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                                                                                 Innovation Expo Review
  R E C I P I E N T S O F T H E 2 0 0 8 W G A G R O C E R O F T H E Y E A R A W A R D
    L E O A N D R O S E M A R Y H A N S E N , A L O N G W I T H T H E I R F A M I LY

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THOMAS BRANTA, MARKET DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Green Bay/Pleasant Prairie 262-308-7548
 BRAD MILLER, MARKET DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, Green Bay/Pleasant Prairie 630-743-9226
           JEFF MCCLURE, AREA SALES DIRECTOR, Green Bay 920-436-1509
           AIJA JANTZ, AREA SALES DIRECTOR, Pleasant Prairie 262-947-9384
         SUPERVALU Green Bay Distribution Center   SUPERVALU Pleasant Prairie Distribution Center
          451 Joannes Ave., Green Bay, WI 54304       7400 95th St., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Lee Guenther
T.A. Solberg Company Inc., Minocqua
Brad Brooks
Affiliated Foods Midwest, Norfolk, NE
SECRETARY/TREASURER                                                                                               2008 Fall Issue
William Dowling
Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc., Milwaukee

Gary Bickmore
Nash Finch, Minneapolis, MN
Mike Coppersmith
Festival Foods, New London
Karen Godin
Godin’s Piggly Wiggly, Mequon
David Hegenbarth
Hegenbarth Food Group, Inc., Galesville
Aija Jantz
SUPERVALU, Pleasant Prairie                                            R E V I E W T H E 2 0 0 8 W G A I N N O V AT I O N E X P O I N C L U D I N G :         The Wisconsin Grocers
Steve Loehr                                                                                                                                                   Association 2008 Innovation
Kwik Trip, La Crosse                                                   Competitions • Honors • Seminars • Trade Show
                                                                                                                                                              Expo was held this fall at the
                                                                       Innovation Expo Review
Paul Lucas
MillerCoors, Milwaukee                                                                                                                                        Monona Terrace Convention
Dave Koenig                                                                                                                                                   Center in Madison. PAGE 11
Fresh Brands, Inc., Sheboygan
Jeff Maurer
Pierce’s Markets, Baraboo
Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe Markets, Inc., Madison
Kevin P. Morris
Coca Cola Bottling Company, Milwaukee
Dave Ryman
                                                                           7      From the President                                        32    Advantage                   3   Russ Davis
CERTCO, Inc., Madison
                                                                                  Grocery 101                                                     Refrigeration                   Wholesale, Inc.
                                                                                                                                            2                                13
David Spiegelhoff
Gooseberries, Burlington
                                                                            8     Legislative Update                                        13
                                                                                                                                                  Affiliated Foods
                                                                                                                                                  Alpha Baking Co.           26
                                                                                  Election Review                                           19    Altria                      6   Shullsburg Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                             6                                    Cheese
WGA STAFF                                                               10        Innovation Expo Review                                    29
                                                                                                                                                  Associated Bank
                                                                                                                                                  Bronze Sponsors            36   Society Insurance
PRESIDENT/CEO                                                                     A Review of Expo Competitions,                            35    Certco                     17   Sparboe
Brandon Scholz                                                                    Presentations, Honors                                     27    Golden Guernsey             6   Stone Ridge Meat &
                                                                                                                                                                                  Country Market
Michelle Kussow                                                         21        Staff Profile                                             25
                                                                                                                                                  LIPARI Foods
                                                                                                                                                  Nash Finch Company
EVENTS DIRECTOR                                                                   The Power of Associations                                 13    Pan-O-Gold
Cheryl Lytle                                                                                                                                                                 17   Valley News
OPERATIONS DIRECTOR                                                     22        Around the State                                          16
                                                                                                                                                  Professional Cards
                                                                                                                                                  Random Lake
                                                                                                                                                                             34   Wisconsin Public
Sarah Decorah                                                                     Grocers in the News                                       16    Risk Management            16   Wisconsin Milk
Debbie Schneider                                                        24        Keeping the Economy Moving
                                                                                                                                                                                  Marketing Board

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                                                                                                                              From the

 Grocery 101
 Brandon Scholz, WGA President
 No matter whom you                  interchange reform legislation     The WGA has built and will
 supported or voted for, the         will make it through Congress      maintain many strong
 November elections produced         and that Obama would sign          relationships with Senate
 historic results and change         the bill. Certainly as the         Democrats who have been in
 across the board.                   transition consummates in          control for the last two years.
                                     January and the Obama              While we are opposed to issues
                                     administration begins, many        like indexing the minimum
                                     more issues will change from       wage, we have good supporters
   President-                        campaign rhetoric to executive     in the State Senate
   elect Barack                      and legislative initiatives. We
                                                                        As with the Assembly, we look
                                     expect the next four years to be
   Obama will                        especially challenging to the
                                                                        forward to working with new
                                                                        and retuning members of the
   likely reshape                    grocery business.
                                                                        Senate as the session begins
   public policy                     On the home front the              and educating legislators on
                                     landscape has changed              key grocery industry issues.
   on most                           dramatically as well and causes
                                                                                                            sign it if passed by the
                                                                                                            legislature. We look forward to
   every issue.                      uncertainty as to what               Our plan                          working with the Governor on
                                     challenges will come stateside.
                                     Democrats now control the            however is to                     budget issues relating to the
                                                                                                            grocery industry. Governor
 President-elect Barack Obama        Assembly and that means              strengthen our                    Doyle has reached out to the
 will likely reshape public policy   changes in leadership,
 on most every issue while           committees, committee chairs         relationships                     WGA and our members and
                                                                                                            we look forward to continue to
 confronting immediate               and committee assignments.           with the new                      enhance that relationship.
 challenges on the economy,          Gift card legislation, indexing
 terrorism, defense, foreign         minimum wage, increasing the         majority in the                   State Rep. Mark Pocan (D-
 affairs, health care, entitlement   sales tax, banning plastic           Assembly—                         Madison) and the expected co-
 programs, environment and           grocery bags, increasing the                                           chair of Joint Finance recently
 energy policy. That’s a full        sales tax, implementing              and that’s                        said, “Our number one thing
 plate for a new president           streamline sales tax are a few       where we’ll                       we want to do is get in there
 regardless of their party or        issues among many more that                                            and work on the economy and
 ideology.                           will certainly impact the            need your                         jobs and cost of living. And
 While we hope the President-
                                     industry but more importantly,       help.                             when working on the budget,
                                     your bottom line.                                                      we’re going to do it with
 elect is successful in leading
                                                                                                            working families and the
 our country, we will have           Our plan however is to             The most critical piece of
                                                                                                            middle class first and foremost
 differences with him and the        strengthen our relationships       legislation that the WGA and
                                                                                                            in mind, not the special
 democratically controlled           with the new majority in the       others will deal with is the
 House and Senate. First and         Assembly—and that’s where          state budget to be proposed by
 foremost, we expect Congress        we’ll need your help. Dave         Governor Jim Doyle in               What that means is that we’ll
 to pass the Employee Free           Kotwitz from the Edgerton          January. The Governor               need you to show the
 Choice Act, which would deny        Piggly Wiggly set the stage        reported that the state budget      legislature grocers are not a
 workers the right to a private      when he told his local             deficit will be nearly $5 billion   special interest. Grocers are
 ballot (like voters have on         legislator Kim Hixson, that he     and could be more. To make          employers, businesses who hire
 Election Day) and face various      would invite him back to the       up for the loss in revenue, the     working families, businesses
 forms of coercion during            store after the election for       Governor most likely will           which pay taxes and keep
 union organizing efforts.           “Grocery 101” to educate him       impose a hospital tax and the       Main Street and the economy
 President-elect Obama has           on the challenges and issues in    combined reporting tax. The         going while doing it at razor
 promised the unions he would        the grocery business. Frankly,     Governor has also indicated         thin margins in the face of 6%
 take of their needs and most        we’re going to need 132 classes    that he would prefer that the       food inflation. It’s the message
 assuredly would sign the bill.      on “Grocery 101” across the        $15 billion health care reform      you’ll have to deliver when you
                                     state to make our case to new      bill – Healthy Wisconsin – not      hold “Grocery 101” in your
 We remain hopeful however
                                     and returning legislators.         be in the budget and may not        store.
 that key industry issues like

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                       2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 7

                                           Election Review
                                           By Michelle Kussow, Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications

                                           It’s been 22 years in               tax bill from last session.          that were not addressed when
                                           the making: the                     The tax would be 2.4                 the Legislature was split
                                           democrats have                      cents/12-ounce bottle and the        between republicans and
                                           managed to take                     revenue would fund alcohol           democrats.
                                           control of all Wisconsin            treatment and prevention.
                                                                                                                    If there was ever a time to get
                                           government for the                  (WIBA AM)
                                                                                                                    involved, it’s now. Get to know
                                           first time since 1986.             • Senate Majority Leader Russ         your newly-elected legislator or
                                           The previously democrat-             Decker (D-Schofield) wants          renew your friendships. Invite
                                           controlled Senate and democrat       to push through a minimum           your legislators—democrat and
                                           Governor Jim Doyle joins the         wage increase that would be         republican to your store for a
                                           newly-minted democrat                indexed for inflation.              “Grocery 101” tour. Get
                                           majority in the State Assembly.      (The Capital Times)                 involved with the WGA by
                                           In addition, the State is facing                                         participating in our bi-weekly
                                                                               Decker also said corporation,
For more information                       the prospect of a $5 billion                                             government affairs calls that
                                                                               which saw two tax loopholes
contact Michelle                           deficit over the next two-year                                           will re-start once the Legislature
                                                                               close in a compromise budget
Kussow, Vice President                     period. What does this mean
                                                                               repair bill last spring, can         commences in January. Respond
Government Affairs                         for Wisconsin and for the retail                                         to WGA’s Legislative alerts.
                                                                               expect more of the same.
and Communications                         food industry?
                                                                               (The Capital Times)                  The WGA exists to serve
888.342.5942                                                                  • Lawmakers should couple             members of the retail food
As always, if you have any                                                      a one-time income tax               industry in Wisconsin. But,
questions on these or any other                                                 surcharge with spending             we cannot do this alone.
legislative questions, please              In the short time                    cuts to fix the state’s budget      Please, get involved.
call Brandon or Michelle at                since the November                   shortfall, Democrat Party of
888-342-5942.                              election, leaders in                 Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke          New Faces:
                                                                                suggested. (
                                           both houses and the                                                      2009–2010
  Contact Your Legislator                                                     • Regarding the state’s universal     Wisconsin
                                           Governor have
                                                                                health care plan, Healthy
  If you are unsure which State            spelled out a few of                 Wisconsin, Senator Decker
  Legislators represent the district of
  your home or business, call the          their priorities for                 said, “The Senate is still          Senate
  Legislative Hotline at 800.362.9472                                           working on it and [Senator
  or visit or
                                           the upcoming                                                                         Jim Holperin
                                                                                Jon Erpenbach, the bill’s
  call Michelle Kussow at 888.342.5942.    legislative session.                                                                 (D-Eagle River)
                                                                                author] has some ideas on
                                                                                                                                12th Senate
  By E-mail                                                                     how to make it even better.”
  SENATE                                                                        (The Wheeler Report)
                                           In the short time since the        • Responding to the possible          Jim Holperin is the Executive
  ASSEMBLY                                                                                                          Director of Trees for Tomorrow,
                                           November election, leaders in        budget gap, Assembly Speaker                                                                                         an accredited specialty school
  For example, Representative              both houses and the Governor         Mike Sheridan (D-Janesville)
                                           have spelled out a few of their      said it’s too early to talk about   in Eagle River. He is a former
  Spencer Black’s email address is                  priorities for the upcoming          tax increases, but he did not       member of the Wisconsin State
  BY PHONE                                 legislative session. Among these     rule out a general sales or         Assembly and was appointed
  Call the Legislative Hotline toll free   priorities are the following:        income tax increase to address      Secretary of the Wisconsin
  at 800.362.9472                                                               the budget shortfall.               Department of Tourism in
  By Mail                                  • Governor Jim Doyle supports        (Janesville Gazette)                2003.
  ASSEMBLY                                   the hospital assessment as                                                         Randy Hopper
                                                                              Suffice it to say, we’ve got our
  Last Name A to L: P.O. Box 8952;           soon as it can be passed and                                                       (R-Fond du Lac)
  Madison, WI 53708 8952                                                      work cut out for us. Legislators
                                             continues to support the oil                                                       18th Senate
  Last Name M to Z: P.O. Box 8953;                                            will leave no tax or fee
                                             company tax proposed last                                                          District
  Madison, WI 53708 8953                                                      unturned in their search for
                                             session (The Wheeler Report)
                                                                              ways to address the state’s           Randy Hopper is the President
  P.O. Box 7882; Madison, WI               • Representative Terese Berceau    budget problems. In addition,         and owner of Mountain Dog
  53707 7882                                 (D-Madison) discussed her        there will be many pent-up            media, a broadcasting company
                                             plans to reintroduce the beer    issues brought to the surface         in Fond du Lac.

                                                                                                          LEGISLATIVE UPDATE

Assembly                                       Keith Ripp              the Midwest Administrator for                     Mark Radcliffe
       Ted Zigmunt                             (R-Lodi)                the Small Business                                (D-Black River
       (D-Francis Creek)                       47th Assembly           Administration, and started his                   Falls)
       2nd Assembly                            District                career as a teacher and then a                    92nd Assembly
       District                                                        team leader for students with         District
                                   Keith Ripp is a small business
                                                                       special needs.
Ted Zigmunt is the Village         owner/operator of Ripp Farms,                                             Mark Radcliffe has been a
President of Francis Creek and     a cash grain and livestock          Kristen Dexter                        private practice attorney in
a Manitowoc County Board           operation and R Enterprises, a                (D-Eau Claire)              Black River Falls for more
Supervisor. He currently works     commodity trucking business.                  68th Assembly               than ten years. He is also the
for Laser Cartridge Sales and      In addition, he serves as                     District                    municipal attorney for both
Service, and formerly worked at    President of the Wisconsin                                                the Village of Alma Center
                                                                                     Kristen Dexter was
WOMT radio in Manitowoc as         Soybean Marketing Board,                                                  and the Township of Alma.
                                                                       elected to the Altoona Board of
the mid-day announcer for          Founding Member and
                                                                       Education in 2002 and served
twenty years under the name        President of Badger AgVest,
                                                                       for six years. After helping
“Lee Douglas.”                     LLC and a Town of Dane
                                                                       Senator Pat Kreitlow win
            Sandra Pasch                                               election in 2006, Kristen
            (D-Whitefish Bay)                  Ed Brooks               worked as a Community
            22nd Assembly                      (R-Reedsburg)           Outreach Director.
                                               50th Assembly
            District                                                                Nick Milroy
                                               District                                                        Assembly Speaker:
Sandra Pasch has been an                                                            (D-Superior)
                                   Ed Brooks is a dairy farmer and                  73rd Assembly              Mike Sheridan
Assistant Professor at Columbia
                                   Chairman of the Board of                         District                   (D-Janesville)
College. She is also the
coordinator of Milwaukee’s         Foremost Farms USA. He is                                                   Majority Leader:
                                                                       Nick Milroy is serving his
Crisis Intervention Team and       Chair of the Town of Reedsburg                                              Tom Nelson
                                                                       second term as a City
the founder of the Crisis          and a member of the Reedsburg                                               (D-Kaukauna)
                                                                       Councilor of the City of
Intervention Partner Program.      Rural Fire Department Board.
                                                                       Superior. He is also a fisheries        Minority Leader:
            Dan Knodl                          Richard                 biologist who works for the             Jeff Fitzgerald
            (R-Germantown)                     Spanbauer               Great Lakes Indian Fish and             (R-Horicon)Assistant
            24th Assembly                      (R-Oshkosh) 53rd        Wildlife Commission.
                                                                                                               Minority Leader:
            District                           Assembly District
                                                                                    Kelda Helen Roys           Mark Gottlieb
Dan Knodl is a small business      Richard Spanbauer is a realtor.                  (D-Madison)                (R-Port Washington)
owner of the Reef Point Resort.    In addition he is the Chairman                   81st Assembly
                                                                                                               SenateMajority Leader:
In addition, he is a Supervisor    of the Town of Algoma where                      District
                                                                                                               Russ Decker
on the Washington County           he has served for three of his
                                                                       Kelda Helen Roys is a proven            (D-Schofield)
Board of Supervisors and           ten years as Chairman.
                                                                       progressive leader and a lifelong
President of the 4th District                                                                                  Assistant Majority
                                               Penny Bernard           Madison Northsider. She has
Tavern League of Wisconsin.                                                                                    Leader:
                                               Schaber                 spent four years as Executive
                                                                                                               Dave Hansen
            Fred Clark                         (D-Appleton) 57th       Director of NARAL Pro-Choice
                                                                                                               (D-Green Bay)
            (D-Baraboo)                        Assembly District       Wisconsin, advocating for
            42nd Assembly                                              women’s health.                         Senate President:
                                   Penny Bernard Schaber works
            District                                                                                           Fred Risser
                                   in the Oshkosh Area School                       Chris Danou
Fred Clark is a conservationist,   District as a physical therapist.                (D-Trempealeau)
consulting forester and the        She has served as a Peace Corps                  91st Assembly              Minority Leader:
owner of Clark Forestry, Inc.      volunteer in Brazil.                             District                   Scott Fitzgerald
located in Baraboo. Clark also                                                                                 (R-Juneau)
                                               Peter Barca             Chris Danou is a police officer
worked as a Senior Forester                    (D-Kenosha)             in the City of Onalaska and is          Assistant Minority
with Wisconsin DNR and as an                   64th Assembly           a member of the County                  Leader:
ecologist with Wisconsin                       District                Emergency Response Team                 Glenn Grothman
Chapter of the Nature                                                  (SWAT Unit) and the regional            (R-West Bend)
Conservancy.                       Peter Barca is currently the
                                                                       MEG unit, which conducts
                                   President of Aurora Associates
                                                                       investigations to drug trafficking.
                                   International, he was formerly

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                        2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 9
                                      R E V I E W T H E 2 0 0 8 W G A I N N O V AT I O N E X P O I N C L U D I N G :
           State Representative
Mike Huebsch (right) commends
    the 2008 Grocer of the Year       Competitions • Honors • Seminars • Trade Show
  Award winners Rosemary and

                                      Innovation Expo Review
                   Leo Hansen.
 Excellence in Operations honors
          went to Dennis & Karen
     Wautlet, (Denny’s SuperValu,
   Algoma, WI), Glenn Palmquist,
(Richter’s Sentry, Twin Lakes, WI),
      Nate Pederson, (Sun Prairie     The Wisconsin Grocers Association 2008              “Just a short note of thanks and
      Sentry, Sun Prairie, WI), and   Innovation Expo was held this fall at the
     Mike Geidel, (Geidel’s Piggly
                                      Monona Terrace Convention Center in                   congratulation on a great
          Wiggly, Kewaskum, WI).
                                      Madison. Members from around the state                convention! Outstanding effort
                                      gathered to enhance their knowledge in the ever-      once again.”      Alan Alden, Trig’s
    BOTTOM PHOTOS LEFT TO RIGHT       changing grocery industry and to honor talented
   Dave Hervey, MillerCoors, was      colleagues.
  honored as Vendor of the Year.
                                                                                          Sentry, Sun Prairie), and Mike Geidel, (Geidel’s
  Sherry, Dale (not shown), and       Honors                                              Piggly Wiggly, Kewaskum) for their work ethic,
 Gary Hanke, Hanke’s Supervalu,
          Wittenberg, received a      WGA presented the respected Grocer of the           commitment to the grocery industry and
     Community Service award.         Year award to Leo and Rosemary Hansen of            creating opportunities for store associates.
     Sharon Cardone, Trig’s, won      Hansen’s IGA, Bangor, WI. The WGA Grocer of         This year WGA initiated the Community
                airfare for two.      the Year award is presented annually to recognize   Service Award. Honorees are Dave Hegenbarth,
       Alice in Dairyland, Ashley     an individual(s) for their lifetime commitment      Hegenbarth Food Group, Inc., Galesville, and
     Huibregtse, hosts the Great      to the grocery industry. They exemplify the         Dale and Sherry, Gary and Sandy Hanke,
     Wisconsin Bag Off. The first
    place winner is Jared Seidel,
                                      highest leadership in their business and            Hanke’s Supervalu, Wittenberg.
       Festival Foods, Marshfield     community and their influence has positively
                                                                                          The WGA’s new Vendor of the Year award was
 (seated), second place went to       enhanced the lives of others.
 Chu Mingyu, Metcalfe Markets,                                                            created in 2008 to recognize vendors who go the
       Madison (right) and third      The 2008 Excellent in Operations honors were        extra mile to ensure their retail customers are
          place was awarded to        presented to Dennis & Karen Wautlet, (Denny’s       satisfied and their products are on the shelves.
        Will Cole, Festival Foods,    SuperValu, Algoma), Glenn Palmquist, (Richter’s
          Green Bay (back row.)
                                                                                          Dave Hervey, MillerCoors, Milwaukee, is this
                                      Sentry, Twin Lakes), Nate Pederson, (Sun Prairie    year’s honoree.
     Sponsors • Presenters • Guests • Events

          Notable Moments


     2.                                 4.   1. Brandon Scholz (left) recognizing
                                                Diamond Sponsors: Martin Arter and
                                                Brad Brooks, Affiliated Foods (next to
                                                Scholz), Aija Jantz, Jeff McClure and
                                                Mark Anderson, Supervalu. Roundy’s
                                                Supermarkets is a Diamond Sponsor,
                                                but not pictured.

          3.                                 2. Tim Metcalfe, Expo Chairman poses
                                                with Cheryl Lytle, WGA Events Director.
                                             3. Krystal Kussow, the WGA Expo
                   6.                           Assistant, attended the banquet with
                                                her husband, Justin.
                                             4. Paul Butera, Fresh Brands Inc./Piggly
                                                Wiggly is welcomed to our state with
                                                an official Cheese Head.
                                             5. Brandon Scholz, Dave Ausprung and
                                   7.           Bob Palamateer.
     5.                                      6. Attendees view the many items on the
                                                silent auction.
                                             7. Don Symonds with Lipari Foods.
                                             8. Janet and Gary Suokko and Paul and
                                                Judy Butera at the Chairman’s Banquet.
                                             9. Action at the trade show.
                                             10. Brandon Scholz, Lee Guenther (left)
                                                and Tim Metcalfe (right) congratulate
                                                Erik Groll, Larry’s Markets, (center) for
                                                purchasing the winning 50/50 Raffle

8.                      9.                      ticket. Erik won over $3,000 and the
                                                same amount was raised for the WGA
                                                Education & Scholarship Foundation!
                                             11. Contestant at the Great Wisconsin Bag
                                                 Off Contest

                                               2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 11

                                                                                  13.                                                  15.


12. Attendees at one of the many seminars. 13. Don Gallagos, keynote speaker, with sponsor Steve Loehr from Kwik Trip. 14. Mad Dog and Merrill demonstrating grilling techniques from
the Cullerton Company. 15. Mark Anderson, Supervalu, chats with others at the Expo. 16. Control Your Expense Panel 17. Lee Guenther discusses seminar information with others.

   Presentations                                                    Control Your Expenses
                                                                                                                                       “I want to commend
                                                                    Steve Mehmert, Mehmert Store Services
   Be Green and Make Gold                                           Jack Bly, Michaels Engineering                                       you and your staff on
   Bret Hulsey, Better Environmental Solutions                      Jeff Korneli, Advantage Refrigeration                                the choice of speakers
   Mark Stellflug, Stell’s Piggly Wiggly                            Brad Korkow, Society Insurance                                       and topics that were
   Kindl Midikowski, T.A. Solberg Co.                               Pete Adam, Energy Management Consultants                             offered. I headed a
   Warren Graham, Focus on Energy                                   Jerry Hardy, Mehmert Store Services                                  manager meeting
   How green is your grocery? Are you buying                        Experienced specialists discussed topics such as                     before leaving Madison
   local produce and staples? Are you offering                      credit card fees, fuel charges, energy                               and the consensus
   incentives to convert to paper versus plastic                    management, and loss prevention, and how
   bags? What do you do with recyclables on                                                                                              within our group is
                                                                    you can maintain the bottom line.
   your dock?                                                                                                                            that they all felt the
                                                                    Bakery and Deli Trends                                               convention this year
   This seminar helped grocers tap into the                         Don Symonds, Lipari Foods
   benefits that come from being a “green grocery                                                                                        provided them with
                                                                    Marna Baer, H.C. Brill
   store.” Going green doesn’t have to be an                        Don Baker, Sara Lee                                                  educational value, tips
   enormously difficult undertaking. Sometimes,                     John Welk, Sara Lee                                                  and ideas on how to
   all you need to get started is a nudge in the                                                                                         better run their stores.”
   right direction.                                                 Bakery and Deli Trends focused on fine-
                                                                    tuning your bakery management skills. Yes                                            Tom Verhagen,
                                                                    indeed, displaying and selling bakery is not                                         Larry’s Markets
                                                                    the same as selling other product departments.

   18. Barb and Jim Hegenbarth (Dave’s brother) attended the Networking Reception. 19.Brandon Scholz congratulates Dave Hegenbarth on his Community Service Award.
   20. Jack Femyer, Dan Lauersdorf, Vic Krueger and Patty Schroedel attend the WGA Networking Reception.

   18.                                                                                19.                                                                        20.

 Pr e m i u m Pa c k a g e d I c e

   2175 W. 20th Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54904

                                          2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 13
                         Innovation Expo Review, Continued
                                               Don Symonds has spent his entire career “Thank you for including me in
                                               in the food industry working 21 years
                                                                                        the Great Wisconsin Bag-Off!
                                               for Meijer, Inc., of Grand Rapids,
                                               Michigan and holding many positions      I had a great time working
                                               from bagger to Store Director.           with the youth and seeing the
                                               Marna Baer is a Territory Sales Manager
                                                                                            contest. How exciting!”
                                               for HC Brill, Inc., a manufacturing                                    Ashley Huibregse,
                                               company that provides quality products                            61st Alice in Dairyland
                                               to in-store, retail, and manufacturing
                                               plants in the baking industry.               Ann Werner, Trig’s, won two passes for
                                                                                            educational seminars and the trade show
                                               John Welk is a Senior Manager of
                                                                                            at the FMI Convention in Chicago, IL.
                                               Shopper Insights at Sara Lee North
                                               America in Downers Grove, Illinois.          Andy Wians, Festival Foods, Appleton,
                                                                                            won two full registrations to the 2009
                                               Don Baker is the Vice President of
                                                                                            Innovation Expo.
                                               Pricing and Category Selling Strategies
                                               for Sara Lee Food and Beverage based in      The Great Wisconsin Bag-Off—a classic
                                               Downers Grove Illinois.                      competition full of spirit—sends the
                                                                                            2008 winner, Jared Seidel, Festival
                                               Win the Customer, Not the Argument
                                                                                            Foods, Marshfield, to the national
                                               Keynote Speaker, Don Gallegos
                                                                                            competition in Las Vegas next spring.
                                               Don Gallegos thinks that the most            Along with the airfare and hotel stay he
                                               important goal of a business is to win       goes home with $500. (The winner of
                                               customers. His valuable insights and         the national contest wins $2,000 and
Great Wisconsin Bag Off Candids                recommendations for increasing sales         national television exposure.) Second
                                               and employee satisfaction through world      place and $250 went to Chu Mingyu,
                                               class customer service is enhanced by his    Metcalfe Markets, Madison and third
                                               stories and humor.                           place, with $100, was awarded to Will
                                                                                            Cole, Festival Foods, Green Bay. Alice in
                                                                                            Dairyland, Ashley Huibregtse, hosted
                                               The Innovation Expo offers great prizes      the Great Wisconsin Bag-Off.
                                               in a variety of drawings and competitions.   TOP TO BOTTOM
                                               Lucky and skillful winners include:          1. Dick Leinenkugel, Secretary of Wisconsin Department of
                                               Sharon Cardone, Trig’s, won airfare for         Commerce spoke at the WGA Membership Luncheon.
                                               two, up to $600.                             2. The Silent Auction featured some suprising treasures.
                                                                                            3. Tim Metcalfe and Brandon Scholz talk with Don Gallegos.
                                               Wayne Hall, Affiliated Foods, won two        4. Piggly Wiggly attendees.
                                               registrations, airfare for two, and a two-   5. Ashley Huibregtse, 61st Alice in Dairyland was the
                                               night hotel stay for the FMI Public             Guest Hostess of the Great Wisconsin Bag Off. She is
                                               Affairs Conference in Washington, DC.           joined by Bag Off contestants.

                                                                   Thanks to the WGA

                                          Trade Show Exhibitors

        DATCP/BUY LOCAL                CAPITAL NEWSPAPERS     CHEF LOCKE               COCA-COLA             COST SEG ASSOC.         CROSSMARK

        CRYSTAL FARMS                  EDGE ONE               EMIL’S PIZZA             FOCUS ON ENERGY       FRITO LAY               GOPHER NEWS

        H. BROOKS & CO.                HE STARK COMPANY       INDIANAPOLIS FRUIT CO.   J & B GROUP           KEMPS DAIRY             KLEMENTS

                                                                                       NORTH COUNTRY

        PEPSI-COLA                     PHOTOLAND              PLITT FISH CO.           PROFESSIONAL SUPPLY   THE REDMOND CO.         RETAIL DATA SYSTEMS

NOT SHOWN:        Midwest Best Water
Anheuser Busch    MillerCoors
Golden Guernsey   Old Dutch Foods
Goldridge         Peps/Bennetti
 Construction     Stone Ridge Meat
Maglio Produce     & Country Market
                                       RISK MANAGMENT LLC     RUSS DAVIS WHOLESALE     SERV-ICE              SHAZAM                  SOCIETY INSURANCE

                                                                                                             TCI ARCHITECTS/

        VENTURE FUELS LLC                     VERN’S CHEESE   WALNUT STREET BAKING     WI LOTTERY            WIC                     WI MILK MARKETING BOARD

        PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                     2008 Convention Issue WISCONSIN GROCER 15
 The Economic Development
 Committee of the
 Random Lake Area
 Chamber of Commerce is searching for an
                                 for a start up grocery store in
                                   the Village of Random Lake.                    As independent agents with a total of
                                                                        50+ years of grocery store experiences, we have
                                                                               access to various insurance carriers and
                                                                         can provide you with a competitive proposal to
                                                                               compare against your current coverage.
                                                                                               By knowing your business,
                                                                                     we can make sure that your business
                                                                                       is properly covered and protected.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa                                                                       Let us focus on your
                                                                            grocery store insurance needs so that
  The Economic Development Committee of the Random Lake Area
   Chamber of Commerce is searching for an owner/manager for a
                                                                               you can focus on your business.
        start up grocery store in the Village of Random Lake.                
 Ideally, candidates should have existing stores in operation or have
   a minimum of 5 years management experience with adequate
           financial support. Various franchises are available.            Property & Casualty / Workers Comp / Life & Health
                                                                                        Personal Lines Insurance
                                                                                           (888) 857-5144

 $ Buy and sell

 j find
   good employees, or
       invite your special event.
  ,    others to

            Wisconsin Grocers Classifieds
        Do you have equipment to sell or are looking to purchase new
        or used equipment? Are you looking for new department or
        management staff? Classified ads in the Wisconsin Grocer
        magazine are $50 for approximately 35 words. Classifieds will
        also be posted on the WGA website for up to 60 days.
                Please contact Cheryl Lytle at (888) 342 5942 or
                                                                        When it comes to producing delicious,
                                                                        award-winning Wisconsin Cheese...
                                                                        and other farm-fresh dairy products, there’s no place like Wisconsin.
                                                                        Our dairy heritage, culture and pride run deep, and our traditions
                                                                        of cheesemaking and dairy manufacturing are second to none.
                                                                        Wisconsin is the home of the world’s most award-winning cheeses.
                                                                        Share the pride of over 150 years of cheesemaking excellence by
                                                                        selecting Wisconsin Cheese.

                                                                            For recipes, pairing suggestions, and more, visit

                            The Fresh Favorite in Your Egg Case
                            From supermarkets to specialty stores, Sparboe Farms delivers
                            the superior shell eggs that consumers prefer. Freshness, taste
                            and all around quality that will keep your customers satisfied
                            and coming back for more.

                            Producing and Marketing fresh eggs to local service,
                            grocery ditributors, retailers and the military.

                            1.800.BEST.EGG |

                                                  Call us at 800-722-2221

                                                                      VALLEY NEWS COMPANY
                                                                      WHOLESALE MAGAZINE
                                                                      AND BOOK DISTRIBUTOR

                                                                              Serving the Midwest with:
                                                                     • Magazines             • Paperback Books
                                                                     • Promotional Display • Cookbooks
                                                                     • Children’s Books      • Comics
                                                                     • Maps and Atlases      • Seasonal Items
                                                                                     • Calendars

                                                                      R E A D A M AG A Z I N E TO N I G H T
                                                                           It’s FUNdamental!!
PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                          2008 Convention Issue WISCONSIN GROCER 17
                                                 Bakery • Deli Platter

                          Creative Competition

                                2.                                                                                       5.

                                                                                   1. Julie Enerson, Trig’s, Minoqua,1st Place Pary Platter.
   Turning Sweet Sixteen is an event worth celebrating.                            2. Beth Krueger, Metcalfe Markets, Madison, Cake Decoration.
   So we chose a Sweet Sixteen birthday party as the theme                         3. Colleen Weller, Trigs, 1st Place, Cake Decoration.
                                                                                   4. Laura Eyler, Miller & Sons, Verona, 2nd Place Party Platter.
   of the 2008 WGA Creative Competition.                                           5. Dawn Hollis, Miller & Sons, 2nd Place, Cake Decoration.
   Contestents had a budget of $100 to help make a sixteenth birthday
   party special with a cake or deli planner for a guest list of 30 people.        A special thank you to the many who
   Congratulations to these talented winners:                                      volunteered their time at the Innovation Expo:
                                                                                   • Angie Driefuerst, Trig’s
   Cake Decoration Category                                                        • Bob Palamateer, Lipari Foods
   Colleen Weller, Trigs, 1st Place, $200                                          • Brad Brooks, Affiliated Foods
   Dawn Hollis, Miller & Sons, 2nd Place, $100                                     • Carol David, Lipari Foods
                                                                                   • Dave Ausprung
   Party Platter Category                                                          • Dave Spiegelhoff, Spiegelhoff Supermarkets
   Julie Enerson, Trig’s, Minoqua,1st Place, $200                                  • Don Symonds, Lipari Foods
   Laura Eyler, Miller & Sons, Verona, 2nd Place, $100                             • Kim Robertson, Lipari Foods
                                                                                   • Lisa Lytle
   Thank you to the Creative Competition sponsor, Lipari.                          • Ruth Epping, Richter’s Sentry
                                                                                   • Tim Metcalfe, Metcalfe’s Sentry Markets
                                                                                   • Rose Mustamaa, Lipari Foods
                                                                                   • Tom Bingham, Lipari Foods

“Emil’s Pizza would like to commend the WGA                            “Our deli and bakery manager both competed in
 for its embrace of the concept of “buying local.”                      the Creative Competition. We have enjoyed
 Utilizing the resources of Wisconsin suppliers                         participating in this event and enjoy seeing
 not only benefits the local economy, but                               what other participants are doing....It is a great
 networking with local suppliers serves to strengthen                   way to get bakery and deli employees thinking
 bonds between parties.…Emil’s Pizza looks                              about new possibilities and opportunites for
 forward to working with the WGA members in                             their departments and stretching their own
 bringing quality products to the consumers.“
                                       Sue Kraemer, Emil’s Pizza                     Dana Knudtson & Barbara Miller, Miller & Sons

                               Altria Client Services

                                  Proud to support the
                            Wisconsin Grocers Association
                             and the WGA Innovation Expo

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                           2008 Convention Issue WISCONSIN GROCER 19

                                      Buy Local for Your
                                      Holiday Gifts and Dinner
                                      Ashley Huibregtse, 61st Alice in Dairyland

                                      Winter is wonderful                Wisconsin ranks seventh in          Maple syrup is also Something
                                      in Wisconsin, and                  honey producing about six           Special from Wisconsin thanks
                                                                         million pounds. Families are        to the families and trees that
                                      there is no reason to leave our
                                                                         raising bees that are perfect for   produce it. Choose maple
                                      state’s borders this holiday
                                                                         these candles or sweet treats.      syrup from our state this
                                      season. From a gift for your
                                                                                                             holiday to top your holiday
                                      someone special to a delicious     You could also stay warm with
                                                                                                             breakfast or include it in a gift
                                      dinner, look for Something         a hot tea or herbal drink.
                                      Special from Wisconsin™ this       There are Something Special
                                      year.                              from Wisconsin™ companies           And since we’re thinking of
                                                                         that specialize in ginseng. This    breakfast, consider a breakfast
                                      Something Special from
 Ashley Huibregtse,                                                      root is known for its ability to    sausage or bacon. Wisconsin
 61st Alice in Dairyland              Wisconsin is a trademarked
                                                                         keep your sugar level stable        raises six million turkeys each
                                      marketing program of the
 Alice in Dairyland is the                                               and lesson stress during the        year for holiday dinners plus
 agricultural ambassador for                                             busy season. Wisconsin also         500,000 hogs. Beef up your
 Wisconsin. She is a full-time                                           leads the nation in ginseng         nutrition with ZIP: Zinc, Iron,
 employee of the Wisconsin                                               producing 357,000 pounds of         and Protein. Twenty-nine lean
 Department of Agriculture,                                              the root in 2006.                   cuts make it easy to add a
 Trade & Consumer Protection                              Trade and
                                                                                                             healthy and delicious choice to
 and is a spokesperson of our         Consumer Protection. Since         When you are seeking baked
                                                                                                             your meal.
 state’s diverse agriculture          1983, this trademark has been      goods that have a smell that
 industry. During the year, Alice     found on company products          will have everyone coming to        No meal is complete without
 in Dairyland travels across the      that have at least fifty-percent   the kitchen, buy from a             sauces, seasonings, and snacks.
 state speaking to businesses,        of a product’s ingredients,        Wisconsin bakery. Many baked        Wisconsin is the leading
 communities, and students about      production, or processing          goods can include the delicious     producer of sauerkraut and
 the importance of agriculture in                                        Wisconsin fruits like apples        makes mean mustard. There
                                      activities from Wisconsin.
 our daily lives.                                                        and cherries. From Danishes to      are salsas featuring Wisconsin
                                      These products are unique and
 Alice in Dairyland also              high quality.                      turnovers, there is something       fruits for chips as well as other
 coordinates television, radio, and                                      for everyone in Wisconsin. You      dips.
 print media interviews to            For your holiday decorating,
                                                                         could even find a dessert there
 encourage consumers to buy           choose a tree or wreath from                                           When you purchase
                                                                         for your holiday meal.
 local, Wisconsin products. Each      Wisconsin. Our state ranks                                             Something Special from
 Alice in Dairyland travels about     fifth in the number of trees       The holidays are the perfect        Wisconsin, you support local
 40,000 miles during the year         harvested with 1.8 million cut     time to join with others to         farmers, processors,
 attending over 300 events            annually. The holiday tree         celebrate the successes of the      entrepreneurs, communities,
 generating thousands of dollars of   industry in Wisconsin has a        year. Sip a Wisconsin soda,         and the economy. To find
 media coverage. To become Alice,                                        wine, brandy, beer, or other        Something Special from
                                      $50 million economic impact.
 young women with at least three                                         beverage. Tour a winery or          Wisconsin look at a store near
                                      Over 600,000 wreaths and
 years of communications
                                      strings of garland are made        brewery, taste samples, and         you for the bright label or
 experience and a passion for
 agriculture apply and go through     each year. This is a great time    take some home for your             search online at
 an intensive interview process.      to support your state green        holiday dinner. There are , search
                                      industry as you can buy plants     many ways to learn how to           “Something Special from
                                      and dried flowers for indoors.     pair a drink of your choice         Wisconsin.”
                                                                         with a meal or your favorite
                                      Another way to decorate your                                           You can certainly support
                                                                         Wisconsin cheese.
                                      table is to have a centerpiece                                         Wisconsin agriculture,
                                      candle made from Wisconsin         A Wisconsin cheese tray is an       producers, local economies and
                                      honey. Not only sweet to eat,      excellent appetizer and a           communities this holiday by
                                      these holiday candles are made     valued gift. Wisconsin has over     offering a product from our
                                      out of beeswax and can be          600 varieties of cheese and         state as a gift or enjoying it
                                      given as gifts as well.            features more award-winning         with your holiday dinner.
                                                                         cheese than any other state.

                                                                                                          STAFF PROFILE

The Power of Associations
Debra Schneider, Membership Services Representative

WGA welcomes Debbie                  how things are accomplished.      the power of belonging to an
Schneider as our new                 We visited the House of           association.
Membership Services                  Representatives and the Senate
                                                                       I met attendees who were
Representative. Debbie brings a      and attended legislative
                                                                       vendors, independent owners,
wealth of skills and experience to   sessions. An aha moment hit
                                                                       key corporate members,
the position. We hope you enjoy      me; I saw the value of our
                                                                       baggers, and bakers. We were
getting to know her; we know         membership dues as I realized
                                                                       all there to learn how to
you’ll find her to be a              that no individual grocer nor
                                                                       improve our businesses, to
knowledgeable and helpful asset.     single corporation could
                                                                       share experiences with peers, to
                                     accomplish what the WGA has
                                                                       raise funds for the WGA
                                     through Brandon Scholz and
                                                                       Education and Scholarship
                                     Michelle Kussow. To some it
                                                                       Program, and to honor the
Background                           may not seem like much, but I
                                                                       best in the grocery industry. I
                                     learned firsthand that our
I was pleased to meet so many                                          was proud to be a part of
WGA members at the recent
                                     members’ voices are heard
                                                                       Expo. I am already looking           I was fortunate
                                     through the WGA.
Innovation Expo and I look                                             forward to next year’s               to attend the
forward to meeting more as I                                           convention on September 29
begin my work with the                                                 and 30, 2009, in Milwaukee,          FMI Lobby Day
Wisconsin Grocers                                                      as I gather new ideas from out
                                     Hitting Home                      in the field.                        in Washington,
Association. Here is a little bit
about my background, my              After returning from the FMI                                           DC. That
experiences, and my goals.           Lobby Day, the DC experience
                                     stayed with me. My baby                                                experience
I am a proud parent of two                                             In the Field
kids: a 25-year-old son, Jacob,
                                     formula aisle and Health and                                           changed my
                                     Beauty Care section was victim
who attends UW–Milwaukee                                               I am enjoying my time visiting       entire view
                                     to organized crime theft, and
and a 21-year-old daughter,                                            with as many members as I
                                     within minutes, hundreds of
Lindsey. I have been in the
                                     dollars of merchandise were
                                                                       can. I see so many unsung            of our
grocery industry for 25 years                                          heroes out there that
in various positions starting in
                                     gone. Luckily, we apprehended
                                                                       reluctantly share their stories      government....
                                     a few of the criminals that had
the bakery and deli. I’ve also                                         with me. Most of all I enjoy
                                     been making the rounds in the
worked as a Reset Team leader,                                         my one-on-one time with
                                     area and realized how fast the
Sales Representative, HBC and                                          members at their stores.
                                     stolen merchandise added up.
Receiving Manager and
                                                                       I am listening and informing,
Human Resource assistant. I’ve       Organized crime was one of
                                                                       and commmunicating your
also been an owner/innkeeper         the issues we had discussed in
                                                                       concerns back to the WGA
for 21 years, so I’m familiar        Washington, DC! Brandon
                                                                       staff. Many concerns are the
with the struggles of a small        Scholz and Michelle Kussow
                                                                       same for both small and large
business.                            relay the impact of laws, like
                                                                       grocers: the economy, heath
                                     the organized retail crime law,
                                                                       care, competition, and a new,
                                     on our industry.
                                                                       unproven administration.
Aha                                                                    I ask of you to hang in there      Would you like personal visit
I became interested in the
                                     New Faces and                     and continue your WGA
                                                                                                          from the WGA? Do you have
WGA while attending the              Old Friends                       membership in 2009,
                                                                                                          an issue to discuss? Please
                                                                       especially in these times
2006 WGA Summer Retreat              The 2008 Innovation Expo          of change. I think you will        contact Debbie Schneider at
in Green Bay. At the Retreat I       was a whirlwind for me, with      find, like I have, that there is   (262) 573-0171 or
was fortunate to win                 so many new faces and old         safety in numbers and power
registration to attend the FMI       friends—some that I had not
                                                                       in the Wisconsin Grocers
Lobby Day in Washington,             seen in over 15 years. Once       Association.
DC, which changed my entire          again it affirmed my belief in
view of our government and

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                   2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 21
 Around the

STATE             Around the State spotlights notable Wisconsin grocers and industry leaders. To share your news with fellow grocers, email or call 888.342-5942.

Roundy’s Foundation Donates $101,000 to Twelve

                                                                                                                                       Grand Opening of Semrad’s
                                                                                                                                       Piggly Wiggly, Muskego
Recipients Serve Families in                                                                                                                                     Jim and Judy
Milwaukee and Waukesha                                                                                                                                           Semrad were
Counties                                                                                                                               officially welcomed into the Piggly Wiggly
                                                                                                                                       family by Gary Suokko, Mary McLaughlin,
The Roundy’s Foundation awarded $101,000
                                                                                                                                       Dave Koenig and others from the Sheboygan
in grants to twelve non-profit agencies
                                                                                                                                       Office. The turnout was more then they
serving Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.
                                                                                                                                       expected as family, friends, and long-time
The presentations took place Wednesday,
                                                                                                                                       customers joined the local business
October 1 at Noon at the corporate
                                                                  TOP Salvation Army receiving $15,000: Colleen Stenholt,              community to congratulate the 28-year
headquarters of Roundy’s Supermarkets and
                                                                  Roundy’s Foundation Vice President, Verona Morgan,                   owners on this welcomed transition.
included refreshments from Metro Market in                        Salvation Army of Greater Milwaukee Board Member
downtown Milwaukee.                                               (Past Chair), Bob Wagner, Salvation Army of Greater                  Jim was impressed by Piggly Wiggly’s
                                                                  Milwaukee Board Chair, Vivian King, Roundy’s Director of             operations, support, and the direction of
“I love these events,” said Colleen Stenholt,                     Public Affairs, Connie Jones, Roundy’s Foundation                    Piggly Wiggly. Jim said he was the most
Roundy’s group vice president of human                            Administrator.
                                                                                                                                       proud of their employees; they are like
resources and vice president of the                               BOTTOM Family Service of Waukesha receiving $10,000:
                                                                  Colleen Stenholt, Roundy’s Foundation Vice President,                family. And, of course, he is proud of their
Roundy’s Foundation. “They give us a
                                                                  Faith Holley Biehl, Family Service of Waukesha, Laura                full-service bakery department. “There is
chance to recognize and support                                   Cherone, Executive Director of Family Service of                     not a department manager that hasn’t been
organizations that are truly making a                             Waukesha, Vivian King, Roundy’s Director of Public
                                                                                                                                       with us less then 13 years,” said Jim.
difference in the communities our stores                          Affairs, Connie Jones, Roundy’s Foundation Administrator.
serve. Each one of the agencies receiving                                                                                              With great modesty Jim mentioned Judy’s
grants shares our mission of providing                           About Roundy’s Foundation                                             labor of love: for over five years Judy has
hunger relief, eliminating domestic abuse or                     Chartered in August 2003, the Roundy’s                                sent monthly care packages from the store
helping people learn to read.”                                   Foundation was created to further                                     to Afghanistan for Capt. Tony Nelson,
                                                                 strengthen the commitment Roundy’s                                    husband of their bakery manager, Sarah.
Stenholt presented the checks to all twelve
                                                                 Supermarkets, Inc. has to the communities                             Congratulations, Jim and Judy on their
organizations receiving grants. They are
                                                                 it serves. Roundy’s Pick ‘n Save, Copps and                           continued success!
the following:
                                                                 Metro Market stores are found throughout
Organization                            Grant Amount             Wisconsin.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee       $8,000             Our Rainbow stores serve our customers in
The Campus Kitchens Project                   $2,000             the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The
Cooperating Congregations of Waukesha County $5,000              Roundy’s Foundation is dedicated to
Daystar, Inc.                                 $5,000             hunger relief, families in crisis due to
Family Service of Waukesha                   $15,000             domestic abuse and literacy, and since its
The Gathering of Southeast Wisconsin         $13,000             inception has given more than $2.5 million
Greenfield Public Library Foundation         $10,000             to organizations focused on community
Hope House of Milwaukee                       $8,000             service in those areas of need. Major grant
La Casa de Esperanza                         $10,000             recipients include food banks, women and                              Cheryl Lytle and Michelle Kussow joined Governor Jim
MPTV Friends                                  $5,000                                                                                   Doyle at the Executive Residence to celebrate the twenty
                                                                 family violence shelters and literacy                                 fifth anniversary of the Wisconsin Women’s Council. The
S.E.T. Ministry                               $5,000             programs throughout Wisconsin and                                     council empowers and evaluates the status of Wisconsin
The Salvation Army of Greater Milwaukee           $15,000        Minnesota.                                                            women through social and economic justice.

                                                                                                                         Around the


                                                Piggly Wiggly Ribbon
                                                Cutting                                       Celebrations
                                                                             Mark and
                                                                                                                    Festival Foods
                                                                                                                    celebrated the
                                                                             Stinebrink and
                                                                                              grand opening of their 13th
                                                 a large multi-generational family are now
                                                                                              Wisconsin store in Manitowoc.
                                                 part of the Fresh Brands/Piggly Wiggly
                                                                                              Chairman Dave Skogen and Mark
                                                 family. Two ribbon cutting ceremonies
                                                                                              Skogen, President and CEO of
                                                 were held at the Lake Geneva and
                                                                                              Festival Foods, greeted the
Delavan locations. The Stinebrink’s have been in the grocery business since the mid 70s
                                                                                              enthusiastic crowd of more than 100
and they continue to be committed to strengthening their ties to the community by
                                                                                              family, friends, employees and
offering competitive prices, quality in meat, deli and bakery departments and a weekly ad
                                                                                              community leaders. The 70,000 sf
that offers savings and value.
                                                                                              store features the great departments
                                                                                              and services signature to Festival
                                               Cowley’s remodeled and
                                               expanded Piggly Wiggly
                                                                          Jason and Angie
                                                                          celebrated the
                                              completion of their 8,300-square-foot
                                              addition on the Milton Piggly Wiggly            The Balistreri family, Ted, Nick,
                                              store. The addition increased store space by    Patrick and sister Margaret,
                                              40 percent and remodeled existing space         successfully opened their seventh
                                              and provided for an expansion in the deli,      Sendik’s store centrally located in
                                              bakery, produce and liquor departments.         Germantown. Evening festivities
The store doubled their organic products and increased private label items. Updates           included a tour of the 52,000-square-
included adding LED lit cases, new lighting and aesthetic details to all departments.         foot store, refreshments and food and
                                                                                              musical entertainment for over 600
                                                         (LEFT) Gordy’s in Wissota            Lammer’s Foods is celebrated its
                                                         includes a new wine tasting          148th Anniversary on October 5
                                                         bar in their current expansion.      through19th. Congratulations to
                                                                                              Lucy Lammer and her associates!
                                                         (RIGHT BELOW) MillerCoors            Dick’s Family Foods in Wrightstown
                                                         sponsored Piggly Wiggly &            marked its 100th anniversary with a
                                                         Fresh Brands representatives at      ribbon cutting ceremony taking it in
                                                         a Labor Day Brewer game.             to the next century of business. The
                                                                                              store is owned by brothers Rick and
                                                                                              John Vanden Wymelenberg; they are
                                                         (LEFT) “Tomcat” is the famous        fourth generation owners.
                                                         butcher from in Trig’s
                                                         Debbie Schneider,
                                                         was on a visit to
                                                         Trig’s Wausau
                                                         location and
                                                         snapped this

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                 2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 23
Keeping the Economy Moving
By Robert Lehmann

                                                                             The IRS lost the law suit. The       already been claimed and the
                                                                             court ruled that all commercial      grocer is in a combined tax
                                                                             real estate owners could go all      bracket of 36%.
                                                                             the way back to January 1,
The recent events affecting our      • This increased deduction              1987, and re-calculate what
financial markets have created         results in less taxes owed.           their depreciation deduction         Grocery stores
great uncertainty and personal                                               should of been and take a one
                                     • Less taxes means more cash                                                 are an excellent
apprehension as we go about            available for you to invest.          time “catch up deduction”
our daily activities of trying to                                            without filing amended returns!      candidate for a Cost
make a living. The media has us      History of Cost                         The only thing the taxpayer had      Segregation Study.
convinced that everything is         Segregation Studies                     to do to take advantage of this
about to come unraveled and          One of the largest owners and           provision is to file for a
our economy is about to dry          mangers of hospitals in the             “Change of Accounting
                                                                                                                  The Wisconsin Grocers
up. Mark Twain once said “the        United States, Hospital                 Method” which, if filled out
                                                                                                                  Association has made
report of my death is greatly        Corporation of America                  properly, is automatically
                                                                                                                  arrangements with us to offer
exaggerated;” this is an             (HCA), was being examined by            approved by the IRS.
                                                                                                                  you, as a member, a “no-cost”
appropriate comparison to the        the IRS which eventually ended          Ultimately, the IRS accepted         analysis to determine if you
current media coverage of our        up in litigation. This was an           the courts position and in           may be missing out on your
economy.                             $800 million tax dispute and            2004, issued an audit guide that     depreciation deductions.
This economy will get back           eventually changed how we               specifically addresses cost          This can be done by simply
on track and—along the               depreciate our real estate.             segregation studies. They have       completing a short two-page
way—there will be some great         HCA came to the conclusion              accepted the study as an             information check list and
opportunities for being a buyer      that many of the components             acceptable way to maximize           providing a copy of your
of assets if you have the cash.      of their buildings did not last         depreciation deductions if the       current depreciation schedules.
What if you could create             39 years and should be written          Studies are done in a manner         From this analysis, you will
excess cash flow from your           off over a shorter time frame           consistent with their protocols.     know what your tax savings
real estate with out selling it      than 39 years. HCA was                                                       will be as well as the cost to
                                                                             Thus, the birth of the
or borrowing against it? You         arguing that there are items                                                 complete a Study.
                                                                             Engineered Cost Segregation
may not know it, but you could       in the building that are not            Study!                               Stop sending your hard
have “cash flow” sitting in your     structural and there are items                                               earned money to Washington
real estate.                         that are an “accessory” to the          Grocers Benefit                      and start putting it to
                                     business and not needed for the         Grocery stores are an                work in your store or your
If you own your own grocery
                                     “operation or maintenance” of           excellent candidate for a Cost       community. Let’s get this
store or have made a significant
                                     the building. These items               Segregation Study because of         economy moving again!
tenant improvement, and you
                                     therefore should be written-off         the significant investment in
are tired of sending more and
                                     over a 5-year, 7-year or 15-year        electrical hook-ups, specialty
more money to Washington,
                                     recovery period and not the 39-         plumbing costs, and the need         Cost Seg Associates (CSA) provides
a Cost Segregation Study
                                     years the IRS said they had to          for a significant site investment.   engineered cost segregation studies
may be the answer to creating                                                                                     which results in additional cash flow
                                     be. HCA was successful in
“investment capital.”                                                        How significant can the tax          for the store owner by maximizing
                                     convincing the court that all the
The Cost Segregation Study           electrical wiring associated with       savings be for a grocery store?      depreciation deductions. CSA is a
significantly accelerates your       the operation of HCA’s                  Typically we will be able to         specialist in grocery store industry,
                                                                             move $375,000 to $450,000            working with store owners, just like
current depreciation deductions      equipment in the walls and part                                              you. On average, these studies have
and results in the following:        of the original construction            into a shorter recovery period
                                                                             on a $1.5 million building           resulted in $50,000 to $300,000
                                     should be written off over the                                               of additional cash flow to the owner!
• A Cost Segregation Study           same time period as the                 purchase. This will generate
                                                                             a minimum $75,000 of actual          For your NO-COST, NO-
  significantly increases your       equipment. It took ten years to
                                                                             cash flow. This assumes that         OBLIGATION estimate, please
  current depreciation               settle this litigation and the courts                                        contact Robert Lehmann
  deductions.                        ultimately sided with HCA.              three years of depreciation has
                                                                                                                  at 952-831-6300.

               REAP THE BENEFITS OF
      Grocery Gift Cards
                                                Written Exclusively for WGA by Sharyn Alden

Gift cards keep on giving                         that the average dollar sales increase 20 to     shopping season, many shoppers said they
                                                  50 percent over paper certificates,” she says.   would be buying more practical gifts this
and they’re great tools for                                                                        year. Among some of the most interesting
building new customer                             They also make great gifts for people who
                                                                                                   practical items that will be purchased are
                                                  are impossibly difficult to buy for.
relationships.                                                                                     gas and grocery gift cards!
                                                  Last year, when a twenty-five-year-old
                                                                                                   If you’re not making gift cards available to
                                                   Madison man couldn’t come up with a
                                                                                                   your customers, you may be missing an
                                                   good gift for his grandmother, it
                                                                                                   opportunity all around. In a down
                                                    suddenly dawned on him what would
                                                                                                   economy consumers are looking for
                                                     make the perfect gift.
                                                                                                   new, creative ways to give people gifts
                                                       Since she lives
                                                       near Hilldale
                                                         Center and still
                                                         does her own
                                                          shopping at
                                                           Sentry at
                                                            Hilldale, the
                                                              bought a
                                                              Sentry gift
                                                               card. It
                                                                was a
                                                                huge hit
                                                                 with the
Wouldn’t you want to be part of                                  who said
retailing effort that is estimated to reach       it was a wise choice,
$100 billion in sales in 2008?                    and it was one of the
                                                  first gifts anyone
We’re talking about gift cards, and if you’re     gave her that “fit
not on board, you should be. According to         perfectly” with her
Cindy Smith, Vice President, Marketing            lifestyle and needs.
& Merchant Operations with SHAZAM,
Inc., gift cards motivate consumers to            Among some surveys
spend 55 to 61 percent more than the              taken during the
initial value on the card. “It is also known      pre-2008 holiday

  PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                       2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 27
that are not only thoughtful, and easy to use, but stretch their            Get comfortable with gift cards
shopping dollars.
                                                                            Smith says gift cards are tremendously popular with consumers.
“For consumers, it’s all about convenience which is why gift cards          “There really isn’t any reason why a grocer should stay with paper
are a great gift giving idea for any occasion,” Smith notes.                certificates and not offer gift cards,” she says. “Consumers are
For grocers, the gifts offer numerous benefits, but one that you            comfortable with these types of cards and the stats bear that out.
may overlook is this: Smith points out, “There is no cash back              Last year, nearly one-half of U.S. consumers bought or received a
option for the gift card, and that encourages shoppers to use the           gift card,” she says.
entire amount on the card, and it keeps the revenue in the store.”          Smith also points out sales of gift cards are on the rise. “With over
Smith says SHAZAM has a low-cost, turnkey service designed                  $45 billion in sales and an average yearly growth of over 20
specifically for small-to-medium-sized businesses that allows them          percent, gift cards have become a preferred gift-giving method of
to compete with larger stores and chains.                                   choice for consumers.”

The company was founded in 1976 by community financial
                                                                            Words to the wise
institutions who wanted a stronger voice in the delivery of
electronic convenience to their customers. “Our network currently           Since gift cards can naturally be used at times other than the
supports more than 10.000 merchants in 42 states and nearly                 holidays, your gift card program should be geared to supporting
1,600 community financial institutions in 30 states,” says Smith.           their use around the calendar.
“We also have endorsements from 19 industry trade organizations,
                                                                            Make sure your staff is knowledgeable about their use. Consider
and we have one of the largest shared EFT networks in the Midwest.”
                                                                            having a prepared sheet of commonly asked questions and answers
Gift cards are popular because they are practical presents that keep        such as “What do I do if I lose my card?” If the customer has the
on giving. One size simply fits all, and you can tailor the size of         receipt for the purchase, they can typically call the card distributor
the gift card to fit your budget. Store merchandise cards are great         for information on how this may be handled.
for shoppers because they also take the guesswork out of trying to
                                                                              Other questions you might hear are “Can I purchase anything in
choose the right color, style or size for a recipient.
                                                                              the grocery store like wine or floral arrangements with my card?”
                                                                                                     “Can I transfer my card to someone else?”
                                                                                                     “What if I have two gift cards, can I combine
                                                                                                     their value and use them for the same
Schofield Quality Foods                        freshness, as well as business operations,
Finalist for IGA Retailer                      branding, and community involvement.
                                               “This is important to our customers                   If you are not new to gift cards, then you
of the Year                                    because it shows we’re a strong                       already know the great convenience they
                                               neighborhood store,” explains                         offer when it comes to tracking sales. “Gift
The Quality Foods IGA in Schofield
                                               Zollpriester. “It’s a recognition that                cards are tracked electronically,” says Smith.
and manager Jeff Zollpriester have
                                               shows what we can achieve when we                     “That eliminates the need for you to track
earned the recognition of their peers.
                                               always strive to build trust with our                 and record paper certificates manually.”
                     The store has been
                     designated a              customers.”                                           Grocery gift cards give consumers another
                     finalist for the title    To be considered for the award, the                reason why they should shop at your store.
                     of 2009 IGA               Schofield Quality Foods IGA first had              For grocers, they make good marketing tools
                     Retailer of the           to earn a Five Star rating under IGA’s             throughout the year. Let people know you
                     Year, one of only         assessment rating. Zollpriester and his            offer them and that they can buy them and
                     five finalists            store then won recognition regionally as           use them at your store. Use them in an
                     standing out from         the Supervalu Retailer of the Year. “This          advertising promotion that includes the
among over 4000 IGA stores                     year we received a number of                       benefits of gift cards. Tell your shoppers how
nationwide.                                    exceptional applications from our select           they are to use.
“It’s always nice to be recognized in the      group of outstanding Five Star retailers,”
                                                                                                  As a grocer, you’re always on the lookout for
industry as a leader,” says Zollpriester.      said IGA USA CEO Mark Batenic, “It
                                                                                                  new, interesting ways to attract and retain
“It’s great to see the hard work and           then goes without saying that our
                                                                                                  customers. Gift cards simply are good for
effort put forth by our associates paying      finalists are the elite among independent
                                                                                                  business because they bring in new business.
off. I give them the kudos for making          retailers, and that each of them is an
                                                                                                  If they are first-time shoppers at your store,
this operation successful.”                    invaluable asset to IGA and the
                                                                                                  you have unique new opportunities to build
                                               communities they serve.”
As a Retailer of the Year award finalist,                                                         bridges that may become long lasting
the store has proven it operates under                                                            relationships.
very high standards for quality and                                                               And all it took was a gift card.

                                                               BRONZE SPONSORS                                                                                            SPOTLIGHT

                                  Alpha Baking Company,                                                                                Associated Merchant Services helps businesses
                                  of Chicago,                                                                                          tap into the power of the most widely used electronic
                                  is a distributor offering DSD delivery of                                                            payment options including all major credit cards, Pin
                                  top notch bakery brands including: S. Rosen’s,                                                       Based Debit , EBT, Gift Cards and ATMs, Contactless
                                  bakers of the best Chicago style buns;                                                               Payments and Electronic Check Conversion.
                                  Gonnella, a Chicago leader in the art of                                                             Get MasterCard, Visa and Discover transactions all on
                                  old world bread making since 1886; and                                                               one statement and pay one great processing rate.
                                  Natural Ovens Bakery, a health and nutrition
                                  pioneer located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.                                  1-800-767-2484 Ext 54587
                                                                                                                                            What started then as home delivery of fine,
                                                                                                                                 hand crafted dairy products for just 85 customers grew
                                                                                                                                        to home delivery to 20,000 customers by 1936.
                                                                                                                                 Today, even though you won't find a Golden Guernsey
                                                                                                                                          Dairy deliveryman at your door each morning,
                                                                                                                                            you'll find the same commitment to quality.
                                                                                               And we still treat each and every customer as a friend and neighbor.
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                                                                                                                                                          WHERE IT ALL STARTED: Over 40 years ago a young
                                                                                                                                                               guy with a big smile and a taste for pizza
                                                                                                                                                               didn't set out to create a legend. Pep Simek just
                                                                                                                                                               wanted a great pizza to sell at his bar in Medford,
                                                                                                                                                              Wisconsin. But, as soon as people tasted what
                                                                                                                                                              he had created, a legend was born. Using only
                                                                                                                                                            the finest fresh ingredients Pep—along with his
   General Contracting • Project Management • Design/Build Firm                                                                                       brother Ron and their wives Fran and Joann—created
 Contact: Gene Schleusner Business Developer/Construction Sales •             pizza the way it was meant to be. Now Pep is back with Double Crisp Pizza. Two thin crispy layers
                                                                                               of crust, Pep’s Original Recipe sauce, real meat, three cheeses and other great toppings.
              310 Pinnacle Way, Suite 300, Eau Claire, WI 54701 715 832 557                   Pep’s Original Recipe Pizza — Pizza the way it was meant to be.

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                                                                                                  We supply products for on site processing, sell digital photo kiosks and provide
                                                                                                                  consulting services for one hour photo labs.

                 P r e m i u m Pa c k a g e d I c e
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sparboe Farms Eggs
                                                                                                                                                                                           available at
                                                                                                                                                                                   local retail grocers
                                                                                                                                                                          1.800.BEST EGG

                           1-888-SHIP-ICE                                                          Producing and Marketing fresh eggs to food service, grocery distributors,
         2175 W. 20th Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54904                                                                            retailers and the military.

                                                     StoneRidge Meat &                                    Grocery Store Water Treatment Systems
                                                     Country Market, Inc.,                                                                We supply High Purity water systems for produce and
                                            has a complete Private Label                                                                  meat display misting, customer self vending machines,
                                            program for cheese, sausage,                                                                  bakery proofers, deli steamers, coffee, expresso,
      smoked and marinated meats. We have over 100 varieties of sausage,                                                                  cappuccino, ice machines. Also water softening, hot
            smoked & marinated meats and 50 varieties of cheese.                                                                          water heaters, and employee/customer drinking water.

                                                                                                             Regi Licht, Commercial Sales/Engineer, Total Water Systems
     Contact us by email at
        or telephone 920-787-5444 • fax 920-787-5475.
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                                                                                                                                                                   Wisconsin Milk
                                                                                                                                                                   Marketing Board
                                                                                                                                                 Wisconsin is the home of the
                                                                                                                                                 world’s most award winning
                                                                                              cheeses. Share the pride of over 150 years of cheesemaking excellence by
                                                                                              selecting Wisconsin Cheese. For recipes, pairing suggestions, and more, visit

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER                                                                                                                                      2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 29
                                      PROFESSIONAL CARDS

                                     (262) 925-0897
                                     (608) 347-7318

                  John McNeil
                  KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER

                  ph: 815.479.1633 cell: 815.404.6269

                                                                           875 E. Wisconsin Avenue • Milwaukee, WI 53202
                     1-800-359-1032                                               •
  Madison Office 608-839-5441        Brookfield Office 262.786.3446                           Phone 414-231-5000

           Serving the Real Independents!
                                   Certco, Inc.
                                    Dave Ryman, Director of Sales
                                             5321 Verona Road
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                                (608) 271-4500 •
                                                                              The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

                                PAN-O-GOLD Baking Co.
                                         1000 Wilburn Road
                                        Sun Prairie WI 53590                    Thomas Branta                             Jeff McClure
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                                                                                   Brad Miller                              Aija Jantz
                                       (608) 834 1816                       Market Development Director                  Area Sales Director
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                                 (877) 457-7860 Watts Line                Green Bay Distribution Center         Pleasant Prairie Distribution Center
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                            David Hervey
                            Chain Account Manager – Wisconsin
                            3939 W. Highland Blvd., Building 35
                            Milwaukee, WI 53201
                            C: 414.732.4815 F: 414.342.1437


A Pictoral History of Hansen’s Groceries
                                                                     (LEFT)In 1968, young Leo Hansen posed with one of his
                                                                     customers in front of the Hansen’s original 1,500-square-foot store
                                                                     in Bangor.

                                                                     (BELOW) In 1973, Hansen’s expanded to a second location by
                                                                     remodeling a rollerskating rink in West Salem.

Two celebrations collided for Leo and Rosemary Hansen; this year
they were honored with the 2008 WGA Grocers of the Year award
and they observed 40 years in business.
In the four decades that the Hansen’s have been in the grocery
industry they have grown their operations a little at a time. This
scrapbook commemorates their business growth and their
dedication to their community.

                                                                     (RIGHT) A brand
                                                                     new store was built
                                                                     in 1979 at the
                                                                     Bangor location and
                                                                     expanded to 10,000
                                                                     square feet. (LEFT)
                                                                     Leo poses in front of
                                                                     the new frozen
                                                                     department. (LOWER
                                                                     LEFT) Leo and
                                                                     Rosemary in 1979. (BELOW) The Bangor store, aisle 4, in 1979.

                                                                                                            2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 31

(ABOVE) The Hansen’s third location was purchased in 1982 in
Cashton. This picture is a new facility they built in Cashton in
1987. All Hansen locations feature gas pumps.
(TOP RIGHT) Hansen’s ambitious growth continued in 1990 when
they built a 14,000-square-foot location in Westby.
                                                                     Leo and I would like to extend our thanks for
The fifth location Hansen’s purchased was in 1993, in Elroy.
                                                                        the honor of being selected Grocers of the
They purchased the store from Jim Satori and then relocated to a
new building. (NO PHOTO AVAILABLE)                                        Year. The past six weeks have been over-
Outgrowing the West Salem location, Hansen’s built a new                  whelming with the recognition from our
17,000-square-foot store in West Salem. Leo posed in front of a           communities and peers. It gives us great
store display in 1997. (BELOW)
                                                                    strength to continue to challenge the Big Boys.

                                                                                                   Rosemary Hansen

                                                                                                       (LEFT)  Brad Brooks,
                                                                                                       Affiliated Foods
                                                                                                       Midwest, and
                                                                                                       Brandon Scholz,
                                                                                                       WGA, present
                                                                                                       Leo and Rosemary
                                                                                                       Hansen the 2008
(BELOW LEFT) The Bangor location was expanded to a new
                                                                                                       Grocer of the Year
19,000-square-foot in 1999.                                                                            award at WGA’s
(BELOW MIDDLE) In    2008, Leo and Rosemary celebrate 40 years in                                      Innovation Expo.
business with their employees at a summer picnic.
(BELOW RIGHT)    The Hansen family celebrated Leo & Rosemary’s
recognition as the 2008 WGA Grocers of the Year.

                                                                                               2008 Fall WISCONSIN GROCER 33
                             in •de •pend •ent          “Free from control”
                                    SELF-RELIANT <an independent thinker>
                            For More Information Please Contact:
                            Dave Ryman, Director of Sales   
                            Certco, Inc., Distribution Center 
                            5321 Verona Road Madison, WI 53711-6050       (608) 271-4500
                                                                                                               Uncommon Insurance®

                                                                                                                              Untitled by Boris Lyubner

     It Should Be At The Top
     Of Every Grocer’s List.
     If you’re in the market for business coverage for your store, check out the GRO-SURE plan from
     the experts at Society ® Insurance. Designed to meet the unique insurance needs of grocers like
     you, GRO-SURE offers some of the broadest property/casualty coverage available. It’s no wonder
     we’re endorsed by a number of industry trade organizations. So stop shopping around for the
     perfect coverage. Call Society or visit our Website today.

     150 Camelot Drive, P.O. Box 1029, Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1029   888-5- SOCIETY (888-576-2438)


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