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Travel Expense Report with Instructions

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					                  Travel Expense Report
                  Name                                                                                                                                 Employee Signature:
                  Reason for Travel                                                                                                                                 Date:
                  Dates of Travel           From xx/xx/xxxx To xx/xx/xxxx                                                                                   Authorization:
                  Department                                                                                                                                        Date:
                  Job #
                  Total Reimbursement Due                         656.49

Incurred Expenses

                                                            Taxi, Bus,                                         Miles (personal      Mileage                                  Conference/Seminar
      Date           Reason for Expense       Airfare        Train          Lodging Car Rental      Gas, Oil        car)         Reimbursement Meals, Tips      Parking             Fees           Miscellaneous      Total
10/14/2011        XYZ Conference                  429.36           12.00      152.68                                                        0.00     52.45          10.00                                                  656.49
                         Total Expenses           429.36           12.00      152.68         0.00       0.00              0.00             0.00         52.45       10.00                   0.00               0.00        656.49

Pre-Paid Expenses

                                                            Taxi, Bus,                                         Miles (personal      Mileage                                  Conference/Seminar
      Date            Reason for Expense      Airfare        Train          Lodging    Car Rental   Gas, Oil        car)         Reimbursement    Meals, Tips   Parking             Fees           Miscellaneous      Total
                         Total Pre-Paid             0.00             0.00                    0.00       0.00              0.00             0.00          0.00        0.00                   0.00               0.00           0.00

                     Total Reimbursement          429.36           12.00                     0.00       0.00              0.00             0.00         52.45       10.00                   0.00               0.00       656.49

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 Instructions for Travel Expense Report:
 This form is for authorized business travel only. Travel that has not been authorized, or personal travel while on an authorized business
 trip, will not be reimbursed without review by management and should not be included on this form.
 Please list actual amounts for each item listed (if applicable). Totals will calculate automatically. If you enter information in error,
 highlight the cell and re-enter the information. Do not "delete" since any formula in that cell will also be deleted.

 Receipts should be stapled to this expense report form (if submitted hard copy) or scanned and sent as attachments by e-mail. Mileage
 is reimbursed at the standard IRS rate of $.55/mile. After they have been approved by the appropriate manager, submit forms to the
 accounting department by interoffice mail in a "Confidential" envelope, or e-mail them directly to

 Expense reports must be submitted within 30 days of the trip completion. Reimbursement checks are processed the 15th and 30th day of
 the month and are mailed to the employee’s home address.

 Information Block:

 Name: Print or type your full name as it appears on your paycheck
 Reason for Travel: The purpose of your trip (e.g. attend a conference, training, client visit, etc.)
 Dates of Travel: From the departure date for business travel to the date you returned
 Department: Your current department
 Job #: Fill in the job number of a billable project (if any)
 Client/Job/Project: List here (if any)
 Total Reimbursement Due: Leave blank. This will automatically be populated when the form is completed.

 Incurred Expenses

 The first section of the spreadsheet is for incurred expenses only. List actual amounts that correspond to receipts. Do not round
 amounts up or down.

 Date: Actual date of expenditure
 Reason for Expense: Reason for travel that day. This may change if you were in different locations with different purposes during
 the length of one trip.
 Airfare: Cost of airfare, including any baggage fees. Do not include cost of carry-on meals or snacks.
 Taxi, Bus, Train: Any cost for ground transportation, including tips for drivers
 Lodging: Cost of accommodations, including any taxes and fees, such as charges for internet access
 Car Rental: Total cost of car rental, including taxes and fees. Additional insurance, model upgrades, or charges for extended rental
 for personal use are not reimbursed.
 Gas, Oil: Cost of rental car fuel and any other expenses, like oil or washer fluid, that are necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle
 Miles: If you used your personal vehicle for transportation, enter the number of miles from your starting location and return. Do not
 include any miles used for personal travel during your time on business travel.
 Mileage Reimbursement: Do not write in this field. Reimbursement is automatically calculated using the standard IRS
 reimbursement of $.555 per mile (55.5 cents per mile).
 Meals, Tips: Any meals, tips, and other food /snacks purchased while on your trip
 Parking: Any fees paid for public parking (not including hotel parking charges)
 Conference, Seminar Fees: Cost of participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
 Miscellaneous: Any out-of-pocket, travel-related expenses not included in the other categories. Include receipt(s) and mark
 "Miscellaneous" on the top.

 Pre-Paid Expenses

 This section is for any pre-paid expenses, such as conference fees, per diems, and cash advances. Please enter any amounts that were
 paid or funds that were released prior to travel. Failure to report any pre-paid expenses may result in an over-reimbursement. Put in
 the appropriate columns.

 Totals: Totals will calculate automatically for each section. Total reimbursement will post at the top in the General Section.

 Signature and Date Section

 Employee must sign and date the expense form, then must submit the form to the manager authorized to approve travel expenses.
 He/she must sign and date the form as well.

 The manager will then submit the form and receipts to the appropriate department for processing.

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Description: This Travel Expense Report form should be used by employees who are seeking reimbursement for authorized business travel. The employee should provide all travel related details, such as dates and reason for travel, and the employee must make an itemized list of all incurred expenses. This form includes detailed instructions for completing the spreadsheet. This template form and general instructions can be modified to fit the unique needs of any company planning on reimbursing employees for legitimate and approved business travel expenses.