Trainers Skills: Competencies Checklist


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									This document sets forth a checklist that should be used to evaluate a trainer’s
demonstrated skills and knowledge. The evaluators are asked to use a three-point-
scale to rate the trainer’s delivery, visual aids, body language, audience participation,
and technical competency. The evaluators are then asked to provide written responses
to several generic questions about the trainer and training. This document should be
used by company managers seeking to evaluate a trainer or training course offered by a
third party or can be used by an individual or company offering training services to
evaluate a specific trainer or training course.
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                                      Trainer’s Skills:
                                   Competencies Checklist
Trainer/Speaker: __________________ Facilitator: ___________________ Date: _________
Evaluator: ________________________ Topic: ____________________________________

Please summarize trainer’s demonstrated knowledge/skills using the rating system below:
                             1. Trainer shows strength in this area
                        2. Trainer demonstrates some ability in this area
                         3. Trainer needs additional support in this area

       Delivery — the trainer:            Rating       Body Language — the trainer:          Rating

o   greeted the audience warmly.                   o   maintained good eye contact
                                                       with the audience.
o   used a voice loud and clear
                                                   o   was friendly and smiled.
    enough to hear easily.
o   delivered a talk designed in a
                                                   o   used body language to help
    logical way from beginning to
                                                       communicate ideas visually
    middle and end,
o   clearly described what to expect                    Audience Participation —
    from the presentation.
                                                                the trainer:
o   used effective examples and                    o   involved the audience.
o   defined unfamiliar technical                   o   handled questions and
    terms.                                             comments with calm courtesy.

o   summarized the main points                     o   broke up lectures/discussion at
    before finishing.                                  appropriate points.
                                                   o   provided clear instructions for all
      Visual Aids — the trainer:
o   used visual aids.                              o   clarified or rephrased questions
                                                       to elicit audience participation.
o   made sure materials could be                         Technical Competency —
    read easily from where I was
    sitting.                                                    the trainer:

o   got the point across in a clear and            o   taught technically accurate
    simple way.                                        content.

o   did not block the screen or                    o   answered technical questions
    flipchart.                                         from the audience.

o   talked to the audience rather                  o   gauged audience level of
    than to the screen or flipchart.                   technical knowledge and
                                                       adjusted the presentation
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                                     Trainer’s Skills:
                                  Competencies Checklist
o   used key words rather than                    o    accurately broke down
    sentences                                          technical/complex concepts in a
                                                       way participants could

Please use the space below to specify:

Specific topics where the trainer lacks technical knowledge/expertise:

Ways the trainer might connect better with and engage the audience; be more inclusive:

Use materials more efficiently:

Use a clearer, more organized approach:

Use visual aids that better educate his or audience:
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                                                    Trainer’s Skills:
                                                 Competencies Checklist

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