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									A Customer Service Policy spells out a business’s high standards of customer care. It
also sets a benchmark for staff particularly in retail sales. This form describes which
behaviors employees should employ when working and interacting with customers.
Some of these behaviors include being courteous, being professional, going the extra
mile for the customer, dressing appropriately, and developing a rapport with regular
customers. This form contains standard language used in this industry; however,
additional language may be added to suit the needs of the user. This policy should be
used by small businesses to establish proper employee customer service levels.
                          Customer Service Policy Sample

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During interactions with staff, customers can expect to:
    Be acknowledged appropriately
    Be treated courteously and respectfully
    Be valued for their input
    Receive the same high standard of service regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion,
     gender, physical limitations, or any other criteria
    Receive prompt and timely service
    Receive knowledgeable service and professionalism from all staff
    Have their privacy and confidentiality respected
    Have responsive, community-oriented service

    1. Courtesy is king:
All customers should be treated in a courteous manner at all times. There is no excuse for being
rude to a customer, even an irate one.

    2. Be professional when on the sales floor:
All employee breaks and personal business should be conducted out of the view of customers,
and cell phone calls or other personal communications should be limited to lunch or breaks.

    3. Go the extra mile for a customer:
A conscious effort should be made to assist a customer in finding what he or she needs and/or in
resolving a problem. If there is a policy, it should be stated politely. There is no room in
customer service for "attitude."

   4. Dress appropriately:
Employees dealing with customers are expected to present themselves in a professional manner
and dress accordingly.

    5. Develop rapport with the regulars:
Staff should get to know regular customers, greet them when they come in, and make them feel
comfortable. A simple hello, good afternoon, or thank you can go a long way.

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