Tiptoe Through the Tubas

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					      CONCERT BAND                                                                                                                          Grade 3

                                                Inspired by Tip-toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me

            Tiptoe Through the Tubas
                                                                   Music by JOE BURKE
                                                               Arranged by JERRY BRUBAKER


  1    Conductor                                           2    1st F Horn                             SUPPLEMENTAL AND WORLD PARTS
  3    1st Flute                                           2    2nd F Horn                                    Available for download from
  3    2nd Flute                                           2    1st Trombone
  2    Oboe                                                2    2nd Trombone                           E Alto Clarinet
  2    Bassoon                                             2    3rd Trombone                           Baritone Treble Clef
  3    1st B Clarinet                                      2    Euphonium                              1st Horn in E
  3    2nd B Clarinet                                      4    Tuba                                   2nd Horn in E
  3    3rd B Clarinet                                      2    Mallet Percussion                      1st Trombone in B Bass Clef
  2    B Bass Clarinet                                            (Bells/Vibraphone)                   2nd Trombone in B Bass Clef
  2    1st E Alto Saxophone                                3 Percussion 1                              3rd Trombone in B Bass Clef
                                                                  (Drumset)                            1st Trombone in B Treble Clef
  2    2nd E Alto Saxophone
  1    B Tenor Saxophone                                   3 Percussion 2                              2nd Trombone in B Treble Clef
                                                                  (Woodblocks [2]/Claves/Snare Drum)   3rd Trombone in B Treble Clef
  1    E Baritone Saxophone
                                                           4 Percussion 3                              Baritone in B Bass Clef
  3    1st B Trumpet                                              (Cowbell/Bass Drum,
  3    2nd B Trumpet                                              Conga/Crash Cymbals)                 Tuba in E Bass Clef
  3    3rd B Trumpet                                                                                   Tuba in E Treble Clef
                                                                                                       Tuba in B Bass Clef
                                                                                                       Tuba in B Treble Clef

                                                                NOTES TO THE CONDUCTOR
                       Make this a feature for your tuba section. The tuba part is frequently doubled by the
                       bass clarinet, bassoon and baritone sax; however, the dynamics are lesser by a degree.

                       Note that the tempo in the “bossa nova” is the same as the previous tempo = 128.
                       “March tempo” is only slightly slower = 124.

                       Above all this is intended to be humorous. Do have fun!

Please note: Our band and orchestra music is now being collated by an automatic high-speed system.
The enclosed parts are now sorted by page count, rather than score order.

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