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									                                      CURRICULUM VITAE

Name:                        Janet Frances Lane, R.N., C.L.N.C.

Telephone:                   813-835-9893 (Business)
                             813-835-9893 (Fax)
                             813- 831-5613 (Cell)

E-Mail Address:    

Family:                      Husband:                     Geoffrey C. Lane
                             Sons:                        Mark L. Wing, Esq.
                                                          Scott J. Wing
                                                          Brett E. Wing
                             Daughters:                   Jana M. Hubbard
                                                          Jeriann N. Lane

Professional                Spokane Community College A.D.
Education:                  Nursing—Licensed as Registered Nurse (RN)                     1978

Professional                 Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC)                      2000
Certification:               Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc.

Professional                 Certified-CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) 1978 to present
Certificates:                Certified in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing—University of
                             Certified in Neonatal Advanced Life Support    1990 to present
                             Certified in HEALTHDYNE Apnea Monitors            1990 –1991
                             Certified-Children’s Medical Services (CMS)—State of Florida
                             CPR Instructor (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)      1990-1994
                             Certified-Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS) 1991—1993
                             Certified—as a Pediatric Critical Care Flight Nurse with
                                     CAREFLIGHT AIR AMBULANCE—Clearwater/St. Pete
                                     Airport 1992—1994
                             Certified—Advanced Electronic Fetal Monitoring (FMC) 2005

Professional                It is my Certification as a Legal Nurse Consultant that provides
Qualification:              me with the necessary skill mix to integrate medicine and the law

Professional Certificates    Birth Injury and The Law X—Jeffrey Phelan, MD, JD       Oct. 2003
of Educational Updates       AWHONN-Women & Heart Disease                            Feb 2004
                             Advanced Fetal Monitoring 2004 – Legal Implications     Sept. 2004
                             Changing Elements of Negligence                        Oct. 2004
                             Experts Analyze Brain Damaged Baby Cases III           Nov. 2004
Professional              State of Florida Registered Nurse License     # R.N. 1071162
Registrations:            State of Hawaii Registered Nurse License        # R.N. 45348
                          State of New Jersey Registered Nurse License #26NR10504600

Professional              Field Manager for Genetic Technologies, Inc. Performing DNA
Services:                 testing, and working with attorneys on cases involving forensic
                          sciences in both criminal and civil cases.

Auditing                  Perform auditing of hospital and physician bills for personal and
Services:                 contract clients.

Professional Seminars:    Speaker for a Seminar entitled: Understanding the Language:
  LORIMAN                        Morning session: DNA Then and Now
 Educational Seminars            Afternoon session: Birth Asphyxia— What are the Causes

The Manchester Who’s      Named in Who’s Who 2004-2005 Registry with write up biography
Who Registry                    Page 275

                                 CONSULTANTS- National Chapter and Tampa Chapter
                                       2000 to present
                                 LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANTS-- 2000 to present
                          Member INS--INFUSION NURSES SOCIETY—2005
                          Member AWHONN—ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN’S HEALTH
                                  AND OBSTETRIC AND NEONATAL NURSES
                          Member BNI—BUSINESS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL
                                       South Tampa Chapter
                          Member NNBA—NATIONAL NURSES IN BUSINESS ASSN.
                          Member of two different on-line LNC networking organizations
                          that communicate daily with other LNC’s across the nation.

Military                  U.S. Army Reserves— Specialist V, Spokane, WA.      1975-1978
History:                  U.S. Army Guards— Captain, Camp Blanding, Fl.       1979-1980

Recreational              Tandem sky-diving—Zephyrhills, Florida, and family camping
Interests:                trips.
                           PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE

6/2000 to present   Independent consultant and owner of Medical Legal Consulting of
                           Central Florida.
                    We do case screening, organizing with analysis of medical records, review
                    the standards of care, do medical research, and provide the appropriate
                    experts that are necessary for the case.

                    We also do chronologies, timelines, and extensive data entry of records
                    when requested on particular cases. My company will supply RN expert
                    witnesses at no additional charge when we workup the case, and will
                    locate other experts as needed. In addition, I personally do DNA testing
                    of clients when needed for paternity and/or criminal cases.

12/17/03-01/17/04   Springhill Regional Hospital—Springhill, Florida.

                    A one month contract here as a contract RN where I assisted this hospital
                    in setting up and opening a new level II Neonatal ICU. In addition to
                    physically stocking the new unit, I also attended the normal deliveries as
                    well as the “high risk” deliveries. As the neonatal RN, I resuscitated the
                    infant, assigned the Apgars, and cared for the baby through the three to
                    four hour transitional time period.

11/98-6/02          “The Baby Place” at Largo Medical Center—Largo, Florida

                    As the only NICU nurse required being in this level II nursery during my
                    shift, my responsibilities are varied. They involve attendance at all hi-risk
                    deliveries, and attend regular deliveries when available. I resuscitate
                    (when necessary), dry and warm the infant, assign the apgars at one and
                    five minute intervals, weigh and assess the newborn, give the newborn
                    meds, then assist with starting the bonding process. I bathe the infant and
                    assist in the transitioning period before giving baby back to mom. In hi-
                    risk babies, I start IV’s, give meds and other fluids, help with intubation,
                    control proper oxygen levels, draw blood, assist with spinal taps, suction
                    infant, place under bili lights using appropriate care while they are under
                    the lights, and perform numerous other responsibilities.

2/99-5/99           Brandon Hospital—Brandon, Florida
Assignment          Very busy level III NICU. I worked in both the level II and Level III area.
                    As this level II was the busiest, most of my work was here. It is here that
                    the babies spend most of their time until they are able to be discharged
9/97-7/98     Tripler Army Medical Center—Honolulu, Hawaii
Assignment    Level III NICU. Pregnant hi-risk mothers as well as premature and sick
              infants are flown here from many islands in the Pacific including large
              islands as well as the smallest islands. Premature babies ranged from 24
              weeks gestation to 40-week seriously ill newborns.

11/96-8/97    The following hospitals include all the NICU units that I worked in
Contract      as a staff agency nurse with the Progressive Nursing Agency located
Assignments   in Alexandria, Virginia.
                   1) George Washington Hospital—Washington D.C.
                   2) Georgetown University Hospital—Washington D.C.
                   3) Hospital for Sick Children—Washington D.C.
                   4) Columbia Hospital for Women—Washington D.C.
                   5) Washington Children’s Hospital—Washington D.C.
                   6) Fairfax Hospital—Fairfax, Virginia
                   7) Alexandria Hospital—Alexandria, Virginia
                   8) Holy Cross Hospital—Silver Spring, Maryland
                   9) Shady Grove Hospital—Shady Grove, Maryland
                  10) Franklin Square Hospital—suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland

9/96-11/96    Yale-New Haven Hospital—New Haven, Connecticut
Assignment    A busy level II—III NICU teaching hospital where I functioned as a staff
              nurse primarily in the busy II nursery. The babies here were stable, but
              may be prone to decreases in heart rate and oxygen levels. Some require
              oxygen supplement, others were on room air but still having difficulties in
              other areas.

5/96-8/96     Washington Children’s Hospital—Washington D.C.
Assignment    Extremely busy level III NICU with the sickest children in D.C. and the
              surrounding areas. This is a 40-bed unit requiring many travel nurses in
              order to staff it sufficiently. Unfortunately, they never had enough
              necessary nurses.

10/95-4/96    Providence Hospital—Northeast Washington D.C.
Assignment    This older Catholic hospital, which was dedicated by President Lincoln, is
              now equipped with a level II special care nursery. I enjoyed working here
              for six months. Unfortunately, most of these babies were from black single
              mothers who were addicted to drugs and/or had AIDS.
7/95-9/95    Fairfax Hospital—Fairfax, Virginia
Assignment   Another large and busy level III NICU. I worked as a staff nurse in the
             level II and level III areas of this unit.

4/95-7/95    Methodist Hospital—Dallas, Texas
Assignment   A very busy level III NICU. I primarily worked in level II as it was the
             busiest area. Babies here were on room air or oxygen with and/or without
             nasal CPAP—a non-intubated form of allowing oxygen/air under pressure
             to assist in keeping the infant’s lungs expanded. Assignment here involved
             caring for babies termed “feeder-growers.”

6/94-3/95    Columbia Hospital for Women—Washington D.C.
Assignment   This contract required a NICU nurse to work in the newborn special care
             nursery where all normal newborns were brought to immediately after
             delivery. I was responsible for their transitional four-hour period. Here I
             did the newborn assessment, stabilized and bathed the infant before
             sending it downstairs where it was cared for by the mother-baby RNs. If
             the infant required special care, it would stay in our nursery- or if a serious
             problem were to arise, I would admit it to the level III NICU for further
             care. I also worked in the NICU when staffing required extra NICU help,
             or when I was available during my days off.

01/94-6/94   Valley General Hospital—Brownsville, Texas
Assignment   My contract here involved caring for one severely brain damaged infant
             resulting from a traumatic delivery at this hospital. This assignment was
             a challenge in many ways in that the parents were from just over the
             border in Mexico, and did not speak any English. This baby was kept
             alive on ventilatory support, feedings through a gastrostomy tube, and
             intermittent IV therapy. I cared for this child for six months until place-
             ment was found for her in a long-term care facility.

9/93-12/93   R.E. Tomasen Hospital—El Paso, Texas
Assignment   This level III NICU is on the border of Mexico, and offered an exciting
             learning experience of caring for sick and premature infants in a border
1992-1993    CAREFLIGHT Air Ambulance—Clearwater, Florida.

             Pediatric flight nurse with this company. I made many exciting trips in
             both fixed wing and Lear Jet planes. My flights included trips in and from
             Florida to Quebec, Canada, and other parts of the world.

1991-9/93    Vencor Hospital-new pediatric unit to open—Tampa, Florida

             Hired here to organize and setup a small step-down pediatric unit for
             infants and young children requiring long-term ventilatory support or
             tracheostomy care. This small unit was set up as a 5-bed unit, and we did
             have five patients originally after this unit opened. This unit was cared for
             by four pediatricians that staffed the Pediatric Emergency Department at
             Tampa General Hospital. (This unit some years later was moved to St.
             Petersburg, Florida.).

1990-1991    St. Joseph’s Hospital NICU (formerly Humana Women’s Hospital)—
             Tampa, Florida

             Staff nurse in this level III NICU. This involved caring for critically ill
             infants that were unstable and on ventilators as well as stable “feeder-

1989-1990    Allied Medical Services—Pediatric Case Manager/Supervisor—
             Tampa, Florida

             As the pediatric case manager and nursing supervisor, this position
             involved making hospital and home visits on sick children and infants. I
             was responsible for care planning, and I worked directly with the
             physicians on this. I was also supervisor for the nurses caring for these
             children in their homes. This job further required that I go to the various
             hospital NICU’s to teach parents basic infant CPR, and in the use and care
             of the Healthdyne Apnea Monitors that their infants are to go home on.
             During this time period I also taught CPR classes to the nurses at Tampa
             General Hospital.

      1988   St. Charles Hospital—Toledo, Ohio

             Assisted in opening a new level II special care nursery. Unfortunately,
             some months later, I suffered a severe ankle fracture. When able to travel,
             I returned home to Tampa, Florida.
       6/81-10/87   SHANDS Hospital at the University of Florida—Gainesville, Florida

                    I started here as a new trainee in the level III NICU. At this time, Shands
                    was one of only three NICU hospitals in the state of Florida. I completed
                    the critical care course offered there by the University of Florida. My job
                    responsibilities included assisting in hi-risk deliveries of infants requiring
                    resuscitation, care of septic and premature neonates- some requiring chest
                    tubes, intubation, umbilical arterial lines, central lines, peripheral lines,
                    orogastric tubes, shunts, blood transfusions, and of course, varying types
                    of medications.

                    Over the course of nearly seven years, I assisted in many “codes” on
                    infants- some with successful outcomes, and some with poor outcomes.
                    As NICU Nurses, we were trained to assist grieving parents throughout
                    their experience with their sick infants in the NICU. During my last three
                    years at Shands, I also functioned as a charge nurse.

0l/79-6/81          Seven Rivers Community Hospital—Crystal River, Florida

                    A staff nurse on the “med-surg” floor of this newly opened hospital. My
                    duties included team leading, starting and maintaining IV’s, care of pre
                    and post-op patients as well as the general nursing duties involved in
                    caring for patient’s with cancer and other illnesses.

06/78-12/78         Large nursing home facility—Spokane, Washington

                    My first position following graduation from nurses training. I functioned
                    as the Charge nurse on weekends in the “acute care” area of this large
                    facility. For three days during the week, I functioned as the “decubitus
                    nurse”. Here, I gained valuable experience in caring for older patients—
                    especially those with decubitus ulcers. I remained there until December
                    1978 when our family moved to Florida.

6/78-12/78          Pre-nursing career history in a “capsule”- Spokane, Washington

                    At age 17, I graduated from high school and attended Kelsey-Baird
                    Secretarial School in Spokane. I graduated quickly in three months at the
                    top of my class. I started work for three OB-GYN physicians. I later
                    worked for four busy general practice physicians starting as receptionist—
                    and six years later was the bookkeeper and insurance billing person.

                    In addition, for several years during this time period, I also worked as a
                    medical transcriptionist for an agency in downtown Spokane. I transcribed
medical record reports from physicians for the local hospitals. Later on, I
worked for a local dermatologist as his medical transcriptionist while I
was in nurses training.

It was during this time that I joined the U.S. Army Reserves. Then in
December of 1978 our family left Spokane and moved to Homosassa
Springs, Florida where I started my career as a registered nurse.

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