These instructions apply to new users by pengxiang


									                                    ESI Access Registration For Suppliers

These instructions apply to new users. First register a new Userid and Password with IBM Registration,
and then request access to application “ESI Commodity.”

To Register:
1. Go to the IBM Procurement Portal website .
2. Click on the Register link. Complete the form. Userid is normally available within 10 minutes.

To Submit Your Access Request, follow these steps:

Note: „bold’ wording indicates a specific entry must be made.
Also, Field Help is available by clicking on all underlined field words within the form.

A. Click My Portal: My Functions within the same IBM website. Enter a new ID and password.
B. Click New User App. Enrollment and complete all fields with an asterisk (*).
    1. Click within the „Application‟ box. Select ESI Commodity. Click [Continue].
    2a. Type your company name.
    2b. Click within the „Desired role‟ box to choose portal role. THIS ENTRY IS IMPORTANT.
Check with your IBM contact if necessary.
The role of „Coordinator‟ versus „Regular User‟ determines the amount of responsibility granted. Also,
any person requesting access for a company newly defined to ESI is automatically given the role of
Coordinator - A Company Council Coordinator is responsible for approving/rejecting most successive
requests submitted by new Users within the council. The coordinator may also submit requests on behalf
of all company Users. The functions available are for (1) new user access, (2) modifying existing users,
or (3) removing existing users. In addition, the Coordinator must validate/maintain all Users‟ access on a
quarterly/annual basis. To change role of Coordinator to Regular User, a request may be submitted to do
so. It may not be approved unless there is another person assigned as Coordinator. Each company may
have more than one Coordinator.
Regular user - The Regular User can submit requests to modify their own access, and have no
authorization over other users within the company.

    3. Complete remaining required fields and click [continue].
    4a. Click within the „Select commodity‟ box. Select desired council.
   4b. Click within the „Select company type‟ box. Select ‘Supplier’.
    4c. Enter IBM Contact Name and e-mail address or IBM Coordinator:
    4d. Enter your company location.
    4e. Click within the „Select access level‟ box. Select desired level and click [Continue].
         Editor - for Coordinators. Authorization to create/delete/archive your own, and others‟,
         Author -; for Regular Users. Authorization to create/delete own documents.
         Reader - for Regular Users. Authorization to read documents.
   5. Click within the „Select sub commodity‟ box. Select desired options, or bypass this step.
   6. Review your entries. To make any changes:
         a. Click your browser‟s [Back] button until you get to the page where changes are needed.
         b. Click [continue] to go forward to the Final Review page. When finished, click [Submit].
    7. Your Confirmation request number is given. Please include this number on any future questions
you may have about the status of your enrollment.
C. Upon approval / rejection, an e-mail will be sent to the address provided in the request. Rejections will
include a reason. Access will be available within 48 hours after the note. An instructional e-mail will also
be sent.

To Access:

Upon approval, to access the ESI Commodity application:
 Go to URL and click on My Portal: My Functions.
                                 ESI Access Registration For Suppliers

   Enter your IR Userid/Password to get to your customized Portal page.
   Click ESI Commodity under the Application section.

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