Post-Training Summary Evaluation


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									This Post-Training Summary Evaluation form is used after an employee receives
training to provide feedback to the employer. The form asks what the employee learned
from the training and whether an appropriate amount of material was covered. It also
provides the employee with opportunities to leave additional comments. This is a
standard post-training evaluation form and it may be customized to fit the specific needs
of the employer. This document should be used by employers that provide training to
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                                  Summary Evaluation

1. What are the three most important things [or topics] you learned during this training?

2. Was an appropriate amount of material covered during this week? If not, was too much
   material covered or too little?

3. To what extent do you expect this meeting will make a difference in the way you do your

   1                       2                      3                       4                 5

No                                                                                Tremendous
Difference                                                                          Difference

Remarks / Comments:

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                                                    Summary Evaluation

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