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									Lake George Mirror                                                               July 20, 2007

    Rock Climbers Now
  Focusing on Lake George
                                                      “We have taken on the role of climbing his-
           By Ethan Gaddy                         torians. It’s going to be a thick book that will
                                                  make Adirondack climbers proud of the diver-
    After years of neglect, the Lake George re-
                                                  sity of the park and make visiting climbers im-
gion will finally receive comprehensive cov-
                                                  pressed with the quality of the climbing”, said
erage in a new rock-climbing guide to be re-
                                                  Haas. Lawyer and Haas have been doing seri-
leased this year. Co-authors Jeremy Haas, a
                                                  ous research into who made the first ascents
Saratoga schoolteacher and part time climbing
                                                  and what routes they set, and important fact
guide, and Jim Lawyer are to include climbing
                                                  said Lawyer because the first ascent is often
routes on Buck Mountain, Rogers Rock, Deer
                                                  the best.
Leap, and Tongue Mountain cliffs.
                                                      Climbing legend John Turner climbed
    “When our book comes out Lake George
                                                  routes on Deer Leap in the early 1960s, the
will be seen as a climbing destination”, Haas
                                                  climbing there has been largely ignores since.
                                                  Haas cited high concentrations of rattlesnakes
    The guidebook, Adirondack Rock, will
                                                  and loose rock as deterrents; he won’t climb
cover the entire Adirondack Park. There have
                                                  there until this fall when low temperatures
been multiple guidebooks over the past four
                                                  clear out the snakes.
decades covering the park but Lake George
                                                      Speculation on the downsides of publish-
has received minimal attention. Instead the
                                                  ing a guide of many previously unknown cliffs,
High Peaks region drew the most coverage
                                                  heavier foot traffic causing erosion and locals
and exploration. Rogers Rock and sections of
                                                  having to share their climbs, does not cause
Tongue Mountain were the only climbs in the
                                                  Lawyer much concern. He feels the short climb-
area discussed in Don Mellor’s 1995 edition of
                                                  ing season and the preponderance of bugs will
Climbing in the Adirondacks and that cover-
                                                  hinder a mass exodus to Lake George. Haas
age was incomplete.
                                                  says inclusion of new cliffs will prevent climbs
    “The southern Adirondacks were a phe-
                                                  from becoming covered in vegetation, which
nomenon right when Mellor last published in
                                                  makes climbing dangerous or impossible.
‘95. A lot of the cliffs in the southern region
                                                      Adirondack Rock is an ongoing project.
were developed in the past 10 years”, Lawyer
                                                  Lawyer just returned from a remote section of
                                                  the Adirondack wilderness after a five-day re-
    The popularity of rock climbing has spread
                                                  search expedition.
past the Adirondack High Peaks and new loca-
                                                      “This is a huge, huge book, hundreds and
tions or ‘crags’ have been explored and routes
                                                  hundreds of pages. It’s just a giant project.
have been set. The authors have documented
                                                  We’re trying to give people an appreciation for
hundreds of new routes in the Lake George ba-
                                                  Adirondack style climbing”, said Lawyer.
sin alone.

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