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									Are you fascinated by the japanese language? Want to know how to learn Japan? Ever tried to learn the
language but find it too difficult? Well, now you can learn the Japan language easily and we guarantee that
you will be good at it within months. Give out Japan guides an attempt and we are sure you will be able to
learn the language easily. Our guides are prepared in such a way that it is made simple for anyone to learn.
Japan can be mastered if you practice daily, but with the right Japan lesson guide, you will be able to
understand and learn faster.
Find out how to learn Japan <> easily with our Japan guide. The first thing
that you will want to take note is Hiragana. Find out how to learn Japan and you can be good at speaking
Japan. Let us introduce to you the Japan alphabets. In the Japan alphabets, there are no tones and it does not
contain letters. The Japan alphabets contain characters. Mainly, you will learn the character sets and it is
called Hiragana.
How to learn Japan - Hiragana
Hiragana is the main character set and there are two other character sets which you will learn. The kanji
takes the form of the Chinese character set while the Katakana is mainly used for foreign messages. There
are five vowels in Hiragana.
<a> is pronounced “ahâ€
<e> is pronounced “elkâ€
<i> is pronounced “eâ€
<o> is pronounced “ooâ€
<u> is pronounced “uhâ€
These vowels are used in Hiragana and each character ends with one of these vowels. This is why it is very
important to learn these vowels if you want to learn Japan. Find out how to learn Japan. If you are still on
the fence, do give it a try because we guarantee you will be able to understand the lessons easily

how to learn japanese

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