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									The purpose of this Inventory Register Form is to record the stock inventory details.
This form contains columns for input of how many units of a particular item were sent,
the supplier name, opening balance, the quantity in and out, current balance, wastage,
and any remarks. This document in its draft form contains numerous of the standard
clauses commonly used in this type of form; however, additional language may be
added to allow for customization to ensure the specific language of the user is
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                                                             Inventory Register
 Material Details:

 Manager XYZ :

 Minimum Quantity required:

  S.                 Date     Unit   Delivery   Supplier   Opening   Quantity   Quantity   Quantity   Current
 No.                                 Note #      Name      Balance     IN        OUT          Last    Balance   Wastage            Remarks
             MM/DD/YYYY                                                                     Issued

               Officer                                          Supervisor                                                   Manager

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