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                                    July 4th    Watch for the Youth Group’s float in the
                                                Hales Corners Parade

                                    July 13th   Youth Group sponsored coffee fellowship

                                    July 15th   LEAF Deadline

                                    July 28—31 Vacation Bible School—Everyone is invited if
                                    you are single or an empty nester—please come and enjoy the
                                    fellowship dinner and Bible Study. It’s fun for all!!
July Calendar of Events

                          •   Please bring non-perishable food for Hope House on Sundays
                          •   Please bring your aluminum cans and Campbell labels on
                              the second Sunday, 13th, ONLY.
                          •   Dorcas Circle meets Tuesdays at 9:00 am.
                          •   Sunday School at 10:00 am—meets in church Sunday, Sep-
                              tember 7th.
                          •   God’s Young Voices—meets Wednesday, September 3rd
                              evenings at 6:00 .
                          •   Senior Choir meets every Wednesday, September 10th at 7:30 pm.
                          •   Health and Wellness meeting, Thursday, August 7th, 7:00 pm
                          •   Worship & Music meets Tuesday, July 8th, at 7:00 pm
                          •   Ladies Aid meets Wednesday, September 10th at 11:30 am.
                          •   OWLS meet on Thursday, July 10th, at 8:30 am at Forum Restaurant
                          •   Property committee meeting Tuesday, July 8th, at 6:30 pm.
                          •   Christian Education meeting Tuesday, July 8th, at 7:00 pm
                          •   Women’s Bible Study meets Thursday, July 17th, 7:00 pm.
                          •   Friends meet Tuesday, September 30th, at 9:30 am.
                          •   Parish Nurse, Barb Estrada is here on Wednesday mornings but not July 16th,
                              she will be here on the Friday, July 18th, of that week
                          •   PICK N SAVE WPLC WE CARE NUMBER IS # 934480
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                                          Brewers vs. New York Mets             cholesterol. Berries, a powerful in-
                                          Again this year, Luther Manor is      flammation fighter to prevent
                                          inviting members of Whitnall Park     breakouts. Lean meats, which help
                                          Lutheran Church to participate in a   keep anemia at bay. And last but
 12 Warning Signs of Health               tailgate party and attendance at a    not least, water to regulate your
So often I’m writing about how to         Milwaukee Brewer game at Miller       body temperature and flush toxins
improve unhealthy behaviors or            Park.                                 out of your system.
warning signs of disease. This list
comes from a Wheat Ridge Minis-           Date: Wednesday, September 3,         AVOID foods that SAP energy:
tries News Letter. Too often we fo-       2008                                  Dodge the doughnuts. They’re bad
cus on the negative things in our         Cost: $39.00 per person—sign up       for your health and rated #1 in bad
lives and don’t give ourselves credit     and payment received by July 30,      fats per cubic ounce.
for our goodness and happiness. I         2008                                  Free yourself of fast foods dripping
hope that everyone can see them-          Tailgate Begins: 10:15 a.m. in the    with saturated fats, sugars and
selves and others in this list. Just as   Luther Manor Terrace North Din-       empty calories. The caffeine and
any “warning sign” list, we can tar-      ing Room                              carbonation in soft drinks can dehy-
get the aspects we do well and those      Game Time: 1:05 p.m.                  drate you too, which also drains en-
that could use some work.                 Menu: A Buffet of Burgers, Brats      ergy.
Here is the list of “12 Warning           and other picnic type foods (see      Can the cookies and cakes. After a
Signs of Health”:                         flyer on kiosk for more info)         dose of refined sugar and white
• Persistent presence of supportive                                             flour, a lot of people just go into a
                                          Transportation: From Luther
    friends                               Manor to the Ballgame and back is     daze. Processed baked goods also
• Chronic positive expectations –                                               contain trans-fatty acids, the worst
                                          included. (Parking at Luther
    a tendency to frame events in a       Manor is free)                        fats of all.
    positive light                        Seat Location: Section 215 (Next
• Regular signs of joy in living                                                Adults tend to gain as much as
                                          to the Press Box)
• Sense of spiritual renewal in the                                             two pounds a year as they get
                                          See the flyers on the kiosk for
    Lord                                  mailing and payment information.      older. If you eat just 100 fewer
• Increased sensitivity to others                                               calories per day and add some ex-
                                                           Have fun!!
• A tendency to adapt to changing                                               ercise, you can easily avoid piling
    conditions                                                                  on the pounds. How about these
• Increased appetite for physical                                               100 calorie cutouts:
    activity                                                                    Dunk chips in salsa, but skip the
• Tendency to identify and com-                                                 cheese or guacamole.
    municate feelings                                                           Eat only half the bagel or switch to
• Repeated episodes of gratitude                                                minis.
                                          The summer sun brings about
    and generosity                        more activities and fun so here are   Eat the filling from a piece of pie
• Compulsion to care for other                                                  but leave the crust.
                                          some tips to keep you fit and
    people                                ready to do more:                     Eat only the muffin top.
• Persistent sense of humor –                                                   Use one capful of salad dressing
                                          Eat oatmeal to steady blood sugar
    known to laugh out loud               levels and make you feel fuller       rather than pouring it on.
• A life centered in the forgive-                                               Choose a 12-ounce can of soda in-
                                          longer. Walnuts to improve your
    ness of Christ                        blood flow and make skin look         stead of a 20-ounce bottle.
                                          like you’ve just exercised.           Give the four chocolate kisses you
I hope everyone is having a fun,          Carrots, which contain antioxi-       were going to eat to some one else.
safe, and healthy summer. Don’t           dants to neutralize free-radical      Leave 10 French fries on your plate
forget your sunscreen, hat, and bug       damage. Vitamin C-packed citrus       Remove four pieces of pepperoni
spray!!                                   fruits to protect your gums and       from your slice of pizza.
Barb Estrada, RN, PN                      make collagen for gorgeous skin.      Ditch the tope piece of bread from
                                          Salmon to lower destructive LDL       your sandwich.
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       Condensed Council minutes from                          of Baptism service; Luther Manor fund raiser; opening
                                                               devotions at Luther Manor Annual Meeting, as well as all
               May 27, 2008                                    regularly scheduled bible study and committee meetings.
                                                               Treasurer’s Report – Ralph Llanas
Recommendation from Stewardship Committee                      Ralph shared the following information received from
• There is enough support to move ahead with capital           Brent Rice, which will be presented at
    fund appeal; motion made and seconded to place vote        the 6-1-08 semi-annual meeting:
    for capital fund appeal on the agenda for the semi-        Operating Funds
    annual meeting. Motion carried.                            • Balance as of 4-30-08 is $40,895.
• Stewardship Committee recommends soliciting the              • Balance down $1,403 from 12-31-07.
    James Company based on their expertise and track re-       • Balance is very similar to where we were after first
    cord of successful fund drives. (We should raise 80%           four months of 2006.
    of our original fund drive.) Motion made and seconded      • No concerns over the operating fund balance.
    to place proposal to hire James Company for a fee of       Building Fund
    $22,500 to facilitate handling of the fund appeal on the   • Balance as of 4-30-08 is $10,408, which is identical to
    agenda for the semi-annual meeting. Motion carried.            12-31-07 balance of $10,412.
Agenda Items for 6-1-08 Semi-Annual Meeting                    • Income received for first four months of 2008 was
    1) Minutes from January 2008 Annual Meeting need               $17,539.
         to be approved – they have been posted on the ki-     • Mortgage payments made for first four months of
         osk in Hornburg Hall.                                     2008 were $17,544.
    2) Propose increasing the monetary amount council          • Extra $1,500 paid on principal – special gift from
         can approve without congregational vote from              anonymous donor.
         $5,000 to $10,000. This would require an amend-
                                                               • Mortgage balance as of 4-30-08 is $482,663.
         ment to the Constitution. (See page 10, Line Item
                                                               • Since income was equal to mortgage payments, it was
         C17.01 of Constitution for guidelines.
                                                                   a good four months.
    3) Propose amending the Constitution to revise the
         dates of our Annual Meeting to take place between
         2/15 and 3/31 and for the Semi-Annual Meeting to      • Fund balance as of 4-30-08 is $7,162.
         take place between 8/15 and 9/30. Bylaws of the       • Year to date 2008 gifts/memorials are $1,399.
         Constitution must be amended.                         • Only distributions were pastor’s moving expenses of
    4) Treasurer’s Report.                                         $7,786.
    5) Vote for capital fund drive.                            2008 Income & Expenses
    6) Vote to hire James Company to lead the capital          • Envelope offerings through April 2008 are $68,071,
         fund drive for a fee of $22,500.                          which is up $5,000 for the same period in 2007.
    7) Explanation of inclement weather/church closing         • Total expenses through April 2008 are $73,660 which
         policy.                                                   is up $5,000 for the same period in 2007.
    8) Election of new council members.                        • With expenses and income both increasing by the
Insurance Coverage                                                 same amount, the bottom lines for 2007 and 2008 are
Church Mutual will bind coverage for $500,000 of Em-               similar through April.
ployment Practices Liability coverage and $1,000,000 of        • This is excellent considering the unanticipated snow-
Directors, Officers and Trustees Liability as soon as the          plowing costs of $3,790 in 2008, which is $1,500 over
completed applications are returned to their office.               the same period of 2007.
Pastor’s Report                                                • Other major expense increases were pastor’s salary -
Pastor Fazio submitted a breakdown of all pastoral acts for        $3,100; Office expenses - $900, benevolence - $1,400.
4/30/08 through 5/27/08. His statistical report indicates          Some expenses were down which offset these in-
one recently deceased member, Evelyn Prescott, and six             creased.
members (Melissa Hoffmann, Danielle Kaboskey, Eliza-           • Expenses are on track with budget.
beth Katschke, Sara Kussard, Jenna Laposki and Cassidy         • Envelope offerings are on pace to meet budget.
Stein) who have been added by Affirmation of Baptism.          Conclusion
Other pastoral acts include leading worship/preaching at 8     • Overall, results are positive and we are in solid shape
services; 8 hospital visits; 3 pastoral counseling appoint-        financially, especially with the increased giving this
ments; 3 home visitations; 9 home/hospital communions; 4           year.
pre-marriage counseling sessions; 1 funeral; Confirmation      COMMITTEE REPORTS:
classes; Confirmation breakfast and rehearsal; Affirmation     Fellowship – Mother/Daughter Banquet went very well;
Page 5                                                                                                         The Leaf

attendance higher than expected.                             ELCA colleges and universities, Outreach for Hope Min-
Health & Wellness                                            istry (working for peace and justice, anti-racism, hunger,
• “Bless the Years Sunday” was observed on May 4th;          homelessness, including anyone in need of hope … we are
• Hearing presentation took place at church on May           called to serve), Caring for Creation Ministry, and also a
    14th;                                                    new Bible Study program being introduced this year and
• Blood drive scheduled for Tuesday, August 12th;            encouraged for use by all congregations call “Book of
• Synod Health & Wellness Working Group Meeting              Faith”.
    was attended by Sandy Abraham and Barb Estrada on
    4/22. Congregations encouraged to utilize the week-      Synod Committee updates were given from the El Salva-
    end of October 18 and 19th to promote Health & Well-     dor Diocese and Meru Diocese Partnerships (in fact one of
    ness topics.                                             our keynote speakers was the Bishop of the Lutheran
Property                                                     Synod of El Salvador, Bishop Medardo Gomez), Women
• Roof update: We’ve had 3 rain storms since the last        of the ELCA, Synod Council, Treasurer ‘s Report along
    meeting and no leaks or drips found.                     with cluster reports, Anti-Racism Team, Diakonia Minis-
• Fire marshal inspected the building on 5/8 and there       try Program, Evangelical Outreach Team, Parish Nurse
    were no violations; fire extinquishers have been up-     Network, Peace and Justice Committee, Reconciling in
    dated.                                                   Christ, Lutherdale Ministries, Campus Ministry, Mission
• Elevator contract for Schindler is up on 9/11/08. Con-     Investment Fund, Serenity Inns, Inc., Church World Ser-
    tract proposal received from Otis, which needs to be     vice, Council of Churches, plus more.
                                                             This was an election year for Bishop of the Greater Mil-
• Three companies have been called for estimates on
                                                             waukee Area Synod. Bishop Paul Stumme-Diers was
    deep cleaning carpet in Hornburg Hall.
                                                             re-elected for another six-year term. We were honored
• Three estimates were received for replacing windows
                                                             to have the Rev. Sherman Hicks, from the National ELCA
    on the garage.
                                                             Office in Chicago, over-see the election process.
Mutual Ministry
• Job descriptions exist for all staff members, but some     Key topics at this year’s assembly were: Healthcare and
    need updating. Copies of all will be made and distrib-   access to quality health care for all people; Overcoming
    uted to council members. These should be included        Poverty and Hunger; Praying for an end to the wars in
    in binders for new council members.                      Iraq and Afghanistan; Provide resources to congregations
We are still defining the difference between Executive       to welcome and support military personnel and their fami-
Committee, Personnel Committee and Mutual Ministry           lies and for returning veterans; Book of Faith Bible Study
and the roles of each group.                                 program; The program for Green Congregations. All these
Respectfully submitted,                                      things can be done with our Hands to carry out God’s
Ruth Rice                                                    Work.
Council secretary
                                                             A message that I heard a number of times was: We, as
                                                             Christians, are to do God’s Will, but first we have to
                                                             know what his Will is; and in order to know what his
         Interesting Highlights from the                     Will is, we need to study the scriptures; then, we can do
            Synod Convention 2008                            his Will with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This year’s theme was “God’s Work. Our Hands” ...            Our musicians were Mary Preuss and Tom Witt, both
focusing on how God speaks to us and asks us to do his       wonderful musicians. I brought back suggestions for a few
will. We use our minds and our hands to carry out his        songs that were used during the convention...hopefully we
work. “God’s Work...Our Hands”                               may be able to use some of them for our worship services.

The theme was carried throughout the convention with         Sharon Hause
“Handiworks” Moments which were inspiring and en-
couraging reports from synodical ministries, like Lutheran
Social Services, Youth and Family Ministry (working
with youth leadership and also with families and people of
all ages—our church is really cross-generational—we live
and learn from each other), Carthage College and other
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Birthdays                                Andrea Zalim
                                22       Brian Wills
1      Aaron Rouse
       Daniel Schlueter         24       Tyler Henneberry
2      Brent Thome                       Jane Dillon-Perkl
3      Derek Gaffney            26       Beverly Gellings
       Karen Lorenz
                                         Luverne Palmersheim       Mark your calendars!!
       Tyler Williamson
5      Kimberly Aderman                  George Thompson
       Kim Elertson             27       Sandy Sannes              You all are invited to hear
       Brian Martens                                               our former Pastor, The
                                28       Holly Winiarski
6      Eric Paneitz                                                Rev. Charles Fredrickson
                                29       Brian Peyer               preach at Heart Prairie
       Rebecca Sorvick
7      Joseph Hasenstein, Jr.   30       Audrey Grafwallner        Church on July 12 at 5:00
       Lyle Lance                        Lynn Kopp                 pm-directions are on the
       Michael Morrill                                             kiosk in Hornburg Hall.
                                31       Victoria Baginski
       Dorothy Wamser                    Andrew Schlueter          There will also be an
8      Jeremy Jutrzonka
                                                                   Open House to visit
       James Shea
                                Anniversaries                      with Pastor
       Jean Talkowski
                                                                   Fredrickson, on July
9      Katherine Graef
                                                                   18th at 4:30 pm at
       Dolores Vorpahl          2 Robert & Ellen Dallmann          Joan Maasz’s home,
10     Eric Ebert
                                     Larry & Mickie Wills          937 W. South St.,
11     Joseph Jenna, Jr.
                                7 Joseph & Rachelle Hasenstein     Whitewater, WI
12     Anglina Mecikalski                                          53190. Directions to
       Sheryl Tikkanen               Lisa & Sonny Hayes
                                                                   her home are also on
13     Cameron Baginski         9 David & Kelleen Brown            the kiosk in Horn-
       David Carini             14 Leroy & Arleen Pfeil            burg Hall, or call for
       Dawn Mlnarik                                                directions at, 262-
                                20 Susan & James Biloff
14     Aaron Cole                                                  473-5851.
       John Ehleiter            23 Joseph & Patti Jenna
15     Corrin Laposki           24 Randolph & Sandra Sannes            EVERYONE IS
       Marjorie Pagel                Vernon & Dolores Vorpahl 57        WELCOME!
       Maddison Underberg
                                25 Harry & Nancy Ahles
16     Duane Larson
       Alicen Reiswitz               Steven & Kimberly Mason
17     Jerry Cole, Sr.
       Cameron Krainer
       Katie Elertson
18     Bobbi Horcos
       Gerald Magyera
       Carson Reiter
       Matthew Remington
19     Harry Ahles
20     Ronald Graef
21     Nancy Sievert
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          Social Ministry Update:

The Fresh Garden Produce Table is currently
being stocked with in season fresh garden vegetables.     Luther Manor Update—–
Be sure to check each Sunday to take advantage of         Thanks to all who contributed to a most successful
this opportunity to enjoy the fresh produce. As in        Auxiliary Membership Drive on May 4th when Linda
previous years, the Hunger Bucket will be available       Lueck, Client Relations Coordinator, joined us to
for persons to donate money in exchange for the pro-      present the Luther Manor Update.
duce. All monetary donations will be sent to the
Hunger Task Force, America’s Second Harvest and           Whitnall Park Church hasn’t had a membership drive
the Crop Walk—all organizations providing food to         this successful for many years. We increased our
fight hunger among needy people! Since hunger             member numbers by 11 from last year to 87 and the
doesn’t take a summer vacation, please donate gener-      extra donations given were $51 more than last year
ously! Hope House is also in need of our continued        therefore we were able to send Luther Manor $261 to
support this summer. So please continue to bring          help provide the extras to make life more pleasant for
non-perishable foods, baby food and supplies, and         the Residents who call Luther Manor “HOME”. If
toiletries for the South Side Food Pantry and the resi-   there is anyone who missed the May 4th sign-up
dents of Hope House.                                      please feel free to call or see us and we will be happy
                                                          to add your name to our membership.
Coming soon will be the annual School Kit project
for Lutheran World Relief. School bags will be            As a reminder, there is interesting Luther Manor lit-
available in late July. Each bag will contain a list of   erature, outside Sandy’s office, such as the monthly
the eight specific items need. Be on the alert for Back   News and Notes which give you an insight into daily
to School sales coming in late July and early August      life at Luther Manor for all the levels of care. Infor-
so as to purchase more items at less cost and thus fill   mational literature also available regarding costs and
more school bags. Last year we filled 253 bags!!!         services if you are looking for Senior housing for
These School Kits are the only means enabling ea-         yourself or a loved one.
ger, but poor children to obtain an education in many
areas around the world!                                   Our cookie donations this year have reached a record
The eight items needed per kit are:                       670 dozen—don’t stop now!! Bring them in, as you
• Pad or notebook of ruled paper approximately            are able, leave them on Barb’s desk and we will take
    81/2” by 11” containing 150-200 sheets.               them to Luther Manor.
• One pink eraser 2 1/2” long
• One blunt tip scissors (no sharp pointed ones can
                                                          As always, any questions feel free to see us or Barb
    be sent) with metal blades
• One 30 centimeter ruler (or one having both
                                                          Estrada and we thank you for your continued support
    inches and centimeters                                in this important ministry.
• One pencil sharpener
• Six new pencils with erasers                            Kathy Sonntag, Key-person
• One box of 16 or 24 crayons                             Ron Sonntag, Co-worker
• 12 sheets of construction paper
        Please note that only spiral note books or
notepads with cardboard backs can be sent. Get note
books with—60, 70, 80, 100, etc. sheets totaling up
to 200 sheets. We will combine them to get the
desired amount for each bag.
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July 6
  8:30     Assisting Minister Ron Sonntag                     Acolyte Betsy Katschke
           Ushers Ron Hause, Carl Hanson
           Greeter Patty Sparacino
           Altar Guild Bernice Sparacino
 10:00     Assisting Minister Kim Mason                       Acolyte Danielle Kaboskey
           Ushers Sid Arthur, Ron Noeske, Steve Mason
           Greeter Elsie Hansen                               Nursery Kathy Ross
           Altar Guild Julie Anne Sorenson/Pat Suderland

  8:30     Assisting Minister Tom Laposki                     Acolyte Jenna Laposki
           Ushers John Hembrook, Dorothy Perkl, Don Jensen
           Greeter Nancy Winger
10:00      Assisting Minister Joan Maasz                      Acolyte Sara Kussard
           Ushers Brian and Kristi Peyer
           Greeter Marilyn King                               Nursery Susan Schlueter

July 20
  9:00     Assisting Minister Jane Dillon-Perkl               Acolyte Tyler Henneberry
           Ushers Jim and Linda Shea
           Greeter Audrey Grabarcyzk
           Altar Guild Jim & Linda Shea
10:00      Assisting Minister Ruth Rice                       Acolyte Cassidy Stein
           Ushers Jack King, Brian Martin, Larry Pfeil
           Greeter Sandra Krause                              Nursery Jill Underberg
           Altar Guild Marilyn Medeiros

July 27
  8:30     Assisting Minister Lou Graef                       Acolyte Amber Martin
           Ushers Jim Gaffney, Duane Hause, Lyle Lance
           Greeter Sharon Hause
 10:00     Assisting Minister Kim Mason                       Acolyte Alyssa Kaboskey
           Ushers Jerry Pagel, Walter Sievert, Jerome Thome
           Greeter Kris Laposki                               Nursery Tricia Henneberry

August 3
  8:30   Assisting Minister Marjorie Pagel                    Acolyte Andrew Schlueter
         Ushers Ron Hause, Carl Hanson
         Greeter June Jensen
         Altar Guild Krista Bainbridge
 10:00   Assisting Minister Mike Sparacino                    Acolyte Melanie Saari
         Ushers Sid Arthur, Ron Noeske, Steve Mason
         Greeter Joan Maasz                                   Nursery Danielle Kaboskey
         Altar Guild Julie Anne Sorenson/Pat Noeske
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             From M.E., Kelly Brown
              Minister of Education
Well, what an interesting summer it has been so far. I was
fortunate that we had a minimal mount of water to clean
up—I thank God for small blessings. My office at church
requires work due to the water damage, so I will be work-
ing from home until the work to my office is complete.
Should anyone need to reach me, please feel free to call
me at home, 262-971-0696.

While all of this water has left everything and everyone a
little soggy, we can still enjoy God’s Big Backyard!
This is the theme for this summer’s VBS. The dates are:
July 28th—July 31st., 5:45 pm—8:00 pm.
5:45 pm        Family dinner time
6:15 pm        Meet in church for an opening of the
               evening—a greeting, music and singing
6:35 pm        The adults go to a Bible Study with Pastor
               and the children will go and play games,
               do a craft or a Bible lesson and then switch.
7:45 pm        Everyone will meet in church for a short
               summary and closing.
Everyone is invited if you are an empty nester or sin-
gle please enjoy the fellowship dinner and Bible
Study. It’s fun for the whole family.
Some of the volunteer opportunities for VBS
Teaching and assisting—Craft assistants—Dinner
preparation—Serving the food—Clean up
Donation of treats would be appreciated
Please call me if you are interested in helping,
                                                         parade. There are 16 kids walking in the
I have received many egg cartons, thank you. Please con- parade—thanks for all your hard work.
tinue to save them, as many are needed for our Lenten
Project in 2009.                                         July 13th is Youth Group sponsored
                                                         coffee hour.

                                                               Watch all the weekly bulletins for more
                                                               Youth activities this summer.
                                                               —Kathy Graef

The Youth Group had a great time putting together the
float!! Watch for us in the Hales Corners Parade on
July 4th. A special thanks to Dave Brown for doing the
heavy lifting and using his truck to pull the float in the
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           7:00 PM Worship & Music
Page 11                                                                              The Leaf

          Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
          A few weeks ago, I preached a sermon entitled “The Fine Balance of Humility”;
          in it I referenced a writing that I had come across a number of years ago that I’ve
          seen attributed to both Nelson Mandela and Mary Ann Williamson. As I men-
          tioned in the sermon, regardless of who wrote it, the message is one that we as
          children of God need to be reminded of often. It’s a message that brings to light
          our dual identity as sinners in need of redeeming and saints who have been
          saved and set free by the gracious love of God. As we seek to find this balance
          of humility in Christ, we are called to live with a sense of modesty while at the
          same time reflecting the power, wisdom and strength that come from being inti-
          mately known by God. The following writing speaks to this great truth:

                           Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,
                             but that we are powerful beyond measure.
                           It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.
                               We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
                              gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?
                                   Actually, who are you not to be?
                                       You are a child of God.
                             Your playing small does not serve the world.
                             There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
                         so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
                     We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
                              It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
                        And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give
                               other people permission to do the same.
                                  As we are liberated from our fear,
                             our presence automatically liberates others.

          May we all continue to grow in our authority as beloved children of God; and as
          we do, may we live out that that God-given authority by serving the needs of the
          helpless and powerless in our midst.

          God’s Grace and Peace sustain and strengthen you in His holy and certain hope,

          Pr. Michael

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