Overview of Internet Developments in Nepal by Tommydorman


									                        Overview of Internet Developments in Nepal

                                                                                  Hiranya K. Bhattarai
                                                                                  Manager, NTC
   v In 1991 testing of E-mail through Internet was done by a private company, Mercantile
       Communication Pvt. Ltd. (MCPL) and Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
   v In 1992 commercial E-mail through Internet was launched by MCPL.
   v In 1993 Text based Internet was explored by MCPL with 9.6 Kbps International Leased line to
   v In 1994 Internet with full graphics was introduced by MCPL for general public.
   v In 1995, MCPL was formally registered with His Majesty’s Government of Nepal as an Internet
       Service Provider (ISP).
   v Nepal Telecommunications Corporation, NTC, started internet service both as an ISP and a
       network service provider in May 2000.
   v Till April 1999, ISP’s had to rely on Nepal Telecommunications Corporation for international
       connectivity for Internet.
   v In April 1999, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal liberalized its policy on the use of VSAT that
       facilitated many private companies to enter into the business of VSAT operation.

Present situation of Internet
   Ø   At present, there are 15 registered Internet Service Provider’s in Nepal but only 10 ISP's are in
   Ø   There are about 115,000 internet users.
   Ø   Most of the ISP’s now use privateVSATs for International connectivity for Internet. NTC uses its
       own Satellite Earth Station for the internet connectivity.
   Ø   The average connection speeds available to consumer and businesses are 33.6 Kbps and 56 Kbps.
   Ø   The current international bandwidth for internet in Nepal is 12 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink.
   Ø   Leased line connectivity is available from 9.6 Kbps to 2048 Kbps (provided by NTC)

Estimated breakdown of the users
        Type                                No. of Users
        Home Users                                   20%
        Commercial Users                              30%
        NGO/Non-profit Org.                           15%
        Educational Institutes                        10%
        INGOs                                         20%
        Government                                     5%
Cost of Internet Usage
Increased competition among mushrooming ISPs has led to reduced prices.

Leased line connection 64Kbps .....................US          $ 1000 per month
Dial up Customer ........................................ US   $12 – 25 per month

Following Services are Provided by ISPs in Nepal

Email                            Web Designing
Internet                         Domain Registration
Fax to Fax                       Intranet
E-Fax                            Global Roaming
Web Hosting
Besides, ISPs in Nepal are involved in GIS (Geographical Information System), Medical Transcription and
E-commerce as well.

Key points for the Growth of Internet in Nepal

     1.    The release of a national IT policy in Nepal, supporting electronic commerce, IT education, and e-
           government in December 2000.
     2.    Setting a target of NRs 10 billion in IT exports in 5 years.
     3.    The launching of an online directory and resources by The Nepal Industrial Development
           Corporation to promote smaller Nepali companies on the Net.
     4.    The provision of IT education being offered by 4 universities, about 25 colleges and 1000 training
     5.    Recently, rate of international connectivity has dropped significantly due to the decision of NTA
           to allow direct international connectivity to private parties.

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