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Brief Review of Samsung NX200
by admin on October 3, 2011

Samsung NX200

In case you not realize of, the Samsung NX200 is actually the fifth NX camera that being released by
the company after the NX10, NX11, NX20 and NX100. However, it is just the third design for the
camera body, plus connotes a considerable step up for the NX series. Samsung NX200 is designed
with a fully innovative 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor as well as covered to be the first all-metal
camera body for the NX series. As a result, the camera is end up being an attractive camera that has
the same size with Sony’s NEX models but the functions can be of very different for these two brands.

                                            The Samsung NX200 is much lighter compare to the
                                            former model even at the moment the camera is not the
                                            most compact camera system available on the market.
                                            Samsung states that the camera is on purpose, in
                                            addition to ensure it to represent the camera quality and
                                            also the truth in which it features with a large APS-C
                                            sized CMOS sensor.

                                              The sensor that comes with the Samsung NX200
                                              provides the NX range some sort of advantage compare
                                              to Olympus’s PEN series and Panasonic’s G range,
                                              where they are making use of smaller micro four thirds
                                              sensor. As a result, we can conclude that theoretically
the low light effectiveness is improved and also produce higher quality of image.

Formerly, there have been speed issues with all the previous NX series cameras but this been
properly resolved with the new camera body of Samsung NX200. At this time boasting an autofocus
speed of 100 milliseconds, with the test that carried out by our testing team showed that the NX200 is
able to lock on to subjects rather fast and effortlessly.

The Samsung NX200 provides some sort of Panorama feature that can stitches multiple images
automatically and collectively in a camera. By using this feature, users will be able to produce a
panoramic image easily. The camera in addition makes it possible for users to capture 3D images
through a single objective lens, by means of assessing the spots of the subjects at the time the
subjects are pass across the image frame.

Sound Picture Function for Samsung NX200

In addition, a Sound Picture function is also incorporated in the Samsung NX200. The function is only
readily available at the time user wants to capture images in JPEG format, this approach makes it
possible for the Samsung NX200 camera to record a short audio clip just before and after a picture is
taken. You will expect to record sound clips that have a fixed length of either 5 or 10 seconds.
So, we can see from here that Samsung is aggressively trying to build up their camera muscles. And
for the camera leading companies like Nikon and Canon,
they need to create enough awareness for the
competition that is come to them. Even though Samsung
may not a big threat to them in short time, however
seeing on how Samsung camera is expanding in many
branches it would be no surprise if Samsung is releasing
their pro cameras in short future.

Samsung NX200 can be a winner in mirrorless camera
system if only they are willing to take notice to viewfinder
which has been the big concern for all the professional
photographers. If Samsung is willing to do so, then they
are going to put the company in a bright position to
contend with Fuji and Leica for mirrorless cameras.

[Samsung NX200 Hands-On Preview - by Digital Photography Review:]

Specification Highlights for Samsung NX200

- ISO 160-12800
- 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor
- 7 fps continuous shooting
- 1080p30 HD video
- 641k dot VGA-equivalent 3″ OLED screen
- Clip-on external flash supplied

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