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          By Lisa Muller
    Chemical Structure
 Chemical Formula:
 Drug Class:
 Narcotic Pain Medicine
 How its made:
 Codeine is synthesized
   from morphine by a
      process called
     Company Names              Street Names
1.    Tylenol w/Codeine    1.   T-three’s
2.    Empirin w/Codeine    2.   Schoolboy
3.    Robitussin A-C       3.   Cough Syrup
4.    Fiorinal w/Codeine
5.    APAP w/Codeine
           Short Term Side Effects

       Normal Side Effects       Not Normal Side Effects
   dizziness                   difficulty breathing or
   lightheadedness              swallowing
   headache                    fast, pounding, or irregular
   drowsiness                   heartbeat
   mood changes                rash
   nausea                      itching
   vomiting                    hives
   constipation                changes in vision
   stomach pain                seizures
   difficulty urinating
            Long Term Side Effects

   stomach bleeding                  impair your ability to drive
   kidney and liver damage           lowered heart rate, blood
   "itchies"                          pressure and breathing
   constipation                      disorientation, hallucinations
   nausea                            convulsions
   hangover                          depression
   tiny pupils, blurred vision,      sexual problems
    poor night vision                 agitation, tremors, and
       Symptoms of an Overdose

   difficulty breathing
   excessive drowsiness
   loss of consciousness
   loss of muscle tone
   cold and clammy skin
   fainting
   dizziness
   slow heartbeat

   Codeine can come in both a tablet form or a liquid. Which is
    also called cough syrup.
   Codeine is available by prescription only in most areas of the
    United States. Exceptions are seen in some states where
    codeine can be purchased over-the-counter in products
    containing a small dose of codeine.
             Can Codeine become addicting?
   Codeine can be both physically and emotionally addicting. It is
    a low dependency because it is very hard to contain a high
    dosage. Codeine is a schedule II controlled substance. If
    combined with non controllable substances it can become a
    schedule 3 or 5
                                    The Statistics

Latest statistics nationwide
   Drug name: CODEINE
   Description: drug description
   Number of uses: 19

   Codeine is used for medical purposes. It is
    used as a pain relief, diarrhea relief and as a
    cough suppressant.
   Codeine mimics the Endorphins your body
    produces in the brain and spinal cord. They
    then block the transmission of pain signals
    sent by the nerves to the brain
           Codeines Legal Status

   Codeine is Schedule II in the United States. This
    means it is illegal to sell without a DEA license and
    illegal to buy or possess without a license or

   Laboratory Methods
    Laboratory detection of morphine and
    codeine is performed by immunoassay.
    Confirmation is by gas chromatography/mass
    spectrometry (GC/MS).
  Prescription Drug Abuse Is Growing

Tuesday Dec. 29th 2009,
After the death of Michael Jackson the realization of
   people abusing prescription drugs has finally set in.
   According to Medline Plus website the abuse of
   painkillers has sky rocketed. The reason they are
   becoming so highly used is because they’re easy to
   obtain and most people that use them believe that
   it’s safer then getting drugs from off the street.
             Interesting facts!

   Codeine was isolated from opium in 1832,
    during an attempt to find an alternative to
    morphine which was found to be highly
   It’s name comes from the Greek word
    kodeia, meaning poppy head.
   Because prescription medications are more
    widely abused by teenagers, Codeine abuse
    has seen a dramatic increase.

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