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									Lesson Engagement What will be learned                How will learning unfold. Learning ideas,
       Theory                                         strategies, activities and resources
1      RELATE     ICT Expectations                    -Students will be introduced to the unit
                       -   develop and apply          using a Voki
                           codes of practice that     - ‘Mike the miner will briefly explain the
                           promote safety,            gold rush to the students
                           security, responsibility
                           and respect                - Students will look at a youtube clip
                                                      related to the Australian gold rush
                    Australian Curriculum             - Whole class activity brainstorming prior
                       -    pose and refine           knowledge using
                            questions for             - Students will individually complete a
                            investigations            KWL chart
                    Students will learn to:           - Students will use weebly to begin their
                       -   Plan investigations        research.
                           using time productively
                           and efficiently

2      RELATE       ICT Expectations                  -Students will work in pairs, using Google
                        - plan, conduct and           Earth to explore old mining cities
                           manage structured          - Students will use resources on the
                           searches for data and      weebly site to research dominant events
                                                      of this time
                       -   organise and identify
                           relationships between      - In groups of six students’ will use a PMI
                           data and information       chart to look at issues faced at this time
                           from a variety of          - A group discussion will take place
                           sources                    - In the same groups learners’ will look at
                                                      the similarities and differences of our
                    Australian Curriculum             society to this era
                       -   identify main ideas and    - Students will use a Venn diagram to
                           the sequence of
                                                      demonstrate their findings
                           events, and make
                           inferences                 - Students will be introduced to the
                                                      webquest they will be completing during
                    Students will learn to:           this unit via a’Mike’ the voki
                       -   Work well in groups        - Students will complete task one in the
                           collaborating with         webquest
                           others and contributing
                           to ideas

3      RELATE       ICT Expectations                  -Students will play the gold rush
                       -   use a variety of digital   interactive learning object
                           media to improve           - Students will use a wiki to begin
                           communication              collaborating with other learners’
                       -   collaborate and
                           communicate ideas,         The wiki will have have an open ended
                           understandings,            question which will spark conversation.
                           information and            Students’ will be encouraged to post 3
                           responses                  comments on the wiki.
                       -   Readers and viewers        -Students will complete task 2 of the
                           use a number of active     webquest making a gold licence
                           strategies to interpret
                           texts, including
                           activating prior
                      knowledge, predicting,
                      questioning, identifying
                      main ideas, inferring,
                      summarising and

               Students will learn to:
               Evoke higher order thinking
               through participation

4     RELATE                                      -Students will continue to collaborate
                                                  online via the wiki.
                                                  - ‘Mike will review what learners’ have
                                                  covered so far.
                                                  - Students will complete task 3 of the
                                                  -Focusing on the democrats of the mining
                                                  licence students will create a PMI chart to
                                                  clarify their thoughts
5/6   CREATE   Australian Curriculum              -As a whole class, students’ will be asked
                  -   collect and organise        to brainstorm, using different
                      information and             scenarios people may have faced at this
                      evidence                    time.
                  -   respond to arts works
                      by identifying and          -Students will use the class wiki to think of
                      interpreting the            their own scenarios
                      influences of social,       - Students will be encouraged to comment
                      cultural and                on peers thoughts
                      historical contexts,        - Images from flickr. Relating to the gold
                      using arts elements         rush era will be used as stimuli to evoke
                      and languages
                  -   Active listeners identify
                                                  further thinking. In groups of five,
                      the topic, main ideas       students will be given an image and asked
                      and opinions, retell        questions related to the body language,
                      information accurately,     the roles, the surroundings, feelings it
                      ask clarifying questions    evokes and the overall feeling the image
                      and volunteer               creates
                                                  - Students will then use a Y chart to detail
               ICT Expectations                   their thinking
                  -   develop simple plans to     -Students will complete task 5 on the
                      create imaginative          webquest in groups of 3 and conduct a
                      responses                   SWOT analysis analysing the roles of the
                                                  miners and government officials
               Students will learn to:            -Students will participate in a class blog
                  -   Understand the effects
                      the gold rush had on
                                                  via the weebly website to brainstorm
                      society                     ideas about the effects the eureka
                  -   Understand the              stockade had on society
                      thoughts and feelings
                      of people at this time

7     CREATE   ICT Expectations                   -Students will complete task 6 of the
                  -   evaluate the data and       webquest and participate in the court
                      information gathered        case relating to the miners licence. The
                      for usefulness,
                     credibility, relevance      class will be split in two, giving the
                     and accuracy                students’ the opportunity to speak their
             Australian Curriculum               mind. Their knowledge should
                 -   share opinions, identify    demonstrate understandings of
                     possibilities and
                     propose actions to          democracy and the roles of people at that
                     respond to findings         time
                 -   Events can be viewed
                     differently according to
                     a range of cultural,
                     gender and
                 -   Role and status of
                     relationships can be
                     maintained using
                     movement, including
                     posture, gesture and
                     body position, and
                     expression of voice
                 -   Dramatic action is
                     structured through
                     improvisation and
                     extended roleplays

             Students will learn to:
             Develop their own
             understanding of the Eureka
             Stockade and the gold rush

8   DONATE   ICT Expectations                    -Students will be given the opportunity to
                 -   express and represent       voice this important event in Australia’s
                     ideas, information and      history to the local community.
                     thinking                    - Students blogs will be displayed online as
                -    create imaginative
                     responses that              well as on paper, giving insightful
                     demonstrate required        information on this significant event
                     features                    - The blog should clearly show how this
                -    express a personal          event and era has shaped our society.
                     image and an identity in
                -    experiment           with
                     operational processes
                     and use the basic
                     capabilities of a range
                     of ICT devices
             Australian Curriculum
                -    apply strategies to
                     influence decisions or
                     behaviours and to
                     contribute to groups
                     reflect on and identify
                     personal actions and
                     those of others to
                     clarify values
                     associated with social
        justice, the democratic
        process, sustainability
        and peace reflect on
        learning to identify new
        understandings and
        future applications
    -   Individuals and groups
        have made significant
        contributions to change
        and maintain Australian
        communities, heritages
        and identities
    -   reflect on and describe
        the effectiveness of
        language elements and
        how the language
        choices represent
        people, characters,
        places, events and
        things in particular
    -   reflect on learning to
        identify new
        understandings and
        future applications
    -   The purpose of writing
        and designing including
        entertaining, informing
    -   Describing

Students will learn to:
   -   Demonstrate to the
       wider community their
       social understanding
   -   Use ICTs effectively in
       a safe, legal and ethical

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