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KiSoft MIS - Management Information System

You can only optimise, what you can measure!
This classical manager wisdom hits the mark especially in warehouse logistics. Management information provides an
important competition factor but it is not implemented in most of the warehouses. This fact is due to the insufficient
knowledge of the potential optimizations or the used system can not provide the necessary information in the needed

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The challenge is up to the right timing!
KiSoft MIS opens a new dimension in visualizing management information. It provides the information simply and fast
on the needed time and place even on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA).

The provided information can be used for managing running
processes, providing permanent comparisons of different
targets and business results, controlling economics, planning
optimizations, monitoring processes or notifying key performance
indicators (KPI).
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• KiSoft MIS displays real-time information of the warehouse. The whole situation of the site can be retrieved in one
   step (e.g. tachometer graphic). Storage location depending information is displayed in a plan view of the modelled
• KPI (key performance indicators), which provide industry dependent comparable values due to strong compressed
   and standardized key data, are created in the form of XML definitions. So it is possible to define new KPI (more
   than 200 KPI included in the standard product) in short time, if needed.
• KiSoft MIS processes are executed permanently and time triggered in the background. They generate entries in
   a dignified granularity, compress them at the same time and delete obsolete information automatically.
• It is possible to export the documents as pdf or print it out. For further analysis the results can also be saved as
   Microsoft ExcelTM ® spreadsheets.
• As some decisions are time-critical, the information has to be displayed location-independently. Special selected
   information is displayed additionally on mobile devices like smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry etc.) or PDA.
• The KiSoft MIS Web application supports a multi- warehouse and multi- client capability . Therefore clients can
   demand different information over secure communication.

Advantages of KiSoft MIS
          •    Graphical overview of real-time information, to enable real-time intervention in logistic processes
          •    Display of storage location dependent information in the warehouse plan
          •    Flexible key data definition in XML and more than 200 KPI within the standard product
          •    Time actual KPI calculation in background processes
          •    Different granularity of information with configurable history and automatic deletion of obsolete data
          •    Modern reporting via web application
          •    Support of multi warehouse and multi client, inclusive security concept
          •    Export function for printing and further processing
          •    Display on mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA)

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