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Columbia Wrestling Club Information


									                Columbia Wrestling Club Information
Please read carefully and retain this paper for future reference. Direct any
questions you have to Our web site is Thank you

1. Season – The season starts November 14th and ends after the State tournament at the end
of March.
2. Fees - The fee to join the Club is $80.
3. The Uniform - The singlet and warm-up is the property of the Columbia Wrestling Club and
is loaned to the wrestler during the wrestling season. A $100 deposit is required before a
uniform is issued to the wrestler. (Wash separately in cool water). The singlet must be
returned after the wrestler's FINAL tournament, or by the banquet held in April. The $100
deposit will then be returned.
4. Practices - Practices are held every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6-8 p.m. in the
MU Wrestling Room. Wrestlers should wear a t-shirt and comfortable, loose-fitting shorts free
of zippers, buttons or snaps, and wrestling shoes and headgear to practice in. Headgear is
5. Ages – Wrestlers 5-14 years can participate in Columbia Wrestling Club. Wrestlers 7-14
years old can compete at the state series. 6 and under wrestlers can participate in any
tournament up until the state series where they are not eligible.
6. Weight - The Club does NOT encourage weight loss for the wrestlers. A wrestler is not
bound to a certain weight for the entire season. The weight classes are generally in 5-pound
increments and you can change as needed for each tournament. BUT, the weight you sign up
for, for a particular tournament, is binding. If your child does not make that weight, he will not
be allowed to wrestle. Give yourself some leeway. If you have any questions, please ask.
7. Equipment - Wrestling shoes are required. These shoes must be worn only in the wrestling
room and to tournaments, Do not wear them outdoors! Shoe laces must be secured with
athletic tape for tournaments. (Some of the shoes have a device already built in to the shoe to
do this job). Headgear is now required at all Missouri Tournament, (we will require kids to
wear them at practices too), and kneepads are optional. Athletic bags to carry gear to
practices and tournaments are recommended to keep the wrestlers belongings together. You
may purchase equipment from Red Weir, MC Sports,,,, Sometimes wrestlers donate shoes, kneepads and
head gear from previous years, which will be available at the first practice for distribution.
8. Tournaments - We would encourage you to have your child participate in 1 tournament a
month, but do not require it. This is the best experience for the wrestler. The fee is generally
$12 per tournament. However, no wrestler is obligated to enter any tournaments.
(Tournaments are typically on Saturdays.) Most tournaments are within a 30-90 mile radius
from Columbia, but others can be up to 120 miles. Wrestlers are expected to have their own
transportation to and from the tournaments. Wrestlers must sign up for a tournament by the
due date set for that tournament.
9. Hygiene - It is extremely important that each wrestler takes a bath or shower after each
practice and tournament. Since wrestling is a body contact sport, diseases are more
prevalent, i.e.: ringworm, herpes…. Taking a shower after a practice or a tournament is the
best prevention. There are skin foams that can be bought to apply to the wrestler before the
contact sport that have been given high regard in the sport, such as Kenshield. You can
order these online at or They average $15 - $20 a can,
depending on the volume you purchase online. It is also recommended that you clean your
wrestling gear after each use. Wash practice clothes, uniforms, and kneepads after every
practice and tournament. Wipe down plastic coated headgear and wash cloth ones. After
each practice spray a Foot and Sneaker spray powder that has an antifungal and odor
destroyer in each wrestling shoe, such as Dr. Scholls or Odor-Eaters. These cost about $3 -
$5 a can. Wrestling shoes can be washed in the washing machine but I would not recommend
it but on occasion.
10. Practices/Snow Days - Please check our website, cancellations will be posted. Typically, if
school is canceled due to snow, then we are canceled.
12. Birth Certificate - I must have a copy of his/her birth certificate. (Six and under are
ineligible to participate in the State series.) This is a requirement of the Missouri USA
Wrestling Association.
13. Match/Record Keeping - The parents will be given a sheet to keep track of their child's
wins and losses. This includes getting the opponent's name and club affiliation, and actual
score. This record will be very useful to the coaches when Districts arrive. This record will
enable the coach to seed (place) your wrestler at the best possible position. Without this
record, you cannot be guaranteed your child is seeded at the best possible position. If you do
not care how your child is seeded at Districts, then a form in not necessary to maintain. If it is
important to you how your child is seeded, then please use the form provided. A copy of this
form should be given to Pat Seitz by the District seeding event.
14. Brackets - At the tournaments, your child will be placed in a bracket. This could be a 16-
man, 8-man, or 2-4 man round robin format.
15. Goals - Our goals are to teach the fundamentals of wrestling, good sportsmanship, and to
have fun. We want this experience to be a pleasant one for your child and you, the parents,
too!! Our coaches also place a high expectancy of the wrestler to maintain a good academic
standing at their schools. We encourage the wrestlers to bring their report cards to show our
Head coach.
16. Awards Banquet - There will be an awards banquet at the end of the season. Each wrestler
will receive a participation gift, but trophies will be awarded to few individual wrestlers who
have shown excellence in the sport. Please plan to attend.
Important Numbers:
Head Coach: Michael Flanagan
Coordinator: Pat Seitz –
Missouri USA Wrestling Web site is:

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