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									This document is a Training Plan Template. The objective of the Training Plan is to
define the strategies, tasks, and methods that will be used during the training to fulfill the
training objectives. This template can be customized to meet the training needs of the
company that uses it. This template can be used by small businesses or other entities
to develop an efficient and productive training plan for their employees.
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                                                           Training Planning Template
WHO: Describe the audience.

WHY: What situation demands this specific training? What do participants already know? What are their current resources? What questions do they have?

LEARNING NEEDS ASSESSMENT: What do participants need to learn? What are their knowledge and skill gaps?

WHEN and WHERE: Training date and time frame. Describe the location and any needed and available training resources.

CONTENT: List the specific topic(s) you will cover in   OBJECTIVES: For each topic in the content column,   METHODS and MATERIALS: List teaching methods
the session. Describe them in terms of knowledge,       write one or more measurable objectives that can    that will help the participants achieve these
skills, or attitudes.                                   be achieved during your time frame with the         objectives. What will the participants do? What is
                                                        participants.                                       your role as the educator? List materials needed
                                                                                                            per task.

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                                                       Training Planning Template
EVALUATION: How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the training? How will you know if, and what, participants learned?

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                                           Training Planning Template

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