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									Surfer Steve
    You love looking for information on the internet. You can spend hours looking for
one small piece of information because you love to see where other links go. You are
not to knowledgeable about how to get the information you are looking for, but at least you know it is out there.

    Your parents are very concerned about the time they feel you are wasting on the internet. they do not see the
internet as a valuable source of information and would much rather see you using a book to gather information.
 It is time to learn how much the internet really does have to offer. You need to show your parents there is more
out there than you could ever get from a book.

1. Define Internet.

  2. What types of things can and should the internet be used for?

  3. What does WWW stand for? How is it different than the internet?

  4. What is a browser? Name two.

  5. What do you use a search engine for? Name two that are geared towards kids.

  6. Name three benefits from joining the information super highway.

  7. What can be done to promote safe internet surfing?

  8. What type of information should be given out over the internet? What should not?

  9. List 5 items you think should be included on your Top 10 list of Internet Safety Tips.

Students each link below is important for you to evaluate. Although some answers might be found on more
than one website, reviewing all of the references will help you understand the topic better.

  Surfing the Net
  Cyberspace Surfing
  Surfing Tips

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