Inspection and Testing Report


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									The purpose of this report is to cover all inspection and testing of materials, equipment,
or construction work. The document is a blank fill-in form and it has columns containing
the language needed to fill out an inspection and testing report. Some of the categories
include: activity/item description, material/function, test required, inspection type,
remarks, signature, and date. This form contains standard language commonly used in
these types of forms; however, additional language may be added to allow for
customization to ensure the specific language of the industry is addressed. This form
should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to inspect and test work
[Company Logo]                                                             INSPECTION & TESTING REPORT

Contractor Name           : ______________________________________                         Report No.    : ____________________          Revision No.       : _______________

Consultant Name           : ______________________________________                         Date          : ____________________          Page No.           : _______________

Subcontractor Name        : ______________________________________                         Prepared by   : ____________________          Tested by          : _______________

Work Details              : ______________________________________                         Location      : ____________________

Serial                                                                                       Inspection Type*
             Activity / Item Description         Material / Function       Test Required                                     Remarks                    Signature          Date
 No.                                                                                         W D       HP TP

* W (Witnessed) / D (Documented) / HP (Holding Point) / TP (Third Party)

                                                                                       Approved by
                              [Company Name]
                                                                             Contractor       ____________      Consultant       ____________       Third Party      ____________
Supervisor         ____________        Manager              ____________

[Document No]
[Company Logo]                                                                               INSPECTION & TESTING REPORT

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