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									This is a checklist a company can use to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of
company vehicles. This form determines whether the vehicle has registration, a first aid
kit, a fire extinguisher, air conditioning, head lights, wipers, spare tire, fuel, and
antennas. It also includes a vehicle damage report which records all of the damage or
scratches the vehicle has. This form can be used by individuals or small businesses
that want to bolster the safety of their employees and other commuters by ensuring
company vehicle safety.
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                                                            Vehicle Check Form

       Emp No.                                                   Date

      Name                                                       Vehicle Name

                                                                 Vehicle No.

             o       Key / Remote                       o     Floor Mats
             o       Registration Copy                  o     Spare Tire
             o       First Aid Kit                      o     Spare Tire/ Tool kit / Jack
             o       Fire Extinguisher                  o     Tire / Wheel Caps
             o       Air Conditioning                   o     Reg. Copy/Plate Sticker
             o       Antenna/ Radio/ CD                 o     Tax Sticker
             o       Head Lights/ Indicators/ Windows   o     Registration Due
             o       Wipers/ Washer fluid               o     Service Due Km.
             o       Ash Tray/ Cigarette Lighter        o     Fuel

      Remarks: (Mechanic approval)

      User/Driver:                                      Checked by:

                             Name / Signature                                               Name / Signature
      Date:                                             Date:

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