phoenix is April 18-20, 2008. Call 602-254-6723 or visit
  Our Parish Family...
                                                                           Miss a Bulletin? They’re online!
                                                                           Go to our parish website and check it out!
Wendy Brooks                       Beth Ann Foley                                   www.blessedsacramentscotts.org
Brian Costello                     Laurie Villano                          Click on “Bulletins” in the top middle of the page.
Patricia Costello

                    St. Vincent de Paul
                    The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international organization that was founded in 1833 by Frederick Ozanam
                    and several friends when they were students in Paris at the Sorbonne. This association of charity is now
                    present in 132 countries around the world including 4,700 localities in the U.S. Our SVdP Conference at
                    Blessed Sacrament is here to serve the needy in our community and we feel honored to do so. Our number
                    is 480-948-8370 Ext. 266.

 6 │ The Community of the Blessed Sacrament • Scottsdale, AZ
   Local Parish Mass Schedules...                                           for vocations, call 602-242-
                                                                            1300, x155 for information..
   St. Patrick’s: MWF-8AM; T-Th., 5:30PM; Sat, 5PM; Sun,
                                                                        St. Bernadette: February 8, 7 PM,
       8:30, 10:30AM, 5PM - 10815 N. 84th St., Scottsdale                   Free Concert by Jesse
   St. Maria Goretti: M-F, 8AM; Sat, 5PM; Sun, 7:30, 9, 11AM                Manibusan, 480-905-0221
       6261 N. Granite Reef Rd., Scottsdale                             Our Lady of Joy Introduction/
   St. Bernadette: M-F, 7:30, 8:30AM; Sat, 8:30AM, 5PM;                     overview of Natural Family
       Sun, 8, 10AM, 5PM - 16245 N. 60th St., Scottsdale                    Planning, February 13, 7PM
   St. Joan of Arc: M-F, 8:30AM; Sat, 4:30PM; Sun, 7, 8:30,             Marian Pilgrimage: April 7-18, 2008, Fatima, Lourdes,
       10:30AM, 12:30PM (Spanish) - 3801 E. Greenway Rd.,                   Avila, Garabandal, Paris, call 888-694-2554.
   Parish and Community Events …                                        The Community of the
   TV Mass: Sundays at 9AM on local channel KUTP-UPN 45 or              Blessed Sacrament...
       Cox Cable channel 9, for info call 602-354-2479.                 February 6, Ash Wednesday, Masses at 7AM, 8AM,
   Radio Rosary: KXXT, 1010AM, weekdays, 6:30 to 7PM,                   12:15PM, 6PM
       Sunday 5:30 to 6PM, guest speakers after Rosary.                 February 8, Fish Fry
   St. Mary’s Basilica: Respect Life Rosary every First Friday          February 17-19, Lenten Mission (watch for times)
       after noon Mass.                                                 March 29, Parish Family Picnic
   St. Thomas the Apostle: Latin Mass, 1PM Sundays, call                April 12, Parish Golf Tournament
       602-354-2112.                                                    April 20, Confirmation
   Ss. Simon & Jude: Every First Friday, Eucharistic Adoration          April 25, Parish School dinner and auction

Lenten Services & Activities...                                         Catholic Schools Week Events...
• February 6: Ash Wednesday - Mass times 7, 8:AM,                       Special events, to celebrate Catholic
   12:15PM, 6PM.                                                        Schools week, are planned for the
• February 8 - March 14, Fridays: Parish Fish Fry 4:30-7PM.             Parish Kindergarten and Pre-School
                                                                        from January 27 to February 1.
• February 8- March 14, Fridays: Taize in the Chapel 6:30PM;
   Stations of the Cross in church 7PM.                                 Monday & Tuesday, January 28 & 29,
• March 14: Special Presentation of Live Stations 7PM                   Pajama Days. Students and teachers
   starting in church.                                                  wear pajamas to school. Snacks and
• Every Tuesday: Soup Kitchen sponsored by different                    special events planned.
   ministries, 5:30-6:30PM, in Social Hall West.                        Wednesday & Thursday, January 30 & 31, Crazy Hat Days. Stu-
• February 17-19: Lenten Mission, time TBA - Check Bulletins.           dents and teachers wear a favorite or crazy hat.
• February 25: Lenten Communal Reconciliation 7PM.                      Friday, February 1, All-school Bike-A-Thon for St. Jude’s Chil-
• March 17 - Monday of Holy Week: Chrism Mass at Ss. Simon              dren’s Hospital at 9:15AM. Students should bring their bikes
   & Jude Cathedral.                                                    and helmets to school and we will be riding in the back parking
• March 20: Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper 7PM.               lot. This is such a fun day and we are hoping the Scottsdale
                                                                        Police Bike patrol will be joining us. Don’t forget those helmets
• March 21: Good Friday: Stations 12PM; Last Seven Words of
Christ 3PM; Service 7PM.
• March 23: Easter Sunday - Masses 6:30AM in church;
8:30AM in church and Social Hall; 10:15AM in Church, Social             Parish School Adopts the Troops...
Hall, and Courtyard - no 5:00PM Mass
                                                                        The parish school has been given the honor of adopting a
                                                                        troop of soldiers that are currently in Iraq. They are based in Ft.
Multi-Parish singles...                                                 Polk, Louisiana, but have an Arizona connection. The children
                                                                        will be sending them items they need, as well as drawing
Invites players of all skill levels to play noncompetitive, strictly-
                                                                        pictures for them and sending notes. The troop is looking
fun, coed sand volleyball at Kiwanis Park, Tempe every Sunday.
                                                                        forward to receiving their items and will be corresponding back
Refreshments afterward. Information at www.multiparishsingles.org
                                                                        with the students during the next few months. We are happy to
or call Felix (480) 827-0413.
                                                                        be able to support our troops in Iraq.

                         Check Out the New Items in the Gift Shop...
                         The Parish Gift Shop has many new items for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.
                         Come in for gifts for your loved ones, or anyone on your list. Stop in and see the prayer book sets,
                         rosaries, crosses, jewelry, books, patron saint statues, cards, sports medals, and much more.
                         Or shop online at www.blessedsacramentscots.org

                                                                                                                  January 20, 2008 │ 7
                                                                   judgmental counsel. Anyone coming to 1st
  Your CDA Donation Supports                                       Way will encounter a supportive environment
  “1st Way”…                                                       in which to explore all pregnancy options.
  1st Way Pregnancy Center, a social service ministry program,     1st Way provides a 24-hour hotline for
  is a recipient of your Diocese of Phoenix Charity and            referrals to agencies in the community;
  Development Appeal (CDA) donations. The mission of 1st           pregnancy testing; ultrasound imaging; information on
  Way is to provide education and assistance to any woman or       options available; crisis management and counseling;
  teen, who is pregnant or thinks she may be. This is              maternity clothing, baby clothes and other supplies; fetal
  accomplished through the free, loving, and non-judgmental        development; education and support; pre-natal care;
  provision of information, counseling and practical services.     parenting skills; natural family planning; whole parents
  When you enter 1st Way’s door, you will find a committed         anonymous support group; sexual integrity education
  network of trained and compassionate volunteers treating         and support; post-abortion education and support;
  everyone who comes in with dignity and respect. 1st Way is       and, referrals for medical, legal, and financial help.
  dedicated to educating women about life-affirming and            For more information or to donate directly see
  healthy choices and offering unconditional love and non-         www.1stway.net or call 602-261-7522

                                                                   cleaning supplies. Contributions for the shelter may be left at
Women’s Club...                                                    the parish office. Please mark them for the shelter.
Plan to come to our general meeting on February 11 for a very
special program (see page 2 of this bulletin).                     Armed Services: Call Mary Sue Richards at 480-948-0571 or
                                                                   Rita Hubalik at 480-948-6240 (between 6 and 9PM) if you
Contact Chris R. if you would like to go to Hello Dolly on         have a friend or relative who has been deployed overseas.
Saturday, February 23. Your ticket is $43 and includes both        They keep in contact with them via cards and letters. If you
lunch and the play. We leave the Church at 10:30AM. and            would like to correspond with a service person related to a
return just in time for 4:30PM Mass. Call Chris to reserve your    Blessed Sacrament parishioner, pick up an address at
spot, and be sure she receives your check payable to the           the scrip table.
Women’s Club by February 7.
                                                                   Pueblo Norte sing-a-longs continue on Thursdays from
Current needs for the shelter include new women’s underwear,       6:30 to 7:15PM. Call Jan for more information.
canned goods and other non-perishable food, paper goods,           If you need further information, please feel free to call
personal hygiene items, towels, twin bed & crib sheets, and        Barbara at 480-661-5732 or Chris at 480-483-6023.

Parish Picnic Needs Ideas & Planners                               Beauty and the Beast at Notre Dame
The Parish Picnic is scheduled for March 29 and now it’s time
to begin planning for another fun-filled event. You know that it   Notre Dame Preparatory Drama Club will present Beauty and
doesn’t happen without a lot of planning and teamwork.             the Beast. on February 8 to 10 and 15 to 17. Show times are
                                                                   7PM Friday, 2PM and 7PM Saturday, and 2PM Sunday Tickets
Everyone with ideas for the Picnic and interested in planning,     are $10 for adults and $5 for Students with ID and children.
please contact Rosemary Anton as soon as possible with your        Tickets can be purchased at the school office. For more
name, phone, email, and areas of interest. I’ll be in touch with   information, go to notredamepreparatory.org drama link.
you promptly.
A general planning meeting will be held February 3 at              Fish Fry Begins Soon...
11:30AM in the CM conference room. Stop by Hospitality for
nourishment, and then join me. Meanwhile, I’ll work with you       Thanks to the Knights of Columbus, Mary’s
as much as possible by phone and email.                            Knights, and other generous members of our
                                                                   Parish, we will be having the Lenten Fish Fry
Please contact me at 480-948-8370 x204 or                          this year! The Fish Fry starts Friday, February 8
email ranton@blessedsacramentscotts.org.                           and every Friday until March 14. Volunteers are
                                                                   still needed to help out, if you can donate some time to help,
                                                                   contact Robert Gaudelli at 480-596-0539 or email
                                                                   Thanks to all those who have stepped up to save this valuable
  Lenten Way of the Cross...                                       tradition at Blessed Sacrament.
  The Journey of Grief and Healing.
  At St. Francis Cemetery, 2033 N 48th St., Phoenix. Friday
                                                                   Fifth Annual Golf Tournament...
  afternoons at 12:15PM during the Lenten season. Gather           Get ready for another great Blessed Sacrament golf
  at the Main Altar on the South side of the cemetery (south       tournament with lots of prizes and raffle items on April 12,
  of Oak).                                                         2008, at Orange Tree Golf Resort.
  February 8, 15, 22, 29, March 7 and 14. No service on            For information, contact Jeanne or Jack Northroup at
  Good Friday, March 21.                                           480-596-3878.

 8 │ The Community of the Blessed Sacrament • Scottsdale, AZ
This Week’s...                                           This Week’s Parish Events
                                                         January 27, 2008 - February 3, 2008
                                                         Sunday, 1/27
                                                         Continental Breakfast after Morning Masses   SH W
Mass Schedule                                            CCW                      8:30 & 10:15AM      CCW Rm.
Saturday Vigil:          4:30PM                          Kindergarten RE Class 10AM                   PLC 3
Sunday:                  7AM, 8:30AM, 10:15AM, 5PM       Voices                   2PM                 Conf. Rm.
Weekdays:                7AM (MTWF) 8AM (Mon-Sat)        Life Teen                6PM                 YR & SH W
Eucharistic Adoration:   Weekdays 6:00AM to 7:00AM       Monday, 1/28
Every Tuesday            7:30AM to 7PM                   Liturgy of the Hours     8:30AM              Chapel
Reconciliation:          Saturday, after 8:00AM Mass     Senior Friendship        11:30AM             SH W
Holy Day Vigil:          Call Parish Office              CM Elementary SET        4PM                 SH E
Holy Day:                Call Parish                     Elementary RE Classes 4:30PM                 PLC 1-8
Office                                                   Elementary RE Classes 6:30PM                 PLC 1-8
Mass of Anointing:       Call Parish                     The Edge                 6:30PM              YR
Office                                                   Women’s Club             7PM                 SH M
                                                         K of C                   7PM                 SH W
                                                         Charismatic Prayer       7:30PM              Chapel
Mass Intentions                                          Tuesday, 1/29
                                                         Adoration                All Day             Chapel
Saturday, January 26, 2008                               Liturgy of the Hours     8:30AM              Chapel
   8:00AM     †Dominee Revello                           Little Rock Bible Study 9:30PM               Conf. Rm.
   4:30PM     †Fred & Joyce Daly                         Elementary RE Classes 4:30PM                 PLC 1-8
                                                         Novena                   7PM                 Chapel
Sunday, January 27, 2008
                                                         Boy Scouts               7PM                 YR
   7:00AM     †Eugenia, Pasquale, & Concetta Maone
                                                         Wednesday, 1/30
   8:30AM     †Betty Goetz                               Liturgy of the Hours     8:30AM              Chapel
 10:15AM      †Francisco Gonzalez                        Jeff Cavins Bible Study 9AM                  PLC 7, 8
   5:00PM     †Fred Clark Donahoe                        RCIA                     7PM                 PLC 5,7,8
Monday, January 28, 2008                                 Thursday, 1/31
                                                         Liturgy of the Hours     8:30AM              Chapel
   7:00AM     †June Carlson                              Little Rock Bible Study 9:30AM               PLC 7, 8
   8:00AM     †John Cowan                                Legion of Mary           9:30AM              PLC 5
Tuesday, January 29, 2008                                Just Faith               6PM                 Conf. Rm.
   7:00AM     †Bob Sullivan                              RCIC                     6:30PM              PLC 1-4
                                                         Jeff Cavins Bible Study 7PM                  SH W
   8:00AM     †Mary Ratke                                Saint Vincent de Paul    7PM                 PLC 7,8
Wednesday, January 30, 2008                              Friday, 2/1
   7:00AM     †Angelina Mastandrea                       Liturgy of the Hours     8:30AM              Chapel
   8:00AM     †Norma Brungard                            Saturday, 2/2
Thursday, January 31, 2008                               Sunday, 2/3
   8:00AM     †Eva Mays                                  Continental Breakfast after Morning Masses   SH W
                                                         CCW                      8:30 & 10:15AM      CCW Rm.
Friday, February 1, 2008
                                                         Kindergarten RE Class 10AM                   PLC 3
   7:00AM      †Virginia Hibbing                         Children’s Choir         11:30AM             Church
   8:00AM      †Carl Bukowiec                            Voices                   2PM                 Conf. Rm.
Saturday, February 2, 2008
   8:00AM     †Mem. Mass for Deceased in February 2007
   4:30PM     †Cindy Christiansen
                                                         Scripture Readings
                                                         Sun, 1/27       Is 8:23—9:3/1 Cor 1:10-13, 17/Mt 4:12-23
Sunday, February 3, 2008                                 Mon, 1/28       2 Sm 5:1-7, 10/Mk 3:22-30
   7:00AM     †Lorraine Bowhey                           Tue, 1/29       2 Sm 6:12b-15, 17-19/Mk 3:31-35
   8:30AM     †Dawn Witczak                              Wed, 1/30       2 Sm 7:4-17/Mk 4:1-20
 10:15AM      †Esther Ortega Dillard                     Thu, 1/31       2 Sm 7:18-19, 24-29/Mk 4:21-25
                                                         Fri, 2/1        2 Sm 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17/Mk4:26-34
   5:00PM     †Daniel J. Donahoe, Jr.                    Sat, 2/2        Mal 3:1-4/Heb 2:14-18/Lk 2:22-40
                                                         Sun, 2/3        Zep2:3;3:12-13/1Cor1:26-31/Mt5:1-12a

                                                                                              January 20, 2008 │ 9
        Our Parish Vision Statement                                                          Our Parish Mission Statement
    “To foster Stewardship as a way of life,                                            “We are a Spirit-led Catholic Community
  engaging our community in works of ministry                                                that welcomes all to celebrate
   founded on hospitality, prayer, formation,                                             the Eucharist, to pray, and to know,
                 and service.”                                                                  love, and serve Christ.”

                                                           PARISH DIRECTORY
 SACRAMENTAL LIFE                                          Clergy .............................................................................................. 480-948-8370*
 Baptism                                                   Rev. Patrick Robinson................................................................................. Pastor
 Contact the Parish Office for an appointment with         Rev. Gerald Thaar, O.S.C......................... Weekend Associate Pastor
 Deacon Bernie to begin preparation for this sacrament.    In Residence: Fr. Tom Walsh (Retired)
 Marriage                                                  Deacons ........................................................................................... 480-948-8370
 Contact Parish Office at least 6 months prior to          Deacon Clemens Czapinski ...................................................................... X217
 the date of marriage.                                     Deacon Bob Evans .......................................................................................... X203
 Reconciliation Saturday, after 8:OO AM Mass.              Deacon Bernie Rekiere................................................................................ X212
 R.C.I.A. Adult
 Meets 7 PM Wednesdays-see Event Calendar.
 R.C.I.A. Children                                         PARISH OFFICE
 The Mighty Angels: See Event Calendar.                    Main Number ............................................................................... 480-948-8370
 Sacraments                                                Fax ........................................................................................................ 480-951-3844
 To register-contact Catechetical Ministry Office.         Parish Manager .......................................................... 480-948-8370 X223
                                                           Parish Life Ministries .............................................. 480-948-8370 X204
                                                           Liturgy & Music Office............................................ 480-948-8370 X202
 PRAYER LIFE                                               Catechetical Ministry .............................................................. 480-998-1665
 Small Christian Communities                               Youth Ministry .............................................................................. 480-998-8088
 Times vary — contact Parish Office                        (Life Teen and EDGE Programs)
 Charismatic Prayer
                                                           Bulletin Editor .............................................................. 480-948-8370 X220
 7:30 PM Mondays in the Chapel
                                                           Parish Event Calendar ........................................... 480-948-8370 X226
 Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
                                                           Facility Rentals ............................................................ 480-948-8370 X226
 7:00 PM Tuesdays in the Chapel
 Scriptural Rosary                                         Finance Manager ...................................................... 480-948-8370 X248
 After 7:00 AM Mass weekdays                               Email .....................................blessed_sacrament@diocesephoenix.org
 Grief Support                                             Web-Site .............................................. www.blessedsacramentscotts.org
 Contact Parish Office
 Prayer Line                                               • AZ Licensed Counselor .................................... 480-948-8370 X233
 Contact Parish Office                                      Carl W. Mangold, LCSW, LISAC

                                                           • The Caring Place ................................................... 480-948-8370 X229
 OTHER                                                       Roz Hart, LCSW
 Returning Catholics                                         Senior Life Options — Counseling and Referrals
 Contact Parish Office
 House Blessings
                                                           Gift Shop ......................................................................................... 480-948-1160
 Contact Parish Office
                                                           St. Vincent de Paul ................................................. 480-948-8370 X266
 Annulments: Contact Deacon Clem Czapinski
                                                           Parish Kindergarten & Preschool:
                                                           Blessed Sacrament ................................................................. 480-998-9466
                                                           Catholic School Community (K-8):
                                                           Pope John XXIII ............................................................................ 480-905-0939
 PARISH OFFICE HOURS (Subject to change)
                                                           Catholic School Community High School:
 Monday-Thursday: 9 AM—Noon; 1 PM—7:30 PM                  Notre Dame Prep High School ........................................ 480-634-8200
 Friday: 9 AM—Noon; 1 PM—4 PM
 Saturday: 9 AM—11:30 AM                                   Sick, hospitalized, and/or terminally ill—call Parish Office;
 Sunday: 7:30 AM—Noon                                      instructions will be provided at this number.
 Holidays: Call for hours.
                                                           PARISH BULLETIN DEADLINES
                                                           All “print-ready” articles & inserts must be in Parish Office
 GIFT SHOP HOURS                                           9 days prior to actual Bulletin Weekend.
 Monday-Friday 9 AM to 12 Noon                             Email your “copy-ready” Word Document to:
 Saturday 8:30 AM—12 PM; 3:30 PM—5:30 PM                   rking@blessedsacramentscotts.org
 Sunday 7:30 AM—11:30 AM; 4:30 PM—6:30 PM                  Russ King and Honora Norton Editors

10 │ The Community of the Blessed Sacrament • Scottsdale, AZ

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