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Join us for an unforgettable vacation experience!




    Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida with stops in
        Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico,
                St. Thomas and the Bahamas
                                              DEAR FRIENDS

                                              We invite you to spend an entire week sailing the
                                              beautiful Eastern Caribbean on The Gospel Music
                                              Celebration!TM This will be like no other cruise or vacation
                                              that you may have experienced in the past. Pamper
                                              your senses and your soul aboard Holland America’s
                                              Five Star ms Eurodam. Relax and unwind in spacious
                                              comfort, surrounded by the exquisite beauty and luster
                                              that only Holland America can offer. Savor it all and
                                              enjoy onboard activities, superb cuisine and unparalleled
                                              personal attention from the crew. Enjoy the Caribbean
up close as we sail right into these stunning ports of call: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico,
St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. You will travel with fewer guests aboard this mid-sized ship
and discover picturesque destinations not accessible to larger ships. Revel in the tropical beauty and
enjoy shore excursions such as snorkeling, shopping or horseback riding on the beach.

Many of the best artists in Gospel Music will be joining us on the cruise. Legacy Five, The
Collingsworth Family, The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Charlotte Ritchie, Triumphant Quartet, Tim
Lovelace, The Crist Family and Jim & Melissa Brady will all be there. We will have special full-length
evening concerts with each of these spectacular artists giving you plenty of time to enjoy all of your
favorite songs. Our morning experiences will be filled with soul stirring worship and encouraging
devotions giving you the opportunity to get to know the hearts behind the music.

The fun and music does not end with the concerts and chapel times. There will also be special
daytime showcases that will keep you entertained. From the “Church Hymn Sing” with Gerald
Wolfe, to “Jubilee” program with the Booth Brothers, Legacy Five, and Greater Vision. Then there will
also be the “Songs from the Pen of Triumphant Quartet” to the “Piano Spectacular” hosted by Kim
Collingsworth, and “Love Songs” from Jim and Melissa Brady; there is something for everyone. There
will be game shows involving your favorite artists, gospel music karaoke featuring fellow passengers
and times of comedy with Tim Lovelace. All of which lead up to a finale that will leave you standing,
singing, rejoicing and applauding! These will truly be moments to remember. We have a special seat
and a stateroom reserved just for you. All aboard!

         LEGACY FIVE                COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY                    BOOTH BROTHERS

      GREATER VISION                    CHARLOTTE RITCHIE                 TRIUMPHANT QUARTET

        TIM LOVELACE                     THE CRIST FAMILY                 JIM & MELISSA BRADY

                   For complete bios on each guest, visit
                                                         THE SHIP

                                                         MS EURODAM
                                                         HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
                                                         Timeless elegance is everywhere: Understated,
                                                         refined, welcoming, and warm in the fresh
                                                         floral arrangements, in the fine furnishings, in
                                                         the impressive sculptures, and in the gracious
                                                         hospitality that is Holland America’s hallmark.
                                                         With a multimillion-dollar art collection as the
                                                         backdrop, your universe will revolve around a
                                                         myriad of activities, plush staterooms, soaring
                                                         spaces, and attention to every detail. Holland
                                                         America Line serves incomparable cuisine in
                                                         a variety of wonderful ways—from beautifully
                                                         served dinners in the main dining room and
                                                         bountiful buffets on deck to the sumptuous
                                                         late-night buffets, the food will be everything
                                                         you expect and more. The gracious crew
                      Ship’s Registry: The Netherlands
                                                         members are dedicated to your satisfaction
                                                         and are known for impeccable five-star service.
                                                         Holland America offers everything you could
                                                         want in this world-class floating resort.

            A C H R I S T - F I L L E D T I M E O F R E L A x AT I O N

            cruise will bring you closer to God as you relax, unwind and refocus—it doesn’t
            just have to be about avoiding the busyness of “normal” life. Onboard you’ll
            meet and share meals with other believers, grow together in meaningful times
            of worship and learn from powerful teaching from the Word of God. Grow
            deeper in your personal walk with your Savior—this is your chance to get away,
            and get with God.

    TROPICAL DESTINATIONS                                            BEST WORLD BEACHES
Caribbean islands are host to some of the most                       Soak up the sun, and sink your feet
 beautiful cities and scenery you’ll ever see—                           into the warm sand beaches
      the perfect place to just get away.                          that rank among the best in the world.
                                               7 - DAY C R U I S E I T I N E R A R Y

                                               Few destinations boast as much tropical
                                               beauty or cultural diversity as the islands of
                                               the Caribbean. The colorful quilt-work of cities
                                               and ancient ruins fill a breathtaking backdrop
                                               of lush jungles, fresh-water caves, coral
                                               reefs, blue lagoons and white-sand beaches
                                               perfectly suited to relaxing and getting away.

DEPARTING FROM FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA                     (Saturday, January 19, 2013)
EMBarKatIOn: 11:30 A.M.–3:30 P.M. / dEPart: 5:00 P.M.

DAY AT SEA      (January 20)

GRAND TURK, TURKS & CAICOS (January 21, 8:00 a.M.—3:00 P.M.):
The beautiful Island of Grand Turk is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos. Take the
time to explore Cockburn Town’s wonderful selection of historical buildings including many
Bermudian and Colonial style buildings and ruins. Deep offshore waters serve as major
transit points for Humpback Whales, spotted Eagle Rays, Manta Rays and Turtles. Like to
fish? Tuna, Wahoo and Blue Marlin inhabit these same rich waters. If you’re a diver, or simply
interested in diving, Grand Turk is the place for you. With many dive operators and schools
it can cater from novice snorkeling to experienced divers.
SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (January 22, 1:00 P.M.—11:00 P.M.):
In days of yore, the waters near Puerto Rico teemed with pirate ships commanded by the
likes of Sir Francis Drake. Aye, they are long gone, but in their wake they have left an island
of national treasures: La Casa Blanca, built in 1501 for the island’s first governor, Ponce de
Leon; the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan; the tropical rain forests of El Yunque.
ST. THOMAS, U.S. vIRGIN ISLANDS (January 23, 8:00 a.M.—5:00 P.M.):
The lovely, European-influenced port of Charlotte Amalie wins the prize for Caribbean
shopping thrills. Cameras, jewelry, watches, perfumes are all here. So are beautiful
beaches, undersea gardens and tales of Blackbeard.
DAY AT SEA      (January 24)

HALF MOON CAY, BAHAMAS (January 25, 8:00 a.M.—4:00 P.M.):
Half Moon Cay is ideal for beach lovers, watersports and nature enthusiasts. Snorkel
among the coral reefs, or paddle boat in the crystal clear bay. This island is a designated
wild bird sanctuary with nature trails leading visitors to the vantage points that are ideal
for bird watching.
CONCLUDING IN FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA               (Saturday, January 26, 2013)
arrIVE: 7:00 A.M. / dEBarKatIOn: 8:00 A.M.—10:00 A.M.

  From thatched huts to the vibrant and
 colorful buildings that fill the Caribbean,
come experience island living at its finest.

                                                          24/7 ONLINE BOOKING
                                                         for more information or to book this
                                                             event online any time of day!
        C A B I N C AT E G O R I E S & P R I C E S

                                    INTERIOR STATEROOM
                                    CABINS: I, J, K, L, M, MM          FROM   $798
                                    A nice starter option. This stateroom features a sitting area
                                    and two lower beds that convert to one queen. Approximately
                                    141-284 sq. ft.

                                    OCEAN-vIEW STATEROOM
                                    CABINS: C, D, DD, E, F, *G, **GG, **H     FROM   $1,068
                                    The best option for those wanting a full ocean view window.
                                    These staterooms feature a sitting area and two lower beds that
                                    convert to one queen. Many have an additional sofa bed or upper
                                    bed. Approximately 169-267 sq. ft. All *G cabin categories have a
                                    partial sea view. **GG & **H have fully obstructed views.

                                    vERANDAH STATEROOM
                                    CABINS: vQ, v, vA, vB, vC, vD, vE, vF       FROM   $1,298
                                    These ocean view staterooms feature a sitting area, private
                                    verandah and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are two lower
                                    beds that convert to one queen, some have additional sofa
                                    beds. Approximately 213-379 sq. ft. with verandah.

                                    SUPERIOR vERANDAH SUITE
                                    CABINS: SS, SY                             FROM   $1,898
                                    Exclusively available on Vista and Signature Class ships,
                                    these nice suites feature a large sitting area, private verandah,
                                    and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are two lower beds that
                                    convert to one queen, and a single sofa bed for one person.
                                    Approximately 273-456 sq. ft. with verandah.

                                    DELUxE vERANDAH SUITE
                                    CABINS: SA, SB, SC                      FROM   $2,298
                                    These beautiful suites feature a large sitting area, dressing
                                    room, private verandah and whirlpool bath. There are two
                                    lower beds that convert to one king, and a double sofa bed.
                                    Approximately 506-590 sq. ft. with verandah.

prices are per passenger based on two per cabin                    BOOK THIS CRUISE ONLINE:
         (air transportation not included in price)      
 Add per person: taxes/fees $96 (subject to change)
    conference fee $198. Call toll free for questions              CALL FOR INFORMATION OR
              regarding single occupancy rates and                 TO BOOK THIS CRUISE:
                       wheelchair accessible cabins.
       Transfers to & from the pier and flight & hotel             888 245 4284
                             quotes are all available
                        P ay M E n t S
                                                                     TERMS & CONDITIONS
    $500 deposit per person     Credit card, personal
    with reservation form       check, cashiers check or             The invoice/statement you will receive confirming
    Oct. 11, 2012               money order. Must be in
                                                                     your reservation is an agreement between Inspiration
    Final payment due           U.S. funds.                          Cruises & Tours, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ICT) and
                                                                     the passenger. Travel dates include sailing days only;
    On or After Oct. 11, 2012   Full payment required
                                                                     air travel and forced overnight hotels are additional. All
                                                                     prices, payments, penalties and change fees are
          r E S E r Va t I O n C H a n G E F E E S                   quoted per passenger based on double occupancy
    Today–Oct. 30, 2012         $100                                 (two persons per room). Sites, artists, speakers and/
                                                                     or schedules are subject to change. Carefully review
    On or after Oct. 31, 2012   No Changes Allowed                   the Terms and Conditions found on the back of your
                                                                     invoice/statement and all documentation you receive
    Additional fees may be assessed by suppliers for con-
    nections booked from your home city, as well as forced           in connection with your travel.
    single occupancy due to roommate cancellation. Those
    fees charged will be passed along to the passenger.              PRICES: All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars and are
                                                                     based on the current rate of international exchange
       C a n C E L L a t I O n F E E S (per person)                  between the U.S. dollar and foreign currencies at time
                                                                     of publication. Whenever possible, ICT obtains price
    Today–Oct. 30, 2012         $100 administration fee              guarantees from suppliers. However, depending upon
    Oct. 31–Nov. 15, 2012       Deposit amount
                                                                     the strength of the U.S. dollar and the fluctuating cost
                                                                     of fuel, supplier expense, governmental fees and other
                                50% of the total tour                taxes, published prices are subject to change without
    Nov. 16–Dec. 13, 2012       package                              notice and will be chargeable to the passenger up to the
                                                                     time of departure.
                                75% of the total tour
    Dec. 14–27, 2012            package
                                                                     NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES: Passport costs; transit to/
    On or after Dec. 28, 2012   No Refunds                           from pier, travel to/from the departure city; gratuities,
                                                                     pre/post hotels; items of a personal nature including,
    Cancellations must be confirmed in the ICT office                but not limited to, laundry, room service at hotels,
    during regular business hours: Monday through
    Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)                       meals in transit, phone calls, etc.

    Cancellation fees apply regardless of the reason for             TRAvEL INSURANCE: Every exceptional travel
    cancellation, including medical and family matters.              experience purchased from ICT includes a Post
                                                                     Departure travel protection plan with coverage for
       IT IS THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH                     trip delay, baggage loss or delay, emergency medical
           PASSENGER TO FULLY COMPLY WITH ALL                        expenses, and emergency evacuation/repatriation.
     IMMIGRATION & DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS                        This policy covers residents or citizens of the U.S.
                                                                     & Canada only, and does not include coverage for
                                                                     Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruptions. We strongly
                                                                     suggest protecting your travel investment with trip
                                                                     cancellation and trip interruption coverage for the
                                                                     unforeseen and unexpected circumstances. Plans for
                                                                     international travelers are available.

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP: A valid passport is required for all passengers, including children, and must remain valid for
6 months beyond the completion of your travel. Applications are available online at or
by calling the National Passport Information Center at 877 487 2778. You may also contact your local post office for
information. When necessary, a group visa for U.S. citizens will be obtained for those confirmed by the final payment
date. Travelers originating from outside the U.S. also need a valid passport, and should consult their country’s
embassy regarding specific requirements for entry into each and every country of destination. Your passport name
must match the name on your cruise reservation and airline/cruiseline ticket or you may be denied boarding.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Please call ICT for information regarding medical, pregnancy and special travel limitations.

                                      inspiration cruises & tours, inc.
                                  4384 e ashlan ave ste 101 • fresno ca 93726
            toll free 800 247 1899 • us/canada 559 224 5427 • mon-fri 8:30am-5:00pm (pacific time)
                                                        cst #2008327-40
Deepening relationships with loved ones—and with God—sometimes
requires getting away from the pace and routine of daily life. These
moments help us to refocus, regroup, grow and refresh. Time away can
be powerful, especially when it’s purposeful.

                         GETAWAY WITH GOD
                         God created us to know and enjoy him in a
                         daily, personal way. Sharing times of quiet pause
                         against the backdrop of majestic scenery and
                         fascinating destinations will deepen your faith as
                         you reconnect with your Savior.

                         CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP
                         Time together with like-minded believers is an
                         essential part of our Faith, and one of the great
                         hallmarks of Christian Travel. rest and reflect as
                         you grow new relationships, deepen friendships
                         and reconnect with loved ones.

                         INSIGHTFUL BIBLE TEACHING
                         God’s Word is living, active and specific in its
                         guidance for our lives. Prepare your heart to
                         hear God’s voice through powerful times of
                         teaching from his Word. Bring your curiosity
                         and anticipation as we seek to know him more.

                         WONDER-FILLED WORSHIP
                         We were created to worship God, and the act of
                         praising him is a spirit-lifting experience for every
                         believer. God dwells in the midst of our praises,
                         and often reveals himself to our hearts as we
                         focus our adoration on him.

                         SPIRITUAL RENEWAL
                         Pausing from the stresses of our fast-paced,
                         modern lives is more important now than ever.
                         you’ll find encouragement from other believers
                         and intimate time with the Savior are the best
                         ways to return home restored and renewed.

                        rest and renewal.
                  a deeper walk with the Lord.
                  new friends and experiences.
                        Forever memories.

    It is our hope and prayer

    that your travels are inspirational

    and exceptional in every way.

I n S P I r at I O n C r u I S E S & t O u r S
The goal of Inspiration Cruises & Tours is to provide you with a
refreshing and renewing Christian vacation. We seek to offer the finest
service available in the travel industry, and make every effort to ensure
an exceptional travel experience.

We look forward to laughing with you, sharing with you and, most
importantly, embracing truth with you. Join us on this journey. We
anticipate many wonderful moments together. You’ll find that Christian
fellowship is the key ingredient that completes the recipe for this
special Caribbean Cruise. Although the pleasure of this cruise lasts
only seven days, we trust the pleasant memories will last a lifetime!

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