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									How To Make Your Website Look More Appealing Without Spending A Dime

Running a successful online business requires having a site that is appealing and professional in
appearance. Although some businesses pay hundreds of dollars to web designers to acquire a
professional theme for their site, you can actually do quite a bit on your own to make your own site
more appealing without spending extra money.

First, consider what you “don't” need for your site. Many webmasters try to “have it all” leaving
their site cluttered and unattractive. Choose a few simple topics to feature on your home page and
keep your navigational buttons to a minimum. Don't have hundreds of categories on your home
page. Organize your content under major categories leading to smaller categories if necessary. Too
many choices can overwhelm your visitors and again make your site look cluttered.

Less can often mean more when constructing your site's layout. Keep some white space here and
there to avoid the impression of being overcrowded. Put your most important information above
the fold (the top part that your visitors sees before scrolling downward). Also try to keep outbound
links and advertiser links to a minimum. Place them below the fold if possible in order give your
visitors time to see what your site has to offer before clicking on a link that will lead them away
from your site.

To keep a professional appearance, take off any flashing graphics and keep graphics to a minimum.
(Too many graphics will slow down the loading time of your site.) Keep your theme colors pleasing
to the eye and the text dark. Avoid bright and blinding colors that make it hard to read and difficult
to focus on the content of your site. Another consideration is making sure that those who are color
blind can view your site without difficulty. You can use to test out your site
to see how a color-blinded user might view your site.

Converting your site to Wordpress can give you a world of choices as far as free themes that are
available (just Google “free Wordpress themes”). There are numerous themes that are professional
in appearance at no cost whatsoever. You can hire someone to change your theme if time is not
available, but overall, installing a theme requires very little skills. Check out for
some quick tutorials on installing Wordpress themes.

For those who aren't necessarily using Wordpress, you can check out for some free
website templates or do a further search on Google for “free website templates”. You'll be surprised
at some of the nice, professional ones that you'll find with enough diligence of searching. Some
Wordpress theme and template sites will also allow you to pay a very small fee (or simply ask for a
small donation) to remove the author's link in the footer if this is distracting.

As you can see, giving your site a more professional appearance without spending a dime is very
possible. A quick overview:

1. Use a simple, clean layout design.
2. Use pleasing colors that are easy on the eyes.
3. Don't overcrowd your site.
4. Keep your content organized.
5. Use easy navigational and search features.
6. Keep banners and graphics to a minimum.
7. Look for an updated template for your site if necessary.

Take time browsing other sites and take note of what looks appealing to you and what doesn't. Jot
down any ideas that you really like. Also take note of what seems annoying to you. Finally, don't
depend solely on your own taste in design. Ask for feedback from others in your social network.
Opinions may vary, but take note on what the majority likes or doesn't like. If you design your site
to be pleasing to your visitors, they'll enter your site with a positive feeling, which can mean more
leads and sales for your online business.

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