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					August 2007

                               LAFAYETTE CHAMBER
                                                                                              UPCOMING EVENTS!
                               CELEBRATES 60TH YEAR
                               SERVING OUR COMMUNITY -                                    Coffee with the Mayor
                               600TH MEMBER JOINS                                                Friday, Aug. 10
                                                                                         Chamber Conference Room • 8:00 a.m.
                                   Our organization’s Articles of Incorporation were
                                filed with the State of California on March 26,                Jazz in the Plaza
                                1947. Arthur Westlaued, B. Don Blackwood, Mel              Friday nights in September
   Paperweight owners,
                                Nielsen, Carl DeTar W. LLard Smith, Robert M.
  Kaaren Brickman (left)                                                                       Lafayette Art &
                                Budlono and Matt Connelly Jr. all signed the docu-
    and Lauren Woolsey                                                                          Wine Festival
                                ment to create the chamber.
    A little over 60 years later, our membership has grown to over 600 members.               September 15 & 16
Timing is everything and Paperweight, a new stationery studio just across the            Chamber Conference Room • 8:00 a.m.
street from Diamond K (who is celebrating their 70th year in business) is our               Cal Bears Lafayette
600th member. A little history, the City of Lafayette was our 300th member.
                                                                                             Community Day
Paperweight is owned by two Lamorinda residents, Kaaren Brickman and Lauren
                                                                                             Saturday, September 22
Woolsey. A ribbon cutting and celebration will be announced soon.
                                                                                                   Cal vs. Arizona
2nd Annual ‘ROCK THE PLAZA’ SERIES                                                            Lafayette Rotary
The live concerts will take place in Downtown Lafayette each Friday in August,                   Golf Classic
and focus on various genres of Rock & Roll.                                                  Monday, September 24
   “Downtown Lafayette in the summer time is the perfect venue for music,”                   For more information contact
according to Jay Lifson, Executive Director of the Lafayette Chamber of                        Polly Bernson 820-6302.
Commerce. “Building from the success of our [September Jazz] series and the
Lafayette Art & Wine Festival, Rock the Plaza’ will provide a wonderful opportu-
nity for music fans to enjoy Lafayette.”                                                              TRI-CHAMBER
   The ‘Rock the Plaza’ series will take place in Lafayette’s (Elam & Margaret
Brown) Plaza Park at the corner of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Moraga Road. All
shows start at 6:00pm and are presented free of charge. Here is this year’s line-up...
                                                                                           Wednesday, August 8
         August 3rd: Good Question             August 17th: Total Eclipse                        5:30 - 7p.m.
         August 10th: Stone Soup               August 24th: Stage Frite                    La Finestra Restorante
                                                                                             Join us for a special Lamorinda
    “Lafayette has countless numbers of musicians, both aspiring and accom-              Evening when the Lafayette Chamber
plished, as well as music fans,” said Raja Singh, owner of Red House and a               of Commerce, the Orinda Chamber of
Lafayette resident. “The ‘Rock the Plaza’ series is another great way for these              Commerce and the Chamber of
                                                                                          Commerce of Moraga come together
musicians to share their music with the local community.”                                  at La Finestra Restorante and the
    Come join us for our second season. Food and beverages will be available or             Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
you can pack a picnic. It should be noted that this year marks the 40th Anniversary           office. We are located at 100
of the “Summer of Love.” Our job is bring a little of that magic back by offering          Lafayette Circle. La Finestra will be
the free concerts. The concert series is sponsored by Tim Floyd and                        providing appetizers and a no-host
                                                                                         bar. The party will be on our shared
Washington Mutual Home Loans, Contra Costa Times, Diablo Valley 92.1                       patio. This is your chance to meet
KKDV, Minuteman Press of Lafayette & Cedric Cheng Design. The present-                   your neighbors from our sister cities.
ing sponsors are Red House Studio Studios, The City of Lafayette and the                             Admission is free!
Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.
                      President’s Message                                                           Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
                   Stacy Spell General Manager, Oakwood Athletic Club                                       MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                                      To promote and maintain a healthy business
       Half a year has come and gone...                                                                climate and to preserve and enhance the
                                                                                                               quality of life in Lafayette.
   Today Oakwood was asked to contribute basketballs to Kenya, T-shirts and
   batteries to Tanzania, a swim ad for the LMYA swim meet brochure, and                                       2007 OFFICERS
   sponsor the kid’s bike race before the start of the Lafayette Criterion. So                               EXECUTIVE BOARD
   many people volunteer, (i.e. work so hard) for many wonderful causes both                                           President:
   locally and worldwide, it makes me proud to be associated with our business                                Stacy Spell, Oakwood Athletic Club
   community in Lafayette. What is so wonderful about Lafayette is that the sea-                                 1st Vice President:
   son of giving is all year long-not just during the holidays. It does one’s soul                             Larry Duson, Bank of the West
   good to see how we stretch our resources in the Lafayette community and all
                                                                                                                   Vice Presidents:
   the folks who give so much of themselves. Recently I received a wonderful                               Larry Blodgett, Blodgett’s Floor Covering
   thank you letter for a cash donation. What really made an impact though was                              Steve Cortese, Cortese Investment Co.
   the hand written note accompanying the letter–carefully written by the teen                                   Edward Zeidan, Nerd4Rent
   who requested the original donation–very thoughtful. And just the other day                               Treasurer: Caesar Perales, CPA
   I was reminded about the innate kindness of humans as I was driving down
   Mt. Diablo the other day. I saw a beautiful dog weaving through traffic. As                              Immediate Past President
                                                                                                                    Budd MacKenzie,
   I prepared to stop and get out of my car, the driver in front of me beat me                               Law Offices of Budd E. MacKenzie
   to it, jumped out, ran out into the street, grabbed the dog and held it while
   the frantic owner waited for all the traffic to stop so she could retrieve her                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   dog. After I mouthed a silent thank you to the driver- he looked back at the                        Joanne Archer, Polly Bernson, Kathy Bowles,
   stopped traffic, looked at me, winked, and said, “Anyone of us would do the                            Tony Eichers, Mike Heller, Chris Lane,
   same!” And of course he was right! I love Lafayette! As we talk, discuss,                            Tim McKinley, Ute Medford, Sandi Mitchell,
   argue, about politics, crosses, and the presidential election, let’s remember                   A.J. Nisen, Steve Palsa,Wendy Tamis, Greg Woehrle
   where we live and how lucky we are to be here!                                                             ADVISORY BOARD
   Tis the season of giving, all year round in Lafayette!                                                   Judy Carney,Ann Denny, Steve Falk,
                                                                                                             Dennis Garrison,Teresa Gerringer,
                                                                                                                Joan Grimes, DeWitt Mosby,
                             CITY UPDATE                                                                  Eddie Roodveldt, Ed Stokes, Jesse Wellen

Downtown Assessment District Property owners in the city’s downtown were                                  CHAMBER OFFICE STAFF
asked to vote on an increase in fees for lighting and landscaping provided by the city.The prop-              Jay Lifson, Executive Director
erty owners voted 70% NO, which leaves our city staff the tough job to decide how the short-               Karen Rose, Special Events Director
fall will be funded and which services may be cut or reduced.                                                Linda Carlson, Office Manager
                                                                                                      Barbara Gilmore, Membership Services Director
Downtown Strategic Plan The Downtown Strategic Advisory Committee has met
three times with the consultants hired by the city. The next Advisory Committee Meeting will                        LAFAYETTE
be on August 23 at the city offices. The meetings are open to the public. The first Community               CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
Workshop is scheduled for September 27.                                                                      100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 103
Parking Meter Task Force The task force completed its work and made their rec-                                   Lafayette, CA. 94549
ommendations to the City Council. The Council adopted a plan to install 97 new meters with-
in the core downtown district between Mountain View and 2nd Street along Mt. Diablo Blvd.                      (925) 284-7404
There will be a pilot program using multi-space meters in front of the new Mercantile building.              FAX (925) 284-3109
     There was a proposal for an Employee Permit Program, but it has been referred to the                 info@lafayettechamber.org
Circulation Commission for further study and public comment. The Circulation Commission will                     www.lafayettechamber.org
return to the City Council in September with their findings. The Council did reach consensus
to encourage finding and implementing employee parking on small lots in the downtown.

                           Sandi Mitchell
                           Your Real Estate 'CEO'
                                                                               Alan ‘AJ’ Nisen
                                                                               Mortgage Loan Consultant
                           Phone: 925.451.8308
                                                                               MBA, Notary & Lafayette Chamber
                           Fax: 925.465.9954                                   Board Member
                           Email: homes@sandimitchell.com
                           website: www.SandiMitchell.com                      Phone: 1.925.688.3820
                                                                               Mobile: 1.925.963.5836
                           1261 Locust Street, Walnut Creek, CA 94596          AJ.nisen@BankofAmerica.com

               Your Board                                               Member Spotlight
               of Directors                                                                           POLLY BERNSON
 Petitions to run for the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce                                              Diablo Rapid Print
 Board of Directors will be available at the Chamber                                                      by Virginia Fox
 Office, 100 Lafayette Circle beginning August 15th. They
                                                                                                   “You’ve got to jump in with two
 will also be distributed in the September Newsletter. The
                                                                                                   feet,” says Polly Bernson, owner
 petition must be signed by five current Chamber mem-
                                                                                                   of Diablo Rapid Print when
 bers and returned to the office by September 20. The
                                                                                                   asked for a tip for success. And
 term of office for the new Directors will be January, 08
                                                                                                   she’s not just talking about
 through December, 09. Voting will take place between
                                                                                                   chamber       and     community
 October 1-20. Ballots will be mailed to all Chamber
 members and will be inserted into the October
                                                                         Bernson has always believed in taking risks and moving
                                                                     forward. In 1993 she and her husband, Dennis, bought the
    The Chamber Board, comprised of 17 elected repre-
                                                                     printing business on Oak Hill Rd. thinking it would be a five
 sentatives, 2-3 appointed directors-at-large, and a number
                                                                     year commitment. Thirteen years later, they’ve built a loyal
 of non-voting advisors, is the policy making arm of the
                                                                     clientele, added innovative services and have no intention of
 Chamber and has final authority in all decisions affecting
                                                                     slowing down.
 the organization. Our 2008 Chamber President will be
                                                                         “Our first services focused on copies of blueprints for
 Larry Duson, Vice President, Bank of the West. Board
                                                                     architects, engineers, contractors, and landscapers., and they
 members are required to attend, at their expense, the
                                                                     continue to be the mainstay of our business,” Bernson says.
 annual Planning retreat in November and monthly Board
                                                                     With the introduction of Auto Cad (electronic architectural
 meetings. In addition, they are expected to actively serve
                                                                     drawings), D.R.P. added more services like high powered
 on at least one Chamber committee. For more informa-
                                                                     scanning to meet new needs.
 tion or to obtain a petition, call the Chamber office at
                                                                         “We do huge amounts of scanning now,” Bernson says.
                                                                     “We can scan any material from postage stamp size up to a
                                                                     36”wide by infinite length document on our larger scanners.
                                                                     We can drop the information in .pdf or .TIFF format onto a
SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE                                               CD or Email. We do a lot of archival work where documents
Don’t be left out. Thousands of prospective customers are            are stored on CDs which can be safely kept in a safe deposit
footsteps away from you. Opportunities are still available for       box or other small storage device. This is great for all kinds
the Art & Wine Festival, the Reservoir Run, Jazz in the Plaza        of records. Real Estate agents are now using scanning to
and the Veteran’s Day Big Band Dance. Call the chamber               include floor plans and site plans in internet property adver-
office today for details 284-7404                                    tising.”
                                                                         To answer the growing need for self publishing, three
                                                                     years ago Diablo Rapid Print introduced their Publications
                                                                     Department. For writers of memoirs, poetry, novels and non
                                                                     fiction, this was a welcome addition.
                                                                         “One 92 year old client came in with pages of typewritten
                                                                     notes and his own cover design,” she says. “He just wanted
                                                                     his book before he died. Looking at his face when he saw the
                                                                     finished book was worth it all.”
                                                                         For Bernson, jumping in with both feet also applies to vol-
                                                                     unteer work.
                                                                         An active volunteer for the Lafayette Chamber and
                                                                     Rotary, Bernson frequently donates to special events by print-
                                                                     ing tickets, auction gift promotions, and marketing materials.
                                                                     She’s now serving her third term on the Chamber’s Board of
                                                                         “I love Lafayette,” she says. “I can wait for a light on a
                                                                     corner and wave to at least four people I know. Its friendly
                                                                     and supportive. “
                                                                         Does she get tired of the retail pace after all these years?
                                                                     “Are you kidding?” she laughs. “By Sunday afternoon I’m
                                                                     bored and can’t wait to get to work the next day. Bernson
                                                                     points with pride to her employees. “It’s a family here. I tell
                                                                     them to treat this like their home. This is really my favorite
                                                                     tip of all.”
                                                                         For more information on publishing and other printing
                                                                     services, call (925)283-6610 or visit WWW.Diabloprint.com.
         Grand Opening                                                                Ribbon Cutting
The Stratford at Countrywood                                                         Barnes Capital

Contra Costa County Supervisor Gayle Uilkema, Lafayette                  Daniel Barnes of Barnes Capital at ribbon cutting event with
Mayor Carol Federighi, representatives of three Chambers of              Chamber Board members,Ambassadors,members and staff.
Commerce and more than 250 invited guests joined The
Stratford at Countrywood owner group, management team, staff,
residents and their families on Thursday night for the new senior        Small Business of the Year
living community VIP Grand Opening event. A triple Chamber              Jesse Wellen’s Lafayette Car Wash Surprise Party
ribbon cutting was staged by Ambassadors and staff from the
Lafayette, Orinda and Pleasant Hill Chambers of Commerce.
Event-goers also enjoyed a welcoming program, live entertain-
ment and elegant fare.

         Celebrating New Location
         Chapman University

      Celebrating 60 years in business
         Kosich & Callahan

   Gregory, Ken and Walter Kosich and
 Ambassadors celebrate with Chamber staff
Business riefs
                                                                       hood. That is good for the parent’s wallet now and helps
                                                                       keep additional car exhaust emissions from polluting the air.”
                                                                       The Summer Youth 20-Ride Pass sells for $13 and is good
 The Library Foundation invites community members                      June 9th through September 30, 2007, keeping fares down
 to apply for the position of Trustee on its inaugural Board of        to as little as 65 cents a ride, and is $22 less than comparable
 Trustees. The Library Foundation board of Trustees will:              cash fares.
 • Have fiduciary responsibility for managing                              Passes can be used for multiple individual trips or for sin-
    Foundation assets                                                  gle use for a large group. They are good on all County
 • Develop/implement a major fundraising plan                          Connection fixed-route buses, including trips to
    and grant program                                                  Waterworld, YMCAs, Amtrak, malls, and theaters. The pass
 • Oversee non-Country library budget, operations and staff            is valid until September 30th so that parents can have a break
 • Coordinate activities of the Glenn Seaborg                          on transportation costs when kids return to school in the fall.
    Learning Consortium                                                The summer youth passes can be purchased through the mail
 • Manage collaborative relations with the County, City,               or at the County Connection Transportation Center located
    Schools and other community partners                               at the Walnut Creek BART station at 220 Ygnacio Valley
 Applications available at www.lafayettelib.com. Printed copies        Road, in Walnut Creek. Cards are also available at most of
 are available at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce office,            the agency’s sales outlets throughout the county including
 the City offices or the Lafayette Library. Deadline to apply is       our Chamber office. For more information about this pro-
 September 14.                                                         gram, call the customer service center at 676-7500 or visit
                                                                       our website at www.cccta.org. For transit incentives visit
 The Learning Café is proud to announce its community                  www.schoolpool.org
 partnership with the Lafayette Chamber members in offering
 them professional development business seminars and work-             Leadership Contra Costa The Bay Area’s premiere
 shops as an added value to their membership.                          countywide leadership program is currently accepting appli-
 Email: dfleck@thelearning-cafe.com                                    cations for enrollment in the 2007-2008 session. The kick
 Phone: 925-689-5726                                                   off is in September. The program is designed to motivate
 Register Online at www.thelearning-cafe.com/html/semi-                and identify potential leaders and prepare them for commu-
 nars_workshops.html                                                   nity leadership. Participants meet once a month for work-
 Location: The Learning Café                                           shops, presentations and group exercises to develop their
    Lafayette CHAMBER MEMBERS ONLY: Use LAFC2 as                       understanding of leadership roles and prevailing issues with
 your customer code when registering to automatically receive          the community.
 a 15% chamber discount off the $45 pre-registration price!               Sponsored by the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce,
    More Chamber Discounts! BUY YOUR SERIES SIX                        Leadership Contra Costa accepts 30-35 individuals from
 PACK TODAY - Lafayette Chamber members save $67.50.                   throughout the county with diverse backgrounds. To request
 Go to www.thelearning-cafe.com/html/speakers_work-                    an application for the program, please contact Marcie
 shops.html                                                            Hochhauser, at the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce at
                                                                       (925) 934-2007. If you would like to hear a testimonial for
 Green Business Workshop Assemblywoman Loni                            the program, call Jay Lifson at the Lafayette Chamber of
 Hancock in conjunction with the West County Small Business            Commerce, who attended the program in 1997-1998.
 Development Center and the Green Chamber of Commerce
 are organizing an informational workshop to help businesses           Lafayette School District Governing Board The
 become certified “green”. The meeting will be held on                 school parcel tax that Lafayette voters approved in 1992 and
 October 11 in the City of San Pablo and will educate busi-            renewed in 1999 will expire in 2008. The board is set to put
 nesses on the steps to becoming and the advantages of being           a measure on the November ballot. The parcel tax will help
 green. We are contacting you to see if you would be interest-         to maintain small class size, retain quality teachers, improve
 ed in informing your members about the workshop and urg-              science and writing instruction, purchase new textbooks,
 ing them to attend. For information, please call (510) 559-           computers and updated technology. For information about
 1406 ext. 20 or kisasi.brooks@asm.ca.gov                              the parcel tax, visit www.lafsd.k12.ca.us

 Youths Help The Environment And Save At The                           Welcome to our new Superintendent of Schools
 Pump More young people than ever are looking for ways to              and our new Stanley Principal Dr. Frank S. Tom,
 help the environment, so the County Connection has once               Ed.D took over as the new Superintendent of the Lafayette
 again kept its Summer Youth Power Pass at the same low price          School District on July1st. He has been an administrator and
 as the previous three years. Youths who use public transit pri-       teacher for the last twenty-four years. Dr. Tom takes over for
 marily during the school year, can continue to use the bus dur-       Interim Superintendent Bill Levinson. David Schrag has
 ing the summer months.                                                been hired as Stanley Middle School’s new Principal.
    “Parents can let their kids try public transit as alternative to   Welcome and congratulations!
 expecting a ride from them,” said Mary Burdick, Manager of
 Marketing and Public Relations. “When they learn how to use           Contra Costa Council sets up task force to aid
 public transportation at an early age, they are more likely to        nonprofits The purpose of the Nonprofit Business Task
 use transit as a commute alternative when they reach adult-           Force is to build and strengthen the partnerships between
                                                                                                              continued on page 6
Business riefs Focus on the Arts
continued from page 5                                                   The Lafayette Gallery is pleased to announce the
County, to provide a forum for pursuing shared public policy goals,     opening of its new show: Life’s Pleasures: A Visual
recognize and enhance the nonprofit sector’s contributions to the       Feast which runs from August 7 to October 6, 2007.
county’s economic health, and explore ways the two sectors can            A Visual Feast celebrates the harvest season with a
work together to improve the quality of life in Contra Costa County.    cornucopia of art created just for this show. A Visual
This task force meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 8 a.m.        Feast offers the dazzle of jewelry, the rich color and
For more information please call the Contra Costa Council at 246-       detail of acrylic and oil paintings, the complex, inter-
1880.                                                                   woven images of collage, the earthy resonance of
CAL Bears Football - Lafayette Community Day
                                                                          Join the 23 members of the Lafayette Gallery as they
Join Lafayette businesses and residents on Saturday, September 22 at
                                                                        step into a new season of art with works in a variety of
the home game against Arizona. Reserved seats are $34.00 (reg. $51) -
everyone sits together! To purchase tickets:
                                                                          Lafayette Gallery, 50 Lafayette Circle, is open
1. Go CalBears.com
                                                                        Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm. (925) 284-
2. Click on “Buy Tickets”,
                                                                        2788. www.lafayettegallery.net
3. On the ticket page, click on “Group Ticket Window”
4. Sing In ID: LAFAYETTE                                                Town Hall Theatre Company of Lafayette
5. Password: LAFAYETTE                                                  has announced its 2007-2008 season, which will fea-
6. Order your tickets.                                                  ture a theme of great stories told on the stage. Town
For more information contact Jim Hermann, Cal Athletics at 510-         Hall Theatre Company’s past few years have shown
643-5840 or jherrmann@berkeley.edu                                      unprecedented growth for the company, with success-
                                                                        ful shows and significant improvements in facility,
Mt. Diablo Business Women “Connecting Women to                          lighting and added staff. The company’s growth,
Women” Invite you to their August Networking Meeting,                   combined with the addition of the popular Kevin
Thursday, August 9 from 5:45-8:30 p.m., Lafayette Park Hotel &          Morales as Artistic Director, have meant an improved
Spa, 3287 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                                              experience for the audience at Town Hall.
There will be open networking, a sit down dinner and a special pre-     Show Schedule:
sentation on: “The Art of Personal Branding” Presented by Ellen         Bleacher Bums - Aug. 18 - Oct. 14, 2007
Looyen. Don’t miss this popular event! Be sure to bring 60 busi-        The Weir - Sept. 1 - Oct. 28, 2007
ness cards to promote your business. Call now to reserve your spot,     Miracle on 34th Street - Nov. 17 - Dec. 29, 2007
before it’s too late!                                                   Moonlight and Magnolias - Feb. 9 - March 15, 2008
MDBW Hotline: (925) 429-9253                                            Triumph of Love - May 24 - June 28, 2008
RSVP by Friday, August 3, 2007                                          Season Tickets from $70 - $125 per patron.
More info: www.MtDiabloBusinessWomen.org                                Individual shows: Adults - $21 - $32, Seniors, $19 -
MOBILIZE.ORG How many BART tickets are sitting in your wal-             $29, Youth (17 and under), $17 - $25. Group prices
let? How many of them have a small amount that you’ll probably          and Student Rush prices available - call for details.
never end up using? Collect these tickets and send them to              Tickets: 925-283-1557 Information: www.thtc.org
Mobilize.org and help educate, empower and energize young peo-          DLOC On August 31, The Diablo Light Opera
ple in California.                                                      Company opens “Peter Pan,” in a dazzling production
   Tiny Tickets is a program that allows non-profits to collect BART    with special “flying” effects.Twenty-two performances
tickets with low amounts (or any amounts) that would otherwise be       will run through September 29 at the Lesher Center
forgotten or thrown out. The total amount on the tickets collected      for the Arts, 1601 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek. For
becomes cash for the participating organization. Once 150 Tiny          tickets and information (925) 943-7469 or
Tickets are collected, the East Bay Community Foundation match-         www.dlrca.org
es the amount. Mobilize.org promises a thank you surprise for each
person sending in Tiny Tickets, our way of saying thank you for         “The Luck Of The Draw” Artwork on Display at
spending postage and for supporting Mobilize.org.                       Fastframe of Lafayette. Anthony Ruiz, Owner of
   Mobilize.org, formerly Mobilizing America’s Youth, was found-        Fastframe, will again sponsor “The Luck of the Draw”,
ed in March 2002 by California native and UC Berkeley graduate,         a collection of budding young artists’ original artwork.
David Smith. Mobilize.org is a network dedicated to educating,          Local elementary school children entered their art-
empowering, and energizing young people to increase our civic           work in a drawing coordinated by LASF, and the lucky
engagement and political participation. We work to show young           winners receive complimentary custom framing from
people how their lives are impacted by public policy and in turn,       Fastframe. Now in its fifth year, this has become a
how we can impact public policy.                                        popular local show and travels around Lafayette
   For more information on Mobilize.org, check out our website          through next summer. The artwork will be displayed
www.mobilize.org. Please send your Tiny Tickets to Mobilize.org,        in Fastframe’s window during the month of August,
2105 MLK Way, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA, 94704. For more infor-           and an opening reception for these young artists will
mation or if you have any questions, please email mobilize@mobi-        be held on Sunday September 9th from 1-4 p.m. Call
lize.org.                                                               Anthony at 283-7620 for more information.
                  Nerd4Rent                                                         Small Business
                                                                                      Book Fair
   Introduction to Microsoft Publisher                                   Our first Small Business Book Fair was held at Bank of the
 Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program for creating              West on June 28th. Chamber members, Ambassadors and
       marketing materials for business and home.                        local residents enjoyed the discussion of the book 8 Simple
      This class will show you how to create Flyers,                     Secrets for Small Business Owners by authors Steve Hilferty
            Newsletters, Brochures, and more.                            and Tom Leal. We welcome returning chamber member
                                                                         Dave Simpson for cosponsoring this event and look for-
          Saturday Aug 18 • 10:00 - 11:30am                              ward to more functions in the future. Thank you to Larry
    Location: Nerd4Rent 3503 Mt Diablo Blvd Suite 4                      Duson of Bank of the West for hosting this venue for us.
        Tuition: $25/$20 for Chamber Members
               Advance registration required

               Ribbon Cutting
           The Yarn Boutique

     Chamber Ambassadors and staff with owners Marianne and
       Robert Adam at their new location, 963-C Moraga Rd.

             June Mixer
        at Futures Explored
Futures Explored was the site of the June mixer. The ambiance
was fantastic as members and guests were able to stroll in the
garden areas and tour the facility.Thanks to the staff for provid-
ing fabulous hors d’oeuvres for the event.
  Also a big thank you to the members who donated raffle prizes,
Oakwood Athletic Club, Lafayette Community Foundation,
Prenatal Peek, The Yarn Boutique, Lafayette Car Wash, Quantum
Anti Aging & Stress Reduction, Gold Coin Car Washes, Tax
Buddha, C.E.M. Development, Inc. and M.R.S. Upholstery.

    Jenny McKeon, Dina Greenberg, Barbara Townsend
    and Will Sanford in the garden at Futures Explored

                                                              kgreer@westerncollege.com                                      PET SERVICES ________________________
 NEW MEMBERWelcome                                            www.westerncollege.edu                                         Lafayette Pet Shoppe
                                                              Contact: La Shawn Wells                                        3517 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
ACCOUNTANTS - CERTIFIED PUBLIC ____                                                                                          Lafayette, Ca 94549
Linda Fowler, CPA                                             EQUIPMENT RENTALS ________________                             682-0251 (phone)
925 Village Center, Suite 2, Lafayette, 94549                 Cobalt Equipment, Inc.                                         jorge.quintero@comcast.net
299-0121 (phone) 299-0138 (fax)                               1500 Rose Ave., Pleasanton, Ca 94566                           Contact: Jorge Quintero
platypus@ix.netcom.com                                        (800) 545-6112 (phone)
Contact: Linda Fowler                                         (925) 931-9022 (fax)                                           Located in the former PETCO location, Jorge Quintero is
                                                              vlau@cobaltequipment.net                                       expanding his business by adding a second store after 15
Linda opened her office in Lafayette February 2006. For                                                                      years’ experience owning and operating Rheem Valley Pet
ten years prior, she practiced as a staff member of Davis     www.cobaltequipment .net
                                                              Contact: Vivian Lau                                            Shoppe in Moraga. Lafayette Pet Shoppe strives to pro-
& Company in San Leandro. For her, no two clients are                                                                        vide excellent customer service, carries a full line of pet
alike. Each provides new opportunities for learning. Her                                                                     supplies, with exceptional emphasis on small animals.
client focus is exemplified by her attendance at continu-     ENVIRONMENTAL ____________________
                                                              Sustainable Lafayette                                          Small animal boarding and pet adoptions will be offered,
ing education seminars far in excess of minimum profes-                                                                      as well as placing special orders for food and supplies not
sional requirements. Her practice has three key concen-       Lafayette, Ca. 94549
                                                              299-1664 (phone) (866) 850-8081 (fax)                          currently stocked, setting them apart from most chain pet
trations: Taxation (including real estate), small business,                                                                  supply stores.
trust and estate work.                                        info@sustainablelafayette.net
                                                              Contact: Bart Carr                                             REAL ESTATE SERVICES ________________
AUTOMOBILE SERVICES________________                                                                                          Colliers International
Professional Automotive, LLC                                                                                                 1850 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Ste. 200
3331 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, 94549                       FINANCIAL SERVICES & PLANNING ____
                                                              Mass Mutual                                                    Walnut Creek, Ca 94596
283-2160 (phone)                                                                                                             279-5598 (phone) 279-0450 (fax)
dgwatson02@yahoo.com                                          Financial Group
                                                              2121 North California Blvd., #395                              jscott@colliersparrish.com
www.professionalautomotive.net                                                                                               www.colliers.com
Contact: Dave Watson                                          Walnut Creek, Ca 94549
                                                              255-3356 (phone) 944-5742 (fax)                                Contact: Josh Scott
BOOKSTORE ________________________                            tristan_ludwig@yahoo.com                                       Josh Scott is a commercial real estate broker with Colliers
Lafayette Book Store                                          www.massmutual.com                                             International. Mr. Scott specializes in representing tenants
3569 Mt.Diablo Blvd., Ste. E                                  Contact: Tristan Ludwig                                        and landlords in the sale and leasing of commercial office
Lafayette, Ca 94549                                           For the last 3 years, Tristan Ludwig has actively served the   properties along the North I-680 and Highway 24 corri-
284-1233 (phone) 284-2233 (fax)                               communities of Contra Costa and San Francisco by provid-       dors.
mail@ lafayettebookstore.com                                  ing financial advice through community banking. He joined
www.lafayettebookstore.com                                    MMLI Co. in 2007 as a financial services professional in       Alan Pinel Realtors
Contact: Dave Simpson                                         effort to expand his opportunity to meet the long term         2 Theatre Square , Suite 215
                                                              financial needs of these communities. Tristan carries the      Orinda, Ca 94563
CONSULTANTS ______________________                            CA Life and Health Insurance license as well as the Series     258-1111 (phone) 253-8339 (fax)
Pajaro Group                                                  7 and Series 66 licenses. Tristan is alum of the University    llegler@apr.com • www.apr.com
Lafayette, Ca 94549                                           of Arizona where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in        Contact: Lori Legler
262-8201 (phone)                                              the field of Economics.
luanne@pajarogroup.us                                                                                                        Watson Setzer
Contact: Luanne Stevenson                                     FITNESS / HEALTH CLUBS                                         Real Estate Partners LLC
                                                              Walnut Creek                                                   1608 Fourth Street, Suite 120
CONTRACTOR/CONSTRUCTION                                       Sports & Fitness                                               Berkeley, Ca 94710
Bonny Weil,                                                   1908 Olympic Blvd.                                             (510) 528-9300 (phone)
General Contractor ____________                               Walnut Creek, Ca 94596                                         (510)525-9306 (fax)
1125B Arnold Drive, Suite 102                                 932-6400 (phone) 932-6404 (fax)                                chris@watsonsetzer.com
Martinez, Ca 94553                                            Kristina@wcsf.net • www.wcsf.net                               Contact: Chris Watson
229-3400 (phone) 229-3444 (fax)                               Contact: Kristina Compton
Bonny@BW-Build.com                                                                                                           STATIONARY ________________________
www.BW-Build.com                                              INTERIOR DESIGN ____________________                           Paperweight
Contact: Bonny Weil                                           Maria Vila Interior Design                                     3678-A Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette 94549
                                                              817 Arnold Drive, Martinez, Ca 94553                           283-0344 (phone) 283-0345 (fax)
COUPON BOOKS ____________________                             372-7800 (phone) 372-7900 (fax)                                paperweightstudio@comcast.net
Coupon Country                                                mviladesign@hotmail.com                                        Contact: Lauren Woolsey
3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd. #288                                    Contact: Maria Vila
Lafayette, Ca 94549                                                                                                          Paperweight is a new stationery studio located in
284-7168 (phone) 283-8035                                                                                                    Lafayette. Lamorinda residents, Kaaren Brickman and
                                                              MASSAGE THERAPIST __________________                           Lauren Woolsey decided to join creative forces to open
burtkaufman@couponcountry.com                                 Massage Envy
www.couponcountry.com                                                                                                        this fresh and inviting store that specializes in custom
                                                              20 Crescent Drive, Suite A                                     invitations, fine stationery, holiday cards and personalized
Contact: Burt Kaufman                                         Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523                                        gifts. Paperweight is the place to go to plan your spe-
                                                              689-3689 (phone) 771-2003 (fax)                                cial event: Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary Party,
EDUCATIONAL SERVICES ______________                           bitrider@comcast.net
Western Career College                                                                                                       Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Baby Announcement, Birthday Party,
                                                              www.massageenvy.com                                            Holiday Party, etc. Personalized attention and superior cus-
380 Civic Drive, Suite 300                                    Contact: Kristina Olson
Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523                                                                                                      tomer service. Open Tues.-Fri. 10-4 & by appointment.
609-6650 (phone) 609-6666 (fax)
        Grand Re-opening                                                         Grand Re-opening
     Lamorinda Optometry                                                       Round Table Pizza

         Doctor Baker, staff, family, Chamber Ambassadors             Greg Merrit and Greg Kutsuris, owners of Round Table Pizza
   and staff celebrate the new location of Lamorinda Optometry       gather for the ribbon cutting with staff, Chamber Ambassadors,
                     at 3581 C Mt. Diablo Blvd.                         Board members and staff to celebrate their remodeling.

Renewing Members                                        Lafayette Glass                    Warren E. Boschin & Associates
                                                    Oakwood Athletic Club                          Wine Thieves
  in May or June                                     Old Firehouse School
 More than Twenty-Five Years                         Peet’s Coffee & Tea                       More than One Year
      Douglas E. Cowden, DDS                        Wendy Tamis, Harpist                  Alain Pinel Realtors - Jackie Carter
J. Rockcliff Realtors - Sereta Churchill              U.S. Postal Service                        Art of Music School
             The Grapevine                         Walnut Creek Sheet Metal,                       Bodin Associates
                                                       Furnace & A/C                      Capital Tax & Accounting Services
   More than Twenty Years                                                                         Central Self Storage
      Allegro Copy + Print                         More than Five Years                    DSE/Bing Crosby’s/McCovey’s
   Happy Days Learning Center                          Costco Wholesale                        Health Realization Coach
     Lamorinda Optometry                             Crawford & Associates                         Junior League of
       Round Up Saloon                               Customdata Solutions                       Oakland-East Bay, Inc.
                                                        Deer Hill Ranch                        Lafayette Common, LLC
   More than Fifteen Years                            Diablo Publications                     Meritage Jewelry Concepts
  S.L. Dudeck, MS, Ph.D, MSCP                      Gallagher Properties, Inc.                Nibblers Eatery & Wine Bar
  Christopher J. Gilman, Architect                      Hungry Hunter                    Pacific Union GMAC Real Estate -
    Robert J. Kent and Associates                   Lamorinda Mom’s Club                              Jerry Kidd
           Safeway Stores                      Law Office of Budd E. MacKenzie             RE/MAX Accord - Randall Tse
 Stanley E. Smith Insurance Agency             Law Office of Timothy McKinley              Reynold Financial Management
                                                        Millies Kitchen                        San Francisco Chronicle
     More than Ten Years                          Nationwide Mortgage, Inc.             Special Olympics Northern California
       Amarin Thai Cuisine                           Pacific Union GMAC                         Glenn Staller, Guitarist
       Chapman University                          Real Estate - Diane Reilly            Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation
 Gold Coin Car Washes - Self Serve                           Paychex                              The Treasure Trove
       Humann Company                          Saint Mary’s College of California                   Yeti’s Designs
                                                Tom Rochford Real Estate Co.

     SUNDAY       MONDAY            TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY              FRIDAY               SATURDAY
                                                    Wed., August 1                           3                     4
                                                   Executive Board
                                                   8 a.m., Chamber Office                          Rock
                                                                                                 the Plaza
                                             Ambassadors Meeting                              6 p.m., Plaza Park
5  6                           Wed., August 8
                                               4:15 p.m., Chamber Office

                                                                 Thurs., August 9            10     Coffee 11
                                                                                                  with the
                                                                Ribbon Cutting                      Mayor
                                    MIXER                      & Grand Opening 8 a.m., Chamber Office
                                   5:30 - 7 p.m.                     4:30 p.m.
                       La Finestra Ristorante                   Aspen MedSpa          Rock
                               100 Lafayette Circle             3579 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
                                                                                      the Plaza
                                                                                             6 p.m., Plaza Park
12            13               14                    15                 16                   17                    18
                  Chamber                                                                          Rock
                   Board                                                      8:30 a.m.          the Plaza
              12 noon, LPH&S                                                Chamber Office   6 p.m., Plaza Park

19            20               21                    22                 23                   24                    25
                                                                                                 the Plaza
                                                                                             6 p.m., Plaza Park

26            27               28                    29                 30                   31                    1

2             3                4                     5                  6                    7


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