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									This is a template that a company can use to describe the procedure behind a specific
job task. The purpose of this template is to document the detailed steps required to
complete a process, assign an employee that is responsible for each task, and track the
completion of each task. Additionally, this template can be customized to provide for
any additional industry specific language that may be necessary. This template is ideal
for small businesses or other entities that want to describe the process behind a specific
job function and assign an employee responsibility for the completion of that function.
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                  Process Procedure Checklist
                 [Order Fulfillment Process]

                                    April 30, 2013

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Process Overview
(Provide a brief summary of the process.)

Example: This process is initiated when a customer submits an order through our website. The CSR will
utilize the Order Fulfillment tool to receive the request and verify that there is sufficient inventory to
fulfill the customer’s order. When the order is ready for fulfillment, the CSR will generate a purchase
order, which will be sent electronically to the appropriate warehouse. The warehouse employee will use
the purchase order to find the ordered items on warehouse shelves and pack them into a shipping
container. The package will then be shipped according to the shipping method chosen during order
placement. The shipment will then be received by the customer and a delivery confirmation will be
recorded by the shipping carrier. This will terminate the process.

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Process Checklist
(Use this checklist to document and track the detailed activities for this process. Make sure to substitute all information within the
table to match your needs.
      Checklist Title: The first row of the table contains the checklist title. Replace the gray italicized text with your process name.
      High-level Activity: Enter the high-level name for each step in your process into the light-orange colored rows (e.g., Receive
         Customer Order). These rows are for organizational purposes only and will not have an Owner, Status, or Date assigned.
      Activity: Enter the detailed tasks required to complete each high-level activity. Enter this into the white rows directly beneath
         the appropriate high-level activity.
      Owner: Enter the name or job role of the individual who is responsible for completing each activity.
      Status: Enter the appropriate status of each activity (Complete, In Progress, Not Started, etc.).
      Date: Enter the date the activity is completed.
      Notes: Enter information that will be helpful if you need to refer to this completed checklist in the future.)

                               [Order Fulfillment] Process Checklist (Example)
                       Activity                       Owner           Status          Date                   Notes
         Receive Customer Order
         Login to the Order Fulfillment tool           CSR           Complete       10/14/11
         Navigate to the New Request tab               CSR           Complete       10/14/11
         Assign the order to your                      CSR           Complete       10/14/11     Order status changed to “In
         Workroom                                                                                Process”
         Confirm Inventory Availability
         Select the Workroom tab in the                CSR           Complete       10/14/11
         Order Fulfillment tool
         Select the pending order and click            CSR           Complete       10/14/11
         the “Check Inventory” button
         Confirm that inventory is available           CSR          In Progress                  Inventory is not available;
         and the order is moved to “Ready”                                                       order is on hold
         Generate Purchase Order
         Select the pending order, and click           CSR          Not Started
         the “Generate P.O.” button
         Confirm that the P.O. is generated            CSR          Not Started
         Pick and Pack
         Retrieve pending purchase orders           Warehouse       Not Started
         from the Order Fulfillment tool
         Pick the purchase order items from         Warehouse       Not Started

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