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					Financial Aid for International
A Vocabulary Lesson
   Students and their families are often confused by the label “need-blind
    admissions”. US Schools That Offer Need-Blind Admission to International
    Students - under a need-blind admissions policy, a college or university will
    admit students regardless of their ability to pay, and for any students that
    cannot afford the price tag, the university awards scholarships and other
    institutional aid to make up the difference. Basically, if you can get in, you can
    afford to go - they are:
   MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Massachusetts
   Harvard University in Massachusetts
   Princeton University in New Jersey
   Yale University in Connecticut
   Williams College in Massachusetts
   Middlebury College in Vermont
   Dartmouth College in New Hampshire
   Amherst College in Massachusetts
   “Need aware” schools know if a student will need aid, but the admissions
    officers do not know how much aid is needed.
It used to be called a scholarship

   Merit based aid—aid given because of high
    grades and/or standardized test scores.
   Need based aid—aid given because of family
    need as determined by the school or
    government. “All demonstrated need” can not
    be what the family expects.
   Named or nominated scholarship—aid awarded
    to highly qualified students that usually require
    extra submissions.
Web sites

   Financial Aid
   These sites do not require paying any fees.
   International Student—has list of schools by state that have financial aid for international students. Note:
    list seems incomplete.
   Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid—Fastweb Scholarship Search
   College Board fund finder
   U.S. Department of Education
   Peterson’s Education Center
   International Education Financial Aid
   College Net does a search based on person profile
   College Scholarships—includes grants and loans
   Next Student—college funding including loans and scholarship searches
   International Scholarships data base
   The Rowe Fund Student Loan Program helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member
    States finance their studies in universities across the United States by awarding interest free loans. For
    more information see our brochure and to download the application forms, please visit our webpage at: or contact us:
Full Rides?

   The student receives all or almost all the
    funds needed to attend a school.
   The aid package might include:
    Scholarships or grants
Specialized aid

   Athletic scholarships—the process is complicated
    and extremely rigid. The student might have to go
    through the NCAA process, but they must check with
    the university.
   Music, arts, drama, community service—again the
    process depends on the individual university.
The numbers
American University                  DC   374     $41,919   107   $15,793   $1,689,851
Amherst College                      MA   101     $43,320   69    $31,398   $2,166,435
Arizona State University             AZ   1,099   $22,601   527    $7,349   $3,873,386
Bard College                         NY    88     $44,850   80    $28,889   $2,311,098
Barry University                     FL   256     $30,489   161   $11,022   $1,774,585
Bates College                        ME    98     $44,200   78    $34,870   $2,719,865
Beloit College                       WI    70     $34,608   61    $19,229   $1,172,992
Boston University                    MA   1,060   $45,992   90    $26,382   $2,374,405
Bowdoin College                      ME    52     $41,780   36    $34,191   $1,230,895
Brandeis University                  MA   218     $43,564   103   $26,232   $2,701,998
Brown University                     RI   355     $44,076   106   $30,163   $3,197,300
Bryn Mawr College                    PA   105     $42,420   77    $30,079   $2,316,122
California Institute of Technology   CA    62     $41,019   43    $32,976   $1,417,968
Calvin College                       MI   330     $27,960   327   $11,967   $3,913,345
Canisius College                     NY    92     $32,032   92    $14,672   $1,349,847
Colby College                        ME   136     $41,700   129   $37,062   $4,781,112
Colgate University                   NY   152     $42,935   131   $33,628   $4,405,382
College of Wooster                   OH   116     $35,000   106   $19,031   $2,017,286
You will need to send

   The International Student Certificate of
    Financial Support which requires a bank
    statement with an original signature and
   The International Student Financial Aid
    Application which also requires a bank
   Some universities have their own forms.
The Best Path to Financial Aid

   Do research on individual universities and
    their current policies.
   Keep an open mind.
   Seek out funds from private sources.
   Do not give up.

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