Apology Letter

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									This document offers a basic template for a sincere written apology. This document
contains standard language but also allows for customization in order to fit the needs of
the writer. An apology letter can be useful to any small business that is trying to retain
an aggrieved customer or improve customer relations. The letter should be signed by
an appropriate company representative and can be customized to include any additional
language the company would want to include in an apology.
Dear [Customer],

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you experienced because of
[the issue].

At [Your Company], we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.
Unfortunately, we did not meet your expectations, let alone our own. Although it’s not an
excuse, we believe the issue was caused by [key staff changes, recent internal system
update, office relocation, etc…].

To maintain our standards and benefit our customers, we have taken steps to ensure that
this will not happen again by [creating company wide training sessions, installing new
back-up systems, creating an internal auditing team, etc…].

We hope you’ll give us another chance. To try to make it up to you, we will provide you
with [3 months worth of service, a free upgrade, etc…].

We value your relationship with [Company Name] and are committed to providing you
with excellent service simply because our customers deserve the best. If you have any
further questions or comments regarding this matter, please contact us at [email, phone#,
website, etc…].

[Company Representative]

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