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                            About AB TravelDine

AB TravelDine is a travel, dining, and entertainment company that provides
readers with the latest travel and dining news, insider guides, tips and secrets,
and recommendations for their next getaway. We produce and provide content
for the frugal traveler, the college student traveler, and our favorite, the military
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                      About Under 21 Las Vegas

Under 21 Las Vegas’ mission is to be the most innovative, comprehensive, and
helpful Las Vegas travel company that caters directly to the under 21 crow. We
understand that there are many sites that cater to kids and families who go to Las
Vegas, but what about the other group- the 18-20 year old crowd?

We understand that it can be frustrating to find things to do in Las Vegas if you
can’t gamble, party, or got to clubs. That’s why it’s our passionate duty to help
you find the best shows, attractions, shopping, events, and dining that Las Vegas
has to offer. As an added bonus, if you happen to be a college or high school
student, we even list the best Vegas gigs that offer student discounts.

Under 21 Las Vegas features more Vegas travel choices than any other website
for the under 21 crowd, not including kids, from hotels to shows to tours to the
best restaurants in town and beyond.

Welcome to Under 21 Las Vegas! Taking the Sin Out of Sin City.
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I would like to thank my friends and family for their aide and support during the
creation of this book. I would also like to thank the folks at MGM Mirage,
Treasure Island, and the Mirage for providing me with great content for this book.

Best Wishes,

Adam Bryan
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                  Welcome! My Vegas-Bound Friends

W          elcome my Vegas-bound friends. In here you will find the best
           attractions, restaurants, shopping, spas, outdoor activities, and shows
           that are great for those less than 21 years old. You see, I understand
that there are many guidebooks out there about Las Vegas, but unfortunately they
truly only focus on the people who can gamble, party, drink, etc…Some
guidebooks do talk about kids in Las Vegas but they are missing that one
particular group, the 18-20 crowd. That’s why it is my goal to provide you with
the best information to help you make the most out of your Las Vegas trip. From
little kids to young adults, this book is the ultimate guide for the under 21 crowd. I
even hid a few little surprises and secrets. So let’s find those surprises. Come on
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Table of Contents
Before We Begin: A Little Bit About Las Vegas
Taking the “Sin” out of “Sin City”
Why Go to Vegas if Under 21?
Resorts and Hotels
      Free Attractions
      Paid Attractions for Under $21
      All Remaining Las Vegas Attractions
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          Before We Begin: A Little Bit about Viva Las Vegas

L    as Vegas, Nevada really is a remarkable accomplishment if you think about it. This
     fabulous vacation location was literally created from nothing right out of the middle of the
     desert. But it has become such a notorious place whose reputation for fun and excitement
is legendary.

To say it isn’t a historic site would be a mistake. Many of our great cultural icons had important
times in Las Vegas. And some really great movies were filmed with Las Vegas as their
backdrop. Consider the exciting song we used for the title of this article, Viva Las Vegas. Elvis
Presley, one of the great figures of pop culture, loved this town and extolled the excitement that
could be found there in song. Many other great movie and music stars made Las Vegas the
site of some of their greatest performances. One such striking entertainment moment was when
Frank Sinatra and the hit “rat pack” made the wonderful movie Ocean’s Eleven in Las Vegas, a
movie that has spawned a whole series of movies in modern times staring George Clooney,
Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and a host of other big movie stars.
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To say that big stars are commonplace in Las Vegas would be an understatement. And if we
are looking for great sites to see, the availability of shows by some of the brightest and the best
of Hollywood, Rock and Roll, Broadway, and Cirque du Soleil are all available in Las Vegas.
For very reasonable prices, you can take time away from your whirlwind schedule of fun and
excitement to see some of the best performances you will ever see right there in the resorts
along the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas has also become synonymous with fast living and “adult” type entertainment. It’s an
outstanding location for a honeymoon or that little get away with your spouse where you might
want to enjoy some grown up entertainment without the little ones along. Most people are
usually told not to feel guilty as they pack their kids off to grandma’s house so that they can
treat themselves to a few fun filled days of casino action, luxurious rooms, great food and a
nightlife that cannot be beat. This is the kind of grown up excitement that Las Vegas is known
for, hence the name “Sin City,” but that is now changing (you’ll see later in this book).

This is not to say that your stay in Las Vegas won’t be fun or that you have to leave the kids
home. There is plenty to do even if it is just lounging around the pool and relaxing in the
Jacuzzis. The casinos know that many of us want our families to enjoy vacation as much as we
do, so there is plenty for the kids to do and things you can do as a family together. Some of the
shows like the amazing circus acts can amaze and entertain young and old alike.

You can also take a day and get a tour of this wonderful town and some of the surrounding
attractions. The desert itself can be of great interest to the kids and maybe mom and dad too if
you have never visited this kind of natural setting. There are plenty of tours of surrounding sites
but one of the most enjoyable is a tour of the Hoover Dam not far from town. You can see one
of the wonders of modern engineering and even how this dam is used to create energy and
control the mighty Colorado River.

Las Vegas is just one of so many great sightseeing and vacation sites that are available in this
country of such rich diversity. If the adults enjoy some gambling, the casinos offer many games
and entertaining diversions to give you that fun. And it isn’t true that you will always lose or
come out of there a pauper. If the kids enjoy shopping, eating, and show watching, Las Vegas
offers the best of those three worlds. Las Vegas is a city of great history and significance that is
now redefining itself as family destination.

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                       Taking the “Sin” out of “Sin City”

L  as Vegas is a city of dazzling lights, stunning casinos, elegant shopping, extravagant clubs,
   breathtaking shows, and my favorite, world class food. In Las Vegas, you’ll find restaurants
run by the world’s finest chefs, opulent spas, and some of the most sophisticated hotels in the
world, all of which have their own special theme that caters to almost all likes and interests. So
why do people come here in the first place? Well mostly for the casinos, partying, and
strippers, hence the name “Sin City”. But mainly because there is simply no other place on
Earth like it.

When you look Las Vegas and all of its amenities, you can pretty much assume that it’s a place
where kids and teens shouldn’t be, right? Wrong! There is a completely different side of Las
Vegas that not too many people are familiar with. A side that also caters to families, teens,
and young adults (under 21 of course).
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In this book, I will convince you that Las Vegas is not only just a playground for adults, but also
a great destination for families and the under 21 crowd.

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                         Why go to Vegas if Under 21?

L    as Vegas is not just a city for gambling, partying, clubbing and other sinning. There are
     also a lot of amazing attractions and experiences that can be extremely entertaining, most
     of which do not have an age limit. In Vegas you can experience some of the best shows
in the world, indulge yourself in gourmet eats, shop till you drop, relax in award winning spas,
ride extreme rides, experience the outdoors, or just take in the breathtaking architecture and
atmosphere. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Before we dive in, let’s check out our rating system. Please be aware that this system doesn’t
rate the attractions since we have an even better one for that.

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                              Resorts and Hotels

Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful, modern, elegant, and
technologically advanced hotels in the world. These architectural marvels are no
less than spectacular during the day, but at night, the bright and vivid neon lights
create the famous Las Vegas skyline we are all accustomed too. Now I
understand that in Las Vegas, you must be over 21 to book a hotel room, so
instead of going into great detail of the hotels, I decided just to give you brief, yet
very informative information about each Las Vegas hotel that I believe will be
very suitable for you.
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                   Las Vegas Resorts and Hotels
Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd,               Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas
☎ +1702.590.7757. Two hotel              Blvd S, ☎ +1 877-427-
towers, nine bars, 17 restaurants,       7243. Renowned for its originality
1,840-seat theater, gift shop,           and features, Caesars Palace offers
800,000 square foot spa, pool and        3,300 hotel rooms and more than
300,000 square feet of meeting           26 different restaurants and cafes all
space mean you need never                in a unique Roman theme. Here you
leave. It’s CityCenter’s flagship        will also find one of the most
luxury resort with the hit shows, Viva   beautiful shopping establishments at
Elvis by Cirque du Soleil.               the Forum Shops. Also a trip to this
Bally's, 3645 Las Vegas Blvd             resort won’t be complete unless you
S, ☎ +1 888-742-9248. A                  watch two mega-headliners: Celine
moderate hotel and casino, but the       Dion and Elton John.
location at the center of the Strip      Circus Circus, 2880 Las Vegas Blvd
and the large rooms makes it one of      S, ☎ +1 877-224-7287. A
the best values around town.             cheaper and less upscale hotel that
Bellagio, 3600 S Las Vegas               caters to families. It has a cool circus
Blvd, ☎ +1 702 693-7111 (toll            theme as well as live circus acts and
free: +1 888-987-6667). One of           Las Vegas’ only indoor amusement
the most upscale hotels in Las           park called AdventureDome.
Vegas, the Bellagio features an art      Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708
gallery, a massive indoor flower         Las Vegas Boulevard S, ☎ +1 702-
garden, the Cirque du Soleil show        698-7000. This award winning,
"O" and a the world famous               luxurious resort was named one of
dancing fountains.                       Condes Nast best new hotels of
Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon, 3595      2011 in the world. The resort truly
Las Vegas Blvd S, ☎ +1 702 737-          focuses on artistic architecture as
2100 (toll free: +1 866-BILLS-45).       well as other beautiful art
An excellent value hotel in the          decorations throughout. One of the
middle of the Strip between Bally's      best new buffets is also located here
and Flamingo, across from Caesar's       called the Wicked Spoon.
Palace and Bellagio.                     Excalibur, 3850 Las Vegas Blvd
                                         S, ☎ +1 800-697-1791. Named
                                                                    P a g e | 15

after the mythical sword of King         Imperial Palace, 3535 Las Vegas
Arthur, this family friendly, medieval   Blvd South, ☎ +1 702 731-3311.
themed hotel has a large pool, cool      This resort features and Asian theme
rides for the kids, and also a live      and houses the largest classical car
dinner show called the Tournament        museums in the world. There is also
of Kings.                                a show called Matsuri which is a
Flamingo, 3555 Las Vegas Blvd            Japanese dance and acrobatic
S, ☎ +1 702 733-3111 (fax: +1 702        show.
733-3528). This is one of Vegas’         Luxor Resort and Casino, 3900 S
original casinos that feature a live     Las Vegas Blvd, ☎ +1 702 262-
exhibit of flamingos and other exotic    4100, [179]. An Egyptian-themed
birds.                                   hotel with a massive pyramid that
Four Seasons, 3960 Las Vegas Blvd        offers interesting room layouts. This
S, ☎ +1 702-632-5000 (fax: +1            hotel’s interior architecture is truly
702-632-5195). Occupying the             amazing. There are also two
top four floors of Mandalay Bay's        popular attractions here: Bodies and
main tower, the Four Seasons is one      the Titanic.
of the most exclusive and high-end       Mandalay Bay, 3950 S Las Vegas
accommodations in all of Las             Blvd, ☎ +1 702 632-7777. This is
Vegas.                                   an upscale resort that offers the most
Hard Rock, 4455 Paradise                 unique pool on the strip. Actually it’s
Rd, ☎ +1 702 693-5000, [176]. A          more of a beach with a wave pool
premier destination entertainment        and live concerts at night. There is
resort located on 16.7 acres on the      also a very cool aquarium called the
corner of Harmon and Paradise            Shark Reef, which focuses primarily
Road, inside the Paradise Corridor.      on aquatic predators. THEhotel at
There is also the most                   Mandalay bay is the separate
technologically advanced Hard            tower and features suites and
Rock café in the world located           accommodations more upscale than
nearby.                                  those found at Mandalay Bay.
Harrah's, 3475 S Las Vegas               Mandarin Oriental, 3752 S. Las
Blvd, ☎ +1 702 369-5000. This is         Vegas Blvd, ☎ (702) 590-
a generic hotel that features 2500       8888, [181]. The most luxurious,
beautiful rooms and suites. This hotel   nongaming hotel in CityCenter. The
is not too family friendly.              guest rooms and public spaces
                                                                     P a g e | 16

subtly reference Asian design with       conference center, shops galore
art and decorative accents --            called Studio Walk, the hit Cirque
paintings of kimonos, panels that        du Soleil show Ka, guest will never
slide like shoji screens, pendant        be bored at this amazing hotel.
lamps that resemble Japanese             There is also one of the most
lanterns, and high-sheen built-in        upscale restaurants in Vegas
drawers that suggest the lacquer         located here as well as one of two
and tiers of Tansu chests. It also       Rainforest cafes.
features a unique sky lobby that         Monte Carlo, 3770 Las Vegas Blvd
gives you beautiful views of the         S, ☎ +1 702 730-7777. This resort
Strip.                                   is modeled after the opulent Place
Mirage, 3400 S Las Vegas                 du Casino in Monte Carlo. This
Blvd, ☎ +1 702 791-7111. A               resort also features an innovative
beautiful hotel located near the         show by the famous
middle of the Strip. The Mirage          Jabbawockeez.
features a "volcano" that erupts         New York-New York, 3790 Las
every hour, a white tiger exhibit, a     Vegas Blvd S, ☎ 866 815 4365.
200,000 gallon tropical aquarium,        This hotel has a very unique and
and a tropical rain forest. Also you     interesting interior that is an accurate
can’t forget to watch the music filled   replicate of the streets of New York
Beatle’s Love by Cirque du Soleil        City. Here you will find street
and the America’s Got Talent             vendors, pizzerias, storm drains that
Winner, ventriloquist Terry Fator.       release smoke and fog, and so
MGM Grand, 3799 Las Vegas                much more. All of which give the
Blvd S, ☎ +1 702 891-7777. This          authentic New York City feeling.
Hollywood themed resort has              There is also a fun roller coaster
5,044 guest rooms and is the             called the Manhattan Express that
biggest resort on the strip. The         will give you amazing views of the
theme "Maximum Vegas" refers to          strip, all while you’re flipping
the point that almost anyone can         around during the ride.
find something to do. With 6.6           Paris, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, ☎ +1
acres of swimming area, 2 wedding        702 946-7000. This resort is a
chapels, 3 theaters, a lion habitat,     beautiful replica of Paris. The interior
multitudes of restaurants, a spa and     of the hotel replicates an old
salon, a 380,000 square foot             fashioned French village while also
                                                                     P a g e | 17

incorporating some modern                  free: +1 800-288-7206). This
elements found in the city today.          pirate themed hotel features a very
There is also a smaller size of the        popular free outdoor show at night
Eiffel Tower that features an              called Sirens TI, as well at the
observation deck, as well as an            classical Cirque du Soleil Show
upscale restaurant.                        Mystere.
Planet Hollywood Resort, 3667 S            Tropicana, 3801 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas Blvd, ☎ +1 702-785-              S, ☎ +1 888-826-8767. This
5555. This resort features 2500            newly renovated hotel boasts the
rooms, 2 swimming pools, casino,           headliner Gladys Knight, as well as
spa, fitness center, the Miracle Mile      the Las Vegas Mob Experience.
Shops, and the hit show Barry              The Palazzo, 3325 Las Vegas Blvd
Manilow. This is a very modern and         S, ☎ +1 877-444-5777. The
contemporary resort.                       Palazzo has an extraordinary 50-
Rio Las Vegas, 3700 W Flamingo             floor luxury tower with 3,066 suites
Rd. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino           that has earned it the coveted AAA
features a theme based on the              Five Diamond Award. It is home to
Brazilian city of Rio as well as its       over 60 international boutiques,
parting nature. There is a great           Barneys New York, the Canyon
family friendly buffet as well as the      Ranch Spa Club, the 40/40 Club,
free casino show called the Show in        the Broadway smash hit show
the Sky, which allows guest to             Jersey Boys, and 15 incredible
participate in it, for a very small fee.   restaurants by world renowned
Stratosphere, 2000 Las Vegas Blvd          chefs and stars.
S, ☎ +1 702 380-7777. The                  The Signature at MGM
1,149-foot Stratosphere Tower is a         Grand, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S. A
Las Vegas landmark that has 4 of           luxury suite hotel behind the MGM
the most thrilling attractions in all of   Grand that offers guest luxury
Las Vegas. You truly can’t be feint of     without all the hustle and bustle of
heart when making the daring trip to       the main tower.
the top and riding some of the most        Vdara, 2600 W. Harmon
extreme and intense rides I’ve ever        Ave, ☎ (866) 745-7767. This non-
seen in my life.                           gaming, non-smoking hotel features
Treasure Island, 3300 Las Vegas            a sizable spa, pool complex,
Blvd S, ☎ +1 702 894-7111 (toll            restaurant, bar and nearly 1,500
                                         P a g e | 18

suites. Vdara is one of the few
upscale Las Vegas hotels hospitable
to families. Their 250 signature
panoramic rooms include a four-
person dining room table, a
washer-dryer and full-sized kitchen
The Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd
S, ☎ +1 702 414-4100. An upscale
resort that has a theme inspired by
the Italian city of Venice. This hotel
also features a one of a kind river
and gondola ride through the Grand
Canal shops, while being
accompanied by a singing gondola
pilot. At the resort, you will also be
able to witness the incredible Blue
Man Group show, as well as the hit
classical show, Phantom A Las
Vegas Spectacular!
Wynn Las Vegas, 3131 Las Vegas
Blvd S, ☎ +1 702 770-7000,. Built
at a cost of $2.7 billion, this is the
most expensive resort in the world
that features a private golf course,
an artificial mountain with a 5-story
waterfall, a million-gallon water
tank for the nightly show Le Reve,
ultra-upscale shopping esplanade
as well as possibly the best buffet in
Las Vegas. Right next door is the
more luxurious, all suite resort by
Steve Wynn called Encore. Once
you go to these two resorts, you
truly won’t want to leave.
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              BONUS (Surprise): 21+ Attractions for $21 or Less

 n here you will find a list of free and paid attractions, including their locations, prices, ratings,
 and tips and secrets. Listed are the best attractions for less than $21 acceptable for the under
21 crowd. Below is our rating system

                   A can’t be missed, iconic Las Vegas landmark!

                   A must see attraction! Be sure to try to check this out.

                   A great attraction, but it can be skipped.

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                                                                      P a g e | 22

                             Free Attractions

   Attraction           Information           U21     Location       Tips and
                                             Rating                   Secrets
Aquarium at       This 117,000 gallon                              This was
Silverton Hotel   aquarium features                                rated as one
                  4,000 tropical fish,                             of Las Vegas’
                  including three species             Silverton    best free
                  of stingrays and sharks.              Hotel      attractions.
                  Plus be sure to check
                  out the mermaid show
                  every Thursday-Sunday
                  throughout the
                  afternoon and evenings.
Bellagio          Just beyond the                                  Be sure to
Conservatory      gracious lobby lies a                            visit during
and Botanical     kaleidoscope for your                            major
Gardens           senses. Here you will                Bellagio    holidays as
                  find beautiful, themed                           they have
                  plant sculptures and                             special
                  displays.                                        themes.
CBS Television    You be the judge. You                            Beware: you
City Research     get to watch and decide                          might get an
Center            which new CBS shows                              awful show
                  will air or get cut.                  MGM        and waste 1
                                                        Grand      hour of your
                                                                   life. But you
                                                                   don’t know
                                                                   till you try.
CityCenter        This mega resort is an
                  attraction by itself.
                  There is also great,
                  award winning                       CityCenter       N/A
                  restaurants, and some
                  of the best shopping at
                                                                P a g e | 23


Crystals and Art   This is the first major                   This art
Exhibit            permanent art                             exhibit is
                   collection in Las Vegas                   indoors and
                   that is also included                     outdoors, so
                   public space. This is also                be sure to
                   the largest corporate                     check it all
                   art collection. The                       out.
                   featured works are by        CityCenter
                   acclaimed artists and
                   sculptors such as Claes
                   Oldenburg, Nancy
                   Rubins, Maya Lin, Jenny
                   Holzer, Coosje van
                   Bruggen, Frank Stella,
                   Henry Moore, and much
Ethel M            A free, self guided
Chocolate          factory tour of the step
Lounge and         by step process of            About 7
Cactus Garden      candy making. Plus            miles off       N/A
                   there is a cactus garden      the Strip
                   that features over 300
                   different species of
Fall of Atlantis   This free fountain show                Shows occur
                   uses lifelike animatronic     Appian   every hour,
                   figures and special          Way Shops everyday
                   effects to recount the       at Caesar from 10 am
                   ancient myth of               Palace   to 11pm
Fashion Show       Every wanted to see a                  Don’t forget
Mall Fashion       real fashion show? Well       Fashion  to go
Shows              now you can daily Fri-       Show Mall shopping
                   Sun at 12-6pm every
                   hour on the hour
                                                             P a g e | 24

Fremont Street    The world’s largest LED
Experience        screen that features
                  12.5 million lights and      Off the
                  550,000 watts of great        Strip,        N/A
                  music. Shows are shown      Downtown
                  daily during the
Forum and         The architecture and                    Don’t forget
Appian Way        design is an attraction                 to check out
Shops at Caesar   by itself. You enter                    the multiple
Palace            through a grand                         Fall of
                  shopping space                          Atlantis
                  accented by spiraling                   shows
                  escalators, which then                  dispersed
                  leads to a cozier                       throughout
                  environment that             Caesar’s   the Appian
                  replicates the feeling of     Palace    Way Shops.
                  ancient Rome and all its                Also don’t
                  architectural aspects.                  forget to get
                                                          your free
                                                          VIP Forum
                                                          book found
                                                          in our
Fountains at      Synchronizing water                     Be sure to
Bellagio          fountains dance to                      go after 8pm
                  beautiful music. These                  since shows
                  choreographed                           occur every
                  fountains cannot be          Bellagio   15 minutes.
                  missed.                                 Plus if your
                  Fountain shows occur                    happens to
                  Monday to Friday, 3                     be very
                  p.m. - midnight.                        crowded,
                                                             P a g e | 25

                 Saturday and Sunday,                    just wait till
                 12 p.m. - midnight.                     the current
                 The fountains run every                 display ends
                 half-hour until 8 p.m.                  and the
                 and every 15 minutes                    “seas will
                 after that until                        part” aka,
                 midnight.                               people will
                                                         leave in
Lions Habitat    This showcase features
                 unobstructed views of
                 lions in a large, glass      MGM             N/A
                 enclosed structure. You      Grand
                 can get closer to Lions
                 than at most zoos.
Mandalay Bay     Sand, surfing, a lazy                   Be aware
Beach and Pool   river, a wave pool and                  that on very
                 much more are at this      Mandalay     crowded
                 awesome pool.                Bay        days, this
                                                         pool may
                                                         not be very
                                                         kid friendly
M&M World        M&M's World is                          Try going in
                 possibly the most                       the morning
                 delicious attraction in                 to avoid the
                 Vegas. This M&M            Strip Next   afternoon
                 megastore feature           to Planet   crowds.
                 M&M memorabilia as         Hollywood
                 well as 22 different
                 M&M colors.
Miracle Mile     This shopping plaza also
Shops            features a thunder and       Planet
                 lightning show in the      Hollywood         N/A
                 sky. It’s a nice little
                 break from all your
                                                               P a g e | 26

Neon Museum       Check out the classic Las    Located at   You can
                  Vegas art form of neon       the          access the
                  signs.                       Fremont      special bone
                                               Street       yard tour for
                                               Experience   $15
Pools             There’s nothing better                    Some of the
                  than just relaxing at an                  best include
                  amazing Vegas pool.                       the pools at:
                  From lazy rivers and                      Mandalay
                  huge wave pools, to          All major    Bay, Caesars
                  man-made beaches and          hotels      Palace,
                  topless pools, Las Vegas                  Bellagio,
                  pools can cater to                        Aria,
                  almost any desire.                        Cosmopolita
                                                            n, Flamingo,
                                                            MGM, and
                                                            the Monte
Show in the Sky   If you ever wanted to                     You can
                  be a part of a music                      participate
                  video, this is your type                  in the show
                  of show. This show                        for only
                  features music, dancing,                  $12.95
                  stunning choreography        Rio Resort
                  and much more. Plus it
                  also caters to all tastes,
                  with three different
                  shows types such as
                  pop, Latin and
                  burlesque numbers.
Sirens at TI      Watch as beautiful, sexy                  Be sure to
                  ladies battle a band of                   arrive pretty
                  pirates in Sirens' Cove,      Treasure    early to
                  located at the front           Island     ensure a
                  entrance of the popular                   good view. If
                  hotel and casino.                         you arrive
                                                            P a g e | 27

                                                         enough, you
                                                         may be able
                                                         to snag a
                                                         real seat.
Spas               Las Vegas is home to                  Be sure to
                   multiple award winning                check out
                   spas. It would be a                   our “Under
                   shame if you were to         Most     21 Las Vegas
                   miss out on this             major    Top Picks”
                   complimentary service       resorts   for listings
                   at your hotel.                        and
                                                         of the best
Streetmosphere     Many dressed up street                Keep a look
                   performers, such as                   out for the
                   Italian opera singers                 white
                   and costumed actors                   “statue”
                   can be found               Venetian
                   entertaining guests as
                   they wander through
                   the Grand Canal
Volcano            This huge volcano                     The later
                   erupts and spews out                  shows are
                   fire, amazingly                       usually the
                   choreographed to            Mirage    emptiest.
                   music. Shows run every
                   hour, on the hour
                   starting from 8 pm to 12
Welcome to Las     This iconic Las Vegas      South of   To avoid
Vegas Sign         sign is the perfect        Mandalay   crowds, try
                   location for a               Bay      going in the
                   memorable photo                       morning.
Wildlife Habitat   Check out this fabulous               Habitat is
at Flamingo        oasis of more than 300     Flamingo   open 24/7
                   birds, including Impeyn               so you will
                                                          P a g e | 28

                  and silver pheasants,                always have
                  Gambel's quail, a Crown              a chance to
                  crane, two ibis, swans,              check this
                  ducks, parrots, and of               out.
                  course, flamingos.
World’s Largest   This is the world’s                  Don’t forget
Permanent         largest permanent           Circus   to check out
Circus            circus that features free   Circus   the Midway
                  daily shows                          carnival

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                                                                     P a g e | 29

                     Paid Attractions for Under $21

   Attraction            Information             U21 Location         Tips and
                                                Rating                 Secrets
AdventureDome America’s largest indoor                              Be sure to
              theme park. This place                                purchase
              features a high speed                                 the all day
              rollercoaster, multiple                               pass
              thrill rides, as well as an             Circus Circus instead of
              IMAX ride film.                                       paying $5-
                                                                    8 for
                   Price: $16.95 for                                individual
                   children                                         rides.
Bellagio Gallery   Come here and see                                $10 for
of Fine Art        exhibitions of art and                           military
                   objects from all over                            and college
                   the world. This exhibit                          students
                   boasts some of the
                   largest artistic                     Bellagio
                   masterpieces in all of
                   Las Vegas. This is truly
                   for the art lovers.
                   Price: $15 for 13 and
                   over. Children under 12
                   are free.
C.S.I. The         Ever wanted to be a                          Be sure to
Experience         crime scene investigator                     use the
                   like those on TV? Well                       coupon in
                   now you can. This                            our
                   hands on exhibit lets              MGM Grand provided
                   guest go step by step to                     ultimate
                   solve a crime. This is the                   Vegas
                   total package when it                        coupon
                   comes to forensic                            book for
                   experiences.                                 $5 off
                                                            P a g e | 30

                  Price: $30 for adults,                   admission
                  $23 for kids                             prices
Eiffel Tower      Enjoy a stunning view of                 Be sure to
Observation       Las Vegas 50 stories up                  go at night
Deck              in a beautiful replica of                even
                  Paris’ Eiffel Tower.                     though it’s
                                                           a little
                  Price: $10 for adults, $7    Paris Las   more
                  for children, $15 after       Vegas      pricey.
                  7:30 pm.                                 Plus, enjoy
                                                           a great
                                                           view of the
                                                           at Bellagio
Erotic Heritage   Explore the vast array of                Show your
Museum            socio-cultural                           student or
                  perspectives depicting      Behind the   military
                  our erotic past and          Fashion     I.D. and
                  present.                    Show Mall    pay only
                  Price: $15 for 18 years
                  old and over
Game Works        50,000 sq ft of state of               Get a
                  the art gaming                         power pass
                  equipment. From classic       Next to  for $20 for
                  arcade favorites to         M&M World one hour
                  motion simulators,          and Planet
                  you’ll never get bored      Hollywood;
                  at this virtual              Showcase
                  entertainment                  Mall

                  Price: Games start at $1
Gondola Ride      Cruise through the                       Be sure to
                  streets of Venice on a       Venetian    go in the
                  private Gondola tour                     morning to
                  accompanied by a                         avoid
                                                              P a g e | 31

                  singing gondolier.                        crowds.
Hard Rock Café    Come see the most                         N/A
                  advanced Hard Rock           Next to
                  Café in the world. It’s a   Monte Carlo
                  3 level, 42,000 sq ft        and the
                  center of nonstop           MGM Grand
                  Price: Varies (meals and
                  concert Tickets)
House of Blues    Enjoy Cajun influenced                    Normally
                  meals while also                          the age
                  listening to great                        limit is 21
                  musical artists                           and over,
                                               Mandalay     but some
                  Price: Varies (meals and       Bay        days,
                  concert tickets)                          anyone is
                                                            allowed to
                                                            attend the
Flightlinez at    Zip line at speeds up to                  Go at night
Fremont Street    30 mph through the                        and
                  Fremont Street                            experience
                  Experience. It’s             Fremont      the
                  awesome.                      Street      stunning
                                                            LED show.
                  Price: $15 before 6pm,
                  $20 after 6 pm
Jubilee All       Get an in depth behind                    Buy a show
Access            the scenes tour of one                    ticket and
Backstage         of Vegas’ longest             Bally’s     get $5 off
Walking Tour      running topless shows.                    your tour
                  Price: $15
Las Vegas         From the African                          Don’t
Natural History   Savannah to prehistoric                   forget to
                                                                P a g e | 32

Museum            life, the museum has it                      check out
                  all covered. You also get    900 N. Las      the snake
                  a little history about the   Vegas Blvd      pit
                  great state of Nevada.

                  Price: $10 adults, $8
                  seniors, students, and
Lied Children’s   Roam through 22,000
Museum            square feet of over 100
                  different interactive
                  science, art and
                  humanity stations.              Off the
                  There are just too many      Strip; 833 N.      N/A
                  amazing hand’s on             Las Vegas
                  activities to name. It’s         Blvd
                  fun for all ages.

                  Price: $9.50 adults,
                  $8.50 children
Madame            Where can you get up                         Be sure to
Tussauds Wax      close and personal to                        use our
Museum            famous celebrities?                          provided
                  Right here at this world     Outside the     coupon for
                  famous interactive wax        Venetian       $5 off
                  museum                                       admission
                  Price: $25 adults, $15
New York New      Soar, flip, drop, loop,                      Ride at
York Roller       and much more through                        night and
Coaster           the New York skyline on                      get a
                  this great rollercoaster      New York       stunning,
                  ride that reaches up to       New York       neon lit
                  67 mph. Now that’s                           view of the
                  fast!                                        Strip.
                  Price: $14 for one ride,
                                                              P a g e | 33

                   $7 for any additional
Penske Wynn        Check out Las Vegas,                    To be
Ferrari Maserati   only Ferrari and                        honest, it’s
                   Maserati dealership and                 truly not
                   showroom. You can also                  worth the
                   get your picture taken        Wynn      $10. But if
                   in the driver seat of a                 you really
                   Ferrari to show off to                  love
                   your friends.                           Ferraris,
                                                           then you’ll
                   Price: $10                              love this
Piano Las Vegas    Check out world                         Be sure to
                   champion pianist Ryan                   get the
                   Ahern as he provides a     Miracle Mile coupon in
                   unique combination of       Shops at    our
                   comedy, magic and,           Planet     provided
                   great live music           Hollywood coupon
                   Price: $19
Secret Garden      See the beautiful and                    You can be
and Dolphin        famous white tigers of                   a dolphin
Habitat            Siegfried and Roy, as                    trainer for
                   well as many other                       a day. This
                   animals such as                          costs
                   leopards and lions.                      about $550
                   Many of these animals                    for a party
                   are rare and                 Mirage      of four.
                   endangered so it’s                       Call 702-
                   pretty cool to actually                  792-7889
                   see them. There is also                  for more
                   a beautiful oasis filled                 info and
                   with dolphins                            reservation
                   Price: $17 for adults,
                   $12 for children
                                                             P a g e | 34

Shark Reef       Enjoy an aquatic                          Enjoy a 30
                 environment of 1,200                      minute
                 species of marine life                    behind the
                 including sharks, exotic     Mandalay     scenes
                 fresh and saltwater fish,      Bay        tour for $8
                 sea turtles and so much                   extra.

                 Price: $18 for adults,
                 $12 for children
SpongeBob        A 3-D and 4-D motion                      Don’t
Squarepants 4D   ride that features three                  forget to
and Motion       shows: Dino Island,                       check out
Rides            Extreme Log Ride, and                     the
                 SpongeBob Squarepants         Excalibur   Midway
                 4-D (it uses real bubbles                 Arcade
                 and scents)

                 Price: $9.95 one film,
                 $11.95 two films, 12.95
                 three films
Stratosphere     Ride some of the most                     Don’t eat
Tower and        thrilling rides in the                    a heavy
Extreme Ride     world. Where else can                     meal
                 you get swung, spun at                    before
                 3Gs, launched, thrown,                    riding
                 and teeter tottered                       these
                 almost 1000 feet in the                   rides.
                 air? Nowhere except          Stratosphere Trust me!
                 Vegas. Rides include a
                 lanchpad, a teeter
                 totter, and a gut
                 wrenching swing. This
                 truly is not for the faint
                 of heart.

                 Price: $16 for
                                         P a g e | 35

              observation deck, Rides
              cost $12-13 for one
              rides. Packages are also

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                                                                                         P a g e | 36

                      All Remaining Las Vegas Attractions

O      ne of the beauties of Las Vegas is the fact that most hotels have attractions within their
       properties to entertain their guest if they are partying and gambling. This is great
especially for the under 21 crowd because it provides you guys to experience some of the best
things Las Vegas has to offer.

Auto Collections Imperial Palace… This is the worlds’ largest classic car museum with over 300
cars displayed in their showroom. This fine showroom is one of Las Vegas’ top tourist
destinations. Location: Imperial Palace; Price: Free

BODIES-The Exhibition…A dazzling and educational opportunity bringing you face to face with
yourself and your anatomy. This exhibit showcases real full-bodies and organs, and also
provides a detailed, three-dimensional vision of the human form rarely seen outside of an
anatomy lab. Its great and quite educational. Location: Luxor; Price: $32 for general admission
and $24 for children (2-14 years old)

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition…The classic and epic story of the Titanic is revived through this
exhibit. This attraction has been viewed by over 20 million people worldwide and it has the
highest attendance in history. Location: Luxor; Price: $28 for general admission and $21 for
children (2-14 years old)
                                                                                        P a g e | 37

SkyJump…This is the world’s highest jump and it’s conveniently located in the heart of Las
Vegas. SkyJump is a controlled free fall, similar to a vertical zip line. The launching pad is
located on the 108th floor of Stratosphere, which is 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.
Jumpers are harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine.
This is truly an adrenaline rush that can’t be missed! Location: Stratosphere; Price: $109.99 a

Las Vegas Mob Experience…This attraction uses the latest in interactive entertainment
technology to recreate the rise and fall of organized crime in Las Vegas. Featuring apparitions
of famed gangsters, the Las Vegas Mob Experience promises a personalized and theatrical
setting full of intrigue, mystery and suspense! You can meet the family members of a number of
the men and women who are highlighted throughout the Experience, while seeing and hearing
first-hand accounts of the stories that shaped Las Vegas decades ago. The attraction features
over 1,000 authentic artifacts once belonging to the famous organized crime figures that
helped create the Las Vegas we know today. Location: Tropicana Las Vegas; Price: $30 for
general admission, $20 for children, and $25 for military

Vegas Indoor Skydiving…America’s first indoor skydiving facility allows guest to experience the
true adrenaline rush of an authentic sky dive and free fall without the need of an airplane or a
parachute. This facility uses a vertical wind tunnel that allows skydivers to glide throughout the
air. This is an experience that just can’t be missed. Location: 200 Convention Center Dr; Price:
1 flight $75 and repeat flight for $40

Pole Position Speedway…Experience real head-to-head racing at Pole Position Raceway and
discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Their high-
performance European karts are capable of 45 mph, and that seems extremely fast when you
are sitting just one inch off of the ground trying to navigate a 1/4-mile road course! It’s an
amazing experience. Location: 4175 South Arville ; Price: $25 for adults and $22 for children

Pinball Hall of Fame…Check out the world’s largest pinball collection that can also still be used
and played for only 25 cents. Location: 1610 E. Tropicana; Price: Free

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P a g e | 38
                                                                                         P a g e | 39

                                    Outdoor activities

T   he first thing most people think of when thinking of Las Vegas is the strip. Bright blinking
    neon lights, loud music, and spotlights are more of what people envision in Vegas than
wide open spaces, Natural Park like settings, nature watches, and the beauty of the desert at
sunset. Of course that is if you can get a little ways out of Vegas otherwise you'll never notice
the sun going down for all the bright lights.

If you love the great outdoors there are plenty of places to get out there and enjoy nature in
and around the Las Vegas area. You can do a lot more than view wildlife in any of these parks
and each one offers something special to those that visit. I would hope that you could enjoy
them all, however I would recommend that you spend at least one day of your trip outdoors in
nature somewhere.

Here are some of the great types of outdoor activities that you can partake of during your trip
to Las Vegas

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                                                                                       P a g e | 40

                     Hiking, Adventure, and Sightseeing
Bootleg Canyon Flightlines…Zip line down Red Mountain on 4 different lines ranging from 1200
feet to 2500 feet, all while reaching speeds of up to 50 mph. Location: Red Mountain and
Boulder City; Price: $149

Helicopter Tour…Vegas is home to some of the most scenic helicopter tours in the world. You
will be able to get an aerial view of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. The most thrilling and
amazing part is taking a night helicopter flight over the neon-lit Las Vegas strip. Check out ALL
VEGAS TOURS for a complete list and pricing for helicopter tours.

Landsail…Race your friends as you pilot a land yacht that sails through the desert. This is a fun
and exciting trip to sail throughout the deserts of Las Vegas. Price: $125

Mount Charleston…This is a great outdoor and scenic park that can help you get away from
the non-stop Vegas action. This mountain also turns into a ski resort when winter comes around
too. Price: Varies

Red Rock Canyon…Red Rock Canyon, just 15 miles west of Las Vegas, presents awe-inspiring
views most wouldn't expect to see near a major city like Las Vegas. Red Rock offers desert
beauty, towering red cliffs and abundant wildlife. Price: $7 per car

Golf…There are just so many golf courses in Las Vegas that I can’t even list them all. The most
notable one located right on the Strip is the Wynn Golf Course on the property of the Wynn Las
Vegas. For information and comprehensive lists of Las Vegas’ golf courses, check out Las
Vegas Golf

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