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									Company Profile
This document provides a template for creating a company profile and can be
customized to fit the user’s specific business and intended recipients. The template
includes the company’s vision statement, mission statement, values and products or
services offered. Additionally, it can be customized to provide for any additional
industry-specific language that may be necessary. This template should be used by
entities that want to organize their mission statement, marketing tools, and targeted
                         <Insert company name, logo, and tagline (if any)>
                                     <Insert Company URL>

                                       Company Profile

                <Insert an image that best represents your business or core mission>

             <Insert company contact information: name, address, phone, and e-mail>

  Ex: ABC, Inc. ● 100 1st St. Baton Rouge, LA 70000 ● 866 555 3372 ●

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(Give a brief introduction about your company and a paragraph about the history of your
company. This section can also be used to provide the unique selling points of your business.)

Example: ABC, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is a pioneer in the windows shutters and blinds
market in the State of Louisiana. Founded by veterans in the industry, ABC is the only company
of its kind that designs, manufactures, and installs organic bamboo shutters and blinds within one
business day of each order.

Vision Statement

(This should be one line that focuses on the future growth of your company. This statement
should describe the future outlook for the lifetime of the company.)

Example: Our vision is to provide beautiful, earth-friendly shutters and blinds to a wide market
while never losing sight of each individual customer’s needs.

Mission Statement

(This should be one line about the fundamental purpose of your company, incorporating its
internal and external goals. It should focus on what your business does well today.)

Example: ABC, Inc. wows every customer by providing top quality, organic bamboo shutters
and blinds with lightning quick speed and competitive prices.


(List key corporate values and principles that govern business activities. These often stem from
personal values, and all employees should share them)

ABC, Inc. is committed to providing high quality window shutters and blinds that are not only
great for your home, but that are also environmentally friendly. Our core values reflect our
company’s beliefs and our dedication to our customers. Our values are:

    -    Integrity
    -    Expertise
    -    Commitment to our clients
    -    Pride in our workmanship and products

Our Products/Services

(List core business products or services and the key selling points or strengths. You should also
use this section to list key competitiveness in the market and how your products/services stand
out from your competitors.)

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Example: ABC, Inc. offers customized window shutters and blinds that are made to measure and
are built from scratch to fit any window or doorway. Our shutters are constructed from 100%
organic bamboo, which is treated and sealed to prevent damage or rotting should they come into
contact with any moisture.

Company Fact Sheet
(Use this section to provide factual information about your company that your recipients may
want to know.)

        Business Name: Registered or legal company name and/or trading symbol (if any).

        Nature of Business: State the type of business you deal with, e.g. manufacturing,
        wholesale, retail, etc.

        Company Registration Number: Depending on where you are incorporated, this could
        be a seller’s permit number, tax ID number, or business registration number.

        Corporate Headquarters: Your company’s official address.

        Telephone Number: Corporate contact number(s).

        Fax Number: Fax number (if any).

        Email: General company e-mail address(es).

        Number of Employees: Important for most manufacturing or international businesses.
        Delete if you have sole proprietorship or run a one-person business.

        Management: List key management personnel, their positions, and brief background
        about why they are a company asset.

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Key Clientele
(List the company’s key clients or customers, along with website URLs and any testimonials if
you have collected them.)

Example: ABC has serviced hundreds of corporate clients and businesses around Louisiana,

    -   Huntley’s Gift Store
    -   The Brunch Bakery
    -   Prestige Womenswear


(List testimonials here)

“It was great working with ABC. They delivered fast, and the lovely new blinds beautified our

Jane, H.

“We needed a professional look and style for our new offices and were expecting visitors shortly.
ABC had the quickest delivery time frame and was very professional. The results were even
better than expected.”

Thomas, J.
Huntley’s Gift Store

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