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									This Product Sales Analysis Tool is used by a company to improve the sales process in
order to reach the target sales of the company and earn a sizeable profit. This
document will assist the company in conducting a sales analysis by reviewing the sales
process, setting goals, evaluating the sales target and outcome, and identifying the
gaps in the sales process. It provides guidance for the company to conduct an
individualized analysis of its products. This document should be used by business
managers or other officers of a product manufacturing company.
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                                       April 30, 2013

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The Sales Process

(Discuss the process, procedure, and sales strategies of the company. This should include the following:

        A list of products, product description, price, quantity

        The location where the products are set to be sold

        Strategies involved in the sale of a product)

Example: As part of the growing business of ABC Company, the company has now introduced the
wholesale of bakery products into the market.

As there has been a sudden outbreak of culinary cravings in downtown Manhattan, which is predicted to
spread to nearby cities in the NYC metro area, ABC Company has now opened a bakery product supply
store for all culinary students, chefs, and hobbyists.

The products that are now being offered include the following:

                Products                Quantity (Sacks)            Price /Sack (USD)

        Bulk Chocolate                         500                       85.00

        Bulk Coffee Granules                   100                       40.00

        Bulk Chocolate Truffles                300                       150.00

Scope and Limitations

(Define the scope and limitations. Identify which part in the sales process is to be analyzed. It could be as
comprehensive as performing an analysis of the whole sales process or as defined as an analysis of a
particular subject, portion, or area of the sales process.)

Example: This product analysis sheet is geared towards identifying if the target customers are patronizing
the products being offered. It will cover both the actual sales and the customer feedback regarding the

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(Set the Sales Target. Estimate how much of the product is to be sold upon reaching a specified date, or
estimate the amount of income earned on a specified future date.)


                                                                                      Target Date as of
        Products                Quantity (Sacks)        Target Quantity Sold
                                                                                       January 2011
Bulk Chocolate                        500                        300                     April, 2011

Bulk Coffee Granules                  100                        100                     April, 2011

Bulk Chocolate Truffles               300                        250                     April 2011

Actual Sales Layout

(Create an actual sales table of the outcome. Make a chart or a table on the actual sales performance of
the company given the specified set of products.)

Evaluating the Sales Target and Outcome

(Evaluate the target sales against the actual performance of the product as it reaches the target date of
the analysis. This should include other factors that play a role in the result of the sales. Factors may
include performance of staff, quality of goods in stock, the feedback of the customers through a survey or
by observation, and many others.)

Identifying the Gaps in the Sales Process

(Given the comparison, identify if there are gaps that need to be filled and/or adjusted. Determine
whether there should be a call for re-strategizing the market or if there should be any other form of sales
pitch that must to be done to make better sales for the next sales period.)

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(After identifying the gaps, write a conclusion of your findings. The conclusion may include a proposal to
the business owner on how to improve the sales process in order to reach the target sales of the company
and earn a sizable profit.)

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