Evaluation Using Focus Groups


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									The purpose of this form is to measure the level of understanding of training participants
using focus groups, where professionals with diverse backgrounds evaluate a training
program they just experienced. This form is helpful to company managers or human
resources staff to help evaluate whether a training program or exercise was valuable,
whether it should be changed, and whether it should be offered again, and if so to
whom. This form can be modified so that a company can best use a focus group to
evaluate employee training or can be customized to allow the use of focus groups to
evaluate other business programs or company culture.
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                              Evaluation Using Focus Groups:
                                       Topic Guide

            Focus Group Attendees                                 Designation

1. What about the training this week was relevant to your work?

2. How would you change the course to make it more useful to you in your care of patients?

3. What were the training’s strengths?

4. What were the training’s weaknesses?

5. What challenges might you face?

6. What resources will you need in order to implement what you learned in this training?

Tracking focus group comment and answers

It is helpful to have a focus group facilitator ask the questions and keep the group engaged and
a scribe take notes or write answers on a flip chart so everyone can see and track them.

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                                              Evaluation Using Focus Groups:
                                                       Topic Guide

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