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Standardization Bureau

     2        Meeting of Advisory Panel for Standards Cooperation on Telecommunications related to Motor
                                            Vehicles - APSC TELEMOV
                                                Geneva, 6 June 2005

   1        As endorsed by the Management Team of the Advisory Panel for Standards Cooperation on
   Telecommunications related to Motor Vehicles, the 2nd meeting of APSC TELEMOV
   (http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/special-projects/apsc/about.html) will be held on 6 June 2005 at ITU headquarters
   in Geneva.
   The meeting will begin at 10:00 am. Detailed information concerning the meeting room will be displayed on
   screens at the entrances to ITU headquarters.
   2      The discussions will be held in English only in accordance with the working procedures agreed by
   3         The draft agenda, as prepared by the Chairman of APSC TELEMOV, is set out in Annex 1 hereto.
   4         Participants are encouraged to submit contributions on the Agenda items, especially on Agenda
   Items 1 through 3, as well as to submit additional Agenda items in advance of the meeting by electronic mail
   to the following address: tsbapsc@itu.int.
   With a view to settling any questions which might arise concerning contributions, the name, the fax and
   telephone numbers and the e-mail address of the person to be contacted should be indicated on contributions.
   Accordingly, please give those details on the cover page of all documents.
   5        In order to enable TSB to make the necessary arrangements concerning the documentation and
   organization of the meeting, you are kindly invited to send back the registration form (Annex 3) duly
   completed (one per participant) by e-mail (tsbreg@itu.int) or via fax (No.: +41 22 730 5853), as soon as
   possible, but not later than 25 May 2005.
   6        Wireless LAN facilities are available in the ITU main conference room areas for delegates’ use.
   Wired network access continues to be available in the ITU Montbrillant building. Detailed information is
   available on the ITU-T website (http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/edh/faqs-support.html).
   7         For your convenience, a hotel confirmation form is enclosed as Annex 2 (see
   http://www.itu.int/travel/index.html for the list of hotels).
   8         We would remind you that citizens of some countries are required to obtain a visa in order to enter
   and spend any time in Switzerland. The visa must be requested and obtained from the office (embassy or
   consulate) representing Switzerland in your country or, if there is no such office in your country, from the one
   that is closest to the country of departure. If problems are encountered, the Union can, at the official request of
   the administration or company you represent, approach the competent Swiss authorities in order to facilitate
   delivery of the visa. Any such request must specify the name and functions of the individual(s) for whom the
   visa(s) is/are requested and be accompanied by a copy of the registration form approved for the ITU
   conference or meeting in question. Please note that the ITU can assist only representatives of ITU
   Member States, ITU-T Sector Members or ITU-T Associates.

   Annexes: 3

                                                 ANNEX 1
                                              DRAFT AGENDA

1.   Review Action Items and next steps from the Final Report of the workshop, The Fully
     Networked Car – a Workshop on ICT in Motor Vehicles
     (http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/worksem/ict-auto/index.html ).
2.   The meeting will discuss the next steps, the action items and issues raised at this workshop.
     Points-of-contact, and area of responsibility will be assigned in order to follow-up on these
3.   Draft a Study Question on Telematics, HMI, and possibly eCall, to either SG 12 and/or SG
     16 (to be determined)
         The APSC is encouraged to draft a SQ on the issues raised at the Workshop (such as
         HMI, eCall, Telematics, …), and to submit such SQ for the next meeting of SGs 12 or
         16 or other SGs, as appropriate; for approval at the next meeting of the Study Groups.
4.   Draft a response to the “Strategic Framework for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
     Standards” developed by the European Information & Communications Technologies
     Standards Board (ICTSB) Intelligent Transport Systems Steering Group (ITSSG).
         The APSC has been invited to provide Comments on this Strategic Framework. The
         APSC will draft a response to be submitted by the ITU-T to the ICTSB ITSSG. The
         URL of this report is available:

         The APSC is strongly encouraged to review this report, and bring comments and
         contributions to the meeting.
5.   Planning for the next standards workshop at the Geneva Auto Show
         As discussed during the workshop post mortem conference call, planning for the next
         workshop must commence immediately. The meeting will develop the framework for
         the overall agenda, and a roadmap for the execution of the next workshop.
6.   Review and Update on the various activities of APSC members
         Members of the APSC are invited to provide updates and status reports on various
         standardization efforts underway. The purpose of this activity is also to review and
         update the data collected on the APSC web site.

                                                                 ANNEX 2

                  Ce formulaire de confirmation est à adresser directement à l'hôtel de votre choix
                      This confirmation form should be sent directly to the hotel of your choice
                       Dirija directamente este formulario de confirmación al hotel que elija



Réunion CE/GT                                         du                   au                    Genève
SG/WP meeting -------------------------------------- from ---------------- to ------------------ Geneva
Reunión CE/GT                                      desde el                 al                   Ginebra

Confirmation de la réservation faite le                                                  A l'hôtel
Confirmation of the reservation made on ----------------------------                     To hotel -------------------------------
Confirmación de la reserva efectuada el                                                  Al hotel

au prix préférentiel offert à l'UIT / at ITU preferential tariff / al precio preferencial ofrecido a la UIT

             chambre simple/double      du                               heure d'arrivée                         au
-------------single/double room       from               --------------- time of arrival          ------------- to ------------
             habitación indiv./doble desde el                            hora de llegada                         al

Nom / Name / Apellido                   ----------------------------------------------

Prénom / First name / Nombre            -----------------------------------------------

Adresse / Address / Dirección          -------------------------------------------------          Tel: -----------------------------

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         Fax: -----------------------------

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      E-mail: -----------------------------

Carte de crédit en garantie de la réservation
Credit card to guarantee this reservation:              AX/VISA/DINERS/EC -----------------------------------------------
Tarjeta de crédito que garantiza la reserva                                           autre / other / otras

No ---------------------------------------------- validité / validity / validez ---------------------------------------------------

Date/Date/Fecha -------------------------- Signature / Signature / Firma ------------------------------------------------
                                                    ANNEX 3

                                       APSC-TELEMOV Meeting
 ITU-TSB                                   Geneva, 6 June 2005

                                       REGISTRATION FORM
             To be returned to TSB (Fax: +41 22 730 5853 / tsbreg@itu.int) by 25 May 2005

            Mr.     Mrs.    Ms.     Miss
                   Family Name
                                                                              Organization / Company
                    First Name

Complete address of Administration or Organization:
______________________________________________               Tel: _____________________________________________
______________________________________________               Fax: _____________________________________________
______________________________________________               E-mail: __________________________________________

Hotel/Address in Geneva
Hotel: __________________________________________
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Tel: ____________________________________________

Date: ___________________________          Signature: ______________________________________

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