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“The Masque of the Red Death” - PowerPoint


									“The Masque of the Red Death”

                          E.A. Poe

 Born 1809
 Foster child to John and Frances Allan after Poe’s father
    abandoned the family and his mother died
   Kicked out of the University of Virginia AND the U.S.
    Military Academy at West Point
   Marries his young cousin who dies, leaving him
   People viewed him as a talented writer, but socially
   Death in 1849 is shrouded in mystery: heart failure from
    alcoholism? rabies? Who knows!!

 Well known for the GOTHIC TRADITION
   See potential evil in the individual
   Looked at the supernatural
   Dark / decaying settings
   Tormented / insane narrators
   Beautiful and dead or dying females
   Looked at humans in extreme situations (murder, live burials,
    physical and mental torture, retribution from beyond the
   Most famous poem is “The Raven”
   Short stories include “The Pit and the Pendulum” and “The
    Tell-Tale Heart”
         “The Masque of the Red Death”

 Red Death = bubonic plague that killed 25
  million people in Europe (more than ¼ of
  the population) in the mid-14th century
 Symptoms included high fever, vomiting,
  pain, and swellings that oozed blood, and
  victims were dead within 5 days
 IMAGINE your town has been overtaken by
  an incurable disease. It spreads rapidly,
  but has not yet reached your neighborhood.
  How do you think you, the other members
  of your family and your neighbors would
  react? What are some actions people would
  take in order to protect themselves and help
  other people?
                      As you read . . .

 Answer the BLUE QUESTIONS in the text.
   There are 7 questions total (each questions points to line
    numbers to help you locate the answer)
   You may work with your desk partner; complete one set of
    answers per pair
   Once you’ve finished reading and answering the 7 questions,
    answer this final question: What happens to the prince and the

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