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Information Packet
Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a pro bono attorney or community volunteer for the Protect
the Vote 2008 Campaign. The excitement and enthusiasm surrounding civic engagement in
Mississippi will be reflected in the increased numbers at the polls. As a result, an increased
need for educating voters and anticipating, identifying and responding to voting irregularities
has arisen.

Your work on November 4th will help ensure the integrity of the electoral process. Our goal is
to be a resource, assisting voters with exercising their rights and solving problems from the reg-
istration process to the ballot box. To that end, our call center, statewide “rapid response” net-
work, and expert resolution panel will afford comprehensive election day coverage, providing
free and immediate legal assistance to those whose rights are in jeopardy.

To assist you in helping voters overcome obstacles and cast their ballots, this packet includes
the following sections:

1.   An overview of the categories and roles of volunteers
2.   Know Your Rights Quick Reference
3.   Protect the Vote 2008 Training Manual
4.   MS Election Code (provided to RDs only)
5.   Election Day Protocol (Call Center and Regional Command Centers)
6.   Volunteer Contact List
7.   County Precinct Listing
8.   Forms (call center log, complaint form, etc.)

Our staff and dedicated partners are committed to supporting you with materials, training and
guidance. We are confident that as problems arise, your leadership will make the difference.
Again, thank you for your commitment to making democracy work in Mississippi.


Yumeka Rushing                               Derrick Johnson
Project Director                             President, Mississippi State Conference NAACP

                                                                     Protect the Vote 2008 is a non partisan
                                                                     initiative of the MS State Conference
                                                                     NAACP, in partnership with the ACLU,
                                                                     Magnolia Bar, Mississippi Association for
                                                                     Justice, Mississippi Center for Justice
                                                                     and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
             Training Schedule
              Sunday, October 26, 2008
                     2:00 p.m.
                    Butler Snow
               Regions Bank Building
                Downtown Jackson
            (Please use the Amite Street Exit)

     To participate by phone dial: 1-218-339-7800
               Participant Code: 87652

             Wednesday, October 29, 2008
                  Webinar Training
(dial in number and pass code to be emailed separately)

              Sunday, November 2, 2008
                      2:00 p.m.
                    Butler Snow
               Regions Bank Building
                 Downtown Jackson

                                                 Protect the Vote 2008 is a non partisan
                                                 initiative of the MS State Conference
                                                 NAACP, in partnership with the ACLU,
                                                 Magnolia Bar, Mississippi Association for
                                                 Justice, Mississippi Center for Justice
                                                 and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
                                     Call Center
                                     The Call Center is housed at the MS State Conference NAACP Office located at 1072
                                     J.R. Lynch Street, Jackson, MS. The Call Center is responsible for receiving calls and
                                     transmitting information to regional command centers and roving attorneys/community
                                     volunteers. Election Day Call Center Managers are Yumeka Rushing (Call Center Staff/
                                     Rapid Response Network), Irene Jones (Media and Logistics), and Carroll Rhodes (Lead
                                     Attorney for Expert Panel). Voters should call the number listed above for assistance.

                                     Regional Directors
                                     There are eight Regional Directors, each responsible for ten/eleven counties. Regional
                                     Directors will receive information from the Call Center, locate a volunteer to investigate
                                     any reported irregularities and determine whether a lawyer or non-lawyer should be dis-
                                     patched to resolve the dispute.

                                     Rapid Response Network
                                     The Rapid Response Network is comprised of “roving” attorneys and community volun-
                                     teers. These individuals are dispatched to resolve disputes at the polling place and are
                                     generally responsible for monitoring problem precincts on an on-call basis.

                                     Expert Panel
                                     The Expert Panel consists of a group of attorneys well versed in Mississippi election
                                     laws and litigation. These individuals will determine whether the severity of an issue
                                     warrants injunctive or other relief

                                     Regional Command Center Pre-Election Day
Categories and Roles of Volunteers

                                     RDs should help:
                                      Recruit volunteers
                                      Distribute information/materials/supplies to volunteers in their regions
                                      Coordinate trainings and encourage attendance

                                     Election Day
                                     RDs should:
                                      Know your District and Volunteers
                                      Update Call Center managers regularly
                                      Be responsible for collecting and faxing complaint logs to Call Center Manager by
                                       9:00 p.m. on Election Day
                                      Call in reports of substantial problem areas

                                Video the Vote
                                The Video the Vote Project is being coordinated with the national program of the same
                                name. This year’s MS project aims to engage students as election day journalists, re-
                                porting newsworthy events in real time. If you are a professor and would like for your
                                students to participate contact Irene Jones at 601-497-3609.

                                601 Vote Blog
                                The 601 Vote blog is now available and we want to hear from you! The address is:
                       The blog will be live election day and will be posting voting
                                problems throughout the state as they are called into the 888-601-VOTE hotline. It is a
                                service of the Protect the Vote Coalition. For more information, contact Pam Johnson at

                                Exit Polling
                                An exit poll developed by Dr. Hussein Crocket of Morehouse College will be conducted
                                a targeted precincts statewide on November 4th. This is apart of our civic engagement
                                effort at the college and university level. For more information, contact Irene Jones at

                                Election Night Watch Party
                                An election night watch party will be held at the NAACP headquarters beginning at
                                7:00 p.m. Food and refreshments provided. For more information, contact Sherry
                                Knight at 601-353-8452.
Other Election Day Activities

                                   1. On Election Day, each polling place opens at 7:00 a.m. and
                                   closes at 7:00 p.m. [§ 23-15-541]

                                   2. You Have The Right To Vote Without Presenting Any
                                   Identification To Election Officials. If you are otherwise quali-
                                   fied to vote, election officials will have you sign the receipt book
                                   next to your name and permit you to vote. [§ 23-15-541]

                                   3. You Have The Right To Vote By An Affidavit Ballot (a) if
                                   you declare that you are a registered voter in the jurisdiction in
                                   which you desire to vote and are eligible to vote in the election
                                   but your name does not appear on the poll books, or (b) if you
                                   are not able to cast a regular Election Day ballot under a provi-
                                   sion of state or federal law but are otherwise qualified to vote, or
                                   (c) if you have been illegally denied registration, after signing a
                                   written affidavit before one of the managers stating that you
                                   meet one of the above requirements. [§ 23-15-573]

                                   4. You Have The Right To Vote By An Affidavit Ballot if you
                                   vote in an election as a result of an order extending the time es-
                                   tablished by law for closing the polls. [§ 23-15-573]

                                   5. You Have The Right To Be Assisted With Voting By Any
                                   Person You Choose except your employer, an agent of your
                                   employer or an officer or agent of your union once you declare
                                   that you require assistance.[§ 23-15-549]
Know Your Rights Quick Reference

                                   6. You Have The Right To Vote By Affidavit Ballot In Your
                                   New Ward Or Precinct if you have moved within the same
                                   municipality or county within 30 days of the election or if you
                                   moved prior to 30 days before the election within the same
                                   county but you did not transfer your registration. [§§ 23-15-13,

                                   7. You Have The Right To Receive Up To Two Replacement
                                   Ballots From Election Officials if you make a mistake or
                                   “spoil” your ballot and have not cast it, after returning the
                                   spoiled ballot. [§ 23-15-553]

                                   8. You Have The Right To Vote If You Have Been Convicted
                                   Of A Crime other than murder, rape, bribery, theft, arson, ob-
                                   taining money or goods under false pretense, perjury, forgery,
                                   embezzlement or bigamy, including by absentee ballot while
                                   incarcerated, after registering by mail in the county in which you
                                   resided immediately prior to your incarceration. [§ 23-15-11,
                                   Miss. AG Op., Scott (October 27, 2000)]

                                   9. You Have The Right To Remain In The Voting Booth for 10
                                   minutes if no other voter is waiting to vote, or for 5 minutes if an-
                                   other voter is waiting. [§ 23-15-551]

                                   10. You Have The Right To Vote At The Curbside with the as-
                                   sistance of an election manager if you are physically disabled and
                                   you are unable to enter the polling place. [Miss. AG Op., Berkley
                                   (June 19, 1991)]

                                   11. You Have The Right To Request Further Instructions be-
                                   fore casting your vote, if you need additional assistance after en-
                                   tering the voting booth, [§ 23-15-437]

                                   12. You Have The Right To An Open And Clear Polling Place
                                   with no person present other than the election officers and two
                                   party challengers when you are within 30 feet from the polls or the
                                   room in which the election is being held. [§ 23-15-245]

                                   13. You Have The Right To Wait To Vote (Or To Vote) without
                                   anyone electioneering or trying to influence your vote in any way
                                   when you are within 150 feet of a polling place entrance. [§ 23-15-

                                   14. You Have The Right To Receive Non-English Ballots, in-
                                   structions, and other voting materials for Choctaw voters in Attala,
                                   Jackson, Jones, Kemper, Leake, Neshoba, Newton, Scott, and
Know Your Rights Quick Reference

                                   Winston Counties. [42 U.S.C. § 1973 et seq.; 67 Fed. Reg. 48,871

                                   Other Issues

                                   1. Paraphernalia. Voters are prohibited from wearing candidate
                                      paraphernalia. If turned away from the polls for this reason,
                                      voter should cover with cover with jacket, turn shirt inside out,
                                      etc, and proceed with voting.
                                   2. Name not on voter list. Voter may vote by affidavit.
                                   3. Trouble with voting machines. Voter may receive assistance
                                      by statute by reason of blindness, disability or inability to read
                                      or write. Assistance may be provided by a person of the
                                      voter’s choice other than the voter’s employer, employer’s
                                      agent or agent of voter’s union. Other categories of voters
                                      may receive instructions from poll workers before entering the
                                      polling booth. If an individual needs instruction after entering
                                      the booth, two election officials will enter the polling booth,
                                      instruct the voter, leave the booth, and allow the voter to cast a
                                      ballot. [23-15-437 and 23-15-477]

                                       MS Legal Manual prepared by the Law-
                                        yer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under
                                       Credentialed Poll Watchers Handbook
                                        prepared by the Mississippi Association
                                        for Justice
                                       Mississippi Poll Watcher’s Guide pre-
                                        pared by the Secretary of State’s Office
Protect the Vote Training Manuals

                   Hard copy provided to all Regional Directors.
                   Pdf attached for all other volunteers.
MS Election Code

                                 CALL CENTER PROCESS

                        STEP 1   Determine nature of call/complete complaint form
                                 Information Needed:
                                      County, City, Regional Location
                                      Precinct location and directions
                                      Name of person causing interference with voting process

                                 Query: Can we remedy the problem via phone?

                                 If yes, via phone, go to Step 2.
                                 If no, requires presence go to Step 3.

                        STEP 2   Determine possible remedies.

                                 Refer to Know Your Rights check list/manual

                        STEP 3   Contact/Advise Regional Manager
                                 Oxford Regional Center (Shirley Byers)
                                 Delta Regional Center (Willie Perkins)
                                 Northeast Regional Center (Willie Allen)
                                 Southwest Regional Center (Tony Gaylor)
Election Day Protocol

                                 Central West Regional Center (Carlton Reeves)
                                 Gulf Coast Regional Center (Riley Morse)
                                 Central East Regional Center (Linda Hampton)
                                 Southeast Regional Center (Charles Lawrence)

                        STEP 1       In collaboration with call center, determine if lawyer
                                     or non-lawyers presence is needed

                                       Information Needed:
                                            County, City, Regional Location
                                            Precinct location and directions
                                            Name of person causing interference with voting process

                                       Query: Can we remedy the problem by volunteer?

                                       If yes, via phone, go to Step 2.
                                       If no, requires presence go to Step 3.

                        STEP 2         Contact Non-Lawyer Volunteer

                                       Information Needed:
                                            County, City, Regional Location
                                            Precinct location and directions
                                            Name of person causing interference with voting process
                                            Research problem by speaking with poll manager; otherwise in-

                                       Query: Is problem resolved?

                                       If yes, follow up with drive by.
                                       If no, regional command contact area lawyer to investigate further
Election Day Protocol

                        STEP 3         Lawyer Volunteer
                                             Investigate/Troubleshoot
                                             Report problem to District Election Commissioner
                                             Report problem to Circuit Clerks Office
                                             Follow up by driving by within one hour
                                             Place precinct on watch list

                        RESOLVED       Great! Remember to complete resolution form

                        UNRESOLVED Contact Expert Panel

                                                        Shirley    Rep. Willie             Willie              Tony
                                                        Byers       Perkins                Allen              Gaylor
                                 Regional Director

                                           Region       Oxford         Delta               North               South
                                                                                           East                West
                                             Base       Oxford     Greenwood              Tupelo             Natchez

                                                     Alcorn       Bolivar                Calhoun       Adams
                                                     Benton       Carroll                Chickasaw     Amite
                                                     Desoto       Coahoma                Clay          Claiborne
                                                     Lafayette    Grenada                Itawamba      Copiah
                                                     Tippah       Leflore                Lee           Franklin
                                                     Marshall     Quitman                Monroe        Jefferson
                                                     Panola       Sunflower              Montgom-      Lincoln
                                                     Prentiss     Tallahatchie           Pontotoc      Pike
                                                     Tate         Tunica                 Webster       Walthall
                                                     Tishomingo   Washington             Yalobusha     Wilkinson

                                                       Carlton     Riley           Linda                Charles
                                 Regional Director
                                                       Reeves      Morse          Hampton              Lawrence
                                                       Central       Gulf           Central                   South
                                                        West        Coast            East                     East
                                             Base      Jackson      Biloxi        Louisville           Hattiesburg

                                                     Attala       Hancock        Choctaw             Clarke
Regions and Regional Directors

                                                     Hinds        Harrison       Oktibbeha           Covington
                                                     Holmes       Jackson        Lowndes             Jasper
                                                     Humphreys    Pearl River    Noxubee             Jefferson Davis
                                                     Issaquena    Stone          Winston             Jones
                                                     Leake        George         Kemper              Lawrence
                                                     Madison                     Scott               Marion
                                                     Rankin                      Newton              Simpson
                                                     Sharkey                     Lauderdale          Smith
                                                     Warren                      Neshoba             Wayne
                                                     Yazoo                                           Forrest


                                     Delta                         Northeast

                                                              Central East

Regions and Regional Directors

                                             Gulf Coast

                                             Regional Map

                         Provided to Regional Directors and Call
                         Center volunteer staff only.
Volunteer Contact List

               Targeted Precincts
               Circuit Clerk Listing
               Election Commissioners Listing
               Full Precinct Listing by County (to be
                forwarded by separate email once compilation is
               MS FAQs (provided by the Lawyer’s
                Committee for Civil Rights Under
                Law; please remember that in state we
                are using the local number listed

   County                Precinct                             Address                    City      ATTY    BVAP
Adams       Dist. 5 Airport                   434 Airport Rd.                          Natchez        No       615
Adams       Dist. 3 Maryland Hgts.            111 Dumas Dr.                            Natchez        No       684
Adams       Dist. 3 Palestine                 1196 Liberty Rd.                         Natchez        No       696
Adams       Dist. 4 Thompson                  1038 N. Union St.                        Natchez        No       768
Adams       Dist. 3 Concord                   301 Lasalle St.                          Natchez        No       818
Adams       Dist. 1 By-Pass Fire              467 John R Junkin Dr.                    Natchez        No       893
Adams       Dist. 4 Northside                 145 George F West BLVD.                  Natchez        No       945
Adams       Dist. 5 Foster Mound              228 Foster Mound Rd.                     Natchez        No     1,172
Alcorn      South Corinth                     1102 S John St                           Corinth        No       976
Amite       Gloster                           Gloster Transfer/Compactor                              No       857
Attala      Sallis                            No Address                                              No       999
Attala      North East                        No Address                                              No     1,128
Benton      Canaan Precinct District 1 2ca1   NorthEast Benton Fire Dept.                             No       616
Benton      Lamar Precinct District 2 2lm2    North Benton Fire Station                               No       694
Bolivar     East Rosendale                    No Address                                             Yes       576
Bolivar     East Central Cleveland            No Address                                             Yes       794
Bolivar     Eastgate                          No Address                                             Yes       945
Bolivar     South Cleveland                   No Address                                             Yes      1317
Bolivar     Shaw                              No Address                                             Yes      1545
Bolivar     Mound Bayou                       No Address                                             Yes      1842
Bolivar     Shelby                            No Address                                             Yes      1856
Bolivar     East Cleveland                    No Address                                             Yes      2540
Calhoun     Pittsboro#1                       103 W Main St. (Courtroom)               Pittsboro      No       571
Chickasaw   Northwest Houston                 653 Pearl St.                            Houston        No       906
Chickasaw   East Okolona                      215 Main St.                             Okolona        No      1060
Claiborne   County Precinct 5-A               Pattison Fire Station                                   No       569
Claiborne   County Precinct 3-A               Old National Guard Armory                               No       586
Claiborne   County Precinct 1-B               South Claiborne County Maint. Facility                  No       659
Claiborne   County Precinct 1-C               Alcorn State University                                 No      1004
Claiborne   County Precinct 2                 Claiborne County Fire Department                        No      1227
Clarke      South Quitman                     No Address Given                                        No       760
Clay        South-West Point                  805 Ivy Lane                             West           No       620
Clay        Caradine                          14252 UNA-Brand Road                     Prairie        No      688
Clay        North-West Point                  1032 Wood Street                         West           No      874
Clay        West-West Point                   205 Court Street                         West           No      878
Coahoma     Clarksdale#2                      Lee Drive Fire Station                                  No      561
Coahoma     Lyon                              Lyon City Hall                                          No      587
Coahoma     Sasse Street Fire Station         Sasse Street Fire Station                               No      668
Coahoma     Friars Point                      Friars Point City Hall                                  No      741
Coahoma     Clarksdale#3                      Clarksdale Auditorium                                   No      814
Coahoma     Jonestown                         Jonestown Fire Station                                  No      975
Coahoma     Clarksdale #5                     Expo Building                                           No     1561
Coahoma     Clarksdale#4                      National Guard Armory                                   No     2110

8.1                 Targeted Precincts
 County              Precinct                   Address                     City       Atty   BVAP
Copiah      Crystal Springs East      210 Lee Ave                       Crystal         Yes     576
Copiah      Gallman East              Copiah County Fairgrounds         Hazlehurst      Yes     672
                                      2040 West Gallman Road
Copiah      Hazlehurst West           122 S Lowe St                     Hazlehurst      Yes    1168
Copiah      Crystal Springs South     200 S Jackson St                  Crystal         Yes    1459
Copiah      Hazlehurst East           202 East Whitworth St             Hazlehurst      Yes    1478
Covington   Mt. Olive                 Mt Olive High School Gym                           No     578
Covington   Okahay                    Precinct Bldg McDonalds Store                      No     752
Covington   Collins                   Courthouse                                         No    1186
DeSoto      Hernando West             365 Losher Street                 Hernando         No     630
DeSoto      Olive Branch South        Middle School Gym 6530            Olive Branch     No     652
                                      Blocker Street
Forrest     Glendale                  Glendale Community Center         Hattiesburg     No      579
                                      451 Monroe Road
Forrest     Lillie Burney             901 IDA ST                        Hattiesburg     No      626
Forrest     North Heights             6540 US Hwy 49 N                  Hattiesburg     No      655
Walthall    Forrest                   Court St United Methodist         Hattiesburg     No      655
                                      Church 609 Southern Ave.
Forrest     Jones                     N.R. Burger Center 305 E 6th st   Hattiesburg     No      777
Forrest     Davis                     Hawkins School Band Hall 523      Hattiesburg     No      824
                                      Forest St
Forrest     Rowan                     Rowan Center of Hattiesburg       Hattiesburg     No     1004
                                      High 500 Martin Luther King Dr.
Forrest     Dixie Pine Central        Palmers's Crossing Community      Hattiesburg     No     1058
                                      Center 225 Tatum Rd
Forrest     Salvation Army            Salvation Army Admin. Building    Hattiesburg     No     1236
                                      5670 US Hwy 49 South
Grenada     Box 2 Grenada Co Office   No Address                                        Yes     684
Grenada     Box 3 City Auditorium     No Address                                         No    1807
Grenada     Box 4 Carrie Dotson       No Address                                        Yes    2001
Harrison    Gulfport#8                2600 23rd Ave                     Gulfport        Yes     562
Harrison    Gulfport#16               The Learning Center/Alternative                   Yes     655
Harrison    Biloxi#4                  470 E Division St                 Biloxi          Yes     711
Harrison    East North Gulfport       15101 Madison St                  Gulfport        Yes     927
Harrison    Gulfport#13               2810 34th Ave                     Gulfport        Yes     977
Harrison    North Bel-Aire            11392 Klein Road                  Gulfport        Yes    1019
Harrison    Gulfport #14              1504 Mills Ave                    Gulfport        Yes    1144
Harrison    West North Gpt            3312 Martin Luther King Jr.       Gulfport        Yes    1477
Hinds       Precinct12                3032 Bishop St                    Jackson         No      568
Hinds       Precinct 13               3200 Bailey Ave                   Jackson         No      602
Hinds       Pinehaven B                                                                 No      612
Hinds       Spr Ridge A                                                                 No      624
Hinds       Precinct 24               311 Joel Ave                      Jackson         No      629
Hinds       Precinct 63               1700 Dalton St                    Jackson         No      634
   County                Precinct                      Address                City     Atty BVAP
Holmes       Beat 1 Lexington              Saints Academy                               Yes  1,172
Holmes       Beat 5 Tchula                 Senior Citizens Building                     Yes  1,493
Holmes       Beat 4 Lexington              Old Jail                                     Yes  1,547
Humphreys    Belzoni South - 3bs 3010      Beechlane Office Building                    Yes    584
Humphreys    Belzoni South - 5bs 5010      WestGate Office Building                     Yes    633
Humphreys    Isola North - 2in 2010                                                     Yes    966
Humphreys    Belzoni North - 1bnh51 1020   Green Grove Church                           Yes  1,425
Humphreys    Isola North - 2in 2010        City Hall                                    Yes  1,425
Humphreys    Belzoni North - 1bnh51 1020   Green Grove Church                           Yes  1,547
Jackson      Ymbc-Dantzler                 3406 Dantzler St.              Moss Point    Yes    857
Jackson      Fair                          B E "Mac" MCGinty Civic Cen-   Pascagoula    Yes    971
                                           ter/2914 Shortcut Rd
Jackson      Rec Center                    4412 Denny St                  Moss Point   Yes   1,021
Jackson      Jefferson Street              5343 Jefferson St.             Moss Point   Yes   1,520
Jackson      Gautier                       2012 Library Ln                Gautier      Yes   1,566
Jackson      Union Hall                    5913 Grierson St               Moss Point   Yes   1,784
Jackson      Sue Ellen                     4131 Sue Ellen St.             Moss Point   Yes   1,808
Jasper       Heidelberg Beat5              Heidelberg Multi Purpose BLD                 No     613
Jasper       Paulding                      Paulding Firehouse                           No     654
Jasper       Bay Springs Beat 4            Bay Springs Courthouse                       No     707
Jefferson    BD's 4030                                                                  No     648
Jefferson    Fayette Manor 5020            Fayette Manor Apartments Old                 No     914
                                           Fayette Manor
Jefferson    Bassfield 32                  HWY 42 BASEFD                Bassfield      Yes     572
Jones        Cooks Ave. Comm. Center       Cooks AVE. COMM. Center                     Yes     755
Jones        National Guard                National Guard                              Yes   1,036
Jones        Nora Davis School             Nora Davis School                           Yes   1,150
Jones        Oak Park School               Oak Park School                             Yes   1,226
Kemper       Courthouse                    Kemper County Courthouse                     No     643
Lafayette    Abbeville                     8 Buisness 7 South             Abbeville     No     723
Lafayette    Oxford 2                      Oxford Conference CT                         No     770
Lafayette    Oxford 3 - West Springhill    Stone Recreation Center                      No     657
Lamar        Lumberton                     764 E. Main-Comm Center,                    Yes     657
Lauderdale   411-Eleven                    Hamasa Temple Shrine Ball-     Meridian     Yes     595
                                           room/P.O. Box 365
Lauderdale   409 - Nine                    544 James Chaney Dr            Meridian      No     739
Lauderdale   303 - Three                   4400 32nd Street               Meridian     Yes     785
Lauderdale   412 - Twelve                  45th Avenue                    Meridian     Yes   1,266
Lauderdale   206 - Six                     2400 16th Ave.                 Meridian     Yes   1,490
Leake        Walnut Grove                  No Address                                   No     930
Leake        West Carthage                 No Address                                   No   1,004
Lee          Verona                        201 Main St                    Verona        No     636
Lee          Tupelo 3                      2460 W Main St                 Tupelo        No     840
      City             Precinct                     Address                  City     Atty   BVAP
Lee          Tupelo 4 North               Lee County Courthouse/          Tupelo        No     1,536
                                          Broadway Street
Lee          Tupelo 4 South               2840 Willie Moore Rd            Tupelo        No     2,298
Leflore      North Gwd                    Fire Station/Legion Hut                       No       789
Leflore      Southwest Gwd                Youth Center                                  No       938
Leflore      Ne Gwd                       Civic Center                                  No     1,020
Leflore      MVSU                         MVSU Social Sciences BLDG                     No     1,130
Leflore      Southeast Gwd                East Elementary School                        No     1,572
Leflore      West Gwd                     LeFlore County Court House                    No     1,615
Leflore      North Itta Bena              Itta Bena Veterans Building                   No     1,764
Leflore      South Gwd                    Jodie Wilson Library                          No     1,819
Leflore      East Gwd                     GWD Recreation Center/Old                     No     2,605
Leflore      Rising Sun                   Rising Sun School                             No       938
Leflore      Central Gwd                  Main Street Fire Station                      No     1,020
Lincoln      Brignal                      Store at Corner of Brignal &                  No       562
Lincoln      High School                  BrookHaven High School                        No      853
Lincoln      Alexander Jr. High           Alexander Jr High                             No      855
Jefferson    North East Prentiss 43       Grandby Road                                 Yes      609
Lincoln      Governmental Complex         Lincoln County/ Brookhaven                    No       889
Lowndes      Columbus High School         215 Hemlock                     Columbus      No       738
Lowndes      Crawford                     783 Martin Luther King          Crawford      No       923
Lowndes      Union Academy                1425 10th Av N                  Columbus      No     1,298
Lowndes      Mitchell                     1315 15th St S                  Columbus      No     1,669
Lowndes      Fairgrounds                  764 HWY 69 SO                   Columbus      No     2,136
Lowndes      Hunt                         920 20th St N                   Columbus      No     2,533
Lowndes      Airbase                      128 Jess Lyons Rd               Columbus      No       562
Madison      Ridgeland 1st Meth Church    234 W Jackson St                Ridgeland     No       606
Madison      Bible Church                 815 Martin Luther King Dr       Canton        No       618
Madison      Pleasant Gift Baptist        2055 Pleasant Gift Rd           Canton        No       654
Madison      Sharon                       Pleasant Green M B Church/      Canton        No       658
                                          P.O. Box 159
Madison      Canton Precint 7             St. Paul Methodist Church                     No      676
Madison      Luther Branson               Luther Branson School                         No      812
Madison      Ridgeland Precinct 3         875 William BlVD                Ridgeland     No      847
Madison      Magnolia Heights             Kearney Park Fire Station/443   Flora         No      883
                                          Livingson Vernon Rd
Madison      Camden                       2000 Loring Rd                  Canton        No     1,120
Madison      Canton Precinct 5            389 Ricks Dr                    Canton        No     1,253
Madison      Canton Precinct 2            165 E Dinkin St                 Canton        No     1,256
Madison      Canton Precinct 1            238 E Center St                 Canton        No     1,426
Madison      Liberty                      815 W Fulton St                 Canton        No     1,463
Madison      Mad. Co. Bapt. Family Life   Madison Co. Baptist Family                    No     1,589
             Center                       Life Center
   County                 Precinct                   Address                   City     Atty   BVAP
Madison       Canton Precinct 4           Canton Community Center/337 Canton              No    2,177
                                          N Union St
Marion        Morris                      3471 HWY 44                 Columbia            No      625
Marshall      2 North Holly Springs       160 W Valley Ave            Holly               No      674
Marshall      1 North Holly Springs       235 N Memphis St            Holly               No    1,140
Marshall      1 West Holly Springs        127 W Falconer Ave          Holly               No    1,163
Monroe        Prairie 4f5                 10203 Hwy 382               Prairie            Yes      629
Monroe        Willis 5f4                  20484 Mcallister Rd         Okolona            Yes      707
Monroe        Amory Fifth 5f1             East Amory Community Center Amory              Yes      947
                                          Crump BLVD
Monroe        North Aberdeen 4f1          Hwy 45 North                Aberdeen           Yes    1,062
Monroe        South Aberdeen 4f2          High Street Community       Aberdeen           Yes    1,368
Neshoba       Northwest Philadelphia      Westside Community Center                      Yes    1,271
Newton        Newton #1                   Pilate School                                  Yes      753
Noxubee       Title One                                                                   No      579
Noxubee       East Macon                                                                  No      588
Noxubee       West Macon                                                                  No      787
Oktibbeha     North Starkville Dist. 2    Boardtown Village                               No      589
Oktibbeha     Gillespie                   Gillespie St. Community Cen-                    No      604
Oktibbeha     Sessums                     Sessums Fire Station                            No      647
Oktibbeha     Osborn                      1726 16th Section Rd             Starkville     No      690
Oktibbeha     West Starkville             National Guard Armory                           No      784
Oktibbeha     Central Starkville          Circuit Ct Complex                              No      987
Panola        Courtland                   536 Main St                      Courtland     Yes      645
Panola        West Sardis                                                                Yes      770
Panola        North Batesville #B - 2     133 Patton Ln                    Batesville    Yes      954
Panola        Como                                                                       Yes      956
Panola        South Sardis                                                               Yes      906
Pearl River   Picayune Beat 1 Southside   Southside School 400 S Beech                    No    1,314
Pike          02 Leggett Community                                                       Yes      568
Pike          01 Progress Fire Dept.                                                     Yes      633
Pike          08 Alpha Center             414 Mccomb St                    Mccomb        Yes      637
Pike          24 MLK Center               601 MLK Drive                    McComb        Yes      835
Pike          10 Magnolia Comm. Ctr.      235 S Cherry St                  Magnolia      Yes      912
Pike          16 New Hope Bapt. Church    Locust Street                    MCComb        Yes    1,003
Prentiss      North Booneville            801 N. College St                Booneville     No      565
Prentiss      Baldwyn                     101 E. Clayton St.               Baldwyn        No      727
Rankin        West Brandon                300 Hwy 468                      Brandon       Yes      804
Rankin        Springhill                  3800 Hwy 80 E                    Pearl         Yes      727
Scott         Beat 4/N Morton             Old City Hall -19West 1st Ave-   Morton         No      752
Scott         Beat 2/S Forest             Scott County Courthouse          Forest         No      844
Scott         Beat 1/North Forest         Forest Service Center            Forest         No    1,023
Simpson       Weathersby                  Zion Hill Church                                No      752
   County                 Precinct                       Address               City     Atty   BVAP
Smith          Summerland                      No Address                                No       623
Stone          Project Road West               922 Project Rd              Wiggins       No       561
Sunflower      31 - Indianola #3 South         Main Street                 Indianola     No       692
Sunflower      13 Indianola #1 Southeast       810 B.B. King Rd            Indianola     No       698
Tallahatchie   12 Moorhead                                                               No       962
Sunflower      54 Drew                         4127 Hwy 49                 Drew          No     1,022
Sunflower      44 Ruleville                    101 Oscar St                Ruleville     No     1,294
Sunflower      22 Indianola #2 East            1700 Bates St               Indianola     No     2,184
Tallahatchie   Glendora                        County Clinic Building                    No       582
Marshall       5 South Holly Springs           720 HWY 4 E                 Holly         No       882
Rolling Fork   Sharkey                         Court House                               No      716
Third Dist.
Tallahatchie   Tutwiler                        Tutwiler community Center                  No      850
Tallahatchie   Charleston Beat #2              City Hall                                  No    1,073
Tate           Senatobia 3                     4575 Hwy 51 North           Senatobia      No      614
Tate           Coldwater 3                     340 Peyton Road             Coldwater      No    1,077
Tunica         Justice Court Bldg.             Justice Court Building                    Yes      646
Tunica         Evansville-Highway 61           Tunica Co. Economic BLDG                  Yes      737
Walthall       Dinan 98                        HWY 583 North Supervisors                  No      672
                                               County Equipment Barn
Walthall       N Knoxo                         Brandon Bay Road                           No      771
Warren         St. Aloysius                    No Address                                Yes      585
Warren         No. 7 Fire Station              No Address                                Yes      691
Warren         Jett                            No Address                                Yes      794
Warren         Culkin                          No Address                                Yes      865
Warren         Tingleville                     No Address                                Yes      940
Warren         Kings                           No Address                                Yes      976
Warren         Cedar Grove                     No Address                                Yes    1,134
Warren         Auditorium                      No Address                                Yes    1,813
Warren         Vicksburg Junior High School    No Address                                Yes    1,889
Warren         American Legion Post            No Address                                Yes    2,127
Washington     Metcalfe Municipal Bldg.                                                  Yes      593
Washington     Extension Building              148 N Edison St             Greenville    Yes      732
Washington     Grace Methodist Church          1020 South Colorado St      Greenville    Yes      739
Washington     Leland Rotary Club              No Address                                Yes      844
Washington     Brent Center                    747 Canal St                Greenville    Yes      872
Washington     Buster Brown Comm. Center       400 Robertshaw St           Greenville    Yes    1,013
Washington     St. James Episocopal            1026 Washington Avenue      Greenville    Yes    1,056
Washington     Old American Legion             934 N Theobald St           Greenville    Yes    1,103
Washington     Leland Health Dept.             801 N Broad St              Leland        Yes    1,152
Washington     Hollandale City Hall            200 East Avenue South       Hollandale    Yes    1,184
Washington     Greenville Industrial College   140 South Eighth Street     Greenville    Yes    1,317
Washington     Elks Lodge                      1818 E Alexander            Greenville    Yes    2,045
Wayne          Waynesboro City 1               Waynesboro Junior High      Waynes-        No      748
                                               School/155 Wayne St.        boro
  County           Precinct                  Address            City   Atty   BVAP
Wilkinson   Woodville 1010          Vo-Tech Woodville 1st               No        590
Wilkinson   Centreville 1st 1020    Old Hwy 33 SO.                      No        619
Wilkinson   Centreville 3rd 2010                                        No        698
Wilkinson   Woodville 2nd 2010      Neighborhood Center                 No        932
Wilkinson   Woodville 4th 4010      Woodville Fire House                No      1,299
Winston     Zion Ridge              Zion Ridge Community Cent           No        615
Winston     Mill Creek              County Barn 3                       No        617
Winston     American Legion         United Steel Workers Bldg           No      1,185
Winston     County Agent            County Agent Office                 No      1,411
Yalobusha   Four Oakland            Oakland Town Hall                   No        676
Yalobusha   Beat Two Water Valley   Water Valley Courthouse             No      1,075
Yazoo       Jonestown               Jonestown County Barn               No        602
Yazoo       Ward 4                  Teen Center                         No        754
Yazoo       3-1 West                Old Welfare Bldg. Corner            No        797
Yazoo       3-2 East                Jr. High School                     No      1,027
Yazoo       Ward 5                  N.D Taylor School Gym               No      2,506
                                                            Circuit Clerk Listing
                            Mr. Edward Walker
                            Adams County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 1224, Natchez, Mississippi 39121
                            Phone: 601-446-6326, Fax: 445-7955

                            Mr. Joe Caldwell
                            Alcorn County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 430, Corinth, Mississippi 38834
                            Phone: 662-286-7740, Fax: 286-7767

                            Ms. Sharon Walsh
                            Amite County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 312, Liberty, Mississippi 39645
                            Phone: 601-657-8932, Fax: 657-1082

                            Ms. Wanda Fancher
                            Attala County Circuit Clerk, 118 W. Washington Street, Kosciusko, Mississippi 39090
                            Phone: 662-289-1471, Fax: 289-7666

                            Ms. Kathy Graves
                            Benton County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 262, Ashland, Mississippi 38603
                            Phone: 662-224-6310, Fax: 224-6312

                            Ms. Marilyn Kelly
                            Bolivar County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 670, Cleveland, Mississippi 38732
                            Phone: 662-843-2061, Fax: 846-2943

                            Ms. Deborah Dunn
                            Calhoun County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 25, Pittsboro, Mississippi 38951
                            Phone: 662-412-3101, Fax: 412-3103

                            Mr. Durward Stanton
                            Carroll County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 6, Vaiden, Mississippi 39176
                            Phone: 662-464-5476, Fax: 464-5407
Circuit Clerks Listing 08

                            Ms. Sandra Nabors Willis
                            Chickasaw County Circuit Clerk, Courthouse, Houston, Mississippi 38851
                            Phone: 662-456-2331, Fax: 456-5295

                            Ms. Peggy Reid Miller
                            Choctaw County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 34, Ackerman, Mississippi 39735
                            Phone: 662-285-6245, Fax: 285-2196

                            Ms. Sammie Lee Good
                            Claiborne County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 549, Port Gibson, Mississippi 39150
                            Phone: 601-437-5841, Fax:437-4543

Ms. Beth Doggett Jordan
Clarke County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 216, Quitman, Mississippi 39355
Phone: 601-776-3111, Fax: 776-1001

Ms. Bob Harrell
Clay County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 364, West Point, Mississippi 39773
Phone: 662-494-3384, Fax: 495-20507

Mr. Charles Oakes
Coahoma County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 849, Clarksdale, Mississippi 38614
Phone: 662-624-3014, Fax: 624-3075

Ms. Edna Edwards Stevens
Copiah County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 467, Hazlehurst, Mississippi 39083
Phone: 894-1241, Fax: 894-3026

Ms. Mellissa Duckworth
Covington County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 667, Collins, Mississippi 39428
Phone: 601-765-6506, Fax: 765-5012

Mr. Dale Thompson
DeSoto County Circuit Clerk, 2535 Highway 51 S., Hernando, Mississippi 38632
Phone: 662-429-1325, Fax: 429-1416

Ms. Lou Ellen Adams
Forrest County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Drawer 992, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39403
Phone: 601-582-3213, Fax: 545-6065

Ms. Millie Thornton
Franklin County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 267, Meadville, Mississippi 39653
Phone: 601-384-2320, Fax: 384-8244

Mr. Chad Welford
George County Circuit Clerk, 355 Cox Street Suite C, Lucedale, Mississippi 39452
Phone: 601-947-4881, Fax: 947-8804

Ms. Linda Marter Barnette
Grenada County Circuit Clerk, 59 Greene Street #8, Grenada, Mississippi 38901
Phone: 662-226-1941, Fax: 227-2865

Ms. Cecilia Bounds
Greene County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 310, Leakesville, Mississippi 39451
Phone: 601-394-2379, Fax: 394-2334

Ms. Karen Ruhr
Hancock County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 249, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520
Phone: 228-467-5265, Fax: 467-2779
Ms. Gayle Parker
Harrison County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 998, Gulfport, Mississippi 39502
Phone: 228-865-4051, Fax: 865-4099

Ms. Barbara Dunn
Hinds County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 327, Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Phone: 601-968-6628, Fax: 973-5547

Ms. Earline Wright Hart
Holmes County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 718 Lexington, Mississippi 39095
Phone: 834-2476, Fax: 834-3870

Ms. Timaka Jones
Humphreys County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 696, Belzoni, Mississippi 39038
Phone: 662-247-3065, Fax: 247-3906

Ms. Earline Fortner
Issaquena County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 27, Mayersville, Mississippi 39113
Phone: 662-873-2761, Fax: 873-2061

Ms. Carol Gates
Itawamba County Circuit Clerk, 201 West Main Street, Fulton, Mississippi 38843
Phone: 662-862-3511, Fax: 862-4006

Mr. Joe W. Martin, Jr.
Jackson County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 998, Pascagoula, Mississippi 39568-0998
Phone: 228-769-3040, Fax: 769-3180

Mr. Billy Raynor
Jasper County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 447, Bay Springs, Mississippi 39422
Phone: 601-727-4941, Fax: 727-4475

Arnell Harried
Jefferson County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 305, Fayette, Mississippi 39069
Phone: 601-786-3422, Fax: 786-9676

Mr. Clint Langley
Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 1082, Prentiss, Mississippi 39474
Phone: 601-792-4231, Fax: 792-4957

Mr. Wendell Garvin
Jones County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 1336, Laurel, Mississippi 39440
Phone: 601-425-2556, Fax: 399-4774

Ms. Roma Allen
Kemper County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 130, DeKalb, Mississippi 39328
Phone: 601-743-2224, Fax: 743-4173
Ms. Mary Alice Busby
Lafayette County Circuit Clerk, County Courthouse, Oxford, Mississippi 38655. Phone: 234-
4951, Fax: 234-5402.

Mr. Leslie Wilson
Lamar County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 369, Purvis, Mississippi 39475
Phone: 794-8504, Fax: 794-1049

Ms. Donna Jill Johnson
Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 1005, Meridian, Mississippi 39302
Phone: 482-9731, Fax: 484-3970

Mr. James Brister
Lawrence County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 1249, Monticello, Mississippi 39654
Phone: 601-587-4791, Fax: 587-4405

Ms. Kathy Henderson
Leake County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 67, Carthage, Mississippi 39051
Phone: 601-267-8357, Fax: 267-8889

Ms. Joyce R. Loftin
Lee County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 762, Tupelo, Mississippi 38802
Phone: (662) 841-9024, Fax: (662) 680-6079

Mr. Trey Evans
Leflore County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 1953, Greenwood, Mississippi 38935
Phone: 662-453-1435, Fax: 455-1278

Ms. Terry Watkins
Lincoln County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 357, Brookhaven, Mississippi 39601
Phone: (601) 835-3435, Fax: (601) 835-3482

Ms. Mahala Nickles Salazar
Lowndes County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Drawer 31, Columbus, Mississippi 39703
Phone: 662-329-5900, Fax: 329-5935

Ms. Lee Westbrook
Madison County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Drawer 1626, Canton, Mississippi 39046
Phone: 601-859-4365, Fax: 859-8555

Mr. Jessie Loftin
Marion County Circuit Clerk, 250 Broad St. Suite 1, Columbia, Mississippi 39429
Phone: 601-736-8246, Fax: 731-6344

Ms. Lucy Carpenter
Marshall County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 459, Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635
Phone: 662-252-3434, Fax: 252-5951
Ms. Judy K. Butler
Monroe County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 843, Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730
Phone: 662-369-8695, Fax: 369-3684

Ms. Lanelle Garrett Martin
Montgomery County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 765, Winona, Mississippi 38967
Phone: 662-283-4161, Fax: 283-2233

Ms. Patti Duncan Lee
Neshoba County Circuit Clerk, 401 East Beacon Street, Philadelphia, Mississippi 39350
Phone: 601-656-4781, Fax: 650-3997

Ms. Nancy Darlene Kidd
Newton County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 447, Decatur, Mississippi 39327
Phone: 601-635-2368, Fax: 635-3210

Mr. Carl L. Mickens
Noxubee Circuit Clerk, 505 South Jefferson, Macon, Mississippi 39341
Phone: 662-726-5737, Fax: 726-6041

Ms. Angie McGinnis
Oktibbeha County Circuit Clerk, Courthouse, Starkville, Mississippi 39759
Phone: 662-323-1356, Fax: 338-1121

Mr. W. Joe Reid
Panola County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 346, Batesville, Mississippi 38606
Phone: 662-563-6210, Fax: 563-8233

Ms. Vicky Hariel
Pearl River County Circuit Clerk, Pearl River County Courthouse, Poplarville, Mississippi
39470 , Phone: 601-403-2300, Fax: 403-2327

Ms. Martha Fillingane Clark
Perry County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 198, New Augusta, Mississippi 39462
Phone: 601-964-8663, Fax: 964-8740

Mr. Roger A. Graves
Pike County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Drawer 31, Magnolia, Mississippi 39652
Phone: 601-783-2581, Fax: 783-6322

Ms. Tracy L. Robinson
Pontotoc County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 428, Pontotoc, Mississippi 38863
Phone: 662-489-3908, Fax: 489-2318

Mr. Michael Kelley
Prentiss County Circuit Clerk, 101-A North Main Street, Booneville, Mississippi 38829
Phone: 662-728-4611, Fax: 728-2006
Ms. Brenda A. Wiggs
Quitman County Circuit Clerk, Courthouse, Marks, Mississippi 38646
Phone: 662-326-8003, Fax: 326-8004

Ms. Carol Swilley
Rankin County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 1599, Brandon, Mississippi 39043
Phone: 601-825-1466, Fax: 825-1465

Mr. Joe Rigby
Scott County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 371, Forest, Mississippi 39074
Phone: 469-3601, Fax: 469-5188

Ms. Murindia Williams
Sharkey County Circuit Clerk, P.O. Box 218, Rolling Fork, Mississippi 39159
Phone: 662-873-2755, Fax: 873-6045

Mr. Cindy Jensen
Simpson County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 307, Mendenhall, Mississippi 39114
Phone: 601-847-2474, Fax: 847-4011

Mr. Anthony Grayson
Smith County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 517, Raleigh, Mississippi 39153
Phone: 601-782-4751, Fax: 782-4007

Mr. William Kenny Hatten
Stone County Circuit Clerk, 323 Cavers Avenue, Wiggins, Mississippi 39577
Phone: 601-928-5246, Fax: 928-5248

Ms. Sharon McFadden
Sunflower County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 576, Indianola, Mississippi 38751
Phone: 662-887-1252, Fax: 887-7077

Ms. Stephanie Sims
Tallahatchie County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 86, Charleston, Mississippi 38921
Phone: 662-647-8758, Fax: 647-8490

Mr. Eddie Hadskey
Tate County Circuit Clerk, 201 Ward Street, Senatobia, Mississippi 38668
Phone: 662-562-5211, Fax: 562-7486

Mr. James E. Dees
Tippah County Circuit Clerk, Circuit Court Office, Ripley, Mississippi 38663
Phone: 662-837-7370, Fax: 837-1030

Ms. Donna H. Dill
Tishomingo County Circuit Clerk, 1008 Battleground, Iuka, Mississippi 38852
Phone: 662-423-7026, Fax: 423-1667
Ms. Sharon Granberry
Tunica County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 184, Tunica, Mississippi 38676
Phone: 662-363-2842, Fax: 363-2413

Ms. Phyllis Stanford
Union County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 298, New Albany, Mississippi 38652
Phone: 662-534-1910, Fax: 534-2059

Ms. Pat Ginn Brousard
Walthall County Circuit Clerk, 200 Ball Avenue, Tylertown, Mississippi 39667
Phone: 601-876-5677, Fax: 876-4077

Ms. Shelly Ashley-Palmertree
Warren County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 351, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39181
Phone: 601-636-3961, Fax: 630-4100

Ms. Barbara Esters Parker
Washington County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 1276, Greenville, Mississippi 38702-1276
Phone: 662-378-2747, Fax: 334-2698

Ms. Rose Bingham
Wayne County Circuit Clerk, Wayne County Courthouse, Waynesboro, Mississippi 39367
Phone: 7601-35-1171, Fax: 735-6261

Ms. Deborah Hood Neal
Webster County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 308, Walthall, Mississippi 39771
Phone: 662-258-6287, Fax: 258-7686

Mr. Mon Cree Allen
Wilkinson County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 327, Woodville, Mississippi 39669
Phone: 601-888-6697, Fax: 888-6984

Ms. Kim Ming
Winston County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Drawer 785, Louisville, Mississippi 39339
Phone: 662-773-3581, Fax: 773-7192

Mr. Daryl Burney
Yalobusha County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 431, Water Valley, Mississippi 38965
Phone: 662-473-1341, Fax: 473-5020

Ms. Susie Bradshaw Outlaw
Yazoo County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 108, Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194
Phone: 662-746-1872, Fax: 716-0113
                            County: Adams                         County: Carroll

                            District 1   Catherine Meng           District 1    Donald Perkins
                            District 2   Larry Gardner            District 2    Edward M. Corder
                            District 3   Evelyn Henry Smith       District 3    Christine Adams
                            District 4   Katye Dukes              District 4    David Burkhead
                            District 5   Mitch Ballard            District 5    Shirley B. Yates

                            County: Alcorn                        County: Chickasaw

                            District 1   Bobby McDaniel           District 1    Barbara Kirby Buggs
                            District 2   John H. Peebles          District 2    Judy Hill
                            District 3   Billy W. Bearden         District 3    Imogene Armstrong
                            District 4   Keith Settlemires        District 4    Conway Huffman
                            District 5   Wendell Dixon            District 5    Penney C. Nichols

                                                                  County: Choctaw
                            County: Amite
                            District 1   Nelson L. Dawson         District 1    Charlie Hunt Jr.
                            District 2   Vergia T. Bradley        District 2    Charles Beck
                            District 3   Bessie P. Fowler         District 3    Dorothy Anderson
                            District 4   Joyce N. Duck            District 4    Lewis Wright
                            District 5   Sadye Pearl Ravencraft   District 5    Oudia Loper

                            County: Attala
                                                                  County: Claiborne
                            District 1   Aaron Tolleson           District 1    Eddie F. Kinnard M. D.
                            District 2   Charles Kelly Black      District 2    James Gray
                            District 3   Frankie Farmer           District 3    Gary M. Knight
                            District 4   Virginia L. Clark        District 4    Corlean Hughes
                            District 5   Mildred Casey            District 5    Coney L. Johnson

                            County: Benton                        County: Clarke
                            District 1   Ethelene Jackson         District 1    Dora McKenzie
                            District 2   Minnie Lesure            District 2    Viola Davis
Election Commissioners 08

                            District 3   Charlie A. Walls         District 3    Audrey H. Barton
                            District 4   Sue Poff                 District 4    Donald Goodman
                            District 5   Billie F. Courson        District 5    Juanita (Pat) Hayes

                            County: Bolivar                        County: Clay

                            District 1   David W. Washington       District 1   Linda Ivy
                            District 2   Debbie Duncan             District 2   Sam Cox
                            District 3   Robert Scott              District 3   Dot Tribble
                            District 4   Yvonne Hannah             District 4   Wendy Fuller
                            District 5   Victor Baioni             District 5   Jesse J. Ivey

                            County: Calhoun                        County: Coahoma
                                                                   District 1   Barbara Agostinelli
                            District 1   Bernadette Coleman
                            District 2   Jerry Brasher             District 2   Sherry J. Ely
                            District 3   Faye Morris               District 3   Alma C. Brown
                            District 4   Phillip Lucius            District 4   Joseph J. Hardy
                            District 5   Robert Easley             District 5   Herman Furniss

County: Copiah                      County: Grenada
District 1   Wilhelmina Jones       District 1   Florence Ratliff
District 2   Maudell A. Weeks       District 2   Ann Hudson
District 3   Bonnie S. McLendon     District 3   Bernice Richardson
District 4   Lydia Green            District 4   Nellie Ward
District 5   Catherine S. Jackson   District 5   Carolyn Kilgore

County: Covington                   County: Hancock

District 1   Dimple Mooney          District 1   Glen M. Meranto
District 2   Felton Aultman         District 2   Wayne Spiers
District 3   Sue McCall             District 3   Gary T. Gilmore
District 4   Jarrell Ann Miller     District 4   Caroline M. Adam
District 5   Dorothy Magee          District 5   Lynn R. Cheramie

County: DeSoto
                                    County: Harrison
District 1   Paul M. Beale          District 1   Toni Jo Diaz
District 2   Barry Chatham          District 2   Phyllis Sisson
District 3   Danny N. Klein         District 3   Ted Molesworth
District 4   Carl W. Payne          District 4   Christene Bryce
District 5   Tina T. Hill           District 5   Tommy Esposito M. D.

County: Forrest                     County: Hinds

District 1   Charles Phillips       District 1   Marilyn Avery
District 2   Barbara Johnson        District 2   Josephine Anderson
District 3   Lucretia Jenkins       District 3   Jermal Clark
District 4   Bessie Lee Barnes      District 4   Connie Cochran
District 5   Sue Polk               District 5   Lelia Gaston Rhodes

County: Franklin                    County: Holmes
District 1   Gloria Bonds           District 1   Elnora Patton
District 2   Elizabeth Lazarus      District 2   Georgia G. Clark
District 3   Ricky V. O'Quinn       District 3   Wilbur B. Redmond
District 4   Billy P. Cupit         District 4   Walter E. Pitchford
District 5   Bonnie Byrd            District 5   Sam Jesse Horton

County: George                      County: Humphreys
District 1   Rosalind Holt          District 1   Kevin Shirley
District 2   Irvin Holland          District 2   Lizzie Powell
District 3   Mary Ruth Davis        District 3   Rosemary Williams
District 4   Constance Lancaster    District 4   John Ashley
District 5   Dorothy Howell         District 5   Charlie Avery

County: Greene                      County: Issaquena

District 1   Margaret Sowell        District 1   Jimmy C. Newman
District 2   Walter Shumac          District 2   Matt Sharpe
District 3   Phyllis W. Stinson
                                    District 4   Connie McQuary
District 4   John Barrow M. D.
District 5   James Breland          District 5   Reid E. Monteith
County: Itawamba                      County: Lafayette
District 1   Charles Blaylock         District 1   Faye Phillips
District 2   George Brown             District 2   Mary Kate Hemphill
District 3   Gene A. Mills            District 3   Diana G. Owens
District 4   Lorene Moore             District 4   Cecil D. Locke
District 5   Wayne Beard              District 5   Earl Babb

County: Jackson                       County: Lamar
District 1   Danny Glaskox            District 1   Norma Hodges
District 2   Bessie Polk              District 2   Pat Easley Boutwell
District 3   Mary Anderson            District 3   Linda Hartfield
District 4   Benton Sanford           District 4   Fleetwood V. Loustalot Jr.
District 5   Alfred Rushing           District 5   Cecil E. Patterson

County: Jasper                        County: Lauderdale
District 1   Dorothy McNeil           District 1   Ann Watts
District 2   Vernell T. Lofton        District 2   Ed Herman Walker
District 3   Laura Parker             District 3   Awana Simmons
District 4   Larry Dykes              District 4   Reuben Little
District 5   Samantha Parker          District 5   Ann Hall

County: Jefferson                     County: Lawrence

District 1   David Alsworth           District 1   Martha Tynes
District 2   Brenda Tyler Myles       District 2   Joyce Price
District 3   Fannie J. Mims           District 3   Robbie Delaughter
District 4   David Franklin           District 4   June S. Grubbs
District 5   Verdean Washington       District 5   Lue Jean Harvey

                                      County: Leake
County: Jefferson Davis
District 1   Jamie Verdyn             District 1   Diane Grundy
District 2   O'Neal Hathorn           District 2   Donna Rawson
District 3   Vera Thompson Carter     District 3   Fannie Mae Jones
District 4   Kimberly N. White        District 4   Linda Sanders
District 5   Carolyn Rhodes           District 5   Addie Lou Hudson

County: Jones                         County: Lee

District 1  Gail Harrison Welch       District 1   Kristin Buse
District 2  Coach Lester Lavahn
           Moss                       District 2   Debby McCafferty
District 3 Helen Blackledge Stanley   District 3   John M. Wages
District 4 Ann Rose                   District 4   Harry Grayson Jr.
District 5 Ora Lee Holden             District 5   John H. Edwards

County: Kemper                        County: Leflore
District 1   Laura Thomas Route       District 1   Deveda J. Dillon
District 2   Mary A. McDonald         District 2   Paulette C. Palmer
District 3   Wendell George           District 3   Nathan McDonald
District 4   Thomas Luke              District 4   Edward M. Course
District 5   Herman Hampton           District 5   Coach Alfred Arrington
County: Lincoln                        County: Neshoba
District 1   John Hightower            District 1      Ruby H. Breazele
District 2   Michael Byrne             District 2      Martha E. Whittle
District 3   Floye J. McClelland       District 3      Steve M. Thomas
District 4   Charles Smith             District 4      Martha Brantley
District 5   Lee Warren                District 5      Yvonne Moore

County: Lowndes                        County: Newton
District 1   Lena Mae Duncan           District 1      Reuben Hoskin
District 2   Jean N. Bigelow           District 2      Toni Blackwell
District 3   Betty R. Crane            District 3      Merita Cherry
District 4   Sherry A. Guyton          District 4      Faye Crosby
District 5   Francis O. Stewart        District 5      Sylvia White

County: Madison                        County: Noxubee
District 1   Sue Sautermeister         District 1     Sylvester Tate
District 2   Kakey Chaney              District 2     Essie Brooks
District 3   Pat Truesdale             District 3     Percy Reece
District 4   Azzie Lee Jackson         District 4     Mrs. Willie Matt Miller
District 5   Leroy Lacey               District 5     John Bankhead

County: Marion                         County: Oktibbeha
District 1   Floyd Broome              District 1      Margie Fulgham
District 2   Van Lowery Jr.            District 2      Art Lee Peters
District 3   James Miller              District 3      Myles Carpenter
District 4   Richard Lott              District 4      Joe Baker
District 5   Charles C. Marshall       District 5      Dr. Hollie Ford

County: Marshall                       County: Panola
District 1   Jewel Stover              District 1      Vivian Burkley
District 2   Marie Palmer              District 2      Julius Harris
District 3   Virginia Armour           District 3      Jimmy Herron
District 4   John L. Taylor            District 4      Bonnie G. Land
District 5   Betty Whaley              District 5      Ronald McMinn

County: Monroe                         County: Pearl River
District 1   Jimmy Dale Parham M. D.   District 1   Idora White
District 2   David Randle              District 2   Margaret J. Woodson
District 3   L. C. Sanders             District 3   Beatrice Bond
District 4   James Paul Chandler       District 4   Bobby O. Robbins
District 5   Doris Suggs               District 5   Hilda B. Owen

County: Montgomery                     County: Perry
District 1   Sybil Tharp               District 1   Sherry Dean Hartfield
District 2   Vickie Mears              District 2   Imogene Watkins
District 3   Nakita L. Sanders         District 3   Elaine Harris
District 4   Katie B. Burns            District 4   Diane Tossy
District 5   Lillie B. Flowers         District 5   Michelle Kirkland
County: Pike                          County: Simpson
District 1   Audrey H. Jenkins        District 1   Calvin Edwards
District 2   Artist Robbins           District 2   Jane Herrington
District 3   Shirley P. Fitzgerald    District 3   James Price Wallace
District 4   Trudie Berger            District 4   Murry Keith
District 5   Lynn Wells               District 5   Wanda Bridges

                                      County: Smith
County: Pontotoc
District 1   Maymon Dowdy             District 1   Hubert Parks
District 2   Laura L. Franklin        District 2   Perry Duckworth
District 3   Gray Bland               District 3   Sherri Darden
District 4   Clara Jaggers            District 4   Herman Cockrell
District 5   Jeanette Stegall         District 5   Glendell Webb

County: Prentiss                      County: Stone
District 1   Johnny H. Lindley        District 1   Carol A. Batson
District 2   Melvin Putt              District 2   Clifton D. Anderson
District 3   Sherry Prather           District 3   Georgia Fae Bond
District 4   Carolyn Jones            District 4   Martha B. Smith
District 5   Dwight Brown             District 5   Judy Bechtel

County: Quitman                       County: Sunflower
District 1    Ida McNutt              District 1   Sandra Moore
District 2    Dorothy A. Survillion   District 2   Eloise B. Harris
District 3    Sue Reed                District 3   Sam J. Ely Jr.
District 4    Arthur L. Gates         District 4   Travis Earl Cooper
District 5    George R. Shields       District 5   Betty Davis

County: Rankin                        County: Tallahatchie
District 1   Richard Wilson           District 1   Kelly Wayne Standard
District 2   Harold A. Crain          District 2   Maeotha Gardner
District 3   Sandra Martin            District 3   Wayne Buchanan
District 4   Charles D. Bryant        District 4   Rachel Scurlock
District 5   C. L. Pittman            District 5   Charles Huddleston

County: Scott                         County: Tate
District 1   Fannie Mae Bradford      District 1   Mary Rhodes
District 2   Alice Herron             District 2   Kathryn Eddins
District 3   Anne Doris Derrick       District 3   Gloria Sipp
District 4   Sue May                  District 4   Mary K. White
District 5   Louise Johnston          District 5   Ellis Blount

County: Sharkey                       County: Tippah

District 1    June B. Wilson          District 1   S. A. Tapp
District 2    D. W. Johnson           District 2   James Huddleston
District 3    Catherine B. Norris     District 3   Boone Shelton
District 4    Sadie Hester            District 4   Roy Hodges
District 5    Carlos Caselli          District 5   Eddie Stroupe
County: Tishomingo                   County: Webster
District 1   Arthur Bonds            District 1    Earlie A. Dumas
District 2   Jeff Wilemon            District 2    Vera Curry
District 3   Sherry Gwatney          District 3    Etoile Herrod
District 4   David Rushing           District 4    Ann Walls
District 5   Ronald Deaton           District 5    Larry Parker

County: Tunica                       County: Wilkinson
District 1   Jerlean McKay           District 1    Chantel McMorris
District 2   Elijah Williams         District 2    Robert Arbuthnott
District 3   Virginia Brown          District 3    Jerrie Love
District 4   Tabitha McCoy           District 4    Laverne Denise Poole
District 5   Lloyd E. Ryals          District 5    Frances Wissner

County: Union                        County: Winston

District 1   Graham Spencer          District 1    Lisa Blalock Watson
District 2   Lanell Hudson           District 2    Dell Gillett
District 3   Frances Dunlap          District 3    Willie Dean Miller
District 4   Mike Beam               District 4    Mattie Cooper
District 5   Wayne Wilhite           District 5    Mary Reed

County: Walthall                     County: Yalobusha
District 1   Ben Dillon              District 1    Steve Cummings
District 2   Frankie Booth           District 2    Missy Kimzey
District 3   Carolyn Louise Reagan   District 3    Robert Chandler
District 4   Joyce Bracey            District 4    Ora Fay Polk
District 5   Wyonia Jackson          District 5    June Byford

County: Warren                        County: Yazoo

District 1   Johnny Brewer            District 1   William T. Quimby
                                      District 2   Ann Dunn
District 2   Retha Summers
                                      District 3   Gretta Winters
District 3   Patricia A. Reed         District 4   Sylvia Vandevere
District 4   John B. Rundell          District 5   Phoebe Smith
District 5   Gordon Carr

County: Washington
District 1   Linda Boschert
District 2   Bob Jones
District 3   Pearlie Holmes
District 4   Sadie Seard
District 5   Betty Wilson

County: Wayne
District 1   Evon Harris
District 2   Sybil Taylor
District 3   Helen Evans
District 4   John T. Mozingo
District 5   Imogene Walley
        Please make several copies for the field
        and return completed forms to the Call
        Center by fax no later than 9:00 p.m. on
        Tuesday, November 4th.

                Fax completed forms to:

Voting and Election Day Irregularity Complaint Log
 Identifying Information
 Caller’s Name
 No. of Persons affected; Names

 Location of Problem
 Name of Volunteer providing asst.

 Nature of Problem/Resolution/Notes
 Describe Problem

 Action Taken (please provide details including who you spoke with)

              Polling Place Inquiry Only
              Suggested Action
              Phoned Election Commis-
 By You
              Phoned Clerk
              Referred to Regional Director
 If not re-   Other
  info on

 Statistical Data

 Was caller newly registered?
 Was caller disabled?
 Was caller male or female?
 Was problem related to Voter ID?

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