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Definition: A log that tracks project issues is used to track problems within a project. Such logs track
new issues, updates existing ones and retain a record of closed issues. Usually project issues will be
assigned a degree of severity. This helps the project team determine which issues must be fixed and

Objective: A log of project issues helps the project manager in making decisions and keeping project
stakeholders appraised of any problems. By understanding the severity of problems, stakeholders can
advise the project manager on the priority of problems that must be fixed.
The Spreadsheet:
Issue Identified By: Include the name of the person that raised the issue, in case more information is
Issue Owner: The issue owner may be the project manager (PM) or someone else who is taking a
leading role in the project, e.g., Operations Manager, IT Manager.
Date Issue Raised: Date the issue was first brought to the attention of the issue owner.
Issue Severity: This helps to determine which issues must be addressed first and which can wait. It
ultimately helps with time and project management. This varies from organization to organization but
usually is similar to the following. as soon as possible for the project to progress. Key stakeholders
Critical: The issue must be resolved
High: The issue may delay the project and/or add cost to the project. Stakeholders may need to be
involved in decisions if changes are significant. or add costs. Delays or costs will not be too great.
Medium: The issue may either delay the project
Low: The issue may not delay the project or add costs but it should be resolved before delivery.

Status: The status will be open or closed.
Date Assigned: Date the issue resolution was assigned to someone.
Action to be Taken: The action summary describes what must be done to resolve the issue, in brief.
Resolution Deadline: Date by which the issue must be resolved.
Date of Resolution: Date by which the issue was actually resolved.
Notes: Used for adding any further information that may be useful for resolving the issue.

Procedure to log an issue:
1. Populate all cells in the row for each issue.
2. Determine if the issue is critical, high, medium or low severity.
3. Keep the log up-to-date with any changes.
4. Review the log on a regular basis with project stakeholders to advise them of any delays or issues that
may have an effect on the budget.

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                                                                                                       Issue                                     Date Issue           Issue            (Open or     Date                                                                        Resolution           Date of
Issue Number Issue Description                                                                        Identified By      Issue owner             Raised               Severity         Closed)      Assigned             Action to be taken                                     Deadline             Resolution                  Notes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          E.g., Talk to suppliers and determine the reason
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         for the delay. If components can be delivered                                E.g., This field is empty
             e.g. Delivery of components will now not be arriving until after the build start date.                                                                                                                      earlier for a higher cost, this may be worthwhile to                        because the issue is not    (Use this field for additional notes, such as
e.g. 001     Component delivery date is 1 June. Build start date is 28 May.                           E.g., John Smith   E.g., Mark Brown (PM)   E.g., May 14, 2011   E.g., Critical   E.g., Open   E.g., May 15, 2011   speed up the process.                                  E.g., May 19, 2011   resolved.                  supplier phone number or updates.)
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