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					Cars are a wheeled motor vehicle which used for transporting
passengers or luggage.There are about 806 million cars
around the world.
The word automobile comes from the ancient Greek word
autos that means self and the Latin word mobile .
 The beginning of the first modern car was when Henry ford
was born. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Michigan
USA. He started to take interests in mechanics when he
became an engineer in the Edison Illuminating Company. He
established his own company in 1903 and called it Ford Motor
Company, after 5 years The Model T was introduced and soon
every company copied his designs. It was the first modern
Engine-                     The gears help
The car engine is an        the drivers to      Car Doors-
internal combustion         control the car.    The car doors are the way
system normally             The car has         to get inside the car and to
operated by gasoline        many kinds of       get out of it.
and sometimes               gears: there is a
by diesel (diesel engine)   reverse gear, a
or natural gas.             parking gear
                            and a neutral
The fastest road car is McLaren F1 that can reach to 384 kph.

The fastest track car is Thrust SSC that can reach to 1,227 kph.

The most expensive car is Bugatti Royale that cost 15 million
             Positive                        Negative

                                   •Until 2011 over 1.2 million
•Cars provide comfort              people dead and over 48 million
•Cars are reliable                 are injured every year because of
                                   car accidents.
•Cars provide to the individual
ways to travel for long distance   •Cars are a major cause of
in short time                      obesity because they cause
                                   laziness around the world.
•Cars are the best-selling
vehicles in the world              •Transportation is a major reason
                                   to air pollution and nearly half of
                                   all the people on earth are
                                   breathing unhealthy air.
The future cars likely will work on electricity or other fuel such as corn oil.
The future cars will be equipped far more than the today’s standard. For
example, there will be systems that will enable the car to fly or to drive without
a driver. There might be beds video games TV’s or even a refrigerator. These
changes are being made these days, the car manufacturing companies are
working on hybrid cars, in Israel already 3 hybrid car models are being sold.

We still do not know what will happen in the future of cars but it's worth the

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