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									A request for quotation (RFQ) invites suppliers to bid on certain products or services.
This form should be used by businesses attempting to procure the items listed on the
RFQ and asks bidders to quote their best price based on the terms and conditions
listed. This basic template can be modified to fit the needs of the requesting company,
such as providing the exact terms and conditions on which the supplies or products
should conform to.
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                                                QUOTATION REQUEST

To (Supplier) :                                          Date :
                                                         Reference No:
                                                         Department Name:
Attention:                                               Location:
Fax / Phone:                                             Place of Delivery:

We are in the process of procuring the following items. Please quote your best prices for the items on terms and
conditions mentioned below:-

 S.    Items                     Description / Specifications                   Unit          Quantity       Remarks


Terms & Conditions:-       Your Quotation should be based on the following;

Delivery                  The material is required on ( DD/MM/YYYY )

Mode of Shipment          Air, Sea, Land                     Currency           $. £.

Insurance                 Details                            Warranty           Details

Payment Terms             90 Days Credit

We expect your quotation latest by [              ]. Otherwise it will not be Considered.

Please quote aforementioned reference no. on all communications.


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