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									This is a template that an employee can use to request a change in objective of an
ongoing business project. This template can be used to request the change of an
internal business project or an external business project provided for a specific
customer. The template sets forth a description of the change, the purpose of the
change, the completion criteria, estimated charges, and estimated schedule. This
document should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to provide
their employees with a method to request a change in a business project.
                                     [Organization Name]

Project Name:

Name of
Date Request
Change Request (Used for tracking purposes.)
Number (CRN):
Urgent Change? (Used to specify immediate needs)


                                     Project Change Summary

(Use this space to briefly describe the required change.)

Example: The change requires two extra days to carry out an additional task as part of the
development of the database. As the design currently stands, the database will not meet the needs
of the marketing department if development continues in the same way.

                                Project Change Business Justification

(Use this space to justify why the company should allocate resources in making this change. This
may include a number of factors, for example:)

Technical – e.g., it may not technically be possible to do what was envisaged in the original plan
Financial – e.g., the change will mean that more revenues can be generated, or project costs
have to be cut
Resource – e.g., resources are no longer available, or a new resource has become available
Scope – e.g., a change in scope is required from the business owner or client – in this case
explain why this is desired

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Example: The initial project requirements were misunderstood by the development team and a
key requirement of marketing — to be able to print reports in hard copy — is not currently being
met by the project. As a result, this makes it hard for marketing to gather and analyze figures
relating to the success or otherwise of this type of campaign. In the long-term, this will cost the
marketing operations team significantly, as analysis will take days instead of hours. The costs of
making the change outweigh the long-term benefits, since this database is planned to be used for
the next five years.

                                 Impact of Change Request Denial

(Use the space below to detail any negative impacts of not making this change to the overall

Example: The impact of not making the change will be that the marketing team will not be able
to analyze figures from campaigns properly. Carrying out such activities will take them more
time than if this change was included. It will reduce the time required for analyzing figures from
days to hours.

                                 Impact of Change to Project:
              What will be the impact of making this change to the project plan?

On Costs:                       (Use the spaces below to detail the impact or knock on effects of
How much will it cost to        making this change to the overall project.)
deliver the project if the
change is made?                 Example: Implementation of this change will require two days
                                worth of work by a developer. At a rate of $350 per day, the
                                estimated cost will be $700 over the project's budget

On Delivery Date:
How will the delivery date      Example: While two more days of development time are being
of the project be impacted      added to the project, flexibility was built in to protect against this
by making this change?          scenario. The delivery date will not be impacted adversely.

On Resources:
How will resources be           Example: Two more days of development time will be required.
affected by making this         This may have an adverse effect on other projects.

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                                        Change Risks
            Are there any risks associated with making the change to the project?

             POTENTIAL RISK                                      MITIGATION

Example: There is a risk that the                 Example: The developer and project manager
development work will take longer than two        will meet with the marketing representative
days if the business requirement for reporting    prior to commencement of the change.
is not completely clear before starting.          Alternative options will be presented to
                                                  facilitate a better understanding of the

                                      Alternative Solutions
                       Are there any alternative solutions to the problem?

(Use the space below to detail any potential alternative solutions to the problem.)

Example: An alternative solution would be to request a change of project scope from the client.

                                Project Change Approval or Rejection

Change is
Yes or No
Approval Date

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                                     Reasons for Rejection

(If the project change is not approved, use the space below to detail the reasons for the rejection
of the change.)

Example: The change is rejected since there is no additional budget for this project.

                                    Project Change Sign-off
(Signatories to the change should be gathered. These will vary but will usually include the
project manager, the approver of the change, the business owner and/or client, the project lead
for the team that the change may affect (e.g. Technology, Operations, Marketing) or others.)
NAME                    DATE                   JOB TITLE             SIGNATURE

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