ssh-linux-setup-tutorial by stariya


									   SSH Setup Tutorial for Linux

Unblock website by Firefox or Chrome
Open the terminal, and input:
ssh -D 7070 username@yourserver             (return)
Enter your password       (return)

  Use Firefox
  Please install Firefox ( for free

Setup in the Firefox
First, add the autoproxy component into your Firefox.
Download and this must be intalled in the

Choose Tools and Add-ons

Mint infotech                                                                      1
Input Autoproxy and search
Add to Firefox
Install Now
Restart the Firefox

Mint infotech                2

Open the add-ons options again

Mint infotech                    3
Choose proxy server

Choose ssh –D

Mint infotech         4
Change the Options to Global Mode
Congratuation! Now you are free.

Mint infotech                       5
Open the Status Bar then you can see 福, right click
Now all the setup is over. You can disable the Autoproxy to increase the speed when
you don't need unblock.

           Use Chrome
           Please install Chrome( for free

Setup in the Chrome
You need add an extension program into Chrome.

Intall Switchy!

Click and install the program

Mint infotech                                                                     6
Click the earth logo and open the options

Fill in the blank as the picture and Save

Mint infotech                               7
Click the earth button you can shut it down to increase the speed when you don't
need unblock the website.

Now, you can click the switch to unblock the hell GFW!

Mint infotech                                                                 8

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