Train the Trainer: Summary Evaluation


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									The document sets forth a post training evaluation to be provided by the trainer to the
training attendees. This document can be used as part of a Train the Trainer program,
whereby the trainer collects and analyzes participant feedback in order to improve the
training course. This template can be used by companies or individuals offering training
courses, and can be modified to fit the unique concerns and aspects of any training
course or instructor.
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                                      Train-the-Trainer (TOT)
                                       Summary Evaluation

1.   What are the three most important things you learned during this training?

2. Please briefly describe one strategy (continue with the question which is specific to the trainer’s
       product line)

3. Please rate the course in terms of its impact and usefulness in the following areas, using the
   scale below. Circle the numbers that apply to your opinions.

       1 = Not useful at all                                                       5 = Very useful

      Area                                                            1      2     3     4      5
      Useful in your daily work                                       1      2     3     4      5
      Increasing your willingness to train and mentor others          1      2     3     4      5
      Increasing your ability to train and mentor mentors             1      2     3     4      5

4. Do you think you will have the opportunity to utilize the training skills you’ve practiced during
   this workshop within the next three months?

                         __ Yes                          __ No

5. If yes, please briefly describe when and how you might apply these skills.

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                                                  Train-the-Trainer (TOT)
                                                   Summary Evaluation

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