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									CPCA E-Bulletin: August 23, 2007

NCPC 8th National Conference Announcement
Keynote Speakers                                                                         Professional Development
                                                                                              Institutes (PDI)
Domingo S. Herraiz, director of the Bu-      Thurbert E. Baker, Attorney General of
reau of Justice Assistance, Office of        the State of Georgia, will provide wel-        Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Justice Programs, U.S. Department of         come remarks at the opening general             9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Justice, will provide the opening key-       session. Mr. Baker has served as            There is a separate registration
note address at the 8th National Con-        Georgia’s Attorney General since             fee of $100 for a conference
ference on Preventing Crime in Atlanta,      1997. He has won three statewide              attendee or $125 for a non-
GA, on October 3, 2007. Director Her-        elections for Attorney General and in       conference attendee for each of
raiz was unanimously confirmed by the        his most recent election, he carried                 the five PDIs.
U.S. Senate as the Director of the Bu-       122 of Georgia’s 159 counties. As
                                                                                        Human Trafficking: Not in My Back
reau of Justice Assistance (BJA) on          Attorney General, Mr. Baker has fo-
                                                                                        Yard—Think Again
March 8, 2004, and President George          cused on fighting crime, corruption,
W. Bush signed his commission the            and consumer fraud. He wrote both          Human trafficking is now a boom-
following day. BJA supports law en-          Georgia’s groundbreaking mortgage          ing business in the United States
forcement, courts, corrections, treat-       fraud statute as well as Georgia’s fi-     thanks to the global economies
                                                                                        created by international criminal
ment, victim services, technology, and       nancial identity fraud statute, allowing   businesses. Between 20,000 and
prevention initiatives that strengthen       law enforcement to break up and im-        40,000 people are trafficked into
the nation’s criminal justice system.        prison fraud rings operating in the        the United States each year, ac-
With its three offices—Programs, Policy,     state. Mr. Baker has fought to protect     cording to the National Criminal
and Planning—Director Herraiz pro-           Georgia’s children by proposing and        Justice Reference Service. This
motes his “One BJA” vision for consis-       successfully passing legislation that      session will cover the scope of the
tent and effective services by providing     increased penalties for child pornogra-    human trafficking problem, includ-
hands-on leadership to BJA staff as          phers and closed loopholes in our          ing the difference between smug-
they administer comprehensive pro-           child pornography laws. Attorney Gen-      gling and trafficking; the Traffick-
grams and design sound and strategic         eral Baker has also been a strong ad-      ing Victims Protection Act that
                                                                                        identifies the forms of Human
policies. Director Herraiz has estab-        vocate for Georgia’s Open Govern-
                                                                                        Trafficking as either forced labor
lished the following core priorities for     ment laws, creating a mediation pro-       or commercial sex exploitation;
BJA: emphasize local control; develop        gram in the Office of Attorney General     the use of force, fraud, or coercion
collaborations and partnerships in the       dedicated to working with citizens and     to control victims; how to recog-
field; promote capacity building             local governments to ensure that re-       nize indicators of human traffick-
through planning; maximize the admini-       cords and meetings covered by Geor-        ing; how to recognize victims who
stration of funding and resources; in-       gia’s Open Government laws are open        are vulnerable and not willing to
crease training and technical assis-         to the public as well as successfully      self-report; and strategies to pre-
tance; create accountability of projects;    litigating against organizations which     vent human trafficking. A panel
encourage innovation; and communi-           refused to turn over documents cov-        discussion led by members of a
                                                                                        local Human Trafficking Task
cate the value of justice efforts to deci-   ered by the Open Records Act.
                                                                                        Force will provide real examples of
sion makers at every level.                                                             how to address this issue at the
                                                                                        community level.
For more information on the national
conference and how to register online,                                                  Presenter: Bill Micklus, Director of
                                                                                        Training, Upper Midwest Commu-
visit                                                                     nity Policing Institute, Woodbury,
NationalConference2007.                                                                 MN
August 23, 2007, CPCA E-Bulletin

               McGruff® Golf Classic
              Join us at The Commons at               Fort McPherson
              Fort McPherson in Atlanta, GA,      ♦   Tickets to the Boat Wagon, suitable for        Licensee
on Tuesday, October 2, 2007, for the Na-
tional Crime Prevention Council’s first-ever
                                                      children (
McGruff Golf Classic at the 8th National Con-     ♦   Garfield book autographed by Jim Davis
ference on Preventing Crime: Helping Build        ♦   Georgia Tech golf shirt and golf towel
Safer Communities. This preconference             ♦   Gift certificate to Repast restaurant
event is a time for conference attendees as           (
well as local Atlanta residents to come to-           review/41881773?rpp=45)
gether for fun, fellowship, and sport. This       ♦   Football card autographed by Sam
year’s event will be a four-player-per-team           Brunelli
scramble tournament and will be held from         ♦   NFL football autographed by Dante
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                                Culpper (with certificate of authenticity)
                                                  ♦   $25 gift certificate to the McGruff Store
Registration is limited to the first 128 peo-         at the NCPC’s 8th National Conference
ple. Conference attendees get the dis-                on Preventing Crime
counted rate of $75/person; registration for      ♦   $10 gift certificate to Build a Bear
non-conference attendees is $125/person
(registration opens August 1st).                  Mulligans will be available for purchase.
To register or for more information, visit        Tournament Schedule
conference/mcgruff-golf-classic.                  7:00 a.m. – Buses depart the Atlanta Hilton
                                                  8:00 a.m. – Golfer registration
All participants will receive                     8:45 a.m. – Opening remarks and rules of
♦    Golf shirt                                               play
♦    Traditional Southern barbeque lunch          9:00 a.m. – Players move to assigned holes
♦    $25 gift certificate from the PGA Tour       9:05 a.m. – Shotgun start; tournament
     Superstore                                               round                   2:00 p.m. – Barbeque lunch
♦    Gift bag                                     4:00 p.m. – Golf awards presentation
♦    Sleeve of golf balls and tees                4:30 p.m. – Buses depart for Atlanta Hilton

Prizes for the Top-Scoring Teams                  Roundtrip transportation will be provided
Top foursome: Four roundtrip airline tickets      from the conference hotel. For more
from Southwest Airlines                           information, contact Christy Sharp at
Second place foursome: Four $50 gift cer-
tificates for Talbots, golf towels, and hats

Contest Prizes                                                  Prevention Works
Hole-in-one: Cash prize                            A blog by the National Crime Prevention Council
Longest drive: Gift certificate for a driver                 Community Corrections
from the PGA Tour Superstore and luggage
                                                  Since I began blogging about crime preven-
tags from Boomerang
                                                  tion, I have been fascinated by alternative
Closest to the pin: Gift certificate for a put-
                                                  sentencing plans, such as restorative justice
ter from the PGA Tour Superstore and lug-         or shaming. I do not think that we have found
gage tags from Boomerang                          a perfect punishment for crime in incarcera-
                                                  tion, and I do believe that for some crimes,
Additional prizes will be raffled off during      alternatives may prove to be…
lunch. Those prizes include
♦   Two tickets to Grand Ole Opry, any            To read the rest of NCPC’s latest blog entry,
    2007 performance                              visit
♦   Four rounds of golf at The Commons at
                                                                                   August 23, 2007, CPCA E-Bulletin

Crime Prevention Month Kit 2007-                                                         NCPC Job Openings
2008: Protecting Children and Youth                                                      Please click on the job list-
The newest Crime Prevention                                                              ing to view details about
Month Kit, Protecting Children and                                                       each available position with NCPC.
Youth, is here! This year’s kit is de-
signed to extend resources and en-                                                       Associate Manager, Marketing
hance efforts to help protect children,                                                  Managing Director, Development and
be it in schools, on the Internet, or sim-                                               Strategic Relationships
ply within the community.
                                                                                         Chief Financial Officer and Managing
The kit, in 12-month calendar form,                                                      Director, Finance and Administration
provides strategies and reproducible                                                     Program Associate, Crime Prevention
materials to help keep children safe                                                     Coalition of America
and reduce crime. The strategies and
program examples for each month pro-                                                     Research Associate, Research and
vide great resources for anyone working                                                  Evaluation
with children. The materials and re-                                                     Research Manager, Research and
sources in the kit are intended for use                                                  Evaluation
in everyday outreach, newsletters, spe-
cial events, public service announce-                                                    For more information or to apply for
ments, and targeted media campaigns.                                                     these positions, contact Jonathan Lamb
The kit is filled with ready-to-go re-                                                   at 202-261-4149 or
sources for the law enforcement officer
or community partner looking to edu-
cate communities on how to teach chil-
                                                                                           McGruff® Usage
dren and youth about crime and crime                   NCPC Office Move!
                                             NCPC is moving! Our current building
                                                                                           Tip of the Week
prevention techniques that will help
every community to “Take A Bite Out Of       (1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Wash-      We all know that McGruff is a charismatic
Crime®.”                                     ington, DC) is being torn down to make   guy. He’s smart, friendly, credible, and a
                                             way for new construction. Effective Sep- great influence. So it’s no wonder that
Check out McGruff!                           tember 10, 2007, NCPC will be moving     each day his mailbox (both physical and
NCPC’s beloved icon had an amazing           to the following address:                virtual) is filled with requests from people
opportunity to participate in some pre-      2345 Crystal Drive                       all over the country, asking him to be part
season Green Bay Packer events               Fifth Floor                              of an event or to feature his photo in a
thanks to Dennis Gladwell, Vice Presi-       Arlington, VA 22202-4801                 newsletter. McGruff loves coming to your
dent of the Wisconsin Crime Prevention                                                communities and being featured in bro-
Practitioners Association and CPCA Ex-       During our office relocation, we will be chures, but he wants to remind you that
ecutive Committee Representative.            without phone, fax, and email service    sometimes his appearances are not appro-
                                             from 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on Thursday, Sep- priate. It is important to remember that
                                             tember 6th until 8:30 a.m. on Monday, McGruff never endorses any person, prod-
                                             September 10th. We will not be able to uct, or company. He never endorses, ei-
                                             receive faxes or phone calls during this ther directly or indirectly, any candidate for
                                             time. All email traffic received after   political office, any political party, or any
                                             3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 6th political campaign, whether issue-oriented
                                             will be forwarded and delivered to staff or not. He does not appear at ribbon cut-
                                             inboxes by 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Sep- tings or store openings nor can he be used
                                             tember 10th.                             for commercial advertising purposes. Al-
                                                                                      though McGruff is flattered that you would
                                             Questions? Please contact Don Cook,
                                                                                      want him to help endorse a product or a
                                             Vice President for Operations and Sup-
                                                                                      campaign, he wants to remind you that he
                                             port Services, at or      supports everyone equally and that to en-
                                             202-261-4164.                            dorse would go against his values.
Looks like it was a full house!

August 23, 2007, CPCA E-Bulletin

                News From the Field and Event Updates
                Students to Receive           cle entitled, “Reinventing Prevention:       For more information, please visit
                Emergency Text                Why Did Crime Prevention Develop So
Messages in Massachusetts                     Late?” that analyzes the emergence of
The state of Massachusetts is providing       risk-based crime prevention and govern-      Minnesota Crime Prevention Associa-
funding to public colleges to create          ance in both the United Kingdom and          tion Annual Conference
emergency alert systems using text            the United States at the turn of the 20th    The Minnesota Crime Prevention Asso-
messaging. Students, faculty, and staff       century. The main argument is that the       ciation will be holding their annual con-
will receive quick communications by          current proliferation of crime preven-       ference from October 14–16, 2007 in
text in addition to message boards,           tion programming cannot accurately           Duluth, MN.
emails, and phone calls. The initiative is    be viewed as a movement toward a             The keynote speakers will be Ramsey
partly a response to last year's tragedy      risk-based society, but should more          County Attorney Susan Gaertner, Da-
at Virginia Tech, where information was       accurately be viewed as a case in            kota County Attorney Jim Backstrom,
not provided to the University commu-         which neo-liberal governance and             and State Meth Coordinator Chuck
nity until two hours after the first shoot-   insurance industries transformed an          Norenberg and they will discuss how
ing.                                          area of governance—the police—that           prevention plays an important role in
For more information, please visit            had previously been unusually resis-         curbing the methamphetamine epi-                  tant to risk-based approaches. In            demic in Minnesota. Each agency will
news/50541.html.                              making this argument, the author             receive a free copy of the Revealing
                                              shows how police and fire agencies in        Meth DVD.
Reinventing Prevention: Why Did Crime         the 19th century worked primarily in
                                              concert and, in most cases, were ac-         For more information, please visit
Prevention Develop So Late?
                                              tually the same agency.            
The British Journal of Criminology
(volume 47, issue 3) published an arti-

Training and Funding
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service     will be available to non-network organi-    and bookmaking programs. Innovative
Building the Beloved Community Grants         zations. Eligible grantees for this fund-   program ideas are welcome.
Application deadline: August 31, 2007         ing are, by law, any entity otherwise
                                                                                          Office of the Attorney General of Florida               eligible for assistance under the na-
                                                                                          Crime Prevention Trainings
seasons/mlkd/                                 tional service laws.
                                                                                          The Attorney General is the constitu-
The Points of Light Foundation and Vol-       Mini-Grants for Public Schools              tional, statewide elected official who
unteer Center National Network,               and Libraries                               serves as the attorney for the State of
through the generous support of the           Application deadline: September 15,         Florida. The Attorney General is responsi-
Corporation for National and Commu-           2007                                        ble for enforcing state consumer protec-
nity Service (CNCS), is pleased to offer           tion and antitrust laws, as well as for civil
Building the Beloved Community grants         minigrant.html                              prosecution of criminal racketeering. The
to affiliate volunteer centers (network)      The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation is ac-       Attorney General also represents the
and others (non-network) to continue          cepting applications for the Minigrant      state when those convicted appeal their
the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.     Program for Public Schools and Public       convictions, including capital murder
on January 21, 2008. The Points of            Libraries. Awards of $500 will be pro-      cases. The office also conducts various
Light Foundation and Volunteer Center         vided to public schools and libraries for   programs to assist local law enforcement
National Network will distribute              programs that encourage literacy and        agencies and crime victims.
$88,650 to approximately 30 grantees          creativity in children. Programs related
                                                                                          The Office of the Attorney General of Flor-
who propose to engage disadvantaged           to the work of Ezra Jack Keats are wel-
                                                                                          ida is currently offering many crime pre-
youth in service and/or involve volun-        come but not required. In the past, sup-
                                                                                          vention training sessions for 2007–
teers of all ages in service to have an       ported programs have included ongoing
                                                                                          2008. For a list of these sessions, please
impact on disadvantaged youth. Award          pen-pal projects that link otherwise un-
amounts will range from $1,000 to             related communities, art projects that
$10,000. In accordance with CNCS re-          culminate in exhibitions, programs fea-
quirements, at least 20% of these funds       turing guest authors and illustrators,

                                                                                                        August 23, 2007, CPCA E-Bulletin

       Crime Prevention Coalition of America                        The Coalition’s Ten Action Principles
       National Crime Prevention Council                                 Preventing crime is everyone’s business.
        1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW                                      Preventing crime is more than security.
                Thirteenth Floor                                         Preventing crime is a responsibility of all levels
            Washington, DC 20036                                             and agencies of government.
            Phone: 202-466-6272
                                                                         Preventing crime is linked with solving social problems.
                                                                         Preventing crime is cost-effective.
           E-Bulletin Writer: Kate Black                                 Preventing crime requires a central role
              Editor: Famin Ahmed                                            in law enforcement.
   If your organization has crime prevention                             Preventing crime requires cooperation and collaboration by all
conferences, events, or publications that you                            elements of the community.
 would like the Crime Prevention Coalition of                            Preventing crime requires education.
   America to know about, send an e-mail to                              Preventing crime requires tailoring to local needs
                                               and conditions.
                      ***                                                Preventing crime requires continual testing and
If you do not have a CPCA website user name                                  improvement.
              or password, contact
                                                                    The Crime Prevention Coalition of America is committed to leading
        To unsubscribe, send an email to                            the collective efforts of individuals, communities, and government with the word                             to improve the quality of life by preventing crime.
        “unsubscribe” in the subject line.
                                                                    For more details about these action principles, see
                                                                    Engaging the Power of Prevention: 10 Action Principles.

                NCPC Staff Coming to a Community Near You
Albany, NY, August 27–28, 2007: Chuck Sczuroski will be visiting the New York State Crime Prevention Association for a site
visit. For more information, contact Chuck (

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, September 3–7, 2007: Chuck Sczuroski will be facilitating an Executive Session for the Project Safe
Neighborhoods program. For more information, contact Chuck (

San Diego, CA, September 4–7, 2007: Christy Sharp will be conducting a workshop and exhibiting at the California Crime Pre-
vention Officers Association. For more information, contact Christy (

Boston, MA, September 5–8, 2007: Azalea Aguilar will be exhibiting at the AARP conference. For more information, please con-
tact Azalea (

New Orleans, LA, September 7–8, 2007: Lori Brittain will be presenting a workshop on Community Works at the 25th National
Law-Related Education Leadership Conference. For more information, contact Lori (

Tempe, AZ, September 10–14, 2007: Christy Sharp will be presenting a workshop and exhibiting at the Arizona Crime Preven-
tion Association annual conference. For more information, contact Christy (

Milwaukee, WI, September 18–20, 2007: Chuck Sczuroski will make a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and a
Bullying Prevention presentation to the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association Conference. For more informa-
tion, contact Chuck (

Pittsburgh, PA, October 11–12, 2007: Judy Kirby will be attending the Justice Research and Statistics Association 2007 Na-
tional Conference. For more information, contact Judy (

New Orleans, LA, October 13–17, 2007: Chuck Sczuroski will be exhibiting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police
conference. For more information, contact Chuck (
 This document was prepared by the National Crime Prevention Council under Cooperative Funding Agreement No. 2002-DD-BX-K004 awarded by the Bureau of Justice
Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this document are those of
                               the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

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